Mary Kills People (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

The Key to Faith

1 (CHURCH BELL RINGS) (DISTANT SIREN BLARING) You look like you have a lot on your mind.
I do.
Well, come and sit.
Stay for a while.
I haven't been in a church in a very long time.
Not a believer? I'm a doctor.
I believe in Science.
Miracles of modern medicine.
Miracles Right.
(CHUCKLING) I'm simply pointing out that science and faith are not mutually exclusive.
How are you feeling? I'm about five months now, so it's starting to feel real.
(SIGHING) I guess I'm tired, happy, scared.
I can help, if you like.
(SIGHING) How do we start? You tell me your sins.
I feel like I have a a calling.
But this thing, it affects everyone around me.
And they pay the price for the choices I make.
And I'm afraid this baby will too.
Go on.
I have lied to the people I love the most.
I've hurt them, and I've lost them.
And in the last 24 years, I've killed 49 people.
But I can't stop.
I play God over and over again.
And I don't know if I do it for them or for me.
- Dr.
Harris - I know.
Doubt is the key to faith.
May God give you peace and pardon.
I absolve you of all your sins.
- Thank you.
- Amen.
(SOFT MUSIC) Almighty Jesus forgive us for our sins.
Save us from the fires of Hell.
Lead all souls into heaven, especially those in need of thy mercy, through your saving grace, Lord.
Souls of the faithful departed, rest in peace.
Father - (CHURCH BELL RINGS) - (ROCK MUSIC) Mary Kills People The Key to Faith (DUCKS QUACKING) Parkdale nature walk, scenic 2.
5 acres complete with flora, fauna, birds and butterflies.
Well, probably not a lot of butterflies today.
- Why not? - It's cold.
Most butterflies die in the winter.
Jess, do we need to worry about your applications? Jess? I know you're in love, but Heather can wait.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah.
Everything's good.
Um Yeah, college stuff's not due for a few weeks.
Anyways, I'm on it.
I gotta write those pre-med essays, - but I have some ideas.
- So, Cambie, I could pick you up at the field trip after work.
Oh, no, you don't you don't have to.
- Maybe I want to.
- Okay.
It's just that it's kind of embarrassing.
You're old and pregnant.
You don't even have a boyfriend, so - It's kind of weird.
- Okay, wow.
It's okay.
I get that it's hard to wrap your head around it all.
It's hard for me too sometimes.
- Good morning Dr.
Morning, Dr.
You know, I've been meaning to talk to about something.
- What's that? - You are glowing, and I find it highly annoying.
I prefer the dull, - pale pallor of my people.
- I'll work on it.
Old Colon Cancer's been a bit peaky.
- We should check on him in a bit.
- Des, can you try to call them by their real names please? You have your way, I have mine.
Breakfast, dinner, that's how the farmers do it.
Adorable little pigs and cows.
You can't give them a name not unless you want to get attached, which I do not.
Living the dream.
Look see? Our system is working.
- Heart Disease.
- Glen, please! He knows he's out today, so he's saying a discreet goodbye to his rather attractive niece.
We should just simply be glad she got a chance to see her beloved uncle before he dies an inevitable and natural death.
Oh, finally! Bingo card replacements.
Some new bumpy-covered thrillers, a couple - of fidget spinners - Fidget spinners? I've had a few requests.
It's a hospice.
No Des, it's a home.
Glen, huh? God, it seems like he just got here.
We'll need Pento for him.
Did you get the dose - out of the storage unit? - I did.
However, I'm starting to feel like we're short.
I'm concerned about our Pento supply.
I've been keeping inventory and I feel like we're just missing a few boxes Well, when did you start? - Start what? - Keeping track.
I don't know.
Two months ago? So then, how do you know we're short? See, that's the thing about an inventory.
It's like do re mi, you have to start at the very beginning.
Excuse me? I'm sorry to bother you.
- Ah, no.
No, no.
Come in.
- I'm just concerned about my uncle.
Glen, yes.
Of course, He's one of my favourites.
How can we help? He can't find his photo album.
He seems a little obsessed.
I'm just wondering if any of you have seen it? I haven't, but I would love to.
I bet he's got some great stories.
Let's go take a look right now.
(SOFT MUSIC) - Gail? You ready to go home? - I guess.
- How are you feeling? - I'm basically in constant agony.
But, you know, other than that.
(CHUCKLING) Do you want me to talk to Dr.
Dunn before you leave? Maybe we can increase your pain medication.
He keeps saying I might have another year.
I don't want another year.
Not like this.
I can't.
And I won't.
Annie, we're friends.
You know what I want.
Why do you always have to give Nicole such a hard time? Oh, I think I've been more than indulgent.
Have I said one word about the butterflies? I actually think it's helpful for the other patients to know who's nearing the end.
Yeah, which is why I haven't said anything.
I'm merely suggesting she spends less time ordering games and a little more on the important things.
Like keeping track of our Pento supply.
I'm sure it was just an oversight.
Math was never Nicole's strong suit.
- Annie, hi! - Ah, there she is! Our lovely Charon on the river Styx, our ferry woman to the other side.
Not how I see myself.
Ken Wong, 63, leukemia.
He's on the fence, we'll see if he calls you.
But this one is a definite yes.
Lucy Oliviera, 36, lupus, incurable kidney disease as a result.
- She'll be in for a consultation tomorrow.
- Oh, lovely.
Nice and terminal.
Just how we like them.
Wow, you are in rare form today.
I gotta roll.
I'll walk you out.
- How are things at the hospital? - You win some, you lose some.
You? It's harder than I thought.
Sometimes, I miss the hospital.
Helping people in other ways, you know? Des is happy though.
Yeah, a real pig in shit.
(CROW CAWING) Father O'Connell? Nice guy.
He try to convert you? I'm a tough nut to crack.
Gail Rahimi, 42, sickle cell disease.
She's a friend.
Real estate agent.
She actually sold me my condo.
It says she's got a year left.
Yeah, that's Dr.
He always over-promises.
That's why I'm giving her to you.
She's not dying fast enough for Des to let her in here.
You heard him.
He likes them nice and terminal.
- The timing's not good.
- Please, Mary? She's in agony.
And desperate.
She's gonna do it herself if someone doesn't help her.
I'll see her tomorrow.
Thank you.
I'll let her know.
See? You're helping a lot of people.
Here and on the outside.
Yeah, I guess so.
(SOFT MUSIC) The bell's broken, bitch, but you'd know that if you'd been here in the past what, four months? (CRYING) Oh, my God.
Jesus, Jess, what what happened? Um Heather dumped me.
- Can I come in? - Yeah, come in.
I I've been like, texting her for a week, and then she just She just broke up with me.
Like an hour ago, she sent me a text.
I don't know.
What did your other friends say about it? Well, she was my other friend.
And your mom? Um, I didn't tell her.
She's the main reason that Heather broke up with me.
She said she can't deal with it.
What, that your mama kills people? Christians, man.
So literal.
I think this calls for a beer.
What happened in here? - What do you mean? - Well, you need, like, - industrial-strength cleaning.
- Yeah, well, no, my mom's away doing some trial for the next couple weeks, so - She left you alone? - I know, right.
It's all mine, my own little piece of suburban heaven.
My kingdom though, my rules.
So why don't we figure out how we can get your mind off of this Bible-thumping basic bitch Heather? Hm? Glen.
How are you feeling? I've been trying to find the right word.
Trepidatious is as close as I've come.
You know, we don't have to do this today.
It's entirely your decision.
I'm happy to make this straight up, without a twist.
Oh, it's not that.
38 years ago, I was sitting on the deck of a boat with Henry Fawcett.
We had been best friends since law school.
I remember looking at his hand.
I wanted to touch it more than I had wanted anything in my life, but I was scared.
So what did you do? I reached out and I took his hand.
We were together 33 years, until he died.
I'm ready.
It's been a while since I mixed up one of these.
But not to worry, it's it's always been one of my special skills.
I appreciate it, sir.
Never much cared for champagne.
Thank you.
Uncle Glen, I found it! (TENSE MUSIC) I found the photo album.
I went back to your place.
It was in your office.
Darling, you didn't need to come back.
I know but this morning, it felt like you were almost saying goodbye.
Obviously not.
What are we celebrating? (GLEN): A life well lived.
I'll drink to that.
There's my girl.
Right, right, of course, yeah.
There you go.
(COUGHING) See? There you are.
Mom's wedding.
God, Henry was a handsome man.
Hey, now But you, on the other hand divine.
That's more like it.
Okay, wait, this is the one I wanted to show you.
Remember? I took it at Christmas the last time we were all together.
We ate lobster and artichokes.
You made me try my first oyster.
I think he's tired.
That's okay.
I'll come back tomorrow.
- Can I leave this here? - Of course, yes.
(SIGHING) How could you let that happen? His niece just saunters in right smack dab in the middle of his happy ending! - I didn't see her.
Do you know why? - Yeah, you're too busy - painting butterflies.
- No, I am too busy trying to make people's lives somewhat, mildly, incrementally better as they struggle to wrap their heads around one of the biggest, scariest mysteries they're ever gonna face.
Well, maybe we need a gate then.
- Yeah, a big, electronic gate.
- It's more complicated than that.
Two would control it.
One at the front, one at the back.
We vacuum packed this ship, we lock it tight.
Or maybe we've got it all wrong.
I'm just saying, before all this, Alice would've been able to be there with her uncle when he died.
He would've wanted it that way.
She would've wanted it too.
Maybe our system isn't working.
I mean, the reason we started doing this in the first place was to work around a broken system.
Okay that's a very interesting debate, and I think that's worth following up on.
In the meantime, what the hell do we do about Glen? An announcement of death dated for tomorrow.
You can find him in the morning.
And I have to go.
(DUCKS QUACKING) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) Cambie? Cambie? (DUCKS QUACKING) Cambie! Honey It must've died a few hours ago.
Starvation, pollution, maybe old age.
I don't know.
That's what Miss Cara said.
I'm sorry.
It's just weird.
In a few hours, it won't even exist, just a pile of ashes, nothing.
Like it never happened.
- (KNOCKING) - I'm in bed already.
- (KNOCKING) - It's Des.
Jesus, Lord.
- (KNOCKING) - Yes? (SIGHING) I thought you'd gone home.
Well, I I need management to approve a gate.
I printed these up.
I was thinking we could go for the the SST Stainless Steel Slim 3000.
It's an elegant keypad, hooks up to the phone system, surprisingly affordable (EXHALING HEAVILY) Look, I'm sorry.
All right? What happened today, it wasn't your fault.
I know.
Thank you.
It's so odd what we're trying to do here.
- But we need to stick together.
- My name's all over this thing.
Owner of the business, owner of the property.
If this shit goes south, it is on me.
Never gonna happen.
Anyway, you you're never in the room for the deaths.
So, you could just say you didn't know about any of it.
You know, I practice at night sometimes? Officer we are taking care of people.
People who have nowhere else to go.
We are giving them a safe place at the end of their lives.
We're doing a really good thing.
We are.
I'll take a look at those gates.
Yeah, I'll see you in the morning.
(ROCK MUSIC) - (GIGGLING) - Okay, stop! Listen! To forge to forget her, you have to destroy her.
What?! Okay.
I'm paraphrasing, of course.
Paraphrasing who? Picasso.
He was, okay, he was kind of a dick, but that's not the point.
Oh, no - Oh, no! - (SHUSHING) (LAUGHING) Okay, her parents got it for her.
Heather was already taken.
It's interesting.
Hey to forget her, you have to Destroy her! (LAUGHING) Okay.
Oh! Oh, dear! - Oh, that was loud! - That was probably the lamest thing I've ever seen.
Yeah? - This is funny to you? - Yeah.
What are you doing? Our kind our kind Naomi (LAUGHING) I'm looking at you Run, dummy! We've gotta run! We've gotta go! Come on! Run faster! Cambie.
It's your turn to DJ.
You got your playlist ready? Ooh, you're in a good mood.
It's because she's in her second trimester.
She gets to present as normal once in a while.
- Here.
- You seem very knowledgeable.
We learned it in health class.
We also learned how to put a condom on a banana.
I should show you sometime.
- (SCOFFING) - (CAR DOOR OPENING AND CLOSING) What time did you get in last night? Uh, I don't know.
Like 11, maybe? You were asleep already.
- Is everything OK? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Yes, I was with him at the end.
And I can promise you, - it was very peaceful.
Yes of course, I'll collect his personal belongings for you.
I have his photo album right here.
And once again, I'm so, so sorry.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
You must be - Lucy Oliviera.
- Desmond Bennett, cofounder of Joys.
Pleasure to meet you.
I'm sorry about your prognosis.
Wow, you're sorry about a lot of things.
Occupational hazard, I'm afraid.
Yeah, I bet.
Well lupus, would you like a tour? You you just called me "lupus.
" - No, no I didn't.
- Yeah, you did.
Oh, it's fine.
I don't care.
I'm trying to remember people's names little better.
- Association, alliteration - Oh, yeah.
Lucy lupus, Diana dialysis.
It's - It's very insensitive.
- (DES SIGHING) But I like it.
So, are you gonna tell me how this whole thing works? Right yes.
Should you choose to join us here at Joys, you will have your own private room.
We take care of all meals and medication.
There's no more than 10 patients at a time, so a lot Look, if I'm catching Annie's drift correctly, you guys are going to help me transition, skedaddle, when I'm ready.
Is that right? Yes.
We will help you if and when you're ready, - as long as it stays between us.
- No problem.
How long? Wow.
Uh Well, let's say 2 to 3 weeks.
We work on a very careful schedule.
Are you kidding? What am I supposed to do with my terminal ass in here for three weeks? Podcasts.
You know, I personally, I find them quite entertaining.
(LAUGHING) Podcasts.
Hey, it's me.
Hey, did you change the lock - on the storage unit? - I didn't.
Why? I'm actually here right now.
I'm hoping some of Cambie's baby stuff is still in there - I don't want to double up.
- Are you not coming in? I thought I'd take the day off, maybe start working on the nursery We don't have anything scheduled today, so I'm sure Des will be fine on his own.
- Des is never fine on his own.
- Anyway, the key's not working, so I'm just I'll just make my way to you.
No, no, no.
Let me just I'll drive down, I'll give you a hand as soon as these guys are - finished up with Glen.
- No, you don't have to do that.
I don't want you hauling boxes by yourself.
Just give me like 20 minutes.
Plus, I could just use a coffee.
Okay, bye.
Jacob, the guy from the funeral home, - he's frickin' adorable.
- I don't think I know him.
He's a little clean-cut which is not usually my thing, but he's got very strong hands.
Oh, my God I forgot this was here.
This is a court order for child support, $144 a month.
- Dad never paid it.
- Yeah, what a surprise.
That's what we were worth back in 1983.
Looks like another Mitchell kid's going to grow up without a dad.
It's Harris now.
That's not my point, and you know it.
What do you want me to say, Nicole? I know you don't want to talk about Ben.
- Maybe we should? - There's nothing to talk about.
You're having his baby.
I think that warrants - a conversation or two.
- Ben's gone.
Okay? And even if he wasn't we never had a chance.
He never gave it a chance.
I don't see any baby stuff.
It's right here You know, it's kind of funny that you kept it all.
I guess it is.
(SOFT MUSIC) Gail? This is Dr.
Mary Harris.
I'm sorry to just walk in.
I'm Annie's friend.
Oh, my God.
I'm so glad you're here.
Honestly, I'm freaking out.
I wasn't sure what to do or who to call.
- What happened? - I don't know.
I'm one of her home nurses.
I'm new.
I just came by to check on her, give her her meds, and she was like this.
I think she tried to kill herself.
Oh Oh, I can't handle this.
I don't like this kind of thing.
- I barely even know her.
- How long's she been like this? I got here a couple of minutes ago.
- You haven't called 911? - I left my phone in the car.
Can you move please? Seriously, I need some space.
Can you hear me? - Okay, that's fine.
I'll go.
- Gail, can you hear me? - I think I'm gonna be sick.
- Go.
Go, I've got this.
- Thank you so much.
- Gail, can you hear me? Please, help me.
Please, I Okay.
All right.
Please, help.
- Help me.
- I'll help you.
(FAST-PACED MUSIC) Please Please I can't - I'll help you.
- Help me.
(WHIMPERING) (RISING MUSIC) I thought you might need my phone.
Should we call 911? Yes, we we should call 911.
You're going to be okay.
Hi, there.
We have a woman here who needs medical attention.
I can't remember the address.
It might be on one of these.
Don't touch anything.
Hi, we're at 95 Sudbury, at the home of Gail Rahimi.
We believe it's a suicide attempt.
An insulin overdose, yes.
Yes, of course we'll wait.
(SIREN BEEPING) (WOMAN): Yeah, we've got a 1079, 95 Sudbury.
Got it.
I'm Detective Hall.
Thanks for standing by.
So which one of you wants to tell me what happened? I'm a nurse.
I came by to give her her meds.
I found her on the couch.
She was going in and out of consciousness.
Then she got here, thank God.
- Name? - Francis.
Francis Thorp.
And you are? Mary Harris.
Friend, relative? No, I'm a doctor.
Private practice? Hospital? - I used to work at Eden General.
- Hmm.
How about now? Now, I work in a hospice.
I was scheduled to meet Gail - for a consultation.
- Name of the hospice? Joys.
So, you showed up.
- And then - She was already in shock.
Pulse was at about 55 BPM.
We called you right away.
And you were both with her the whole time? Yes.
We were here together, the whole time.
Harris did everything she could.
Thank you so much.
(INDISTINCT SPEAKING OVER RADIO) - (ENGINE STARTING) - (WHISPERING): Oh, my God Cambie? Jess? (TENSE MUSIC) (KNOCKING) Jess, can I come in? Honey, what's going on? You wanna talk about it? No.
(CRYING) Baby Baby Jess.
You can talk to me.
It's so messed up.
What is? I don't know.
Is it Heather? She She just couldn't handle it, you know? Handle what? You what you do.
I'm I'm so sorry.
That's okay.
It's just, it It's not exactly normal, you know? And Heather's pretty normal.
I know.
Most people don't understand.
The people who who love you do.
Mom, I'm glad I know.
Even when it gets messed up, it's it's so much better to know the truth.
(SOFT MUSIC) I admitted a new patient yesterday.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah, Lucy Oliviera.
- She has lupus.
- You know her name.
- I'm impressed.
- I'm like that little mango inside you; I'm growing every day.
So, how was your day off? It was It was What? It's fine, whatever it is.
I screwed up.
That's Okay.
Tell me.
I killed someone.
I knew it.
The Pento thing the other day.
I just I had this feeling.
Jesus, Mary.
Why? Annie asked me to help one of her other patients, but she wasn't a fit, not for here.
But then things got really messed up.
There was this nurse there.
And we had to call emergency I had to give them my name.
I had to tell them where I work.
I I had to tell them about Joys.
Who? The cops.
I am so sorry.
How many? How many what? Other patients? Des, there are so many people - who are suffering.
- Oh! - Okay, I need to tell Nicole now.
- No.
Don't tell Nicole.
She'll freak out.
- She'll shut us down.
No! - Des, she's You know, you know how much this place means to me.
You might need more, but but this all of it, this is all I have.
So just let me have it for as long as I can, all right? (SIGHING) So, what do we say if the cops show up? That we're taking care of people.
Giving them a safe place at the end of their lives.
We're doing a good thing.
(PENSIVE MUSIC) You are not gonna believe this.
- What, you in a suit? - What? I just thought - Two more.
- since I made detective.
Is it too much? You think it's too much? You gotta dress the part at the top, right? No, you look good.
So what you want to tell me? Ahem.
Well We get a 911 last night.
A woman offs herself.
I get called in to ask a couple of questions.
I show up.
Guess who's on the scene? Dr.
Mary Harris.
- The angel of death herself.
- I know, right? And the ahem, the victim was terminal, which fits with Harris's MO, and that's why I called you.
I know you were looking into her a while back.
Yeah, I was until it cost me my job.
That is so shit, what they did.
I mean, don't get me wrong, like I would retire - tomorrow if I had a pension.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, well, you and I both know that I didn't get one, so cut the bullshit.
I'm sorry, Bud, but I'm no use to you.
(SIGHING) Come on, man.
If you could just tell me how No one knows this case better than you.
Do you think Mary did it? You know what I think? I think you need to leave it alone, all right? Honestly, man, - it's a waste of time.
- Okay.
- But there's just one thing - Hall.
Come on.
Trust me.
There's no case.
You're right.
It's it's it is probably nothing.
It's not like she'd be out there killing anyone in her condition anyway.
What condition? She's pregnant.
Five months, maybe? Thanks for the drink.
(SIGHING) (EXHALING SHARPLY) Watch an all new Mary Kills People, next Sunday on Global.