Mary Kills People (2017) s03e04 Episode Script

Switzerland Has Trees

1 - You're sure it was Frances? - Annie, she told me she did it.
She's killing people who aren't ready to die.
She thinks she's some kind of angel of mercy.
I struggle with my obligation to report to.
Like if I suspect a nurse is feeding terminal patients to a killer.
Should I say something? Oh, my God.
What happened? You want to be a doctor, right? You want to be a doctor? Stitch up my arm.
This will be good practice.
- What are you doing here, Mary? - I didn't tell you about the pregnancy because I was protecting myself.
If you want to be a part of this baby's life, you can.
It's entirely your decision.
This was my dream.
A safe place where we can do what we do.
What I didn't anticipate were the people.
The messy, lovely people that I'd be forced to get to know.
(MACHINE BEEPING RAPIDLY) A 25 year-old girl is dead because of us! You better tell me what's going on.
(SOFT MUSIC) (BIRD CHIRPING) (SOFT MUSIC) (GROANING) I thought we agreed on the speed limit.
You could use the thrill.
No, I'm thrilled that we didn't hit a bloody tree.
- Oh! - Hey, easy.
No, I'm fine.
I'm good.
I'm fine.
Just a little stiff from the cold.
- Maybe this wasn't the best idea.
- (SCOFFS) Me doing anything has never been the best idea.
I'm not sure what listening to that little voice has ever gotten me.
You mean the voice of reason? Fear, reason.
What's the difference? What is it with North Americans and extreme sports? It's barbaric.
Would you please just shut up and appreciate this? I mean, look! - (BIRD CHIRPING) - (SOFT MUSIC) (HEAVY BREATHING) (SOFT MUSIC) What? You need to kill me.
(ROCK MUSIC) Mary Kills People 3x04 Switzerland Has Trees I don't care who's next on the schedule.
Is Lucy's day today.
No, it's actually Phil's day.
He's already been told.
Lucy's been here longer.
So, that's what's fair.
I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be.
Look, I promised, all right? Fine.
We'll push Phil if Mary signs off on it, but he is in pretty rough shape.
They're all in rough shape! They're dying! Do you want to talk about what's really going on here? No.
No, I really don't.
We need to have a little chat.
Oh Yeah, maybe you should talk first.
You look shaggier.
- What, are you two back together? - This isn't about that.
Oh, dear God! This is about the nurse, isn't it? What nurse? - (TENSE MUSIC) - Mary, what the hell is going on? Did you put one in for me? Are we seriously not gonna talk about this? - Is that a no on the bagel? - Read this.
Cambie, we're going to be late.
Come on.
"Had to work early.
Lunch is in the fridge.
Have good days, girls.
Love you, Mom.
" What? Why is everyone acting like nothing's changed? We met Mom's baby daddy last night.
- Hello, weirdness? - Can you just please stop calling him that? Fine.
What do you think about this? (HEAVY SIGH) I think it's nice.
You know, the stuff that Mom has to deal with, it's it's a lot, and I think maybe it'd be good if she had someone to help her.
- I guess so.
- (TOASTER POPPING) Thank you.
Now, come on.
We gotta go.
We'll compare notes about Ben on the way.
Okay? Does he really live in a trailer? So, this nurse, Frances, killed an innocent non-terminal patient at the hospital.
And framed Annie for it.
Which means if the police are looking into her, then they'll come back here, given she is your main source of patients.
Does he know everything? - He does.
- (SIGHS) So, you've been helping people on the side? Well, that explains the missing Pento.
So you've just been lying to us this whole time? I mean, did you know? (SIGHS) Amazing.
You guys are seriously amazing.
Let me just get something straight here.
I am currently the sole registered owner of a hospice that may be being targeted by the police or a psychopath or maybe both, and what's worse is I can't even trust the two people that convinced me to do this in the first place.
Look Nicole, I know this is tough but we will deal with it, okay? Right now, and just-just for now, we need to stop helping your patients.
Okay? Keep the business open, a completely legitimate hospice, above board.
But no assisted deaths, none, until we are sure no one is looking into the place.
Is this him helping? Because I preferred when he just stood there brooding.
Des, can you please listen? - Nicole! - (DOOR CREAKING) (DOOR SLAMMING) So, we're gonna just sit and watch our patients die? (SIGHS) What happened to helping people? - We'll figure this out.
- We? You and Ben? I'm just supposed to trust him now? Yes.
Unless you want to go to prison.
Hey It is going to be okay.
I'm not sure about anything anymore.
I feel like I've done everything wrong, and I don't know how to fix it.
We will fix it.
Okay? We'll figure it out.
Des and Nicole must think I'm crazy for putting my faith in you after everything.
Well, things are different now.
- I guess they are.
- I'm gonna put Hull onto Frances, okay? - And I will see you later.
- (SOFT MUSIC) (BIRD CHIRPING) (LABOURED BREATHING) Is it okay if I come in? Is it time? Phil, I'm sorry but we can't help you today.
We're working on it.
But you're going to have to wait a little bit longer.
Maybe a couple days.
Do you understand? Yeah, I get it.
I guess I'm getting what I deserve.
I'm not sure what you mean.
Phil, you know I believe people should get to choose their own death.
I believe every person in here deserves that, including you.
Forget it.
Is there anything I can do in the meantime to make you more comfortable? No.
I'm good.
- What are you doing? - Well, William here is a lawyer.
It's very convenient.
You should have one on staff.
- I'd stay on if I could.
- Thank you, William.
My pleasure.
(GRUNTING) Well, I have been thinking about my last meal.
I did some light death row research.
Did you know John Wayne Gacy had a dozen fried shrimp, a bucket of fried chicken and a pound of strawberries? - No, I did not know that.
- Well, anyway, I want a TV dinner.
A Salisbury steak one, you know, with the puffy potatoes and that cranberry thing that gets way too hot in the microwave.
- Ever had one? - No.
- My parents loved me.
- And I want it on a TV tray and I want to be watching The Price is Right.
I have to tell you something.
(SIGHS) Okay.
I know I said that we could do this today We can't.
And why not? - It's confidential.
- Try again.
Because we have rules and regulations - to keep us out of jail.
- Des - You promised.
- I know.
And I'm so sorry.
And that's that's all I can say right now.
Except it wasn't my decision, believe me.
Let me tell you what this actually feels like.
One second, I'm all Zen.
The next, I am terrified.
It's like a "You're about to die" style teeter-totter and I just want to get the hell off.
I need it to be today.
Well, I'm sorry.
I can't.
(SOFT MUSIC) (SIGHS) Then what good are you? (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) (PHONE RINGING) (SIGHS) I know where I'm going.
- (KNOCKING) - Come in.
What are you doing here? You're not expecting him? Oh, right.
Sorry, I forgot you were stopping by.
- Thanks.
- Here, have a seat.
So, what's up, man? Something's been bugging me about this report.
So, Mary Harris, the hospice, Joys, it all seems legit.
- So you said, yeah.
- Yeah, thing is, I keep going back over it, and Gail Rahimi, the insulin overdose? Yeah, what do you know about this nurse that was there, Frances Thorp? Not much.
ICU nurse at Eden and she was there to give meds to her.
Except ICU nurses do not do house calls.
- What are you saying? - I'm saying maybe, maybe she was there to deliver specific medication, like a lethal dose of insulin.
That's a bit of a stretch.
But maybe not, and it's worth a look.
Come on, man.
It's easy.
Personal history, work history, see if there's been any suspicious activity since she started at the hospital.
Then, then it's up to you.
It's your call if there is anything to be concerned about.
- Okay, I'll look into it.
- Good.
You ever miss it? Because we make a good team.
Like if this case works out, maybe you could come back.
- Naomi? Hey, wake up.
- Mm? - I don't want to.
- Too bad.
Come on, get up.
What are you doing here, Jess? Well, you weren't in school again, so I got worried.
Yeah, my shoulder still hurts.
Okay, let me take a look at your stitches.
Come here.
Okay Hm! That actually looks okay.
- Maybe I should be a doctor.
- Ha! See, without me, you wouldn't have found your calling.
And more importantly, you can go to school tomorrow.
Okay, fine.
Um Okay, how about I make you a deal? And you can either go to school tomorrow - or you can call your mom.
- Hard pass.
Hey, look I don't know what's going on with you here, but you can't stay at home by yourself anymore.
Um I'm gonna, I'm gonna clean this place up, make us some food that isn't pizza and And then you can call your mom.
Okay? (WHISPERING): Whatever.
Oh, no.
I'm not gonna lecture you.
I miss it.
I had to quit.
It'll wait for you to come back.
Phil, I really am sorry about all this.
I know you were expecting today to be the day.
That can't be easy to turn off.
Things don't always go the way you want.
Only thing you can control is your reaction.
Is that the military mindset? It prepares you for anything that may be thrown your way.
Where did you serve? We don't have to talk about it.
Oh, Phil! Come on, Phil.
It's okay.
I need help! (TENSE MUSIC) (LABOURED BREATHING) - What's that? - It's called modeling.
It occurs when the body starts to conserve blood around the heart.
It's a strong indication that the body has started the dying process.
It's just a matter of time now.
Well That's that, then.
Is there someone I can call? We're not doing an assisted death, so there's no reason why you can't have someone here with you.
(SIGHS) There's no one.
(CRYING) (SIGHS) If this is the way it has to be for me, then so be it.
I've seen worse.
I've done worse.
(LABOURED BREATHING) The first Gulf War.
A lot of people died over there, too many people.
You serve for the good of your country.
Justified murder, that's what they called it.
Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't.
I guess I feel like the doubt, the questioning, it's It's what makes us human, what makes us worthy of mercy.
Will you stay? Of course.
Of course.
Can I come in? Can you believe that some people put solving a 2,000 piece puzzle on their bucket list? Maybe not the most interesting people.
But who am I to judge? Oh, come on, Lucy.
Really? - I canceled my credit cards.
- Just get in.
No, thanks.
I'll wait for the next one.
It doesn't seem like you have much of a plan here.
What are you doing, exactly? Well, I've been thinking of hanging myself from a tree.
I promise I will not take you back.
Well, promises aren't your strong suit.
Lucy, please.
- Now, where to? - I'll direct you.
I'm not going anywhere.
Spills through old windows Is it happening? The truth is you'll know better than me.
Of our earthly room It's okay.
Do you feel any pain? Yes.
(LABOURED BREATHING) Spill to you on the right side I'm afraid.
Most people will feel fear and then calm.
Of our bed This will end soon, I promise.
What, are you gonna rob this place? I didn't see it on the bucket list.
I left my balaclava at the retreat.
This is my house.
(ENIGMATIC MUSIC) (DOOR CLOSES) - This is your house? - It was my grandparents' house, then my parents', and now mine.
Well, I for one love what you've done with the place.
It's very minimalist.
I let the staff have whatever they wanted after I left.
How rich are you, exactly? I am the secret heiress to the Swanson's TV dinner fortune.
- Seriously? - (SNORTS) No! I wish.
It's much more boring than that.
So, why did you come to Joys if you have all of this? (CHUCKLING) Please.
The heiress who pops pills and dies alone in her mansion? That is such a cliché.
And yet, here we are.
Honestly? I was scared to do it alone.
Afraid I was gonna screw it up.
And what Annie described with the doctors and the retreat and a definitive end date, it just sounded pretty damn good.
But you clearly could have flown first class to Switzerland.
There's no messy human connections there.
I didn't come to you to make friends.
I came so I could have a safe, peaceful end.
And I like trees.
Can we just leave it at that? Sure.
Switzerland has trees.
- Just saying.
- (LUCY CHUCKLES) This is the only room in the house that I like.
- You coming in? - Uh, no, I am not much of a soaker.
Oh, you should try it.
It's saltwater.
It's like a pool full of my tears.
Did you hear me? What are you doing? I can't believe you took the Pento.
Everything is on the line right now and you couldn't even last one day.
- I didn't do anything.
- Stop lying to me.
I'm not lying.
I wish I was, but I'm not.
I swear, Nicole, I didn't do anything but hold that man's hand and watch him struggle as he died naturally and in pain.
We're supposed to help them.
That's why they came here.
Yeah, well, you took that away from them one lie at a time.
Although, you have managed to tell your ex-cop boyfriend the whole truth.
I told Ben because I need someone in my life who can actually do something to help for a change, not just someone who makes me feel like shit.
You know what? Maybe you need to grow up.
Take some agency in your life - and stop blaming me.
- Then let me.
Stop hiding things from me.
Stop treating me like I'm some little kid that you have to protect, and stop making me feel like I don't have a say in what happens here.
That may have worked for us before, it's just it's not working for me right now.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
We've gone through way harder stuff than this.
And we did it together.
So don't go, all right? The patients need you.
I need you.
So please stay.
No more secrets.
No more secrets.
If you didn't take the Pento, then who did? (SOFT MUSIC) - Why the saltwater? - My dad had it installed for my mom's lupus.
Two-for-one investment, as it turns out.
- She has lupus as well, then? - Had.
She's dead.
Got it from my mom, as they say.
Hers attacked her brain, though, in the end, whereas mine went for the kidneys.
Disease of a thousand faces, right? Right.
I kind of hate my mother.
I mean, she knew it could be inherited, but she went ahead and had a kid anyway.
I guess she wanted a family.
- What about your dad? - Oh, he was gone a year later.
Died of a broken heart, they said.
(CHUCKLE) Can you believe that shit? Yeah.
I think I can.
Don't do that.
- I know what pity looks like.
- It's not pity.
Look I know I'm terrible at promises.
You still want to do this today We can.
Safe, peaceful.
(ROCK MUSIC) (ELECTRO-POP MUSIC PLAYING) - To our home - You hate it.
No, it's good.
I just I'm just not very hungry.
It's disgusting, I get it.
I came here all alone Okay It's time to call your mom.
- Jesus, Jess, can you get off my back? - Naomi, just - Who I'm with - Fine.
Will I remember it Trying to get you in (PHONE LINE TRILLING) Savard, Johnson and Pelletier.
Hi, may I please speak to Louise Malik? I believe she's with a client.
Can I take a message? Okay.
Okay, could you just ask her if she could talk for a second? - It's her daughter.
- Oh, sure.
One moment.
I don't know Hi, Naomi? I'm sorry, Louise says she'll call you later tonight.
Okay, that's fine.
(SNIFFLE) Naomi, you okay? Naomi! (CAR DRIVING PAST) Burn up with the water The floods are on the plains The planets in a rose Who knows what they contain? And my brain is Like an orchestra Playing on insane Will you love me - (CARS HONKING) - Like you loved me In the January rain? Naomi! Hey! Hey! Naomi! - (CARS HONKING) - (GASP) Naomi! (CARS HONKING) (WHIMPER) The clothespins on the floor - In my head - Naomi! Stop! Stop! Wait and count to four - What the hell are you doing?! - Will you love me - Like you loved me - Naomi! Get (HONKING) Like you loved me And I'll never ask For more You have anything in here that is an extra small? Why? I need something to sleep in.
I'm not leaving you here alone.
- You don't have to do that.
- Yeah, obviously I do.
You were standing out there in the middle of the road.
It's okay.
My mom's coming home.
- You did talk to her then? - Of course, yeah.
Yeah, she's gonna fly home tonight.
Okay That's good.
That's that's great.
No, it'll be good.
It'll be really good.
We're going to sit around, paint our toenails and we're gonna talk about how I'm failing school, I don't have any friends, I quit dance and and I'm an ungrateful bitch.
You have friends.
You have me, right? Please don't hate me, Jess.
- You really scared me.
- I know.
Yeah, I know.
I'm really sorry.
(SOFT MUSIC) (DES CHUCKLES) Don't you look rich? I don't think I have champagne.
I haven't really been celebrating lately.
Well, it doesn't matter.
Pick your poison.
- Really? - No, I, I didn't mean I know what you meant.
Don't lose your sense of humour on me, Bennett.
(SIGHS) Maybe we should do a shot first.
Yeah, maybe if there was ever a time for me to get back in the game, this would be it.
Nice try.
You're not throwing your life away on this, you hear me? Got it.
(SOFT MUSIC) Des Are you okay? Yeah.
I am so goddamn happy - I didn't go to Switzerland.
(LUCY SNIFFLES) Maybe, uh Maybe a quick shot first would be good.
To another day.
- (GLASS SHATTERS) - (LAUGHING) God, I've always wanted to do that.
Well, okay, what is happening right now? I don't know.
I mean, I thought I was ready, and then I started thinking about you leaving me here and that it's gonna be a week until the maid comes and I'm going to be covered in flies and she's gonna have a heart attack and I would hate that because she's she's really nice.
(LUCY SNIFFLES) You've been so sick Or maybe Maybe I just want to spend another day with you.
- You said to me - Okay.
Said to me Let me in for you Another day, then.
Here I am Here I am Waiting for you Although, now that I know you're filthy rich, - I do hope to be written into the will.
- (CHUCKLES) Should I leave some sticky notes on a few choice items? Any taxidermy up for grabs? (HEAVY SIGH) So, what we do now? Anything we want.
Sadness and sorrow - (MOTOR SHUTS OFF) - (NEARBY CAR DOOR CLOSES) (TENSE MUSIC) Evening, Dr.
I'm Detective Hull.
We met at Gail Rahimi's house.
That's right.
You took my statement.
And your friend's, Frances Thorp.
- No, she's not my friend.
- Oh, really? Well, I mean, I never met her before that day.
Well, that may actually be true I'm, uh just a little bit more concerned with your relationship after that day.
I'm not sure what you mean, and I'm sorry, but I really need to get inside to my daughters and off my feet.
- Okay? - Just one last thing.
If there's no relationship with Frances Thorp, what were you guys doing together yesterday? At that diner? Peppermint for the stomach? Or chamomile for sleep? Peppermint is fine.
So what did this Detective Hull have to say? That he saw us at the diner, which means he knows we've seen each other since Gail's.
(SIGHS) Not our most shining moment.
No, it wasn't.
And I'm sorry.
I appreciate that, Mary.
The truth is, we need to stick together.
If one of us goes down, so does the other.
What did you say to this detective? That we met that day at Gail's, and then afterwards, and then decided to work together.
So you're now referring terminal patients from the hospital to Joys like Annie did.
That's smart.
Very smart.
Well, you you covered for me at Gail's.
So, I'm doing the same with you, with Dorothy.
But we still need to make sure that he believes me.
For both our sakes.
How do we do that? I think you should bring me a patient, someone we could admit to Joys.
Just in case he's still watching.
(TENSE MUSIC) (TENSE MUSIC) She's gonna do it.
She's bringing someone to Joys this week.
She'll let me know when.
This is gonna work.
Trust me.
Hull obviously thinks you're working together.
At least now it'll look legit.
I did what you said today at the hospice, and it was it was awful.
I sat there with a man as he died slowly and painfully.
It wasn't how it's supposed to be.
What I do is right.
It's good.
I'm not gonna let anyone stop me.
Especially not Frances.
- (SIGHS) - (ENGINE STARTS) Watch an all new Mary Kills People next Sunday on Global.