M*A*S*H (MASH) s08e05 Episode Script

S611 - Good-Bye Radar (2)

[ Man On P.
Chicken noodle soup.
It's an instant soup, but don't bad-mouth that.
A work of sorcerers, that radio.
Here we are on the other side of the world and we can listen to Arthur Godfrey.
[ Charles .]
Placing us among that elite group of surgeons privileged to operate by ukulele.
[ Hawkeye .]
Our radio station back home once held a contest to guess how many freckles he has.
[ B.
The decision of the dermatologist is final.
Comin' through! Comin' through! Who ordered a casualty? Right here, camel breath.
With all due respect, sir, better to breathe like a camel than look like one.
- [ Mock Chuckle .]
- How are ya? How are ya? How are ya? - Oh, suck it up your snout.
- This is a tough audience for you, Klinger.
You're right.
I gotta get out of these lounges and start playing the big rooms.
- Let's take a look in there.
Give me the rib spreader.
- Rib spreader.
- [ All Exclaiming .]
- What is it? Again? Come on with the lights! - [ Potter .]
Get some lanterns in here.
! - Ow! Margaret you've caught my finger in the spreader! - Geez! - I'm sorry, Doctor! I can't see! I thought that damn generator was supposed to be fixed.
Klinger, where are you? [ Klinger.]
Hiding from you, sir.
Triple-time out to that contraption and see what's going on.
- If it's kaput, crank up the auxiliary.
- [ Klinger.]
I'll fix it.
- It knows the sting of my boot.
- How's the digit, Pierce? - Throbbing along nicely.
- [ Margaret .]
I said I was sorry, Dr.
This doesn't surprise me with you running the maintenance section, Zale.
Probably the first time you've seen the inside of one of these.
Don't get too close, Klinger.
You'll catch your nose in the driveshaft.
You wouldn't know where to find the driveshaft.
You keep crowdin' me, I'll know where to find it! - I'll start the backup generator.
- Why don't you do that? Good ol' Zale.
The army's first career chimp.
Oh, no, no, no! Great! Terrific!Just dandy! Hey, Bonzo, the auxiliary generator is missing! What? You think somebody stole it? No.
It made electricity and walked out under its own power.
Shine it right in the gory stuff, son.
Carolina cow pies! What are they doin'? Stringin' Christmas lights out there? Damn! I'll be glad when Radar gets back.
[ B.
Will you center that light? I've lost a clamp in there.
What's the matter, Hunnicutt? Don't you like playing ''blind surgeon's bluff''? - [ Hawkeye .]
- Retractor.
Aah! [ Grunts .]
Margaret, you're gonna have to hold that back for me.
- It hurts that badly? - No.
I always keep both eyes in the same socket.
- I'm really sorry.
- It's not your fault.
We should've used the rib spreader with the night light on it.
- Suction here.
- Suction's out, Colonel.
Oh, yeah.
Well, pack in some sponges.
Come on, Klinger! I'm a romantic, but soft lights and surgery just don't mix.
I think she's ready.
- Turn it on! - Okay! I'll turn it on! [ Motor Whirring Fitfully .]
Yeah, yeah.
This baby's just like my wife.
You know, you give her a little extra attention once in a while - and she purrs like a kitten.
- [ Engine Sputters, Conks Out .]
- [ Grumbles .]
- Your wife's a lemon, Zale.
- [ Sparking .]
- I don't like the sound of that sizzle.
Turn it off! - You turn it off! - [ Sparking, Exploding .]
Here's how I see it, Zale.
On the way over to tell Colonel Potter maybe we'll get lucky and step on a land mine.
Hey, listen.
If I'm not back to my unit by oh-noon-hundred, I'm gonna be AWOL without leave.
My heart bleeds, but I've gotta bump ya.
General Imbrie needs that seat to carry his likeness.
- His what? - A five-foot cardboard cutout he made of himself.
- It's his Christmas present to his troops.
- It's not even near Christmas.
When you're a general, you can have Christmas anytime you want.
The bigger they are, the weirder they are.
Well, it's not fair.
Nobody should be allowed to take up two seats, no matter how many of'em he is.
First time I ever seen anybody in a hurry to get to Korea.
There's another flight in six hours.
Six hour-- - Hey, Mac? - The name's Olsen.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Olsen? How'd you like to make a little green stuff, huh? - How much? - I got four bucks that ain't doin' nothin'.
- Get me that seat, and they're all yours.
- Scram.
- Two now.
Two when you deliver.
- Get lost.
Boy, some guys just can't be bought.
I wasn't staring at you, honest.
I was just-- I was lookin' at the garbage can.
- That's a good one.
Oh, boy.
- [ Laughs .]
- Where are you headed? - Me? Korea.
The war.
I'm company clerk at the 4077 th MASH.
I run things.
- You work in a MASH? - Mm-hmm.
I volunteered for a MASH, but it never came through.
I spent my whole tour at Tokyo General.
I'm Patty Haven.
Oh, you are? Oh, I'm Walter O'Radar-- I mean, I'm Walter O'Reilly.
But you can call me Radar or Corporal.
- So you're a nurse? - Yeah.
I love nurses-- respect-wise, I mean.
The nurses back at the 4077 th are really tops.
I mean, they put in more hours than the doctors.
They never complain or nothin' although Major Houlihan would kill 'em if they did.
- I bought 'em perfume.
- Oh! Yeah.
It's French.
It's made by a littleJapanese guy on the Ginza.
Good stuff.
Smells good.
That's very thoughtful of you.
- So which ''where'' are you headed to? - Home.
- Oh.
- Lancaster, Missouri.
Lancaster? Wow.
That's only about 1 00 miles from where I'm from-- Ottumwa, Iowa.
- You're from Ottumwa? - Yeah.
Gee, isn't that amazing? Boy, I sure am glad that general screwed me over.
Give him a quarter gram of morphine.
?? [ Singing .]
?? [ Humming .]
?? [ Singing Resumes, Stops .]
- Hello.
- Who are you? Young Dr.
Pierce, better known as The Shadow specializing in surgery and lurking in the dark.
- How long am I gonna hurt like this? - Two or three days and then the pain'll subside.
Think of it as a typical weekend in Cleveland.
You can make it.
Ow! Just what I need: Pierce and anybody else who might be out there.
Hi, Colonel.
When are we gonna get back to the 20th century? We're not talkin' chipped beef here.
Generators are mighty scarce.
It'd be easier to find a buffalo in Times Square.
- Colonel, can you grope your way down here for a minute? - That you, Hunnicutt? - Mm-hmm.
- Keep talkin'.
I'll find ya.
Ah, Padre.
We sure could use some of your enlightenment around here.
I'd say a special prayer, but we've never come up with a patron saint of electricity.
Got a distended abdomen here.
I need some gastric suction.
You're right.
You wanna evac him over to the 8063rd? - I don't think he'd enjoy the ride.
- Well, when the chips are down you go back to the basics.
We'll whomp up a good old-fashioned, hand-operated Wangensteen suction.
Wangensteen? Those things went out with rumble seats.
- I've never even heard of that.
- It's a thingamabob dreamed up in the '30s by a Dr.
Owen Wangensteen.
- I'll go over to the lab and get what we need.
- Forget the lab.
We gotta go Wangensteen one bigger.
What we need's in the kitchen.
Anything but the food.
That kid's sick enough already.
I know it's 6:00 in the morning, Lieutenant, but I've got to talk to General MacArthur.
Just tell him Max Klinger's on the phone.
He knows me.
I've been sending him love letters for a year.
Hello? Hello! See if he gets my vote for dictator.
- You get one, Klinger? - Sir, I have gone through this whole book.
I even tried to reach a North Korean unit.
If there's an extra generator in Asia, nobody's talking about it.
Pigeon pellets! Get on the track and go it again.
And while you're at it, make arrangements with the 8063rd to babysit our more serious patients.
Then find out where we can store our blood and perishable drugs.
Got it? - I got it, sir.
Right after breakfast.
- Now, Klinger.
Move it.
- Right, sir.
Famine is fun.
- Klinger, I didn't mean to hurt your fe-- - Nobody wants Radar back more than me, sir.
- Move it! - You know what I miss the most? - Uh-uh.
Curling up in front of a fireplace during a rainstorm.
- Oh, yeah.
- And after it's over, the hay smells so sweet you wanna fight the animals for a taste of it.
I like the rain too.
'Cept I'm usually sweeping mud off the porch for days.
- You like grape Nehi? - I adore grape Nehi.
- No kidding? - Yeah.
Wow! Hey, maybe when the snack bar opens, we could split one, huh? I'd love it.
So, what are you gonna do when you get out of the service, Radar? Well, I don't really know for sure yet.
I do know I wanna stay around Ottumwa.
That's where all my family is-- my mom and my Uncle Ed.
It's been sort of real rough on 'em, trying to run the farm alone.
I mean, my mom's health is only fair, and Uncle Ed isn't as young as me anymore.
You'd like my Uncle Ed though.
He knows every joke that's ever been told.
Couple of'em are even funny.
- Maybe someday I'll meet him and your mom.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- [ Olsen .]
Hey, buddy.
! You! Lover boy.
I got you on a cargo flight to Kimpo.
- Uh, no, thanks.
I'll wait.
- It's warmin' up right now.
Hangar number four.
Uh, look, I appreciate it, but no thanks anyhow.
- I'll just wait for my regular flight.
- Listen, bub.
I held up a footlocker to make room for you.
Get out there.
- I'll give you four bucks to forget the whole thing.
- [ Olsen .]
Get out there.
Two now and-- [ Sighs .]
[ Airplane Propeller Whirring, Faint .]
I mean, shoot.
I was even gonna buy you breakfast and everything.
- I'm glad I met you, Radar.
- Yeah.
But it was only for less than an hour.
Lancaster's only Hey, yeah.
And I could drive my Uncle Ed's Studebaker there as long as I stopped for water every 1 0 minutes.
[ Olsen .]
Romeo, it's time to hit the wild blue yonder.
Let's look for each other back home, okay? Promise.
[ Potter.]
Get it before it rots, people.
This is the last fresh food you'll have till we find a new generator.
He wants some more meat loaf.
She'll have another slab of liver.
A good breakfast'll stick to your ribs.
I think I can live with no electricity and even with boiling my instruments but I draw the line at liver hanging from my ribs.
How can you expect me to eat all this? I can't even lift it.
Come on, Margaret.
I can always count on you to pack it away.
- What? - Yet somehow you still manage to keep that girlish figure.
- That's better.
-Just a roll and two pats of that lard you're passing off as butter, if you will.
And a side of everything else.
Lean heavy on the halibut patties.
Colonel, no.
I-- I despise halibut patties.
You'll love these, and that's an order.
I'll never forget you for this.
- [ Groans .]
Colonel, the Koreans are here.
- Fine.
Have 'em belly up to the buffet.
[ Zale .]
Okay, people.
Come on in now.
Hey, hey.
! Single file.
No buttin'in.
[ Potter .]
Now, don't be shy, folks.
I know you're guests, but this has all got to go.
So don't be afraid to ask for seconds-- even tenths! Would you care for an aperitif? Could I interest you in some halibut patties? Perhaps for your ox? There's one advantage to having a bum finger: I can't pick up the fork.
You don't have to.
This food comes when you call it.
The sad thing is, one man's poison is another man's meat.
[ Radar.]
Hey, could you please step on it? I'm about 20 miles an hour too late.
[ Driver.]
Take it easy.
For a guy who just got off R & R, you sure are a nervous Nellie.
[ Radar.]
Well, I'm sorry.
I had a rough life the last two weeks.
You should've seen how they crushed me into the back of that cargo plane.
Crunched me in the backseat of a jeep that was lyin' on its side.
I was gettin' carsick and airsick at the same time.
I wouldn't have minded so much if I was squeezed in there with Patty.
- Who? - My gal.
I had to leave her behind.
You know how it is.
[ Soldier.]
Hey, it's LaGrow.
Sarge, this is your big chance to save Uncle Sam three pairs of boots.
How lucky can I get? Okay, you clowns, come on.
Hey, fellas, you know what? I don't think there's enough room for all of us in here.
- Hey, who's this? - Guy from a MASH.
I'm givin' him a lift.
Come on.
Uh, look.
One guy could just wait for a jeep, you know.
There'll be one passin' by pretty soon, I'm sure.
You know like, one guy could wait right there.
What the heck.
I was the first one on.
Figures I oughta be the first one off.
I had part of a ride, anyway.
- Could you give me my duffel bag, please? - Sure.
Hey, be careful! [ Grunts .]
Oh, now you got it full of broken perfume! Well, there she is: Dr.
Wangensteen's magic suction machine.
Why do I feel as though we've hooked him up to a still? Colonel, how on earth does this thing work? Simple really.
The pickle jar here is empty.
The mustard jug has fluid in it.
When it's turned up like this and I release this clamp the fluid flows through here, causes the suction in the nasogastric tube and the aspirated material collects down here in the chipped beef can.
- Remarkable.
- And very handy if we wanna put him on intravenous hot dogs.
Normally you'd use I.
bottles, but the jugs are bigger, and they give it a homey touch.
- Colonel, permission to let you down.
- I don't wanna hear it.
Then I'll just cry on your buttons.
There's not a generator to be had anyplace.
Just label me a failure and let me live out my life in peaceful shame.
I haven't been this moved since Heidi.
- Okay,Joe.
You're home.
- [ Radar.]
Home? Oh, boy.
Ooh! Geez.
I've had it.
Oh, you have hurt neck.
Ifix for you.
- Oh, no, no, no, no! Thanks.
I know a lot of doctors here.
- Oh, I'm much better.
- Hold still.
- [ Neck Cracks .]
- How's that, sir? - Better.
That'll be four bucks.
[ Nurse .]
Hey, look.
! It's Radar.
! Radar is back.
! [ All Clamoring .]
[ Radar.]
Hey, don't push, okay, guys? I gotta-- - Radar.
! Ha-ha.
! Welcome back, son.
- Thank you, sir.
I think I missed you even more than I miss Mildred.
Whoo! Get a whiff of him! We're standing around in a coal mine and he's been wrestling with every woman in Tokyo.
It was four guys that got me to smell like this.
- Uh-huh.
- As long as you had a good time.
- What happened to you? - Huh? Oh, that's just a reminder that my finger is sprained.
You got back in the nick of time.
While you were away, both our generators went AWOL.
- ''Absent without electricity.
'' - Oh, geez.
I should've stayed at the airport.
[ Klinger .]
Radar, Radar, Radar.
! You've come back to me! Ah, thank you, thank you! Let me carry you to your office.
The phone awaits.
- You even smell wonderful.
- Ow! Now, wait just a doggone minute! I just got back for criminy sakes! - I'm gonna get somethin' to eat and take a shower.
- No time for the shower, son.
And the only grub we got is C-rations.
We'll deliver 'em to ya.
Colonel, I'm tired and hungry, and I smell like my cow Betsy before a show.
If he wants to take a shower, it must be an emergency.
- [ All Chattering .]
- I don't know what the big deal is anyway.
A generator's only a three-call finagle.
I mean, a couple boxes of toilet paper here a canned ham there, there'll be all kinds of trucks rollin' in with generators.
Well, if it's that easy, no sense putting it off.
- Oh, gee.
- Come on.
- Okay, Klinger.
- [ All Cheering .]
Just pay attention for a second, Klinger, and this-- Oh, my gosh.
Oh! Look what you've done to this place! - You ''shamble-ized'' it! - I didn't get a chance to tidy this morning.
- Get out of here, Klinger! - But Colonel Potter said for me to watch y-- - Go! Go! Get away from me before I get physically emotional.
- Okay, okay.
Boy, you sure don't act as sweet as you smell.
- Out! - I'm out! [ Sighs .]
Geez, you go away for a little R & R and this place goes to heck in a handbasket.
Hello? Hi, Sparky.
Sparky, it's Radar.
Yes, I'm back.
I wish I wasn't.
Huh? Hu-- You're telling me! You should see the way he left this place.
What do you expect? He's one of those big-city yokels.
Well, I guess it's a bear we all gotta cross.
Sparky, listen.
We could use a generator here.
Well, I could let you have an inflatable wading pool.
I got a neat collection of SpikeJones records with a lot of burps and-- [ Gulps .]
on 'em.
Yeah? And guess what? I can give you a really sexy smelling duffel bag.
Huh? Well, is it a deal? What do you mean, no? Well, there's gotta be a generator around somewhere.
[ Klinger.]
Hey, hey! There he is! Welcome, kid.
- It's not often we get a savior in the place.
- Oh, knock it off, will ya? - Sorry about the mess.
- I cleaned it for two hours.
There was another mess under it.
So tell me.
How did you finally get the generator? - I didn't.
- Come on.
- I'm tellin' ya.
I couldn't get one.
- What? - You failed? - Grape Nehi.
Hold the straw.
Kid, I'm sorry.
Don't worry though.
You'll bounce back.
You're young.
You got a lot of talent.
- Oh, ick.
It's warm! - Sure it is.
The recipe for ice is water and electricity.
Oh, boy.
One break.
I can't catch one lousy break.
I have a cruddy time in Tokyo.
Then I meet a girl for the first time in our lives, and I get dragged away from her.
Then I nearly die on the way home here, and then when I get here, I let everybody down.
To top it all off, my Nehi's warm! Go ahead.
Spill your guts out, soldier.
That's what I'm here for.
My finger looks like it belongs on Mickey Mouse's hand.
- I think it looks just swell.
- This could be a serious injury, you know.
There could be broken blood vessels in there, loss of circulation.
- When are your parents coming for you? - Does it look blue to you? No.
It seems just as happy as the other fingers.
- Either of you seen Radar? - Last I saw him, he was in the Officers Club having a touch of the grape.
- Why? What's wrong? - Plenty.
I just got a wire from the boy's mother in Iowa.
Radar's Uncle Ed passed away.
[ Exhales Strongly .]
[ Blows .]
- [ B.
Join the army and see the dawn.
- [.
Jets Roar Overhead .]
There go the milkmen.
- [ Hawkeye .]
What'd your mom say, Radar? - Mostly that she's okay.
Uncle Ed's funeral is tomorrow.
Everybody in Ottumwa is gonna be there.
Except me.
Our neighbor Mr.
Whitsett said he would look after the farm till everything's settled.
Then Mom can take over for herself.
She says it's about time she gets off her fat you-know-what anyway.
It's not gonna be easy for her, though, is it? As I remember the lady has some high blood pressure.
A little arthritis when it rains too.
But she says she's fine.
- [ Mulcahy .]
Quite a woman, your mother.
- Yeah.
I know.
Takes after her son.
- How about you, Radar? You all right? - Huh? Yeah.
I'm okay.
I mean, I don't wanna be, but I guess I have to be.
I'm the man of the family now.
That's right, son.
And you're going home.
Go get yourself a DA-7 hardship discharge and type your name on it.
I'm goin' home, sir? Radar, Lord knows your mother is a strong woman, but she won't make it alone.
You oughta be there with her.
You heard him right, Radar.
Your time has come.
I'll notify the Red Cross, and they'll have ''I'' Corps process you tout de suite.
- You should be home in time for Sunday night supper.
- Save some leftovers for us.
- Home.
I'm going home? - Where you belong.
Just like that.
Just like that.
Radar, I'm very happy for ya.
I'm happy for me too.
I guess.
Okay, let's take a look in there.
Give me the rib spreader.
- Rib spreader.
- What is it? What is-- - [ All Exclaiming .]
- Again? Come on with the lights! - [ Potter .]
Get some lanterns in here.
- Ow! Margaret you've caught my finger in the spreader! Geez.
Great! Terrific! Just dandy! Hey, Bonzo, the auxiliary generator is missing.
Got a distended abdomen here.
I need some gastric suction.
We'll whomp up a good old-fashioned, hand-operated Wangensteen suction.
Welcome back, son.
I think I missed you even more than I miss Mildred.
Either of you seen Radar? Last I saw him, he was in the Officers Club, having a touch of the grape.
- Why? What's wrong? - Plenty.
I just got a wire from the boy's mother in Iowa.
- Radar's Uncle Ed passed away.
- I'm goin' home, sir? Radar, Lord knows your mother is a strong woman but she won't make it alone-- you ought to be there with her.
Radar, I'm very happy for you.
I'm happy for me too.
I guess.
- I thought I lost this.
- What is it? It's my very own, personal, personal-type thermometer.
- Colonel Blake gave it to me,just before-- - Aw, Radar.
You got the rest of your life to look at stuff like that.
I'm in trouble here, now! Hey, look.
It's my Purple Heart.
Hawkeye pinned this on me himself.
He even saluted me.
Hawkeye's never saluted anybody.
I think I'm already on my own.
My Uncle Ed.
[ Clicks Tongue .]
Gee, I got so busy, I forgot how much I'm gonna miss him.
Look, kid, I know it's tough on ya.
Believe me, I feel as bad as you do.
But you just can't throw me to the wolves.
Klinger, look.
You've got to learn to do this stuff yourself! Nobody helped me when I took this job.
Yeah, but you're a born clerk.
I'm a born civilian.
I hate offices.
I'm lousy with numbers and letters.
I get paper cuts and I lose things.
When I was a kid, my mother pinned my bike to my sleeve.
Listen, I'm not the clerk anymore.
You're the clerk.
And this is a very important job! Everybody depends on ya for everything.
Don't you understand that? They depend on you for the mail the supplies-- even the generators.
Now, look.
You better pull yourself together, or this place is gonna be one heck of a mess.
Well, my compliments to you and Dr.
Wangensteen, Colonel.
This refuse collection of yours is apparently very effective.
Well, it'll do the trick for now, but I'll be glad when we get back to the real thing.
Colonel, I'm impressed.
What next? Hamster power for the X-ray machine? I haven't seen one of these things since nursing school.
It's working fine.
Just don't forget to flip those jugs, Hunnicutt.
You know, I'm gonna miss Radar something terrible.
There's a lot of that goin' around.
Come on, I'll buy you a cup of genuine Mess Tent coffee.
Good idea.
That brew will stiffen anybody's upper lip.
You know, I feel a little strange about Radar's leaving too.
Funny, in all his time here, I've never given him a second thought.
Granted, his departure will create something of a vacuum but then again-- [ Chuckles .]
so did his presence.
He reminds me of an old Raggedy Ann doll I had as a kid.
I'd kick it, pull out its eyes, yell at it, ignore it - and then when I lost it I'd cry for days.
- I know exactly how you felt.
I once had the same experience with a butler.
Boy, that guy really gets on my nerves.
- Wow! Hot Lips! - [ Chuckling .]
Well, O'Reilly, you must be brimming with anticipation.
Back to your native ''Io-way'' and your American Dream-- haystacks, chawin' tobacco sitting around the silos shooting the breeze with your bovines-- Land o' Goshen, that's the life.
I haven't thought of nothin' else ever since Colonel Potter gave me the word.
Not a very good way to be going back home - but at least I'll be there.
- And we'll be here, with no electricity.
You haven't given that much thought, have you? That's not true, sir.
Me and Klinger are workin' on it.
Mostly me.
I don't mean to be a tattletale or nothin', but Klinger stinks.
[ Chuckles .]
With that dolt in charge of acquiring a generator, we'll be powerless forever.
Perhaps, when you get back to ''Io-way,'' you'd think to send us some batteries.
Huh? Oh, sure.
I wouldn't let you down, sir.
You'll see.
O'Reilly, your loyalty to this unit is truly commendable.
Well, sure, sir.
That's because you guys are all swell.
You know, when you all get back home, you're all invited to Ottumwa for a big party.
I will be counting the hours until I hear the old dinner bell a-clangin'.
[ Klinger .]
Hey, Radar.
! There's a guy named Alvin on the phone.
About the generator! Well, talk to him.
You're the company clerk now.
Come on! Well, okay, Mr.
But on your way home, I hope you have to sit next to a sweaty fat guy who brought his own salami.
- See the kind of coping I gotta put up with? - [ B.
Hey, Radar.
! - Huh? - Can you give me a hand here? Yes, sir.
- Oh, gee, your ''hoosenwagon'' broke down.
- No problem.
I happen to be a certified ''hoosenwagon'' repairman.
-Just keep that above the level of that jar.
- Yeah, I know.
Uh, sir.
If you don't mind my sayin' so that whatchamacallit looks pretty breakdownable.
They don't make these Wangensteens the way they used to.
I think that's got it.
If we don't get some power around here soon, it's gonna be lights out for everything.
Uh, sir, as long as your whatchamadoodle is working - I think I'd better take a call.
- Sure.
Hey, Klinger.
Don't hang up! Alvin, all I want is a lousy backup generator.
Aw, come on! I've already offered you everything plus a couple of things I don't got! That's it.
There's no more.
You're crazy! Where in Korea am I gonna get a frozen custard machine? - What's a frozen custard machine? - What's a frozen custard machine? Hey, listen.
We need that generator.
It gets pretty dark around here at night, you know.
[ Helicopter Whirring .]
- Uh-oh.
- Oh, no.
Alvin! Forget the generator.
Just send me all the jeeps and trucks you got.
Yes, that's right! You heard me.
Send them now.
We got wounded.
Come on, Klinger.
It's gonna get dark P.
- [ Trucks Revving .]
- [ Radar .]
Hold it right there.
That's it.
Get your lights on the patients, fellas.
! Jack.
Jack, will you get the lead out? This isn't a Sunday social,you know.
Come on! Let's get a little light in here.
Come on.
All right, hold it.
Hold it right there.
Is that better, sir? Perfecto.
Radar, if they gave the Congressional Medal of Honor for smarts - by gum, you'd have one.
- Thank you, sir.
I'm just doin' my former job.
Stroke of genius.
I can actually see where I'm cutting.
Well, lookee here.
There's your medal.
You just might have saved this boy's life.
Looks fine.
Let's start sewing.
Radar if you're not a certifiable, fur-lined, 2 4-carat hero I'll kiss your tootsies at the commandant's picnic.
Keep it up, folks.
Thanks to Corporal O'Reilly - we're gonna make it through this night.
- [ Cheering .]
[ Hawkeye .]
I hope so, 'cause the Auto Club can't keep coming over here to jump-start our operating room.
What a curious turn in my medical career from the operating theater at Boston General to the drive-in theater at Ouijongbu.
Clamp! Ow! Who goes to bed and dreams up this horror every night? Somebody ought to tell him to lay off the anchovy pizzas before sack time.
This is some place, our little hospital on the banks of the River Styx.
Easy to find.
Just follow Calamity Lane to the giant parking lot.
''Wounds healed while you wait.
'' Am I ranting? I hope so.
- You know, my ranting gets raves.
- I brought sponges for sponging.
And now, from the ''wish I were in his shoes'' department Corporal Radar ''I can see the old homestead from here'' O'Reilly.
Tell me how it feels.
Are you excited? Have you packed your things twice already? Gonna get a window seat on the plane? All of me is green with envy.
Especially my finger, which is gangrene.
All of me is green with envy.
Especially my finger, which is gangrene.
- You've got it.
- [ Sighs Deeply .]
God, my finger hurts.
I thought I'd seen it all.
I've cut in caves, huts and trenches.
I've sewn enough intestine to stretch from here to the Mayo Clinic.
But never in all my years have I had a session like that.
And without your brainstorm, we'd never have made it.
Just comes with experience, sir.
I don't even know how long we were out there.
- Ten hours and 2 4 minutes.
- I guess you've filled out the report.
It's on your desk, already signed by you.
Listen, son.
After the camp gets 40 or 50 winks we'll all be gathering in the Mess Tent for your shove-off soiree.
Uh, that's not necessarily necessary, sir.
It damn well is.
You deserve it.
I mean, on account of I've decided to stay.
What? - You been nippin' at this hooch? - Colonel if I left now, you'd be up a tree without a paddle.
Been there many times before, son.
Don't let that stop ya.
Colonel, I can fix it so my mom can manage without me.
But the 4077 is different.
You saw what just happened out there.
A lot of lives depend on me doin' my job and I'm the only one around here who can.
Radar, I appreciate your loyalty but you're making a big mistake.
You've done your duty.
Now, I don't care how bad things get I want your keister on that plane the day after tomorrow.
Sir, with all due respect to your ''colonel-ness,'' you can't order me to go.
Boy, you're not usin' your head.
Think it over.
I have.
My place is here.
- There you are.
- Oh, hi, Hawkeye.
Don't ''Hi, Hawkeye'' me.
Go home, you little airhead! - I'm sorry.
I'm not gonna do that.
- You're Corporal Mahatma Gandhi? - You're gonna out-endure us? - That's my unpacking you're packing! We all wait for that day.
We dream about it.
We pray for it.
We'd sacrifice a virgin to it if we could find one.
How dare you! I'm sorry.
There's too much around here I gotta do.
No, no, no.
You're not pulling that tripe on me.
They've been holding wars long before you signed up and the fun'll continue long after you leave.
Let me put this as gracefully as I can: We don't need you.
Oh, you don't, huh? How's your generator? Is Klinger gonna find you one? If things got tough, and you were the one that was leavin' -you'd be stayin'.
- Don't bet on it.
I'd be out of here so fast, my shorts would have to catch the next plane.
- Get-- Ow! - Oh, yeah.
I saw you workin' in O.
with your hurt finger.
- You'd stay.
- Don't go poking your nose into my finger.
Hey, listen.
I got responsibilities around here just like you.
You got responsibilities at home, you jackass! Well, how about if I want to make up my own mind? I'm no kid anymore, you know? I've been around.
Oh, excuse me, Mr.
- That's right.
I'm grown up now.
- Why, bless my soul.
O'Reilly's little boy is a big man now.
I guess you've outgrown all that other stuff, huh? Ottumwa, the farm-- your mother-- Oh! Your mother! Have you outgrown your responsibility to her? Listen-- how I take care of my mom is my business.
You said it yourself, Hawkeye.
Nobody should tell somebody else how to run their life.
First he's going, then he's staying.
Why is he staying? Because I'm an idiot.
Why don't we make everybody happy? Let the hero stay, let the idiot go home.
[ Phone Ringing .]
What'd I do wrong now? O'Reilly? No, he's not here.
How do I know? Probably out posing for a statue.
What is it? ''Hondo McKee.
'' Cute name.
''I'' Corps Supply.
You got a generator, and you wanna talk deal.
Oh, yeah? Listen, Hondo.
I can handle that for ya.
There's your scotch.
Where's my generator? Boy, you didn't waste any time getting here.
After I picked up the scotch, speed was of the essence.
- Oh, yeah? Where did you get it? - Don't ask.
- It's the code of the desert.
- The generator's at Dispatch.
- Ah-ha.
- Before you go, I'll just check out the scotch.
- Oh, yes.
- Oh.
Ten-hut! - Are you McKee? - Yes, sir.
I'm Major George Van Kirk.
- I'm here for my generator.
- [ Mutters In Arabic .]
There's your requisition.
I'm here in person to make sure that that baby gets to me.
Somehow, a lot of the stuff that we order through this place gets lost.
Sir, I-I'm surprised.
I don't know how that could be happening.
Your generator's here.
I have personally been holding it for you.
I hope so, because we're down to using a puny backup generator.
And we had to swipe that from a MASH! [ McKee .]
Uh, if you just come to my office, sir we'll process this requisition and have you out of here in a minute.
- Is that a case of scotch there, Sergeant? - Mm-hmm.
How 'bout throwin' in a bottle or three? - Sure thing-- - I wouldn't recommend that, sir.
This stuff's been tampered with.
One sip could kill ya.
- Oh.
- Lousy Commies.
Just follow me, sir.
We'll take care of that generator.
Damn well better.
I've had two swiped here already! [ Imitating Van Kirk .]
Lousy Commies.
I've had two swiped here already.
Do I hear three? - [ Rings Bell .]
- Yeah? I'm from the 2 43rd Service and Supply here to pick up the generator.
- We're in kind of a hurry! - Requisition form? - No got! - I don't issue air without a requisition form.
Major Van Kirk just gave it to Hondo.
By the way, don't rile the major.
He knows you guys have kiped two of our generators already-- not to mention other miscellaneous door prizes.
So just roll it out fast, or we blow the whistle on this whole scam.
- I'll just check with Hondo.
- Better still, go over there yourself.
Then Major Van Kirk can chew out the two of ya and not miss a bite.
- [ Cheering .]
- [ Beeping .]
[ Potter.]
Hot diggity dog tags, Klinger.
You did it! - You got us a real live generator.
- Klinger, how'd you pull it off? Well, it was one of those deals you got started.
I just closed it.
- Well, nice goin', for sure! - Who cares how he got it? I never look a gift generator in the mouth.
We better get this thing hooked up fast, before some sneaky devil swipes it! Good idea, Colonel.
There's crooks everywhere.
- [ Motor Starts .]
- We're back in business, Colonel.
Yeah, I'm not sure I trust these newfangled gadgets though, Hunnicutt.
- Too many moving parts.
- [ Chuckles .]
- Now for the real heartbreaker.
- What's that? I've gotta go over to X-ray and tell the hamster he's out of work.
Boy, sir, Klinger was really something, gettin' that generator, wasn't he? I guess I trained him better than I thought.
I always knew he had the larceny in him.
Here, son.
Kentucky sippin' whiskey.
Now, don't gulp it.
It has a boomerang effect.
[ Sips, Gasps .]
- Smooth.
[ Coughs .]
- I told ya to sip it.
- I did, sir.
- Oh.
Listen, Radar-- I guess you realize I'm kinda fond of you.
Lord knows, I've never met a soul I could depend on more.
But above all that, you've been a damn good friend.
Well, friend, it's time we said good-bye.
Time you got on with your life.
You've come as far as you can go here.
You've earned your wings.
Now you've gotta fly.
- You're right, sir.
- I am? Yeah.
I was gonna tell you that I decided to go home after all.
- I really liked your speech though.
- Thanks.
[ Chuckles .]
- I practiced all morning.
- [ Chuckles .]
Well, I've been thinking about how everybody here wants me to be home and Klinger'll get the hang of myjob, sooner or later.
- So it's time to go home.
- It sure is, friend.
And tomorrow, we're gonna give you one whiz-bang of a send-off.
Excuse me.
[ On P.
Attention out there.
Would Corporal Radar O'Reilly please report to his going-away party? All of your friends would love to see you while they can still see.
Buy bonds.
So? I think my tube of toothpaste opened down there.
Finally, he does his laundry.
Come on.
Will you hurry up? You gotta leave in a few hours.
- The nurses are warming up in the Mess Tent.
- Oh, Hawkeye.
Before we're together with everybody, I just wanted to-- No.
Not until I've had a couple of bowls of punch.
That way, I can cry and forget at the same time.
- All right.
- Yeah.
[ Helicopters Whirring .]
Oh, no.
Hawkeye! Hawkeye! - Hawkeye.
- I hear them.
- Radar, there may not be time for-- - I'll find ya, Hawkeye.
- [ Potter.]
Bad chest here.
This one's for Winchester.
- should get Major Winchester.
- Guess that's the last time-- - I guess that's the last time I'll hear that.
- Colonel, we've got most of them numbered.
- Let's get into O.
, pronto! Well, son, I guess we can take it from here.
- Yes, sir.
I guess you can.
- [ Shouting .]
Not exactly the way I wanted to say good-bye, Radar.
Me either, sir.
Godspeed, son.
Bye, Radar.
You know, you're okay.
- [ Man .]
! - Be right there! I'll make this short, kid.
I'm not much on tearful good-byes.
Hey, listen.
This is for you.
Take good care of it.
That did it.
I'll make you proud of me.
- Klinger.
! - Coming! - So, Radar.
Radar,you've been a real joy.
- Father! - God bless you.
- Thank you, Father.
And thank God, too.
I will.
I'll say hello to your sister the sister.
Best of luck in your bucolic endeavors, Corporal.
- And the same to you too, sir.
- [ Chuckles .]
Thank you, Walter.
- Radar! - Sir.
It's all set.
Peg and Erin will meet you at the San Francisco Airport.
- Oh, good, sir.
- Did you pack Erin's present? - For sure, sir.
- All right.
You tell 'em all about me.
Yes, sir.
I'll do that.
That's for Peg, and that's for Erin.
I'll try to remember which is which.
- [ Man .]
Captain Hunnicutt.
! Over here.
! - Okay! You take care of yourself, pal.
So long.
[ All Chattering .]
I just wanted to say good-bye to you guys one more time.
And listen, I don't want you to worry about nothin'.
'Cause instead of just me, you're gonna have everybody takin' care of you now.
I mean, except the cook.
- [ O.
- Hand me a suture.
[ B.
Give me a sponge.
[ Beeping .]
Where are you headed? - Ottumwa, Iowa.
- Never heard of it.
Guess anywhere you live is home.
I'm ready.
Let's go.
[ Engine Starts, Revs .]
You were a good boy in there, Pierce.
You only threw one clamp and two tantrums.
Well, the finger's improved.
It's up to excruciating.
[ Sighs .]
Warm night.
Think I'll take a walk and unwind.
That sounds relaxing.
I got a couple of flashlights.
You can look for mines.
I'll check for snipers.
Where do you suppose he is by now? Doesn't matter.
He's away from here.
- Gonna miss that kid, you know? - Yeah.
I'm gonna name my first wife after him.
- Well, I've walked far enough.
- Me too.
Let's see if the bar's open in this place.
He's probably halfway to Hawaii by now.
[ Yawning .]
I don't want to think about it anymore.
- Hey, boys.
- Yeah? What? Good-bye, Radar.

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