Mask Girl (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Kim Chun-ae

[Chun-ae gasps]
I think
I know who this bitch is.
What'd you say?
You said this bitch's name
is Mo-mi Kim, didn't you?
[scoffs softly]
[theme tune playing]
[man] Why don't you introduce yourself?
[softly] I'm Chun-ae Kim.
[man] Hmm? What?
Wh What "ae Kim"?
Chun-ae Kim, sir.
[all laughing]
[man] Hey, hey! Quiet Quiet down. And?
That's it?
[Chun-ae] Yes.
Sit in the empty seat there.
The second one from the back.
And by the way,
some of you were late again today.
Don't be late,
wear your uniforms properly,
and focus,
the tests are right around the corner.
And Min-jun, stop falling asleep in class.
- Yes, sir.
- [laughter]
[man] Keep it down!
- Have a good day.
- [all] You too!
[pupils murmuring]
[girl 1] Did you watch
Music Plaza yesterday?
[girl 2] Did you watch it yesterday?
My oppa got an award for it.
[gasps] Oh my God, he was so cute.
I was dying, I swear!
Hey! Sechs Kies or H.O.T.?
[Chun-ae] Huh? What?
[girl 2] Do you like Sechs Kies or H.O.T.?
[slowly] I like
Sechs Kies.
- [girl 2] Sechs Kies?
- [girl 3] What the heck? Ugh! Damn.
[girl 2] Damn. You're lame.
[girl 1] So lame.
Let's go to the snack bar.
[girl gasps]
- [boy 1] Hello.
- [girls] Hello.
- [girl 4] Why's he always so good-looking?
- Yeah. [chuckles]
Get lost!
- [boy 2] Haven't seen you in a while.
- [boy 1] I know, it's been too long.
[Chun-ae] His name was Bu-yong.
He was preparing to make his debut
as a member of a boy band.
He was my first love.
But at the time,
all I could do was watch him from afar.
[speaks inaudibly]
I couldn't say a word to him.
The next time we saw each other
was the summer of junior year.
[Chun-ae] Have a good one.
Hold on.
You know me, don't you?
[Chun-ae] Huh?
We were in the same class last year.
Um, we were.
Wasn't your name Chun-ae?
You Yeah, that's my name. How d'you know?
You have the same name as my grandma.
- [Chun-ae] Oh.
- Yeah, but it's such a relief, honestly.
What is?
That I have someone I know work here.
Sorry you you're not you can't
buy alcohol.
Can you make an exception?
[whimsical music playing]
I'm sorry, but
can I have a pack of Seven as well?
Oh, Seven.
[music fades out]
Wait. You can't go and tell
anybody else, ok
Yeah, of course. [chuckles]
Thank you so much, Chun-ae. [chuckles]
Bye now.
After that day,
he came by here more often.
I was happy that I got to talk to him,
regardless of the circumstances.
[whimsical music playing]
[boy] Hey!
Bu-yong sent me to get you.
Where to?
[boy] Get on.
Where are we going?
It's Bu-yong's birthday,
and he really wanted to invite you.
[music fades out]
[pop music playing in venue]
[indistinct chatter]
[Bu-yong] Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
- [girl 1] Damn it!
- [girl 2] I don't want to.
- [Bu-yong] Chun-ae! What's up?
- [boy 1] Man, I'm drunk.
- [girl 3] Hey, what's up?
- [Bu-yong] Come over here.
Hey, you. Move for her.
[indistinct chatter]
[Bu-yong] Come sit here.
[girl 2] What is she, a lumberjack?
Thanks for coming, Chun-ae.
Well thank you for inviting me.
Have you ever drank?
- No. I've never really tried it.
- [Bu-yong] Oh, really?
My birthday will be your first time, then.
- [boy 2] Ohhh!
- [girls] Aah!
[boy 2] This is an honor, man!
- [boy 3] Oooooh!
- Hey! C'mon, drink!
[all chanting] Drink up!
Drink up! Drink up!
- [boy 2] Chug! Chug! Chug! C'mon!
- [girl 2] C'mon, drink up already.
- [boy 2] Chug! Chug!
- [girl 1] Drink it. Let's go!
- [boy 1] That's right!
- [boy 3] She's gulping it down!
- [girl 2] She's drinking it!
- Don't drink it all at once.
- [girl 1] Jesus Christ.
- You'll get drunk.
I called Yong-su's friend
to come by later.
- Yong-su's friend?
- Jesus!
- [Chun-ae] Oh. I'm sorry about that.
- [girl 1] It was just my shoulder.
You did? Yong-su's friend
is so good-looking!
[girl 1] It's crazy how much you like men.
- Maybe I shouldn't have called him.
- [girl 2] Oh, c'mon! What did I do?
[door shuts]
[poignant music playing]
Why aren't you inside?
You okay?
[Chun-ae] What?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Ah. See I told you to drink slowly.
Well, I'm okay. Don't worry.
- Good to hear.
- [Chun-ae] Yeah.
[Bu-yong] Um, Chun-ae.
[Chun-ae] Yeah?
I have something to say.
My heart's fluttering ♪
You came to me and took my heart away ♪
[music fades out]
Could you lend me some money, please?
Wha What?
The check came out
to be more than I expected.
I How How much?
Like, 200,000 won.
[gasps] That
That's a lot of money.
[Bu-yong sighs]
I will be getting some money next week.
I'll pay you back right away.
I'll lend it to you.
[sighs] Thank you so much.
[piano music playing]
[Bu-yong] I knew
I could trust you, seriously.
Bu-yong did not pay me back,
even after a week had passed.
In fact,
he always came to see me
whenever he needed money.
[man 1] Two bottles of soju, please.
[Chun-ae] Two bottles of soju,
coming right up!
[man 2] Fried rice, please.
[Chun-ae] Sure thing. Two bottles of soju.
[man 1] Thank you.
- When should I tell you ♪
- I ponder every day ♪
- ♪how I feel? ♪
- I need courage ♪
- I'm going to ♪
- My baby, look at me ♪
♪confess to you today ♪
I run to you ♪
You became a ray of light ♪
In my boring life ♪
Oh, my lover ♪
I will protect you always ♪
I am your prince ♪
[poignant music playing]
- [man] Hey! What are you doing?
- More than a month had passed
- [man] It's getting busy!
- but he never replied.
[fans squealing]
[man] Don't push. Don't push!
[Bu-yong] Uh! It's so damn cold.
Seriously, fuck.
- Did you get the cigarettes?
- [man] Yeah.
- But I don't have a lighter.
- [Bu-yong] I do.
Yeah, you got a lot
of folded paper cranes again.
[Bu-yong] Pile of trash
keeps growing bigger, damn it.
Fucking hell, seriously.
[man] Light me up?
By the way, did you know her?
[Bu-yong] Who?
The girl who knew your name.
She was standing there.
Uh We were
in the same class in high school.
[man] Ah, same class.
It's not like
you hung out with her, right?
You fuckin' asshole.
Do you wanna die? Are you crazy?
- [man] C'mon, it was a joke.
- She was one of my bank accounts.
- "Bank account"?
- [Bu-yong] Yeah.
I used to constantly
borrow money from her.
What the hell?
How many "bank accounts" do you have?
When I was at my peak, um,
had about ten or so.
[laughing] You had ten?
You're fuckin' amazing!
Okay, so
how much did you exactly get out of her?
[Bu-yong] Like, enough to buy
a luxury car.
[man] Wha That's crazy.
[Bu-yong] She used to be
my reliable source of income.
[man] Did you do anything for her?
[Bu-yong] Girls like that, you call them
saying you're having a hard time
[dramatic classical music playing]
I wanted to become pretty.
That was the only goal I had in my life.
[music climaxes, fades out]
[pop music playing]
[woman] Hello, everyone!
Today, here at Gangcheon Plus Mart,
we are having
a three-year anniversary sale.
We will be holding
a big event during the sale period.
[Chun-ae] I thought
I would avoid him if I ever met him,
but strangely enough, I became curious.
Hey. Bu-yong Choi.
[woman] Don't miss out on this great deal!
[Bu-yong] Who are you?
It's me.
From Seonghui High School.
You know, Chun-ae Kim.
[thoughtful music playing]
[Chun-ae] I could feel the drastic change
in the way he looked at me.
That excited me.
[toy squeaks]
Argh. Oof. Argh.
You scared me, nasty dog. Go.
Get up now. C'mon, I'm hungry.
Five minutes.
Just five.
[poignant music playing]
All he had to his name
was a beat-up car.
[eating noisily]
Bu-yong was afraid to work.
Maybe due to the fact
that he was a former boy band member.
It made me feel rather guilty.
[Bu-yong slurping]
[Chun-ae] Have this too.
All right.
[music fades out]
You can stay at my place if you want.
Until you get a job.
I mean, sure.
But will you be okay?
As long as
you try your best to find a job.
Yeah, I will. Yeah.
So I had to
find a job that made more money, for him.
[woman] Do you sing well?
Oh, a little bit.
[woman] How about dancing?
- I performed at promotional events.
- Oh, very nice.
Physical contact won't be acceptable here.
But depending on the individual,
there may be some touching.
So try your best to avoid them, okay?
We don't have rude customers
that engage in excessive physical contact,
but there are idiots who become,
um, dickheads if they drink a lot.
[Chun-ae sighs]
["Love Battery" by Jin-young Hong playing]
[men cheering]
Fill me with love ♪
My love battery seems to be
All out of juice ♪
I can't live without you
I really cannot live without you ♪
You are my battery ♪
No need to be handsome ♪
Soon enough,
I became the star of the club.
[Chun-ae] Ah, Ping-ping!
[sweetly] What did you do today?
- [video game playing]
- [keyboard tapping]
[Chun-ae] Did you have a good time?
[Chun-ae sighs]
[Chun-ae] I told you
to throw out the trash this morning.
Why are you sitting in the dark anyway?
Look at this place.
It looks like a pigsty.
[irritated] Did you smoke
inside the house?
With Ping-ping here?
[sighing] Oh my God.
Did you even feed Ping-ping?
[Bu-yong] Yeah.
Did you or not?
[Bu-yong] I told you, I fed it.
[Chun-ae exhales]
What a load of garbage.
You're talking about dumb useless stuff
instead of telling me where that whore is.
Who said I wanna hear
your sob story, bitch?
Whoa, wait a minute!
The next part of the story is about her.
That's the truth.
How could you forget that?
Care to explain?
- He's a regular.
- Mr. Kim is a struggle for me.
About two months ago,
that bitch started coming out to the club.
Say hi to her.
She's the new girl that started recently.
[dark whimsical music playing]
[music fades out]
- [woman] How old are you, darling?
- [Mo-mi] I'm 28 years old.
- Oh, then you're a year older than Mi-ae.
- Wait, I'm actually 28 as well.
- I lowered my age by a year.
- [woman chuckles] What?
Show me your IDs, then.
So we're clear about this from the get-go.
DOB 06/27/1983
So you really were born in '83. Darling?
I'm sorry, I lost my ID card.
[scoffs] What?
Don't pull something like that.
C'mon, show us.
[woman] Forget it. She wouldn't
pretend to be older, after all.
Just work out
how you'll address each other on your own.
- What will be your stage name, hon?
- Pardon?
It's not like
you'll be using your actual name.
- I'll be A-reum, then.
- [woman] A-reum?
That's nice.
That bitch stole my spotlight
the moment she walked in the room.
["On a Saturday Night"
by Dam-bi Son playing]
Yeah! Two double O nine ♪
Let's find out what happened
To Dam-bi on Saturday night, let's go! ♪
The pain of losing you
My broken heart ♪
My completely empty heart
Makes today endlessly sad ♪
On a Saturday night ♪
[men chanting]
On that very day ♪
On a Saturday night ♪
You left me and ♪
- [music ends]
- [men cheering]
[man whooping]
I was supposed to wear that dress.
The boss told me to wear this dress today.
Take it off.
- C'mon, take it off!
- Hmm, damn it!
[scoffs] What's wrong, girl?
[Mo-mi scoffs]
[men chatting]
That whore even snatched
my regular customers from me.
Mr. Song, you're here.
When did you get here?
[Mr. Song] Huh?
Why didn't you tell me, huh?
- Oh, I I called for A-reum today.
- [A-reum] You're here.
[Mr. Song] Hey, A-reum. You're here.
- [Mr. Song chuckles]
- [man] Here we go!
[glasses clink]
[Mr. Song] Why did you come so late?
[Mo-mi] You've been coming by
more often, of course.
[Chun-ae sighs]
[Chun-ae] There's something called ethics
when it comes to business.
So why the hell
are you stealing my clientele?
- I've never stolen anyone's stuff.
- [scoffs]
You haven't?
Then why do my regular customers
ask for you?
Why are you asking me that?
If you're curious, just ask the boss?
[Chun-ae sighs]
You're the bitch who led them on.
Don't drag her into this.
[Chun-ae] Ow!
- [exhales sharply]
- Just stop fucking around.
- Seriously, you fucking slut!
- [groans]
Stop acting like you're pretty and shit
when you got your whole face done!
- [Mo-mi] Damn!
- Ow!
[Mo-mi] Like you didn't
get your whole face done too.
- [Chun-ae] Let go of me! [screams] Let go!
- C'mon, let go! You let go first!
- [Chun-ae] You let go first!
- [Mo-mi] Wait a second Let go of me!
[both grunting, gasping]
[Chun-ae] Hey!
On the count of three, let go.
[both panting]
Okay, one, two, three!
[Chun-ae grunting] I knew you'd do this,
you fucking bitch
- [Mo-mi] That's what I should say
- [boss] Hey! What are you doing?
Let go, right now!
[both panting]
Why are you two fighting?
Because! She's stolen my regulars
since day one.
How is that her fault, huh? Would that
have happened if you'd done better?
[groans] What? C'mon!
The ones with no skills
are always the ones who blame others.
Uh hold on.
Now that I think about it,
I think I was in the wrong.
[Chun-ae gasps]
I won't do that again, Mi-ae.
[Chun-ae scoffs]
Do you really wanna die?
Look at you! She even apologized to you.
[sighs] Be the bigger person,
A-reum, will you?
Her personality's all twisted,
you see. Let's go.
[Chun-ae sighs]
Oh! It's fucking ridiculous.
[metallic crunch]
[foreboding music playing]
I left the club that day.
And that was the last time
I saw that bitch.
[Chun-ae breathing shakily]
You think I'm gonna believe that bullshit?
[groans] This really isn't me, I swear!
J Just look! Her boobs are real.
But mine are silicone implants. [panting]
[Kyung-ja] So this is silicone?
Fucking hell.
- If you're lying, I'm gonna eat you alive.
- Ow!
Listen Just, uh
Why would I lie to you, huh?
I wanna kill that bitch as much as you do.
All right.
Tell me where that bitch is right now.
[quirky electronic music playing]
- [Chun-ae] Hey, Jin-a!
- [Jin-a] Ah!
[Chun-ae] Hi. [laughs]
[Chun-ae] How've you been?
- She told me she quit.
- What?
She might've moved
to a club with higher pay.
- Where is that?
- How would I know?
[Kyung-ja sighs]
- Should we report her to the police?
- We can't do that.
I'll end her
with my own hands. Nothing will
stop me.
[Chun-ae sighs]
How about I go
to the other clubs and ask around?
If she's gone to a place
that pays her more,
that means she's become an escort.
If we search those places,
we'll be able to find her.
I'll put in some legwork.
That'd be nice if you do.
To do that, I also need some money.
Do you?
- I'm missing work to do this with you.
- How much you need?
- 300,000 per day?
- 100,000.
- Two hundred.
- Get lost, now.
I can find her on my own.
If you look into it,
everyone will know in a split second
that some weird lady's
going around looking for her.
Then, for sure,
that bitch will skip town, you know.
Okay, so I'll start looking around
and give you a call.
Report back to me regularly.
[apprehensive music playing]
It's me, Chun-ae.
All the stories
I told that crazy woman about Mo-mi,
were actually
- [Mo-mi] What happened to your face?
- all lies.
[Chun-ae] Let's talk inside.
Mr. Kim is a struggle for me.
It was true that I met Mo-mi at the club.
Oh, hello there. Say hi to her.
She's the new girl that started recently.
As I was talking to her,
I realized you were the same age.
You should become friends.
You two have a lot in common.
["On a Saturday Night"
by Dam-bi Son playing]
Yeah! Two double O nine ♪
Let's find out what happened
To Dam-bi on Saturday night, let's go! ♪
This sad song makes me cry ♪
I sing it thinking of you ♪
I laugh and cry
Until it wears me out again ♪
As I stumble drunkenly tonight ♪
I remember you
As you walked away from me ♪
I wonder if you know
How broken down my heart is? ♪
I want to erase you
As you grow farther away ♪
So I try and I try
But it doesn't seem to work ♪
The pain of losing you
My broken heart ♪
My completely empty heart ♪
How can I live from now on? ♪
The pain of losing you
My broken heart ♪
My completely empty heart
Makes today endlessly sad ♪
On a Saturday night ♪
[men chanting]
On that very day ♪
[men chanting]
On a Saturday night ♪
You left me ♪
We really were like twins.
[music ends]
How we wanted
to become pretty in the past.
How we were hurt by others.
- [piano music playing]
- And even how we wanted to be born anew.
All of our memories.
Our lives were so alike.
Isn't this yours?
I found it on the makeup room floor.
[Mo-mi] Thank you. [chuckles]
Where did you buy it, huh?
Do you like it? Do you want it?
It's okay. No, no,
that's not what I meant.
Well, I I really wanna give it to you.
Come here.
And there! It looks good on you.
Then, one day, out of the blue,
Mo-mi didn't show up at the club.
And didn't tell me.
[Chun-ae gasps] Mo-mi?
Hey! What's wrong?
Are you sick?
Are you actually sick?
[gasps] Hey!
You're burning up!
Hey, let's go to the hospital. Now, c'mon.
[Mo-mi weakly] I'm not going.
[Chun-ae] What are you talking about?
You have a fever!
C'mon, get up. Hmm?
Let's go to the hospital, c'mon.
You're going to die at this rate!
C'mon, get up!
- I said I'm not going!
- [groans]
All right, fine.
Do whatever you like, even if you die.
I'm leaving.
I can't go to the hospital.
[sighs] What are you saying?
I killed a person, Chun-ae.
[scoffs] You stupid liar.
You're lying just to avoid
going to the hospital.
That's when Mo-mi told me the story
she had never told anyone before.
Like, why and how
she ended up here like this.
[Chun-ae sobbing]
What are you crying for?
[Chun-ae sobbing]
I wanted to protect Mo-mi.
I felt that by protecting her,
I was also protecting myself.
If some lady
comes to the club and asks for A-reum,
tell her she left for
for some other place
to make more money, okay?
Sure, of course. But why?
Who's that old woman over there?
Ugh! She's trying to steal A-reum's money.
- Ah, those pieces of trash.
- I'm counting on you, okay?
[Jin-a] You got it. Bye.
[Chun-ae] Get out of here, quickly.
That woman is gonna kill you
when she finds you.
I have nowhere to go.
Can't you go to your mom's place?
She's still your mom.
She'll help you once she knows.
I told you already,
my mom's not that kind of person.
She'll probably report me immediately
to the police when she sees me.
[Chun-ae sighs]
[Chun-ae] What about going abroad?
It's not that easy nowadays.
Stowing away sounds a bit scary somehow.
[Chun-ae sighs]
I'm sorry, Chun-ae.
For dragging you into this.
Don't say stuff like that.
Let's look for a way together.
I'm sure there's a way.
[lens clicking]
[door shuts]
- [video game playing]
- [keys tapping]
[Chun-ae sighs]
[Bu-yong] What's going on?
You never sleep anywhere else.
So you did know I didn't come home, huh?
Thought you didn't since you never called.
[softly] Goodness.
Did you feed Ping-ping?
[Bu-yong hocking phlegm]
- [video game playing]
- [keyboard tapping]
[Chun-ae] I'm sorry,
but I would like you to leave now.
[tapping continues]
[Chun-ae] Do you not hear me?
I would like you to leave now.
- [Bu-yong] I don't want to.
- What?
[chuckles] I said I don't want to.
[Chun-ae scoffs]
- [video game continues]
- [tapping continues]
This is my house.
Get out, now.
[Bu-yong] And what if I say I can't?
[Chun-ae scoffs] I should've known
not to take in trash like you.
Leave before I call the police.
If you don't leave now, I'll report you.
[Bu-yong] "Trash"?
You're the one who's trash.
[Chun-ae sighs] What?!
[Bu-yong] You uploaded that photo, right?
[menacing music playing]
What do you mean?
You know what.
The photo that fucked up my life.
"Wgr00" is your ID, isn't it?
While I was using your computer, your ID
came up as "wgr00."
[metallic crash]
[Chun-ae breathing shakily]
Were you happy that you ruined my life?
That's not me.
It's not you?
- Fuck you!
- [Ping-Ping barking]
Fucking shit. Look, bitch
just thinking about what I went through
because of you back then, seriously
It's not me. I'm telling you.
- Don't bullshit me.
- [cries out]
I have evidence. Why you fucking around,
pretending it's not you, huh?
And what did you say to me?
You want me to leave your house? [laughs]
- [Chun-ae groans]
- C'mon, what the fuck!
Crazy, the more I think about it.
[Chun-ae groaning]
Listen, you fucking bitch.
Even if I die, I won't leave
till I get payback for what you did.
I won't hit your face, at least,
since you still have to work.
But if you scream, you die.
[Chun-ae cries out]
- Can I get one serving of tteokbokki?
- [woman] Sure.
[man] Huh?
You're Mask Girl, aren't you?
Oh, uh
It's me, Teddy. [chuckles]
Teddy who?
Mask Girl Heart Teddy, remember?
Your fan club president.
Wow, this is surreal, so crazy!
Wow. Wow, wow, wow.
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
N No?
N Now that
I'm seeing you with my own two eyes,
I know it's you.
I watched your live streams so many times.
I totally loved your live streams!
Wow, but you became really pretty.
That's crazy.
You know,
I don't think
you would've ever done such a
- Uh What?
- [wretches]
[Mask Girl ♥ Teddy] Hey!
Are you okay?
[Mo-mi panting]
Uh, listen,
I know you are Mask Girl, I do.
I've been looking for you!
If you keep following me,
I'm gonna report you to the police.
Report me!
I'll totally keep it a secret
that I met you.
- Mask Girl, I
- Get lost, you stalker, before I kill you.
[somber tone playing]
[unsettling music playing]
[breathing emotionally]
[Chun-ae] Where are you going?
Let me go with you.
He must be sleeping.
- Get what you need and come back, Chun-ae.
- Okay.
[Ping-ping whining]
[whining stops]
[Chun-ae gasps]
[breathing shakily]
[sighs softly]
- [Bu-yong] Where are you going?
- [gasps]
[menacing music playing]
[Chun-ae] What?
You fucking bitch,
I asked you where you were going.
[Chun-ae breathing shakily]
I was gonna take Ping-ping for a walk.
You're gonna go for a walk
with a designer purse?
Ah, fuck, at least use your brain
if you're gonna come up with an excuse.
[breathing shakily]
- [gasps]
- Jeez!
You crazy bitch,
where do you think you're going?
- [Chun-ae groaning]
- [Bu-yong shushing]
- [Bu-yong grunts]
- [yelps]
[Chun-ae groans]
[Bu-yong sighs]
[Chun-ae gasping shakily]
It's because you haven't been hit enough.
[Ping-ping barks]
- Fuck!
- No, Ping-ping!
- Fucking mutt!
- [Ping-ping squeals]
You trash! I'm gonna kill you!
Fuck off, you crazy asshole!
[Bu-yong groaning]
[Chun-ae] Die!
Oh, you fucking bitch. Come here!
You ugly piece of shit. I played with you
cause you fixed your face.
Think you can mess with me,
you fucking bitch?
Know your damn place!
A bitch like you needs to die.
[Chun-ae groans]
- Die, you fucking bitch.
- [Chun-ae groans]
Ah, you bitch!
[Mo-mi groans]
[dramatic string music playing]
[Mo-mi grunting]
[Bu-yong groaning] Fuck!
[Mo-mi groaning rhythmically]
[Mo-mi screams]
[Mo-mi groaning]
Who the fuck is that fucking bitch?
[music fades out]
Ow! Oh, fuck. [mumbling]
[Mo-mi panting]
[apprehensive music playing]
[music becomes dramatic]
[Bu-yong] D Damn it!
[music intensifies]
[music abates]
[Mo-mi screams]
[Bu-yong] Fuck. [groaning] Fuck.
- [Mo-mi groaning]
- [Bu-yong choking]
[Bu-yong cries out]
The other way.
[Bu-yong gurgling]
[Bu-yong gurgling]
[sound becomes muted]
[music climaxes, fades out]
[gasping for breath]
[line ringing]
The number you are trying
to reach is unavailable.
- Please leave a message
- That sly bitch.
Did she run away?
- [sighs]
- [phone clicks shut]
[phone clatters]
What is this?
[unsettling music playing]
[music intensifies]
[music intensifies]
[music becomes dramatic]
- Shit!
- [desk bangs]
I'm gonna kill that [groaning]
[Ping-ping panting]
[Chun-ae] Oh, shit.
Those bitches.
So where do you wanna go?
[Mo-mi] Wherever the road leads.
Is there somewhere you wanna go?
[Chun-ae] Not really. I don't think so.
[Mo-mi] I think I'm pregnant.
[poignant music playing]
Pregnant? Really?
Whose child is it?
Is it Oh-nam Ju
What are you gonna do now?
I'm gonna have it.
Are you crazy? How are you gonna
raise the baby given your situation?
No idea.
I'm sure it'll work out.
[Chun-ae sighs softly]
[Mo-mi] I wonder if it'll be ugly.
When it's an adult,
it can get plastic surgery.
[Mo-mi chuckles softly]
I'm gonna
tell them that they're pretty.
My mom never told me
I was pretty growing up.
Not even once.
Even if the baby's ugly,
I'm gonna tell them they're pretty.
[music continues]
[unsettling dramatic music playing]
Christ will soon appear ♪
The day is almost here ♪
Glory, glory, hallelujah! ♪
Glory, glory, hallelujah! ♪
- Glory, glory, hallelujah! ♪
- [slapping leg to the music]
For triumph drawing near ♪
[music intensifies]
[music fades out]
[car horn blaring]
Are you dumb sluts
gonna play in the water now or what?
She's that lady I told you about.
I've been waiting for this day.
And I can't believe my eyes,
you disgusting bitches.
You deserve to die painfully, bitch.
Is this how you dealt with my son as well?
Yeah! Your son, that fucking pervert,
I killed him.
What are you doing?
She's lying.
- I killed him. I did.
- Lady, it's me! I did it.
I'm Mo-mi Kim.
I'm the one who murdered your son.
No, I killed your son!
I'm Mo-mi Kim, all right!
Look at you two pulling this bullshit.
It doesn't really matter.
I was gonna murder you both regardless.
[Chun-ae gasps]
[metallic click]
- [metallic click]
- What's going on?
This This fucking pile of scrap metal.
[Chun-ae groaning softly]
[dramatic music playing]
[Mo-mi] Chun-ae!
[Kyung-ja breathing raggedly]
[both groan]
[Kyung-ja] You fucking bitch.
Die, bitch!
[Kyung-ja breathing raggedly]
Oh, goodness.
I can do it. I can get to it!
[Kyung-ja groans]
Die, you devil!
I'll cut you up in tiny pieces
like you did to my son.
[music intensifies]
[Mo-mi hyperventilating]
[breathing raggedly]
Get up. Let's go now, c'mon.
Let's go, c'mon!
Chun-ae! Look at me. Look at me.
Wake up.
No. No, no! [sobbing] Please
No, please.
[Mo-mi crying]
[poignant music playing]
[crying continues]
[crying intensifies]
[music continues]
[man 1] Wow, you're a star. A real star.
[woman] We'll be exiting now.
Opening the door.
[reporters shouting]
- [reporter] Mask Girl!
- [man] Stand back, please.
[Mo-mi] The crowd and cameras
that only existed in my fantasies.
A flood of flashlights,
and a stage prepared just for me.
Everyone's eyes and interest
all focused on me.
I dreamed of this for so long.
[paparazzi shouting]
[woman] Mask Girl!
[music continues]
[music fades out]
[suspenseful music playing]
[whimsical music playing]
[music fades out]
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