Masterchef (2010) s08e20 Episode Script

The Finale

1 Welcome to the grand finale of the world's greatest cooking competition, where three of the most talented and passionate home cooks in all of America will enter the culinary ring.
Three will enter, but only one home cook will be crowned America's next MasterChef.
Gordon: The search for the next MasterChef started with thousands of hopeful home cooks from all across the country.
- We invited the very best - Let's go, guys, push it.
to battle it out for a coveted MasterChef white apron.
What up, people? Once that white apron was in their hands, the home cooks began the journey of a lifetime.
Gordon: Our lifeguards are arriving! - Whoo! - The challenges were more difficult than ever before.
- ( squeals ) - Your MasterChef dreams are truly on the line tonight.
- Ah! - And the pressure was off the charts.
Get 'em in the fryer.
Let's go! I'm not gonna finish this.
There's not enough.
There's not ( bleep ) enough! This year, the home cooks were treated to master class after master class.
- On the menu tonight, lamb.
- All: Ahh! They learned from the very best - Even pressure is key.
- us.
Those cactus spikes need to be removed very carefully.
They survived intense "MasterChef" team challenges.
Smarten up and treat these dishes as your best dishes you've ever cooked.
A five-star hotel and we serve them that? Oh, my God.
The level of talent set the bar higher than ever before.
You knocked it out of the park.
Incredible job.
- Thank you.
- Gordon: It's breathtaking.
- There's no stopping you right now, is there? - Not at all.
And now only three home cooks remain in the search for the very best.
Three home cooks will step into the ring for the grand finale.
But only one will become America's MasterChef.
Up first in this three-way culinary battle Jason.
A 34-year-old high school music teacher from Newton, Massachusetts.
From day one, Jason proved he could put together dishes as beautifully as he can a piece of music.
- The flavor of the scallop is mind-blowing.
- Thank you.
Jason's love of food burst through in every dish he made.
What you have brought forward is a true masterpiece.
- Thank you, Chef.
Thank you very much.
- Nice job, sir.
He took the judges' feedback to heart and presented every dish with a smile.
I've never seen a smile so wide ever.
He quickly became a force to be reckoned with in this competition.
- Jason.
- Way to go, Jason! - Jason.
- All right.
- Red Team.
- Yeah! A heartfelt teacher and an even better student, he's hit all the right notes in the competition.
I think you just cooked the dish of the competition.
- It's beautiful.
- Thank you.
I've had a very strong performance in the MasterChef kitchen.
I'm ready to bring it.
I'm going to present a beautiful symphony of flavors and textures and colors on my plates, and I'm going to win the next MasterChef trophy.
The first hurdle that stands in Jason's way tonight is Eboni a 33-year-old addictions counselor and a military wife from Chicago, Illinois.
- Eboni is a fierce competitor - Yeah! who has overcome so many obstacles throughout her life.
I am a survivor.
I'm from the dead-ass hood, the south side of Chicago.
In the kitchen, she's always pushed herself to be the best she could be.
Your dish is delicious.
Let's get that right.
- Thank you, Chef.
- You just cooked like a chef's dream.
Her desire to be the next MasterChef is fueled by a great love for her husband and her four children.
What does breakfast usually look like at home? I'll do something like biscuits or I'll do waffles.
And then do all that and turn around and go right to work.
Eboni's food has always been packed with flavor.
One of the best tasting dishes so far in this competition.
And her big and bold dishes helped secure Eboni's place in the finale tonight.
- The Red Team.
- Yeah! - Congratulations, Eboni.
- Yes.
Well done.
Eboni: I fought my way into the finale.
and I'm prepared to bring it.
I'ma work my way right through that kitchen and take that trophy 'cause it's mine.
Look at your mommy.
Whoo! Our final home cook battling for the win tonight is Dino a 28-year-old dancer from Bensonhurst, New York.
Dino was a dark horse who danced his way into the kitchen, but he soon established his place as a headline act.
That looks like an Italian grandma made them.
- Ow! - His eccentricities on a plate have sometimes missed.
It looks like the remains of my nana's ashes.
But more often than not, they have blown us away.
It shouldn't work, but it's pretty brilliant.
He uses his artistic and often unconventional eye and Italian background to create beautiful and delicious plates.
- Christina: It's amazing.
- Thank you so much.
I'd be scared for anyone else out there.
Dino kept his focus throughout the competition and let his passion propel him to the finale.
- Dino.
- Well done.
- Congratulations, Dino.
- Nice job.
- Red Team.
- Yeah! Oh, my God! I've been very underestimated in this competition, but I've proven myself to be the best of the best.
I'm ready to bring my flair to a whole new level.
I will be the next MasterChef.
This is the moment you've been waiting for, the "MasterChef" grand finale.
Throughout this competition, you've had a lot of obstacles thrown your way, including extremely talented opponents.
But tonight, they've returned to cheer you on.
( cheering ) Woohoo! - ( shouting ) - Whoo! Jason, Eboni, and Dino, we know you sacrificed so much to be here, including time with your family and friends.
So tonight we are honored to have them here in the kitchen supporting you all on the biggest night of your culinary lives.
( cheering ) Jason, you have your mom, Eva, your dad, John, your brother, Kevin, and of course, your partner, Nathan.
Mom, Miss Eva, how proud are you of your son Jason right now? The whole family are so excited for him.
Now, some of that cooking ability, does that come from you? - Let's be honest.
- Well, to be honest, we butt head in the kitchen.
There were times I said, "Well, you're too slow.
" ( laughter ) Now, Eboni, tonight to support you, you have your husband, Horatio, you have your four amazing children, Symphony, Melody, Robert, and your young son, Amir.
Crowd: Aww.
Horatio, you know, your incredible service to the Navy takes you away from home.
What's it been like over the last three or four months without this one at home? Well, I really appreciate what she does.
It's been a role reversal.
Usually I'm the one always deployed and gone.
So for me to be home taking care of business with four children, I realize how much work it is.
We really miss her.
Crowd: Aww.
And, Dino, your parents are here to cheer you on, Susan and Mark.
Mark, do you have a favorite dish that Dino's ever cooked? Well, I've been having to watch what I eat lately, and I've been eating a lot of meats and stuff, so one morning he came in and cooked this veggie burrito.
And he asked me if I wanted one, and I said sure.
And he made it for me, and it was outstanding.
It was delicious.
I said, "I don't need meat anymore.
I'll just take a veggie burrito now.
" Tonight, we have three home cooks entering the grand finale.
And we have four judges.
Tonight we're adding another palate to the roster.
And not just any palate, one of the world's most refined.
He runs one of the biggest food empires on the planet.
He's one of the world's most successful restauranteurs.
And some say that he makes me look like a pussycat.
Be afraid.
Be very afraid.
Joining us tonight in the MasterChef kitchen, back where he truly belongs please welcome back the one and only Joe Bastianich.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
( cheers, applause ) Yeah! Joe! The Joe Bastianich, ladies and gentlemen! I am about to pee my pants.
Are you kidding me? Joe is here at the "MasterChef" season eight finale.
Y'all tripping.
Now, Joe Bastianich runs an empire that includes over 30 restaurants.
He's also a winemaker, an author, and of course, he'll always be part of the "MasterChef" family.
Joe, as always, it's so good to see you.
- Good to be back.
Good to be back.
- Have you missed me? - No.
- ( laughter ) But what I did miss is the incredible energy and passion of the home cooks in this great competition.
( cheering ) Aarón: Home cooks, the pressure tonight is greater than you've ever experienced.
And four judges means we want to see four perfect plates for each course.
One appetizer, one entree, and one incredible dessert.
Now, are you all ready for the most important cook of your lives? All: Yes, Chef.
You'll each have ten minutes in the pantry to collect everything you need to cook us the best three-course dinner of your life.
Your time in the pantry starts now.
Yeah! Yeah, yeah! There's no more challenges.
There's no more battles.
This is it.
Oh, my gosh.
My money's on the music.
It's gotta be Jason.
He has the most amazing ideas.
His plating is beautiful.
- And his flavors are always on point.
- Watermelon radish.
If he does not get into his own head, he will be the next MasterChef.
I think Eboni is gonna win tonight.
- She is my girl from Chicago.
- A little honey.
She is just so strong.
And she has overcome so much in this competition.
It's just gonna give her everything she needs to bring it all together and win the MasterChef trophy.
Where'd you go, baby? - Dino and I are oil and water.
- Veggies.
He's not my favorite person in the MasterChef kitchen, but I'm rooting for him.
Dino, each step of the way, has gotten better.
And he's gonna take chances that the other two competitors are not going to do.
And if he can really capitalize on those risks, great rewards will come.
- Come on, speed up, guys.
- Come on! Go, Dino! - Christina: Yes! Yes, yes, yes! - Come on.
Gordon: Jason, Eboni, and Dino, it's now time to put together the best three-course dinner you've ever dreamt of and we've ever eaten.
First up, the appetizers.
Jason, what will you be making for your appetizer? For my appetizer, I will be making an uni custard with poached prawns, little neck clams, and a Meyer lemon miso vinaigrette.
Eboni, what will you be making for your appetizer? I'm gonna make pan-seared scallops with charred Romanesco, English peas, and rainbow chard sauté with a garden pea puree.
And, Dino, what are gonna be making for your appetizer? For my appetizer, I will be making a capellini nero diavolo di mare, or a squid ink angel hair pasta with a spicy sauce and clams and calamari.
It's time for the "MasterChef" finale to officially begin.
Are all three of you ready? All: Yes, Chef.
You'll have just one hour to make your amazing appetizers.
Four plates of each.
Do not let us down.
Your time starts now.
( cheers, applause ) Let's go.
- Dino! Come on, Dino.
- You got it, Jason! Go, Jason! Go, Jason! Cate: Come on, Eboni! Whoo! Wow, I can't believe it.
This is it.
We have definitely got the three best amateur cooks in America tonight going head to head in this incredible three-way finale.
Three incredible-sounding appetizers.
This is the finale that America's been waiting for.
- Come on, guys, let's go.
- You guys can do it.
Go! Gordon: Wow, I can't believe it.
This is it.
Three amazing, talented home cooks and you cannot get three more different individuals anywhere in this country tonight.
- Eboni, it's hot in here.
- It's hot in here, baby.
It's incredible to have such diversity here in the MasterChef kitchen.
Completely different backgrounds, completely different cooking styles, and I am excited to taste this food.
- Whoo! Yes, Jason.
- Bam.
Jason doing a sea urchin custard almost like a savory flan.
And it's being topped with prawns as well as some fresh uni on top.
Gordon: That's a high-end appetizer.
It's steamed for about eight to nine minutes.
Then it's set, but let me tell you something.
Ten seconds over-steamed and that thing turns into cold scrambled eggs.
So he has to be careful tonight.
Come on, Eboni! I have high hopes for Eboni's dish.
She is going for a classic combination with her appetizer tonight, seared scallops and cheese, one of my favorite combinations, especially to start off a meal.
It's light, it's sweet, it's bright.
She is bringing in a little charred Romanesco cauliflower for an edge, some rainbow chard.
The cook on those scallops are pivotal.
30 seconds over, you've got a mouthful of rubber bands.
Perfect, and it's a showstopper.
All right, Dino! Come on.
You can do this.
Christina: Dino's appetizer's a squid ink pasta.
I love seeing pasta as an appetizer, right? - Yeah.
- He's folding into that calamari, cherry tomatoes, some beautiful little neck clams.
Something that is very classic Italian, but with a little bit of a Dino twist.
Now squid ink pasta is a tricky one, right? A home cook like Dino needs to understand the squid ink is not just color.
It's flavoring.
It's a component of the dish.
- Aarón: Yep.
- And can really complement a nice brothy clam sauce.
He's playing at a high level.
It's a big risk.
Just 46 minutes remaining.
Let's go.
- Right.
How are you feeling - How are you? I'm feeling great.
- What's up, Jason? Nice to meet you.
- Hello, Chef.
So what do you got going on today? - I'm making an uni custard, chawanmushi.
- Yeah.
- I'm making the dashi broth right now.
- Okay.
Why custard on such a big night? I just love the texture of it and I thought it would really highlight the sweetness of the uni.
But it's so chef-y.
I love it, but I'm nervous about it.
Joe: The last time I had a dish like this, I was in Singapore a 3-star Michelin restaurant.
- Sure.
- Is this really part of your cultural heritage or are you blowing smoke up my ass? This is something that I would love to eat myself.
- I would order it on a menu.
- If this is a bluff, you're gonna be out the door in about one second.
- Understood.
- Told you he was friendly.
- Good luck.
- ( laughs ) Just 30 minutes to go in your appetizer course, guys, come on! Aarón: Halfway done, guys.
- Go, Mom! - Aarón: Eboni? - Christina: Eboni, how's it going? - Good.
What are you bringing to this appetizer course? You know my husband's Indian and Jamaican, so I'm bringing a little bit America meets island-style type cuisine.
What about those scallops? Now, cooking scallops can be a beautiful thing, but it's certainly no easy feat.
Overcook them, they're rubbery, they're terrible.
Undercook them, they're not really impressive at all.
- It's a tall order.
- It is.
How are you thinking through that? I'm just going by all the things I've learned here watching you guys do demos and walking me through different dishes, and I just gotta go with what I know, and that's pleasing you guys' palate.
There's no question that you were a fighter from day one.
You've been in the bottom several times throughout this competition - That's right.
- but you rebounded, you persevered, you fought back.
And we know that you're a fighter.
Does that give you the edge here? It does give me the edge 'cause what don't kill you make you stronger, and if you ain't never been in a battle, how you know how to go to war? - Whew! - Keep tasting, young lady.
I will, thank you.
16 minutes to go! - Come on! - Christina: Come on, guys.
Come on, Dino! - Dino.
- Hello, Dino, how are you? - Nice to meet you.
Heard a lot about you.
- Pleasure, pleasure.
So, you're from my neck of the woods, Brooklyn, huh? - Bensonhurst, yeah.
- Bensonhurst, oh, my God.
So you cook Italian food, then, basically.
A little bit.
I mean, half my life was in California, so I learned a lot of everything.
Why squid ink pasta, knowing that Joe Bastianich is in the house? Why? This is the finale.
I ain't gonna go soft.
I gotta give you something that I didn't do the whole time, you know? Like, why would I give you something easy? Are you just using the squid ink for coloring or do you understand, like, the flavor component it can add to the-- Oh, no, there's a flavor in there.
There's that iron-y flavor that it sort of adds that goes with the lemon, that goes with sorta with the seafood pasta, 'cause I used to love seafood pasta and I love squid ink pasta, the narrow sauce that actually comes with it.
I was messing around one day, put it all together, and it actually tasted quite nice.
If you win "MasterChef," the money, the trophy, the title-- how's it gonna change your life? It's gonna change my life completely.
What are you gonna do? I would love to do anything that could allow me to help other people.
- ( cheering ) - Come on, Dino! So you're motivation to cook is completely altruistic? That's the only way I get joy.
I could go surf for three hours, I can go dance, and that keeps me happy for like a day.
Making other people happy, making other people believe in themselves, feeding people is the only way I feel happy.
You're the Gandhi of Bensonhurst.
Gordon: He is on a mission.
- Well done.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Let's go, guys.
Come on.
- Christina: Come on, guys.
Gotta speed up.
Jason: I'm a little worried.
I've practiced the custard for my appetizer many times at home, and the consistency of the liquid is not quite correct.
Guys, 12 minutes to go.
12 minutes to go.
Right, young man, where's the custard? The custard is here.
Do you want it to be this liquid? Uh, no, I do not.
It's not gonna hold its consistency at all.
It's liquid.
The consistency, I just want to-- yeah.
You know, if you call something a custard, it needs to be a custard, my friend.
Understood, thank you, Chef.
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.
Uh-oh, this is major trouble.
If my custard is not set correctly or the consistency is wrong, then my appetizer is sunk for this round.
So the big jeopardy now with Jason's custard, if he starts slicing those shrimp and those clams - and they sit on top of that custard-- - They're gonna drown.
That's not a custard.
That's a soup.
Breathe, Jason, breathe.
If he puts the seafood in that bowl and they sink into that custard - Game over.
- then he's made soup, and game over, and he's out.
Oh, my God.
- You got this, Jason.
- Breathe, Jason, breathe.
If he puts the seafood in that bowl and they sink into that custard - Game over.
- then he's made soup, and game over, and he's out.
- Oh, my God.
- Nice and relaxed.
Cate: Yes, Jason! Beautiful! You got it, Jason! We're proud of you, Jason! He's put the seafood into the custard and it didn't sink through.
Now I thought it would've sunk into it like a soup, which means it's already firmer than I thought.
The question is, is it just the skin on top and soup on the bottom? Or is it firm throughout? - ( crowd cheering ) - We are down to five minutes remaining.
- Come on! - Christina: Come on, guys.
- This is it.
- Push, guys, push.
- Gordon: You want this.
- Aarón: Come on.
Taste everything.
- Come on! - Let's go! - Come on, Dino.
- All right, Jason.
All right, Jason.
All right, Jason.
Mark: Scallops are beautiful.
- Beautiful, Dino! - You got it, Jason! - Come on, guys! - You got this, Eboni! - Christina, who's looking strong? - Eboni, all the way home.
Beautiful colors, Eboni.
Beautiful colors.
She's only putting on a plate what needs to be there.
Ooh, baby.
You know, I think Dino's pasta's really looking quite good.
I mean, it's not exactly like you would expect it in the Italian vernacular.
Oh, baby doll, all right.
But he's made it its own.
He seemed to be doing all the right things.
- I can't wait to taste it.
- Aarón: For me, it's Jason.
I think the sea urchin custard is coming together lovely.
He's cut all the different garnishes in such a way that they're consistent in size and they're gonna make a huge impact visually.
We are down to 60 seconds remaining.
- Come on! - Go, Mama! - ( cheering continues ) - Come on, Jason! - This is it.
- Come on, guys! - Come on, guys, let's go! - Finish strong! All: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, - two, one.
- Gordon: Stop! Hands in the air! ( cheers, applause ) Well done! All three of you, bring those incredible appetizers round to the front.
Let's go.
So, three wildly different appetizers.
They all look beautiful.
But as we always say, it's all in the taste.
All three of you, follow us.
Jason: The appetizer round sets the tone for the rest of the meal, so I've made something that is completely unique.
I'm bringing a fusion of New England and Asian inspired flavors.
I think I've made a very, very solid effort.
I hope the flavors are there, that the judges appreciate it, and that I'm able to leap over Eboni and Dino for the appetizer round.
Right, let's start off with Jason.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Please describe your appetizer.
So, my appetizer for you this evening is an uni custard with poached prawns, little neck clams, and a Meyer lemon miso vinaigrette.
This dish speaks of me because I love to go to the beach and I'm climbing around the rocks, and finding sea urchins, finding clams, so it is me on a plate.
This is what I would make.
This is what I would eat.
Jason, visually, it looks beautiful.
- It's breathtaking.
- Thank you.
The texture of that custard, have you got that right? I think so, Chef.
I know that the ratio of ingredients that I put in there should produce the textures that I wanted, and so I hope that it is.
This custard, it should be velvety, silk, almost like panna cotta.
Smooth texture.
Let's get in there.
Jason the bottom of the custard is ( sighs ) Jason the bottom of the custard is ( sighs ) it's broken.
Now, that's to do with the temperature gauge of how you added that broth to the eggs.
Now, it's not grainy, but it's definitely separated.
You know, young man, the actual flavor is incredible.
- Thank you.
- The clams-- love that sort of saltiness from the sea.
Unfortunately, the texture's not there.
Jason, I agree with Gordon.
There are a few technical difficulties with the custard.
But I think it's delicious.
I think the spot prawn is such a great textural piece.
I think that the salmon roe is a great textural piece.
You had a few shortcomings in this dish, but overall, I think it is a really, really elegant, delicious start to a three-course meal.
- Very impressive.
- Thank you.
You have technical flaws in the dish, your custard's broken, but I like the dish.
I think it's light and flavorful.
I think that the contrast between the spot prawns and the cream, it's done very well.
So, I don't know.
Jason, the actual flavor of the custard, for me, is sublime.
I'm super surprised that the amount of sea urchin that you put in there didn't overtake the custard.
I think it completely mellowed out as it cooked.
But I just think the combination of all these beautiful fruits of the sea, get's really excessive.
It just needs to be improved upon.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
It's okay, baby.
Right, Eboni, please present your appetizers.
Thank you.
Eboni: I want to show the judges tonight that you can take basic ingredients that I can buy at my local corner store and I can turn 'em into something that's elevated and phenomenal that could be served in a Michelin star restaurant.
Eboni, describe the appetizer, please.
I have a pan-seared scallop with charred Romanesco, rainbow chard sauté, and a sweet garden pea puree.
- Visually, it looks beautiful.
- Thank you.
The scallops should be slightly opaque in the center, so I'm just hoping that they are cooked beautifully.
Eboni my scallops are undercooked.
You know, your puree's delicious.
Vibrant, sweet, seasoned beautifully.
The cauliflower, lovely.
It's got that earthiness and it tastes rustic.
I just wish that you'd kept those scallops in that pan longer.
It's a shame.
Eboni, I think this is really lovely dish.
It's beautiful to look at.
It's got a very nice, gentle taste to it.
That pea puree, it's rich and it has a little sweetness.
The cook on your scallops, it's definitely a hair undercooked, but you did a really incredible job.
Thank you, Chef.
Had you cooked the scallops with more heat, put it in the oven, did whatever you had to do, you would have had a perfect dish.
But everything else is spectacular.
The flavors are complex, interesting.
I love English peas.
I love pea puree.
It adds a lot of richness and complexity to the dish.
Roman broccoli, perfectly seasoned.
Good job.
Eboni, I gotta say, for me personally, my scallops are-- they're just textbook.
But for me, there's a little departure from the accoutrements that are with this dish.
I would've loved the Romanesco to have been cut the same size as the peas in that little sort of ragout you have on the bottom.
It would've achieved a little bit more consistency in flavor.
But that's a small detail.
Eboni, it really impresses me to see how far you've come.
- Well done.
- Thank you, Chefs.
( exhales ) Right.
Dino, please present your appetizer.
Dino: I am very proud of myself and what I put on my plate.
The squid ink pasta turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.
The flavor's there, just the right amount of ink, just the right amount of everything.
It's perfect.
Describe your appetizer, please.
It is a squid ink capellini pasta with calamari, clams, heirloom cherry tomatoes, and chorizo in there for flavor.
Visually, it looks beautiful.
I love the black on white, and the richness of that olive oil.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Let's get in there.
Now, this pasta should be iron-y and fragrant and dense and not gummy.
How long did you cook it for? Three minutes in the water and about a minute thirty in the sauce.
Dino, uh ( exhales ) Now, this pasta should be iron-y and fragrant and dense and not gummy.
Dino ( sighs ) I want to dive in for more.
- It's delicious.
- Thank you, Chef.
The pasta's nice and wet.
I think the balance between the amount of squid ink is beautifully done.
What would I want more? More cooking the squid.
I'd like to see that sort of bound in with the capellini, but it's-- it's a great appetizer.
This is a great start to your three-course meal.
- Great job.
- Thank you, Chef.
I think it's a beautiful dish.
The pasta's the star.
It's an even coat, it's an even portion, and it's an even cook.
And I like the chorizo.
I think it sort of makes it your own instead of playing too much homage to something that maybe is on the menu somewhere else.
I think it's a beautiful, beautiful dish.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Dino, I don't know you, but I've heard about this guy from Bensonhurst who's a little bit eccentric, so I don't know what to expect.
And then I come here and you serve me a dish of pasta that is exactly the same as the best-selling pasta at two of my restaurants in New York City right now.
I don't want to judge this guy.
I want to hire him.
This dish is authentic, flavorful, properly executed, a dish that I would be proud and happy to sell, to make money on, to sell at any of my restaurants and put my name behind.
You're one hell of an excellent Italian pasta cook.
Thank you.
I tasted this dish and it just makes me smile.
I think the balance of the savory-ness and the spiciness of the chili is spot on.
I like how developed the flavor of the sauce is.
It is really a very heartfelt dish that I think says a lot about your maturation in this kitchen.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Dino, Eboni, Jason, please go back into the kitchen and get organized for your entrees.
Let's go.
( cheering ) That was an amazing start.
- Definitely a mixed bag.
- Yeah.
Some things very interesting, some things a little bit lacking on execution.
But all three of these home cooks, certainly each in their own right, - impressed us.
- For sure.
Now, it's all about the entrees.
( cheering ) What we've just witnessed in there was extraordinary, but now it's about those stunning entrees.
- You three ready? - All: Yes, Chef.
Your 60 minutes starts now.
( crowd cheering ) Come on, let's go.
60 minutes to make four immaculate, stunning entrees.
It's still any home cook's game.
- Come on, Mom! - Go, Mom! For my entree, I have a spiced honey-glazed duck breast with sautéed collard greens, a sweet potato puree, a carrot top vinaigrette with crispy duck skin.
Coming out of the appetizer round, it's definitely a full-on war.
I got to bring it in the entree round.
I gotta bring them down home Chicago South Side flavors and just deliver.
All right, Jason.
All right, Jason.
For my entree, I'm presenting a tofu skin wrapped black cod with maitake mushrooms and Nantucket Bay scallops with a pea tendril cucumber sauce.
I have to figure a way to harness what I've learned from the mistakes in the appetizer round and take that experience, take that criticism, and really channel it into something that I hope the judges love.
Whoo! Go, Dino! For my entree, I'm making a rack of lamb on a lamb belly and sunchoke caponata with pea tendrils and a fig and cipollini balsamic glaze.
For my lamb belly, I'm using a pressure cooker to soften that lamb belly.
When it comes out, if it's not exactly perfect, tender, the way that it needs to be, I'm completely screwed.
Ow! 47 minutes remaining.
Let's go! Come on, guys! Go! All right, Miss Eboni, how are you looking? I'm feeling good, Chef.
- You're gonna mash those? - Yep.
And those are collard greens? What do you have in there? I got some pancetta in here, some garlic, some shallots.
Then I'm gonna put down on it a little bit of champagne vinegar because it gives it a kick.
Now, why cook duck tonight? That's what I'm curious about.
Well, because I make duck at home.
I had to stick to what's true to me and what I like making, so I make duck at home for my family.
And how much time are you giving yourself to cook that duck? It needs about 10 minutes to rest, so when we get to, like, 35 minutes, I'm gonna cook my duck.
- Okay, got you.
- You're gonna sear them in a nonstick pan? No, I'm doing it in cast iron.
Cast iron.
And then you're gonna put 'em in the oven? - Yeah.
- Okay.
And what do you want the interior of the duck temperature to be like? - Medium rare.
- Eboni, good luck.
( crowd cheering ) Yay! Gordon: Guys, just over halfway.
28 minutes remaining.
Come on, guys.
- Christina: Come on.
- Move it, Jason! Man: Come on, Jason! Right, young man, how are you feeling? - I'm feeling very well.
- You good? I got a better control of my jitters - from the appetizer round, - Good.
so I think I'm gonna be in better shape.
Listen, this is a competition across three courses, okay? - Yes, Chef.
- Tell me about this dish 'cause it sounds incredible.
This dish is really an homage to some of my Asian flavors and my parents coming from Taiwan.
The idea of wrapping this in tofu skin, what's the purpose behind this? I thought it would make a wonderful trapping for the steamed juices of the fish on the inside, - and that way, as it sits, - Right.
all the juices gets absorbed by the tofu skin.
And that tofu skin will render down in such a way that it's gonna give some texture, it's gonna give some crunch, is that correct? Yes when it's first cooked, it's gonna be nice and crispy, then as it sits, it's gonna absorb some of that sauce and give you a more chewy texture.
So it's a play on textures as well.
Gordon: Why can't you keep it simple? I think this is simple for me, Chef.
( laughter ) You're the only one in the room that thinks this is simple, okay? - Okay.
- Good luck.
All right, Jason.
All right, Jason.
- Dino! - How you doing, Chef? Now are you serving us this lamb chop whole? Are you carving it at all? I'm giving it to you whole.
Hopefully you'll see a medium rare in there.
And how are you gonna make caponata in an hour? - Um - Where is it? I'm gonna pray.
It's right here.
I'm still working on it.
I got the sauce in here, I got a couple elements right here.
Do you have olives in there? Eggplants? What's the basis of it? I got capers, I got the juice from the artichokes, the sunchokes, I got oregano, I got raisins, and I'm putting pine nuts in there.
I'm worried that this dish is gonna be too sweet.
Are you monitoring the sugar you're putting on here? Oh, yeah.
I didn't add sugar to this, but this thing right here, you're gonna get the juice from that.
It's not gonna be too sugary.
And when does that lamb belly come out of that pressure cooker? It's coming out in one minute.
If you open that pressure cooker and that lamb belly is not just falling apart, tenderized, and beautiful, you could be in trouble.
Oh, it'll fall apart, because it's a lot thinner than a pork belly.
You ready to open up this pressure cooker? - I am.
- Let's do it.
- Watch out, babies.
- Here we go.
I can't watch.
All right.
- Dino.
- Chef? You have a huge issue with this dish.
If you open that pressure cooker and that lamb belly is not tenderized and beautiful, - you could be in trouble.
- Let's do it.
- Watch out, babies.
- Here we go.
- Dino.
- Chef? You have a huge issue with this dish.
You need to cook this right away and more and fast.
Right now I'm actually sweating.
The lamb is very undercooked.
I'm throwing it in the deep fryer, though.
Right here.
This'll do it.
- It's all on you.
- All right.
I got time.
I gotta make sure that lamb is perfectly cooked.
I have to stick it in the deep fryer and get it extra crispy.
I'm putting it in the fryer right now.
That lamb belly needs to be perfect.
Not only am I counting on myself to make it perfect, but a lot of people are counting on me, too.
- All right, Dino! - Keep on it.
Go, Dino.
Real nice crisp.
Real nice crisp on that.
- You got this.
- Focus, focus.
Gordon: 12 minutes remaining.
All right, guys, so, Dino-- the one thing I have to say about Dino that I'm incredibly worried about is the cook on his lamb belly.
If he gives us a tough, unflattering piece of lamb belly underneath a beautiful lamb of loin, for me, I don't care how well cooked that lamb of loin is, you're serving it with an untenderized lamb belly that hasn't spent enough time in the pressure cooker, and that entree's gonna be a mess.
You go, Dino.
Jason's sounds incredibly chef-y again.
This guy's technique-- have you ever heard of tofu skin-wrapped cod? - Never.
- Joe? - No.
- Come on, Jason.
This is one of the strangest dishes I've ever seen in the history of "MasterChef.
" Come on, Eb, stay focused.
Gordon: Eboni is doing this incredible spiced honey-glazed duck breast.
This could be an incredible showstopper.
Get that duck caramelized, get that skin crispy, and that pinkness with that fat rendered down.
Yeah, but the question is, is this dish too simplistic? Is it elevated enough? Is the presentation gonna be such that it takes away from that home-style element that this dish already possesses, and are you gonna have enough time to cook those collard greens properly? - Come on, guys.
- Come on.
- Gordon: Come on.
- You got it this.
You got it.
You got it.
Stay focused.
We are down to seven minutes to go, guys.
You've got to start plating.
That lamb looks beautiful, Dino.
Great sear, great color.
Yeah, baby doll.
Baby! Ow! - Start plating.
- Start plating.
You've got to speed up.
- Finesse, baby.
- Ooh, baby.
- Mm, yeah.
- Beautiful.
- Come on, Jason.
- Go, Jason.
Yachecia: Stay focused, Jason.
Watch your time, baby.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are coming down to five minutes remaining.
Jason: There are five minutes left in the clock and I still have to plate my scallops, my mushrooms, my fish is just coming out of the pan, I have to fry the rice noodles, I have to get the mitsuba garnish and the cilantro flowers and the cucumber flowers, and sauce the plate.
Jason, you have to start plating, young man.
- Yes, Chef.
- Of all the times in my life to fall behind on my scheduling, this is not the time to do it.
Everyone's plating except for Jason.
Eva: Get it on the plate.
Don't be fussy.
Two minutes, two minutes.
Two minutes remaining.
Come on.
Christina: Come on, guys.
You're killing me.
Oh, Jesus, have mercy.
- Jason.
- Check it out.
Check it out.
- Yachecia: Come on.
- Cate: Let's go.
Yeah, move it.
Let's go! Get your plates out! - Come on.
- Jason, keep moving.
Jason doesn't even have plates out.
Are you kidding me? - Come on, Jason.
- Plate, Jason.
- What is he doing? - Oh, my God.
- Cate: Come on.
- Gotta hustle now.
Come on.
Come on, plate.
I don't know how he's gonna get this done with under two minutes to go when he doesn't even have plates out.
Come on, Jason.
Jason, you've got to start plating.
Oh, my God.
He's panicking now.
Let's go! He's got to finish, and he's got to get everything on the plate exactly, or Jason's done! Joe: Guys, Jason is way, way, way behind.
He might not be able to get everything on the plate.
- Yachecia: Let's go! - Jason: Oh, my God.
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