Masterchef (2010) s09e08 Episode Script

A Gordon Ramsay Wedding

1 Narrator: Previously Please welcome one of America's greatest soccer players.
Alexi Lalas? Are we playing soccer or are we cooking over here? Narrator: A world-class challenge.
Gordon: Churros.
meant sweet success - These are kinda sexy.
- for some That's textbook, spot-on.
- but - This is your worst performance.
it was the end of the road Please, place your apron on your bench.
for Alecia.
- Tonight - Please welcome Shaun O'Neale.
a champion returns for a MasterChef wedding.
It is my honor to declare you husband and wife.
( cheers and applause ) - But - Imagine if it was your wedding day.
- That's how we gotta work.
- when the top 18 join together - for better or worse - Beautiful.
- You wanna serve this ( bleep ).
- the celebration - MasterChef mashed potatoes.
- ends in heartbreak.
You are not gonna captain this team any longer.
I'm gonna run it.
- Whoo! - This is so beautiful! Oh, my God! Top 18! I am hyped right now.
We are riding in a safari truck and I don't know what we're doing, - I don't know where we're going.
- How amazing is he? His name is Stanley.
He's nine years old.
Aarón: Come on, Stanley.
You got all dressed up for the party.
Look at him.
There's obviously vineyards here, but then I look to my left and there's a zebra, and then I look to my right and there's a giraffe.
- Good morning! - Good morning, good morning.
We see the arch, we see tents, we see flowers everywhere.
So an environment reminiscent of an outdoor wedding.
Welcome to Saddlerock Ranch.
- Are you excited? - All: Yes, Chef.
As you can see, you are at a wedding! - ( all cheer ) - Right? And can you guess who today's cooks are? - Us.
- Us.
Yes, you got it.
It is all of you guys.
Today's not just anyone's wedding.
It's somebody that's very important to our MasterChef family.
Gordon: All of you, please welcome the winner of "MasterChef" season seven, Shaun O'Neale, and his fiancée Katie.
( cheers and applause ) What's up, guys? Yeah! Being able to cook at Shaun's wedding is an incredible honor.
- Chef Ramsay, great to see you.
- Welcome back.
But I also know how great of a chef he is and I know what kind of expectations he has, so this is gonna be hardcore.
- Shaun, welcome back to the MasterChef family.
- Thank you, Chef.
Thank you.
Give us an insight to what you've been up to.
I've been cooking at some of the biggest food festivals in the country, but the biggest change in my life has been finding my future wife.
All right, guys, you're gonna be working in two teams.
Both teams will be making a stunning appetizer, followed by an incredible entrée.
But the proteins they'll be cooking with will be up to both of you.
So, Shaun, Katie, give us an insight to what you'd love to see.
For the appetizer, we would really like scallops to be featured.
For our very first date, Shaun made me scallops.
- How good were they? - Katie: Amazing.
- Amazing.
- We're here now.
- ( all laugh ) - That's why.
And what will the entrée protein be? Duck breast.
- Duck.
- Wow! Shaun: It's a tricky ingredient, but if made right, there is truly nothing else like it.
Don't mess this up.
I expect perfection.
It's an absolute pleasure, and for me, seeing where you started standing there, to be hosting your wedding today, I can't think of a better way to put these guys to the test.
Now go and get ready.
Next time we see you, - you'll be husband and wife.
- Thank you, Chef.
We'll see you guys soon.
Bye, guys.
Kick some ass.
Julia: This is a pretty big deal right now, you know.
This isn't about just cooking a kitchen and winning a competition.
This is somebody's getting married over here.
Like, this stuff has got to be good today.
Today we're gonna elect two home cooks that have been flying under the radar.
We wanna see what you can do in a position of leadership.
Come on up here.
You'll be the red team captain.
( cheers and applause ) The blue team captain today will be Julia.
- Oh, nice! - Come on, Julia! Lindsay: Juni and Julia.
You couldn't ask for two different personalities.
I mean, Juni's a little bit all over the place, pretty young, and I think a little bit flighty.
And Julia's got a very loud and strong voice.
I mean, she knows what she wants and she's gonna get it.
Joe: Okay, Julia, first pick.
This person to me is just very strong, and they work really well under pressure.
That person is Lindsay.
Gordon: Lindsay.
Old ladies gotta stick together.
- Uh, Juni.
- This home cook, I believe that their execution of their dishes has been phenomenal and so I am choosing Cesar.
Gordon: Cesar.
Thank you.
My strategy with picking my team, is first of all, no drama.
Secondly, they need to be a team player.
Juni: I want a strong team that's going to be able to work together.
Somebody that's going to be able to really step up to the plate.
They can't buckle under pressure.
I don't want no freaking crying.
- Ralph.
- Let's go, Julia! - Gerron.
- Gerron.
Julia: I do pay attention to people's strengths, and I want that strength in my team.
- Juni.
Three left.
- Yes.
Three left.
Gordon: Think about this one carefully.
Who don't you want? - Who don't I want? - Yeah.
Uh, Miss Shanika.
- ( chuckles ) - Why? I don't like her in the kitchen.
- I like her outside of the kitchen.
- Ooh.
Really, Juni? I'm choosing Samantha.
Gordon: Samantha.
Shanika: You're gonna eat those words, because when you see me in action, you'll see exactly what I'm capable of doing.
I would love to have Shanika.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- The red team's going down today.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- I have the dream team.
I have everybody that I wanted to work with.
I have confidence that they'll be able to knock this out of the park.
Juni, are you happy with your team? - I'm excited.
Yes, we are.
- You're gonna win this today.
- Julia.
- I am feeling wonderful about my team.
Honestly, I think I have the most mature team.
- Right.
- And those are people that I prefer to work with.
All right, so everybody's happy on both teams.
A hundred percent happy, that's an amazing thing, but too bad.
Told ya.
Because right now, I would like the team captains - to switch aprons.
- Oh! Hell nah.
Joe: So, Juni, you will captain the blue team.
( sighs ) I knew it! And, Julia, you will captain the red team.
Oh, my God! A great chef and a great leader should be able to work with anyone.
Today we'll be judging based upon guest feedback, obviously how well you work in the kitchen, and of course, the dishes you plate, to determine who wins and which team faces elimination.
- Are you both ready? - All: Yes, Chef.
Your time starts now! - Let's go, guys! - Go! Go! Go! - Come on, guys.
- Let's go, guys.
Let's go.
- Team blue.
- Let's go! Let's go! Okay, listen.
For the scallops, I think we should do three of them.
- Are we all in agreement? - Yeah.
Absolutely, yes.
I think underneath we should probably do some lentils, lke something in like a really nice vinaigrette.
I was just going in a complete other direction, but like a watercress salad, blood orange supremes, - some crispy sprouts on top, basil oil.
- But all those components, I don't know if we're gonna have time.
I'm a little worried.
I got this team, that I didn't even pick.
They're really, really young, and they all think they know everything.
I don't wanna be told this is how we're supposed to do it.
I'm in charge.
As far as the duck, I wanna do something classic like a red wine reduction.
I mean, we're in a vineyard.
- Gerron: I like that.
I like that.
- All right.
- Everybody knows what they're doing? - Yes.
- We can do this.
- All right, let's go, guys.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! I need everybody up here who's gonna be doing scallops.
I've decided that we're gonna do seared scallops over a bed of lentils with bacon, and nice little salad on top.
Snap peas with some red radishes in a nice champagne vinaigrette.
So the duck, we decided on just nice roasted potatoes, putting some mushrooms in there.
We're gonna do a cherry red wine sauce.
Cherries and duck, it's classic.
So we're gonna pan sear the scallops.
Do you guys think that we should pan sear them in duck fat, - to kinda tie the two dishes together or - All: No.
- Okay, okay.
- They're too delicate.
As a vegetarian of over ten years, I don't cook with scallops, I don't cook with duck, but I'm confident in my ability to cook anything that's put in front of me.
Got it, okay.
So, pan-seared scallops, uh, - with some farro.
- I think we probably should go with duck.
Yeah, I think we probably should go with the duck.
Taylor: Right off the bat I'm a little worried.
If this were my wedding, I would not want to eat farro with scallops.
I just know I don't want to eat a kind of grain.
I think for the entrée, I am thinking of doing a pan-seared duck breast - Yes.
- with orange zest, mashed potatoes.
Mm mm-mm.
Juni, you're not making sense right now.
Freaking orange mashed potatoes? Who does that? - Everybody got it? All right.
- Are we ready? One, two, three.
- Blue team! - Whoo! Let's go! Juni: So for the appetizer, we're gonna be doing a pan-seared scallop with some farro, blood orange gastrique, and orange supremes.
For the entrée, we're gonna go with the pan-seared duck breast with orange zest mash, and we're gonna do a cherry red wine reduction and some charred Romanesco.
I'm confident that we can execute some dishes to perfection today.
Shanika: We got this, y'all.
We got this.
( music playing ) Gordon: Red team, blue team, our guests are arriving.
I'm looking forward to the food, because I I'm praying that it's gonna be delicious.
It better be delicious! Imagine if it was your wedding day.
That's how we gotta work.
I have the highest expectations, because Gordon Ramsay is over there, and I know he is making sure everything is perfect.
Right, blue team.
Juni, tell me about the dish.
What are you doing? So we're gonna do some pan-seared scallops with farro and - Farro? - Yes.
- We need - Guys.
Yeah, hold on.
Farro is a tough grain.
It's wintery.
We're in spring.
We're in the Malibu hills.
Has anyone questioned this? - Yes.
- Yes, Chef.
- It's a wedding.
It's not a winter banquet.
- Yes.
- We have that celery root.
Let's use it.
So, I can do a celery root purée.
Tell me about the duck.
For the duck, we're gonna be doing a pan-seared duck with an orange zested mash, - and then we're gonna do - An orange zested mash? Yes.
Hey, blue team.
Blue team, just just stop.
An orange zested mash.
Put your hands in the air if you've ever seen an orange zested mash in any restaurant anywhere in the world.
What are we thinking? - Meet, discuss, move.
- All: Yes, Chef.
Juni, get everybody you can on that damn celery root purée.
Juni: Yes, Chef.
Phew! Thank you, Jesus, Gordon, for doing that.
Juni, your ideas sucked, and Gordon got your ass.
All right, guys, come on.
- How are we doing? - Good, we're doing good.
Scallops are almost prepped.
Julia: Guys, be consistent with everything.
- Captain Julia.
- Yes.
Come over, please.
Thank you.
Oh, ( bleep )! ( bleep )! Stop! - Who seasoned these? - We all did, Chef.
What happens to them when you season them before you cook them? - The moisture leaks out.
- That's right.
You never season until you cook them, 'cause when you hit the pan it's gonna be watery.
Come on, guys.
Look at the water running out of them already.
Mark: That's a cardinal sin.
You season right before they go in the pan.
Julia, she obviously doesn't know what she's doing.
We're cooking for a winner of "MasterChef.
" - Yes.
I understand.
- Get a cloth and dry them.
Get rid of the seasoning quickly.
Get a cloth, dry 'em.
Cesar: We started out strong, but that one mistake could send service into a downward spiral.
Come on, guys.
Julia: Chelsea, are you taking the pepper off of this? - Yes, ma'am.
- Okay.
Emily: We seasoned the scallops way too early, and now everyone's scrambling to dry 'em off and to get all the salt and the pepper and the oil off of the scallops.
All right, come on, guys.
Let's go.
It's not in my DNA that I'm gonna be the captain of a losing team.
Are you serious? No.
It's not gonna happen.
Come on, guys.
We can do this.
( music playing ) Shaun: As you guys know, "MasterChef" has changed my life.
It's changed everything about my life.
( clears throat ) Since I lost my dad there's ( clears throat ) There's only been like one main role model, and, uh God.
( Shaun clears throat ) Everybody, Gordon Ramsay is gonna come out, and he's gonna finish this off for us.
So, I'd like to introduce you all right now to Chef Gordon Ramsay.
I'm really honored to be part of this very special day, and I hope that you remember this for the rest of your lives.
- Absolutely.
- Katie: We will.
- Are we ready? - Both: Yes.
( all laugh ) All right, guys, 15 minutes and I need to see a dish.
Juni, make sure you start delegating.
- Oh, yeah.
For sure.
- All right? Let's go.
Just let me know that the scallops are good.
- Right? Okay.
- Yes, these are patted dry.
By the power vested in me, it's my honor to declare you both husband and wife.
And now you may seal this declaration with a huge kiss.
( cheers and applause ) Your wedding ceremony is over.
Now it's time to celebrate, and I've got to get to the kitchen.
- Yeah.
Get in there.
Get in there.
- Well done.
- Thank you, Chef.
- You're welcome.
Here it is.
I need a VIP.
- Two top, for the bride and the groom.
- Yes, Chef.
After that, I need a six and a five top.
- Yes, Chef.
- Let's go.
Julia: I want them perfect! Perfectly seared.
- Do not overcook them.
- No.
- We won't.
- Julia: All right, pass me up the dishes.
Man: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr.
and Mrs.
( cheers and applause ) - How long, Julia? - 30 seconds.
- Scallops, I need 'em now! - Scallops up.
I'm excited to eat.
Shaun: I'm hoping these guys can pull off an amazing meal.
We're expecting excellence.
Matt, how is the first batch of purée coming? - Is it done? - Purée's coming.
It's still Still breaking down.
It needs a lot of time.
Juni, I need a time.
- How long? - So it is gonna be like another ten minutes.
- Another ten minutes.
- Yeah.
- No.
- No.
- Gordon: Where's the purée? - Juni: It's cooking right now.
Juni, I need to have one portion of purée made for at least some tables.
Let's go.
- What are we doing? - Look at this.
- Juni: It's still too hard.
- Gordon: Stop, stop.
- Juni: Is it done? - Matt: It's too thick, yeah, but - ( bleep )! Oh, I - No.
Hey, hey, hey, blue team.
- Yes, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.
Listen carefully.
The party has sat down and the purée's raw.
Already, blue team, you're all over the place.
And do you know why? No one's communicating and the captain's disappeared.
You need to get on the same page.
- Is that clear? - All: Yes, Chef.
I'm telling you now, you drop the purée.
- Yes.
- Five minutes.
- So no purée? Got it.
- Seven covers.
Let's go.
Shanika: We have to completely change our menu.
We don't have any time.
We gotta figure something out, like, quick.
We need to do something light, like a pickled carrot.
Should we do that? Okay.
We can do that.
Thank, God, Taylor steps up.
- We're doing the carrots.
- All right.
I'm just grabbing a whole bunch of them.
Sorry, Juni, you suck as a captain.
We need you to lead.
You gotta think on your toes.
Step up! Everybody step up! S.
: We got this.
Let's go! Let's go! Push! All right, perfect.
There you go.
Servers, please.
First table.
Bride and groom, sir.
Aarón: Garnish, Juni.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Juni: I really need to nail this because I wanna impress Chef Aarón.
He gave me this apron, and hopefully the dish is perfect, because it's going out to the bride and groom.
All right, let's go.
All right, Shaun, Katie.
First opinions.
- So Yeah? - They're both really good.
Joe: So, the red team, you have seared scallops with braised lentils and snap pea salad.
And for the blue team, we have seared scallops with pickled carrots and blood orange gastrique.
This has a nice peppery tone to it.
- It's delicious.
- So, the red team, lentils, peppery.
It's nice nice peppery tone.
They did a really good job pickling those carrots in a short amount of time.
Flavor's better here, sear's better here.
If you had to give me a vote right now.
red team, blue team - Red team.
- Red team.
Red team, red team.
Thank you, Chef.
- Gordon: Remind me what's going.
A six - A six and an eight.
- Talk to them.
- I just did.
- You, focus.
- Yes, Chef.
Table 14, please.
Thank you.
Go! The way these are cooked is so perfect, and the flavor's so great.
Aarón: Come on! This is somebody's wedding.
Finish me off.
Give me beautiful.
Give me beautiful.
So the blue team's scallops freaking rock, and they're seared perfectly.
Let's go! Con ganas.
Muevete! Allí.
Finish the garnish.
Let's go.
Undercooked or overcooked? This one looks like a this one looks like a potato chip.
Come on, come on.
What the hell are you looking at? - I didn't wanna put it down - Yeah, don't worry.
By the time you get over here, it's gonna be done.
Sounds good.
Tell me.
You guys have refined palates.
You've been through the "MasterChef" circuit.
- Yeah.
- How did they do? I just wish that some of the some of the cooked on things like the bacon, and some of the flavors were a little bit more developed - Right.
- but I think it was a great move - for an appetizer.
- Excellent.
What do you think? I felt the flavor combination was great, Joe.
I just want a little more sear on that scallop.
Got it.
Enjoy the rest of the wedding, guys.
- Thank you.
Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you, Chef.
Look at these.
I mean, they're overcooked.
Hey, you two.
You two, come here.
Just ask yourself.
Would you eat those? - No, I wouldn't.
- No, Chef.
We have a former winner, and you wanna serve this ( bleep ).
And this is what bugs me.
No one's giving me standards.
And none of you'd eat that, but you're happy to serve it to a winner.
Julia: He's right.
This is somebody's freaking wedding.
Like, I don't wanna ruin it.
We gotta get this together.
Enough's enough! Red team, last table.
Six scallops away.
Let's go.
Yes, Chef.
18 scallops! - Now! - They're coming out in just a second.
Juni, let's go.
Finish these up.
Let's go.
The last push.
Come on, Juni.
Get in there, finish strong.
- Are these good to go, Juni Captain? - Yes, those two are good to go.
All right.
Let's go, table seven.
Juni: We're done, we're done.
We're good.
Matt: Now that appetizers are done, all I know is with this entrée round, we have to do a way better job if we wanna win this team challenge.
Come on! - Come on.
- Plate down, please.
- Nice cut on the scallops.
- Thank you.
- Come on, guys.
- Service, please.
- Gordon: Table 18.
Let's go.
- Julia: That's it.
- Let's regroup.
- Let's regroup, guys.
Come on.
Chelsea: I actually think the red team did great.
I mean, under the circumstances.
Scallops is not an easy protein.
I feel great and I know that we just have to keep up the momentum for the entrée, and we cannot slow down.
Cheers to the red team! - They did good.
- Go, red! Yes! Red team had a really slow start, but they've actually stepped up.
- Come on, guys.
- On the blue team, Juni has completely lost his voice.
He was not leading, not delegating.
Juni needs to step back up, delegate and make sure that we can execute the way it should be to our standards.
- Bounce back.
- Bounce back.
That's right.
I know the apps are important, but the star today is gonna be that duck.
Joe: The cook has to be perfect.
We need fat rendered, we need crispy skin.
If we don't have those elements, we got nothing.
Next course is make or break for the red and the blue team.
I want these all scored exactly the same - Okay, I got you.
- and I want 'em perfect.
Julia, I need you right now.
- Yes.
- Talk to me quickly.
What are you making? We're gonna sear the duck breast.
We're gonna do some tri-color potatoes, and then we're doing some mushrooms, that we're just gonna sauté in some butter, and then a red wine cherry sauce.
Julia, if this duck is messed up, it's all on you.
Julia: I'm the team captain, so anything that goes wrong, of course they're gonna blame me.
So just pay attention, listen to what I'm saying, and we're gonna be fine.
Dry 'em, score 'em.
Salt and pepper.
Let's get 'em on the side.
Let's get 'em ready.
- Captain.
Tell me about the dish.
What are you doing? - Yes.
We're gonna do a pan-seared duck, and we're changing the mash - Okay, love it.
- to a garlic herb mashed potato - and then we're gonna do some charred Romanesco.
- Okay.
- How are you gonna make that mash wonderful? - Uh, yes.
Gordon: I mean garlic mash is so simple.
It's The garlic is going to be roasted before it's put into the mash.
Thank you, Chef.
- Shanika: So you're not gonna do the fondant potatoes? - No.
Come over here, please.
Garlic mash is not sexy, it's not elegant.
We can do the fondant potatoes a little bit smaller.
It'll be easier for us to cook 'em, because we can do 'em on top of the stove, baste 'em with some butter.
Garlic mashed potatoes.
Come on.
How simple can you get? We already have the mash going - in the pots right now.
- I know, but I don't think it's better than a fondant potato.
For somebody's wedding? We're doing the mash in the piping bag so that we can make sure that we have consistency - and it doesn't look bad.
- All right.
You're the captain.
Go with the little funky mashed potatoes then.
In the piping bag.
- You guys good on potatoes then? - Yeah.
- You're not peeling? - Oh, we are peeling, but by cutting them first like this.
Juni: Got it, got it, got it.
Of course, like, a little bit of skin won't make too much of a difference.
Juni: Yeah, that's fine.
Okay, we need to get some garlic roasted.
- It's in the oven, Juni.
- It's in the oven.
Ah, you're the best.
Shaun: Entrée round I'm terrified about.
Duck breast is a hard protein to cook.
Hopefully there's somebody that knows how to render fat and knows how to appropriately cook a nice, beautiful, pink- all-the-way-through duck.
- How we doing on this? - We're looking really good.
I'm just making sure that they render perfectly and I don't burn any of them.
Guys, those mushrooms should be done! Gordon: What are you doing? What's in there? Does it need more salt? There's no salt in there.
- Did you taste the water? - No, Chef.
I am starting to lose confidence.
Things are just falling apart.
Blue team, charred Romanesco is on a charcoal grill.
So what are we charring it on? Lindsay: Are we getting 'em in cast-iron? I was thinking the broiler.
That's not charred, is it? - That's roasted.
- I think they were gonna do it over the open flame.
That's what I thought.
- Open flame? Open flame? - Yes.
That's what I thought.
Oh, my God! Speak up! Taylor: I am so frustrated, because we have lost our captain at this point.
- Who's on the mash? - We are here, sir.
They're going to be working on it.
They're preparing the potatoes right now, Chef.
- Good.
- Ralph: Blue team's ship is sinking.
Our confidence level is so down.
Somebody needs to step up ASAP.
The MasterChef mashed potatoes.
Holy ( bleep )! - Hey, you two, come here.
- Hey.
Hey, come here, you two.
We came in to this competition with ambition to win.
We're making mashed potatoes.
We go there, down to there.
We've got skin on.
Black eyes here.
Now, when I said to you all, "Set yourselves up for success," you're ( bleep ) even before you come out of the gate.
Mashed potatoes.
Mashed potatoes.
Someone came up with a smart idea of fondants.
- Who was that earlier? - Shanika.
So it's one fondant per person.
Half a potato, cut, ring in, done.
But, look.
How does that become a stunning mash? It doesn't, Chef.
Let me tell you something.
You are not gonna captain this team any longer.
Have a meeting, and somebody step up and run this team.
If not, I'm gonna run it.
All: Yes, Chef.
Now! You are not gonna captain this team any longer.
Have a meeting, and somebody step up and run this team.
If not, I'm gonna run it.
All: Yes, Chef.
Now! I'm totally okay with, like, stepping in and doing this.
Are you okay with that? Are you all okay with that? - Right.
- Yep.
Okay, let's go.
Who am I to fight this? Juni, who is the captain? Taylor's stepping in.
Taylor is brave enough to step in and say that she wants to be captain.
I'm okay with the decision.
- Everyone good to go? - Yes.
I'm not, the only reason I'm not is because of the potatoes.
We can do one fondant potato per person.
You cut 'em in half.
- Okay.
Then, yes, let's do it.
- Come here, Taylor.
- Let's do it.
- Yeah, let's do it.
Phew! Thank you, Taylor.
Sorry, Juni.
Your voice wasn't loud enough, your ideas sucked.
We need leadership.
Gordon: Young man, I know you can do better.
Now you may not be the captain of blue team, but it doesn't mean to say you have to give up.
- Taylor.
- Yes, Chef.
- We need to get this thing moving.
- Got it.
I am not going to let Gordon Ramsay down.
Now it's my time to just bring it and prove to him that he made a right decision giving me that apron.
It's a little bit thick.
We need to lighten it up a little bit.
Aarón: Red team, listen up.
Five minutes.
It's go time.
Chelsea, get the sauce down.
Julia is loud in the kitchen, but she's not just yelling at us.
She's leading the team.
Let's go! Come on, Chelsea.
We're on a roll.
The red team's doing great.
Keep it up, guys.
Who's on the red wine sauce? Ashley has it reducing right now.
How many portions are here? That's - Come on! Taylor.
- maybe 12, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.
- Five portions of sauce there and barely ten there.
And all you've been making, young lady, is the sauce.
- Yes, Chef.
- And yet you've got 35 portions not done.
I gave you a pin, I believe you, but you just you're just not with it.
- Yes, Chef.
Yes, Chef.
- You've gotta help me.
We got this.
No, no, it's okay.
Deep breath.
- You got this, you got this.
- Hey, you're just wasting time.
- Yes, Chef.
- Taylor: I'm honestly shocked to see Ashley kind of breaking down a little bit.
I do feel bad that she's so upset, but we don't have time for that.
You've got nothing done.
Just get your act together.
That's enough.
Get a grip, 50 portions.
Deep breath.
We got it, girl.
- Let's go.
- ( Ashley groans ) I need a beautiful duck dish for the bride and groom, and then I need a six top following that.
Julia: I want these all out together.
Let's go.
Get those potatoes right now, guys.
Don't just sit around.
Come on.
Quicker, Ryan.
Shanika, let's get all those potatoes on.
They're coming.
We're gonna break it down into two teams.
I'm gonna be right here, and we're gonna have Juni and Matt helping me.
Get ready for game time.
Okay, Aarón, which one is the bride and groom's dish? - It's right here, my friend.
- All right, beautiful.
- Looks good.
- Gerron, I've got 12 ducks coming up.
- Hot plate right now, come on.
- Hey.
Psst! Yeah? - Potatoes.
- Potatoes.
We need the potatoes.
Oh, we need the potatoes.
Yes, potatoes.
Oh, my God almighty.
- Yes, Chef.
- Hey, Clark Kent.
- Wake up.
- Yes, Chef.
Okay, we're ready for the bride and groom dish.
We're working on 'em right here.
Let's go.
Two more minutes to go.
Right here.
Sauce, potato.
Potato! - Potato.
Yes, Chef.
- ( bleep ) potato head! Are you serious? Bride and groom.
Thank you.
Gordon: Get it together.
- All right, Chef.
- Or ( bleep ) off and feed the giraffe.
Yes, Chef.
- Gordon: Oh, my Lord.
- ( cheers and applause ) - Are you ready? - Yes, sir.
For the blue team, we have a cherry and red wine reduction, potato fondant, Romanesco, and here we have a wine reduction sauce with mushrooms and roasted potatoes.
- What do you think? - The blue team's duck is cooked perfect for me.
Perfect? Wow! How's that sauce? - Looks a little over-reduced, maybe? - It is, but I could care less about that.
The duck is cooked pretty much perfectly.
- Red team? Hmm.
- This is a little sloppy.
Potatoes and mushrooms are great but the duck is a little under - Yeah.
- which is a bummer, 'cause they had such a strong showing on the appetizer.
Well, let's hope they did better for the rest of your guests.
I hope so, too.
I hope so, too.
Aarón: All right, guys, let's go.
- Six top.
- I got two ducks ready to fly.
Julia: Let's go! Get me the mushrooms out here now! Six and a five coming up.
All right, servers.
Woman: The red team's duck was great.
They had amazing vegetables.
The potatoes were amazing.
The mushrooms were cooked very well.
My duck was cooked great.
I ate all of it.
Guys, we need to get those plates up here.
Warm plates, right now.
Gordon: I need a six and a one.
Come on, come on, come on.
I had the blue team's duck tonight.
It was pretty good.
There were a couple pieces that were a little bit rarer than I would prefer, but the flavor was good and the sauce was good.
All right, guys, I'm gonna fire three six tops.
- Smarty-pants, how many is that? - 18.
I wanna go to the college y'all went to.
Dan: I'd like a little more sear on the duck, but overall, pretty damn good dish.
- Move your ass! - Yes, Chef.
The flavor was excellent, but the meat was a little cool in the middle.
- Last six.
Let's go! - All right, y'all, this is our last table right here.
We need perfect ducks going out.
The very last.
Come on, y'all, this is it.
Let's go, let's go.
Aarón: This is the last six top.
I need it now.
I need duck on a plate, garnish last.
Gerron: I got four sitting ducks.
- Let's go! - I got it.
No problem.
Ain't no thing.
Coming around, coming around.
Take it, take it, take it.
There you go.
That's what we're talking about.
- We got it.
- We got it.
Hey, come here, y'all.
We did our best.
We didn't have that much organization, but we served them.
Even though it was chaotic in our kitchen, we did get all the dishes out.
I really hope that we can pull this off, but I don't know if it was enough.
We should hold our heads up.
Let's break this down, but good job.
- Go for it.
- We're done.
- Way to pull it together, guys.
- Great job, great job.
Finally service is over, and everybody was working together as a really good cohesive team.
I gotta be honest, I'm feeling pretty confident right now.
Joe: Hello, everybody.
Enjoying the lovely wedding? Everything good? - The wedding is amazing.
- Did you enjoy your duck? - We did not enjoy our duck, no.
- No one? - So - It was literally blood red.
This was the duck from the red team.
Everything looks really good.
- Clean up.
- So undercooked you think? Raw? I'll have them make 'em all again.
I'll be right back.
Julia: Where are you putting these dishes, back there? - Do we have scrubbies? - Can you put some soap in here, please? Should we just throw this stuff out? - Yeah.
- So this is just garbage? - ( grunts ) - Guys.
We got an issue.
They're clearing out tables.
These people pulled me aside.
They refuse to eat this.
They say it's raw and disgusting.
We need more plates on the fly.
- Oh, God.
- What happened? - We're wrapped up.
- Four new plates? - Mushrooms are in the garbage.
- I know.
I threw 'em out.
Mushrooms are thrown out.
We don't have mushrooms, we don't have sauce.
Oh, my God.
The duck is raw.
We have to remake the plates, but we've thrown away all of our ingredients.
Can you get the mushrooms in the pan now? - What can I do? - Farhan: The team is freaking out.
We thought we had nailed it and now I'm hoping it's not enough to make us lose tonight.
Service isn't over till it's over.
Farhan: Oh, my God.
These people are not eating.
They refuse to eat this.
They say it's raw and disgusting.
We need four plates on the fly.
- Oh, my God.
- Let's go! We got, like, two minutes to make this happen.
- Mushrooms are in the garbage.
- Cesar, where's the sauce? It got thrown out.
It got thrown out! Everything got thrown out! Gerron: Come on, we need to make something real quick.
Julia: We should've known better.
Service isn't over until the last person walks out of the reception.
- Come on, guys.
Let's go! - Four portions, let's go.
Aarón: I need potatoes hot.
I need that sauce sexy.
Come on, guys.
We can do this.
We made a mistake, and I really hope this doesn't affect our chances.
You know what? It would really suck if we did not win today.
Bring out the mushrooms when they're done, family-style, because if not, these people are gonna walk on me.
- Okay? - Aarón: Plate 'em right now.
Let's go.
Put the duck on.
Let's go, come on.
Come with the third.
Let's go.
Never throw anything away.
- Totally, no.
- Lesson learned.
Okay, re-plated, redone.
The only problem is we don't have mushrooms because they're re-cooking 'em again.
They're gonna come out and serve 'em to you family-style.
They're very sorry.
Bon appétit.
Thank you.
We got the plates out that we needed to.
We re-fired what was raw, and we made as many people happy as we could.
That's really the name of the game.
Job well done.
Team red, love it.
Thank you.
Emily: I was on the losing team last team challenge, and that's not a good feeling.
I don't know what happened on the other side of that wall, but if the blue team did even a slightly better cook of their duck, they could pull out a win.
( music playing ) Ladies and gentlemen, please, welcome our talented home cooks that were up against it today.
Welcome our red team and our blue team, ladies and gentlemen, thank you.
( cheers and applause ) Now for the important part.
Are the lovely couple ready to announce which team served the best meal across this incredible lunch? Yes, Chef.
Gordon: Good.
Please pick up the champagne.
The winning team - is - One, two, three.
- red team.
- ( cheers and applause ) Julia: The red team won! Bravissimo! This is perfection! Forget about it.
I knew we were gonna win.
You're amazing! Team captain! She's the best! I know that we had some snags along the way, but I feel in the end we had a great system going.
I'm so proud of my team.
Congratulations, red team.
You're safe from elimination, and guys, you really, really earned it.
Thank you! And you know what that means, blue team.
Please head to the kitchen and clean up.
Thank you.
Just very disappointing.
I thought that I could step up and be a team captain, and turn this whole thing around, but it just wasn't enough.
And it just really sucks.
I think once we got the hang of everything toward the end, everything was starting to get a little stronger.
- We finished stronger than we started.
- Yeah, definitely.
It really sucks to be on the losing team again.
I chose the people on the red team because I wanted to be with those people and I know how they work, but you just gotta play with the cards that you're dealt with.
Joe: Guys, come on over, please.
Line up here.
Come on.
Quick, quick, quick.
That was not a good performance.
My saving grace was when we switched captains, finally we had a little bit of authority.
We got it together.
Yes, it wasn't smooth, but I'm not expecting it to be smooth.
You made it hard for yourselves.
You do deserve to lose.
However, there were a few individuals that did shine, let me tell you.
So, we decided that we're gonna save two cooks from elimination.
And that's Shanika and Taylor.
Lindsay: I'm thrilled for Taylor.
I mean, I think she's done a great job.
I mean, she walked in in chaos and managed to turn that around.
I think she absolutely deserves it.
Congratulations, Taylor, Shanika.
You are safe from elimination.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you, Chef.
A couple of bright spots in an otherwise dismal team.
The rest of you will be facing elimination tomorrow.
Now, all of you, clean this mess quickly, and I'll see you back in the MasterChef kitchen.
Not good.
We have two people we know are gonna go straight up to the balcony, and the seven of us are up for elimination, 'cause no one is safe.
That's a terrible feeling to have.
I can't go home right now.
I can't go home.
Come on down, guys.
Ashley: It feels terrible going into the pressure test.
I am wearing Gordon's pin.
If I don't make it up to that balcony, he is going to be so disappointed.
All of you, welcome back to the MasterChef kitchen.
Yesterday was challenging.
Trust me.
That was the idea.
There could only be one winning team, and red team, that was you.
You are all safe from elimination.
Gordon: Blue team, as you know, we decided to save Taylor and Shanika.
You're both safe.
Head up onto the balcony.
Thank you, Chef.
When deciding exactly what this pressure test would be, we decided there is no pressure test.
No pressure test.
I mean, this is concerning.
Usually you can come in here and show 'em that you have what it takes to still go farther in this competition.
I'm running through everything I did in my head and trying to think, did I do enough to get through? We are sending one of you home.
Ralph, Bowen, Lindsay, Matt, S.
, the five of you you're safe.
( whispering ) Oh, my God.
Head up onto the balcony.
Juni, possibly one of the worst performing captains I've ever witnessed.
You let go of your responsibilities.
Ashley, you cracked under pressure.
Like I've never expected.
You're standing there with tears in your eyes about a sauce.
- Ashley - Yes, Chef.
you are staying.
Good luck.
Thank you, Chef.
Thank you, Chef.
Thank you, Joe.
Juni, unfortunately, your journey ends tonight.
You know, young man, you came in with a spark and the charisma and we loved that attitude.
But, unfortunately, your team was doomed before they started yesterday.
The menu was badly conceptualized, and you lost complete direction of your team.
We wish you all the best.
Thank you.
Please take the apron off and leave the MasterChef kitchen.
I thank you for everything that you have taught me, and I thank you all for the lovely friendships, and I wish you all the best of luck.
- Bye, Juni.
- May the next MasterChef win.
See you in Carolina! Juni: It's sad that my journey's ending so soon, but the fact that I've been able to cook great dishes, and I have even stepped into the MasterChef kitchen, Gordon Ramsay has tasted my food.
How many people can say that they have done that? Not many.
I think that when my mom sees this, she's going to be even more proud of me.
She's gonna see that, you know, I've really ignited the fire to keep it going.
The competition's getting harder every day.
Taylor: It's getting real in this kitchen.
People are going like that.
Aarón just lost another member of his team.
He's down to six aprons.
Joe is at six, and Gordon's still at five.
I just gotta stay strong, stay positive and focus, and really, really continue to earn my spot here.
You've got to keep your sights set on that MasterChef trophy.
Get some rest.
Good night.
Narrator: Next time Tonight, cooking alongside you, Aarón Sánchez.
- Yes! - Whoo! a MasterChef This is like Christmas, baby.
- brings gifts - Oh, my gosh.
from the Bayou.
- This sucks.
- ( screams ) And when big Cajun flavors turn up the heat - I got a live one.
- ( laughs ) Cooking next to Aarón is absolutely terrifying.
- the top 17 - Look at me.
face the shock of the season.
There's more on the line than you thought.
Oh, Lord.
GORDON: I'm Gordon Ramsay, and I'm hitting the road.
(blues rock music) (truck horn honks) I'm heading to restaurants all across America WOMAN: Oh, my God, no, no.
GORDON: On the brink MAN: [bleep] you! GORDON: Of collapse.
They're sat in blood.
What are you waiting for, a [bleep] death? GORDON: But having endured so many kitchen disasters over the years There's a [bleep] mouse in here.
I know that I need to do something I've never, ever done before.
I must try to save each of these restaurants in just 24 hours.
MAN: That's not a lot of time.
WOMAN: I'm scared we're not gonna finish.
(snoring) GORDON: Because in this age of social media, where every customer is a critic If you want fast service and good drinks, don't go here.
Next one, one star, the food looks gross when it comes out of the kitchen.
(whispers) Oh, my God.
GORDON: Your business can succeed or fail overnight.
But when people know I'm coming, they tend to hide what's really going on.
So, this time, I'll need to be covert, hiding cameras in the restaurants and myself in plain sight -Catch of the day, hepatitis B.
-(laughs) GORDON: To catch them all red-handed.
I had to stop you from eating in there, and this is the reason why.
WOMAN: Oh, my God, no! GORDON: If I have any hope of saving them Bless thy soul, may I come out in one piece.
I'll have to go to hell and back GORDON: Oh, my God.
-(coughs) GORDON: In 24 hours.
(coughs) (beeping) (slow blues-rock music) I've just arrived in Greenville, Mississippi.
Now, this place is known not only as the birthplace of the blues, but also for its world famous catfish.
Look at it.
It's almost like going back in time.
-(car honking) -Oh, you from "Hell's Kitchen"! -(screams) -How you doing? -You good? -Oh, my God! Come over, darling.
Hair looks great, by the way.
You take care.
-Bye-bye! -Bye-bye now.
GORDON: Like many small towns in America, this once vibrant town now sits desolate and in desperate need of help, much like the family-run restaurant, Sherman's.
I'm really hoping that saving an important small business like Sherman's can get that energy back around the town.
The problem is that Sherman's is run by the Nimrod family.
That's right, this restaurant is owned by a pair of Nimrods.
ALLISON: My name is Allison Nimrod, and I am the owner of Sherman's Restaurant.
PETER: A man named Charles Sherman, he decided to make this into a fine dining restaurant in 1985.
We bought the restaurant in 2012.
We kept the name Sherman's, because Nimrod's is probably not a good name for a restaurant.
" Right.
It's funny.
ALLISON: I decided to buy Sherman's, because I just saw such a great hustle and bustle of customers come and go.
I just knew that all this needed was a little touch of Nimrod.
It's gonna be $7.
20 oh, that's not right.
I'm so sorry.
I had very much underestimated the amount of work that it would take to be the owner of a restaurant.
-This is for Davis.
-Davis who? -I'm not sure.
It could be their first name.
It could be their last name.
Allison pays close attention to the reviews we get.
She'll know exactly what table they were at, who was their server.
It was your lady that wrote us a bad review.
She said, "Bland and overcooked.
" "Was very disappointed with my steak.
It was not good at all.
" Oh, shut up.
VICTORIA: Allison needs to believe those reviews, because we've lost a lot of customers.
(soft percussive music) -Mm-hmm.
-Customers stopped coming in, because of the food pretty much.
Let me see your ticket.
Confused right now.
Child, spaghetti please.
The cooks are fine except Steve.
(shushes) STEVE: I've worked at Sherman's Restaurant for 32 years.
I was the head chef from the beginning here.
I mean, Steve's part of the foundation of this restaurant.
NICOLE: Steve done been here for some years, and, you know, some peopthey say, sometimes, you get burned out.
Is there a difference between loin back ribs and baby back ribs? Steve will kill me, but if I'm ordering a steak, I wanna make sure Nicole's cooking it.
I think I could put a little bit more seasoning on there.
I have worked at Sherman's 25 years.
I love working here.
We are family.
ALLISON: We've had a decline in customers and an increase in expenses.
PETER: Cost of kitchen staff goes up.
Food prices go up.
We're out of money.
We have none.
PETER: If Sherman's were to close, the bank would repossess our house and repossess our cars and take away all of our material possessions.
Like, our whole our everything is on the line.
(solemn music) (upbeat blues-rock music) GORDON: It's obvious, without help, that Sherman's, it will be closing its doors shortly.
With only 24 hours to turn this place around, I needed to know the issues before I even stepped foot inside.