Masterchef (2010) s10e04 Episode Script

10th Season Pool Party!

1 - Gordon: Previously on "MasterChef" - This is season ten.
You are the top 20.
the first big challenge in the MasterChef kitchen.
Some proved their skills - Noah, you were very diligent.
- Perfection.
and earned a place on the balcony - Keturah, Sarah.
- Jamie, Subha.
Head upstairs.
while others were forced to cook for their lives.
If I screw this up - Evan, it's a season 5 dish.
- Mm-hmm.
Wuta, the plating really exemplifies your lack of experience, to be very honest.
Ultimately, two home cooks handed in their aprons.
Deanna, Kenny, please place your aprons on your stove.
Tonight Gordon: Are you ready to start celebrating - our amazing 10th season? - ( cheering ) the top 18 face their first team challenge at a "MasterChef" 10th anniversary pool party.
Joe: You'll be making all of the party food for former "MasterChef" contestants and winners.
Do not ruin our party or your team will face elimination.
And a lot is at stake because immunity is on the line.
You're making burgers.
Has anyone tasted one? Those buns better not be burnt.
- Who's cooking the chicken? - Come on, people.
It's a non-stop battle Make burgers, Evan.
Move! He is a deer in headlights.
for the teams to stay out of elimination.
- What the ( bleep )? - Fred: Mentally, I am preparing myself for this elimination challenge.
This is a little bit raw.
Season ten! Season salmonella! ( sighs ) Ready for the fiesta Look at this dadgum villa.
Dorian: Walking up to this beautiful house, it's just absolutely breathtaking.
Little old me from country Georgia, I have never seen anything to this magnitude.
I feel like a "Beverly Hills-billy.
" - Okay.
- Look at all of the pink, Bri! Welcome, everyone.
Come on in, guys.
Let's go! That is a serious outdoor pool.
Kimberly: The pool area is beautiful.
I'm ready to celebrate.
I'm ready to party it up right now.
- Thank you.
- But this is "MasterChef.
" Something about this seems a little too good to be true.
- Uh-oh.
- Uh-oh.
( honking ) ( laughing, cheering ) Look at this guy.
That's so fly! Aarón: Take it easy! - Good to see you, bud.
- Nice car.
- Good? Good to see you.
- Awesome.
Are you ready to start celebrating our amazing 10th season of "MasterChef"? ( cheering ) In just a few hours, this Hollywood mega-mansion is gonna be home to the hottest party in LA, celebrating ten amazing seasons of "MasterChef.
" - Awesome.
- Here, here.
Welcome to your first team challenge.
( cheering ) Today you'll be making all of the party food for 100 VIPs and former "MasterChef" contestants and winners.
- Whoa! - Whoa.
Shari: It's the first team challenge, and I have been waiting for this.
But my biggest worry is what are we cooking? For your first big challenge, you'll be split into two teams of nine.
- Okay.
- Okay.
We'll pick the team captains.
It's our party, and we're not taking any chances, and we want to see more from two people that did really well in the skills test.
- So, Sarah? - Yes, Chef.
Today you'll be captain of the Red Team.
Noah: All right.
Let's go, Sarah, let's go! The captain of the Blue Team will be Noah.
- Noah! - Let's go, baby! Cheers.
Thank y'all.
And we're gonna keep this real simple, okay? Sarah, you have a delicious pineapple cocktail.
Yes, I do.
Any of you that are drinking from the pineapple - are on Team Sarah.
- Yeah, Team Sarah! If you have a coconut, you're over here with Captain Coconut over here.
I'm Captain Coconut! All right! Captain Coconut! Let's go.
I've been in the military for ten years.
I've been under extreme circumstances with a lot of pressure.
I know how to run a team, and this is gonna definitely give me the advantage here.
Hand 'em pass 'em down.
Noah: I am so pumped to lead this team because I'm an alpha.
One thing that I will never fault on is direct communication.
- Let's roll.
Ladies first.
- Thank you, Cap'n.
You always hear me, no matter what.
- Let's roll, boys.
- I feel very, very confident that we're gonna be able to make the judges extremely happy.
Today we want perfect pool party food.
That's why you'll be working off a menu that Aarón, Joe, and I chose especially for today's occasion.
Red Team, you will be making fried chicken drumstick with green beans and teriyaki glazed grilled pineapple.
You'll also be making beer battered cod with peas and a bacon cheeseburger with potato chips.
- Excellent.
- All right, Blue Team.
You will be making a fried chicken thigh with asparagus and watermelon.
You will be making coconut crusted cod with a shaved cabbage slaw.
And finally, a turkey burger for all those health nuts, with some homemade potato chips.
I'm in the events business, and so I have cooked for over 100 guests before.
I know that planning ahead is such a key component for success, but we don't have time to plan.
The stakes are high, and reacting rather than planning is a little scary for me.
You need to keep our guests happy because we will be listening to every word they say.
But, more importantly, you need to keep us three happy because we will be judging your dishes.
Gordon and Aarón will be in the kitchens seeing how you work, watching every detail.
And I'll be out poolside in the crowd trying to find out how much they like your food.
- Yes, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.
Our incredible guests will be gathering around this pool in one hour from now.
Do not ruin our party, or your team will face elimination.
Your 60 minutes starts now.
- All right, let's go.
- Come on, guys.
- Let's go, Subha.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
Hurry up.
Move, move! Now! Dear God, move with purpose.
Let's go, let's go.
Let's move, move, move, go.
I am a grill master, but it is not my job to run a grill right now.
That's not where the captain of the ship needs to be.
Coconut crusted cod.
Ket, you're gonna be rockin' rollin' that.
- You're gonna be lead dog on that.
- Got it.
The fried chicken, you're gonna be the main star with frying the chicken.
Fred, the Thai chili sauce, you made it before? I've tasted the flavors.
I'm familiar with them.
That sounds perfect.
And, Evan, you're gonna be concentrating on the turkey burger.
Evan: Never cooked a turkey burger, but I'm incredibly confident with grilling.
I grill at my house in Brooklyn, so I'm gonna blow some minds today.
I'll expedite.
We want big, bold flavors, all right? We're not playing games here.
Get your hands in here.
All: One, two, three, Blue Team! All right.
I believe that trust and communication are the key to success, so immediately out of the gate, I'm firing off commands on exactly what we do.
How many ounces you want the burgers to be? Five ounces.
There's not gonna be much reduction.
There's no fat in there.
We gotta move as a cohesive group.
- About to test the fish.
- Perfect, testing fish, perfect.
I want to lead us to victory.
That's really frickin' good.
Maybe just a little bit more chipotle.
- Man, that's a great job, Nick.
- Good.
Okay, guys, we're gonna do this kind of military style, so we're gonna have squad leaders.
Kim, you're in charge of the chicken station.
Stay focused on that.
Wuta, you help Kim with the chicken.
- Copy.
- Jamie, you're good on fish? - Beer batter and the fish, yeah.
- Okay, perfect.
We're gonna have Renee on burger station.
- You feel good with that? - Yes, I feel absolutely confident on that, yes.
Okay, awesome.
Red Team, we're gonna win this.
- One, two, three.
- All: We're gonna win! Sarah: Renee, we need to make sure that's seasoned right.
- I will.
- Perfect, yep.
I grill burgers all the time back at home in Oklahoma.
It's what I do, and it's what I'm comfortable with.
My husband always just sits back and he's like, "Can I do something?" I'm like, "No, just sit over there and be quiet.
" All right, guys.
Taste everything that you're seasoning.
Yep! - Guys, our first big challenge, season ten.
- Big time, big time.
Two amazing teams.
There's no easy dish across these three incredible dishes, right? The chicken, the jeopardy there, one's got a thigh, one's got a drum.
Joe: You have two chickens that are bone-in, So you gotta cook 'em all the way through.
If it's raw chicken at the poolside, it's gonna be a disaster.
Noah: How's the temperature on that oil? I'm good on the chicken.
Just realize, when we start dumping that, that temperature's gonna strain.
The fish, you gotta get that batter made, let those glutens start to just kind of release themselves.
Too much batter, you're gonna dry out the fish.
You gotta fry it just right.
This is a little bit too light.
- Make sure it's more golden.
- All right.
Gordon: And don't underestimate the power of a turkey burger.
The turkey burger, you know, super lean.
- Hard.
- Hard, 'cause there's no medium rare.
- It has to be perfect.
- Aarón: Not only that, turkey is inherently bland, so you've got to put a beautiful rub on it, something to lift it up.
Evan, you seasoning? Salt, pepper? Everything seasoned? I'm working on it.
Gordon: The most important thing, tasting everything.
Don't go and make the burgers without absolutely grilling one and then rectifying it and making sure it was actually on point.
Let's see if they can pull it off.
- How are you doing with the fish? - Good.
All I know is I'm going to kill this fish.
I have a bit of experience deep frying things just because I used to deep fry a lot in my mother's house.
And also I'm English.
We eat fish and chips all the time.
Noah: Guys, we got this.
Stay focused.
Sarah, come over please.
Let's go.
Tell me about who's doing what.
So I have Renee leading up the burgers.
Red Team, we're making burgers.
- Yes, Chef.
- Yes, sir.
- Has anyone tasted one? - Not yet.
- I haven't seasoned it yet.
- What? Do you have any idea how hard it is to actually season a burger after you've shaped it, cooked it? The seasoning's on the outside.
There's nothing on the inside.
Yes, Chef.
How can we not test everything before we go? I'm so frustrated, because immunity is on the line.
Renee is supposed to know burgers, and I took it at face value what people are saying their strengths are, and that was my mistake.
Get the whole mix back into the bowl, get it seasoned, get a pan on, and do a little mini slider.
- All: Yes, Chef.
- Get a grip.
Dorian: Don't lose it, don't lose it.
I got the burgers, guys.
Come on, we got this.
We got this.
The pepper is fine.
More salt.
We need to make sure that's seasoned right.
This is starting off on such a bad foot.
Renee wasn't seasoning the burgers.
I always season my burgers after I form 'em.
That's how I've always done 'em.
And I messed up, and I'm just kind of upset about them.
As soon as that's done, yell at me so I can come and taste it.
- I will.
- Perfect.
Red Team, Blue Team, two minutes, guys, until the judges' tasting.
Captains, pull your dishes together.
Cheese, give it to me right now.
It's right there behind you.
Okay, guys, bring the stuff up.
Bring up, right now.
Move, now.
Noah has a unique leadership style.
Taste, taste, taste! It's akin to a teacher that everyone hates.
"Subaru" oil, salt, pepper.
We're doing the same thing.
You've got to move with intensity.
Subaru, you're giving me anxiety.
Move with purpose.
Sam: He's just barking orders at the top of his lungs.
It's not the right way to do things.
- Sam, you gotta move.
- ( bleep ) - Are you good on that chicken? - I'm good.
- You gotta get it done, bro.
Let's go.
- I know.
I know how chicken should be cooked.
It's not rocket science.
Come on, come on.
Noah, let's go.
- Let's go, guys.
Time's up.
- Chef, all right, there we go.
- Who cooked the burger? - Evan cooked the burger, sir.
What is that seasoning on there? Some chili flakes, some salt, some pepper.
It's bland.
It's kind of one note.
All you taste is the chili powder and black pepper.
Here's the deal.
Chili powder is not the savior for everything, okay? - Yes, Chef.
- You gotta integrate other seasonings - to get that lifted up.
- Yes, Chef.
- Who cooked the chicken? - Sam cooked the chicken.
- For how long? - Cooked it for 12 minutes.
When blood's down the middle like that, and those clots there, what does that mean? That means that I messed up and I need to cook it longer.
What it means is you're sending someone to the hospital.
Yes, Chef.
The only one you've got actually decent here is the fish, - 'cause it's cooked beautifully.
- Ket nailed it.
The fish is perfect, chicken's a disaster, and the burger's embarrassing.
- I need to step up, clearly.
- What you need to do is play to your strongest strengths.
- Get a meeting with your team.
- Refocus, absolutely.
- Now, okay? Let's go.
- Guys, center up on me.
Noah: We have to tighten up the battleship.
We're already taking on water and we've not even gotten rolling.
Sam, your sticking on chicken.
It needs to be hotter.
Need to cook it longer.
Ket, your fish is spot-on.
Evan, refocus.
Season everything that you have here.
My ass is on the line here, so we have to refocus and move it forward.
Roll, guys! I'm the only one working the fryer with the chicken, and this is a bit of a disaster.
We're gonna need to literally, like, finish the chicken in the oven.
- I'm gonna crank that oven up.
- Sam: But as a trial attorney, I'm used to performing in high-stress situations.
So pressure definitely brings out the best in me.
I'm feeling very confident.
Bri: Go, Team Blue! Sarah: All right, come on, guys.
- Sarah, let's go, please.
- Sarah, come on.
Let's go.
Joe, the burger.
- Uh, looks pretty good.
Who cooked the burger? - Renee cooked the burger.
How do you want it? You want medium rare for all these guests? - Medium.
- This is overcooked.
Gordon: That is overcooked.
The burger needs to be medium rare going to medium, - not medium well going to dry.
- Yes, Chef.
Were you happy with this seasoning on the burger? The seasoning is pretty good.
I helped season it.
With the bacon and the cheese and everything, it might be too salty.
You have to compensate for what you're gonna put on the burger.
Right now, you're over the top.
- You've got to take that salt back, for sure.
- Yes, Chef.
- Who cooked the chicken? - Kim cooked the chicken.
The chicken's out of balance.
The crust is seasoned, but the meat itself is unseasoned.
So you gotta make sure you get salt on the chicken - Okay.
- and then do whatever you do with it.
- Who cooked the fish? - Jamie did, Chef.
- How long for? - About 10 minutes.
Now, fish look beautiful.
Seasoned beautifully.
Really good, indeed.
Thank you.
The peas look great.
They don't look like they're overdone, which is good.
They're not hammered.
So, here's the issues.
You've got two dishes you're under par and one dish beautiful.
Get your strongest cooks cooking those proteins.
- Yes, Chef.
- We may be down, but we're not out.
Get it together now.
I need to hear you lead.
All right, guys, come on, we need a huddle.
- Everybody come huddle.
- Let's go.
Okay, I'm gonna take over the grill with the burgers.
We need to put those burgers back in there.
They're too salty.
We need to add some eggs to it to dilute that.
- Okay.
- Renee, cut the onions.
Sarah: I know that I can do quality control on this.
I've made burgers a thousand times.
I need to do this myself.
Renee: I'm pissed on the inside because I didn't even get a chance to prove myself.
And now I'm cutting burger buns and doing onions.
Okay, that's perfect.
Make sure they all stay together in sheets.
- Thank you, Renee.
- Yep.
Fine, you don't want me on the grill, you deal with it.
Do you guys need help prepping the chicken? - I'm actually good on chicken.
- All right.
- We need to skin as many of these as possible.
- Okay.
Wuta: I'm a vegetarian, so I'm trusting Kimberly with taking the skin off the chicken, and hopefully we can get this done fast.
Come on, guys.
We got this.
We're not giving up.
All right, here we go, guys.
Guys, we're doing great, guys.
How are we doing here? What is this, Fred? This is the Thai chili sauce.
We're trying to just reduce it down so that way it's at the right viscosity.
Aarón: But do you see how much chili powder's in there? Joe: You know how spicy that's gonna be? - How hot is it? - Oh, my God.
Dude, here's the deal.
This is insanely hot.
I don't know what you guys are thinking, but that is almost inedible, okay? The last thing I want is for any judge to say that my food is inedible.
Aarón: Noah, come over here and taste that.
- That's really bad.
- Okay.
Can't wait to try it.
That ( bleep ) is spicy.
That's very hot.
Fred threw me a complete curveball with his damn Mordor lava Thai sauce.
I mean, liquid magma.
What did you just feed me? Holy hell, that is so hot.
What is that, Fred? I mean, it was like Satan's ( bleep ) was sitting on the pot.
Fred, all I taste is literally heat that's nonstop.
- Okay.
- My face is on fire.
I'm having dreams of being on fire, it's so hot.
I'm trying, I'm trying.
Gordon: Come on, Red Team, let's go.
- Kimberly, what are you doing? - I'm cooking the chicken, Chef.
Let's go.
Why is that not sticking? All the coating's come off.
What have you done there? Dear, oh, dear.
How many portions are you cooking? Nine are in there, Chef.
- Nine? - Yes, Chef.
- Sarah? - Yes, Chef? What's wrong with the coating? They're not even coated.
It's just like deep fried chicken.
You put them in the flour afterwards, right? I put them in the flour.
And why is the skin off? Come on, guys.
We left the skin on so the breading can stick to it.
Our job's twice as hard now because there's no skin.
- Yes, Chef.
- Clean out your fryer, okay? And start again.
Sarah: Oh, my God.
I've never had skinless fried chicken.
We're on "MasterChef.
" You should know how to cook chicken.
- Come on, people.
- Sorry, guys.
- Throw those away.
- This is a lot of chicken.
I'm freaking out.
I'm responsible for the chicken, and this challenge is for immunity.
Like, none of us want to lose.
- Red Team, Blue Team? - Yes, Chef? Our guests are arriving, look.
- Woman: Hi! - Welcome, guys! Let's get this party started.
- Hi, guys! - Welcome.
Jamie: I look up from the fryer and I see this train of "MasterChef" celebrities.
I see Emily.
I see Cesar.
So the pressure's on.
These people are expecting some good food.
Good to see you, Tommy.
It's my pleasure to be back.
- Oh.
How are you? - Yes.
I'm great.
- Good to see you.
- I'm thrilled to be back.
Enjoy lunch.
I can't wait to catch up with you later.
Mmm! Better be good.
You know I'm very picky.
- Right.
- I love that.
Go and help yourself to a delicious cocktail.
- Okay.
- Take care.
Fred: Seeing Jason Wang from season 8 is mind-blowing.
I look up to him immensely as a fellow Taiwanese man.
He is one of my biggest heroes, so I am definitely excited and nervous.
Red Team, Blue Team, just under 20 minutes until service.
- All right, guys.
- We got this.
Stay focused.
Let's get it going.
Let's go, let's go.
We have zero grilled burgers.
- Somebody help Sarah with those burgers.
- Come on, guys.
The fried chicken are skinless and not ready.
Let's make sure that we get this chicken perfect.
Hey, Kimberly and Wuta, I could fry chicken when I was six.
That chicken is not gonna be done.
It's crunch time.
Like, what are we gonna do? - Come on, let's go.
- Stay positive, y'all.
( chattering ) Red Team, ten minutes before we start serving.
We need to get our ( bleep ) together somewhere, guys.
Right now it feels like nine individuals in nine different areas of Hollywood.
Come together as a team.
Let's go, guys.
Come on, keep moving.
A hundred plates is no easy task, and we're all starting to crack under that pressure.
Sarah: We don't have our burgers ready.
Almost half of our chicken is skinless.
I need six pieces of chicken in the next two minutes.
We already have guests here.
This is go-time.
We need to start serving plates now.
Chins up, focus up.
We need to get this done.
Subaru, what are you doing, buddy? - We gotta move with urgency.
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm doing that.
- Gotta move.
- Yeah, I'm moving, I'm moving, I'm moving.
- What are you doing? - Is it even on? - Look, the grill's not on.
- Oh.
- Your grill's stone cold.
- Oh, my God.
I don't believe it's my fault, but that's not a good thing.
- Hey, big boy.
- Yes, sir? They're here for lunch, not dinner.
- Yes, sir.
- Noah, come here.
Yes, Chef! Subaru, now what? - The grill's not even on.
- Subaru, you're off grill.
We need to move a little bit, okay? - Yes, Chef.
- You need to wake up a little bit, okay? - Yes, Chef.
- Get a grip.
Cesar: It's an honor to be back and experience it from the other side.
The stress is not on me tonight, and I'm really happy.
Field challenges separate the men from the boys, the girls from the women, and I'm excited to see what flavors they're bringing to the kitchen.
I know! The cooks right now are stressed out.
The very first team challenge, it's a whole new territory.
It's really intense, you don't know what to expect, and you have to learn to work together for the first time on the show, so it's really crazy.
D'Andre: I'm expecting to see nothing but the best food.
This is the 10th anniversary.
Ten seasons of strong home cooks? It better be good.
I think that the expectation of these former contestants is so high, these guys have to deliver.
Aarón: And cooking for this amount of people with this kind of diligence, timing is gonna be key here.
You can't serve the chicken without the burger.
You've got to serve all three at the same time, right? - That makes it difficult.
- That's the big jeopardy this evening.
- How is that fish coming, Jamie? - Fish is coming great.
- Batter's perfect.
- Okay, how are those chips? - Crunchy as ever.
- Have you tasted them? Are they seasoned? Perfectly seasoned.
- Red Team, Blue Team.
- Yes, Chef? The guests have sat down.
We're starting to serve.
Let's go! Move with purpose! Focus, focus! I've got the fish waiting, guys, please.
Let's go.
I want six burgers, six fish, six chicken.
- Yes, Chef.
- Come on, guys.
- Where are those green beans? - Right here.
- We need them in.
- Dorian, you can cook and serve, Dorian.
- Damn.
- I need help with this.
I'm getting myself on fire.
Y'all need to slow down.
Just calm down.
I've got four chicken.
Where's the other two chicken? Uh, about 40 seconds, Chef.
Chicken and burger.
They've got to come together, guys.
- Yes, Chef.
- Jamie: We're all freaking out 'cause we're not sure how fast we need to do this or that or whatever.
Everybody's doing something different, saying something different, and I'm really stressed out at this point in time.
I need a whiskey or a cold beer really bad right now.
- Gordon: Let's go.
- Six burgers ready.
All right, go, go.
That's it, go.
Oh, my God.
- Sam, I need chicken, Sam! - Give me a minute and a half.
Sam, I'm gonna lose my ( bleep ) if you don't get that chicken up here.
Let's roll! It's pandemonium.
Noah is losing control.
I need burgers.
Somebody get on the next step.
Speed, speed.
You're moving faster.
Move, move.
Let's roll.
This is definitely not another day in the kitchen.
This is it's incredibly intense and aggressive.
- Make burgers, Evan! Move! Now, Move, move.
- Give me one - Need to add cheese - Go make burgers.
Go make burgers.
Go make burgers.
Aarón: All right, set me up with six more, Noah.
let's go! - Toast buns, now! - You got it.
Oh, my God.
Liz, those buns better not be burnt.
I'm just telling you right now, young lady.
What is going on? We don't need 60 on.
They're gonna burn - before we put them on.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
We've got to get our heads out of our ( bleep ).
Liz, Liz, that's not the way to do it.
That's not the way to do it.
I'm not serving people like that.
- Okay.
- That's being a hack.
- We don't do that here on "MasterChef.
" - Okay.
I'm just mortified and I want to just shove my head into the deep fryer.
Mentally, I am preparing myself for whatever this elimination challenge is because we're just going down the gutter at this point.
Oh, no! Feedback? Any comments? Yeah, I think this is a little bit raw.
It's definitely rare.
Ooh, I'm sorry about that.
- I gotta go bring this raw chicken back.
- Okay.
Gordon: Come on, Red Team.
We still have 75 plates left to go.
We gotta get this out, guys! - Wuta, chicken.
- I got chicken coming.
Gordon: Come on, Red Team! - How's the chicken? - It's ice cold.
- Come here.
- Jamie, how long that fish? Just touch that.
Where have they been? I've got one hot and five cold.
Store them in the oven.
Where is the standards, Red Team? Come on, guys? Is that chicken back in now? Yes, Chef.
- Joe: Chef? - Yes? - This chicken is raw.
- No.
Oh, no.
Hey, Red Team, come here, quickly.
This is a big problem.
We got raw chicken all over the pool downstairs.
Oh, my God.
- Raw chicken.
- We have raw chicken.
You're gonna make people sick down there if you're sending down raw drumsticks.
Joe: It's a disaster.
I cannot believe we're serving raw chicken.
If we don't get this back on track, we're gonna lose.
Hey, who's cooking the chicken? I'm cooking the chicken now.
- Out of the fryer, into the oven! - Yes, Chef.
Come on! Blue Team, where are the burgers, please? - I'm waiting on the patties, Chef.
- Oh, come on! I've got the chicken, I've got the fish.
Where are the burgers? I need the burgers.
- How much on burgers? - Evan: Um - Noah: Evan, how much time? - Guys! Blue Team, look! Noah: Oh, my God.
Pull burgers, now! Pull burgers! - Come on, guys! - Pull burgers! - Evan, pull burgers! - All right.
Evan: I know what I'm doing.
I'm pissed at Noah.
I can't magically cook these things in a quicker fashion.
- Gordon: Let's go.
- That's a pretty terrible idea.
- Oh, come on, guys - Yeah, raw.
- Right, now I'm seriously worried, okay? - Yes, Chef.
The biggest season ever, with the most ( bleep ) food poisoning.
- I'm done.
I'm done.
- Yes, Chef.
- Oh, come on, guys.
- Yes, Chef.
- Yeah, raw.
- Blue Team, right now, I'm seriously worried.
- Yes, Chef.
Yes, Chef.
- Okay? I'm done.
Noah: This is one of the best things that could possibly happen, because whenever a frigging world-class chef grabs your food and he turkey-burger-grenades it against the wall, if that doesn't wake you up, then get the hell out of the kitchen.
Hand me that tray of burgers right now.
I'm gonna take over.
I'm on the grill.
- There you go.
- Hand me those burgers! There you go, exactly.
Burgers are a couple minutes out, guys.
Sam: If we win this challenge, it's Noah's win, and if we lose this challenge, it's Noah's loss.
- I'm on top of this right now.
- That's the responsibility that comes with being captain.
But he can take it.
- Hey, Blue Team, are we giving up? - No, sir! No, Chef! - Come on, teamwork.
Let's go! - Let's move.
( chattering ) Red Team, Blue Team, we're halfway there.
Ket: Heard, Chef.
Red Team, the six fish are here.
How long for the burgers? How long for the chicken? Sarah: Kim, where are you on chicken? - What? - Do you have six ready to go? No, we do not have six ready to go.
I've got the fish waiting, guys, please.
Let's go.
How long for the burger, please? Sarah? Jamie: Sarah, are you okay over there? - Sarah, talk to me.
- Shari: What do you need help with? - Do you need help with the grill? - Man: Sarah, what's - Red Team, talk to each other.
- Woman: What can I help with? - Man: Sarah.
- Sarah.
Sarah! Michael: I'm used to running teams.
I have my own business flipping houses, and I know the key to success is all about communication and teamwork.
Hey! How long for the burger, please? Dorian: Chef is talking to you.
Michael: Sarah's not communicating.
She's just cooking herself, and I feel like we were a ship without a captain.
Michael, I need the burgers.
I'm waiting on ( bleep ) chips.
How can you be waiting on chips? What the ( bleep )? Oh, my gosh.
- Sarah, come here a minute.
- Yes, Chef? Your team aren't coming together.
You stay here, you get somebody else on the burgers, and you run your team.
- Michael, on the grill.
You're doing burgers now.
- You got it.
I have to get this team back on track.
This is the 10th anniversary pool party.
I need all hands on deck, and make sure that this runs smoothly.
Sarah, now you can see what's not coming together.
- Six, six, and six.
- Thank you, Chef.
( chattering, laughing ) - I need burgers on the fly, guys.
- Yes, Chef.
I need at least one to get me out.
If I don't get those burgers, all this other food is gonna die.
- Evan, how you doing? - I'm seasoning up the next meat or else we'll have no burgers to fire.
Evan, you're moving like we're literally in a choir practice.
Move! We gotta get these burgers on now.
- I'm working on it.
- Now.
- Not "working.
" Now.
- Copy.
Move with the burgers.
Evan, burgers! Son of a gun, move.
Subaru, what are you doing, buddy? Stay on task.
Dear God.
Lord of mercy.
- Subaru! - What are you doing, Subha? - Oh, okay, all right.
- Noah: Move, Subha.
This is not a nursing home.
Noah: Subha, he was like a blind person in a round room.
He's acting like he's never been in a kitchen.
Truly! I need a hotel pan.
Subaru, on the fly, right now.
- Hold on, hold on.
- Now! Don't hold your finger up.
Move! Cooking is the way I relax, and I cook for my family and friends all the time.
But I've never cooked for so many people before, so I'm very stressed.
- Are the chips cooked? - Fred: How's on chips right now? Noah: Subha.
Subha's literally moving like he has a closed head injury.
Subaru, you're killing me, man.
Subha is literally messing everything up.
Noah: Subaru, fire the onions! Move! He comes to my fish station.
He's in my way.
No! Excuse me, Subha.
- What do you want me to do? - Just let me finish, pretty please.
Hey, you.
You're like dog ( bleep ), always in the middle of the road.
Get the ( bleep ) out of there.
- What are you doing? - I am - Come here.
- Yes, Chef.
I was What are you doing? Come here.
Go and water my plants.
Go and water the plants in that middle one.
And the big palm tree as well.
Do something useful! Unbelievable.
( bleep ) unbelievable.
Come on, Red Team.
Let's go, please.
Speed up, now.
Let's go.
Absolutely, Chef.
I need the burgers, guys.
I need the burgers.
Where are the burgers, please? Michael: I don't know if they're done.
- Did you check these? - I don't know.
Give me burgers.
- I'm working on it.
They're not done yet.
- Come on.
I'm just feeling a little frustrated right now at Sarah because there's no leadership.
There's already burgers sitting on the grill.
I have no idea how long they've been there.
One more burger, and two.
Two burgers on the tray behind you.
Thank you.
What the hell? Oh, dear.
Red Team! - Just touch that.
- It's ice.
It's raw.
Honestly, I've never seen such a fragmented team.
You're all shoving ( bleep ) out.
- Can you see that? Look at it.
Look at it.
- Yes, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.
- So if you want to lose this challenge, continue working like you are.
If you want this challenge, step up.
And the Captain, you stay here and you coordinate your team, okay? If we don't work together right now and pull our crap together, we're gone.
Raw chicken, now raw burger.
Season ten.
Season ( bleep ) salmonella! ( chattering ) - Who cooked that? - That was on me.
At this rate, there'll be no former contestants left.
Get it together.
You have only 24 plates left to turn this around.
We have to show these people that we deserve to be on "MasterChef.
" We can't screw this up.
Everything has to be perfect.
- Hey, have we given up? - All: No, Chef! - Come on, then, guys.
- We can recover from this, but we just need to focus.
( music playing ) How are those burgers coming, Michael? Michael: I'm gonna cut one open.
I gotta check.
- Now they look beautiful.
- ( murmuring ) Hello, everyone.
Let's talk about the food.
How is it? Did you get to taste everything? That beef burger's killer.
I mean, it's perfectly cooked for it.
They did that nice little bit of, like, a mustard grain to it, and I love that.
That brings out a really nice subtleness to it.
Beautifully done.
( cheering, laughing ) All right, everybody, start prepping your next six.
- Jamie, six fish.
- Yes? I'm dropping them right now.
Six more pieces of chicken, Kimberly.
Yes, Chef! We have three in the oven, and Wuta's got six right there.
Sarah, at this point, she is like G.
Put 'em on the plate right now.
And she's barking out orders and she's commanding this team, and it feels good.
Do not send anything out until I have eyes on it.
I feel like there is a chance that we can turn this around.
- Guys, let's go! - We in it to win it.
We in it to win it.
- Good, there you go.
- Yeah, we got this, Chef.
All right, let's go.
Set me up with six more, Noah, let's go.
- Roll again! Do it again.
- Fish is ready.
All right, six more burgers.
- Red Team, fish.
- Yeah? Definitely needs more seasoning.
- More seasoning.
It's bland.
- Totally bland.
Such a shame.
This fish is banging over here.
- Blue Team, cod.
- So good.
- Not too spicy? - No, no, it's perfect.
All right, so definitely Blue Team for the fish.
Yeah, for sure.
Blue Team, last table, guys, let's go! Ket: Fish coming up in one minute.
Ket, this is amazing.
We just need six of each, guys.
Love y'all.
All right, guys.
All hands on deck.
Let's go.
We're on a final push.
Let's go.
Final push, guys.
Final push.
These last ones have to be perfect.
- Fish is here.
- Awesome.
- Let's go! - Go, go, go.
- Talking, we got this.
- Let's go, guys.
- I need one more burger.
- Right here, baby.
There you go.
All right, beautiful job.
All right, guys, you're done.
Last two, guys.
Come on, let's go.
There are good.
Get it perfect.
- Let's go.
- We're done.
- Blue Team? Job done.
- Yes, Chef.
- I'm gonna check in with the guests.
- Yes, Chef.
Good job, everyone.
Noah: I feel blessed that I was on this team.
We did a lot of things very strong, but a lot of things we slacked in, and I take full responsibility of that.
All right, Blue Team on three.
One, two, three.
All: Blue Team! I'm proud of my team, but having Sarah, a true alpha, lead that team, you never can write that team off.
That woman is as tough as nails.
Hope our flavors were there, hope our cooks were there.
I feel like the military really did a good job in prepping me for this because Gordon definitely puts a lot of pressure on people.
- All: One, two, three, Red! - There you go.
All right.
Hey, how are we? Good to see you.
- How'd it go out there? - That was a tough one.
- Tough one, huh? - Are we good? - We're good.
- Oh, my Lord.
- Good to see you.
- How are you? Sit down, come on.
Thank you so much for coming back.
Tell me about the food.
What was your favorite part? The fish for the Blue Team phenomenal cook, great crust.
The only issue I had with it, the sauce was too spicy.
You couldn't taste the fish.
Red Team, Blue Team, which one did you like better? Red Team's fish singlehandedly is the best dish out of all of them.
It was crunchy, it was perfectly cooked.
So, what did you guys think about the food? - Uh - Be honest.
Red is definitely significantly better than the Blue.
- Yeah.
- We think, the winner in this situation.
- I was Team Red.
- And favorite dish? Uh, the fried chicken.
The corn flakes? It was nice.
- Interesting.
Favorite dish from the Blue? - The fish.
The fish.
What was your favorite dish? - Blue Team's burger.
- The Red Team chicken was pretty slamming, but overall the Blue, I think, knocked it out of the park.
You're making it more difficult for us.
- Yeah.
- I'll see you later.
( cheering ) It's so good to see so many amazing familiar faces that are all part of this incredible "MasterChef" family.
Thank you for ten amazing seasons.
( cheering ) Let's all raise our glasses to ten more! - Yes.
- Congratulations.
Now give it up for the talented home cooks that cooked today's incredible lunch.
The Red Team and the Blue Team, ladies and gentlemen.
( cheering ) I know that all of you had a lot of fun at this party.
But the fun is about to end.
The losing team, as always, will be facing elimination.
Gordon: Red Team, you struggled throughout, but your flavors were on point.
Blue Team, you had issues with organization, but managed to come together as a team in the end.
We spoke to all our guests, and we've made our final decision.
The winning team of today's extraordinary challenge congratulations to the Blue Team! Yeah! That's what I want, baby! Touchdown, baby.
Losing my mind.
- Well done.
- I couldn't be happier right now.
Truly one of the greatest things that ever happened to me in my life.
Blue Team, congratulations.
Red Team, you'll be facing a tough elimination challenge back in the MasterChef kitchen.
- Off you go.
Thank you.
- Sarah: Okay.
Gordon: Get both those kitchens absolutely spotless.
Sarah: This sucks.
We lost, and I feel personally responsible for everything that happened on our team.
- I'm really sorry, guys.
- Wasn't your fault, darling.
- Blue Team, congratulations.
- Thank you, Chef! - Are you ready to celebrate? - Yes, Chef! 'Cause we're all gonna jump into the pool.
- Let's go, baby! - Let's go! Gordon: Let's go, Blue Team.
I am on the winning team! Aah! I'm so excited.
It's so awesome.
( cheering ) We should've never sent out raw food.
Like, period.
Losing the first team challenge sucks.
And I just got to focus up and get ready for whatever they throw at us for this elimination.
I just don't want to go home.
( music playing ) Aarón: Come on! With a little pep in the step! Welcome back.
Let's go! I feel awful right now, going into this elimination.
Because at the end of the day, it's about how well the team performed, and our team did not perform well.
Knowing we have immunity is a wonderful, refreshing feeling.
I cannot wait to get to the balcony.
Right, welcome back, everybody.
That was one hell of a party yesterday.
All you guys were all over the place.
We forgot our positioning, our discipline, and more importantly, our communication.
Do you have any idea what it was like for us to see all those returning incredible contestants, and we sat there feeling slightly stupid? And now, some of you tonight face elimination.
Jamie: I don't like to lose, ever.
So I'm a little bitter, I'm a little pissed.
I'm not used to somebody telling me I'm not good enough.
Sarah, you were the captain of the Red Team.
- What happened? - Everything just unraveled.
The weak performers on your team Get straight to the point.
Who were they? I was the team captain, and I'm gonna put myself out there.
I didn't lead my team to victory.
And now we're going into an elimination challenge.
It sucks.
You were let down in so many ways yesterday.
Why? I went into it like a military, um, mission.
The benefit of training with the military - is we have months of preparation.
- Stop.
- Whilst I respect the months of training - Yes, Chef.
- holy mackerel.
Burger talk here.
Come on! - Yes, Chef.
Who else made mistakes on the Red Team? Put your hands up.
- There you go, right there.
- Yes, Chef.
You're the captain.
What you've just confirmed to me, you've got no voice.
Blue Team, you pulled off a victory yesterday, but it was an ugly one.
Let's look on the bright side, though.
One shining light was the coconut-crusted fish - that Keturah cooked.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you.
- It was the showstopper of the pool party.
- Noah, you were the captain.
- Yes, Chef.
Even though you won, what went wrong on your team? I did not allocate resources properly out of the gate.
When people said they could do something, I just believed in a couple things.
I screwed up in that regard, and I take full responsibility for that.
Noah, I'm curious to which member of your team let you down the most.
Because even though your team won, it was clear to us that not everyone was pulling their weight.
This is season ten, and every cook counts.
So here's the twist.
Now you'll be faced with a monumental decision.
Someone from your team, the winning team, will also be facing elimination tonight.
- Wow.
- Yes, Chef.
And, if you choose, you can actually pick yourself.
The choice is yours.
If I would have lost, I'd fall on the sword right now.
So, who from your winning team will face elimination? - Um - Fred: At this point, I'm panicking, because bottom line is, we all messed up, so it really could be anybody.
My team felt pretty strong in the ability.
But there was one, of course, that I felt was really kind of hurting us.
Who is it, please? I believe Subha was hurting us immensely.
That's not I don't think that's fair.
Gordon: Next time on "MasterChef" - Aarón: Let's go.
- an elimination challenge that brings the heat.
- Whoa! - Oh, God.
And a twist no one sees coming.
- Oh! - Go on, Chef.
Please put on your blindfolds.
How is this covered in insurance? Holy crap-balls.
And for one, it will be the last time they cook in the MasterChef kitchen.
Somebody has to go home.