Masterchef (2010) s10e25 Episode Script

The Finale, Part 2

Gordon Ramsay: Previously on "MasterChef" Welcome to our incredible season ten grand finale.
- Let's go! - You're about to see the best three home cooks in America.
Time for a perfect three course meal.
- Aarón: The pressure is higher than ever.
- Gordon: Pomme soufflé, the most difficult soufflé on the planet.
Are you crazy? That is one stunning appetizer.
Nick is scatterbrained right now.
- This is the highest stakes we've had.
- All or nothing.
Let's get one thing clear.
You know how to wow.
I'm nervous.
I'm taking it to the next level.
You took a big risk and it paid off.
I feel good about this dish.
It may look rustic and simple, but it does pack a punch.
Three outstanding appetizers.
It is still anybody's game.
It's time to start the entree course.
You think that's a big risk to take? It is a risk, but this is my wow dish.
Stop the clock.
There's a twist.
Oh, you gotta be joking.
Gordon: Tonight, our finale continues We have a huge decision ahead of us.
I don't want to go home.
as the talented home cooks battle it out for the MasterChef title.
Every detail counts.
It all comes down to this.
I can't get this close and go home.
Restaurant quality without a doubt.
I think I have the upper edge.
It could be a disaster, but it could be great.
- Are they cooked? - ( bleep ) America's next MasterChef is ( music playing ) Look at me.
Stop the clock! Uh-oh.
I told you, season ten, it is the season of twists, so you need to be ready.
After this entrée course, one of you will be eliminated.
- Noah: Oh, man.
- Whoo! - ( bleep ) - All three of you focus on cooking us right now the best ever entrée, because somebody will be leaving this finale - before it's even through.
- Wow.
- Understood? - Yes, Chef.
Start the clock.
Let's go! Come on! Baby, you got this, sweetheart.
- Watch the clock! - Go, Mommy! Go, Nick! Cook your heart out! If that doesn't light a fire under you, - I don't know what will.
- Yeah, yeah.
Somebody's going home after this entrée round.
They gotta kick it up another level.
This could the last dish they ever cook in this kitchen, and they just found out.
- 28 minutes.
- Come on, baby.
- Right, Nick.
- Yes, Chef.
- How you doing? - I'm doing well, Chef.
Sadly, after this, one of you will be going home.
- Yes, Chef.
- How does that sound? - It sounds great.
- What? ( laughter ) - Go, Nick! - Yeah, Nick! I like pressure, Chef, so I think that helps fuel the fire.
- Good luck, yes? Come on.
Keep it going.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Looking great, Mom.
- Aarón: All right, Dorian, what do you have left to do? I'm waiting on the meat and on my potatoes.
- And how are you gonna present that? - Under these domes, and then I'm gonna take the smoker and smoke the whole plate.
- A lot of it hinges on the success of these short ribs.
- Yes.
I'm praying to the pressure cooker gods that I don't go home before the dessert round.
- Nice.
- Amen.
Stay on your game, Nick.
Stay on your game.
So, first thing, the entrées.
Nick is really going all out on this one.
He's steaming the bass.
It's not a fish that steams well.
It doesn't give it much flavor, does it? It just sort of makes it even blander.
I would be worried about that if I were Nick.
Gerron: You need to taste one of those pieces of fish.
Taste it! ( cheers and applause ) Yeah.
- Right, young lady, how you feeling? - Good, Chef.
When we slice through that lamb that needs to have rested.
- Yes, Chef.
- When do you take it out of the oven? - At what stage? - I'm taking it out right now.
- Smart.
- Just a little bit before medium rare.
- Wow, Sarah, look at that.
Look at that color.
- It looks amazing.
Foil on top to protect the bones.
- And slice at the very last moment, right? - Yes, Chef.
We're 12 minutes to go.
Focus, okay? - And good luck.
- Yes, Chef.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you.
Woman: Come on, Sarah, you got this! Bri: Sarah chose to do an herb crusted lamb, and, honestly, I think it's a bit safe.
I just would've liked to see something new and fresh, which I think the other two are doing.
Gordon: Ten minutes to go.
Last ten minutes.
Here we go.
This is it.
Dorian's turned off her pressure cooker.
This is the moment of truth now.
I don't wanna go home.
I don't wanna go home.
- You doing good, Ma.
- Let's go, Mom.
Let's go, Mom.
Here we go.
- ( cheers and applause ) - Aarón: Yeah.
She seems very pleased.
I like that, Dorian! I really wanna eat Mommy's food.
Straight out of the pressure cooker into the sauté pan, reducing the braising liquids.
She's on fire.
Gordon: So, Nick's got his books out.
- Look at that.
- Yes, indeed.
( chanting ) Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! She's gotta let the sauce cool down.
She needs to reduce that a lot now.
Gerron: Yeah, she does.
Six and a half minutes to go.
- ( cheering ) - Nick! Nick! You know what the secret ingredient in Nick's dish is? - A dash of madness.
- Yeah.
Looking like you wanna win, Mom! - Noah, who's got the edge? - Nick is on fire right now.
Dorian's plate is looking magnificent.
Sarah's pulling it together.
It's a heck of a show.
Just under three minutes to go.
Who's your money on? If Nick pulls this off, I think it's unbeatable.
I've never seen anything like this.
Don't worry about the haters.
You got it, baby.
If you were Dorian and Sarah right now watching Nick, what's going through your mind? - ( bleep ) - She's reducing down the burgundy sauce a little bit more.
Joe: I think Sarah's starting to panic a little bit.
She's obviously not happy, Sarah, with the consistency of the sauce.
- That's why it's still on her stove.
- Michael: Hey, sweetheart, - no worries.
You got this.
- Time? A little over two minutes, baby.
Oh, God.
Come on, Sarah.
Let's go! 90 seconds to go! Come on! He didn't let it smoke no time, man.
Man, he should've let it smoke to the last couple seconds.
Man: Here we go, Nick.
Joe: Ooh! - Sarah is slicing her lamb.
- Let's see.
( Sarah sighs ) - The husband's concerned.
- Joe: I'm concerned.
That looks stunning, baby.
Great job.
Whew! That lamb looks good.
Look at Sarah.
She's showboating her perfect medium rare.
Very unlike her, but I like to see that.
That is perfect.
All: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, - three, two, one.
- Hands in the air.
- Good job.
- Good luck.
Dorian: They're beautiful.
Well done.
It's amazing how quick 60 minutes fly, right, under pressure like that? And now it's time to taste those entrées.
The first entrée that we'd like to taste is from Dorian.
- Please bring your dish up.
- Noah: Let's go, Dorian.
Let's go, Dorian! - Come on, Dorian! - Heck, yeah.
Now, what is the significance behind this preparation? This is my rendition of my mom's roast, but just on a fun and elevated level.
Shall we? ( cheers and applause ) Aarón: Dorian, what have you made for us? An Applewood smoked short rib with a potato horseradish gratin.
I mean, it looks beautiful.
Um, I love the finesse.
It looks like you could do with a touch more sauce.
I love when I can look at a dish and already understand what the flavors and textures are gonna be in my palate.
But it's less aesthetically pleasing than I'd like to see.
Um, Dorian, it is absolutely delicious.
Go, Mommy! The short rib is real melt in your mouth.
The little baby radishes and the snow peas looked a bit foo-foo.
I want mushrooms, lardons, and more sauce, - so don't get too posh on me.
- People think of short ribs with deep dark rich flavors.
And you were able to lighten it up by rallying behind the fava beans and the spring peas, and that's hard to do.
- Thank you.
- I love the very pungent, acidic, potato gratin, the horseradish and that sweet pea purée, but I find this yellow plate very unappealing.
I wish that the aesthetic matched the simplicity and the elegance of the flavor of this dish.
Thank you.
- You did good, Mom.
- Great job, Mommy! Nick.
Looks textbook, Nick.
Looks textbook, baby.
Best plating of all time.
All right, Nick, what have you created for us? So, my dish is called the "All-Nighter.
" It's a steamed striped bass with a squid ink and celery root purée, and then a black truffle and white asparagus salad.
And then over the fish, I've painted this old book flavor that is made of wheatgrass, bourbon, hickory, and a couple other small things.
Nick, in ten seasons, this has to be the most intriguing presentation ever.
Joe: From a conceptual aspect, you've raised the bar to the highest point it can be raised, and that puts you on a very high wire with no net.
Nick, the fish is steamed beautifully, let's get that absolutely clear.
But I'm trying to get in-between your ears at the moment, because there's a lot going on here.
It's very sweet and it's very smoky.
That leaves you questioning, why so many elements - to one piece of fish? - Aarón: You know, Nick, I didn't think I was gonna enjoy the squid ink purée as much as I was going to.
But when it comes to the fish, that's underdone.
Underdone by a lot.
I think you can see that, right? A little disappointing.
But everything else that you have on this dish from the white asparagus to the melding of that mineral flavor from the squid ink is working.
It's just a shame that some of the the bass is not cooked right.
The skin is masterfully done.
- Thank you, Joe.
- The concept of trying to recreate a total experience, it is the highest form of cooking.
What I need to really understand is if tonight you mastered this dish.
Thank you.
- Good job, Nick.
- Good job, Nick.
Joe, was you fish cooked? Perfectly.
- And yours? - Yeah.
- All right.
- Mine's cooked.
Well, I got I got the funky one.
Next up, Sarah, please.
Bring your entrée, thank you.
- Michael: You got it, sweetheart.
- All right! Great job, sweetheart.
Great job.
Sarah, please describe your dish.
So, this is a herb crusted rack of lamb with a spring vegetable fricassee, a fava bean purée, and a burgundy sauce.
Visually, the lamb's cooked perfectly.
It's pink in the middle.
It looks delicious.
- Thank you, Chef.
- I agree with Chef Gordon.
This rack of lamb was cooked perfect.
- Thank you.
- Joe: The vegetables are beautiful.
The crust is colorful.
It could be the front cover of a food magazine.
The one point that I kind of, again, eating with my eyes, I look at those Tokyo turnips and I'm saying to myself, "Are they cooked?" Joe: I look at those Tokyo turnips and I'm saying to myself, "Are they cooked?" - I hope so.
- Shall we, gents? Sarah, the lamb's cooked beautifully.
Let's get that right.
It's like butter.
This rack of lamb, okay, is the premier league to what you came in with months ago, so congratulations on that.
Well done.
The disconnect for me is when you put a little fricassee of vegetables like this, it needs to be glazed, finished in, like, a minted butter.
And so I just wish you spent more time mastering those vegetables.
I think you've done so many beautiful things here, but I think the sauce on the lamb is underdeveloped.
I don't want it to be plain Jane.
I want it to be memorable.
For me, these vegetables are al dente.
And the seasoning or lack of sauce is really very, very courageous because what you're tasting is the actual vegetables.
The question is if that was your intention? Did you get lucky? I'm not sure.
- Thank you.
- Michael: Baby.
- Great job.
- ( whistling ) Sarah, Nick, Dorian, three outstanding entrées.
All three of you, well done.
But only two of you are going to the dessert round.
Right now we need a very serious moment to discuss.
Gentlemen, please.
Thank you.
( music playing ) - Three amazing entrées.
- Indeed.
Dorian's, the braised short rib, the gratin and the horseradish.
I wasn't a big fan of the foo-foo garnish, but the execution of that entrée with the Applewood smoke? I mean, if you said to me three months ago that Dorian would be presenting a short rib like that, I'd never believed you.
Yeah, the smoking did work.
It added a certain complexity and sophistication to the dish.
For me, what Dorian did that was kind of remarkable was to lighten up a traditionally very hearty and rich preparation, which is a short rib.
I get the simplicity behind the appetizer now, leading on to that super rich entrée.
- Aarón: Yeah.
- Gordon: That pairing was good.
Right, well, those scallops were cooked perfectly.
I just personally expected a little more.
Dorian: I'm pulling out all my passion and all my want for this title.
I can't get this close and go home.
Nick's entrée, for me, was the best of the night.
I think it was a triumph.
I thought it was well-executed.
And I think that's as good of a plate of that level of complexity I've ever seen from a cook that young.
You know, I can't really rally behind Nick's dish 'cause my bass was underdone.
Gravely underdone.
- He undercooked one of the three.
- It's good to see season ten with youngsters at 22 years of age coming in and executing dishes like that.
That part I absolutely love.
But my palate's angry because do I wanna taste a sea bass equivalent to an old book? No, I don't.
It's so dangerous, because he doesn't know where to say stop.
Now, add that bass to the beer pong.
The crab was delicious.
The pomme soufflé was salty and puffy and crunchy and the crab was perfectly fried and seasoned.
I just think you take the combination of the relish, the crab.
- I mean, the pomme soufflé had no business being here.
- No business.
Nick: With all these dishes I'm making tonight, I'm trying to send the judges a message that sort of says I'm new, I'm different, and I'm gonna make things that no one's ever made before.
And I like to think that these judges understand that to achieve greatness in food, you have to be crazy like this.
Gordon: Sarah's lamb.
That was a way better rack of lamb than many months ago when she came into this competition.
As a single item that we tasted in these entrées, the lamb was the most perfect thing presented to us.
You have one side of her dish that was so spot-on and so well-executed, but the vegetables had nothing memorable about it, and that sauce was boring.
Yeah, let's combine that incredible appetizer with those octopus and chorizo sausage.
Her chorizo is the biggest technical error that we saw.
But you can't take away from how well she cooked that octopus and made you, Joe, of all people, a believer - of frying octopus.
- Yeah, likewise.
Sarah: I know that I'm up against tough competitors, but Nick had an undercooked protein and Dorian's really plating more like a home-style cook rather than a MasterChef.
So, I think based off of those things alone, I have the upper edge and I deserve to be in this competition.
Gents, tough decision.
- Are we all in agreement? - Yes.
- Yeah? - Yes.
Oh, man.
( cheering ) Sarah, Nick, Dorian, three incredible entrées, and before that, three incredible appetizers.
But only two will move on.
This was not an easy decision to make, but the person whose journey in the MasterChef kitchen ends here is - Nick.
- Gerron: Oh! Young man, you plate food with such maverick-ness.
Tonight, the dish looked incredible, but, unfortunately, one of the sea bass was undercooked.
But, young man, let me tell you, your dream does not end tonight.
I love you, man! You're the man, Nick! I don't think I knew what I was getting myself into when I went to that audition.
( laughter ) But I can't thank everyone enough.
It's been amazing.
Nick, we've come to admire your out of the box thinking when it comes to food.
And I love the fact that you have the huevos to go to your parents and say I wanna go and become a chef.
Thank you, Chef.
The biggest compliment I could pay you is that after 40 years of having eaten every type of cuisine, your style and your ambition re-woke a sense I had for super intellectual, modernness style cuisine.
The type of people who shoot for the top at everything they do is such an admirable, courageous, and rare quality in this world.
It's a testament to you to have the courage to say that I want to play at the highest level in everything I do.
That said, if you wanted to come and work in any of my restaurants or if you wanted to come and hang out in Italy with me for awhile and get back to the basics of food, I'll take you under my wing.
- That's amazing.
- Whoa.
Nick, it's been a pleasure.
Please say good-bye to Sarah and Dorian and head upstairs.
Good job.
Good job.
Nick: It's hard to get so close, but not quite reach the goal.
But this journey that I've had has been incredible.
It's been one of the craziest, coolest experiences in my life.
I'll never forget all the memories that I had.
Right, Sarah, Dorian, congratulations to you two making it to the final cook-off.
It all comes down to this final course, your dessert.
Dorian, what are you gonna make? A lemon blueberry tart, but it's not a traditional tart.
Inside is going to be lemon pound cake, sweetened cream cheese - with toasted meringue.
- All right.
Sarah, what dessert are you making? A chocolate torte with a port wine ganache and a blackberry port reduction.
- Okay, very good.
- Gordon: Sarah, Dorian, this has to be the best dessert of your entire lives.
And that's the only item that stands between you becoming America's next MasterChef.
- Are you two ready? - Both: Yes, Chef.
Let's have 60 minutes on the clock.
Last cook in the kitchen.
The best of luck.
Your time starts now! Let's go.
So, this is it, one final cook-off dessert.
It's without a doubt the one course that you think the most about - when you finish a great meal.
- I think it's important that everyone understand that it's not just the best dessert that decides the winner.
It's all about the story from the app, the entrée, and that final course, - the dessert.
- Charles: That's right, baby.
Zest those lemons.
- Nice technique.
- Thanks for saying that.
Dorian: I came in strong as a baker and they're looking for me to shine, the pressure is on me, so it's time to step out of the box.
- That looks perfect, Dorian.
- Y'all know it's only butter and sugar.
Jamie: Does it need to be anything else? Sarah: Going into this dessert round, I'm definitely concerned about going up against Dorian.
She's known as the dessert queen.
I'm really gonna have to show multiple techniques.
I need perfection.
Noah: Slow and steady with that chocolate, Sarah.
That's looking good.
- Dorian.
How you feeling? - Yes, Chef? - I'm feeling pretty good, Chef.
- Tell me about this dessert, because it sounds like a newfound dessert.
- How'd you come up with the idea? - I made it up.
- Right.
- I just took elements that I grew up with from my mom baking.
I added some of me to it, and this is the dessert that I came up with.
- How are you plating this? - I have a special plate.
- Wow, that's beautiful.
Whose hands are they? - Yeah.
They represent my mom's hand.
- ( sighs ) - That's beautiful.
- That's a cool plate.
- That's her mom's hands.
- Hands that give, the hands that serve - Yes.
- and the hands that feed.
- That pop you over the head - when you're bad.
- That pop you on the head.
I love that.
Make it work, young lady.
Okay? Good luck.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Noah: Awesome.
( cheering ) She's with you, Dorian.
Incoming, Sarah.
- Sarah, is this - Hi, Joe.
I'm just curious, is this a flourless? It is.
You have a story with this dessert? This is one of my husband's and my favorite desserts to have at home.
And since the theme of my menu is food and wine, the perfect ending to a tasting of wine would be with a port.
There's no more classic pairing than port and chocolate, so it seemed like the perfect dessert.
You know the idea with chocolate, it's very rich, it's very decadent.
Do you feel you have enough components on this dish - to balance out? - Yes.
I'm doing a lot of citrus elements in it, a little bit of orange zest and then cinnamon, some vanilla.
So you're making a port reduction, right? Now what is the big mistake we see all the time in the MasterChef kitchen? - Not cooking off all of the alcohol.
- Exactly.
- Do you have a plan? All right.
- I started it early.
- Best of luck.
- Thank you, Joe.
Thank you, Chef.
Gordon: Ladies, halfway.
30 minutes gone, 30 minutes left.
Come on.
- Gerron: Let's go, ladies! - You got it.
You got it, baby.
Let's go, Dorian! So, with Dorian's dessert, it's a new concept of dessert, and she's taking two desserts, combining into one.
- Joe: So it's cake inside a tart? - Gordon: That's right.
The dessert sounds a little bit confused to me.
Yeah, but I just love the idea that she's doing something new.
It might be a bigger risk than a contestant should take in the finale round of "MasterChef.
" Reducing nicely, baby.
You got it.
- Yeah, it smells really good.
- Good.
Gordon: Sarah's doing a chocolate torte with a port wine reduction.
The jeopardy there, of course, is the chocolate.
Joe: When you start talking about ganache, you see butter, you see chocolate, you see port.
- All very dense items.
- With dessert, it should be something that you can't resist.
You want another spoonful.
Is her dish too rich and too decadent? Gordon: We have exactly 15 minutes remaining.
Come on.
Oh, Sarah's is beautiful.
- Shari, who's your money on? - My money's on Sarah.
- Why? - First of all, chocolate.
And second of all, I feel like it's a little bit more technical.
- Michael: Lots of time.
- Wuta: Nice, Sarah.
- That looks beautiful.
- Let's go, Dorian! Gerron, minutes away from giving up your title.
My money's on Dorian, Chef.
She's using all of those dope Southern flavors.
I think she's gonna take it home.
Come on, everybody, it's postre time! - Sarah's tuiles have just come out.
- Aarón: Love that.
So now is the most exciting moment.
Everything comes out of the oven.
We'll understand the quality of what we're gonna eat.
- What do you guys think? - I think the cake inside of a tart is weird.
Good little technique with the tuile coming off the hot platter.
Joe: That's a very hard precision technique.
Getting that right is not easy.
Look at the fascination now.
Putting those layers together.
Aarón: This is so unorthodox, this technique.
Can anyone create a new dessert today? Gordon: Five minutes remaining.
The trophy, the title, the experience in our kitchens, it all comes down to this.
Come on.
Now, Sarah is including that port wine across the chocolate torte.
For me, it's a little bit too liquidy and it can bleed into that chocolate torte.
Going for the meringue.
Gordon: Why not pipe that Italian meringue on? Joe: Yeah, that would be certainly more professional.
I think you've seen the real home cook in her come out.
Two minutes! Here we go! Sweetheart, you got this.
- Crowd: Dorian! Dorian! - Gordon: Wow.
Look at Dorian now.
Oh, my God.
This looks awesome.
You gotta be careful here not to burn it too much.
Gordon: Sarah, she's putting the quenelle of ganache over.
Joe: It all looks very heavy to me.
They're two opposite sides, because I think Dorian's dessert, to me, looks very light.
One minute remaining.
Come on! ( cheering intensifies ) Woman: Sarah! Sarah! Come on, you guys.
You can do it.
Woman: Stay focused, Sarah! Stay on your plate! Don't worry about her! She shouldn't have finished that early.
I would've spent more time on the meringue, make sure the spikes are perfect.
There's so many things that she could've done.
Come on, Sarah.
- Come on, Sarah.
- Come on, Sarah.
Gentlemen, that looks like a big amount of salt on Sarah's dish.
All: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
Joe: That's it! Hands in the air! Good job.
Good job.
Looks nice.
Looks nice.
That's amazing! That's a winning dish.
- That looks really good.
- So good.
I'm just hoping and praying that everything goes the way that I feel like it it's supposed to.
I feel like I'm suppose to win this thing for my family.
Dorian: I stepped out on faith and I took a chance on myself and it got me into the finale of "MasterChef.
" So, I'm just ready for the confetti to fall.
What an incredible 60 minutes, and your final plate.
Now, it's time for our final tasting.
Gents, shall we? Ooh, moment of truth.
Right, Dorian, please present your dessert.
Thank you.
- You got it, Dorian.
- I do love this plate idea.
Gordon: Thank you.
Dorian, describe your dessert please.
It is a lemon blueberry tart with toasted meringue, with a cream cheese filling, blueberries, and a pecan crust.
But when you cut into it, you're not gonna get that traditional custard.
You're gonna get a nice fluffy pound cake.
Can you give us an insight to the plating and why, please? My mom passed away two years ago, and these are her hands.
This plate is my way of bringing her into the kitchen.
- It's okay, D.
- Gordon: Take your time.
( sighs ) Noah: Got you, D.
If she were here today, she would be so happy that I took a chance on myself and that I actually listened to her for once.
( laughter ) So, visually, it looks beautiful.
It's appetizing, because it's like the hands that feed.
It looks enticing.
But what's it called? Because you've compiled two desserts into one.
- What was mum's first name? - Phyllis.
- So it's a Phyllis tart.
- Thank you.
So, shall we, gents? Mm-hmm.
All right, so I'm gonna give it a cut and then we can really get to the inside.
So, let's take a good look at what we have here.
That's beautiful.
It's a lot of action going on in here.
I'm hoping that it all works together.
Dorian capital D for me.
I mean, really delicious.
The blueberries with the acidity, delicious.
The cream cheese, the frosting, amazing.
You've tackled one of the most difficult meringues on the planet.
It needs a touch more momentum so it doesn't drop so quick.
My only regret is that Phyllis wasn't sat next to me tasting this thing.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
The fact that you chose this epic moment to be able to try something that's new and unchartered, I think says so much about your journey.
I just wish it was tampered down with the sweetness just a bit.
Thank you.
So, Dorian, every time I eat some of your food, I feel like I get to know you better.
- Thank you.
- And that's an amazing talent to be able to communicate through your food like that.
It's what we ask for here, tell your story on a plate.
That being said, we are in the finale of the tenth season, and there are contestants like the one standing behind you that are bringing perhaps a more restaurant type presentation to their dishes.
So, the question in my mind is perhaps one of the best homemade desserts that I ever ate in my life, is that enough to win the tenth season of "MasterChef"? - Thank you, Dorian.
- Thank you.
Please, Miss Sarah, can you bring down your dessert? - Beautiful, Sarah.
- Micah: Stunning work.
Sarah, can you please describe your dish? I have chocolate torte with a orange zest ganache, a cocoa nib tuile, and a blackberry port reduction.
Visually, it looks beautiful.
I mean, I love the chocolate ganache, the sheen.
Love what you've done with the tuile.
Restaurant quality without a doubt.
Now, with this amount of decadent chocolate, do you feel that it's gonna be balanced enough? I do.
So, I finished the ganache off with some Maldon, as well as the orange zest in the ganache.
Good girl.
- Shall we? - Yes.
Sarah, absolutely delicious.
Love it.
It is it's dense, it's rich, which is what you want from a chocolate dessert.
And the actual flourless cake, it's actually quite light.
Way lighter than I expected, but I would prefer just a little bit more gooey inside.
Like an erupting volcano of lava and chocolate.
- Good job.
- Sarah, if you're a chocolate lover and you get this dish right here, you're in pure heaven.
It is so rich and so over the top.
But, you know, for me, this needs cream.
It needs something to lighten it up, 'cause there's so much density in the actual cake itself.
It's delicious, but I don't know - if I wanna keep going back to it.
- Okay.
Joe: I don't entirely agree.
I am very, very pleasantly surprised that it is very well balanced.
It's something I would eat the whole portion of.
The blackberry port sauce is excellent.
The port is rendered properly, no alcohol.
Just all the sweetness of the wine.
Now, I know each of us have a dessert like this in our restaurant.
The question is, is this cake ready for one of my restaurants? I need to think about that.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Great job, Sarah! Sarah, Dorian, let me tell you, those desserts were absolutely incredible.
The three of us are about to make the toughest decision of this season.
Please excuse us.
What an incredible cook-off.
A lot to process there.
It's a competition in search of the best amateurs across the country.
- Two great finalists.
- Dorian's menu? Gordon: Dorian came in with those pan-seared scallops, the shellfish plate to her DNA.
Joe: She executed the cook on the scallops, which as we know is very difficult to do perfectly.
It didn't really come together like a restaurant dish.
It looked like home cook food, but it was delicious home cook food.
Gordon: That short rib screamed her.
"Remember me for my flavor, not through my presentation.
" Beautifully done.
A little something denser, - more hearty in your entrée.
- Gordon: Yeah.
And then she put together a dessert I've never seen before.
I didn't think it was gonna work.
Cutting through there? It was incredible.
- Man! - The best thing I like about that dessert is that it was honest and it was her.
Her menu best spoke to her taking low country cuisine and elevating it with better ingredients, modern technique, and creating this new southern style of cooking, and I can see Dorian being a leader in that future.
Oh, man.
Gordon: Sarah's first off, the octopus.
Way too heavy to start.
The chorizo did not work at all.
You take away the chorizo on Sarah's appetizer dish, what are you left with? Something that's pretty flawless, right? The octopus was delicious.
It was just overload.
Then we're on to the heavy lamb.
Joe: I think the single best thing I ate tonight was her rack of lamb.
- Yeah.
- Professionally cooked.
- Yeah.
- Perfectly executed.
Herb crust, pink, delicious, succulent.
Everything you could want from a lamb.
- Vegetables, a little bit lacklust.
- They were safe.
It was a little bit confusing and simple.
Sarah's dessert was trying to recreate a restaurant dessert.
- Aarón: Yeah.
- Joe: It was a very good interpretation of a flourless chocolate cake, which is not easy to do.
Yeah, but it was heavy, rich.
- It needed relief.
- Gordon: Now, Sarah's menu? I think she just picked her greatest hits, - things that she's seen that are very popular - Sure.
and then tried to fit them in this mold of a menu.
- Yeah, exactly.
You're absolutely right.
- You know? But in Sarah's defense, playing to her ambition of restaurant style food, she went with a wine pairing theme, and I think she was successful.
Guys, think of it this way.
We're about to give away a quarter of a million dollars, the MasterChef trophy, and most importantly, a chance to train in all three of our restaurants.
Who do you trust in our kitchens, Aarón? I know who it is.
It's clear to me.
Then we're all in agreement.
( crowd cheering ) ( music playing ) Oh, my God.
( cheers and applause continue ) Good job, ladies.
Dorian: I've had to fight for everything in my life, and I fought my way here.
You know, I'm 45.
Let me be an example that it is absolutely never too late to conquer those dreams that you've had.
I need this win and my family needs this win.
Sarah: Waiting for this final decision, it's everything that I've worked for.
I came out of a career in the military, and this feels like it's the first thing that I'm doing for me.
But at the same time, I want to prove to my kids that it's okay to follow their hearts and do whatever they wanna do in life.
Sarah, Dorian, you both arrived many months ago as two talented, humble, amateur cooks.
And for getting to this point, both of you are going to receive the most amazing Viking kitchen.
Congratulations, both of you.
Well deserved.
But only one of you can take home all the prizes.
There's a check for a quarter of a million dollars right here.
And then, of course, there is the most coveted trophy in the entire culinary world.
Gordon: And then on top of that, for the first time ever, the training in our restaurants.
Let me tell you, this wasn't an easy decision, because it came down to the finest of details.
But in our world, especially across season ten, every detail counts.
There are two of you, but only one is about to be named the best amateur cook in this entire country.
Will it be Dorian? Or will it be Sarah? That person America's next MasterChef Congratulations goes to Dorian! God! Oh, my God! ( no audible dialogue ) - Oh, my God! - Let's go! Oh, my God! That's amazing.
Dorian: I cannot believe it.
I just I just I can't even put words to how I'm feeling right now, because I wanted this so bad.
Dorian, come here! Come on.
- Congratulations.
Well done.
- Congratulations.
- Go ahead, Dorian! - Congratulations.
Well done.
- Good job.
- This is yours.
Ladies and gentlemen, our "MasterChef" winner Dorian! Oh, my God! ( sighs ) I'm so proud of you.
You did every I'm so proud of you.
This trophy validates all the hard work and all the sacrifices that I made.
And, Mom, we did it! We did it! - You did it.
- Mom, we did it! It was a close competition, but, you know, Dorian pulled it through.
So, I'm very happy for her.
I'm very happy for her family.
You did a great job.
I'm proud of you.
- Yeah! High-five! - Here we go, brother! - Yeah! - We did it, buddy! How good was Mommy? Gordon: She was fantastic.
Well done, darling.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you so much.
Congratulations, yes? Mommy's the champ, right? - Oh, my God! - She won! Yes! Dorian: Oh, my God! I'm the next MasterChef! Season ten! - Here's to season ten.
- What do you think about that? - Yeah! - Whoo, yeah.
- Good job, girl! - My God.