Masters of Sex s02e07 Episode Script


Previously on Masters Of Sex You made it very clear that you don't approve of my behavior.
The fact I have sex with Virginia with no plans to stop.
What happened? My mother will go back to Ohio for good.
And Lester's job as a production assistant is for a real studio, which means he's gonna be a director soon and he wants me to be the leading lady.
I have been putting up with Al because of you.
And I don't want to see them ever again.
Betty doesn't like Helen.
I mean, those two-- they're so close.
The way they kiss each other right on the lips and now they hate each other? - I don't-- - Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- What are you talking about? - It's just you and me, hand-in-hand, despite everything.
Everything-- oh, and it has been everything.
Every lie imaginable, Betty.
What's going to happen to me? The radiation may slow the cancer, but it's unlikely to stop it.
And she's my friend.
She knows me.
I know you.
I'm sorry.
I must have, uh-- You're looking for Virginia? - Who are you? - Her-- her beau.
_ Can I help you? I'm sorry.
I must have the wrong address.
Masters and Johnson clinic? Oh, no.
I'm-- I'm not a patient.
Uh, I'm just-- It's my first day back at my old job.
Just getting here early to get a jump on things.
The neighborhood's down on its luck.
Hard to keep good tenants.
"Communist Headquarters"? Used to be a haberdashery, then a dentist office-- Better red than dead.
That was a joke.
Whole space up here belongs to Masters and Johnson now.
Used to be Eddie's place before Dr.
Masters fancied it all up.
You have a happy first day now.
Thank you.
Some men come home to fame and fortune, some to measure ejaculate.
Can you, uh, back up onto your mark? My mark? Uh, the feet.
Your feet go on the feet.
The feet are your mark.
It's as if you never left.
I was thinking the same thing.
I meant to tell you, I received a postcard from Jane last week.
Really? Didn't know they had postcards in bitch town.
I'm good to go when you are.
All right.
I will tell Dr.
Masters we're ready.
October 15, 1958.
Subject 38-328-- ejaculate trajectory.
We're running out of space.
We need another at least dozen bulletin boards, considering we're at the halfway point.
You'll order them? I would say we're more than halfway.
I disagree.
I won't publish until we have at least 100 observations of each individual phenomena-- in total to ensure that the data is ironclad, unimpeachable, which means we're now at the halfway point at best.
Well, I'd say even halfway is ambitious at this point.
I was doing the books last night-- And the sky is falling.
It's safe to say that we are not in the best shape financially.
Money will sort itself out.
How? By magic? followed us here out of the hundreds that you had at Maternity.
Oh, uh, am I interrupting? What you are is a half-hour late.
Hardly an auspicious beginning.
Does auspicious mean "Hello to you, too"? Betty, uh, what are you-- I'm the new girl.
Girl? - Yes.
Miss Dimello - Mrs.
Miss Dimello.
has joined our staff to help with light paperwork and answering phones.
You hired Betty without telling me, without consulting me? I didn't consult you about the move here or the terms of our lease.
Which was a mistake, I think we can both agree.
Betty can also help with the books.
I do the books.
Yes, but it's not your area of expertise, is it? Betty did the finances at the brothel.
Mm, I ran the books there, and we had steak three nights a week and heat in the winter.
You said we were short-handed.
Here's your extra set of hands.
Please see to it that Betty gets settled and has everything she needs.
Violence against negroes in Little Rock, Arkansas, is once again on the rise as white citizens are blaming the negro community for the closing of four public high schools in Little Rock.
Tensions increased for months after controversial Arkansan Orval Faubus "Change your thoughts, and you change your world.
" Easier said than done, apparently.
We haven't had the pleasure of your and Mrs.
Holden's company for a while.
It's nice to see you back.
Well, there's reasons for our absence.
Holden is uh Well, Mrs.
Holden decided that, uh, the life we created together was no longer enough.
So she has left in search of greener pastures.
I'm-- I'm so sorry, Dr.
Y-you always seemed like the nicest couple.
Well, things aren't always what they seem, Elliot, are they? No.
No, sir.
Heavens, I just No.
Someone who works right here at this hotel-- he will remain nameless-- but his wife just ran off with a Spaniard.
You just don't see it coming.
That's the worst part.
You take a vow.
You take a wife.
And with that wife, you enter into a covenant where you can-- you can stand exposed, and you can show things you've never shown anyone, because your wife-- she knows you.
She sees you, and, uh, she's not repulsed.
She doesn't recoil.
She-- she doesn't leave.
And the betrayal of that kind of wife who just comes in and opens you up, and then-- nah-- just-- just leaves.
That is a wife who cannot-- cannot be forgiven.
happy, happy birthday For every storm, a peaceful harbor.
For every tear, the buds of May.
For every care, a perfect future.
My wish for you on this special day.
Oh, daddy's here.
Just us three for Johnny's birthday.
You've landed yourself a handsome beau.
Looks like me a little.
Is it serious with this guy? He hasn't asked me to go steady if that's what you mean.
And, uh, how's our Bill taking this? Bill? He has nothing to do with my personal life.
I see.
Playing that game.
Bill is married, Austin.
We work together.
That's all.
I'll take your overreaction to mean you've ended things with Bill.
- Good move.
- Austin.
Out with the old, in with the new.
Looks like we both have a second chance at happiness.
Me with the beautiful, vivacious Holly, and you with Sidney.
Careful with her mitts, Shel.
If she were a surgeon, you would fuss over her hands less.
Hand models have it One nick, scratch, chipped nail, there goes a career.
It's true.
I had a friend.
She burned her thumb making pancakes, and that was it.
She's a substitute teacher now.
Show them how it's done, honey.
- Oh.
- You're gonna love this.
- Nice.
- Wow.
And you would think doing such exacting work that she would earn a solid wage, but-- No.
So we were thinking, me and Austin, about going in an entirely new direction-- lingerie modeling.
I can't picture you in lingerie, Austin.
Austin says the less I wear, the better.
So I thought, "Why not get paid for my God-given gifts?" It's funny.
Lingerie happens to be something I know a lot about.
Yes, shelley is a girdle salesman.
Actually, there's a-a modeling agency in our new building.
I'm not sure what type of modeling they specialize in, - but-- - But why not find out? Yeah.
Austin loves my hands-- loves-- but why limit myself? Why think closed when the world is open? Why think small when the world is so big? So big.
I want to plant a garden in the side yard.
I love gardens.
You plant beans, you get beans.
Carrots become carrots.
Set out to make something grow, and it does.
You wanted a clinic of your own.
Deep down, you probably always did.
And now you have it.
I envy you.
You've reached your goal, I guess you could say.
My goal is to have a family.
Well, that's why we have the boy.
Family meaning more than one.
You know what that entails, Lib.
We can't just flip a switch.
It's, uh It's fertility treatments, more fertility treatments, disappointment, maybe heartbreak.
This is what I need.
It's like we're fated or something-- always showing up at the exact same place at the exact same time.
You're not gonna regret this, hiring me.
Although, it's funny.
This morning, I was putting on my last pair of stockings, hole in each big toe, and I thought to myself, "Why did the doc give me this job, considering we've both been at each other like two cats in a bag?" Well, you've, uh-- you've helped me out before-- twice, in fact-- when things were as dire for me as they are for you now.
So you could say I'm a man who believes in repaying the debt.
What makes this tricky is you seem to have no credit history at all.
So, because I'm, uh, not up to my neck in debt, th-that makes me a credit risk? Up until recently, you were drawing regular paychecks from several major St.
Louis hospitals, but now-- Now I'm an entrepreneur.
As you can see, I've opened this practice, overseen its refurbishing.
That takes capital, Mr.
Are you not in the business of providing loans to new businesses? It's funny with doctors.
I-- I m-- I missed the joke.
They are notoriously bad businessmen.
In fact, we have a saying at Walcohl Bank that if doctors were in charge of Wall Street, it would still be a saltwater swamp.
So you're rejecting my application? No, no.
I can get this loan approved, but we are gonna use your assets-- all your assets-- as collateral.
I'm talking your house, your cars, any savings accounts, investments so that if you do go the way of most doctors we know we'll get our money back one way or the other.
What's he waiting for, a checkered flag? I told Mr.
Boychuck he could take his time.
The 98th observation of male respiration monitored through the four stages.
Oh, stage one.
Beginning at Ah! $10 we paid Mr.
$10 now out the window, because no data can be gleaned from a subject who orgasms in under five seconds.
We can no longer make these kinds of mistakes.
I think that we should expand the questionnaire.
Might help to weed out the people that aren't suitable.
Well, I suggest you do that soon.
I will start on it first thing in the morning.
I'm going to head out now.
I drove by the Park Plaza the other night.
It was all I could do to keep from going in, having a drink.
Ever have that impulse? I'm not much of a history buff.
Bill, please.
I suppose that you could punish me forever, but I-- I'm not punishing you.
Yes, you are, but it's unreasonable.
You go home to someone every night.
Why can't I go home to-- Fill in the blank? You know I'm sorry, Bill.
I've said it many times, even though you refuse to listen.
But I will say it again-- I regret that night that you went by my house.
I know seeing Shelley there was a shock.
If you're gonna stand here and press the matter, Virginia the real shock that night was your child.
The night I stood on your doorstep, I wasn't looking at Shelley.
I was looking at your daughter wrapped around this stranger's leg-- one of how many strangers that have met your children in their way in and out of your bed.
And I thought, "I cannot be a part of this.
" I know something of what children carry through from their childhoods, how they need a-a good mother, a present mother.
And I know better than to be yet another man who parades through their lives while the mother they do have tries to keep clean sheets on the bed.
You cannot keep this up, Bill.
You can't.
There's nothing to keep up, Virginia.
We're work colleagues, nothing else.
Nothing's happening.
How long do you want me to try? It's like it's our own little city down here.
Um, our offices are on the second floor.
I'm embarrassed it's taken me so long to visit.
It's, um It's really very There was a man urinating on the wall outside.
Ah, the neighborhood's in transition, as they say.
Recession's not helping much, either, but that just means there's one direction to go, and that's up.
Uh, there's Stalin's gift shop.
Uh, about as popular as the plague these days.
And that's our resident modeling agency.
And by modeling agency, I mean "joint that books burlesque girls.
" Ah.
Uh, and finally, no more Chinese takeout.
Hallelujah for a cheeseburger at a good old greasy spoon.
Two kids now? Yes.
Uh, I asked Bill how the plans for the new lab are coming.
Still plans.
But to be perfectly honest, I've been telling your husband for the last year he should rent this space.
It'd be better for our end-of-year report.
Didn't realize you knew about real estate, Betty.
I just finished my real-estate-tax class.
Uh, I'm halfway to my accounting degree.
I figure a woman that's stupid about money is a stupid woman.
I learned that the hard way.
Hey, come here.
Yeah, come here.
You're mommy's got to go in there.
- I know.
- Got her? Yeah, got her.
All right, let me take that, too.
Just in case.
You're a life-saver.
Got it.
I know.
Yeah, now you're with Uncle Betty.
September 2, 1959.
Background interview-- Virginia Johnson part one.
Tell me about the questionnaire.
You see, a fair number of study applicants suffer from sexual dysfunctions-- uh, dysfunctions that make it difficult for them to progress through the four stages of sexual response.
And since our data does depend on normally functioning participants, this questionnaire, it helps to catch a dysfunction before it lands on our exam table.
The questionnaire's become sort of a weeding-out process.
Exactly right.
Uh, Lester, I'm-- I'm sorry.
Why are-- why are you filming this? My inspiration at the moment is "Windjammer.
" It's a documentary-- the true story of a 17,000-nautical-mile journey of a Norwegian sailing ship, the Christian Radich, directed by Louis de Rochemont III and shot in a wide-screen cinemiracle process with a seven-track stereophonic soundtrack.
But that's not the reason it changed my life.
Oh, it-- it changed your life.
The story of "Windjammer" is the story of real life.
Danger, tragedy, triumph, risk.
And it's what we're-- you're doing here, too.
Your study is real life.
I came to share with you the interesting conversation I had with Simon this morning.
Simon? The man from the bank.
Found him poking around in our bushes.
Turns out, he was reassessing the property.
I didn't realize it had been assessed in the first place.
When did you take out a loan? A year ago.
And you haven't paid it back? How very uncharacteristic of you.
It's all perfectly routine when you start your-- your own business.
Takes money to make money, and, uh We're not selling the house.
I-I know we're not.
That would only happen in a worst-case scenario.
The man was in our bushes-- We will not have to sell the house.
How do-- how do I know that? That if sacrifices have to be made, they'll be made here at work? Why would I uproot you and the children to subsidize our work? My work? Why would I do my best to make you happy, then turn around and undo it all? Hello? Oh, I'm so glad you got my message.
Libby told me you worked here now.
You spoke to Libby? I've been speaking to Libby for over a year now, son.
In fact, I see her regularly and my grandchildren.
I had intended to stay away forever, Billy.
I knew that's what you wanted, given how we parted.
But then I I just couldn't stay away cut off from all I hold dear.
So when Libby called, I suggested that we meet, and I was prepared to tell her everything.
But then one look at that sweet face, and I couldn't.
I couldn't hurt her like that.
And I couldn't hurt you.
So whatever secrets you may have, they're safe.
They've been safe for a long time.
I don't judge you.
I don't want to.
What you do, what you don't do, it's not my place to judge my own son.
My place is to love you.
Just that.
And I do.
And so I I'm asking for another chance.
If you say no, if you tell me to go away again, I will.
But I'm hoping you don't.
Is that what you've come to say? There is one other thing-- one thing I want to do To help.
We are taking that money.
You know, what I'm trying to understand is that for over a year, you have been meeting with my mother once a week in Terre Haute, Indiana It's the midway point.
after I told you we were done with her.
You were done with her.
I need her.
She is good to me.
I don't have a mother, and I am not gonna deprive our children of their grandmother.
The answer is no.
You're not gonna take my mother's money.
It is your money-- our money.
With your father's estate settled, it-it's just sitting there.
Essie wants us to have it.
There is nothing left to discuss.
You deceived me, you went behind my back-- not for the first time.
I am not the enemy here, Bill, nor is Essie.
She is offering to help us.
My mother-- my mother cannot be counted on.
She is not to be trusted.
Trusted to do what? To-- to be good to us? To help us keep a roof over our heads? I provide the roof! I have always provided the roof! Trying to explain my mother or any of this to you, it's like trying to teach a horse to count! All these years, it's-- it's right in front of you, yet you refuse to see it! You refuse to understand! That you're in pain? That you are nursing some grievous wound from years ago? Who isn't, Bill? Point to one person in this entire world who isn't suffering! Yet it is only you that insists on spreading the torment around.
Only you that makes all of us suffer along with you.
The matter's closed.
You will not touch that money.
And I suggest you get dressed.
We're already late.
for he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny I just wanted to say thank you, everyone, for coming out tonight.
I've never seen a girl pop out of a cake before.
I thought you said she was a hand model.
Apparently, Holly has moved on to burlesque.
And w-we really hope you stay all night, drink all night.
Thank you, thank you for coming! Thank you.
sparks just fly right out of the blue there's no way I can deny the magic of you our eyes meet and that is your cue suddenly my heart's complete with the magic of you Glass appears to be empty.
There's a remedy for that.
Would you like another, as well? sleight of hand yes, that could be true there's no way I can deny the magic of you Dr.
I insisted she introduce me.
Kenny Hitchens.
Gini speaks so highly of you, all the work you two are doing.
Does she? Anyway, n-now that you've said your hellos-- No, no.
Well, it is-- is important work we're engaged in.
Has Virginia explained to you that we monitor subjects while they have sex? Usually in an exam room, occasionally in a hotel.
I didn't know the specifics.
Well, it sounds fascinating.
Well, we would be very happy to have you join us if you are interested-- as a subject.
You wouldn't have to participate on your own, of course.
I'd pair you with Virginia.
Masters has been drinking.
And Gini's strictly a behind the I mean, you don't do the actual-- No.
Oh, she does do quite well, in fact.
We could, uh, start by monitoring different sexual positions, begin with the old standby missionary pose.
Unless there's another you two prefer.
In fact, he's drunk-- embarrassingly so.
Well, do consider it.
I see you've found the last place of refuge.
Oh, I quit smoking during my fertility treatments.
- Oh.
- But you go ahead.
It may be the only fun of the night.
Bill certainly has had a lot to drink tonight.
I think Bill may have lost his mind.
I do, too.
But we had a terrible fight.
I'm sorry.
Why are you apologizing? He's the one that should apologize.
I think he fears an apology would weaken him.
I think he fears so many things.
Intimacy with me physically.
Did you know that we haven't had sex in over a year? I mean, I've asked-- I've asked him why, of course.
He says it's the new building and the new clinic and the new baby, that he's just wiped out by the end of the day.
And that's that's probably true.
Do you think it is? I think Bill is under a lot of pressure.
I was in California once as a child, and I woke up to find that I'd been thrown from the bed like a rag doll, just flung across the room.
When I asked my aunt, she had to explain to me that we live on these giant plates that push against each other, the pressure just building and building until one day they break away from each other with a violent jolt.
I can wait here all night until you apologize.
I want you to look at this.
That is one world.
And this is the other.
"I am sorry.
I'm sorry for being weak.
I'm sorry that I lied.
I'm sorry for Shelley and Kenny, Ethan and George, all the men who came before, all the men that lie ahead.
But most of all, Bill, I'm sorry for my faithless and fickle heart.
" Can't take your money.
You're getting nothing out of this.
Do you Do you want me to stop? catch a falling star Ugh! Typography, that's, uh-- that's books, right? Uh, it's designing the type within books.
Oh, um, that used to be the reds.
Now it's, uh, colored folks.
Uh, CORE stands for, uh, uh Congress Of Racial Equality.
Yeah, and they're raring to go, too, God bless them.
Anyhoo, uh, we're a medical operation, and the space we'd lease to you shares this lobby here, a 24-karat location with a lot of foot traffic, you being a foot doctor and all.
Feet are not a joke.
I know that.
They are a business.
Which is why I'm telling you that modeling agency there comes with a lot of girls on their feet.
And, uh, on their back if you believe the rumor that they're into skin flicks now.
I, uh, heard from a friend of a friend that the new thing in burlesque is actual nudity.
Did you hear that? What I don't understand is why no one else here has to deal with your carping, your threats, your never-ending bean counting.
I aced my CPA exams, so careful who you call bean counter.
We leased you prime space, Flo, and yet every month, all you got is another lame excuse.
Yeah, well, times are tough, in case you can't read.
I'm not sure I can scrape together this month's rent.
You move more blubber through this place than a Japanese whaling ship.
You will scrape, Flo, and you will scrape now.
I can't stop thinking of you The next time you start singing this song, I'm slapping you with a late fee.
October 11, 1960.
Background B-roll-- various subjects part 6.
She pays in cash hoping we'll get mugged on the way to the bank.
Tell her this is an actual business, not a flea market in Ancient Rome.
Lester! Not when we're talking about money.
Of course.
Although, money is part-- Right.
He's an odd duck, that one.
My point is, tell Flo from now on, she has to pay with a check like everybody else.
Oh, speaking of, I got a pile of checks for you to sign.
Start on the top.
The first one's for the new blood-pressure cuff.
I thought we couldn't afford a new blood-pressure cuff.
Oh, we can now.
Because? Because our fertility patient numbers are finally up, plus I raised our fees.
So we're actually looking at a 20% increase in revenue from last month, which is not nothing thanks to me.
I'll get you those numbers tomorrow.
Shelley? Gini.
Wow, you look fantastic.
Thank you.
You look so fit yourself.
Do you work here now? I mean, are you still with the study? Yes, the study is going very well, and your-- your work.
How is Girdle salesman.
Of course.
It's a hard one to forget.
Not too hard, apparently.
And, uh, Henry and Tessa, they're doing well? Yes, very well.
Uh, Henry is a voracious reader, and Tess, she just joined Brownies.
And your kids, how are? Haven't been born yet.
I'm still single, looking for a nice girl to settle down with.
And once upon a time, I hoped it'd be you.
But then I would've had to have made some kind of impression, wouldn't I have? Hmm.
Take care.
Shelley Mrs.
Wilder is waiting-- uh, refractory response times.
What is that? I'm just cataloging all my footage that's from our time at Maternity.
From two years ago.
Yes? Room 412.
Chancery Park Plaza.
I'll wait for a few hours.
If you haven't shown up by the shift change, I will assume you're not coming.
Aside from my children, everything I have is permanently, inexorably tied to this work, our work, to you.
Sometimes in the past, after a late night at the hospital or the hotel, sometimes I would feel almost sick at the unfairness of it, that you would go home to Libby while I went home utterly alone.
Well, you've compensated admirably enough.
You see, I can't even remember their names more often than not.
But you, on the other hand, well, it's hard to tell where you stop and I begin.
You have more of me than you even realize, and yet you focus on other men while you yourself are married? Just because one goes home to someone doesn't mean they're not alone.
Well, then, we are fellow sufferers.
Are we? Are we really? Whatever this is between us, it can't be undone, not without a violent wrenching much worse than this undeclared war we have between us now.
For me, what we have comes first, and you can count on that.
But you must allow me something, someone to hold on to while you hold on to Libby.
Just show me enough compassion to allow me that.
My buddy Hank thinks this is such a kick, us filming all this tonight.
Well, you're paying.
Well, everybody's filming everything - these days, so - Right.
We'll have a drink while we set up.
Oh, that's okay.
I don't, uh, really-- Don't really what? Have fun? It's a bachelor party for cripes' sake.
Truth is, Lester, we have a lot in common.
I can't think of one thing.
All I'm saying is don't make a shrine out of one woman.
Just change religions.
I'd like to make a toast.
All right, a toast to Hank our proverbial lamb to slaughter.
- Oh, okay! - Okay.
Goodbye to the days of wanton sex, a glance across a crowded bar ending in tangled sheets.
And hello to meatloaf, Jack Paar, and faces smeared with so much cold cream, it looks like they took a pie in the face! Oh! - To Hank! - Whoo! Congratulations, buddy.
Thank you, buddy.
Should I take off my clothes? And you? Tonight I need to reacquaint myself Reacquaint myself with your body.
I will kiss you on the mouth.
I will find your breasts with my lips, and I will make you climax this way.
Then my hands will slide down your body, and I will spread your legs.
I will touch every part of you and I will put my mouth on you and I will make you climax that way, as well.
Is that clear? Does this mean we've resumed our work? What do you think? Well, if we have, Betty told me today that she thinks the janitor is stealing from petty cash.
She noticed $20 missing.
It was there this morning, and by the end of the day, it was gone.
And while I appreciate the effort, Park Plaza isn't cheap.
And so, if our participation is to continue, we're going to have to find someplace else cheaper-- free, even.
Which is unfortunate, because I will say, it is nice to be back.
Showtime! Beer.
Here you go.
Naughty, naughty.
Nobody's looking.
Oh! Blow a kiss.
There you go.
You know, I've been thinking, "Holy cow.
Looks a lot like Dr.
Langham's girl Holly.
" But it can't be.
Can it? Mm, you smell good.
Is that L'air du Temps? It's Tommy The Turtle bubble bath.
Austin, it's-- it's late.
The kids have school in the morning.
Oh, I-I know.
It's just, uh Um please hear me out.
Can you at least do that? I want us to get back together.
I've tried the bachelor life.
I've really given it my best.
I don't doubt that.
But there's something, um This is going to sound strange.
But there is something hollow about it.
Empty, you know.
I feel-- Adrift? Without an anchor? Yeah.
See? This is why we belong together, because you-- you always just know.
But it's-- it's, uh-- it's more than that.
I love you.
I do, and God, I love our kids.
And I realize that you're it for me.
You're the one.
And what happens when we get back together and because you were then re-anchored, you immediately go out and screw everything that walks again? I would not do that.
I swear I would be faithful.
Let's say that were humanly possible.
It still wouldn't work.
Well, uh, of course it would work.
It couldn't.
Because some things cannot be undone.
As much as you want to unring the bell, it's rung.
And when that happens, all you can do is listen.
I've moved on, Austin.
I'm gone.
Ah, are you and Mrs.
Holden enjoying your room, sir? Yes.
Thank you, Elliot.
You, uh, seem to have moved up the ranks.
Night manager is a position that comes with great responsibility, but I do feel up to the task.
And I must say, I'm so glad you and Mrs.
Holden have patched things up.
Elliot, I have a question.
The hotel has an on-call doctor if there's any medical emergencies? Yes, sir.
That's part of my new positioning is scheduling the doctors.
Well, I was wondering if, uh if I could fill one of those on-call positions in return for your waiving the charge for Mrs.
Holden's and my room.
That might be tricky, Dr.
Because? The hotel the hotel has to be up front about who our guests are actually being seen by, if you know what I mean.
I'm not sure how comfortable they'd feel if they knew they were being seen by a radiologist.
What sort of medical background do you think would reassure your guests? More of a general practitioner.
Uh a surgeon, obstetrician.
My sister, for example, she had her first baby delivered by a Dr.
If a doctor with those kind of credentials approached me with such a request, I would have a hard time saying no.
So Dr.
Masters would be a good choice? With a doctor such as Dr.
Masters, something could be worked out.
Betty? I need these test results back first thing tomorrow.
Oh, before you go, remember that oddball that worked for the doc back at Memorial, the one that was, you know, bringing up the rear with Dr.
Greathouse? Uh She'd like a moment of your time.
I'm surprised to see you here.
I know.
It's funny, isn't it? What-- what made you want to become a participant in our study? I don't know.
You don't know? Well, I I was very impressed with your study when I was back at Memorial working for Dr.
I know that Dr.
Masters hated me, but I could tell from his work that he was a-a very dedicated doctor.
I'm-- I'm sure that he didn't hate you.
Well H-he hated Dr.
Greathouse, and Dr.
Greathouse at the time was my-- Oh, goodness.
That's a long story.
Anyhow I suppose I thought that I could learn something from your study, learn something about the human body.
About your body? Which doesn't work very well down there.
You said that you can't have intercourse.
In fact, nothing can penetrate the vaginal opening, because it's closed.
Um, Barbara, I thought that you and Dr.
Greathouse, there was a sexual-- We did everything.
Just not the normal way, because I couldn't.
As I was saying, it-it's a long story.
I see.
Well, there are things that we can discuss about your condition, but I'm afraid in terms of your participating in the study, this type of dysfunction-- P-please don't.
Don't? Don't feel bad about rejecting me.
It it's life.
Sometimes the answer's just no.
In fact, it-- it usually is.
I realized as she left, "There goes an entire sexual history that we will never know about because she's technically ineligible for the study.
" But that's true of everybody we reject.
You're saying we shouldn't be rejecting.
I'm saying I think people see the doctor in front of your name and they hope that you can help.
You two, what's it gonna take to get you to take a day off? So sorry, Libby.
You are absolutely right.
There is lots of work to be done in the kitchen.
Bill's working, too.
Cake still isn't frosted.
Well, that happens to be my specialty.
So, the Lefleys offered us their lake house.
It's two hours away.
Oh, that could be fun.
I thought you quit.
I did.
No, I really did quit.
You know what'd be really fun? Hmm? Paris.
I've always wanted to go to Paris and Morocco.
I am dying to go anywhere.
But the lake house is a good start, and you know what? You should go with us.
Lib! No, that is your vacation-- yours and Bill's to have alone.
Well, the children are coming, of course.
And you-- you could bring your kids.
Honestly, it would be It would be nicer if you were there-- easier, and I would like that.
It's much more pleasant to be around Bill when you're around.
We need a few more with cheese.
completely you give your love I invited her.
tonight the light of love is in your eyes I'll be inside.
but will you love me tomorrow? is this a lasting treasure It's a perfect celebration.
It means a lot to Libby to have you here.
And this time, when I asked you to stay away, you did.
Believe me, I I looked closely.
I've learned my lesson.
I wouldn't say that.
Due to an increase in fertility patients and fees? What I'm not gonna look too closely at is how you and Libby and Betty managed to make that money, which I said I didn't want, land in my pocket anyhow.
Because if I really looked at that, we'd be back at square one, wouldn't we? Ruptured again.
And the thought of that just frankly, it just leaves me tired.
Sometimes exhaustion is the first step forward.
I had to help you, son.
I couldn't not.
Not again.
But there's another reason that money didn't find its way to you.
It's because I'm proud of you.
Everything you've accomplished, all on your own, in spite of everything.
I am so very proud of my son.
tomorrow will you still love me tomorrow