Masters of Sex s03e12 Episode Script

Full Ten Count

Previously on Masters Of Sex Say you love me.
- I'm sorry.
- I want this.
It-- it was a mistake.
I made-- I made a mistake.
I should go.
You don't have to tell me how you've strayed from the path.
I just want to be sure you're ready to return to it.
Your ultrasound technician, Jonathan, handed me his notice.
It wasn't the right fit.
I'm surprised to hear that.
I thought you two had a real nice rapport.
I'm having dreams about my father.
You've got to pull yourself together.
If you can't control yourself, how are you gonna get control of her? - I want you to be my wife.
- There's a lot that would need to happen to make that possible.
You have to get out.
Get out before Bill comes home.
I can't do that, Paul.
Johnny, have you ever seen your father and Dennis have any kind of physical contact-- Okay, that is enough, Detective.
Masters and Johnson.
It's who we are.
You know, it's how people think of us.
It's how we think of ourselves.
There's a far easier way to get what you want.
Which is what? Tell her how you feel about her.
Libby had her track me down.
Something's happened.
I need to get home.
When he shows up at your doorstep and tells you that he wants you to spend the rest of your life with him, he will think he means it.
Ooh! Hit him! Come on, you bum! Save your breath, son.
This one-sided paint job got no chance.
I just don't see his strategy.
Using his head to block punches-- that's his strategy.
Ugh, what a catcher this Masters bum is.
Get off the ropes! - Down he goes.
- One Two - You're a bum, Masters! - Three Four Five Stay down.
You're beat.
A man's got to know when he's beat, son.
A man has got to learn.
Stay down! Nothing but a damn fool.
Goddamn fool.
Bill, Bill.
Bill, it's okay.
It's okay.
Was it your father again? I'm not sure.
I'm not surprised, considering.
We can make this go away, Bill.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Lisa sleeps and eats, essentially.
Tessa's schedule is a bit more complicated, although she can be very helpful with the baby when she wants to be, so insist that she pitch in.
Your mother's a little hurt you only asked me up here to babysit.
I have enough on my plate without adding mom's criticisms to the pile.
All right.
Although usually when things get tough, you dig in all the more.
It's not like you to flee.
I'm not fleeing.
I'm Fleeing.
clearing my head for a few days.
Because? Because Well, to be perfectly honest, because I don't know who to trust anymore.
You can't trust Bill? Especially Bill.
I mean, he barreled ahead with a surrogacy program against my wishes, and then he ambushed me at this disastrous dinner in New York.
And then the man that I'm seeing is making me all kinds of promises-- none of which may actually be true.
The man you're seeing.
In addition to Bill.
Please, daddy.
I know that my life is something that few people would understand And most would consider a shambles.
I'm not even sure that I disagree, but So it's good you're getting away.
And the girls and I will be fine.
You will be, too.
Fine, I mean.
Oh, I don't know.
I just keep waiting for everything to click into place.
So I can say, finally, my life is exactly as it should be.
Uh I thought it was the taxi.
I apologize for the early hour, but I am-- Are you leaving? Briefly.
I just need to sort out What is it, Lib? Is this about-- Why I called Bill home? Yes.
Um, something's happened.
With the kids or with Bill? To all of us in a way.
Something that could even affect the future of the clinic.
It always comes down to the two of us, doesn't it, Gin? The two that can right the ship.
It seems no one ever taught you the proper etiquette of spending the night.
You know, it is customary after a romantic evening, to exchange pleasantries-- "Good morning" or "I had a lovely time with you.
Let's do it again" before sneaking out the door.
I didn't want to wake you.
That isn't one of the pleasantries.
I had a lovely time with you.
Let's do it again.
Also I like you very much.
Then stay.
Have breakfast.
I should go home and change.
I think it's unwise to show up to work wearing the same clothes as yesterday.
Well, you can borrow one of my ties.
You're not gonna leave me to have breakfast by myself on my birthday, are you? Your birthday? I had no idea! Why don't we celebrate tonight, properly? I would like that very much.
Dinner at my house, then.
I have a '37 Bordeaux that I've been saving for just the right occasion.
Quiet dinner at home.
Excuse me.
You're the neighbor? Cindy Loman.
Sorry if I don't shake your hand.
I feel like I'm hitting roots here or something.
Is Mr.
Edley moving? Uh leave of absence.
He left like his pants were on fire.
He just told me to wire him the paperwork.
Do you know for how long he'll be The lease is a year.
That's all I know.
He just told me that he'd be out of touch, and to handle the details.
I wouldn't be surprised if I never hear from that guy again.
The doors, please.
I'm glad-- relieved, in fact, to see you here.
I wasn't entirely sure That I would show up? After one unguarded moment in a dark office between two adults? We are both adults, aren't we? Of course.
And both responsible for our actions.
Masters, you must know by now I take my work here very seriously.
And I would never just quit.
That's good to know.
We have a-- a full day ahead.
Oh, apparently.
Whoa! Oh, careful.
Careful, boys.
Linoleum does not grow on trees.
Oh, ah, there you are, doc.
Uh, first, good morning.
Second, I need you to sign off on these hors d'oeuvres.
For the press conference tonight.
- For the new book.
- Oh.
You arranged this whole thing in New York.
No, we cannot do this now.
The Little, Brown folks are already on their way with publicists and photographers and a whole bunch of fancy reporters.
I don't care if Sigmund Freud risen from the dead is coming.
You need to reschedule this.
Is Virginia in yet? No.
And I cannot reschedule this.
And those-- those are Virginia's messages, which means they're not yours.
These are all from Dan Logan.
These words never left my mouth.
But Logan's been calling Virginia nonstop the last couple of days, and she's refusing to take his calls.
From where I sit, she's freezing him out.
Thank you for flying with us.
Did you enjoy your stay in Mexico, Mr.
Logan? I did not, Gwen.
But it's done.
I am in no mood, Mr.
Of course you're not.
I am sorry, Mrs.
Johnson, and I do understand.
You need to know-- this is your last chance.
You must get out.
You must act now.
Is that some kind of a threat? Not a threat.
Just save yourself, Mrs.
Do what you need to do.
The lawyer was from the boy's family? Yes.
Daughtry's attorney knocked on our door late at night, explained that, uh, his clients might be willing to rescind their charges against me, meaning call off the police investigation, in return for a check.
Extortion, essentially.
Extortion exactly Which is why I will fight this all the way to court.
Or you'll pay.
Libby has made it very clear that she does not want your family-- Johnny especially-- dragged through the mud.
I will not silence trumped-up allegations I acted inappro-- inappropriately with a child by writing a check.
Bill, word of this may have already gotten out.
Ronald Sturgis just found me in the lobby and told me to save myself while I still can.
Now, I know that you didn't touch that boy.
But these allegations alone could ruin your reputation.
I will not pay.
Damn it, Bill, you will.
Libby and I are aligned on this.
- You and Libby? - Yes.
The two people who can see past your bullheadedness and actually help you get through this.
And for the record, the money cannot come from the clinic.
I will not have my hard-earned wages siphoned off to clean up your personal mess.
Nor will I have the work sullied, nor will I let the clinic be put at risk.
Perhaps you're right.
Perhaps the risk to our work is too great.
Just write the check so we can get back to work.
I can see you're still upset about New York.
I don't want to talk about New York.
I do feel I-I owe you an apology.
Your apology can wait.
Virginia, I-I just didn't know how else to prove to you that Dan Logan is not what he seems.
I do not want to talk about New York.
Then we won't.
I-I understand there is much to repair here, both in the clinic and between us.
But we've come through worse trials, and-- and we will get through this, as well.
I've also decided, on our next book, to remove the "MD" from my name.
So it is clear to all that we are perfect equals in our partnership.
You're taking the "MD" off your name? The only thing that matters right now is protecting the work and the clinic which begins with you writing the Daughtry family a check.
The Little, Brown man is here.
He wants to talk through tonight's plan.
I know you told me to reschedule-- We're not rescheduling.
We will go out there, the two of us together, championing the work, making it very clear how pleased we are to announce our new and much-anticipated book.
These reporters have sat through a million press conferences, so instead, we thought, "Why not take an open-house approach?" An exclusive tour of the Masters and Johnson clinic, right here, on site, where the magic really happens.
You'll show them the gadgets, wires, the whatsits that make it all work.
Just think of it as telling a story-- or, better yet, taking us on a journey.
Of our office.
No, not just the office.
A journey through one of today's most fascinating fields of medical study.
Uh a journey that began 10 years ago, when Dr.
Masters and I decided to blaze a trail into the previously unexplored arena of human sexuality.
And here's Mr.
Another part of our journey.
We're going on a journey? Mr.
Linden has documented the entire trajectory of our research.
All on film, no less.
A comprehensive account of the different phases of our study.
As well as a comprehensive account of my own work.
From my early neorealism, capturing the body as form, to my more abstract work of the early 1960s, measuring the distance traveled by ejaculate.
And, uh, here's Miss Everett.
She's participating in our newest initiative-- the surrogacy program, designed for single men suffering from sexual dysfunction.
You mentioned that at our meeting in New York.
Very provocative stuff.
If I may have a moment, Dr.
Masters Of course.
Excuse us.
Nora, you need to go in there.
Your patient is waiting.
But how am I supposed to concentrate when my landlord is kicking me and all of my belongings to the curb? I-I'm happy to speak to your landlord, give you a personal reference-- He doesn't want a reference.
He wants the rent.
I know that this is wrong, but I don't know who else to ask.
I thought you were getting a job.
When am I supposed to look for a job? I'm here working six days a week.
Look, I am good at this.
And the last thing that I want to do is give up the work.
But if it's between that and having a roof over my head I know things are slightly strained between us because of our-- our recent intimacies.
Surely you want to make things right with me.
I will give you another $200.
But this has to be the last time.
Do you understand? Thank you.
I won't forget this.
My job is to answer all of the mail.
We get upwards of 100-plus every day from all over the country.
Mostly positive, I imagine.
They run 65% to 75% negative, give or take.
Stay away from statistics.
Some people just write in for advice, and some just to thank Dr.
Masters and Mrs.
Just today we got a later from Fred in Dayton, who says that "Human Sexual Response" actually saved his marriage.
"Before your book, I thought a clitoris was something a woman urinated from.
Now that I understand the clitoris, what organ in a woman is responsible for urination, anyway?" And that's actually how a dialogue begins.
And, uh, for a special treat, allow me to introduce Dan Logan, a fellow pioneer and original investor in our clinic.
And president of International Fragrances and Flavors.
Virginia, do you have a moment? Excuse me.
I would have figured professing my love would at least get my phone calls returned.
Dan, I'm sorry.
I-I need I need time to think.
A lot has happened.
And honestly, that was a lot to take in in New York.
The laundry list of your affairs.
And then, of course, your wife assuring me that you would never leave her-- She's no longer my wife.
Mexico is very accommodating when it comes to matters of the heart.
And I didn't want this to fester.
I wanted you to know I meant what I said.
So I am now officially divorced.
And now I can help you divorce George, show you how it works in Mexico.
Dan, I'm sure that Divorcing George, that that would be the easy part.
It's-- it's everything else.
Well not everything.
One thing.
Virginia, I understand the hold Bill has on you, and I can see how tangled it is with the work.
And I know how much your work means to you-- 'Cause I have put every ounce of myself into this clinic.
I have given everything I have, everything I am to this.
And I would never ask you to leave it.
I would ask-- insist, in fact, that I mean at least that much.
Dan, I've been so happy with you.
But But I don't see how you and the work go together.
I don't ever see Bill accepting us.
It's not up to him.
Bill can never make you happy, not as a man to love.
You know this.
I know this.
Virginia I'm here because I love you and I want you to be my wife.
But I can't run after you, trying to make you see things you already know.
That, I can't do.
We're pulling out all the stops.
Oh, yeah.
We're serving roast beef with horseradish later.
Oh, I'm making roast beef myself tonight.
Recipe out of Ladies' Home Journal.
You're such a gourmand now.
Yeah, it calls for a side of mashed potatoes, but I don't have any of that fancy equipment.
Do you think I can substitute boxed potatoes? It's Jonathan's birthday.
I'm having him over for a homemade supper.
Oh, I see.
Um was that his idea? Something wrong with it? Aside from the fact that you're hiding this nice young man in your apartment, making him watch the boob tube and eat spuds on his birthday? Take him out someplace nice where there's tablecloths and candles and they scrape up the crumbs with those little bread-crumb scrapers.
Two grown men eating a candlelit meal to celebrate a birthday? Don't you think that looks a little, uh Gay? Wouldn't that be the end of the world? I'm making you reservations around the corner at Vincente's.
You're going.
Bon appétit.
So, a few candid shots in here will work-- you at your desk, you on the phone, you deep in thought.
All very casual, sleeves rolled up.
They can't be candid if they're planned.
No one needs to know how the sausage is made.
I'll take the jacket.
I'll keep it on.
Masters, I don't tell you how to fix a limp willy, do I? You'll look better in shirtsleeves.
Oh, my suspenders broke.
You, um-- you can take my belt.
I don't want your belt.
You also don't want your pants falling down.
It's a little too candid.
Tilt the pen a little to the right.
Now back to the left, I think.
Excuse me again.
I didn't realize you'd finished your session, Mr.
Nora should have brought you to my office to discuss the next steps of your treatment.
I won't be continuing with the treatment.
In fact, I'm not here for the treatment at all.
Well, what you're not saying says it all.
The hesitation is not you.
It isn't.
It's all of it.
It's The work.
Well The truth is, I am still very grateful to you.
I was stuck in my marriage a long time years longer than I ever should have been.
And it was because of you, because of my love for you that I finally got the courage to leave.
Now I just want to do the same for you Give you the strength to go.
But only if you want me on the other end of it 'Cause if not, then well Then I will take my broken heart and go.
Bill? What's going on? I'm glad you're here, Mrs.
Johnson, 'cause this involves you, as well.
Chief Duncan is waiting for you.
The charges are pandering and promoting prostitution.
That's impossible.
Some religious nut named Ronald Sturgis has been down here for months now, accusing your clinic of engaging in illicit work.
The guy's a royal pain, so we weren't taking him seriously.
But then this complaint about Bill and a minor child came in, which added fuel to the fire.
Then the whole thing went up in flames when one of your surrogates came forward to cooperate.
So we were left with little choice but to file charges.
One of our surrogates.
All of our surrogates are unpaid volunteers.
How could that possibly be considered prostitution? I don't understand this.
Bill, do you understand this? Uh Nora, uh, got behind with rent.
So I-- so I gave her some money.
Two times only.
No, but thi-- this can't be what this is.
Nora would-- would never I never paid her for surrogacy work.
Well, unfortunately, Bill, that's now up to a court to decide.
I mean A hundred times, she said the work meant everything to her.
She-- she participated fully in-- in every aspect.
She-- she was completely committed.
Committed to this Sturgis character, and the Committee For Decency, apparently I guess in the same way I've been on your board of directors for years now, so you can imagine-- this situation's no picnic for me, either.
Because you're under investigation, I should padlock your doors.
But I don't want to do that.
If this stays out of the press and between us, I can buy you some time.
Time for you to get legal counsel, sort this out without having to shut down the clinic entirely.
I'm also trying to track down Libby to get you out of here, Bill.
Virginia, your bail's been posted already.
I'll have a uni escort you to processing.
Virginia? Are you all right? Thank God you're here.
What, you think I'd let you rot in jail? Come on.
I'll drop you home on my way to the airport.
Dan When you said that you can't keep trying, trying to make me see something that I already know I can't.
You're right.
You shouldn't have to, because I-I do already know.
Ever since I was a little girl, it's like I-I've been holding my breath waiting for something, something I can't even put a name to to fall into place so that I could finally breathe.
I know you understand this.
But I-I want to breathe.
I-I do.
I-I want to breathe with you.
I want you.
I-I want to just go.
But I need your help, and we need to move fast.
I can move fast.
Why? There's some kind of medical thing? Is that right? Yes, needing their immediate attention.
The immediate attention of two sex researchers? If you have to know, Mr.
Drag, this patient's emergency did happen to be sexual in nature.
Highly sexual.
And when do you expect them back? Because I have 50 people coming through those doors in an hour and a half.
They should be back in any moment.
I'm going back to the hotel, change, take some deep, calming breaths.
But when I get back, they will be here.
I called the bank.
Fiske is pulling together the bail money right now.
I need to get out of here.
Virginia left me nearly an hour ago.
You're worried about Virginia? No.
I mean, yes.
Virginia, the clinic, you, everything.
The first thing I need to do is talk to Nora Make her admit that the money was never given for surrogacy work.
Do not talk to Nora! Prostitution charges are very serious.
I know they're serious.
I know.
Oh, if you had only listened when I told you not to hire her.
Who knew we'd hired Judas, Libby? I-I took that girl under my wing.
I was-- I was good to her! I was kind to Dennis.
If I-- if I can just-- if I can just talk to Dennis, or, at the very least, reason with his mother You can't reason with his mother, Bill! I know-- I know I'm a target now because of what I do, because the work is controversial.
It is not the work! But if I can just get out ahead of this Maybe-- maybe if I help a press conference My God.
Bill! Bill! - Listen to yourself, please! - Yeah.
This happened because of you, because you are reckless.
I don't say that to be unkind.
Only in the hopes that something will sink in.
This charging ahead without thinking of the consequences, this spinning a million plates all the time, trying to control everyone and everything around you Bill Honestly, when is it gonna stop?! I've been having an affair.
What? I've been having an affair for a long time now.
With-- with Virginia.
I'm-- I'm not being funny.
No, of course not.
Although, to me, because I know this, Bill.
You-- you know? How-- how-- how long have you known? I have known this for years.
Oh, my God.
I'm I'm s-- I'm-- I'm so-- so Sorry? I do believe you are.
Why didn't you say anything? For years Well How could you live like that? Not well.
Um certainly not easily.
But I made the decision that our family matters and our children matter more than anything.
Don't, Lib.
- Not more than anything.
- Oh.
Let's just drop it, okay? This is not the moment to hash this out, when everything is upside down.
Lib, my being with Virginia I-I never wanted to hurt you.
If I had known how horribly I must have been making you feel, that you would accept so little for yourself-- Oh, don't say that.
We can-- we can talk later.
What, at home? We just-- we just go home now and continue like this? Oh.
Libby, we can't do this anymore.
This has to be over.
It would be the one honest thing we've done in years.
You-- you deserve a real marriage.
I mean, at least a-- a chance at-- Bill, stop! Just stop! Do not say things that you cannot unsay.
But when is a good time? Oh, for God's sake, Bill! Why did you have to open your mouth? Why-- why did you have to just let all those things spill out?! Because it's the truth.
No! You do not get to decide that this is the moment to end our marriage.
Why on earth would you say this now? Because what? Because you envision a future with Virginia? Well, I should warn you, she she promised that she would never take you away from our family.
We made a pact.
So if you are planning to run off with her-- You and Virginia made a pact? Yes.
Behind your back.
We, um-- we came to an agreement.
An agreement.
The-- the two of you.
Without talking to me.
We took a page from your own playbook, Bill.
It was the only way that I knew how to make my family safe.
Safe? Well we're not safe, Libby.
Look at us.
No one No one is safe.
You are the biggest fool that I know.
But much to my heart's regret, I am the second biggest fool.
Oh, you cannot begin to understand the things that I have given up for you! The happiness that I have turned my back on for this family! Libby No.
You'll have to make other arrangements, Bill.
I will not bail you out.
You cannot come home.
I know you're angry and probably confused.
I hope eventually you'll understand and maybe even be grateful.
There are a lot of things that I could say right now, Nora, but "Thank you" is not one of them.
I did search my heart before I did what I did.
I did pray.
Please, leave God out of it.
We can't leave God out of anything.
I used to be a lot like you-- unhappy and lost.
And then Ronald told me about your book.
And when I realized it was written by someone I knew-- Dr.
Masters-- from so long ago, well, I realized it must be a sign.
God would never want something as sacred as the union between a man and a woman to be reduced to these experiments.
Nora, shut up.
You think that you're doing God's work? We are the ones that are saving people Giving them hope.
It's people like you, weak and deluded, that keep people in the dark, afraid and lonely and suffering.
So don't talk to me about God because as far as I know, God doesn't want people to suffer, and yet because of you and the havoc that you have created, they will.
You need to mend your ways-- unh! Betty, I need you to book those tickets now.
And I need you to excuse my absence tonight.
With The Little, Brown man? How am I supposed to do that? Mrs.
I was beginning to think we'd never see you again.
Drag, yes.
Well, we had an emergency, but here we are.
- Mm.
- Back.
And Bill is back, as well? The good doctor's right behind us.
Thank God for that.
I was hoping to get some photos of you two in the lab together, Mrs.
Johnson, maybe with a dildo or some beakers.
Before you do that, Virginia, I need you to sign those papers downstairs.
It's time-sensitive.
Yes, of course, Mr.
I nearly forgot.
I will be back in just a few minutes.
Good things come to those who wait.
Mom, what do you think of peanut butter and banana together in a sandwich? What's wrong? Mom, what happened? Is this about what I said to get dad in trouble? No.
No, honey.
Of course not.
What is it? Your father and I have been talking, and it, uh it seems like he's going to stay somewhere else for a while.
S-stay somewhere else? You mean live somewhere else? For a while, yeah.
He and I have some things to sort out.
S-so you're getting divorced? I want to talk to him.
That's gonna be tough, because he's down at the police station.
He's in jail? So this is about what I said.
This-- this is because of what I-- No.
No, no.
It has nothing to do with you.
I promise, okay? You have to believe me.
And I know-- I know the adult world can seem incredibly complicated and unfair and completely, completely messed up, but it has nothing to do with you, okay? Your dad is gonna sort out his problems.
He always does.
I'm gonna need your shoelaces and your belt.
I can assure you, Sam, I'm no threat to anyone-- least of all myself.
I'm sorry, Bill.
House rules.
Stay down! Get on your knees and beg.
- Aah! Aah! - Bill.
- Aah! - Bill.
- Aah! - Bill.
Is there anyone I can call for you? Virginia.
Oh, how do Italians eat like this and not weigh 300 pounds? Well, have you ever been to Rome? They spend the whole meal arguing and smoking.
They barely have time to get a bite in.
Buon compleanno, signore.
That's strange.
I didn't tell them it was your birthday.
I did.
I figured you wouldn't want to attract attention that way.
On the other hand, I'm not getting any younger, so I didn't think it was such a crime, one little candle.
happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear Jonathan happy birthday to you Make a wish.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm so sorry.
I don't mean to interrupt.
The doc is, uh, in jail, and I need you to bail him out so that I can back to the office and misdirect and confuse The Little, Brown man.
Please, I need your help.
The suitcase is already packed, still right where I left it this morning when I was going someplace completely different.
Sir, it's been a great pleasure.
I know it's a curious question to ask, given we just met-- Although in five minutes, you've impressed me enough, Mr.
And I'm a pretty quick study.
So you have my blessing.
That is, if it's what my daughter wants.
Honey, is this what you want? I do.
Dan Thank you, sir.
Should be another half-hour.
They're pushing through the paperwork now.
Hell of a thing, Bill.
I'll head back, now that you're in the works here.
I'm sure you two could use the time to talk.
Bill, before you say anything, I want you to listen, because Well, because there's nothing left to be decided between us or said, even, but I did want you to hear it from me-- Virginia, I love you.
I always have.
I've loved you so deeply for the longest time.
I-I could hardly make sense of it.
God, I should have said this long ago.
I should have put you first.
And now I can because I also believe deep down despite our struggles, despite all-- all this mess, which I promise I will make right, I also believe that you love me, too.
I'm leaving.
I'm flying to Mexico tonight, and then on to Las Vegas.
- No.
- Bill You're right about me in many ways How I-- how I love the work and the accomplishments and the recognition.
But where you're wrong is thinking that I want those things in place of happiness.
I want to be happy in a life bigger than-- than work.
I can't be a whole person without that.
Virginia, I-I can't let you go.
You have to.
If you love me like you say that you do, you want to put me first.
You won't get in my way.
You'll let me go.
I want to go.
Uh, Masters.
I-I need my, uh, papers now.
I hear you, sir.
But processing takes as long as it takes.
I have been looking all over for you.
I was just finishing up some work.
In the dark? I have terrific night vision.
Uh, "Betty the Bat" used to be one of my Nick-- I just spoke with a friend of mine that works here in St.
Louis in the Police Department.
He thought I'd like to know that Bill Masters is sitting behind bars right now.
Not right now.
He is not in jail currently.
He will be here.
You know what my friend also said? The charges are pandering and prostitution and that Dr.
Masters is also being questioned in relation to improprieties with a minor.
That sounds not good.
I-I'll admit that.
But none of those charges are true.
Let me make myself very clear, Miss Dimello.
Not only have I gone out on a limb to accommodate Dr.
Masters and Mrs.
Johnson every step of the way with their last book, but my job is on the line with this new book, as well.
My bosses at Little, Brown are not interested in Masters or Johnson.
The product they want me to sell, the product for which they have already paid a handsome advance, I might add, is Masters and Johnson.
In a half-hour, they are going to be standing here in matching lab coats, announcing to the world that, once again, they are the cure to mankind's every sexual misfortune, or I am going to get on the stage and tell those same reporters that the reason they aren't there is, Dr.
Masters prefers spending time with young boys.
That is, when he and Mrs.
Johnson aren't running a brothel.
How about I go now and te-- You aren't going anywhere.
You get on the phone, and you get them back here.
It's for you.
Virginia? It's Betty, and you have got or the Little, Brown man is gonna tell these reporters why you were in jail.
Why-- why would he do that? Because if you and Virginia don't show up together, he's gonna lose his job, and I don't think he's bluffing.
That wouldn't just be the end of the book.
That would be the end of the clinic.
That would be the end of everything.
Virginia would never let that happen.
I don't know what you need to do to get her to come back or what you need to tell her.
I need this.
You're good to go.
All right.
How long at this time of night will it take me to get to the Downtown Airport? From up here? All right.
Where can I get a taxi? Just out front.
Taxi! Where to? The airport, Downtown.
And don't stop for anything.
I know all the shortcuts.
Flight number 17 for Mexico City, Mexico, now boarding at gate 4.
Attention, passengers.
Flight 17 for Mexico City, Mexico, now boarding Thank you.
Are you afraid he's coming? Or are you afraid he's not? Let's go.
A man's got to know when he's beat, son.
A man has got to learn.
Using his head to block punches-- that's his strategy.
Too damn stubborn or damn stupid to know when he's beat.
Stay down.
You're beat.
Pull over.
We're gonna make it.
Pull over anyway.
This is-- just keep it.
I can take you back uptown.
I'm gonna-- I'm gonna stay down.
though shallow in my shoes left Holland bruised ah, ah