Masters of Sex s04e06 Episode Script

Family Only

1 JOHNSON: Previously on Masters of Sex I told them the truth.
What did they say? They just packed their stuff and left.
Why are you doing this? Perhaps I should just talk to your boss.
For some reason, he's gotten it into his head that I don't pass muster.
It can't be a coincidence that it happened right after my fiancée called off our wedding.
The Clavermores have travelled all the way from Philadelphia.
Masters and Mrs.
Johnson are unreachable today.
Why don't I begin your intake? NANCY: Was Virginia the boss in bed, too? ART: Nance, come on.
I vividly remember telling you that you needed to be honest with your wife about what did not happen between us.
They've got the whole place wired.
Honey, did you have a bad dream? I don't think he even saw you, thank God.
Why would it be so bad if he did see me? There are reasons that we shouldn't be together.
Reasons that I am no longer afraid to say.
What is your position on dinner? My favorite meal of the day.
I mean how would you like to take me to dinner? The prosecution has sent over a new witness list.
There's a name on it I don't recognize.
Works as a bellhop at the Park Chancery Hotel.
Park Chancery? Yeah, they're going to call him to testify Virginia Johnson and I have been meeting at the Park Chancery.
I would be willing to discuss a plea.
I know what you did, Bill, and I know why you did it.
Finally we are back where we belong, together.
sultry music soft music Virginia I should have called first.
I know.
Did I leave something at the office? Did you? Oh, no.
I, uh, I have just gotten some good news.
And I wanted to share it with you soon as I heard.
May I come in? Um, sure.
You have a cat.
Yeah, Ernie.
Well, I've, uh, I've been calling him Ernie.
I, uh, I recently found out he already has a name: Miss Julie.
You know, they have apartments that come already furnished.
Oh, no, this was furnished.
It was quite cluttered.
So I stacked everything up and threw a cover on it.
You know, I've tried to simplify things.
Well, you would be surprised how little it takes to make a place feel like a home.
Coffee table comes in handy.
Maybe sofa for when you have guests.
Uh, you wanted to celebrate? Yes, uh, I just heard from Arnold Ketterman at Little Brown.
Uh, he wants to move ahead with publishing the new book.
Oh, wow, that is good news.
It's terrific news.
The book was as good as dead a week ago.
I suppose it was my trip to New York made the difference.
Do you have champagne glasses? Um, I don't know.
Maybe there's some in the closet.
Uh, well I think this may be your best option.
What about you? Oh, uh, after months of AA, um, drinking has begun to lose its appeal.
But don't let that stop you.
In fact, uh, when you came in, I was just on my way out to a meeting.
You're welcome to to take the cup.
You're still doing that? AA? Uh-huh.
Sobriety is a journey, not a destination.
- LIBBY: Oh, my God, Bill.
You scared me half to death.
Baxter and I thought it was an intruder.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Can I fix you a drink? Uh, I hope you're not here expecting a repeat performance of last week.
No, you made it very clear, uh, there'd be no encores in that regard.
So I-I thought we could watch the, uh, The Tonight Show together.
When was the last time we did that? Before we filed for divorce.
Does the TV in your apartment not work? I-I had to get out of the apartment.
I was feeling, you know (EXASPERATED SIGH) - claustrophobic.
- (CHUCKLES) You live alone.
Well, that's just it, yeah.
I mean, I, you know, I I feel alone (CHUCKLES) there.
That's why I-I'm gonna ask Barton to come back to the clinic.
You know, he's been such a constant in my life.
Like family.
And since our family is no longer what it was, and, uh, Virginia and I are are no longer what we were Might I suggest that you consider dating.
(SCOFFS) Dating? Libby.
Why not? I am.
Who? Bram Keller.
Bram Keller asked you out? My my defense attorney, Bram Keller? Well, actually, I asked him.
I hope it isn't awkward.
Awk no.
Why why would it be awkward? It's just a date, Bill.
And I think it is a healthy next step for me, as it would be for you.
"Friar Bill" it does have a certain ring to it.
All that's missing from his apartment is a monk's robe and a hair shirt.
I do appreciate the drink.
And the company.
Better than going home.
Plus you cleared things up with Nancy.
I'm not one to hold a grudge.
Especially against a colleague.
How is it possible Bill Masters has a cat? (CHUCKLES) Honestly, I-I find that man completely inscrutable.
And I have always understood him, but these past few months, he's been Well, he's in the middle of a divorce.
That doesn't explain this.
Come on.
Erratic, uncharacteristic behavior, isolating himself from those with whom he was once close.
Yes, traditionally those would be symptoms of a man coming out of a long marriage, but every marriage is different.
For example, I nearly sent out celebration notices when I got divorced.
Each time.
But even an unfulfilling marriage can provide a certain kind of, uh, stability.
At Kinsey, we found men typically took divorce much harder than women.
And women were able to establish new routines, create new lives.
Whereas husbands, used to having their laundry pressed, dinners cooked, they floundered without wives.
And yet here you are, eating Chinese food at the office while your wife is where is Nancy tonight? Thank you for reminding me.
Here I'd gone a whole three minutes without thinking of Nancy's "dinner" with her old college "friend," Bruce.
My point is, Bill's relationship that most resembled a true marriage was with me.
I was his work wife.
And since work was always his life But now he's remarrying, thanks to you.
My wife.
His new work wife.
He keeps telling Nancy he wants her involved in everything.
Every aspect of the clinic.
(KEYS JINGLE) Bob? Hey, Bob.
Wake up.
Just the man I wanted to see.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) BOB: It's a beautiful place you have! Must be 800 square feet! Can you just keep your voice down a little, Bob? It's 12:30 in the morning.
Do you even know how much this kind of square footage would go for in Manhattan? (CHUCKLES) I'll have you coffee in a minute.
Your speech.
Let's talk about your speech.
My speech? At at the courthouse last week.
"No two human beings would paint the same painting.
" (CHUCKLES) How true is that? On a scale of one to ten, ten being the truest, how true is that? I say 12, off the scale.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) You're very kind.
"A being's sexual response isn't formed on the assembly line.
There is no shape that it must take.
" You memorized it? And I've decided we're going to use it as the forward to the your book.
Because it's so true, what you said.
"There is no norm.
There is only deviation.
" Did you mean that? Is there someone I should be calling, Bob? Let them know where you are? I don't know where I am.
Well, you're in St.
No, no.
(CHUCKLES) No, that's not what I mean.
I mean (CHUCKLES) it sounds so stupid, but I'm lost.
I'm almost 40 years old and about to lose the only shot I'll ever have at a family.
She left me once.
If she leaves me again, it's it's for good.
She being? Cherlyn.
My fiancée.
She's the reason I'm here.
I need you to fix me, Doc.
I need you to see me, see us, as patients.
- Hey.
Bad night? - I got a couple hours sleep.
- Mm.
She was kicking a lot.
He's impatient.
She's strong-willed.
He's just like his mother.
(GROANS SOFTLY) I had a dream my folks were here again.
Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.
No, it wasn't a sad dream this time.
Well, who cried? 'Cause someone always ends up crying.
No one.
Not even me.
I mean, they still rejected me, rejected us, but when they left, I waved good-bye and they blew me a kiss.
And it was really it was really okay.
And I wasn't sad anymore.
'Cause when I turned around, you and our baby girl were standing there.
That's when I knew how happy I was.
How happy we're gonna be.
Just me, you, and Sweetpea.
A family.
Aren't we lucky? A whole dream, and that baby never once complained that he's tired of being called a "she"? No, not once.
But you'll be able to take it up with her very shortly.
Hey, how shortly? NANCY: You were out late.
I got bogged down at the office.
I started to think maybe you were spending the night somewhere else.
How's Bruce? He made tenure, so that was mostly dinner conversation.
And he came bearing gifts.
Uh, this is for me? (CHUCKLES) Perfect color for your eyes.
Julia must have picked it out since Bruce has zero fashion sense.
How thoughtful.
I hope you told him I'm sorry I missed him.
Well, he doesn't fly out until tomorrow, so he wants to take the two of us out to dinner tonight.
He's dying to catch up with you.
I can have the bedspread, stemware, and china delivered.
And maybe rush-delivered, since it sounds like Dr.
Masters is eating all of his meals from an antique teacup.
Yes, I think if we wait for Dr.
Masters to order all of this for himself He's constitutionally incapable.
He's straight.
(CHUCKLES) Cases for review.
And is Dr.
Masters' color palette warm or cool? Color palette? It's fine.
I'll be the wife.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Oh, I have never been so happy to see someone in my entire life.
Get over here.
Give me a hug.
(CHUCKLES) (EXHALES DEEPLY) God, what a mess.
Can I help you unpack? Well, you can keep me company while I do.
You look well, honey.
And you look friendly, which will be a-a welcome change around here.
Well, Bill would be the first to admit he doesn't have the most genial bedside manner.
Okay, it's not that.
It's the No, no, I'm not gonna complain.
Not not on your first day back.
Okay, so when Dr.
Masters first hired me, I was told that I was being brought on as his partner.
But he and Virginia, they always find a way to go back to working together, so Art and I, we're always left out.
Well, I'm sure it's not intentional.
Do you know they tape everything? Oh, they've been taping sessions for years.
For archival purposes.
Oh, I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about taping the staff.
Recording private conversations.
Look, I am so grateful you recommended me for this job, b-but I also I-I can't help feeling like there's something strange going on between them.
Bill and Virginia have been working together for over a decade.
You and Art have been here for a month.
Give it some time.
You'll find your way.
Scully? Betty just telephoned.
She and Helen are on their way to the hospital.
She says it's time.
Excuse me.
I will tell Mr.
Spleeb when he gets back from court.
Thank you.
When I said dinner, I wasn't imagining the early bird special.
Actually, I've come hat in hand.
I need to reschedule for tonight.
I've got a last-minute work dinner, but Don't say another word.
I am very familiar with "last-minute work dinners.
" One of Bill's old standbys.
Not as common as "late night at the office," but easier to refute than "stuck in traffic.
" Believe me, I've used them all, but this time I mean it.
It's a client and his wife, and normally I'd be thrilled to have you on my arm Except for some strange reason, you're prevented from including me.
Wait, let me guess.
They are communists.
No, they're lepers.
They're nudists.
Oh, well, points for originality.
Libby, I care about this first date.
I don't want it to be a steak dinner surrounded by nude people.
And why not? - Because I'm such a prude.
- (SCOFFS) No.
Because I see a little bare skin and I have to retire to my fainting couch.
- That's not fair.
- Smelling salts at the ready.
I'll pick you up at 5:30.
upbeat music Although, if you've never spent time around nudists, I'd suggest bringing those smelling salts, just in case.
How do you think Dr.
Masters feels about demitasse? Guy, why is the initial interview for the Clavermores already completed? Filled out by Art and Nancy? Uh, right.
and Mrs.
Monopoly, I remember them.
There was a schedule snafu.
They came in while you and Dr.
Masters were in court.
Well, then you should have rescheduled them, not pawned them off on other doctors.
I think "pawned off" is a strong term.
Plus, it was Dr.
Leveau's idea.
Well, then let's go look at the calendar in case Dr.
Leveau has generously taken other cases off our hands.
And how did you two meet? It was a blind date.
Yeah, we both agreed we would carry umbrellas so we would recognize each other.
Then it started raining.
There wasn't a person on that block without an umbrella.
Guy, why is Nancy sitting in on a book meeting with Little Brown? It's not a book meeting.
Then why is Bob Drag in there? I can't tell you, it's confidential.
(WHISPERS) He's impotent.
Uh, Miss Green, Bob mentioned that you recently broke off your engagement.
Only for a few weeks.
It was a hiatus, really.
Was there a precipitating incident? Not really, no.
Miss Green? Did you feel there was a precipitating incident? Uh, well, we hadn't made love in months.
Because of his Impotence.
But as I explained to Cherlyn, luckily for us, I happen to know the world's foremost experts on the subject.
We're here to sort this out, so we can marry, have children.
The time apart, it renewed our commitment.
Well, you seem a lot more hopeful, Bob, than when I spoke to you last night.
CHERLYN: Last night? I thought you were out at a Little Brown function all night.
I was.
He just means we spoke by phone.
Three centimeters dilated.
Oh, that's good, right? That's right where we want you to be.
Uh, what about the blood? There was a lot of blood when her water broke.
Oh, it's perfectly normal to see some spotting at this point.
You told the nurses you were concerned about your vision.
Oh, yeah, well, I was seeing spots and my head's been pounding.
Mm, I suspect that has to do with your blood pressure.
It's within normal range, but we'll keep an eye on it.
Now the baby is still breech, so at this point, there's a 50/50 chance we'll need to perform a Caesarean.
Well, Caesareans are on the rise.
I read it in Woman's Day.
Now we're talking about surgery? Routine surgery.
She'll be awake, comfortable.
The only difference is a slightly longer recovery.
I'm gonna take you in now, Helen.
Uh, Betty, the nurse will show you to the waiting room.
Oh, I-I'm not going to the waiting room.
I'm staying with her.
Oh, yeah, she's staying with me.
It's hospital policy.
Not even husbands are allowed in the delivery room.
We'll get you in here as soon as the baby comes.
I promise.
soft music (EXHALES DEEPLY) Sweetpea and I have everything under control.
JOHNSON: I'm just a bit confused as to why I wasn't brought in on this.
A standard impotence case? A case involving the publisher of our book is, by definition, non-standard.
I meant the facts of the case are relatively straightforward.
Although I did find Bob at my door last night, passed out, smelling like a distillery.
Then he shows up here today acting as if it never happened.
That was my experience with him in New York.
One moment, he's this buttoned-up professional.
The next, he's groping me in front of his colleagues.
I don't know how well-founded they are, but the rumors around his office are that he's a homosexual, and that's why his engagement was broken off.
He did go on last night about the speech I made at the courthouse about our embrace of deviancy.
I-I did not sense any indication of homosexual tendencies.
And that's not your fault.
Hey, you're still new to this work.
What you'll learn is how to pay attention to details.
Well, details are what the intake process is for, and we've yet to begin that.
Of course, but given the sensitivity of this particular case, it makes most sense for us to conduct the intake ourselves.
Well, Nancy is perfectly capable of conducting an intake.
Oh, I'm sure she is.
Oh, yes, she and Art did an excellent job on the interview with the Clavermores in our absence.
You and Art took the Clavermores? They'd come all the way from Philadelphia.
Typically, the Clavermores are the types of patients that we cultivate as donors.
Well, after being on the wait list for months, were we supposed to turn them away? No, just reschedule them.
Unless you disagree, Bill.
You should have consulted with us before seeing them.
I need to think about this, how to handle the Clavermores from here on out.
Nancy, could you give us a moment? (WHISPERS) Yeah.
Anyway, I think that we should double-team Drag.
If we're right, and he is a homosexual, I'm sure between the two of us Virginia, we can't keep yanking Nancy off these cases.
I'm not saying every case.
The entire reason for bringing Nancy and Art into the clinic was to help.
Yes, but just like in in the Bucksey case, there are certain instances where it's much more effective for us to work together.
Drag showed up at your door in a very vulnerable state.
He was open with you.
But he was also open with me in New York.
I really believe that together we can coax the truth out of him.
Virginia? - Virginia? - Yes? I'd like to have a word with you.
This is really not the appropriate time or place for a discussion.
I, uh, I just need some clarification.
What exactly was I hired to do here? If you are going to constantly remove me from my own cases, then what what is my role at this practice? Your role is to support Dr.
Masters as his partner.
Well, except when you're his partner.
In some instances, yes.
- And who determines that? - I do.
Masters does.
I'm sorry, Nancy, have you ever run a business of your own? Ever built a practice from nothing? I wouldn't want to burden you with the details, like securing research space You didn't do that.
Masters told me he secured this space.
Well, aside from that technicality which, frankly, is debatable, you need to understand that there are many factors that we weigh in every decision that we make here.
Although the main factor with me, for you, is that I am a woman.
I'm not sure I know what you mean.
You are competing with me.
It's an understandable, if disappointing reaction.
Women get such a small slice of the pie, they tend to fight over it, rather than make the slice bigger.
- Or share.
- First of all, I hate pie.
Secondly, you're speaking to a woman who has spent the last 12 years bringing women out of the Dark Ages.
There's no greater advocate for women.
In theory.
This is practice.
Look, I respect everything you've accomplished.
It's why I'm here.
I just want to know where I stand.
Wherever we tell you to.
Knowing you as we do, Bob, it's clear to us both that you deeply love your fiancée.
I do, which is why this impotence is so (CHUCKLES) So, when did the impotence first manifest itself with Miss Green? It really only started the last couple of months.
Any idea what brought it on? Stress? You saw what things were like at Little Brown.
Yes, that is one busy office.
Although, stress is only one of the many possible causes of impotence.
Were there any episodes with previous partners? Never.
And your previous partners, how many have there been? I know, a gentleman doesn't count.
And you're not the type to notch the bedpost.
(CHUCKLES) Hardly.
Uh, three or four, maybe.
Three or four? You can't be certain of the exact amount? It may be five.
Actually, yes, I have been sexually with five women.
And the men that you've been with, how many were there? It's a standard question.
Have you had sexual experiences with men? Well, the answer is no.
Uh, men, no.
Boys, perhaps? I mean when you were also a boy.
Anything you discuss in this room Remains strictly confidential.
I have nothing to hide.
And that that boy one boy.
When I had just turned 16.
He was a year ahead of me.
He was your classmate.
At boarding school.
It wasn't even sexual.
Not really.
Just games.
We were playing.
And how many times did you engage Like I said, a couple times.
MASTERS: Did you have feelings for him? Feelings? What do feelings mean when you're 16? Oh, they can mean a great deal.
Let's talk about the others.
There are no others.
It was just the one boy.
He graduated the next year.
I never saw him again.
But you still think about it.
Well, from time to time.
When you're with your fiancée? Not if I can help it.
Does it help you to achieve erection? No.
Y yes.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) I don't know.
So, just sometimes you find the memory of this boy arousing.
I find it nauseating.
And sometimes arousing.
But mostly, I find it shameful and abhorrent.
We would recommend, Bob, before beginning any kind of sexual therapy That you speak with a psychiatrist.
(SCOFFS) We find in cases where there's latent homosexuality I am not a homosexual.
I read your books.
Men have impotence for all sorts of reasons.
Their parents are too strict, or they go to church too many times.
Homosexuality is a bit different.
How? I just want it out of my head.
Just like all those other suffering men.
Have you never wanted to stop wanting what you want because you know it will only cause you misery? That is all I am asking for.
It's lovely here.
KELLER: Garden of Eden.
Good afternoon.
Happy fishing.
Welcome to paradise.
Virginia found out we did the initial interview with the Clavermores.
She pitched a fit to Masters and now it's very likely we'll be taken off the case.
Well, we knew that was a possibility.
I'm sure that interview is on tape.
And obviously, no one's heard it yet, or else we'd be packing our things.
Just find it and get rid of it.
But all the tapes are in Lester's office, under lock and key.
Figure it out, Art.
If we leave here, it is because we decide to go, not because we're fired.
When someone says something's 50/50, that's supposed to mean it's not gonna happen.
Scully feels that a C-section in Miss Schiff's case guarantees the best outcome for mother and child.
Okay, well, then I-I gotta see her.
Unfortunately, visiting hours for friends are very restricted.
I am not her friend.
A C-section is almost routine.
No, I-I used to perform two of them a day.
Sometimes without even a lunch break.
No, nothing's going the way it's supposed to.
The baby is breech, there was blood when her water broke MASTERS: Howie and Jenny both were born breech.
And spotting can indicate any number of things, most of them innocuous, as I'm sure Dr.
Scully already told you.
Look, why why don't I come down? Oh, that's okay.
I'm fine.
Well, it's nerve-racking being alone.
I'm not exactly alone.
Well, not for long.
For all of her powers of intuition, I know my Helen a lot better than she knows herself, and no matter what she says, I can hear it in her voice, so I'm gonna call 'em.
I'm gonna call her folks.
CLAVERMORE: We will eventually meet with Masters and Johnson, won't we? NANCY: Of course, Mr.
As soon as they return, well, unless you wish to continue the process with us.
ART: What Dr.
Leveau and I have to offer is something unique.
As a married couple ourselves, something that Masters and Johnson are not Lester, sorry, I I wa I was just Here, let me help.
- Jesus.
- It's not what you think.
Who is she? That's Jane.
Your wife? I'm gathering evidence of her affair with Corky St.
Angeles, an oily, thick-headed asshole.
How long have you been shooting them? 18 months.
But the real question is, and what I want to know, how do you do it? Do what? I don't take pictures of my wife with other men.
But you let her be with other men.
Doesn't seem to bother you.
It's right out there in the open.
Lester, that's a rather personal Oh, please.
You invited the whole office to a swinger's party at your house.
Let's not pretend you're Ward Cleaver all of a sudden.
I'm asking you.
How do you keep your wife's cheating from eating you up? It's an agreed-upon arrangement.
Well, that's clear as mud.
Thank you for the insight.
You know, if you've been watching them for 18 months, Lester, it's because you want to.
You're a watcher.
I don't see why we shouldn't take the case.
You mean, aside from the fact that Bob is a homosexual? Is it a fact? I mean, based on a single dalliance from 25 years ago? He said he did it once, and then he said he did it a few times.
I went to boarding school, Virginia.
It's not uncommon for boys to experiment sexually with other boys.
It's understood that these are games, horsing around.
The vast majority of boys who engage in those experiences went on to become well-adjusted heterosexual adults.
And the man who showed up drunk at your apartment in the middle of the night, did he seem particularly well-adjusted to you? His fiancée knows nothing about this.
And it would be a condition of our treating them that he would have to tell her.
How is this not conversion therapy, trying to reconstruct the object of a patient's desire? But that that is exactly the point, Virginia.
It's not an object of desire.
It's a fixation.
Maybe even obsession.
You know, the word "desire" suggests that the object in question brings him any satisfaction at all, which it does not, which it never has.
It has only ever brought him suffering.
percussive music Guy, is there a reason the restroom is locked? Yes.
There is a reason.
- Just apply - I need to speak with you.
Masters and I are in the middle of a conversation, Nancy.
Is there something you need? Yeah, there is, in fact.
Obviously, I need to apologize to Virginia, whom I've apparently offended to the point that she's locked me out of the ladies' room.
So I'm sorry.
Sorry Art and I ever threw that party.
Sorry we presumed to invite our coworkers.
More than anything, I am sorry that of all the women whose coats Art could have picked that night, he chose yours.
Because ever since you two had sex, Virginia, you have completely and irrevocably turned on me.
Could you ask Art to come in here, please? Before you say anything In some moments, it's better not to say anything at all.
- Well, I didn't - This is one of those moments.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) Could you close the door, please? What happened between the two of us the night of your party, Art? This sounds like Perry Mason.
I'm asking you to describe what happened.
We went to bed together.
And by "went to bed together," do you mean that we had sex? Did we have sex, Art? JOHNSON: Any sort of physical contact at all? We did not.
Well, so glad we could clear that up.
I-I would just like to say That won't be necessary.
(SCOFFS) We're not going to discuss this? I told Bob I would call him with our decision right away.
So now you're angry with me? Because Art lied? I'm I'm not angry with you, Virginia.
Look, I'm sure you feel guilty enough without my piling on.
Why would I feel guilty? You should have left that party as soon as you knew what it was.
Instead, you spend the night with an employee, in his bed.
Regardless of what actually happened in that room, you put your reputation and the reputation of the clinic at risk.
But I suspect you already know that.
I do, yes.
And you're right.
I have made some questionable choices.
Maybe it's one of my terrible talents.
Some wayward game show contestant always picking the wrong door.
One wrong door was lying to you about Dan.
soft music But I didn't do it to keep you at bay, Bill.
At least, not entirely.
I was also ashamed.
And I'd gotten distracted by Dan once again proving my complete inability to choose the right thing, even when the right thing is standing right there, staring me in the face.
So what really happened that night, with Art, sitting in that bedroom, was clarity.
That the one person in my life who has seen me, all of me the imperfections, ambitions, scars And still loves me, in spite of them, maybe even because of my terrible talents was you.
I need I need to call Bob.
I promised him I would.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) upbeat music - The barbecue is to die for.
- Mm-hmm.
Our chef comes from Louisiana.
And is the kitchen staff also without, um? Oh, of course not.
All our workers have papers.
(LAUGHTER) I'm helping Richard and Kitty 'cause the neighbors bringing suit are claiming a violation of zoning laws based on the sale of food and wine.
Really, it's just a thinly veiled crusade against "obscenity.
" It's a textbook First Amendment case.
Outdated community standards attempting to infringe on the free speech of law-abiding citizens.
Um, well, what do you mean by "speech"? I mean, what could you possibly be saying? You're just not wearing clothes.
I don't know much about wine, but am I If I wore a hammer and sickle lapel pin and a Third Reich helmet, wouldn't I be saying something? Well, in that case, yes.
Clothing, more than any other social construct, defines us.
Whereas communal nudity is the ultimate declaration - of self-respect.
- Okay.
But you're not zoned to sell food and wine, and as long as that's true, they can shut you down.
Well, Libby, there's not a county in Missouri that would grant them a liquor license.
When I was volunteer at CORE, we had Negro nightclubs being shut down all the time for alleged zoning law violations.
- What was the solution? - Vouchers.
A ticket system whereby patrons didn't pay for food and drink with actual money.
But make a suggested donation at check-in for the cause.
- Exactly.
- If you implement something like that, I can get us a judgment in our favor.
You two are quite the pair.
(LAUGHING) We need another one of these to cogitate on this clever idea.
I wish we could, but we have a long drive.
KITTY: Oh, nonsense.
The road's far too dark now.
And we have an open cabin.
Well, I have an overnight bag in my trunk.
(CHUCKLES) I don't, but, um, maybe I don't need one.
- Where have you been? - Out.
Uh, do you know how worried I was? You just disappeared after that meeting.
I-I couldn't find you in the office, so I came here, you weren't here.
So I went back to the office.
I was with Bruce.
We had dinner plans, remember? Look, Nancy, I'm sorry.
For missing dinner? Don't worry about it.
Since you weren't there, we decided to skip the meal and just go to his hotel room.
So you're punishing me now? No, Art, I'm being honest with you.
An open marriage can't work if we can't be open with each other.
I know.
So just tell me the truth, Art.
About Virginia.
We had sex.
Of course she's denying it in front of Bill.
What do you expect? It probably was inappropriate for two coworkers to do what we did and she knows it, and so now, she's trying to save her own ass.
Yeah, she seemed pretty certain about what happened.
Come on, Nancy, you don't go to a coat party just to get some shut-eye on a firmer mattress.
Who are you gonna believe here? A woman who has gone out of her way to thwart and embarrass you every chance she gets, or your own husband? Why don't you tell me what happened then? We agreed not to do that anymore.
- I don't ask you - This is different.
Come on, I need to know.
She she was uncomfortable at first.
I tried to get her more relaxed.
Told her she was my boss, we would do only what she wanted, and and that's when it clicked for her.
She took control.
As my superior.
She wouldn't let me touch her.
She was only interested in my pleasure.
I'm listening.
She pushed me onto the bed.
Lying down? Sitting.
On the edge.
sultry music She undid my tie.
And then she dropped to her knees.
Like this? Then what? She closed her eyes and just consumed me.
- Sorry, is something - Your pajamas.
Bill has the exact same pair.
- Oh, how funny.
- (CHUCKLES) Well, unfortunately I don't have another pair.
Well, I can think of a very simple solution to that problem.
(CHUCKLES) Maybe we should slow down a bit.
(LAUGHING) Believe me, I'm as surprised to hear those words coming out of my mouth as anyone.
Usually at this point in the date, I'm silently scanning the room making note of nearest exits planning my escape route in the morning.
But, uh, no, hey.
I like you, Libby.
I don't want to rush this.
I'm sorry, was that supposed to be romantic? - (CHUCKLES) - What? In the course of a day, we've gone from dinner to a sleepover to you suddenly proposing marriage.
- I'm not proposing - I'm not interested in waiting till our wedding night to see if the sex between us is any good.
Okay then, I take it back.
If you want to have sex tonight Not anymore.
Good night, Bram.
soft dramatic music What are you doing? Strolling.
Like that? Does it make you uncomfortable? No.
No, it doesn't.
You just consistently surprise me.
(CHUCKLES) Yes, well, I surprise myself lately.
I don't know exactly what it is that I'm looking for, but I do know that I want it to be passionate.
I want to find a man where there's real sexual chemistry.
What are you doing? Bill, I-I thought that you were in a session with Nancy.
After this afternoon, I-I canceled the rest of the day's appointments.
I was gonna check in on Betty and Helen.
Well, I should be going.
You left something on the desk.
You can open that later.
What is it? Well, it's a it's a surprise.
(KEY JINGLES) It's our old room at the Park Chancery.
I was hoping that you would meet me there tonight.
The Park Chancery? It's a time that we were at our best.
The way we can be again.
For godssake, Virginia I can't.
Because? Because you somber music you don't love me.
What? That is preposterous.
No, no, no, no, no.
You don't.
You just want me today.
I don't know, maybe because I-I've stopped pursuing you.
Or be because Dan is gone, I'm the only option left.
Or because it's just easier with me because I'm always there.
But what happens tomorrow, when you wake up and, uh, oh, you want someone else? Bill, that's not going to happen.
I don't trust you, Virginia.
I can't.
(KEY JINGLES) Ever again.
Uh, you didn't have to come.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) Well, I'm actually here for the cafeteria food.
I do love those Jell-O squares.
Is everything all right with you, Doc? Of course.
So has Barton been out? (SIGHS) Last update was, uh, an hour ago.
They were still waiting on the anesthesiologist.
(SIGHS) Um, I called Helen's folks.
Oh, what did they say? Turns out they think Helen would've married the captain of the football team if I hadn't lured her into a life of sin and debauchery.
So I said, "Fine.
Fine, but blame me.
Blame me for everything.
Don't punish your own daughter.
Your own grandchild.
What are you thinking?" You said all that? After they hung up, but yeah.
It it's hard to see, sometimes.
See what? Well, they don't see what you and Helen have done.
That you've made a family.
(BABY GURGLING) Is he okay? Is he healthy? She is perfect.
Betty has to see her.
We can send Betty to the nursery.
We're taking your daughter there now while we clean you up and make you comfortable.
But can Betty sit with me first, in here, please? soft music Please.
We paid for one Butterfinger three times.
- Miss DiMello? - Y-yes, is it over? Is is everything okay? The baby's fine.
Oh, my God.
Thank you.
Miss Schiff has requested your presence in the delivery room.
Scully agreed.
Actually, I'm Dr.
Scully is part of my practice.
I'll escort Miss DiMello back.
She's gorgeous.
SCULLY: Increase the sedation.
WOMAN: It's not cauterizing, Dr.
Systolic? WOMAN: 240.
WOMAN: Pressure keeps dropping.
tense somber music You want some help, Barton? Scrub up, Bill.
MASTERS: You need more exposure.
BARTON: I can't see the vessels to suture.
MASTERS: Three more bags of platelets and another clamp.
Hey, hey, my Grandma Pearl always says that that you shouldn't rush a baby's name 'cause a baby practically names herself.
And I had named our baby Harry.
Am I sick? Nope, you're not sick.
You're just, um this is all normal after you have a baby.
Doc Scully's taking real good care of you.
- Something's wrong.
- No, nothing's wrong.
Nothing's wrong.
You're in the delivery room and our baby's napping in the nursery.
You're okay.
Everything's okay.
We're gonna be a family, remember? Remember? (SNIFFS) Helen, stay with me.
(LABORED BREATHING) I want my mom.
I want my mom.
(CHOKING UP) We're gonna have to take her now.
Guy called me.
I came as soon as I could.
Oh, God, what? It's called D.
It means the blood just won't clot.
We went through 16 bags.
No matter how much we transfused, or sutured, or She just kept bleeding until there was no blood left.
Is Betty? Betty's with her.
(BABY CRYING) (BABY CRYING) (NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE) The grandparents made it clear.
Family only.