Masters of the Universe: Revelation (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

The Forge at the Forest of Forever

You were loyal.
You were kind.
You were a fool.
Can you give him a little piece of home? Preternia can do that? The forest is a friend.
Thanks Moss Man.
How long's he gonna stay like that? He just received some difficult data.
It will take time to process.
One would imagine.
We need to get home.
If you want the sword, it's yours.
You can even ask the mighty He-Ro himself to help you reforge it.
Whoa! He-Ro's up here, too? For all eternity.
Just like you now.
Because the door to Preternia only opens in one direction.
You mean we're trapped in Heaven? Andra, right? Think of this place as a walled garden.
You were only able to enter because Subternia it shares one of the walls with us.
So, yes you're trapped here.
But I think I know how to get you out.
I'll need your help, Teela.
Make us a Power Sword.
As you wish, sister.
Good luck, T! We gonna talk about it? Talk about what? Come on, w-why did you come here? Why do you need the Sword? You're not gonna begrudge me a secret, are you He-Man? Look, I didn't want you to find out that way.
You didn't want me to find out at all.
Just tell me your plan.
Grayskull Tower.
If there's a way to Eternia, it'll be there.
Then why are we hiking away from it? We have to see the man himself.
As in, "mythical-man-from-the-poems," Grayskull? Oh, he's real enough.
And he's out here, somewhere.
Today is the Wild Hunt.
What the hell is that? That's your ticket home.
Duck! Remember these? Some things you could never forget.
Do you know who this guy is?! He-ro is an Eternian legend! He fought the Horde invaders and defended the free people right beside King Grayskull! I can't believe it! My beliefs have been challenged as well.
I witnessed many things that defied explanation when I was a breathing man.
But the conduit cleaved in twain? This is inconceivable! You think it's put-back-together-able? This was forged by Trollan mage-smiths thousands of years ago.
It is no trifling thing.
We don't trifle.
I can fire the blade.
My heart is a quark-collider.
That's very clever, metal man.
But what would contain it? Even the Forge at Grayskull could scarce What about this place? The walls are made of Eternium, right? Is there a lockdown procedure? What terrible design have you in store? We're gonna turn the whole damn tower into a forge! Vikor! Kuduk! Meet Teela! Teela, these are my friends! Well met, Teela! She says hi.
You just said they were your friends.
Uh, forgot to mention it's a bit of a friendly, uh contest.
Grayskull'll be at the front of the pack.
Whoa! Whoa! - W-whoa! Ohh! Oh! - Grayskull! - Whoa! Ah! A goodly chase, my friend.
- Until next time.
You flew well! You must have died a glorious death! Oh, I didn't, I'm not I-I came in desperation to, um, beseech you to We bring spoils of the hunt! Welcome to the winner's circle, Flea-man! Ha! We call him that because he's small! Like a flea.
Uh, yes, that tracks, thank you.
We choose our forms here.
And no great champion ever chose their lesser self until Adam.
So, someone cracked open the Orb, eh? The Sword of Power was forged to protect the Orb.
I should know.
I was the first to wield it.
You were the first Champion? No wonder they call the place Castle Grayskull.
When the Elders first cast the illusion to hide the Hall of Wisdom, they named it Castle Grayskull to honor me.
But if you've ever seen the Castle, you know it's a dubious honor at best.
Still, there's a gate within my tower that issues to the outskirts of the castle in your dimension.
I will take you there.
You've never used it? Have you ever gone back before? We're dead, boy! It would be unnatural! I spent my whole life afraid of death but when I died and I was received unto Paradise, I discovered there was never anything to fear The end is merely the beginning, and only in death am I truly living.
So I ask you why would I ever leave? You should go after her.
Give her space.
Like a candle from a torch, I borrowed this Power from Castle Grayskull.
It tethers us to that energy.
But there is strength in it yet.
The energy will be cataclysmic, metal man.
Are you sure you're up to a task this dangerous? Oh, not at all.
Please get the others to the minimum safe distance.
Teela, I I know how you Stop.
-Stop what? Being nice.
Just let me be angry.
B-because I lied? Yes because you lied! Y-you don't even understand what it did to me, do you? I-I couldn't mourn my friend because I didn't know who he was! It was always me.
He-Man was just He-man didn't hurt me, Adam.
You did.
And I couldn't even scream at you for it, because you were gone.
I died! Yeah, and the rest of us had to live with it.
Teela, I need to know why you came.
Don't ask me that.
You're hurting.
Or sick.
Or Did something happen to the magic in Eternia? Why? What do you know? Teela.
There's there's something Don't.
I don't want to hear it.
We can't change what happened.
I just need to get back to Eternia with the Sword of Power.
Why? Why do you need it? We saved the world! Didn't we? Telling you wouldn't do anything but torture you.
If I have to, I can go back.
Like Grayskull said, this is Paradise.
Why would you ever leave? I take it you were listening? No! Eavesdropping is rude! I heard everything.
Has anyone ever left this place? Why ask me? You're the only mythological Preternian plant creature I know.
You think me unique, but I simply died and became a forest.
Not so very different from other creatures.
People die and feed nature, and in the end, become nature.
I didn't.
You were given a reprieve for services rendered.
If you were to return to Eternia well, paradise is not so easy to attain.
You might never be able to come back here.
You would end as mortals do: in dirt.
So you must simply decide if you're at peace with becoming a forest, as it were.
But then again, at the scale of the universe, I'm terribly young.
Only a million years old.
So what do I know? Teela, wait.
It's working! Oh! Roboto! Roboto! You did it.
You fixed the Sword and and And you'll you're gonna be okay.
Trust me.
Teela, please tell Father he was more successful at making me than he knew.
If I was but a mere machine, I would never be afraid to die.
And yet, as my gears stall and my program ends I feel fear.
No, Roboto! Duncan can fix you! No tears.
Don't you see? I feel fear.
Ergo I feel.
I was no mere machine I was a miracle.
What a way to go.
I guess this is it.
No! If I'm here, who's gonna call down the Power of Grayskull? There were Champions before you, Adam, and there will be Champions after.
Lay the burden down.
Roboto, Orko they gave everything for your mission.
No one else dies.
Whatever you're not telling me, whatever became of Eternia we'll face it.
Adam, if you go with them there is no coming back.
This is your great reward.
I go where you go.
May fortune smile.
Protect your kith and kin.
Good bye Flea-Man.
They'll be back.
Raids come every few hours.
But I'll die before I let any of them lay their filthy hands on her.
I know a thing or two about dying.
Adam! How is this possible? Adam? Cringer!? Oh, buddy! I never thought I'd see you again! When you absorbed the exploding Orb of Power, it split your Sword in two, and both halves took all the magic in the universe back to Preternia and Subternia.
But now that it's reforged, your Sword is a conduit again to call back the Power.
You can bring it all back by saying the magic words! You've done well Teela.
Don't worry, you're about to fix her.
Still know the tune? Some things you can never forget.
By the power of Grayskull Retreat! I have the pow No! No! No! Skeletor? My apologies for keeping you in the dark, my dear.
But when I was duly destroyed in the Orb explosion, I was forced to seek refuge in your wand-staff to protect my essence! You did good, Lynnie! Now, take your rightful place at my side.
I really was starting to like you kids.
You don't have to do this Good to have you back, my lord.
What's wrong with you?! I'm sorry, and you are? Leave her be.
She asked me a question, Captain, so she deserves an answer.
Look at my face, child! It has furnished for me a lonely life in which none would have me as a man.
So then let me be a god.
By the power of Grayskull I have the power! Now I Skeletor am Master of the Universe!
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