Matador (US) (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

Night of the Whale

A Passenger jet bound for Chicago out of Hong Kong was forced to make an emergency landing.
People just started getting sick.
There are no survivors.
Going somewhere? You, the goddamn DEA.
- Is it true? - Yes.
I'd like our last moments together to be more Memorable.
If you have any hopes of surviving tonight, you will tell me everything I want to know.
I know what you're thinking, Mr.
Galan, but you just Roll him up.
- Sir, this is ridiculous.
- Now.
You gotta believe me.
I'm not some government agent.
I'm just a guy who tried don't lie to me, don't insult me, and don't tell me what to believe.
How long have I been targeted? How much do you know? Oh, you think now is an honorable time for you to keep your silence? But, Tony, there's something you have to remember.
You introduced me to your whole family.
You brought me into your home.
I hope you never have to regret that decision.
None of this was my idea.
They approached me.
Actually, it was more like they kidnapped me.
You know, you should really think about washing that thing.
Smells like somebody died in it.
Please tell me no one died in that hood.
Who are they? A division of the CIA that wouldn't take no for an answer.
And what did they want from you? They wanted me to play soccer.
The L.
Riot are having open tryouts.
There are two rounds of evaluations.
We need you to make it past the first.
Try out for a professional soccer team? I thought it was a joke at first till I realized it wasn't.
They wanted access to you.
Why? They said you were involved with some network that was creating debt crises, civil wars.
They wanted me to get inside.
And you were only too happy to oblige.
At first I turned them down.
But they had leverage.
Brother's coming up for parole.
On the off chance you weren't compelled by competitive spirit, we thought that we should have a plan B.
And what is that, exactly? You complete the mission, we'll make sure Ricky comes home.
If I didn't do the job, Ricky was gonna suffer.
Didn't have a choice.
We all have a choice.
You made the wrong one.
Pick him up.
You know, if you're so convinced that I'm your enemy, then you killed the wrong guy.
I have many enemies, and the night is young.
We've got 375 dead aboard flight 409, passengers and crew.
We believe they died from the same plague that wiped out the Ze'Otec tribe.
And the virus was delivered by way of an oxygen tank? By a 112-year-old man.
Presumably an agent of the network.
Yeah, one willing to carry out a suicide mission.
Is there evidence this courier worked for Galan's organization? Agent Peacott? Agent Peacott? I'm sorry, what? I asked if you found a direct link between Galan's network and this courier.
Uh, yeah, we're piecing it together right now.
I've just been going through the footage to make sure there's nothing we missed.
Well, keep me posted.
You sure he's okay? I can only go on what the doctors tell me, and they said he's fine.
All right, well, I want him on desk duty until I say otherwise.
Where's Bravo? Uh, he should be on his way.
He must have got delayed.
So what's the plan here, Mr.
Galan? Covering up a murder is not as easy as it sounds.
People make mistakes.
I learned a few things in the DEA, things that might help you come out of this clean.
Letting you help me was my first mistake.
Or don't you remember? You came to me with an offer of loyalty, one I should have refused.
You really gotta know, my priorities are entirely with this team.
My loyalty is to you.
And this just a day after your date at the auction made away with an artifact that was rightfully mine.
The two of you were a team.
- That's not how it was.
- Of course.
It was just a coincidence that you were then in a position to offer your help in getting back and she just guessed that it would be a good idea to swap it out.
It's a fake! Who was she? I don't know.
I swear.
She fooled me too.
Tony, for a man whose job is lying, you're doing a piss-poor job.
That was your pattern to get close to me, to buy my trust.
You were never going to see the big picture.
You get that? I gave you only trifling jobs, no more.
You were never going to get any deeper.
So don't imagine you've accomplished anything here more than you have.
I haven't accomplished anything.
I got a plane full of dead people, and I'm guessing there's more where that came from.
You could help me stop it.
I wish that were true.
Where's the Camaro I bought you? I lent it to my brother Ricky.
He wanted it for a date.
Open the trunk.
Put him in there.
He won't fit.
Try harder.
You drive.
The CDC's latest statement urges the public to remain calm, but that's done little to stem the tide of speculation about the threat of future outbreaks.
It's not just speculation, is it? You know there's gonna be more attacks.
I told you, I know nothing of the sort.
He can shuffle the lineup all he wants is that why you sent Senna out of the city? To the house in Palm Springs? No argument there, but, come on, you must know something.
Shut up.
We've got another Riot fan on the line.
Rick from Boyle heights, you're on the air.
Talk to me.
Hey, Jay, first-time listener, longtime caller.
Just wanted to get your opinion on last week's amazing performance by Tony Bravo, rising star of the L.
Whoa, whoa, hold up.
Tony Bravo? The Matador, yo.
What? That's still a thing? He hasn't even scored a goal yet.
Is that your fucking brother? It's not the goals.
It's the performance.
I think so.
And that would be a no.
Not one goal.
It's been nice talking to you, Rick from Boyle heights.
For all the latest Tony Bravo news and merchandise, go to WWW.
com #Matador that's about all I can take of that guy.
We need to pay some bills, more Just think how foolish your brother's going to feel when he finds out this is all a lie.
But it's not, though.
When it came to the soccer, it was all real.
Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to play on a real club.
Oh, stop.
This is so pathetic.
Answer it.
On speaker.
Anne, what's up? Tony, where are you? I've been trying to reach you.
I was at the party kind of late, sorry.
Uh, well, we had a meeting tonight, remember? With the Red Bull Execs, we were supposed to meet them at 10:30.
Yeah, I must have lost track of time.
Where are you now? I'm heading home.
Uh, well, do you think you could drop by the W? You know, I could try and keep them here a little longer.
No, I'm beat.
I think I'm just gonna call it a night.
Maybe we should reschedule.
So tell them I'm sorry.
Try and get some sleep.
Bravo's phone.
GPS has him heading north, about Wherever he's going, it's not home.
Your agent is diligent.
Yeah, she's a real pit bull.
When I cut you from the team, she stormed into my office as if she was on a mission.
What's this bullshit about you rescinding his contract offer? Well, maybe she was.
I don't think I've ever known anyone represent a virtually unknown client with such vigor.
She's in on it too, isn't she? No.
Isn't she? Bravo's in trouble.
We think he's been taken captive.
What do we know? He's in a moving car with someone.
We assume it's Samuel.
Assemble an intercept team.
- On it.
- Not you.
I don't care what the doctors say.
You're not ready to go back in the field.
For all we know, there's another infected plane in the air already.
I need you here, working leads.
Looks like we got a flat.
Oh, really? I didn't know that.
Thank you.
I'm just saying.
I'm gonna go and fix it, if that's all right.
I'll go with you.
Ah, shit! What? My lug wrench, think I must have left it at my mom's house.
Oh, really? I helped her patch a tire.
Must have forgot to put it back in.
Well, that's an unfortunate turn of events.
Looks like it's our lucky day.
Handle them.
Looks like you got yourself a flat tire.
Me and my brother, we could fix it for you.
For $100.
It's cool, man.
I'm a mechanic.
I can handle it.
Yeah, well, maybe you just want to give us $100 anyway.
Look, man, we don't want any trouble.
Trouble-free, that's a good policy.
I don't think I have $100.
We'll take what you got.
Gentlemen, we won't be requiring your services this evening, but we could use your lug wrench.
Well done.
Now change the goddamn tire.
So I missed my connecting flight, which was frustrating, but something went wrong.
I'm thankful too that whatever, you know, killed those people, you know, we don't want that getting out.
You gotta be kidding me.
That was a nice clothesline back there.
Lucha libre, I used to watch every match when I was a kid, unless it conflicted with futbol.
That was my first love.
I was four.
In my village in Oaxaca, we played on a pasture inhaling dust and stepping in cow shit.
My first ball was a stitched-up cow bladder, can you believe it? Still, I loved it.
Me too.
I guess it was something I learned from my father.
Javi? No, my real father.
Where is he now? He died when I was six.
We have Bravo's phone signal from the vehicle just ahead.
Two males.
Closing in now.
Out of the car now! Get out of the vehicle now! - Get on the ground.
- Hands up.
Turn around.
Face the vehicle.
Interlock your fingers behind your head.
Spread 'em.
- Trunk's clear.
- Car's clear.
I think I found something.
A phone.
It's Bravo's.
Damn it.
What is this place? It's the site of Unafonica's next cellular base station.
They're pouring the second slab of foundation next Thursday.
Get him out of there.
You were right.
I did have a choice.
I took the mission, but it wasn't just about getting Ricky out of jail, it was about me.
This was my chance to live my dream.
That's very touching.
Start digging.
- Mr.
Galan - Make it deep, enough for two.
Just wait.
Look, it doesn't have to go down like this.
If you knew some of the things I've done, Tony, you would know it has to go down exactly like this.
Dig! Over there.
You don't even know it, but I'm on your side.
Gone out of my way to protect you.
I'm serious.
In Nicaragua, during that futsal game, there was gonna be a DEA raid that day.
Everyone there would've been taken.
But you never even knew about it 'cause I stopped it.
This raid is going down, and if we want our OP to continue, we have to keep Galan clear of it.
If I didn't, you'd probably still be in a DEA holding cell.
Oh, Tony, please.
It's the truth.
Suppose it is.
All you did was save yourself and your mission.
That's not something you did for me.
All right, fine.
When Moktar Zola kidnapped Senna and held her captive in the stadium, I knew all about it because of the bug in your office.
But what you didn't know is, I violated orders to save her.
My handlers didn't care about Senna, as long as they got Intel on you.
But that didn't sit right with me, so I got myself red-carded and sent off so that I could find her and get her out of there, all in direct violation of my orders.
Otherwise, your daughter would be dead.
When I said that I was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time, that was the lie.
I was there because I chose to be.
There must have been another reason.
Yeah, because I know what it's like for a family to be torn apart.
Your father what happened to him? Car accident.
He drove off the road, hit a transformer.
Whole car went up.
That must have been hard.
I remember how he was before the crash.
He was different.
It was like he knew something was gonna happen.
He was scared.
Scared? Of what? A couple weeks earlier, we were at a park where we always went.
We were playing soccer, like a hundred other times.
And then this old woman suddenly she starts screaming at him.
She kept screaming at him, something that sounded like a name.
Camille, Camille.
Where did your parents come from, Tony? Chiapas, why? No reason.
Anyway After that day, my father changed.
He was nervous, distant.
Couple weeks later, he was dead.
Both have extensive records, but the stories were consistent.
Both identify photos of Tony and Galan as the men whose flat they offered to fix.
And the cell was stashed in the wiper well? Galan must have put it there to lead us astray.
At least we know Tony's alive.
Or was, three hours ago.
Whatever, you know, killed those people, you know, we don't want that getting out.
This you know, the airport officials and the police they've been on top of Th that face look familiar to you? Should it? Next video, here we go.
This was taken the day of Haik Katoyan's alleged suicide.
He used to a pretty sociable guy, but the last few months, something was different I don't know it's the same guy.
This here is what they call a crisis actor, somebody whose purpose is to spread a message that supports I know what a crisis actor is.
Nice catch.
Find him.
Bring him in.
It wasn't a spur-of-the-moment thing, was it? Killing him? You must have thought about it a lot.
You couldn't control him.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Well, I know he pulled a gun on you the day Zola kidnapped your daughter in your office.
If you don't get me the information I seek, I will kill your daughter and make you watch.
Make the call.
He would've killed you for making that call.
Hang up the phone! You die if you do this.
- Better me than my daughter.
- Both of you! And that's when we realized that you weren't the one calling the shots.
Samuel answered to someone else.
Drop it, Tony.
Or what? You'll kill me? It's not that I couldn't trust him.
It's because he would've exposed me for allowing a mole, you, into this organization! You're afraid.
It's only gonna get worse, once the other members of your group realize that you've exposed them.
What are you talking about? We've got names.
I've seen the list.
There is no list.
No? Then what about all those other people visiting the Adaptive Wellness clinic? Guys at the office say it's a real "who's who" of the 1%.
If such a list exists, give me one name on that list besides my own.
Gene Belasco.
Gene's a friend of mine.
You think I wouldn't know if he was part of this? You don't even know who the other people are, do you? You really are screwed.
Get in.
What do you think happens when they find out that you've killed one of your own? You can't stay public.
What, you go off the grid? Looking over your shoulder, you and Senna? Or are you gonna drag her down with you? You're trapped.
The government on one side and your own people on the other, there's no place to hide.
And I suppose you have an alternative.
Turn yourself in.
Tell us what you know.
Help us take them down.
It's better one enemy than two, right? And why should I trust you? Because, believe it or not, Mr.
Galan, I actually like you.
You've done right by me and my family.
I just think you got into bed with the wrong people and things just got out of hand.
I don't wanna burn you.
I just need whatever happened on that plane to not happen again.
If you help us, I promise, I will protect you.
It's only been eight hours.
We'll find him.
Yeah, but in what condition? If Bravo is still alive, finding and interrogating this crisis actor is still the best lead to find out where he is.
Or you could just ask me.
Oh, yeah, I hope it's okay.
I brought a plus-one.
Nicely done, Bravo.
Bagged the white whale.
But? But nothing.
It's a real coup.
Learn to take a compliment, jeez.
Keep in mind, immunity is contingent upon your assistance having a significant and beneficial impact on the investigation.
You hold back, and I pull it.
Agent and player together again.
You played your role well, Ms.
Or whatever your name is.
Let's just stick with that one for now.
If you ever leave the CIA, let me know.
Maybe I could use you.
I'll keep that in mind.
What do you know about the virus? I wish to emphasize that I had no idea that terrorism was on the agenda.
So it was just a coincidence that the artifact you dug up in Nicaragua contained the virus that killed all of the passengers on flight 409.
Coincidence would be the wrong word.
Then give me a better one.
I would say it was a deception.
Galan, you need to tell her what she wants to know.
If you want immunity, if you want to be there for Senna, this is the only way.
See, in order for you to understand my situation, I have to go back.
I have to go back to explain to you how I arrived at this point.
I was recruited in 2003 by Gideon Khan, who I met at the reception for the Natural History Museum.
We've crossed paths with him before.
Yeah, Bravo's first mission.
Khan was carrying the satellite frequency codes.
Gideon recognized me as what he called "a forward-thinking person.
" He spoke of a global network of like-minded individuals who were looking to maximize their influence and profit potential.
By what means? Through a coordinated mobilization of resources.
Who's they? What do you call yourselves? The Lamarck Foundation.
Membership has its privileges.
"The Lamarck Foundation.
Founded in 1887 by statesmen, businessmen, and scientists, dedicated to the progressive-era ideals of scientific and social progress.
" Sounds like a wild bunch.
But the group was dissolved in Or they just went underground.
But for many in the network, there was a more personal reason for for them to be members.
Let me guess living forever.
Radical life extension.
The promise of living to see how the world will change for decades to come.
Even longer.
What? Oh, it's nothing.
It's just you're a smart man, Mr.
I'm surprised you'd be taken in by the promise of immortality.
Yeah, like you, I was skeptical at first.
If Lucien Sayer's miracle drug really does what he claimed, it would be a goldmine for pharmaceutical companies.
You know about Sayer? The drug is just a primer.
It has to be supplemented with the application of mitochondria, new mitochondria from young and healthy individuals.
Harvest the mitochondria, multiply them, then place them into the cells of patients like myself.
Has it worked for you? It's hard to tell.
I haven't been on it for long, but it seems to have done very well for Dr.
So you're saying you've met Lucien Sayer? Yes.
He's the current head of the foundation.
I met him in London in 2010.
I'd been part of the group for a few years, I suppose Dr.
Sayer decided I was ready for the next step.
Exponential advances in science only occur with the right amount of brainpower and the right amount of capital.
I supply the former.
You provide the latter.
Money, yes, you're certainly asking for a lot of that.
Hardly, given the rewards.
And I can deliver.
What if I'm not around when these advances become available? Have faith, Andres.
If you make it to 80, I can help you live to 125.
By the time you are 125, we'll have the means to get you to 200.
Sounds plausible when you put it like that.
Look at me.
How old would you say I am? Early 50s.
I'm almost 70.
The treatment works.
Mitochondrial replacement is only the beginning, a stop-gap.
But believe me, there are new and amazing discoveries in the field almost every day.
Sayer was talking about the Ze'Otec civilization about a year ago.
He assigned me the job of acquiring one of their relics.
At the Brenton's auction.
But the acquisition didn't quite go to plan.
There was some sort of hiccup with my line of credit, which I now suspect was no mistake.
Anyway, our failure to secure the artifact necessitated our trip to Nicaragua.
So you secured the virus through another Ze'Otec artifact.
I was deceived.
Sayer told me the Ze'Otecs had a distinctive DNA, a survivor gene that would naturally extend the human lifespan.
You facilitated the worst bioterrorism act this country has ever seen.
You were crucial at every stage of the process.
I would never knowingly be party to something so horrific.
And why should we believe you? Do you know what's wrong with dead people, hmm? They don't buy things.
You can't sell them a smartphone with an unlimited data plan.
God knows I'm no Saint, and I've been accused of many things in my life, but one thing I've never been accused of is not trying to make a profit.
That is a very nice speech, Mr.
Galan, but right now all I care about is stopping the next attack.
And if you can't help me with that, then you're no good to me.
You need to reach out to Sayer.
I can't do that.
He mistrusts me already.
Well, then reach out to someone else in the network and find out what they know.
The network is compartmentalized.
No single member knows more than coup of others, at most.
There may be a way.
Tony said you have some kind of list.
A list of members' names, of people I might not know? What about it? Let me look at the list.
Perhaps I can reach out, see what they know.
We could do that ourselves.
No, you don't have my kind of access.
You are not one of them.
We'll consider it.
One other thing.
Do you know this man? No.
- Get down! Get down! - Don't do it! Don't do it! Hands behind your back.
Not a chance in hell.
We are not turning Galan into an asset, and we are definitely not giving him that list.
What are you afraid of? I'm not afraid.
I'm cautious.
Maybe you should try it.
What's that supposed to mean? It means you gave privileged information to a target of our investigation.
You don't know how someone like Galan could use that.
Tony turned him, and that is the important thing.
Really, Annie? If you took a moment to stop defending him, you might be able to see things more clearly.
I understand your reservations, but at this stage, we don't have any options.
We have the crisis actor in custody now.
That is a solid lead, and we're gonna follow it.
Of course, but why not use Galan as well? Because I don't trust him.
Doesn't matter anyway.
After we finish interrogating Galan, he'll never see the light of day.
You can't do that.
We made a deal.
There is no deal, Tony.
I gave him my word, Annie.
This is not the DEA.
When it comes to matters of national security, so-called immunity agreements are worthless.
Once we've got what we need, Andres Galan goes away for good.
I think he's on the verge, sir.
I don't think that'll be necessary.
Furman, is it? It's time.
I know you're gonna tell us everything eventually.
Let's not make this any more unpleasant than it has to be.
So you're the good cop, then? Let's save some time here.
We know you work for the Lamarck Foundation, but you're not exactly leadership, are you? Leaders don't stick their necks out.
That'd be too dangerous.
That's work for loyal soldiers like you.
But to keep you properly motivated, they made some grand promises promises like wealth and immortality.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I suppose they've downplayed the risks, told you that they had influence everywhere.
Strings they could pull if you ever got caught doing their dirty laundry.
But Do you know who I answer to, Mr.
Furman? The president? Nobody.
I have total discretion to handle you exactly as I please.
In this place, there are no strings to pull.
We don't have rules, we don't extend rights, and this goes on until I say it stops.
Here's what we wanna know.
We want to know who gives you your assignments, what do you know about the attack on flight 409, and are further attacks being planned? So you let us know when you're ready.
Flight 409 wasn't a terrorist attack.
It was a test.
A test that killed 375 people.
And yielded data.
Valuable data.
Look, the virus killed too fast.
In fact, it never made it off the plane to spread the disease.
But it's being modified.
It'll work better next time kill slower, spread wider.
Who's modifying the virus? - Lucien Sayer? - I don't know who that is.
And here I thought we had an understanding! - Was it Lucien Sayer? - Yes, Lucien Sayer.
What do you know about his plan? What I know can be summarized in just one sentence: You're all going to die.
- Noah, what's up? - Just talked to Billie.
Her team's been breaking down our witness's laptop, and they found something.
Data's coming through now.
Next time it won't be just one plane.
They're hitting every city at once.
We're talking millions dead in a matter of days.
Are we sure they're capable of slowing the kill rate in order to increase the rate of infection? Given how quickly they reanimated the virus, it's entirely possible they could engineer it to make it more dangerous.
Sir, if virus 2.
0 is coming, we don't have time to spend working another target.
I agree, it's risky to trust Galan, but it's more risky not to trust him.
We need to find that virus, and fast, before it's disseminated.
You get your wish.
We flip Galan.
He gets immunity.
You'll be his handler.
I'll hold you responsible for his actions.
Yes, sir.
I cannot do what you ask without protection.
Sayer is an extremely cautious man.
He subjects even his closest allies to the highest level of scrutiny.
Then put on your game face.
You need to get deeper inside Lamarck.
If I suddenly demand a larger role in the operation, is thought to be suspicious.
I need a foolproof exit plan.
There's no such thing.
That's the risk you agreed to take.
Maybe we're going about this wrong.
We shouldn't be trying to get Galan to reach out to Sayer.
We should be trying to get Sayer to reach out to Galan.
If you have an actual plan, I am all ears.
Ears are fine.
Your nose you might wanna plug.
Oh, god.
What are we supposed to do with him? Bring him back from the dead.