Matador (US) (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

Dead Dreaming in Bagan

Tony, are you leaving? - To get ice.
- With your agent? I would like Samuel's body returned to me.
Destroy the lab, we destroy the threat.
What if Galan is being called to his own execution? Ms.
Flores, what are you doing? - Galan's been shot.
- Tony, you need to get out of there.
No, we can't give up now.
Where the hell's Bravo? Looking for this? What do you think you're doing? Keeping you sober enough to tell me what happened.
Well, to begin, I was shot.
How about showing a little sympathy? That is hardly the beginning of the mess you threw us into.
I threw you into? You conscripted me into this ill-conceived plan.
Hey, give me the morphine.
What happened to Tony? Did Sayer's men take him? - Did they kill him? - They never saw him.
Wherever they were headed, Tony became a stowaway.
You're sure? Where were they going? You're telling me you didn't have the truck followed? We didn't have a team in place.
We weren't supposed to need one.
We planted a tracker on you, but then you went and got yourself shot.
You planted a tracker on me, and yet you couldn't protect me from that woman.
What's this? She made a tape.
Seems she was looking for revenge.
Does the name Ricardo Molinez mean anything to you? He was the father of Reyna Flores.
He was killed in Mexico in 1988 after trying to unionize Unafonica employees.
I don't remember the man.
But I remember Mexico in the 1980s.
If you went with the flow, things could work out for you.
But if not? Did I have motive? Oh, yes.
Did I murder him? No.
- Are we done? - Not quite.
I've put a full security detail on you.
You think one of your CIA lackeys can protect me from Sayer? It isn't to protect you.
In fact, I would love nothing more than to use you to lure Sayer into Los Angeles.
But I don't even trust you as bait.
So for now, I'm gonna keep eyes and ears on every move you make.
Admit it, all this attention on me is just covering the fact that you have no idea where in the world Tony is or what Lucien Sayer is going to do next.
Hey, Anne, right? Uh, Karen, isn't it? Yeah.
What are you doing here? Wanted to pay Mr.
Galan a visit.
Heard about the shooting.
It's terrible, isn't it? You should have sent flowers.
No one's getting in and out of his room.
Even the I.
nurses have to show two forms of I.
Just to do their rounds.
Oh, you're right.
I'll do that.
It's lovely to see you again.
- Anne? - Hmm? It's a little strange that you came to see Galan when Tony hasn't even shown his face yet.
I think the coaches want to keep the players focused.
You know? Distracted, really.
They've been practicing twice a day.
I saw Alec Holester here a couple hours ago.
And Duquesne storm last night.
Look, it's none of my business what's going on between you and Tony.
I just I'd rather not be lied to.
Tell Tony I said hi.
Noah! I was just resting my eyes.
Um, thought you should see this.
What? Hmm? Samuel's apartment? Yeah, first activity since we got the feed up.
Package arrived about 20 minutes ago.
Special delivery.
Wonder what's in the box.
Probably another deep "V.
" He was a clothes whore.
You can't get in close enough to read what's on the shipping label.
This requires some good old-fashioned fieldwork.
You are home now, Samuel.
We should turn back.
This area can be volatile.
I paid you to cut vines, not nanny me.
We keep going.
Oh, my God.
There it is.
That's it.
Sayer, that is a bad leaf.
on the 7th of July, 1989, on the banks of the Kha Paung River, and I, Lucien Sayer, have found it.
Of course, I won't be sure for certain until I get it back to the lab, but the stalks, the root system.
Solonacea Divinorum.
The locals call it "dead dreamer.
" Get me the specimen bags, quickly.
What is this? I mean no harm.
I-I am an englishman.
Just out for a walk in the jungle.
_ He wants to know what you are carrying.
I am a scientist.
A scientist.
See? _ _ _ Prepare him for his journey.
It appears we have a visitor.
Please ensure they're made most unwelcome.
Oh, I'll take that.
Oh, Sammy get a new bubbler? - Sammy? - He would.
Too good for tap.
Oh, I mind his deliveries when he works late.
I'm always delighted to see good neighbors in this city.
It seems like you and Sammy are close.
Have you known him long, miss Felicia.
Listen, my knees are cranky and my stories are on.
You wanna stand here playing 20 questions or you wanna hump Sammy's package for him? Hump? Well, be my guest.
Just leave the key in his box.
Will do, Felicia.
You have a blessed evening.
Soccer man.
Where am I? You jump out of perfectly good airplane, Johnny.
How does it feel? I'm not Johnny.
I'm Tony.
Where am I? You're in the jungle, baby.
You're gonna die.
No, that's Guns n' Roses.
I'm pretty sure that last thing you said is a line from point break.
I like American music.
I watch American movies.
I speak American English.
What's your name? Oong.
You have the Internet? Gold link prepaid.
I ask for Christmas.
So no Internet till Christmas.
You know what happened to me? Uh, lots of screams, then bam, sleep.
_ Hi.
_ _ So you found me? I was sick or something.
_ _ I touched this pineapple thing.
Started seeing stuff.
_ _ _ _ _ What's wrong? I tried to trap a pig.
E thinks it's a bad idea.
Pig? For food? For pet.
There's a plant, I put it on the trap.
It makes animals easy.
And people.
Easy? Like, they do what you want.
They obey.
Takes out poison.
So the snakes? No snakes.
In your head.
_ _ Samuel's DNA results are back.
The SNP test gave us his y-DNA haplotype.
From there we can infer his biogeographical haplogroup.
You have his ethnicity? Burmese, Southern most likely.
But without mpare samples from his parents we know Sayer's last known whereabouts were in that area.
Well, maybe he never left.
Well, if we're looking for a needle, Myanmar is a small enough haystack.
What's the population? How many cell phones? Uh, under 6 million.
What do you have in mind? Egypt, 2011.
Nepal, 2005.
Hell, Burma did it in 2007.
Military ordered a shutdown of mobile and Internet communications overnight.
And we can do it again.
So we turn off all cell phones.
What does that accomplish? If Sayer is there and he wants to communicate with the outside world, he'll be forced back on to Galan's satellite network.
Galan's satellite has been down for weeks.
I guess you'll just have to compel him to turn it back on.
I thought you were pro.
All right, let's go.
There you go.
_ Who is that? Who is that? What's going on? _ _ _ _ Tell us, boy, you see anyone who fits this shoe? Yeah.
Boy like you too old for school.
Should be working for the Lu Phyu.
Boy like you need a daddy at home.
Run! _ Where did these men come from? Can you tell me? _ You say Sayer? Sayer? Lu Phyu.
Show me.
Where can I find him? So my agent will have complete access to your system? Appreciate the help, Mr.
He's agreed to turn the satellite back on.
Send Billie to Unafonica to coordinate with Galan's satellite engineer.
- Where have you been? - What? You left hours ago.
Fieldwork takes time.
What's that? Jaggery.
Candy from Myanmar.
This note, Burmese script.
Something about sugar or teeth.
I'm still working on that.
But I'm guessing Samuel has family in the region.
While you've been off playing Willy Wonka, we've already zeroed in on Myanmar.
Sayer may be there.
- What's our move? - Turn off the phones, then turn Galan's satellite back on and listen in.
We force Sayer to revert to his old means of communication, nail his location.
One thing this plan doesn't account for.
If Tony wants to reach us, how will he get through? That's not the priority.
Oh, when Mr.
Galan said, "Billie," - I pictured, well, uh - I get that a lot.
It's okay, Ed.
I won't bite.
Huh, yeah.
Why would you? We have the server over here for, um Yeah.
Do you need help with anything? No.
I'll just step back.
So how do you know Mr.
Galan? He is my mentor.
Met him while I was in grad school.
Oh, where'd you go? Berkeley.
Wait, no kidding.
Me too.
What year? You know, Ed, you are one question away from a human resources violation, so if you don't mind Uh we have a screen subnet firewall, ma'am miss.
Already through it, Ed.
Yeah, I'll just be you need anything, um Hey.
Ears are going up.
_ He wants you to help this child.
Please, Mr.
Sayer, you must make him right.
Right then.
I'll see what I can do.
You don't understand.
These brothers are the leaders of the enlightened army.
Their followers believe they have magic inside.
This only thing this one has inside is cholera.
There, there.
I'm here now.
It'll be all right.
I can feel his spirit even now, as strong as when he was alive.
This is not good-bye, brother.
We're bound for eternity.
The world deserves to know the truth about those in power doing evil.
Today, I give you the truth about Andres Galan, my enemy Who has now become my teacher.
How are you feeling? Better, better.
Come in.
I hate hospitals And wounds.
There's all this press outside, and I didn't even get to do my hair, and Senna, it's okay.
Why did she do it? Miss Flores was a disturbed individual.
Yeah, but she wouldn't have just shot you for no reason.
You must have done something.
Why do you say that? Because I know you.
I know what you do to people.
You'd rather destroy someone than let them beat you.
You know, I used to think it was cool to have a dad that was so powerful.
But that was just my bullshit way of dealing with the truth.
How long are you going to blame me for what happened to her? Your mother? What you think you know about her death is only half of the story.
The men I sent to rescue her expected to find her tied up, imprisoned, a victim.
But that's not what they found.
They found her in bedith him.
Her supposed abductor was her lover.
It was all an act.
What are you talking about? Senna, it was an extortion plot.
They were after the ransom money.
They had tickets to fly to Brazil.
She was going to leave us, Senna.
Why would you tell me this? Because if you're going to hate me, I want you to hate me knowing the whole truth.
Senna! Senna.
Hey, Mr.
Galan, I gave Billie access to our server, masked my remote app to look like a firewall and Ed, speak English.
We're in.
We'll have access to anything she's got on any network she connects to.
Tell me what you need, I'll get it.
I knew I could count on you, Ed.
Oh, Ricky, thank God it's you.
Hey, bro, how's that concussion treating you? Mom's gonna shit a brick you're actually calling her.
Ma! No, no, no, no.
Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, I'm not calling for mom.
I'm calling for you.
I need a favor.
Favors are free, bro.
I prefer making money.
I need you to call Anne, okay? It's important.
Okay, this is weird.
I'm tracking an outgoing call into the sandoval house.
- The sandoval house? - Get me on that line.
Do my best.
Tell me her number.
Look, that's the thing, all right? I don't have my cell.
I don't remember the number.
I don't either.
She only lets me use email.
And she takes forever to respond.
You need to have a team-Bravo-come-to-Jesus with that lady.
Okay, Ricky, look, there's something I gotta tell you, all right? I didn't quit the D.
to play soccer.
I quit the D.
to join the Tony? Annie? Hello? Hello? I'm so glad to hear your voice, Annie.
We certainly didn't think we'd snag you on Galan's satellite network.
Yeah, you're not gonna believe the day I've had.
Can you give me the spoilers, starting with where you are and how we can get you out? I don't know where I am on a map.
But I'm at Sayer's compound.
They're having a funeral for Samuel.
What have you got, fisher? Outside of bagan, Myanmar.
Near the Kha Paung River.
- I need coordinates.
- Working on that.
Guys I think I've found something.
Talk to me, Tony.
What are you seeing? It's here.
The virus.
It's underground.
I need those coordinates right now.
Billie? Got 'em.
Got the coordinates.
Liaise with our Navy contacts.
Tell 'em to ready their assets in the region.
What are you doing? I'm ending this.
We can destroy that virus before anyone else gets killed.
Fire scout 47, this is agent Peacott, CIA, requesting aerial support out of Bay of Bengal.
Tony, I need you to evacuate the lab.
You're risking exposure.
I'm okay.
Margot? Tony, we're sending in a strike.
You must get out.
Oh, boy.
There's a safe zone about 2.
4 miles northeast of the compound.
Head for the tree line and don't stop.
You've got ten minutes.
We'll be watching for you.
And, Tony, if you ever needed that 4.
3 speed, now's the time.
Don't move.
Yeah, he can do this.
We're good here, Annie.
Piece of cake.
Aah! I apologize for the inconvenience, but we weren't prepared for visitors.
Whoever you're working for, I hope they paid you well enough.
I considered doubling it, making you an offer, but unfortunately I'm in the process of downsizing.
Looking to lean out your workforce now that the virus is ready to go? And who told you that? Andres Galan? Given Los Angeles was the starting point of your journey here, I assume you're his responsibility.
Galan was a target.
Just like you.
So you're with the government.
Even better.
It won't work.
We know your plans.
We know the cities that you're hitting.
We know when.
Then you know exactly what you're supposed to know.
What is it? Spotters have picked up incoming aircraft.
Maybe I underestimated you But it's a little late for your air support to save you now.
Oong! Oong, what are you doing here? Americans need sidekicks.
No, no! You gotta go! It's not safe here! No! Oong, no! You gotta go! Don't open that door! Come with me if you want to live, soccer man.
What have you done? All right, come on, let's go.
Hey, hey.
You can run fast, right? I need you to run, okay? Follow me, let's go.
Hey, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Okay, come on.
He should be there by now.
He has one minute left.
And if he doesn't make it? What are you suggesting, Annie? We delay the attack.
Fire scout command.
Agent Peacott, enemy installation coordinates confirmed and acknowledged.
Targets are locked.
Mission is a go.
We have a possible standby situation developing, fire scout.
How long? I'll defer to your call, but I need to know.
Are we trying to save an agent or are we trying to stop a terrorist? Agent Peacott, confirm mission status.
Because if Tony has been discovered, Sayer will clear out.
He could be transporting the virus out of that lab as we speak.
So What is your call? Fire scout, disregard.
Mission is a go.
Copy, agent Peacott.
You know this, right? Yeah? Live long and prosper okay? Do that for me, far away from here.
Promise me.
All right, run, run.
Run, run, run, run, run.
Hey, hey, whoa.
Direct hit.
Direct hit.
Direct hit.
Navy seal team five is entering the region.
They'll give us a body count, but we'll have to wait on DNA samples to confirm our targeted losses.
This was a successful mission, Annie.
I know it doesn't feel that way.
His family should be notified.
You know that's not possible.
An agent goes down in the field We don't know if he's down or not yet.
You even said that yourself.
We have to wait for confirmation.
Either way, his family should be told.
We don't want them filing for a missing persons.
Annie There are people who care about him! I-I didn't work with Bravo long, but I'm sorry.
Yes? I'm in.
I'm looking for a list.
A patient list from a clinic called "Adaptive Wellness.
" Anne.
You're back.
I know you think there's something going on between Tony and I.
I've come here to clear that up.
I do not need an explanation.
Yes, you do, because you're, um I'm Tony's agent and his friend, nothing more.
He cares about you, maybe more than he has the right to.
But if he were here right now, I know that he'd tell you himself.
I promise you that.