Material Girl s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good I knew that I would, now I feel good I knew that I would, now Ali.
So good, so good Is it morning? Mmm-hmm.
I feel nice Isn't this your dress? Uh? Front cover! I don't believe it.
God, this is brilliant! This is brilliant! Oh, and you, you're not so bad yourself.
PHONE BEEPS Um, is there something wrong? No.
Sorry about this, Ali, I just I'll, I'll call you, yeah? Coffee, croissants my room now.
What? Where's biker boy? He brought me breakfast and legged it.
Mystery text and got to go.
Usual thing.
I was seconds away from the very best wake up call I've had in a very, very long time and I don't know.
Maybe someone else is missing her breakfast in bed.
Jumping the gun again.
Coffee for two, then? Better make it three.
Who is this? Just the crazy lady from next door.
Anyway, you're acting like it's my fault.
Look, he left without any explanation so if that's the kind of guy he is then I'm better off without him.
Hear hear.
People do funny things after sex.
Saw this guy once and afterwards he puts my hairdryer on, dances round the room in his Calvins, doing his best Beyonce.
Talk about crazy in love.
That was me.
Call me.
I really like him, Alex.
Despite the Beyonce thing? Not him.
Que sera sera, sweet pea.
But, in the meantime, just enjoy being Ali Redcliffe.
You're on your way, girl.
I love it.
Whose is it? Ali Redcliffe.
She's a mate of mine, actually.
Maybe she can run you up a kaftan.
Nice one.
There you go.
Good work, babes.
Oh, thanks, Lydia.
I'll see you at lunch.
Put that back! What's happening? They take the machines! Mind telling me what you're doing? The rental hasn't been paid on your equipment.
I think you'll find there's some mistake.
Marco Keriliak Like I told Babushka here, no money, no machines.
You just put that back or I'll Or what? Get your hands off me.
Let go of me! Let her go.
Put me down.
How dare you! You were right, Marco, she is a fighter.
Ali Redcliffe, Caroline Coburn.
And this is Nick Johnson, CEO, CJ Fabracorp.
This must be the delivery of the new machines? She has been dying to get her hands on these.
Here you go, for your troubles.
Put them in the back.
You got till the end of the week.
Right this way.
Do you mind telling me what the hell is going on? No time for questions, just go in and charm the pants off them.
Who are they? They've got cash, that's who they are.
I thought we had backers.
We do if you get this right.
What the hell is going on? I'm experimenting.
I want to create a dress that clings as tight as paint on skin, embracing the female form.
Well, at least it's drip dry! I suppose you're delighted for your friend Ali.
Well I don't find it so funny being bumped out the papers by a little upstart.
I guess she's just I was doing that kind of thing way back.
In fact, the dress almost resembles something I designed.
And this? Looks like something a flamingo threw up.
Can it.
Nathan, darling.
Yes, I just wanted to bend your ear on a little legal matter.
And it's that rare combination of youth and experience, which makes Ali Redcliffe, poised to become one of the biggest names in British fashion.
OK then So why do you think we should invest in you? Oh God, I don't know.
I don't really do sound-bytey answers, so if you're looking for that then you're out of luck.
But if you are looking for hard work and a bloody good designer then you've come to the right place.
I like your honesty.
Now, about this wedding dress.
Wedding dress? Nick and Caroline are getting married this weekend.
To each other? Wow, congratulations.
The wedding's Saturday in New York.
Your first wedding dress under your own label.
What an opportunity, huh? You make Caroline the perfect wedding dress andwe're in.
That's amazing.
Thank you.
Thank you.
How exciting.
These have just come for Ali.
Not now, Trish.
But they're from the new guy.
He's asked her out tonight! He's called Chris and he's gorgeous.
It's funny, she thought she wouldn't hear from him.
I don't think we need to know the ins and outs of Ali's love life, as fascinating as it may be.
All right.
There we are.
Thank you.
So, can we focus on the job in hand? Of course, but what better inspiration for a wedding dress than a bit of romance? Romance is all very well for teenage girls and bored housewives but you are embarking on a huge new venture and if we back you, we're going to want 100%.
OK, we got it, reset.
And so I've had this fantastic idea for the dress.
A wedding dress could make your name, Ali.
You can do it in your sleep.
Except Chris asked her out so she won't be getting much sleep.
You got a second date! You go, girl.
The first one wasn't technically a date.
It was just a night of sleazy sex.
What? The walls are Gisele thin.
Hey, but she got a second date, all right? But now with the backers and this dress maybe I should just cancel.
What? He'll probably run out before the starter.
He's got a habit of disappearing.
Hang on, I know what this is about.
Don't say it.
Jed Nicholls.
She said it.
Since Jed you've picked apart every man you've met until you've found a fault.
That is not true.
What about Andy? He had white socks.
Ollie? Esther Rantzen fetish.
Malcolm? He was called Malcolm.
She has a point with Malcolm.
Yeah true, but all the others.
Perfectly fine men who you just ruled out after one date.
You're way off.
Hang on.
How long has it been since you've got to a second date? Oh, look, is that the time? Got to go, bummer.
Ten months.
Three weeks.
And five long and lonely days.
Ali, look, no-one's perfect so don't go looking for problems with this one.
They're not all like Jed.
And please, please, please get to a third date! God, no pressure yeah? Look.
Just go for it, Ali, OK.
I wish I had half your luck.
Lydia, come on.
Nothing's going to go wrong.
Lydia, come on! Ooo.
I love you all.
Thank you.
What's all this? Came this morning, big delivery.
Oww! Yeah.
I meant to warn you about that.
Marco, they've delivered a load of I don't know what, instead of the silk for the dress.
Yeah, I need to talk to you about that.
Davina! To what do we owe the pleasure? Hello, Ali.
What are you doing here? Just wanted to see your lovely new premises.
It's just so you, isn't it, Ali? And if I ever need a used syringe then I know where to come.
What's the theme for your new collection? Council house chic? This is a mistake.
Talking of mistakes.
I wanted to congratulate you on the dress you designed.
Well done.
Thank you.
Only you didn't design it, did you? What? It was designed at Davina Bailey by Davina Bailey.
I don't think so.
I saw Ali design it.
Oh, Marco, it's alarmingly similar to an idea I had for my '08 Spring/Summer line when we were working together.
That's not true.
Ali, you saw the design.
We even discussed it.
The length, the cut, the fabric.
This dress is my design.
Ready? Yes.
I'm really sorry.
Well, what is it? What's wrong? My boyfriend dumped me.
Oh, darling.
I'm so sorry.
And I'm pregnant.
Well, if you're so sure, why don't you just sue? Oh.
I am.
But, oh well.
You know.
Plenty more fish in the sea.
Well, you better come through.
I designed the dress.
I know, but her lawyers can shut us down completely unless we can prove you designed it.
Oh, good.
I'm glad the fabric's arrived.
What? I haven't had chance to tell Ali the good news.
What good news? Well, Nick and Caroline own CJ Fabracorp, which makes Fabralon.
This? Yep.
Part of the terms is one third of the collection be made of Fabralon.
Ow! Don't worry about that.
Our boys in Korea are working on reducing the static.
See Ali, we've been looking for a way to get the fabric onto the catwalk and whatever's big on the catwalk filters down to the high street.
Fabralon will be everywhere.
Ow! See, I told you I'd make a business woman out of you.
You're using me.
Marco? Think of it as a challenge.
And an honour.
You get to make the first ever Fabralon wedding dress.
The dress has to be made from this crap? This is not crap.
It's strong, it's hard wearing.
Hard wearing isn't really a quality that most women look for in a wedding dress.
It should be made from something beautiful.
I think what Ali means I know what she means.
Come on, we're leaving.
Hang on.
Let's just talk about this.
If you change your mind, come and see me tomorrow.
Such a shame.
We caught the plane with the Searson-Teagues to Barcelona.
The weather was frightful, but the hombres.
Ole Jose! I was shooting with the Brocklebanks and some of those beaters.
They can beat me anytime.
Wish someone would.
How was your weekend? Great.
What was it? Strictly Come Ice Dancing and a packet of Bourbons? No.
They were Jaffa Cakes, actually.
It's not often I find company in here.
It's just a bit less crowded.
And you don't have to listen to any of the "who's wearing who" chatter.
Or "who's doing who.
" Or "who's doing who whilst wearing who.
" It's Millie, isn't it? Mimi.
Stockist and wannabe stylist.
Anthony Chatsworth, publisher.
That much I know.
So, Mimi, can I give you a lift again? Sure.
Bring your wife next time, make it a party.
What were you thinking? It's selling out! Those people don't have the first clue about fashion.
I know, but they have money.
Screw their money.
I am not making a collection from that fabric! Well, we don't have a choice, do we? Because without them there's no business, no collection, no money, we have nothing.
Do you have a spare one of those? She just quit.
Ali, Ali, just go over there tomorrow and apologise.
And think about how this one dress buys you a bright shiny future.
So my whole future hangs on me designing a wedding dress from a fabric that No, Marco, I can't do it.
If anyone can pull this off, you can.
I'm not interrupting, am I? No, no.
You're just in time to save me, actually.
You're going? I thought I mean, shouldn't you get started on the dress? I'm Marco by the way.
I am so done for today, Marco.
Cos if you think you can enjoy yourself after all this, well fine.
Be my guest.
Just go and see Caroline tomorrow.
Are you sure you want to have all this fun, because if you've got to work No.
No, no, no, of course I'm sure.
Anyway listen, I want to do something special for our first date.
Second date.
Hmm? Nothing.
So yeah anyway, I wanted to book the perfect restaurant for the perfect meal.
But I didn't know what your favourite food was so That's for you.
A moment.
Drink? Thanks.
Ice? Now get your coat.
What? Second course.
I wanted to show my appreciation for your loyalty over the past week or so .
with all that's gone on.
A Vartan scarf.
One of only 12.
I heart Vartan! Here, let me help you put it on.
I just wanted to be sure you're happy here at Davina Bailey.
Very much so.
And you like the opportunity I've given you to work with Orlando? Yes.
He's great.
Slightly different from Ali.
A bit more temperamental, maybe.
Ali's no saint, though, is she? I cannot believe you've done all this.
It's not over yet.
What do you mean? Taking credit for that dress.
But So regrettably I've had to get the lawyers involved.
You're suing Ali? Well, she's left me no choice.
By rights the dress is mine.
But the lawyers want proof.
But you know me, I'm such a scatter brain.
The final course is here.
I'd no idea where Ali's designs are.
So you want me to look for them.
Thank you.
But I think what would be better is if you sketched the designs yourself in Ali's hand.
I mean, you worked with her, you know her style.
Forge them? What a sordid little word.
But then again, it's a sordid little world, isn't it? There.
MOBILE BEEPS I mean, who texts at one in the morning? Drunk people.
Australian people.
What? Time difference.
Oh, right, of course, it was some pissed Aussie bird.
Ali, get back there and pretend you're none the wiser.
But I am.
Look, I know you were hurt before but Chris isn't Jed.
She could be anyone.
Sister, mother.
Was there a kiss on the end of the text? No.
Well, then it's not a lover.
What do you mean? Don't you always put kisses on the end of your texts to him? Yes, but You're just looking for a fault.
You've got to trust him.
Case closed.
I ran for the taxi, I tripped, and concussed myself on the lamp post.
You were so drunk.
You threw up on the main course and you blamed it on the oysters.
You've forgotten that one! Ali! What are you doing here? Well I was told toto to come up, but I'll go.
So you've changed your mind about the dress? You're happy to use Fabralon? Um For your wedding dress? Was that his idea? Ali.
This is Scott.
He runs our London office.
We go back a long way.
As you can see, I have another meeting.
So the dress.
I assume you are here to measure me.
But first, I wouldI would like to hear your ideas about it.
Well, that's what I'm paying you for, isn't it? You know, you must have some thoughts about it all.
It is your wedding dress.
No? OK.
What does getting married mean to you? Certain tax breaks.
It's a signature on a piece of paper, it doesn't change anything.
What about love? Now you're straying outside your brief.
Well, no, I'm designing your dress and I have to believe in it.
One day you'll learn that business and romance, they don't mix.
Someone really hurt you, didn't they? Yeah, well, not any more.
I mean, what about your new boyfriend? Can you be sure of him? Hesitation.
It's not a good sign.
It's early days yet.
And? He got a text at one AM.
Kiss or no kiss? No kiss.
He's cheating.
Listen, Ali, men cannot be trusted.
And the sooner you realise that, the happier you'll be.
Well, are you happy? Hesitation.
Not a good sign.
This is completely crazy.
You could have rustled up a better disguise.
You're a designer, for God's sake! Well, it was very short notice, Mimi.
I bet she's blonde.
They're always blonde.
This is a bad idea.
I have to see who he's meeting.
And what if Caroline's right? All men cheat.
You can't generalise.
Listen Ali, if Chris does turn out to be unfaithful, you know it's no reflection on you? It's about him.
You are bright and brilliant and if you're half as good a girlfriend as you are a friend, some man will be lucky to have you.
I think I'm going be sick.
Excuse me.
Text messages at one am? Get out now, love.
There he is! Let's see.
I was right and she's blonde.
And pretty.
Shut it! Daddy! Daddy? Ali, are you all right? Yes.
Look at the statute.
Rose! Rose, where are you going? Ali.
Are you all right? Chris! What are you doing here? Me and Mimi, we just thought, we never do enough touristy things in London so Yeah, you don't when you live in a place, do you? Tower of London next, I think.
Why not? You followed me, didn't you? Busted.
Ali, I'm here for a day with my daughter.
I don't know I can't.
I haven't got time for this.
Come on.
Chris! This is exquisite.
I've ordered pieces of silver too, I want to layer layer layer them all down the side.
Sounds hot.
It will be.
Alex, walk me out.
And I said no to the pink.
Alex? Bitch.
Just ignore him.
He'll soon calm down.
That is so Supernanny.
I was wondering if you'd had chance to think about my proposal vis a vis Ali.
Erm, yeah, I have.
Then you'll know it makes sense to side with the winning team.
Of course.
But is she really such a threat? I mean she hasn't even got a backer right now and if this deal with CJ Fabracorp doesn't go through Fabracorp? I may have the name wrong.
Yeah, I have got the name wrong.
Do we really have to sue? Will you do the designs or not? Yes.
The lawyers will be here tomorrow at ten.
30 pieces of silver.
What? 30 pieces of silver fabric.
You want to sign? Thanks.
Oh, excuse me.
Alex, isn't it? That's my name.
Don't wear me out.
I don't know if you remember.
I'm Marco.
Of course I do.
You're the one behind our Ali.
Behind her all the way.
Though not very easy at the moment.
I'm guessing you've heard.
About Chris? A secret daughter.
It's totally "Dallas Season Three.
" No, I'm talking about the lawsuit.
What lawsuit? The one where your boss is suing your friend.
I don't know what you're It can't be easy for you.
I mean, caught between the two.
Wondering where your loyalties lie.
Who to bat for.
I always know who to bat for.
Because poor Ali, I mean, with everything that's going on right now with Chris, I don't think she could handle another betrayal.
Believe me, I'm the first to know how persuasive Davina can be.
And how generous.
This is a beautiful scarf.
Is it a Vartan? No.
It's just a really good fake.
There are so many of those in our business, aren't there? Don't be one of them.
DOOR OPENS How many inches of ice cream do you need to drown? What's wrong, Suzi Wong? Everything! Marco, Davina, the devil's own fabric and Chris isn't returning my calls.
Your first fight! How sweet.
I think it might be our last.
Because of the crazy stalking? He should have just said that he had a daughter.
You've been on one date! Two dates.
I've really mucked this up, haven't I? Yep.
So stop eating and start fighting.
Show him all the fabulous things that make me wish I was a teeny-weeny bit straight.
At least I know I can always rely on you.
Don't shoot.
I come in peace.
What are you doing here? I wanted to talk and to listen and to say I'm sorry.
Well, it's not really a very good time for me.
I just want you to know that what I did was stupid.
Yeah, it was.
I know.
I know.
But why didn't you tell me that you had a daughter? I mean, for God's sake, are you married? No.
Divorced? No.
Karen's my ex.
She texted late the other night because she was up with Rose, who was sick.
So there was no need to stalk you then? Is there ever a reason? You obviously haven't met my ex.
Dad? I'm bored.
Oh, grumpy grumps.
Come here.
Rose, this is Ali.
Hi, Rose.
Ali, this really isn't a great time.
Karen's got to work and I have to take this bike to the garage.
Well, why don't I look after Rose? What? She could come into work with me.
I mean, it's no problem.
Will you fall over again? Well, you never know.
You don't have to do this, you know.
Oh, look I want to help.
If you'll let me.
What do you think? Yeah, I bet you do.
Go on then.
It'll only be a couple of hours max.
Be good.
Remember, it's just chocolate, Mimi.
Not love.
Sod it.
Going down? I'd like to show you something to make you truly breathless.
Covent Garden.
It's meant to be breathtaking.
Don't you want to take your wife? My wife and I don't share the same passions.
And I'm guessing she doesn't understand you.
No, no, on the contrary, she's very understanding.
Mimi, you're different to all the other girls I meet.
What, I say no? No.
You're real.
That's a rare thing in this world.
So, Tosca? Fine.
But I'm paying for my own popcorn.
We've got a little helper today.
And who is the little lady? This is Rose.
Chris's daughter.
Daughter? Interesting.
So what you going to do with her? We need you.
The sleeves do not work with the material.
Hide and seek.
Erm, I'm not sure that I can right now but Hide and seek.
Are we running a babysitting service now? I'm just looking after her for a bit.
Hide and seek! And you can do that and finish the dress? Well, Dorota is stitching the bodice Everything is riding on this dress, Ali.
They decide today whether they're going to back us or not.
Well, I am doing my best but this fabric is She walks too quick down the aisle - poof! - she goes up in flames.
I don't want excuses, I want you to design a dress that is going to wow them and secure us the money.
I forgot, this is all about money.
It's about focusing on your work instead of your personal life.
Because Caroline's right, you can't do both.
Rose? .
Where did she go? Great.
She don't go far.
Rose? Rose? PHONE RINGS Rose? Rose? Yeah.
Davina Bailey lawsuit details.
How did you find out about that? I have just had a call from the woman herself saying we're investing in something that's dead in the water.
No, it's all fine.
We can prove Ali designed the dress.
What the hell is going on there? Erm Ali's just taking a vote on some colour choices.
Rose is popular with the team.
I still like the dusky peach.
I know how much you need that money so you get that law suit stopped before we leave for New York.
Or there'll be no deal.
Rose! Rose! Rose! Chris.
I'm so sorry.
I turned my back for a minute.
I found her climbing into a barrel.
I was hiding! I'm so sorry.
And you didn't find me.
I thought you said you were going to look after her.
I turned You can't take your eyes off kids for a second.
I know.
She shouldn't have run off.
What? So it's her fault? Is that what you're saying? No.
No! Ali, we need you back here.
Yes, I'm coming.
Just a minute.
Look, Chris.
I can't do this right now.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
Come on, Rosie.
She is having a hard time.
But her work shouldn't suffer.
So are you going to abandon her like the others? Right, let's finish this dress.
Evening, evening.
Shall I? OK, Caroline shouldn't be long.
It's mad here with them flying out tomorrow.
I just hope they like it.
OK, Mary.
Tell them the one on 87th Street is fine but I want park views if I'm going to be paying that kind of money, and freeholds only, OK? You're buying an apartment in New York? Well, I'm going to be there most of the time But you'll come out for meetings, won't you? You're the boss.
This is an insult.
Don't you ever call me again.
Fancy a jar? Scott, can we talk about this later? At the wedding, perhaps.
Is that the dress? Nick's going to check it over.
What? You don't want to see your own wedding dress? No, I'm sure it's fine.
I've got things I need to finish off here.
But I need to make sure it fits.
Well, OK.
If we must.
How is it going with your man? We split up.
Best way, Ali.
Business first.
This takes me back.
St Martin's.
Trying to finish up our collections for the grad show.
A walk down memory lane with you, Marco, soon turns into a cul de sac.
Why are you here? We were good together, weren't we? I was the McLaren to your Westwood.
Oh, just answer the question.
I want to reunite the dream team.
Well, now I've heard everything.
What about Ali? Ali is great.
And, boy, is she talented.
You were the first to spot that.
But she's not hungry enough.
Hungry enough to walk out on me and set up her label.
She thinks with her heart and that's how she does business too.
You forget, I've had my fingers burned before working with you.
Not this time.
So what's in it for me? Well, apart from getting the best PR man in the business, I will get you Ali's designs and mood boards for the Lynn Jones dress, I'll even stand up in court and say Ali admitted she copied the design.
You'd lie for me? If that's what it takes.
Let me ask you a question.
What are you so threatened by Ali for anyway? You know who that was on the phone earlier? It was the Institute of British Fashion.
They wanted to give me a lifetime achievement award.
The nerve! A lifetime.
I haven't even reached 40.
That's how they look at you in this business.
So I cannot have my former assistant running round town like the new Davina Bailey, when the current Davina Bailey is very much alive.
And kicking.
Long live the Queen.
And her Prince Consort? This there.
And this.
Well? .
How does it feel? If Iever imagined it, mywedding, my dress .
I thought I would feel more DOOR OPENS Caroline.
Oh, no, no, no! Bad luck for the groom to see the dress.
You're right, but I'm not superstitious.
So let's have a look.
Does the trick, doesn't it? Fine.
Tell Marco I'll have the money in the account tomorrow.
And I'll get Scott to talk to you about press.
Nick, not now, please.
Apparently I'm meant to be looking at "the world's first Fabralon wedding dress".
Yeah Well, as long as you're happy, Carrie.
Excuse me.
You don't like it, do you? Don't get me wrong, but it'snot what I'd choose for her.
Nor me.
Ali! Caroline has been calling me wondering where her dress is.
Their plane leaves at 10.
I must've fallen asleep.
Do we have a problem? You know what, Marco? All the problems are long gone.
Oh, hiya, girls.
What a night! What did I get up to? I'm glad you asked me that.
Well, first there was the sex, then there was the sex.
And then the sex! And, er Oh, yes, I remember, the sex.
Did I mention the sex? Alex.
I'm ready for you now.
Good luck.
I'm sorry, I couldn't find the designs.
Ali! We wondered where you'd got to.
So, this is the finished dress.
What's this? It's your wedding dress.
Please, just try it on.
You've thrown it all away.
No, you did that when you got me into this! I can't create a fake wedding dress.
I thought you were going to put business first.
Well, I was wrong.
I have got the seating plan for the rehearsal supper You look amazing.
Thank you.
So, the seating plan? You know what? I can't do this.
What? I can't pretend any more.
What do you mean? I resign.
Scott Woah woah.
What's his problem? So this? .
This is how you thank me for my support, yes? You've gone too far this time, and if you think I'm backing you now OK, look.
This, this is what I do and I do it bloody well.
I know that I haven't turned out to be the businesswoman that you'd hoped.
But you have taught me one thing.
There is more to life than business.
And that all the money in the world can't buy you what really matters.
Scott! Wait! Scott, wait.
I don't accept your resignation.
Oh, really? You might want to move! Unless you want tyre marks on that dress! So you play Cupid, she gets a happy ending, but the business is finished.
Guys, I'm so sorry about this.
You did what you had to do.
Yeah, don't worry.
Just give us a call when you set up again.
You know what, I really will.
Right, time's up.
I need those last machines.
Hi, guys.
Aren't you Lydia Kane? Laters.
Ali, what is going on? We've lost our backer.
It's all over.
She didn't like your dress? No, she loved it.
That's the problem.
So what happens now? We'll find the money.
I haven't given up.
I'm sure someone out there will see what I see in you.
There is.
Babe, that lingerie campaign's gone global.
Why don't I tide you guys over for a bit? What? All we need is enough to get the business off the ground.
Lydia, are you sure? What are friends for? Oh, my God! Thank you! UmDavina is suing us, so you might want to rethink before you invest.
I wouldn't worry about Davina.
'I will get you Ali's designs and mood boards for the Lynn Jones dress.
'I'll even stand up in court.
You would lie for me?' Alex! Yes, Davina? The lawyers.
About that.
I meant to tell you I'm dropping the case against Ali.
So she wants to steal, fine.
We'll be OK.
But I appreciate your loyalty.
I really do.
What happened to the pink? I liked that.
Let me know.
No scarf today? No, decided to flog it.
Having something like that hanging round your neck would kind of become like a noose after a while.
Let's stop the riddles, OK.
I stuck up for Ali, did the right thing, end of.
Come on, cheer up.
You broke up a wedding, you should be celebrating.
Oh, yeah I know, and Lydia I am so, so grateful to you.
It's just I can't keep thinking about Don't say it.
She said it.
I really liked him, you know, and it's just ended, like all the others.
Over before it began.
No, you broke through the second date barrier.
Well, technically it wasn't It was a second date.
Yeah, and you've always, always got us.
Yeah, and we'll get you to a third date if it's the last thing we do.
Oi! Ali! Go, girl.
BOTH SPEAK AT ONCE Sorry, go on.
I'm sorry I went off on one.
I'm sorry I lost your daughter.
Did I ask you to be perfect? No.
Did I ask you to be a step mum? No.
None of that's got anything to do withus.
It's just problems that don't exist, except for in your head.
So let's take it slow and then if things don't work, at least we can say, "OK, yeah, we tried.
" Stop giving up after the first hurdle.
After the first hurdle, there's the second and then the third and Well, I figure we just deal with them as and when they come up.
I just don't want to let you down.
Then give us another chance.
What do you reckon? Fancy a second date? Well, technically it's a third date Just shut up.
WHOOPING Wow! Seriously.
She looks like Grace Kelly.
On Ketamine.
You'll regret this.
You're a disgrace.
If he's her prince, that means they have to get married.
Don't bother - you're not becoming a male model.
Just a few essentials, babe.
Who am I? What a true one off from Davina Bailey.
We screw up this order, we got no buyers.
This is her, trust me.
Which is why I'd hate to see it poisoned by one sour grape.
What are you doing here, Marco? This is a sweatshop.
Funny how easy it is to misjudge a person.
If you do that pitch without me, you will fail.
Just get out of my studio now!