Material Girl s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Sorry to interrupt your beauty sleep, ladies, but it's Fashion Week, remember? You know, the show we've been working towards for months? It starts in five and a half hours.
So, I got two words for you.
"Off" and "Your asses".
Where's the princess herself? - Hello.
- What are you doing? It's a big day.
I thought you'd want a ride back in.
I have the taxi waiting outside.
How the hell did you get in? I know where you hide the key.
You really are extraordinary, aren't you? Thank you.
You know, I don't think I've ever seen you with wet hair before.
Marco, can you please leave my room now? Okay.
But I'm on hand today.
Santa's little helper.
Thank you.
- I'm just going to be in the cab.
- Lf you would.
Ah, look.
Ali Redcliffe is now the future of British fashion.
Sorry, Davina.
- There's something I should tell you.
- Yes.
I don't do the "R" word.
Just so you know.
- The "R" word? - Relationship.
But would you like to be my plus one at the Giles Deacon party tomorrow night? - Plus one? - Just think about it, yeah? - Excuse me? - Yes? Hi, I'm Christine.
Ali Redcliffe's mum.
The Redcliffe family clearly has style coursing through their veins.
- Is she here? - Ali? Ali hasn't worked here for six months.
- What? - Yes, your clever little daughter has set up her own label.
She got her own show on today.
After mine, in fact.
- Her own label? - Yes.
Now, something's coming back to me.
You and Ali, you don't talk, do you? - We have busy lives.
- Ah.
It's her show today? Yes, yes.
And the whole world will be there.
She's quite the talk of the town.
- She's a dot.
You're a global empire.
- She's a very large dot If I could just have her number then.
Who happens to be showing on the same day as me.
She'll get all the headlines, Orlando.
Davina, you'll always get the headlines, given a choice.
You're the bigger name.
Given a choice? Oh, Orlando.
Of course.
Her number? I'm in a bit of a hurry.
Orlando, could you give Ali's studio number to Kathleen.
Send her my love.
So this is a schedule of today's events.
We leave in 45 minutes, we have lunch en route, unpack on arrival, the models are called at one, into hair and make-up, we rehearse and show at 3:00 p.
Okay? - But how many fittings does she want? - Lydia I've had two! Does Davina think I've put on four ounces since yesterday? We know that's impossible.
For me, darling All right, I'm on my way.
All right.
Yeah, I'll catch you later.
Just make it back in time for Ali's.
How long have I been doing this job? - Where are you going? - I'll be back.
Whoa! Hot.
- What? - Oh, nothing.
It's Chris modelling pants.
You can see all his peaks and troughs through the material.
- Don't look at it Ali, you might miss it.
- Quite meaty, though.
Thank you.
The van is here now we can start loading.
We've got a show to do.
Yeah, the Cossack skirt actually should have been in the van five minutes ago.
So, chip-chop.
My mum is going to L-O-V-E this.
- Oh, your mum's coming? - Oh, my God.
What do you think? My mum was born to the sound of Dior heels clicking down the catwalk.
Try keeping that little strumpet away.
- Where are the shoes? - Uh, they're going straight to the venue.
- Silver? - Gold.
- Meems.
- It's so now, Ali.
And And think yes to gold bullion and no to stocks and shares.
It's a safe-haven asset, Ali, and gold is hot, hot, hot.
Love it.
All right, I'm loading.
Loading commenced.
You'll be persuading the banks to start lending next.
What? Oh, hi, my name's Christine.
I'm Ali's mum.
- Ali's mum.
Uh, hi.
- That's right.
- Yeah, I want to speak to her.
- Yeah, sure.
Let me put her on.
You know, actually she's She's very busy at the moment.
Is she okay? Yeah, we're just getting ready for the show.
Uh, you're coming, right? No, no.
I can't.
I just wanted to speak to her about something.
Um, I don't have that much time.
You're not coming to your daughter's show? It's the biggest night of her adult life.
I'll leave you a ticket.
Honestly, I don't want a ticket.
Um, I can't come.
You know, I'm going to leave you a ticket anyway, just in case you change your mind.
If you show up, it'll be a nice surprise for Ali.
I'll text you the address.
We're going to be there in an hour.
But I'm sorry But, I got to go.
Hello? Hmm.
That's even better.
- Mmm.
You smell good, Mimi.
- Oh, thanks.
I will have it taken care of.
Now, press send.
"The UK Fashion Council have just been informed that Davina Bailey's show "will now commence at 3:00 p.
"A change to the advertised time of 1:00 p.
, "due to a model missing her Eurostar connection in Paris.
" - But I show at three.
She can't do this.
- She's just done it.
Why can't that woman just let me get on with my job? - I'll deal with it, don't worry.
- Marco, no one is going to turn up.
- No, that's not true.
- Yes, it is.
You don't go and see Lily Allen playing live if Madonna's next door.
Oh, hello.
We're on the catwalk at the same time.
How thrilled you must be.
Oh, look.
It's nothing to do with me, darling.
I was devastated for you.
I know exactly what you're doing.
You just can't stand the fact that you can't do this without me.
Oh, how the bells do ring.
Look, it's my name that's got you to this point and don't you ever forget it.
I have worked my backside off for this moment, Davina.
Look, I've got to go.
I need to find extra seating for my show.
Forced to make a choice, it seems they're all coming to me.
Hello? Gone.
Oh, well, never mind.
Eskimo chic at its best.
I just need to check the height of the pom-poms.
You do know you can't actually say Eskimo.
It's Inuit.
I'm wearing Inuit chic.
That's a first.
I'll get some more pom-poms.
Oh, and the answer's yes, I'd love to.
Hello? What's going on there? Just, I don't like going to fashion parties on my own.
- Yeah, right.
- Lydia.
- Sounds like the "R" word to me.
- Oh, don't.
It scares me.
- I do like him though.
- Alex, that is all you need to know.
Change to the timetable.
The show's moved back.
3:00 start.
- But that's the same time as Ali's show.
- That's right.
No, I'm in Ali's show.
I can't be in two places at once.
You're under contract.
You just won't be able to do Ali's show.
- What? Whoa.
Whoa! - Look, I can't talk now.
- No, you will talk now.
- I beg your pardon.
Why do you do this to her over and over again? I don't know what you mean.
Don't give me that shit.
This is me, remember? What has Ali done to you? All right.
I'll tell you.
I've risked everything, every penny I have, to launch a global brand.
So nothing is going to stop me from getting every inch of column space in tomorrow's papers.
And you are going to move your show for that? It's called war, Lydia.
And I'm going to win.
All right.
Let me call you back.
We have just lost Lydia to Davina.
Oh, God.
She's really going for it.
Was that one of our chicken fillets? - Yes.
- Be careful.
We need these for the show.
I'm sorry.
All right.
What would make you feel better right now? Something? Anything? Having Davina deported back to hell.
I can't do that.
A bacon sandwich from Frank's would be great.
Thank you.
Davina thinks I'm on my way up West.
Hair-raising! How has she done this, Alex? She went to see that cute little PR at the Fashion Council.
By all accounts, it was messy.
What are you doing? Marco, what are you doing? Why am I suddenly locked in a cupboard? - Marco? - Let me out! I'm claustrophobic! In theory, you can go to the Fashion Council and push Davina's show back further.
Tell them the model missed another train.
In theory, yes.
In practice, no.
Ali? Yes, can I help you? Alex, I would like to say that this sounds like a really, really bad idea, but We need to move the show back an hour.
Parcel for SW1? - Help! - My desk.
Is someone there? Can someone help me? Let me out! Why won't you let him out? Because the lock is stuck, we await the expert services of a locksmith.
How can I get them to push it back again? Davina will freak! Just behave like it's starting at three.
But it's really going to start at four.
Once Davina realises she has no audience, it'll be too late.
Actually it's quite simple.
Agreed? All right! - I knew you'd come through.
- Don't push it.
- I can't believe he just did that.
- I can.
Everybody in.
We are now 22 minutes behind! We need to make up time.
I'll squeeze in here then, shall I? Lovely.
- Are we good? - Yes.
Due to delays still in effect, Davina Bailey's collection will now show at even later time of 4pm.
Where are you going to take me for a drink then? Somewhere nice? But no stairs.
You'll get what you're given.
Now press send.
Oh, wow.
It's bigger than I remember.
- I can't actually believe I'm here.
- You're here, all right.
Wow! Mum? I'm sorry just to turn up.
No, no.
That's ok.
Really, it's fine but how did you know I was here? That would be me.
Christine and I go way back.
Oh, my gosh.
I can't believe you've come to see my fashion show.
Oh, no.
Sorry, I can't stay.
I just wanted to give you something.
It's Joe's wedding invite.
Did you not get one in the post? They really need to know numbers.
- For the seating plan.
- The seating plan? Funny, for a moment there, I thought you'd actually It's at the golf club.
Mum, you hate golf.
- Look, I'll just leave it with you.
- You're really not going to stay? I can't today, Ali.
I've got things to do.
- Does he know you're here? - William? Of course.
Oh, my God, he doesn't, does he? - Well, you know what he's like.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
And we wouldn't want to go upsetting the boss now, would we? - Sorry, I've got things to do.
- Ali Excuse me, I know it's none of my business, but why don't you stay for the show and you can talk to her afterwards.
No, I'm not staying, I've a got a train to catch.
It's been a while since you've seen her, hasn't it? Two years Three months and 22 days.
This is a big day.
Why don't I ask her? That's very nice.
But she won't budge.
Stubborn as a mule, that one.
Just like her mother.
Let me try.
Just promise me you'll stay here, okay? - Thanks.
- Don't leave.
The shoes have been held up.
They'll be here in an hour.
- We're cutting it fine, Meems - You all right? Yeah.
Hey, can I have a minute? Half a minute.
What's with you? I thought you were happy to see her? - This really is none of your business, Marco.
- Okay.
But I think you should take this.
God, you really are stubborn.
She's right.
Is she? - So I'm stubborn, am I? - Ali, I don't want you causing a scene.
Oh no, anything to avoid a scene! That wouldn't go down well at the golf club, would it? - Keep your voice down.
- No, I won't! - I'll go.
- Yeah, he'll be waiting, won't he? I knew I shouldn't have come.
Heaven forbid you turn up to your daughter's first-ever fashion show.
It was your decision not to stay in touch.
I had no choice, Mum.
You married an arsehole, who won't let you breathe without asking him! - How dare you! I have a good life.
- Oh, do you? And I have someone at home that cares about me.
Mum! You have to ask his permission if you want to switch on a light.
Why? Why do you give him that? Where the hell have you gone? You don't have anything of your own.
Your own time, your own job, your own daughter! That's not true.
Then stay and watch my show.
'Cause this is you, all of this.
You know more about this than I do.
This was your dream once.
Not any more, love.
Ali? Help! Yeah, I'm coming.
Ali, do you want it fixed up or maybe low? Um Okay, everybody, my name's Sarah.
Most of you have met me before.
I am producing Ali's show today, i.
, do everything I say! Okay.
That's 25 minutes until kick-off, thank you! I make it 22 minutes, actually.
Right, first outfits, please.
We need to fit Lydia's dress on the new girl.
Come on, everyone.
As soon as you're ready, I need to see you lined up and in your order.
Oh, God.
She's taller than Lydia.
Ali? - No-one will notice.
- What? Are you okay? Can you thread this for me 'cause it's too dark in here? - Here.
- Thank you.
- Sorry.
- Do you need some more lights? No.
Ali, can I show you what I've done with the back of Anastasia's dress? We need to move her to makeup now.
Just two minutes.
Thank you.
What's going on, Ali? We haven't got long.
- Look my hands are just - Do you want us to do it? - I don't know.
- Ali, main door to Ali, I need you.
- All right, okay.
- It's all just a bit confusing.
Ali! Ali! Davina, do I absolutely have to wear the pom-poms? Well, don't knock them, darling.
Pom-poms will be everywhere in six months' time.
- Oh, what a gift you are to the world.
- Now, now.
Don't be bitter.
You're doing this show whether you like it or not.
- What are you doing under there? - I'm about to be murdered.
Skinned alive.
It's a nightmare.
Listen, there's something you should know.
What! I don't care! I know Nigella Lawson and her PR said it would be fine for me to use this entrance.
And my name should be on the list.
Thank you.
Come here and let me look at you.
- Do you like the pink, darling? - Completely gorgeous.
So Yes, please, thank you.
Nice boy.
- Am I glad you're here.
- Really? - Ali's done a runner.
- How old's he, do you think, darling? - I can't do it.
- Yes, you can.
No, I can't.
Is that what's really going on? Here - I don't need that.
- Yes, you do.
Come on.
Has anyone, anyone seen Lydia? Anyone? Oh, Makeup.
Makeup, Eskimos! I mean, Inuits, they don't sweat, okay? It sort of negates the whole point of Eskimo chic! They need to look cold, God damn it! So keep powdering the noses.
I want cold Eskimos! I mean really, is that too much to ask? Orlando! Why haven't they let the audience in? We're due to start in 10 minutes.
They are here.
Alright, babes? You haven't started without me, have you? No chance.
So Your mom - I really don't want to talk about it.
- Oh, we're going to talk about it all right.
Marco, seriously, this is none of your business.
But your mum shows up, you freak out and walk out on a show, that's actually my one and only business.
- Oh, I forgot this is all about you.
- Look, I can't win with you, can I? No, I'm here because Well, because I feel partly responsible and We're a team.
But where is she? I'm allergic to Lurex, and the agency specifically told her that I can't wear it! I don't know how many ribbons she wants in the back of the hair! - She wanted to check the lashes! - Is it true that she's had a meltdown? - Typical first-timer, can't quite cope.
- Just shut up, all of you.
Ali has just had to pop out.
You, wear the silk instead.
You, ribbons at your own discretion.
Ali wants it to look sexy and easy.
You, lashes at the end.
Pretty and natural.
And you! Yes, you.
Ali's going to be just fine.
Thank you.
Anything else? Nice action, Meems! What's that noise? It's 3:00 and there is no-one here and it's not like Davina.
- There are models here.
- Did not get an email, did not get a text.
What is going on? I saw that silly, little boy send the email.
They all said they'd be here at three.
A show must be running over, or something.
- Do you know anything about this? - No.
Jasper was on at two and you know how late he runs, so I think we should just wait.
They wouldn't all be at Ali Redcliffe's show, by any chance? No.
They couldn't be Anyone worth their salt is coming straight to you from Jasper.
Maybe you're right.
Well, at least I managed to get Japonica Stone away from Ali's show.
I mean, the last thing I need is some uber-stylist falling in love with Ali's collection.
Her clothes would never be off Emma bloody Watson.
- Hmmm.
- I need a drink.
- Do you know what's going on? - No.
- You're lying.
- Please.
Hello and welcome.
Did you not get the email? - What email? - We've delayed our show by an hour.
So, presumably, you have enough time to make Ali Redcliffe's show, if you leave now.
It's about to start.
One second.
Hi, Chris.
I know you've split up with Ali and you're probably surrounded by a zillion giraffe-like models right now, but A, would you still help her with something? And B, how far away are you from Somerset House? Okay.
I know models are supposed to have big feet, but What are we going to do? They're all size nines! Right! All sorted, thank God.
Finally, we can we can start.
No, we can't start without Ali or shoes.
What? Well, I wouldn't bank on them sticking around.
It's a bloody fashion show.
We're supposed to start late.
Right, Dorota.
Girls! Girls! Stuffing all shoes with tissues, cotton wool, chicken fillets, anything.
Failing that, we will glue these mothers to your feet.
Models stuck at another venue.
Off to collect them.
Bye! No, but we have all our models.
Well, apart from Lydia.
God knows where she is.
Alex? Alex? Lydia's gone to Ali's, hasn't she? I was right.
And my audience, it's all at Ali's, isn't it? Great.
Orlando? Where did Alex really go? A model got stuck.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
You know, if I thought there was a structural imbalance in this little trio I like to call family, I'd sack you both.
She was funny.
Really, really funny.
And then she met William and moved to Bedford.
And the laughter was, I don't know, just gone.
She has to be there waiting for him when he comes home.
Cushions at a ninety-degree angle and tell him everything that she did that day, absolutely everything.
And I just Yeah, I couldn't be around that.
So I left.
I don't think she even noticed, to be honest.
When was the last time you saw your mom? - About two years.
- Two years, three months and 22 days.
- Excuse me? - She counts the days.
I think your mom really wanted to see you but you're so angry with her about William that you don't even give her a chance.
She counts the days? Marco, what time is it? Shit.
- Let me take that.
- Thanks.
- How's my hair? - It's fine.
Are you coming in? Yeah, yeah, all right.
Actually, you know what, I don't think I'm gonna.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just, you know, wish her good luck from me and everything.
See you later.
- Thank you.
- What for? You know what for.
- All right.
Don't start without me.
- Why? Where are you going? I just got to check on some stuff.
Look, you're a very clever lady.
You're strong, talented and capable.
Just go in there and be yourself.
I'll be right back.
Oh, thank god.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Heard about your mum turning up.
Did you have a nervous breakdown? Mmm No, no.
And shouldn't you be at Davina's? - I was just dropping off Japonica Stone.
- Japonica Stone? - She nearly didn't get a front seat.
- You what? - Ali, you've got a God-damned audience.
- It worked.
They all turned up! - I almost peed my pants! - Oh, my God.
Alex, you are a genius.
There is one small problem.
We've got no shoes.
They are all too big.
What? Yes, love.
I'm on the 3:21.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Of course.
I'll see you at the station.
Christine Hi.
This would not be good if I got stuck on here.
- What do you want? - I need you to come with me.
William's meeting me off the train.
I can't.
Christine, an opportunity like this may never come around again.
Think about it.
Don't make me beg here.
Oh, for God's sake, how often do you get an offer like that on a train to Bedford? Just go! Be gentle with him! What time is it? Look at that.
- I'll get on the phone - Yes.
Well, get on the phone.
Did you bring my Missoni tights? Uh, people are leaving.
Can they not just go barefoot, you know, like little wood nymphs? Skippity-skippity with the air and the leaves and then the magic dust? No.
All right, what did I miss? - Mum! - Ali, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's fine.
Okay, you guys might have to save this moment for later 'cause believe it or not we have a fashion show to do.
Well, no, we can't start because all the shoes are a tranny size nine.
- What? - They're not fitting the Can I help you? Yeah, sure.
What are you thinking? - I've tried sticking, we've tried stuffing - Sit, please.
That's my mum.
We need something.
Something Are you thinking what I'm thinking? - Ribbon or - Scarf.
- Does that feel safe? - Feels great! Next foot.
I'm starting.
Anyone who is free, I want you to grab a model, shoes, ribbon and scarves.
- Thank you.
- Oh, you know, you wanted her here.
Well, well, what have we here? Even though you can be a right pain in the ass, sometimes you completely take my breath away.
Are you ready for your first show? Yes, I am.
Okay, everyone.
We're ready to go.
Ali, are you happy? Yes.
Very happy.
Thank you.
- Mum, you ought to go out front.
- I'll take her.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Make sure she gets a good spot.
This is precious cargo.
Excuse me? Why aren't I in the front row? Oh, let me see.
Oh, yeah.
Probably 'cause you're not very important.
- Aren't you Ali's mum? - Yes.
I'm Christine.
- I'm Lola, Mimi's mother.
- Hello.
It's my daughter's show.
My daughter's show.
Okay, guys.
We're on! Somebody moved the show back another hour.
It was you.
Look, I was just trying to help a friend.
It's not the end of the cocking world.
And go.
- She's sensational, isn't she? - Yeah.
She's all right.
- I've got to go.
Another show to do! - Love to Davina! And I wanted that theme reflected in my venue, so Excuse me, please? - Hey.
- Ali, it was amazing.
- Who's this, Ali? - This is my mum.
- Smile, Mum.
- Here, please.
Thank you.
Thanks, guys.
Thank you so much for being here, Mum.
- I should find Marco and say goodbye.
- You're going? I should go.
Leave you in peace.
Oh, God, don't go.
I want you to come to the party with me.
I can't, love.
I've outstayed my welcome.
I mean, you don't want Do you want to stay? I'd look ridiculous.
I mean, I just wouldn't fit in.
Oh, well, I think we can help you with that.
Mimi? Oh, one sec.
My mum would like to come to the party.
- William would hate this.
- And you? I love it.
Yes, yes, it's me.
I'm still in London with Ali at her show.
Now we're going to a fashion party.
Wearing an outfit you'd thoroughly disapprove of.
No, I haven't gone mad.
Quite the opposite.
I feel pretty fantastic.
Oh, look, stop being such a bully.
I'll be home when I'm home.
I need a drink.
Thank you.
Ciao, Marco.
Mind if I share a taxi? - Yes, okay.
Have a good night.
- Thank you.
Free champagne! The honesty of new work So I added a little bit of a punk twist.
Anna Karenina meet Vivienne Westwood, if you like.
Hey, if we stand next to the kitchen door, we'll get first dibs on the canapés.
Yes, I always like my finger buffet a little larger than that.
- Lydia! - All right, babes? - Davina's show done and dusted! - How did it go? - People like Inuit chic, apparently.
- Inuit chic? Ali, everyone was raving about your show, over there.
- Really! - Oh, my God.
Well, this might be it.
Perhaps, they'll all come knocking now.
Giles, Galliano, McQueen.
I'll be like Katie Grand with a house full of freebies.
Ah, look at my mother talking to a journalist.
- That's funny, she's not eating him alive.
- Mmm? What do you put in your hair? - Oh.
- Wow.
- Do you want to swap? - No way.
Sorry, Meems.
Thank you.
You okay? Nice guy.
Yeah, not bad.
When we first met Hello.
Now then, I'm about to be murdered, so I thought I'd let you know I am leaving you my dumb bells and my Titanic memorabilia.
- Oh, thank you so much.
- I thought you'd be pleased.
- So does she know it was you, definitely? - She's about to find out.
No, she's not.
It was a simple, little admin error according to the Fashion Council.
- What? - I just trod down hard on his foot.
Works like a dream.
I didn't want Davina to get hold of you.
I'd miss you if you'd gone.
Excuse me, guys, Mum.
- Sorry - Ali.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Listen, can't stay long.
Interviews coming out of my ears, but I heard that you started even later than scheduled.
So our shows, miraculously, didn't clash.
- Yes.
Thank heavens.
- Hmm.
Nice try.
- Okay? - Yeah.
Uh, have you seen Marco? Oh Well, hello there.
Fancy seeing you here! It's really nice to see you Ooh.
This is not happening right now.
Sorry, we're not doing this.
- But, darling, what happened to you? - Well, erm What a good time we had together.
Ali, have you seen my mother? I need to know where she is at all times.
Uh, no.
Where's Marco? Well, he's in the toilet banging someone at the moment.
- What? - Mum, can we go? I'll get your coat.
Listen, Japonica Stone was at your show today not because of me but because of Chris.
He brought her over with minutes to spare.
- Are you kidding me? - No.
We both came over on the bikes.
I'm not sure how butch I looked though.
- Wow.
- Just thought I'd pass it on.
I'll see you later.
- See ya.
- Hmm.
Mitchell, I rarely see a day when I don't get what I want.
And today didn't quite go to plan.
I don't know whether there's something we can do, is there? Perhaps? You always have such a sublime way with words.
Oh, goodie.
Do you need to me to wield my mighty journalistic sword? Hmm.
- Hey.
Where are you guys going? - We're off.
What? I thought we'd celebrate.
I'm sure you've got plenty of little friends that will share that with you.
Enjoy your evening.
I'm sure you will.
The young ones can be so terribly dull.
She outsmarted you, didn't she? Well, it makes no difference.
In fact, you might have done yourself more damage.
Shame, really.
The show itself was really rather good.
- Oh, shut up.
- Well, it was.
But I won't be writing that.
You're treading on the wrong toes, Marco.
You forget, Davina and I go back a long way.
She gets around, apparently.
Baby, just don't let Ali read the papers tomorrow, for God's sake.
- Okay? - Yeah, yeah.
Should've known really.
- Hi.
- Give me a minute, guys.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Heard it went well today.
Yes, thank you.
It did.
And thank you for your help.
Alex just told me.
It's nothing.
Hi, I'm Chris.
- Oh, sorry.
This is my mum, Christine.
- Hi.
Lovely to meet you.
Wow! Okay.
So do you want a lift anywhere 'cause we're going to get a cab and No, I'm going to party with these crazy guys.
- Yeah, of course you are.
- Yeah.
But anyway, look, it was really nice meeting you and I'II - And you.
- See you around.
Brick Lane.
So, tell me about Chris.
- I blew it.
- We've all done that.
I mean, how do you know when someone's right? Sometimes you just don't know.
You just have to take a leap.
Yeah, I guess.
Ali, I have to say something.
- No, Mum, you don't - Please, let me.
Dad went And I needed someone.
Mum, Dad went and I needed you.
But You just, erm, disappeared.
Like When you When you married William, I don't think I remember you laughing once.
You stopped laughing, Mum.
I know.
I know.
But I think things might be changing.
I want to show you something.
This way.
- You didn't know I had these, did you? - No.
I thought they were gone.
I found them just before I left home.
They inspire my work, Mum.
You do.
All of this.
You were really, really good.
You shouldn't have given this up.
You should have gone to college while you had the chance.
I had things I needed to do instead.
He's really knocked it out of you, hasn't he? I have a feeling I'm going to be absolutely fine.
Good to see you, baby.
It's good to see you too, Mum.
Oh, wow.
Look at that.
Yeah, I remember you drawing that, actually.