Maxton Hall: The World Between Us (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Ein Stück vom Glück

Statistics show that Olympic medalists
follow three rules
when preparing for their competitions.
Get enough sleep
Meticulous preparation
And avoiding distractions at all costs.
For centuries they've been educated here:
Nobel prizewinners, heads of state,
writers and scientists.
I could be one of them soon.
My future waits behind these walls.
I've been waiting for this day for years.
Finally, it's here.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- And this is
- Jude.
- Hi.
- Hi. Lin, hi.
Maxton Hall
- I hope I don't screw this up.
- Nonsense.
You could puke in the professor's
wastebasket and they'd take you.
Didn't your mom have a class with him?
Looks like you do have to put some work in
to get accepted.
Yeah, maybe it won't be easy. Chin up.
Hey, Alistair, wait!
Of course.
We'll go in there, get our acceptances,
and leave. No big deal.
My name is Jude, I am in my second year
here at Saint Hilda's College in Oxford,
and I'll accompany you
through the application process.
In the first interview,
the professors want to test
your critical thinking skills
and see if you can
develop an opinion on a topic.
In the second one,
they want to see
how you work under pressure.
The third and final interview
is all about you.
To see if you really fit in at Oxford.
It's the most important one.
The first round starts in 45 minutes.
So you have time to go through your notes,
maybe have a bite to eat.
You're nervous, but you made it this far.
That means Oxford wants you.
The only thing you have to do
is stay out of your own way.
I'll call your name. Okay?
Ruby Bell. Saint Hilda's.
Good luck.
No need to be nervous.
You've got this.
Weren't you nervous?
Nervous? I was ten times worse than you.
But they accepted me.
I'll see you later.
Thank you.
Miss Bell, we're happy
you accepted our invitation.
Thank you. It's my pleasure.
Wonderful. Then we'll get started.
A couple of years ago, the New York Times
published an opinion piece which claimed
that the British monarchy
was a wasteful anachronism.
Can our dual system of monarchy
and parliamentary democracy persist,
or should we become a republic?
This question can be approached
in two ways.
On the one hand, one could argue
that the monarchy
offers stability, at least symbolically.
On the other hand,
the vast amount of money
that flows into financing this symbol
can be questioned.
Considering all the countries flourishing
with other forms of government.
Please, continue.
The market is based on speculation,
on the fact
that the future is not as predictable
as we would like it to be.
But profit is generated here and now,
and a successful business model
uses this to its advantage.
Thank you, Mr. Beaufort.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
I remember your father was
at the top of his class at Balliol.
He was light-years ahead of everyone
with his knowledge and ambition.
- How did it go?
- You first.
Really well, I think.
It was really fun talking with them.
I quoted Plato
At least they didn't glare at you.
The professor in my interview
had such a bushy unibrow
that he looked like an angry Mr. Bean.
I couldn't stop looking at it.
- I'm sure he noticed.
- No.
How was the first round? Okay?
- Good.
- Yeah.
It definitely looks like
you could relax a bit.
Tonight at 8 p.m.? Oxford style?
I present to you
the world-famous Turf Tavern.
A pub frequented by Liz,
Oscar, and the Iron Lady herself,
during her time here.
Oh, there are some seats. Come on.
Who do we have here?
Seems to be something going on.
There they are.
A house specialty.
An absolute must for every Oxford visitor.
Cross Keys.
I'd make that face too
if someone gave me water.
You have to try this, 18-year-old whiskey.
Is something wrong?
And I heard that the bartenders
sign an NDA when they start working here.
That's the same face
I made the first time.
By the end of the night, I ran half-naked
across the campus quoting poetry.
I'd like to skip that experience
if possible.
Then we'll save it
for when you're a student here. Cheers.
Oh, my God!
Really strong.
I'd like some fresh air.
Can I have my bag?
- Ouch!
- You're being too obvious.
You're one to talk.
Is everything okay?
I hope that's rhetorical.
Are you nervous because of the interviews?
It doesn't matter how the interviews go.
I can't go to Oxford anyway.
Why not?
You've beaten me for the top spot
in our class twice now.
- If you need something
- I haven't had a period in two months.
- Is it
- I know it's crazy to keep it.
But I've never loved anyone
as much as him.
And I already love it, too.
Goddamn hormones.
There are good programs
for mothers at Oxford.
I saw them
when I was researching scholarships.
Jacinda Ardern had a baby
while running a whole country.
We may not be friends,
but I see how you are at school.
How you've persevered during the
If there's anyone I know who can do it,
it's you.
I think I'm starting to understand
why he can't forget you.
You make it seem
like everything is possible.
No matter how shitty everything is.
What do you mean?
Do you not know how much he's suffering?
He broke up with me.
Sometimes the greatest testament to love
is letting it go.
My Olympic score after one day in Oxford:
Sleep, zero. Distraction, ten.
Great score, Ruby Bell.
You already wowed them all yesterday.
It'll be great.
How many people are in this room?
If we take direct perception as a basis
for discussion, as in Gibson's model,
I would say that I perceive two entities,
other than myself.
the obvious answer would be three.
Try again.
How many people are in this room?
Everything okay?
You didn't look well.
I'm fine. I just didn't want to party.
It's probably the stress.
I'll be glad too when it's all over
and we can finally pick up
where we left off, you know?
Enjoy this last year of freedom.
And not sit around here and learn, revise.
And for what, anyway
What did you say?
I'll be glad when we get home
and things are back to normal, for a year.
Does change always have to be
a bad thing?
Depends on the change, right?
- How did the interview go today?
- I think I blew it.
I drank too much yesterday.
Did you know that freesias
symbolize trust?
You know, I
I thought if I gave Keshav
some space, then
he'd take the time
to figure some things out.
Instead he's trying to conform
to his parents' views or whoever.
He's throwing himself at Camille
He somehow isn't able to be true
to his own reality.
all I can think about is
that I shouldn't have let him go.
For fuck's sake,
I shouldn't have let him go.
I'm not sure you had a choice.
One always has a choice.
You can fight or give up.
I just don't get why people
are scared shitless
of being their true selves.
I'm going to hide in the last row
and sleep off my hangover.
- Sorry, did you want to sit here?
- It's fine.
Okay, welcome to
the students' Q and A session.
I got some of my classmates to come here
by lying to them about snacks and drinks.
Most of them are now very hungry
and feel betrayed.
I still hope they will answer some
of your questions.
Fire away.
How intensive is the coursework here?
- Do you have time for a personal life?
- Nila?
I think compared to other universities,
it's certainly more intensive.
That's true, but don't worry,
there's still time for a personal life.
Any more questions?
Do you have a lot of contact
with other colleges in Oxford,
or is that separate?
I just want to know if I have to say
goodbye to my best friend right now?
The colleges are usually quite separate.
So someone who has selected Balliol,
for example,
usually doesn't have much in common
with someone
who is studying in Saint Hilda's.
Of course.
Balliol is Oxford's elite college.
Yeah, that's an example
of what someone from Balliol would say.
Thank you. Any more questions?
What's your GPA?
- Excuse me?
- I'm just asking to make sure you have
the qualifications to prepare us
for student life here.
There are applicants with real questions.
Let them talk, instead of wasting time
with your unqualified remarks.
What's your problem?
I just think it's scary
how you can switch and sound like him.
- Like who?
- Your dad.
- Okay. Do you want to maybe
- Shut up, you clown.
- Leave him alone.
- Am I ruining your first date?
Why are you even here?
You want to go to fancy Balliol,
but don't act like it was your decision.
- What?
- It's your strategy.
You make everyone feel small,
push everyone away,
so that no one notices
that you're just a coward
who would rather be a puppet,
instead of standing up for what you want.
You've been ignoring me
for the past few weeks.
Can we go back to that?
What if I say you're right.
I let others decide my life,
I do unforgivable things, I lie,
I hide how I really feel.
But I won't let you judge me for it
because I do it for you.
- What are you talking about?
- Forget it.
Talk to me instead of talking
in stupid riddles. You drive me crazy!
You drive me crazy!
Do you know
what you're doing to me right now?
Do you think it's easy for me to see you,
to hear your voice?
You can't just dump me
and embarrass me in front of everyone,
and then act
like I misunderstood the situation.
I can't, Ruby.
I am sorry, okay?
Then why are you here?
Why are you even talking to me?
Because I Because
You don't know
because you don't know what you want.
You don't know anything!
I know exactly what I want.
Then why don't you fight for it?
Because no one was interested
in what I wanted.
I am.
I've always been interested
in what you want.
You didn't really believe
that someone like me
would be interested in someone like you,
did you?
Ruby? What's the matter?
I'm sorry.
What's all this about?
My parents saw how much I changed
because of you.
My dad saw you as a threat to his plans.
And he was right.
He swore he would destroy your life.
I know I can't protect you from him.
You deserve to have someone
who can protect you
and a family who welcomes you,
and I can't offer that.
I can't offer you anything except
for problems that I can't even deal with.
Why didn't you tell me?
You can't decide
what I can or can't handle.
I didn't want him to hurt you.
I'm not afraid of him.
How do you do it?
You don't know what he's capable of.
I don't want
I won't be able to
No more secrets.
No lies.
I promise.
What are you doing?
What couples do
when they trust each other.
- Couples?
- Well, you're certainly not my boy toy.
How can someone have such a high IQ
and then use words like "boy toy"?
You really think this is the time
to be cheeky?
I'll be anything you like.
Boyfriend, boy toy, anything.
- Anything?
- Everything.
- Is this the guy who destroys waterbeds?
- It wasn't a waterbed.
I never want to leave.
- Not today, not tomorrow, never.
- You didn't want to go to Oxford.
I didn't say I'd leave this room.
We'll just stay here.
Tomorrow morning,
the world will keep turning.
You have just as many opportunities
as everyone else.
Take advantage of them, James.
Whenever I am at a loss or unhappy,
I make lists.
It helps me to stay motivated
and to keep a clear head.
Are you making my list?
What would be the first item?
I like sports, music
Oh, and spicy Asian food.
I'd love to eat through
the Bangkok markets.
- Like fried grasshoppers and stuff?
- Exactly.
- More reading
- More reading
These are not life goals.
Dreams are important.
I'm happy when I'm drawing.
Make a wish!
You forgot the most important one.
Miss Bell.
Please tell me, why Oxford?
Do you know the elephant
chained to a stake story?
Generally, the metaphor is used to
describe a self-limiting set of beliefs.
The fact that most people are capable
of more than
they give themselves credit for.
But I'm beginning to realize
that I've tied myself to my future.
And thereby not giving many moments
in the here and now
the attention they deserve.
James Beaufort?
James Beaufort, Balliol?
I now know that it's the stops
we make along the way
that make up our actual lives.
Our life in the here and now.
And sometimes these very moments draw new,
exciting visions of the future
for us in the sand.
This is the voicemail
of Cordelia Beaufort.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Hi, Mom. I hope you're doing well.
I have something important to say.
Don't worry, it
It's good news.
I love you, Mom.
I'll see you later.
We realize that we are no longer
afraid of the future.
Because it is in the present that
we decide if our dreams will come true
and if we will become the people
we always wanted to be.
It takes courage
to think beyond the present.
But sometimes it's another person's gaze
that shines a new light on our future.
I felt like I'd arrived
for the first time in my life.
Hello. I'm back.
I don't want to fast-forward or rewind.
I want to be right here, right now.
Mr. Beaufort is expecting you.
Sit down.
I said, sit down.
Your mother had a stroke.
- Where's she?
- How is she?
Cordelia is dead.
We went to the hospital the night before
last, they couldn't do anything.
And you didn't call us?
Cordelia was so proud of your invitations,
I didn't want to disturb your interviews.
I already told you that keeping
investors happy is our priority right now.
We can't allow the stocks to collapse.
Yes, I know that, damn it.
Meredith needs to send the draft.
- It has to go out.
- James, no.
Yes, damn it, Gordon. I understand that.
The artistic director will be appointed
after the press release is out.
James, don't!
Stop it!
Don't touch me!
You sat in the car and said nothing.
I'm sorry, James.
Everyone deserves a world
full of opportunities.
To dream their own dreams,
to be who they want to be,
to love whomever they want.
I see my future more clearly now
than ever before.
Finally all the puzzle pieces
are in place.
All doors are open to us.
Now, we just have to walk through them.
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Claudia Zie
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