Mayans M.C. (2018) s01e02 Episode Script


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You finish fitting up the prospect? Cop ended up being dirty.
DA shaved off six years.
I like the kid.
He's smart.
You killed a cop.
Your deal was a gift.
What I signed up for was fitting you into Galindo.
Only Galindo.
My brother, the M.
, nothing touches them.
We need you on this Vegas run.
Whatever the club needs.
Move! Do you know whose shit you're jacking here? The Galindo cartel.
Your job was to protect my shipment.
You failed.
Now you are responsible for the loss.
Kill the devil.
Resurrect Mexico.
Who's the rebels? Los Olvidados.
Someone gave them the details.
Dogwood Crew would be the first to see any change on the street.
Reach out to Louie first thing in the morning.
Let's see if anyone knows this rebel bitch.
You're the traitor.
If the Mayans want a future, we gotta be in front of that change, and Adelita's the only way to do that.
Do you have our package? All twelve keys.
- - I can get you whatever you want.
Not my baby.
Oh, please.
Please, he's just a baby.
No, no! Please.
Fuck you.
No! Stop, stop! Stop! Stop! - Any sign of Dogwood? - Not a gangster in sight.
- Nothing at the Puta Palace? - It was dark.
I think Louie's old lady still lives above the barber shop.
- Guapo, you seen Louie? - No.
Hey, Louie.
Anybody home? Shit! Get out! Get out of here! The fuck's the matter with you, you crazy little shit? - Are you gonna kill me? - I should.
- Hey, what's going on? - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! You need help there, brother? Should we call for some backup? That shit stings.
That shit could have fucking pierced my eardrum or something.
Looks like a 45 caliber Hasbro.
You're lucky to be alive.
It's all right.
- You Louie's kid? - Yeah.
Why'd you shoot at us? Pop said you were gonna kill him.
No one wants to hurt your pops.
Or you.
We just wanna talk to him.
You know where he is? Don't you use this thing, you hear me? It'll get you killed.
If you're gonna point a gun at somebody, you make sure it's real.
And loaded.
Yeah, that's really good advice to give to a seven-year-old, man.
I had to shoot my crazy uncle Gomez when I was 6.
Of course you did.
- Gracias, Mama.
- Is it warm enough? Yes.
- How's Maria? - She's resting.
Like you should be.
I thought you were gonna get some sleep, amor.
I can't sleep.
Is there anything? Not yet.
We have your information on the car and the plate.
It will be very helpful.
Let's, uh Let's get some air.
What do we do, Miguel? Listen, I am not gonna let anything happen to our son.
- And we'll get him back.
- How? You can't go to the police.
Not here on the US side.
Los Olvidados have no network here.
And they'll have to go back to Mexico.
Nestor's already reached out to our people.
- Policia, Federales - And if they didn't go south? We'll put the MC on it.
Get our mayor to help.
This fight with the rebels, it is part of your other world.
And I know the rules.
Don't ask questions.
But now that world has crashed into my world.
And that was not supposed to happen.
- I know.
- So now I ask questions.
And I need to know the truth, Miguel.
Everything that happens.
I will.
I promise.
You'll know everything.
I'm so sorry, Corazon.
- Dogwood know anything? - Couldn't find him.
Weren't on the streets, at the bar Apparently Louie thinks we're trying to kill him.
- Who told you that? - Louie's kid.
After he nearly took my fucking eye out.
Are you seriously still talking about that? Caballeros.
Mmm, you like that shit? Haven't seen you boys in a while.
Grace of God.
So what brings you to Wonderland? There might be a new player trying to move in.
From over the fence.
Heroin? I haven't heard anything.
Any spike in your patient intake? OD's felt a stronger push? Not really.
This is about average.
All right.
Let us know if you hear anything.
Of course.
A little donation.
I hope it helps.
Our pleasure, sweetheart.
You guys, he's Dogwood, ain't he? Yeah, Tito.
Why? - When does Tito get cut loose? - Soon.
Can you make it sooner? - That soon enough? - You're a goddess.
All right.
- Go, go! - Yo, Louie! - What's that about? - Hey, we got this.
Stupid fucking gangsters.
Fuck me.
How was your visit to the Upside Down? Fucking terrifying.
Why'd you run, Louie? You got something to hide? I didn't I didn't know she was your baby sister, Coco.
She came in with one of our other girls and said she was 21.
I had her do a few scenes.
- Your porn site? - Yeah.
After I uploaded the shit, she comes at me all pissed off 'cause I paid her friend a higher rate.
You know, anal pays more.
Everyone knows that.
That's when she showed me her ID and I saw the name on it, man.
Saw that she was only 16.
Said she was gonna tell you, man.
Have the club cut off my balls.
By then, the clips were everywhere.
I'm sorry.
I fucked up, man.
My baby sister? That's fucking wrong, man.
You should put a bullet in his head.
Hold on.
Look, Dogwood crew has always been a friend.
We let you deal, we take our cut.
We don't wanna fuck with that.
Neither do we.
Where were you at? 12%? Until Coco's pain subsides.
Our cut doubles.
Well, fuck, Bishop, that that's like - 24%.
- My pain ain't worth that.
No, no, I mean Yeah.
Anyone new been trying to unload product? Maybe a woman? Latina? Another source? Nah.
Why? Might be an independent trying to step up.
Need you to dig around a bit.
Dunes, El Centro.
- Fucking dumbass.
- What? I got two sisters, man.
Both older than me.
And beards thicker than Gilly's.
- So who was the girl? - I have no idea.
Sometimes the Mayan gods deliver gifts to their faithful warriors.
Ah, bukkake.
The god of money shots.
Hey, guys.
It's Alvarez.
Galindo wants to meet.
Don't sound good.
Who's the entourage? Old guy was El Galindo's conserjerro, helping the Ivy Leaguer stay on Daddy's path.
Ivante's a serious fucking dude.
And the mercenary with cornrows? He's a mercenary in cornrows.
Grew up on this side.
Got some kind of family connection.
Galindo's head of security.
Last night Los Olvidados crossed over the border and attacked my family.
They killed one of my men.
And kidnapped my son.
Emily? Unharmed.
She got a look at the car.
It's not likely they stayed on the US side, but if they did, I need you to track them down.
I'm asking this as a personal favor.
Sorry about your son.
We'll help.
We're looking for a Ford station wagon.
Probably mid '80s.
Dirty yellow.
Partial plates.
Baja, letter Q.
Last two numbers are 47.
We'll put it on the street.
Start looking in the obvious places.
We'll have Peña run it through the system.
If they're on this side of the fence, we'll find out where they are.
- Gracias.
- De nada.
We'll catch up with you.
You handled that right, Pino.
Like I had a fucking choice.
Did you know about this? She don't tell me anything unless we're involved.
Guess what, brother? We're involved.
That's Emily's kid.
I saw the car when we were chasing Dogwood.
- The station wagon? - Yeah.
In a ditch.
Not far from the dog kennel.
Come on, man.
We blew through there going 60 miles an hour.
FEQ2147, Baja plates.
This time keep that shit to yourself.
What about the kid? I'll make a call to Adelita, see what the fuck's going on.
This was posted 40 minutes ago.
It's already gone viral.
Same speech with the link.
Where'd you find these? Everywhere.
I got that, Pop.
You handing off a bag for Jimenez? No, I need to see him.
I have to talk to him.
- Why? - I have a, uh, situation.
I hate those.
Come on, I'm gonna handle this one, Pop, okay? Just make the call.
Have him meet me here tonight.
Hold on.
- What happened? - I can't.
I don't wanna bring you in any more than I already have.
I'm all you got, son.
Every time you go ring his bell, when you got a problem with this, Jimenez is gonna own you.
You can't need him.
It's gonna fucking twist you up, man.
Make you doubt everything that you trust.
All that bad shit, I can handle.
The drugs, the violence But Angel I forgot how much I missed him.
And how how much I love him.
That love ain't gonna change, Ezekiel.
This vigilante group, rebels They're pushing back on Galindo.
Complicating shit for the cartel and the club.
Last night they kidnapped Emily's son.
And I don't know what to do, Pop.
I can't let anything happen to that kid.
You're in this now.
No getting out.
Not until the DEA gets what it wants.
I know.
And knowing doesn't make you safe.
You gotta feed it.
Live it.
Earn trust.
If not, they're gonna skin you alive.
We got something.
Hear that music in the background? - Mmm.
- Tracked it down.
A street vendor.
He had to have been close enough to see something.
May be a part of it.
- Pick him up.
- Already did.
He's on the pew.
Uh, hey, Chuckie, I need to make a call.
- Coco? - Yeah? Angel's out front.
Says he needs you.
All right.
- Do you know what this is? - He didn't say.
- Rebels? - Hope so.
Get this shit behind us.
What is this? We heard his food truck on the rebel radio.
Saw who it was.
What the fuck, man? There a reason why you let us watch this? The reason? What, you want a reason? Because this greasy fucking peasant saw who took my son.
There something you wanna say? No, go ahead.
Speak up, prospect.
I said, "Maybe if you didn't treat them like greasy fucking peasants, you'd still have your son.
" Get the boy.
- Papa.
- No.
Yeah? No, no, no, no! - Fuck me.
- That was Dogwood.
- They found the station wagon.
- Where? Near the dog shelter.
Over by the canal.
Let us run this down before you do anything else here.
All right? See what it gets us.
Go with them.
I want you to turn over any stone, anyone, anything.
I want answers.
Sorry, Bish, Padrino.
I just Fuck.
I know I gotta leave history behind Shut up, prospect.
Out of the mouths of babes, huh? Thought he was gonna put the raincoat on, man.
- Nothing? - Tambien.
- Check the back.
- Tambien.
- Sent Danny the plates.
- They were jacked.
- Tags are from 2010.
- It doesn't matter.
Anything we can give Galindo might slow down the carnage.
All right.
Where the fuck's he going? Hey.
Those dogs.
They were all at the shelter.
Don't lie to me, bitch.
I'm not hiding anyone, you fucking psycho.
All right, eat this.
Let her go.
Not like this.
This was overdue.
Yes, it was.
Give them a few more minutes.
I saw the video.
Maria's son sent it to her.
I only saw it after we spoke.
It was your drugs they were burning.
They took Cristobal as insurance.
To stop you from coming after them.
These are people out of touch with reality.
They're impulsive.
I saw their eyes, Miguel.
They were calm, driven, organized.
One of them was a child.
She didn't even flinch when they shot Gabriel in the head.
I know how it works.
I know what you have to become to manage this, but I-I don't become something else.
Yes, you do.
You have to.
These people are desperate.
I feel it in my bones.
They will hurt our son and feel no remorse.
Please don't retaliate.
- Not until we know more.
- I won't.
I promise.
Let me talk to Devante.
I won't be long.
Mmm? No.
Dita? Hey.
Miguel? Miguel.
- Leave him be.
- What happened? - Why is he - He's exhausted.
Let him rest.
Come and help me make dinner.
We all have to eat.
We shouldn't be meeting in public.
Well, we are.
This is not a good idea.
Neither was taking Galindo's kid without giving us a heads up.
You know as much as you need to know.
We're the ones that have to deal with the backlash.
My brother, he knows Galindo's wife.
They were together before he went to prison.
Is that going to be a problem? No.
I'm giving you the facts.
Putting everything on the table.
That's how this is supposed to work.
Is he still in love with her? No more than I'm in love with you, mi dulce.
Let's not complicate this, Angel.
'Cause things are so simple.
Is the baby okay? Of course he is.
What happens next? You secure the buyer for the heroin.
To the kid, Adelita.
For now, he belongs to us.
This is so fucked up.
Galindo's upside down.
He ain't gonna rest till he's got a basket full of rebel heads.
He'll never find us.
We are smoke.
Just a name and a voice.
Oh, Jesus.
I don't think this is the kind of smoke you were talking about.
- Where's the prospect? - Went to help our old man.
I'll call him back.
Look, let him have the night.
Felipe don't work him harder than us anyhow.
Yeah, you don't wanna piss off the butcher.
End up on a fucking meat hook.
Everything all right, carnal? Yeah, I just Long day, jefe.
Time to relax.
You earned it, huh? Yeah, we did.
Shit, what happens when Bishop finds out about the burning Bennys? Won't be tonight.
Yeah, we need this.
Thanks, bro.
How's it going, baby? Don't tighten it too much.
You'll bend the copper.
I know.
Who's that? You wanted to talk.
With the feds? I thought you said that was a bad idea.
Come on in.
Thank you.
I'll pack your order.
I called Felipe.
He said you'd be coming by.
Galindo knows you're here? I told his mother I'd pick up a roast.
Of course, I travel with a platoon now.
Are you okay? Did they hurt you? - Think I'm still in shock.
- I'm sorry, I That's why I'm here.
Thank you.
I need your help, EZ.
I need to know the truth.
I need someone I can trust.
- Truth about what? - My son.
I saw the video from the rebels.
Miguel promised there would be no retaliation, but then something happened.
Something changed, and now No one will even look me in the eye.
I'm so sorry to put this on you, EZ.
I just Mmm I don't know who else to ask.
If anything happens will you tell me? Please? It already has.
Two innocents burned to death.
Dumped in Merchant Square.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I Thank you for telling me.
I, uh I should go.
I I have to Yeah, of course.
- Hey, the roast.
- Em.
Oh, thank you.
I'm not gonna let anything happen to this baby.
Your son.
Come on, Papi.
How do you like this, baby? Get in.
You must be really desperate.
Shut the fuck up and get in the car, Mom.
We gotta talk.

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