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" I talked to Devante Cano this morning.
He gave me this.
We'll keep our eyes open.
Yeah, for now, only the eyes in this room until you're convinced your charter is Judas-free.
Where's Coco off to? He got a call, seemed upset.
I saw him yesterday Olympic Diner.
He was arguing with a woman and he chased after her.
- The hell you doing? - Just drive.
Leticia! We did some very bad things for some very bad people.
Don't fuck with my family, or I'll ruin you and everything you love.
- The kid that was MIA? - Hmm? He came through.
Why does Adelita need all this cash? - Next phase of the plan.
- Which is? I just get a little piece at a time.
Don't do this again.
Quit drooling on the fucking money.
My bad.
Adelita's picture's gotta be everywhere.
She stays on the border.
It's just a matter of time.
She won't get caught.
She's smart.
If she doesn't tell you anything, how do you know she's smart? [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
The money? Yeah.
The mercs gave us half now.
Half when they unload the 6 keys.
We need to talk.
What is it? Look I get it.
You got hundreds of lives depending on you.
But I'm in this up to my fucking eyeballs, and my own guys are starting to doubt me.
And what we're doing here if you don't trust me by now, Adelita, you never will.
And then we're fucked.
I need to know everything.
Soup to nuts.
Soup and nuts? [LIGHT LAUGH.]
It's a saying.
I need to know the plan.
For Galindo, the heroin.
I got in this to protect my MC.
I can't do that in the dark.
My real name is Luisa Espina.
And there are not hundreds of people depending on me.
There are thousands.
I'll tell you everything.
Mother of exiles The torch of hope In the toss of the tempest Threw us medicine's rope But the brazen giant With limbs astride Blocks the golden door To the US of lies Screaming Damn your huddled masses Scrub our floors Cut our grasses I am a wolf A wild cur Cut from the pack With blood on my fur Every howl Marks the dead 'Cause a beaten dog Never forgets Never forgets Just heard from Taza and Riz.
Made it to Vegas.
Chinese have their product.
About time.
How many guys did Galindo throw on it? He matched us, four to four.
Taza said there were no bumps.
A moment, sweetheart? What's your hit on that? Splitting protection with Galindo? Well, if we can make it work, it's smart.
Keeps the protection money coming in.
Galindo shares half the risk.
We don't take the hit if shit goes sideways.
You tell El Padrino? He knows.
We'll keep Angel and Coco close a couple more weeks, prove to Alvarez there's no fucking mole at our table.
Put all that noise to bed.
I'll take Coco with me.
Gotta bid on that copper pool in Brawley.
Benny's getting a lot of heat from the families of our missing militia.
Gonna go reassure her that the, uh, redneck closets are skeleton-free.
Just tell them they joined a mariachi band and moved to Mexico.
Stay close, mi amor.
Don't worry.
I'm off the clock.
Breakfast of champions.
We are the champions are we not? What are you doing here? I had some vacation days.
Took my wife and kids to her sister's house up north.
Tried to trim the shrubs on the back porch Trimmers How the fuck do you sharpen those blades? Maybe you don't.
I'm gonna go put on some coffee.
Would you really hurt my wife and kids? I don't underestimate any man's capacity for despicable acts.
Kinda hoping for, like, a yes or no.
Something a little simpler.
Then you're fucked.
The border property? Yeah.
I don't think there would be any legal issue if we pulled out of the Santo Padre deal.
County might ask us to cover some admin expenses.
But looking through all of these Peña had to bend a lot of rules to push this deal through.
If we burn her on this, can't she make life difficult for other interests? She won't.
She can't risk losing more of our business.
I employ nearly 20% of Santo Padre.
Good morning, my love.
- Permiso.
Bueno? [SIGHS.]
She hates that I'm doing this.
She doesn't understand.
In her day, wives weren't lawyers.
They just They just took care of the children.
There's someone here to see you.
Says she's family.
You okay? Not really.
What's going on, brother? Who are you? This is Leti.
She's my kid.
Bishop and Hank.
Looking for you.
Give me a minute.
It's a long, fucked-up story.
Can't wait to hear it.
We got business, hermano.
- I'll fill you in on the way.
- Yeah? Okay.
You're with me, Slick.
I need you on that copper bid in Brawley.
I mean, Taza knows copper way better than I do.
Yeah, well, he's in Vegas, so, uh, you'll do.
Wanna take the prospect? He's got a yard shift.
All right.
Watch her, Boy Scout.
You make sure she doesn't go anywhere, huh? Yeah, of course.
Coco had some club business.
He'll be back in a couple hours.
- You can wait here - I can't wait.
- He just left? - Had no choice.
- Hey, hey.
Where you going? She seems troubled.
I'll keep that in mind, Chucky.
Hey! Hold on.
Your dad wants you to stick around.
Shit, that sounds weird.
He's only been my dad for, like, a week.
What? I've only known him for a week.
Can you help me? What's your name? EZ.
Like from the Bible.
And other places.
What's going on, Leti? Shit.
Who did this? [FLIES BUZZING.]
Fuck! Who the fuck is that? Albert.
Doesn't really paint the whole picture for me.
He gave me a ride.
He seemed nice.
We hung out a few days.
Last night we partied, and he fell asleep.
I was just taking 10 bucks to get something to eat.
He thought you were rolling him.
- What do we do? - We? Okay.
Where'd it happen? In his truck.
Rest stop off of 98.
Nobody saw anything.
Whose car is this? Celia's.
My grandmother.
Get in.
And put your shirt on.
We gotta clean shit up.
Start with the truck.
Get rid of any trace of you.
Then put Albert back and make it look like someone tried to jack him.
That makes sense.
You're really smart.
Yet, I'm here.
You can fuck me if you want.
I'm just trying to help you.
I don't want anything from you.
You should probably be at your shop.
I called my weekend guy.
He's got it covered.
That stuff you showed me, the birth certificates and the pictures.
It's real.
'80s? '76 through '84.
How'd you get out? Same way I survived.
Blood and money.
The woman I loved was pregnant with our first son.
Sorry for showing up like this.
I've, uh been on a bit of a run.
I can see that.
Threatening your family was a fucked-up thing to do.
For both of us.
EZ was just a kid.
Made a stupid mistake.
Making this deal was the right thing to do.
I knew there'd be risks.
Always are.
But the pieces fit.
Get him close to the action, his memory for detail In a year or two, we'd have a fucking book on Galindo.
Then why are you unraveling it? Not me.
My sack is getting pressed by the US Attorneys.
They need something to leverage against Galindo and they need it now.
Why is above my pay grade.
I don't know how high up it goes.
EZ isn't gonna press Emily.
He wasn't bluffing.
He'll face a yard of shivs before he'd risk hurting her again.
And if that happens, neither one of us is gonna be able to protect him.
- What do we know? - Got a call from our kid inside the rebel camp.
Gave us their new location.
So we need to move now, before they ghost again.
Still on the border? Yeah.
They're getting bold.
They're in the industrial quarter - on the edge of downtown.
- That's so close.
We just got a call on the service line.
She wants to talk to you.
She says her name is Adelita.
Prep the money.
I want to have my son in my arms.
You hit that location.
Slaughter every fucking one of them.
Come, Dita.
Truck's around the corner.
Past those rigs.
How'd you get him in the trunk? It was dark.
I backed up the car, pushed him out of the cab.
I'm stronger than I look.
Shit! Hey, Mom? Pop? Mom! Mom? Help! - Are you still here? - Help! I'm here.
It's the big silver one.
Keys are inside.
Get back to the car.
I'll check it out, then bring it around.
- We'll do the rest after dark.
- Okay.
That ain't your truck, Jose.
I'm just taking it to Albert.
I'm a friend.
Why don't you get out of the truck, friend? [KEYS CLATTER DOWN.]
Tell me who the fuck you are.
Well, apparently I'm Jose.
- You jacking this truck? - Fuck off.
- [CRACK.]
- Aah! [GROANS.]
What the fuck is it with you and screwdrivers? [GRUNTS.]
I didn't kill him.
Sorry if I don't see that as a win.
Should've let them kick the shit out of you.
I know you did it to help me.
Yeah? Where are you? I'm with Coco's kid.
It's not good.
- Where's Coco? - Still with Hank.
- Meet me at the pit.
- All right.
I'll meet you there.
Her prints are in that truck? Yeah.
Mine too, now.
Doubt the two half-brains who jumped me are gonna be a problem.
Not the kind of guys who want cops asking questions.
We gotta get rid of him and that truck.
Park the car at the warehouse for now.
Wait till dark to make this shit go away.
She okay? I think so.
You mind taking her? I need a break.
I'll drop her off at the yard come back and get you.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Tags current on Grandma's car? I don't think that's why he's getting pulled over.
You see this? She stole the fucking car from Grandma.
's looking for a felon.
Of course she did.
Dispatch, this is Georgie, requesting backup on a stolen Hey, hey! [TIRES SQUEALING.]
My bad.
I love you.
I love you too.
- Be back soon.
- Okay.
How you feeling, Boy Scout? Little wet.
Little tired.
Sorry about how this all went down.
It's okay, man.
That shit that you did for me, my family I wouldn't expect that from anyone, the table or otherwise.
Thank you, EZ.
Yeah, no worries.
Can I ask you something? Why'd she just find out that you're her dad? I never knew you had another kid.
I don't know.
Shame, I guess.
See, my family tree, it's like it's like this invasive, bloodsucking weed that drains the life out of every fucking thing it touches.
Gotta keep it away from the things I love.
She's inside.
Come on, let's get a drink.
I'll be there in a minute.
Proud of you.
A kitten can be overwhelmed by all the new stimuli of spring, but gradually, it follows the lead of [CLICK.]
She's in the bathroom.
Hey, Chucky, I-I'm I'm not sure what you heard or what you know about her She's family.
Yeah, she is.
You know, the club doesn't need to know about any of this right now.
We gotta sort some shit out.
Family's important.
And I would like that someday.
Family shit.
To sort out.
I enjoy you, Coco.
Give us a minute.
The minute and all the precious minutes that follow belong to you and yours.
Mm, what happened there? I don't know.
Won him in a card game.
I'm not kidding.
I'm sorry I fucked things up.
Ah shit got a little out of control.
But I guess that's on me.
You know, I got two other kids.
Two different moms, and there's a reason why I'm not in their lives.
It's better for everyone.
You see, everything I did, no matter how fucked up it was I did it 'cause I thought it was the best thing for you.
Man, maybe it's some bullshit, I don't know.
I'm sorry, Leticia.
I don't need you to be my dad.
When when I knew we were moving back here, I I was just excited to know I had a brother.
I'm tired of having no one.
I'll make you a deal, all right? Whatever this is, you know father, brother friend we'll do it different.
No more lying.
No secrets.
And no more fucking porn.
Come on.
Help me clean shit up.
All good? Yeah.
Gonna wash up.
Not gonna happen.
- Who's the girl? - Don't know.
You know who Coco had in the car? - The car? - Yeah.
They just pulled out.
He had a girl with him.
Girl with him? You all right, man? I'm all right, man.
Just, uh family is so important, Obispo.
Just trying to make a connection here and be part of Okay.
But I can only do that if I honor the trust that others put in me.
Coco trusting you with something? The girl was it the same girl you saw him with at the diner? You get her name? Was it Adelita? I don't know.
Lying to us would be very bad, Chucky.
I can't hold lies.
There's not enough room.
All I know is, this girl she's very important to Coco.
Your partner? Espina.
Pedro the Thorn.
He make it out? I don't know.
Don't know if he wanted to get out.
Who's this? My father.
Same as your old man.
Before he blew everything up.
The drink.
I guess.
Angry Ben.
Pushed all good shit away that got near him.
Family career.
I thought I could change all that.
Star athlete, scholarships.
Law school.
Federal agent.
That's not how it works, son.
Your wins shine a light on his losses.
That happen with you? And EZ? He was the golden boy.
Gonna make us something to eat.
Where's my son? [BABY FUSSING.]
- Left, please.
- Thanks.
- To the left, sir.
- Thank you.
Go ahead.
- Right this way.
- He has him.
He has him! All right.
Follow me, please, sir.
Is there a problem? Follow me.
What? This way.
Where are they taking them? Maybe it's because he has the baby? Perhaps.
Have a seat, Mr.
What's this about? I'm a dual citizen.
My son is a US citizen.
Yeah, we know.
Please, sit.
I need you to hand me the baby, sir.
Why? I understand this is inconvenient, but we need to check that baby.
Check the baby for what? Weapons or [LAUGHS NERVOUSLY.]
Give us the blanket.
- Yeah, yeah, pronto, pronto.
Wait, that's not my [TOUCH-TONES BEEPING.]
Yeah, I need you to test something.
- I want to call my lawyer.
- I'm sure you do.
Take Mr.
Galindo's son.
Find him something to wear.
A warm blanket.
- No, wait.
- Mr.
Galindo, don't make this worse than it is.
Aah Bishop around? He's in the Templo with Hank.
Why? I was in the bathroom.
Front office.
Heard Bishop and Hank grilling Chucky about Coco.
Asking him about Leti.
And if her name's Adelita.
What are you talking about? Bishop thinks Coco's the fucking mole.
That's why he's been separating us.
Where's Coco now? [SOFT GUITAR MUSIC.]
Beautiful fucking night.
Yeah, it is.
I hear something hanging on the wind I see black smoke up around the bend I got my ticket and I'm going to go Home The leaves have changed a time or two Since the last time the train came through I got my ticket and I'm going to go Home Home I want to go home My father's father's blood is on the tracks A sweet refrain drifts in from the past I got my ticket and I'm going to go Home The winding roads that led me here Burn like coal and dry like tears So here's my hope, my tired soul And here's my ticket, I want to go Home I'll lock it up.
Night, Chucky.
Buenos noches.
Sleep well, amigo.
Lovely night for a walk.
Hola, el catito.
Ven aqui, ven aqui.
Aw Tell me, my wise felinous friend.
You roam behind those rusty gates.
What unspeakable truths lie twisted amongst the scrap? Hmm? Hmm.

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