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" Anything I can do to help you or your family.
The money transfers.
They were used to hire a gunman to kill my parents.
EZ knows a hit man killed Marisol.
He was supposed to kill you too.
- EZ told you this? - Yes.
He also knows that the payments came from Mexico.
Dita signed the checks.
I need to know the truth about what happened in the desert.
Rebels, Adelita, Galindo, Palomo, all the pieces.
If not, I'll have ICE pick up Felipe Reyes.
Your Spanish is colloquial.
You didn't learn it in school.
That I learned from an angel in Coatzacoalcos.
Where's that angel now? [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
The Irish have nowhere to bring their guns.
I'm sorry to be dropping all this shit - in your lap right now but - You wanna bring them south.
We have contacts in Tijuana.
The Vatos Malditos.
They're coming up here.
You didn't tell me you guys got into it with the Mayans.
Hey, nothing's gonna go off the rails with us here.
You got my word.
Barely got a pulse.
- Call a fucking ambulance! - Now! - [GROANING.]
- You all right, man? I can't fucking see.
Yee, please report to Radiology.
I can't believe they discharged you already.
Two Band-Aids and an eye patch.
Not even a fucking lollipop.
What'd the doc say? Got about 60% in the left eye, - less than 20 on the right.
Think it should eventually come back.
Gotta see a specialist, find out what's up.
- You in pain? - Not much.
I'm just pissed, carnal.
Want every fucking Vato dead.
What's the latest? Doc feels good about the surgery.
He stopped the bleeding, pulled the fragments.
Lungs are still fucked, but, uh, pretty boy is gonna pull through this.
Fuck yeah, he is.
- Didn't even mess up his hair.
- Riz is a warrior.
- Yeah.
Ramos is on his way down.
Kings will be in Santo Padre by morning.
Not much sleeping going on.
How long she been out there? About a half a bottle of Merlot.
Do you need anything? [CLICKS TONGUE.]
I fucked us up, hermano.
In this shadow game with Potter Adelita was right.
I lost sight of what I already had.
You did what you had to do, Mikey.
I did what I wanted to do.
We never had secrets before.
Right, not like this.
Every lie I tell her, I can feel it, man.
I get one in return.
Maybe the same thing happens with the truth.
Honesty buys honesty.
She loves you, Mikey.
You can't fake that shit.
That's not a lie.
I'm sitting down with the Kings in the morning.
Why? This is a charter play.
Yeah, but the deal with Charming impacts the whole MC.
Bish, they fucking ambushed us.
Tried to wipe us out after a sit-down.
On tribal land.
- I know.
- Let's just get home.
Get some rest.
Put this on the table tomorrow.
- I'll stay with Riz.
- I'm with you.
Hey, keep us posted.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Mother of exiles The torch of hope In the toss of the tempest Threw us Madison's rope But the brazen giant With limbs astride Blocks the golden door To the U.
of Lies Damn your huddled masses Scrub our floors Cut our grasses I am a wolf A wild cur Cut from the pack With blood on my fur Every howl Marks the debt 'Cause a beaten dog Never forgets Every howl Marks the debt 'Cause a beaten dog Never forgets Never forgets [SONIC GRAFFITI'S "ST.
We talked to Charming.
SOA is pissed.
Chibs reached out to Palo.
I guess the VM see it as getting their pound of flesh for what happened with the migrants.
What happened with the Vatos in our backyard, that was outlaw shit.
They took the risk, they paid the price.
What happened last night, that was fucked.
They broke every rule.
I know.
If it was my charter, I'd be upside-down too.
But we gotta look at the big picture.
VM are the only ones that can make this gun transfer work.
Money from those Irish weapons will help fund the charters that aren't cashing in on the heroin, - and we owe it to - I get it.
Carnal, we know what the Vatos did was bullshit, but if Riz pulls through, we didn't lose anyone.
And the VM sees it as a settled score.
- We move on - Tell that to my fucking crew.
Your charter makes the call.
They decide on retaliation, but if there is It becomes a club-wide problem.
And you need to make that clear at your table as their president and as a Mayan shot-caller.
Be safe.
Prez don't look happy.
They heading out? Gonna stay at Vicky's till we sort this out.
What's there to sort out? You're a smart man, Coco.
- You know what's at stake here.
- Yeah.
My fucking eyesight.
This shit don't get better, I may never ride again.
We're looking at millions of dollars in gun revenue for the entire Mayan organization.
We're a fucking corporation now? That's what happened in there.
CEOs deciding what's best for Mayans Incorporated.
I hope that involves a fucking health plan, 'cause I'm gonna need it.
Oh, my God.
I'll stay close.
Mi primo, see if he has time for me.
Man, this is fucked.
With a capital F.
I'll reach out to Taza and Creeper and get their proxies.
We'll vote on retaliation this afternoon.
He okay? [SCOFFS.]
He's not.
Pop's on the way.
Needs to talk to us.
- About what? - History.
That's all he said.
My worst fucking subject.
There you go, Pop.
The documents in the lockbox.
Ignacio Cortina.
I grew up in a small town with the Galindos.
It was a dirt poor village about 40 miles north of Hermosillo.
When I was a kid, my grandmother took in a bastard Galindo's old man fathered.
Saved the family from shame.
Ostracized by the church.
Jose never forgot.
20 years later I was a federale in Sonora.
Anti-drug squad.
One of my first big undercover stings went bad.
Two innocents were killed.
My career was over.
Jose Galindo made it all go away.
Saved my job.
You were in his debt.
And that's where the shit got complicated.
Now it's your turn.
I know you've been digging into Mom's death.
Emily told you.
She came to me with some information she found, terrified of what it meant.
Money transfers.
We know who pulled the trigger.
A Nomad, a member of the North Cali Sons crew.
Still don't know who hired him.
What did Emily find? Bring everything you have everything you know over to my house tonight.
Why can't you tell us right now? I made a promise that all parties would be there.
We all have a different piece of the puzzle.
How you gonna get Emily to the house without Galindo knowing? I'll figure it out.
I'll let you know what time.
Grabbing something to eat.
You hungry? You should come with us, EZ.
Gabi works there.
She's been asking about you.
- Ooh.
- Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm.
She doing okay? Ask her yourself.
Don't act like you got game, Junior.
Come on.
Kings Road, near the library? See you there.
Could you print them out for me? I will.
I just, uh, need my notes.
Didn't mean to interrupt.
Oh, you're not interrupting.
I got this from Montserrat Palomo.
Information about Potter.
It's a woman? A woman he loved.
And their child.
Are you going to threaten them? No.
No, it turns out this woman was a key witness in a capital murder case.
One of Potter's first big wins while working with the Mexican government.
Sleeping with your witness? Mm.
They'd throw out the case and overturn the verdict.
That's why he kept it a secret, even after his son was born.
That would fuck with his Mexican tenure.
Oh, he'd be done in this part of the world.
Why are you telling me this? Because.
I'd use this leverage to help Adelita.
And I don't want any more secrets about her or anything else.
Look, you were right, Em.
I lost sight of what's important.
My life on this side.
I don't want any more lies.
Neither do I.
I just want to know that we can trust each other.
That's all I want.
I promise I'll tell you whatever you wanna know.
And I need the same from you.
I know last night wasn't about picking up steaks.
I just want the truth.
What's going on with EZ and his father? First my mother, then you I told you.
I promised to make us dinner last night.
Emily, please.
What do you want me to say? Ileana's clerk, the one who conveniently killed himself to forfeit the better bid.
What happened? You think I had something to do with it? Miguel, it was a suicide.
They closed the case.
Yeah, because Peña pushed to close it.
She didn't want her detectives digging too deep for fear of finding something messy that might lead back to me.
Well, I don't know anything about that.
Oh, okay.
Well, then, what do you know? I know that this whole, "Let's not have any more secrets, baby," is bullshit.
You don't trust me? Fine.
Put a fucking tracker on my ankle.
No, thank you.
It's our busiest time.
When Letty said you worked in a restaurant, I thought You did not think I would be parked on the side of the street.
It's a rough time to being undocumented.
ICE raids, border crackdowns.
Paranoia spinning from the top.
I know.
They are with my family in Lodi.
It is less intense up north.
Look, I know You've got a lot going on with work and school.
I do.
I guess I am.
I would like that.
What is it? I know you don't like me very much.
I love you, Dita.
We all do.
I wanted to die that night.
The fire.
That was my plan.
I know that.
You know why? Devante? Yes, partly.
Devante was my connection to the past.
To the life that I loved outside the circle.
But mostly, Emily, it was because I lost my purpose.
As a woman, as a mother.
I felt like I was no longer needed or wanted.
That's not true.
Of course it is.
Miguel can't let go of the betrayal.
The lie about his brother.
You have to support him in that, and this little one, I'm afraid he barely knows me from the four nannies that take care of him.
I'm sorry, Dita.
I I never wanted that.
I I know.
And seeing what's happening between you and Miguel I can't help but feel that I'm at least partially responsible.
- I've been a burden.
- No.
I've watch the divide between you two grow wider and wider, and if you don't fix it now, you will lose each other.
A marriage can't hold that kind of distance.
Excuse me.
Hello? Hello, Dita.
It's Felipe.
Yes, I know.
I have a favor I need.
A big one.
You talk to Chibs? Yeah.
He thinks what the Vatos did was fucked.
He gets it if we have to strike back, but he also knows the Irish will move on if we can't make it work in Mexico.
Look, primo, you gotta do what's right for the charter and the MC.
It's a hard call.
Now, if you're asking what I would do, I got a personal stake with the guns.
It's a promise I made to Jax Teller.
Hard for me to look at this without that connection.
I know.
A fucking rock and a fucking hard place.
Where's your crew landing on this? It's split.
Coco, rightfully so, is hell-bent on blowing it up.
I'm sure Angel and Gilly are with him.
Just got off the phone with Taza.
He lands wherever you do.
Same with me.
Creeper was on the fence, but thinks the gun money trumps blood.
So it looks like you got the call, Prez.
Your vote sways the majority.
Obispo, this is why I split the power of the Mayans between three kings.
Handed the lead chair to you.
It's not the same club I started, primo.
It's bigger, sophisticated, much more profitable.
The way Mayans is growing, in a few years, you'll rival any syndicate in the country.
I guess we're not just motorcycle enthusiasts anymore.
We never were.
You up for the challenge? Yeah.
I am.
You miss it? Every fucking day.
I'm sorry I couldn't make it to Medina's funeral.
I know.
His widow, she appreciated the gift.
Getting used to wearing those $1,000 suits.
Yeah, it feels nice to wear one and not be in court.
I gotta go.
Talk to Hank? Yeah.
I proxied our votes.
- Any change? - No.
Nurses came in and hooked up a few new IVs.
That's about it.
Can I ask you something? How come you never mentioned you were part of the VM? Bishop knew.
I guess it just never came up.
Look, I was younger, trying to figure shit out.
Who I was and what I wanted.
Bad blood with you and the shot-caller? Palo? Mm.
Something like that.
I'm gonna grab a coffee.
You want anything? I'm good, man.
I'm sorry what happened to you, Coco.
Yeah, me too, Padrino.
This my daughter, Leticia.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
So you're the one who started all this, huh? Something like that.
- Padrino.
- Angel.
- Missed you, bro.
- Likewise, kid.
- Can I have a word with you? - Sure.
I know you and your family are close to Mrs.
Yeah, I guess.
Known each other a long time.
Miguel and his family are having a difficult time right now.
The fires, everything going on with the feds.
I can imagine.
Something wrong, El Padrino? You tell me.
First, Miguel's mother gets lost in downtown, ends up at your father's shop.
He drives her home.
Well, I didn't know that.
I've never met Miguel's mother.
Wouldn't know her if I bumped into her on the street.
But then Emily shows up at your father's shop and it was closed.
You'd have to ask Emily.
Yeah, problem with that, EZ, is that for one reason or the other, Emily isn't saying much about anything to anyone.
Agra Park win, her friend at city planning, the day clerk.
So many loose ends.
It's got Miguel worried.
We have history.
I care about her.
If she came to me for help, I'd help her.
So did she? I'm afraid only she can answer that.
I like you, son.
You have a future here.
You're smart, ambitious.
You seem to have your priorities in the right order.
But you know what happens if I find out you lied to me.
I do, El Padrino.
All right.
We'll leave it at that.
This table, the brothers seated around it It's all that matters to me.
You know that.
I'd take a fucking bullet for any of you.
With Alvarez gone, the heroin expansion, the dance with Potter, the center of the Mayan universe has shifted from Oakland to Santa Padre.
The Irish guns will lock that down as unshakable truth.
With that comes responsibility, not just for me but for all of us.
The entire MC.
Every charter will look to us for direction.
We set the tone.
We decide the path.
You know what's at stake.
Vote your heart.
But don't ignore your head.
The Vatos Malditos.
Let's decide.
Do we seek vengeance? No retaliation.
- Vengeance.
- Vengeance.
Fucking vengeance.
If Riz had died, or Coco, if what happened to you was permanent, I wouldn't hesitate to strike back, but looking at the bigger picture For the entire MC And for every man sitting at this table, I think it's in our best interest to avoid retaliation.
Taza and Creeper proxied their votes.
They land the same way.
Majority rules.
No vengeance.
What about Riz? He get a fucking vote? Even if Riz did vote to hit back, I'd break that tie.
Who the fuck are we, man? You telling me that you're gonna sit at the table with the Vatos? Pretend this never happened? 'Cause of money? This ain't who we are.
And you're wrong! And you're all fucking wrong! Leave him.
He can't hear anything right now.
No offense, Bish But he really can't see anything, either.
We're not living with the fear of that shit like he is.
I made appointments for us.
Jabonosa Day Spa.
What? I don't have time.
Yes, you do.
- Dita, I - Please don't argue with me.
Oh, we should all have dinner afterwards.
Tío Ama Tía.
It's just down the street from the spa.
I'll let him know.
We should get going.
I got it.
Table voted.
No retaliation.
I hope that's the right call.
Coco and Riz are gonna fucking hate us.
I need to get some air, brother.
I can taste the fucking cancer in this place.
I hear you.
Take your time.
We'll be a few hours.
How'd the vote go? We're standing down.
That's probably the right thing to do.
Tell that to Coco.
What did Alvarez want? Miguel knows something's going on with Emily.
This shit? Yeah, I guess.
I played dumb.
Alvarez believe you? No.
Where's Pop? He said 7:00.
I don't know.
He was gone when I got here.
Fuck this guy.
Right this way.
- Give us a moment.
- Of course.
- Where are we going? - We're not going anywhere.
You have an hour and a half.
Don't be late.
I've run out of lies.
I didn't know how else to free you up.
It's time to talk.
She doesn't have much time.
- Em.
- Hey.
You want anything? Um, one of those.
Me too.
- No, that works.
Please, make sure it's set up before the groundbreaking.
No, that's fine.
Thank you, Dominique.
Okay, so the money orders, right? The ones from Mexico, they matched entries I found in a household ledger.
Same dates, same amounts to the penny.
Dita Galindo.
It's Miguel's mom.
Jose must have used her accounts to avoid DOJ scrutiny.
Why would Galindo want you and Mom dead? What happened? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I had an affair with Dita Galindo.
It was after she lost her son.
Jose had checked out.
Dita was undone, and I was there.
With her all the time.
Her protection, her confidant.
It was a mistake but I let it happen.
Holy shit.
I ended it before I met your mother, but Dita couldn't let it go.
And when Isabel got pregnant with you, I didn't trust Dita.
I couldn't risk Jose finding out, so we had to leave.
We became Felipe and Marisol Reyes.
Wait a minute.
Mom was killed over 20 years later.
Why would Jose wait that long? Because he didn't know you were here.
Until Miguel moved here.
Ten years ago.
Miguel had nothing to do with it.
How how could he even know? To take over the business.
I mean, the old man would have told him all his dirty secrets.
No, Miguel wouldn't be involved in a murder.
Okay, not then.
Not on this side of the border.
Then how did anyone know they were here? I'm sorry.
I don't know.
So what does this mean? Well, what happens now? EZ.
What are you gonna do? Oh, my God.
That look, EZ The way you get, the way you think I'm not sure what I think.
You've been chasing this revenge for ten years.
It can't land on my husband.
I know where your loyalties lie, Emily.
You made that very clear that day at the Indian casino.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
You do what you have to.
Oh, what's that, EZ? Tell Miguel I had you kill someone for me? Then helped you find out that he killed your mom? [CELL PHONE VIBRATES.]
What is it? It's Potter.
Why is Potter texting you? He knows about Ignacio Cortina.
He's threatening to deport my dad.
He wants Angel and I to give him intel on Adelita.
He's unraveled about the shit that went down in the desert.
Jesus Christ.
Does Felipe know? No.
If I help you with your father, will you promise to leave my family alone? What do you mean? I can get you information about Potter and you can use it against him as leverage.
What information? You have to promise me, EZ.
No matter what you believe happened to your mother, you won't hurt Miguel.
What do you have on Potter? I know Miguel wants to use it to save Adelita, so there's not much time.
Think about it.
If you want to save your father, let me know.
Mom! - Hey, fucker.
I love you, brother.
Forgive me.
Code blue, code blue.
All right, stand back.
What's happening? You need to leave, sir.
Start compressions.
Still in V-fib.
Prep epi.
Get another amp.
- Thanks, Chucky.
- Of course.
Anything you need, Johnny Coco Cruz, I'm here.
Just talked with Taza.
Riz didn't make it.
Died 15 minutes ago.
His lungs gave up.
Call the Kings.
Tell them the vote is null and void.
We're going to war.
What are you doing? Looking for photos.
- Of what? - Of Galindo's mom.
In the journal.
Hey! It wasn't Miguel who knew Mom and Dad were here.
It was Dita.
Why the fuck would she tell her old man about the affair? She didn't.
You said she couldn't let it go.
That she was devastated 20 years later.
Dita ordered the hit.
That's why she used someone on this side.
The money orders, the household accounts, no follow-ups.
If Miguel or Jose hired the gunman, then none of us would be here.
It was her, Pop.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh, God.

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