Mayans M.C. (2018) s03e10 Episode Script

Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write

1 I never worried about you the way you worry about your kids.
Look how well I turned out.
Second thought, maybe I should have put the hours in.
I'm sorry, EZ, I don't think I can put it away.
Whoa-whoa-whoa! I want to bring this M.
back to its glory, but first there's got to be a reckoning.
Tell them we're in.
But we want to meet with Ramos.
You're fucking looking for me, huh? Bitch! You can drop me at my girl's and then get your ass back and cut my boys loose.
Just make sure you get that motherfucker.
Canche will be dead by sundown tomorrow.
What's your part in all this? I patch over, become a Mayan and help you drive Bishop and Santo Padre off the face of the earth.
Where the fuck is my son? We've got some catching up to do, sis.
Emily! Emily! Mexico wants their rebel back.
They'll kill her the minute she touches Mexican soil.
I know.
You don't have to fight no more.
We can build a life here.
- Please don't! Coco, please! - I'm not gonna get high, I swear.
I'm done with that shit.
I'm just gonna get Hope, and I'm gonna fucking bring her back, okay? Little Bo-Peep.
I'm gonna take every last bit of hope left in you.
I decided I'm going to Lodi to be back with my family.
- Gaby, please.
- I have to.
And if you love me, you'll let me go.
Gaby? I want to go with you.
What? I choose you.
I've always worried where your loyalty stands, Marcus.
Will you kill EZ Reyes? Good morning, Ezekiel.
It is.
Are you sure about this? I just got to tie up some loose ends for the club.
Then I'm all yours.
The fuck you doing here? He asked me to ride with you.
Just in case there's trouble.
For EZ Reyes? Or my conscience? Get in.
So, like a screech or more like a squeal? A whistle, like there's a bird caught in there or something.
Well, it's probably just the timing belt, but I'll have to get in there to find out.
How long will that take? Uh, tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.
Good to see you, bro.
I got to get my bag out of the back.
What's up, man? Any problems? No.
But I don't know where Canche is.
Okay, good.
The keys are in the visor of the blue Corolla around the corner.
You can head back to SP.
What'd she say? Everything went all right, but no sign of Canche yet.
When the hell is he gonna show up? We don't know.
We could be here all day.
Hope no one has to take a piss.
You kidding me? Well, you shouldn't have said anything, bro.
I got it.
Well, turn on some music or something.
I got vengeance on my mind ♪ And anger in my chest, all my skeletons.
♪ In sheep's disguise, took the fire ♪ Behind my eyes and left me here ♪ Why the fuck would the youngster do it? Now I'm struggling to be whole ♪ I don't know.
He had everything he ever wanted, dawg.
Fucking patch on his back.
He ever give you any reason to think he would do some shit like that? It's all I have to give you ♪ What do you think happened? I said I don't fucking know! But if you're not afraid ♪ Of my broken frame ♪ We can build out of the pieces ♪ We have left ♪ The past has ♪ We should've heard something.
They'll get it done.
I'm in the middle of something.
Can I call you back? Palo came to see me.
What? Hold on.
You okay? What'd he say? He asked a lot of questions about you.
- What did you tell him? - Nothing.
But, of course, he didn't believe me.
He's going to come back.
I know him.
I need a gun, Che.
Laura, no.
We need to get you out of there.
I can come for you right now.
I'm not just gonna pack up and leave again.
I need to be able to protect myself and David.
Let me see what I can get my hands on.
And, Laura I'm sorry.
For all this.
I'll see you soon.
Aquí está.
Lo siento, pero You won't believe me, but I'm re I'm relieved to see you.
I thought we sent you to your death.
Is that your plan? In public, with all these witnesses? I don't hide what I do in a basement in the dark.
Do you know why I'm here? Living in this shithole? I tried to do something.
I told them that after after your child died in our care Potter shipped you off to Mexico to cover it up.
That he'd shut down the Santo Padre border out of fucking spite.
I blew the whistle on it all.
And the reward for my patriotism? Who knew Siberia would be so fucking humid? You know I have to hide these from my husband.
It seems so pointless now.
The secrets we keep.
Can I make a phone call? To say goodbye? No.
Everything that happened to you Potter is a fucking monster, and I'm sorry I didn't do more.
Are you a mother? I am not here to kill you.
I just want you to tell me where Potter is.
How do you know I won't warn him, that I won't tell someone? Because you're a mother.
So now I know your greatest fear.
Something that will make a bullet to the head feel like an act of mercy.
I need to reach into my purse.
Don't believe a word he says.
He's a fucking liar.
Everything's a play with him.
It will be a very short conversation.
You feel good about this? About blowing up a bunch of dudes we've been partying with for the past five years and calling "brother"? No.
Do I feel good about the ability of a half stick of C-4, some duct tape, and this phone setting the club straight? Fuck yes.
What did he mean by "I can't put it away"? He looked right at you when he said that shit.
What did he mean? Who knows, man? Shit, here we go.
- Ow.
What the fuck? - Shh! - This is it.
- Shh! Say the word.
Fucking blow it now.
We don't want to miss our chance.
Oh, shit.
What do we do? What do you mean what do we do? We call it off.
We fucking call it off! We ain't gonna get another shot.
There's a fucking child in there.
If he stays away from the car, he'll be good.
He could be fucking right next to it for all we know.
I ain't killing a kid today.
Give me the phone.
Give me the phone.
Let me get eyes on 'em, make sure the kid's safe - before I blow it.
- Are you fucking crazy, bro? - What if they see you? - We've got no choice.
How does it work? The number's already in.
Just hit the green button.
EZ! Fucking be careful.
I got this.
Where the fuck are you going? Fucking Reyes brothers.
Come on.
Dad Fuck.
Hey! Come on, we got to go.
We got to go.
Go, go.
Thank you.
Any word? They're saying multiple casualties.
- And the kid? - Banged up, but good.
- Canche? - Just talked to Solis.
Canche's dead.
No one can dispute this.
You earned it.
Took it with your own hands.
You'll get word to the other presidents? I'll call a meeting now.
Get Tucson reinstated.
To the club.
One king.
You good? You didn't say anything the whole way back.
Gaby's going up north.
And you? I know I did a lot of damage after I got out.
To your trust in me.
I'm the reason Potter got his claws into us.
If I don't open that door, what happened to Adelita your baby All I wanted is to make that up to you.
To the club.
I'm hoping now I have.
Being a Mayan has meant more to me than anything, bro.
But if I stay all I see is more bodies.
And if I go with Gaby maybe there's some hope? Nails is your second chance.
I'm afraid Gaby is my only chance.
I get it, man.
You know, things we got to do sometimes can be hard, but that's just how it is.
You don't get it.
The kutte's not a bad fit.
It fits too fucking well.
You're right.
I don't get it.
This isn't hard for me.
What we did to the Vatos Malditos, Ramos.
Shit, today.
I would have blown that fucking kid up.
Yeah, but you didn't.
But I would have if I had to.
If that's what the club needed.
I'm good at this.
And I don't know if that's a good thing.
You know, what you said yesterday, about Mom being proud of me.
That meant a lot.
Well, this club is my family, but I only have one real brother.
Even when we were little kids and I wanted to strangle your annoying, know-it-all ass when we're together, everything's just right.
You know, with that being said, bro, if I were to look across the table and not see you there, I'd miss you, but I'd understand.
'Cause I don't think this is what would have made Mom proud of you.
Even if you were her favorite.
I wasn't her favorite, Angel.
I think, all the books, the poetry and art I think she was trying to keep me away from something.
I think she saw Pop in me.
You got Pop's looks.
Shut up.
But I got the other parts of Pop.
You definitely got Mom's heart.
You tell Pop already? Gaby and I are gonna tell him together, then leave tonight after I talk to Bishop.
I'll tell Bishop.
Yeah, I'll let everyone know after you're gone.
I don't want none of them fools trying to convince you to stay.
Where you going? I have a thing.
What the fuck? You don't have to be all fucking weird about it.
Really don't give a shit.
Just trying to being polite.
I got to go pack.
One last beer with your older, better-looking brother? Oh, shit, yeah.
Is he inside? Oh, you're so fucking corny.
How's your HPV going? Jesus.
Can I talk to you? Your dad he ain't part of the club no more.
You can't just show up here unannounced.
Well, no one was in the front office.
Yeah, still.
Look, I-I didn't know who else to come to.
I-I ain't trying to blow his shit up with the club, but I know you're his best friend.
Coco's gone.
And I'm fucking scared something happened to him.
I can't be a part of anything that dude's got going on.
He went to Meth Mountain, Gilly.
He never came back.
Something's wrong.
He's a fucking junkie.
He's high.
I'm not an idiot, okay? I know what Coco is, but he's in fucking trouble.
Like you said, your dad's gone.
It's best you just accept that, move on.
You're a fucking pussy.
Hmm? For turning your back on your brother, you're a fucking pussy.
Like I said, you can't just show up here whenever you want.
You know what? Fuck you! Hmm? Fuck you! Fuck all this shit! Fuck you, okay?! Fuck you! This, all this shit this is all bullshit! Fuck you guys! Fuck this place.
You're at the old man's place? Yeah.
Do you think Marcus is actually up for this? I don't know.
You know what to do if he's not? Of course.
I thought you were gonna meet me there.
Can I come in? Yeah.
Come on.
I think I'm in trouble, EZ.
Okay, slow down.
Slow down.
What's wrong? I don't know, 'cause I can't fully remember.
I just I think something happened last night, but I What's going on? I'm getting out of Santo Padre.
With the girl? We're headed north.
What about your father or Angel? Well, Angel knows.
I'm on my way to tell Pop now.
You weren't gonna say goodbye to me? I'm sorry.
That wasn't fair to ask.
I feel like the girl and the soldier from that book.
The one you'd read to me summer of my junior year in the back of Felipe's truck.
Do you remember? Sorry.
Of course you remember.
One Hundred Years of Solitude.
That part has always haunted me.
Where the girl's about to have her tarot cards read.
But then the soldier "Had been" " destined to have seven children and die in her arms of old age, but the bullet that entered his back and shattered his chest" " had been directed by the wrong interpretation of the cards".
I think there's been a wrong interpretation of our cards.
We were supposed to go north together.
Have a family.
Start a life.
But now my cards are blank.
Emily, who did that to your neck? What happened last night? It's nothing.
It's nothing.
It was an accident.
I overreacted.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I showed up like this.
Go have your seven children and die in her arms in old age.
We missed our shot.
Look at you.
I'm not even gone yet and you're already slacking off.
Just enjoying the first peace and quiet I've had since I met you.
You're gonna miss me, gruñón.
Your last paycheck.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
There's something extra inside.
Belonged to my wife.
Francis was her favorite saint.
I know.
EZ told me.
You made the right choice.
Now, you may miss EZ, but go.
Go live your life.
What? Nothing.
I'll wait until he's here.
It's nothing bad.
I just promised that we'll tell you together.
Tell me what? Mm.
Pretend I didn't say anything when he gets here, but he's coming with me.
I don't want to take him away from you and Angel.
But he needs a fresh start.
Sit down.
My wife Marisol tried to save me.
And now she's not here because of me.
I'm not trying to save EZ.
Yes, you are.
Because that's what good people do when they see a man drown.
They jump in.
But we will claw you, we will fight you, we will pull you under.
You don't know that.
I know my son.
And I know what's inside of him.
And I know what's inside of you.
You're so much like his mother.
Tough where we're soft, soft where we're too tough.
We're broken.
My family is broken.
EZ is broken.
I don't believe that.
Be honest with yourself.
If anything were to happen to you I wouldn't be able to take it.
We've caused so much damage.
Save yourself.
This transition's been fucked.
But Bishop wants what we all want now, peace.
And everything that's gone down? We forgive each other's trespasses and move forward.
I'll let Bishop know.
You forgetting something? Fuck your trespasses and fuck your king.
What? Have you ever been to a racetrack? Not the horse, not the automobile, but the greyhound and his monastic fixation on a propelled mechanical hare.
Nobly running until his paws bleed, until his heart literally stops.
The pearl-clutchers call it cruel, inhumane.
But without that lure, the dogs lose purpose.
Without the rabbit, why run? Yeah, what the fuck do you want? Oh, you do wax so poetic, Señor Galindo.
I haven't heard from you in months.
You're right.
I've been on sabbatical.
But as they say, that's no excuse.
I should have called with condolences for Mama Galindo.
And I wish I could say I was calling now to offer sympathies for your mistress.
If you had anything to fucking do with that On the contrary.
The Mexican authorities have a young woman with a very unfortunate haircut in custody saying she and her severely coiffed friend were part of a murder conspiracy spearheaded by your organization, sir.
Fallout from a, uh, backdoor deal gone bad or-or possibly Governor Palomo's upgrade from a failing Galindo cartel to those plucky young upstarts, the LNG.
I don't know.
I, uh I don't have the report I wrote in front of me at the moment.
However, you should know that, uh, along with the murder warrant, we've seized your property on both sides of the border.
And, uh Oh, right.
Uh, federal agents are descending upon your house in good Lord 45 minutes, give or take.
Why the fuck are you telling me all this? I don't know.
Perhaps this old racing dog's just not ready to retire yet.
Off you go, little rabbit.
Yes, boss? She's right here.
I'm just sitting here, thinking ♪ - Hey.
- Emily.
- Sorry, I must not have - Listen carefully.
We need to leave now.
All right, follow the plan.
What Uh, what's going on? That remote possibility we always talked about is happening.
I need you to go to the safety deposit box immediately.
Are you okay? As long as you and Cristóbal are with me, I'll always be fine.
Look, I have to go.
Uh, Luis will get instructions on where to meet.
Miguel, Miguel I love you, Emily.
We'll get through this, like everything else.
- We need to go.
- Yes, ma'am.
Come on, baby.
Okay, baby, come on.
Okay, baby.
Oh, yeah.
Let's take the shot before he goes in.
The old man has seen enough tragedy in that place.
We wait.
Hey, Pop.
You okay? Hey, Gaby! Where's Gaby? She was gonna meet me here.
She left.
Well, where'd she go? She left, EZ.
She's gone.
What do you mean? What'd she say? Let her go.
It's better this way.
What'd she say? Pop.
Tell me, what'd she say? What'd she say? What did you say? I'm sorry, son.
You've reached Gabriela.
Leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I can.
He knows what's up.
He's trying to get away.
Pull up beside him on the next stretch.
I'll take him out on my side.
Go! What are you doing? We're gonna lose him! I guess we figured out where my loyalties lie.
I'll fucking shoot you, and then I'll go kill that fucker myself.
My loyalty's to Mikey.
Mikey's my family.
I guess the kid's mine.
Now you got to choose if you want to be a dead errand boy or your own fucking man.
You okay? Did you bring the gun? Yeah.
Be careful, it's loaded.
It's a bad idea, Laura.
Let me just get you out of here.
You and David.
- It's not safe here.
- You're right about that.
I'm sorry.
I had no choice.
He's got David.
Go to your son.
Let two old friends catch up.
Hi, baby.
- Mama.
- You okay? What the fuck are you wearing? We're family now.
Not for long.
Santo Padre ain't long for this world.
I'm sad you won't be able to be here to see what we have in store.
It's over.
The terror you caused my family.
Coming for me at my abuela's.
Dragging my sister into all of this.
What you did to my baby brother.
I loved David.
Shut the fuck up.
He loved you so much, and you fucking butchered him - like a fucking animal.
- I saved him.
And I saved my mother finding out about him.
Better to mourn a man than to have to live with a maricón.
Tell my brother I'll see him in hell.
Don't come fucking near me.
- Laura.
- Get the fuck out of my house! Get the fuck out! All this.
All this death.
All to keep your secret.
What are you gonna tell the police? The truth.
That a dangerous man from my past came back into my life.
What the fuck are you doing? He doesn't get to die in this.
To live and love like you ♪ One day you will ♪ You are irresistible.
Hey, watch it.
Make yourself useful and go to the market.
The avocados are still too hard and we need wine.
Sí, mamacita.
Trust me, buddy, one day you'll have a belly full of butterflies and a quickening of the heart and you'll never, ever think of anything but love again.
- In your eyes ♪ - Mm-hmm.
Tough room.
Avocados and wine, Romeo.
You will have the time ♪ "With love's light wings did I o'erperch these walls".
I could use ♪ Act two, scene two, I think.
- Another hand ♪ - To help pull me through ♪ - Trying to fix my mind ♪ - Trying ♪ Still trying to fix my mind ♪ - Trying to work it out ♪ - I'm still trying to fix my mind ♪ My mind, my mind ♪ Hola.
Uno, dos, uh, por favor.
Still trying to fix my mind ♪ My mind ♪ Gracias, señorita.
You're welcome.
Sophia? What the fuck have you done with my family? If you fucking touched them I would love for you to understand loss.
To understand what it's like to lose a child.
Worse than losing a limb.
I would give up all my limbs to have him back.
But I also know mercy.
After watching my father get butchered, I would never make a child live through that.
Espina, when you are tasked to keep a nation's interests safe, mercy isn't a privilege you can afford.
Not even for a baby? For my child? He should be alive, and you took him from me, and now Stop, just stop, please.
I Are you under the impression your son is dead? - Don't play games with me.
- Linares.
You've spoken with her, haven't you? Luisa, your son is very much alive.
- You're a liar.
- Why would I do that? Why-why would I eliminate the only real leverage I have over you? In turn, why would you do that now? Because if you kill me if you hurt my family I promise you, you will never find your son.
The FBI and Department of Justice raided the estate of suspected Mexican drug cartel leader Miguel Galindo in Santo Padre earlier today.
At this time, it is believed the Feds do not have anyone in custody and are searching for Galindo.
This is a breaking story, and we will keep you updated - as we learn more.
- Sir, we need to go.
We don't leave without my wife and son.
All right? They're almost here.
Where are they? Where are Emily and Cristóbal? She said to give these to you, sir.
I need you.
Wrapped round my gun ♪ I've got my hands ♪ Wrapped round my gun ♪ And I'm all things, and I'm all things ♪ No answer, no answer, no answer ♪ No answer, no answer, no answer ♪ And they can't touch me, and they can't touch me ♪ No more, no more, no more ♪ No more, no more, no more, no more ♪ And I'm all things, and I'm all things ♪ And I'm all things ♪ I am all things, and I'm all things ♪ And I'm all things, and I'm all things ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ Should I ♪ Pull it? ♪ Should I? ♪ Should I ♪ Pull it? ♪ Pull it ♪ Pull it ♪ Pull it ♪ Aah! ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! ♪ Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! ♪ Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! ♪ What the fuck? Hold on.
Okay, we got to go.
Got-got-got to got to find Hope.
Throw it over here.
Pookie! Pookie! Get get off me! Get off! Pookie's still in there.
- Was he fucking cooking again? - I don't know.
Fuck! Hope.
We got to go, bro.
So many lives, little kitty cat.
Who the fuck is this freak? Death, the destroyer of worlds.
Fuck you, Crystal-Meth Jesus.
I'll waste your ass right now if you don't tell your people to back the fuck up! This is our desert.
We are a motherfucking army.
I'm my own fucking army! And I'm taking my brother with me! And Hope's coming with us.
Little Bo-Peep.
Still so naive.
Is that what you want, Hope? To go back to the mirage? Back to the death dream of the ugly, nasty world, where your only value is that thing rotting between your legs? Or do you want to stay here where you're loved? Do you want to stay free? Come on, Hope.
Show us that free will.
What do you want to do? Come on.
Let's go.
They'll never let me leave with you.
I'm not going without you.
There's too many of them, Coco.
They'll kill you.
She's right, bro.
We got to go.
You-You're going with me.
I'm poison.
Forget me.
Centuries in the making, brother.
Don't feel bad.
You're a keeper of sheep but we are the wolves.
We got to go, bro.
"She heaved a sigh and wiped her eye, and over the hillocks she raced".
I love you, Hope.
I'm gonna hate watching you burn.
Oh, brother.
Always the steep and thorny path.
You ain't my brother, motherfucker.
No! - No.
- Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! That's enough.
Stop! It's over.
It's over.
Ibarra back? We got to talk.
Fuck, can it wait? No.
Palo set something in motion.
I don't know what, but it's coming soon.
What the fuck? You might want to use that when you hear what I got to say.
I'm sorry.
This is who I am.
This is where I belong.
Riz? Our fucking brother? All to cover up that you're a f That I was in love.
And I'm not ashamed about that.
Or what I've done since.
All that I've caused.
I needed Palo to pay.
I didn't know so many would get hurt.
And now I'm afraid that it's not over.
I'm tired, Bish.
Fucking tired.
I love you, brother.
Do what you have to do.
I ain't goin' out without a fight.
Here I am, living.
So I'm gonna continue to do just that.
Drop that beat! Live work and pose.
Yes, you may be discriminated against.
But how do you find joy amidst all of that? Is up to you.

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