Mayans M.C. (2018) s04e05 Episode Script

Death of the Virgin

1 ♪ (bell tolling) (gates squeak) EZ: They rolled me up in the middle of the night on some Fed-type diesel therapy shit.
-You hook up with Smokey? -EZ: No, man.
I just kept my head down, finished out my time.
I want you to know that I've been watching you.
I'm sending you to Oakland to be a representative for us, for the Fallen Brothers.
(laughs) JACOB: Come play at the pool.
What's up, birthday boy? First, you gotta say hi to your Uncle Gilbert.
- I live here! - Hey, hey, hey! Say it again, motherfucker! No hard feelings? BOSTON TERRY: Montez was our brother.
They buried him in a fucking barrel.
We're not gonna get another shot like this.
What did Chibs say? They gave the green light.
You've got your war.
And how much longer is this gonna go on? Until I'm sure.
ERIN: Even if Miguel was alive, there's no way he'd find us.
EMILY: You don't know the lengths he'd go to.
Papa? ANGEL: What the fuck? - (gunshot) - (boy screams) CANCHE: Who pulled the fuckin' trigger?! - I did.
- What they did, Padrino, is kill the pipeline.
And maybe every motherfucker in this room.
(baby crying) (record needle scratching) (The Smiths' "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others" playing) ♪ And we flip them like this.
It's how Mommy likes them.
(singing along): From the ice age to the dole age ♪ (chuckling): Oh, come on.
What? He needs a strong musical foundation.
We can't have him liking Steve Winwood, like his daddy.
"Higher Love" is a masterpiece, and I'll fight anyone who disagrees.
- Anyone but you, honey.
- Okay.
But would you really rather him grow up a mopey depressive like Morrissey? I don't know, he might kiss his first girl in his freshman dorm room while listening to The Queen Is Dead on repeat.
SCOTT: That sounds oddly specific.
- Well, I turned out okay.
- Fine.
But who was that guy? I'll fight him.
Yeah, because you go to Smith to make out with boys.
Wait, is there something you want to tell me? Some girls are bigger than others ♪ Is there something Mommy wants to tell Who the hell? - Take the baby, Scott! - Who is that? (baby crying) (glass shatters) Some girls are bigger than others ♪ (beeping) (both grunting) Some girls are bigger than others ♪ Some girls are bigger than others ♪ - I'm his mother.
- I'm his mother.
I gave him everything.
You gave him a prison cell! That you fucking put me in! (crying out) (gasps) Send me the pillow ♪ (pained groans) (groaning continues) (banging, clattering) SCOTT: No.
No, no.
I've called the police! - I've called the police! - (gunshot) (baby crying) (crying grows louder) (cries out) Now that you know a mother's greatest fear (baby crying) here's your mercy.
♪ ♪ Hm? Do you like that name? Jonah.
Yeah, that's cool.
Or Nicolás? That's good.
(sniffs) No.
(sniffs) MARTÍN: (whistles) Tomás! Tomás.
(wind gusting) ("Cindy" by Ola Podrida playing) Cindy decided to leave ♪ Her childhood diary ♪ Under the bed ♪ She burned almost everything ♪ Except for her wedding ring ♪ 'Cause she threw that in the sea ♪ In the sea, in the sea ♪ ♪ (song stops) (music playing faintly over speakers) (scanner beeping) (baby crying) (alarm ringing) - (alarm stops) - (sighs) Gross.
At least let me brush my teeth first.
(water runs) (water stops) (brushing teeth) My ex.
If I can ask what happened? Felt too much.
Talked too little.
Did he, uh Yeah.
Yeah, with a gun.
I found him.
(C Reeper scoffs quietly) I don't understand people like that.
They don't care who they leave behind.
It's evil.
It's not.
You and I, we shut it all out with booze and dope.
Some people, they're too absorbent.
Some people just want quiet.
(scoffs) No.
Life's a gift.
Have you seen a lot of it? Death? Too much.
That's all I want to say about that.
Be careful.
We're only as sick as our secrets.
(dogs barking) Hey.
Sofía, right? I wasn't sure if you needed this back.
We give those out for free.
Sally okay? Yeah.
Yeah, that's, uh That's really why I'm here.
Um I wanted to thank you for all that stuff you said about patience.
It worked.
I really appreciate you sharing that about your little girl.
Her anxiety.
The magic and stuff.
Could you hold him right here? Oh.
- Here? - Yeah, here.
I was wondering, actually, if maybe Thought maybe I could repay you.
We could grab a bite or something.
I was drinking.
She wouldn't go to sleep.
She could never sleep, her whole life, like she was born worried.
- (dog moans softly) - (Sofía sighs) I kept putting her back in bed.
Kept drinking.
(dog whimpering) (Sofía sighs) When I woke up in the morning, she wasn't in her room.
You can't imagine what that's like.
I looked everywhere.
I ran outside.
I had a feeling.
A sick, sick I saw her pajamas.
♪ In the pool.
She got up at some point.
Wanted to go treasure hunting.
Probably couldn't wake me.
And then (Sofía inhales deeply) (exhales) Sorry, Max.
There ain't no magic.
What do you want from me, EZ? I got nothing to give you.
♪ (horn honks) DRIVER: Fuck.
Watch where you're going.
Are you okay? No.
That man that man is following me.
Oh, no, Emily Galindo.
We found you.
So, what brings you to Ohio, Emily? So, as I have explained, you obviously have me confused with someone else.
Now, I have been polite.
I have shown you my identification.
Now I need you both to leave.
"Sara Marie Glass.
" Is that Jewish? PIPER: Has a ring of Salinger.
You know, I wonder what I would choose as my new life.
Got to be honest, probably not Ohio.
Okay, that's it.
I'm sorry, but I've reached my limit.
- You need to go.
- No.
Then you're forcing me to call the police.
PIPER: Oh, here.
Why don't you just call 911 direct? Probably get the fastest response.
Steep fall from your old life, huh? You know, whatever or whoever you're hiding from, Mrs.
Galindo, must be really scary.
But we are here about this man.
You remember Marlon.
You were working with him on the Galindo Agra Park.
But then (Piper takes deep breath) His mother doesn't think it was a suicide, so she hired us to investigate.
I know how hard these things can be for moms to accept about their children, and Wait a second.
I thought you were a mom.
Where's your son? If I answer your questions, will you leave? I didn't know Marlon well.
He he was a few years ahead of me in high school.
If he did some work on the Agra Park through his position at the mayor's office I wasn't aware.
But I was very sad to hear about his suicide.
Well, thank you, Mrs.
That really does clear up a lot.
Come on, let's get out of her hair.
Hey, thank you again for being so patient with us.
I'm sorry I wasn't more help.
No, no, no, actually, it was very insightful.
Again, Mrs.
Galindo, whoever you're hiding from Your husband, the Feds Be careful.
Okay? I mean, we were able to find you, so Okay.
Oh, shit, I forgot.
One more thing.
Tell me, Mrs.
Galindo, who did you hire to murder Marlon Buksar? ♪ (engine shuts off) What's her name? Mia.
That's Andrea.
She's three.
EZ: I don't know how you do it, man.
Bringing someone into a world where so much bad happens.
What brings you out this way, EZ? Figured I'd drop by.
Return the favor.
Well you do whatever you have to to keep them safe.
You'd be surprised what it does to you, being a parent.
What you're capable of if they're ever threatened.
- (engine shuts off) - (car door opens) Holy fucking shit.
EZ, how the hell 'd you find us? Uh (chuckles) Jay-Jay came to see me.
Keeping secrets.
- Hey, how's your brother? - He's good.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
He was always so nervous when we'd wait in visiting.
Like he had butterflies to see you.
- Really? - Yeah, he's a sweet guy.
And shit, he's got good hair.
Sorry if I smell like a dead fucking cow.
It's all I've been swimming in all day.
Come here, baby.
I'm gonna go clean up.
You staying long? Not too long.
Well, it was great to see you out.
Good to see you.
Food's in the trunk.
You need a hand? JAY-JAY: No, I got it.
Jesus, when's the last time you changed her, Jay-Jay? Sorry about that.
She's working crazy hours at the plant.
I tried to get on the line, too, you know, but they hire every fucking illegal.
But me, the way I look, can't catch a fucking break.
How the fuck's a man supposed to feed his family? We got something to talk about, you and me.
- Let's talk.
- Goddamn it, Jay-Jay! What have you been doing all day? This place is a fucking mess! Yeah, things are a little, um Hmm.
I'll reach out.
You do that.
Come on, Andrea.
(insects chirring) (sighs) Fucking shanked it.
(phone buzzing) What's up, Cap? Exorcise your soul, not exercise your tongue.
(Miguel laughs softly) I do think about your mother.
I pray for her.
She'd want you to get right with Him.
She believed you were her Oh, that's (sighs) That's a lot to live up to.
Well, don't worry.
You have fallen spectacularly short.
(chuckles) (laughs) But you were Dita's miracle.
After your brother After he passed, your father blamed her.
Wouldn't touch her to punish her.
She was convinced she'd never be able to conceive again, so she came here.
My mother was here? Oh, yes, with her security detail.
What did she do here? She cried, prayed.
When she got home, she wrote and said that God had answered her.
She was pregnant with you.
She was always so competitive.
When we were kids, I studied ballet, so, all of a sudden, all she wanted to do was dance.
If I liked a boy, she'd have kissed him - before I had the guts to ask his name.
- (chuckles) So, of course, when she came to visit me, her sister, the nun, she had immaculately conceived.
Yeah, I don't think science would bear that out, but Are you doubting the bedrock of a belief system I've devoted 50 years of my life to? For the Virgin Mary, I believe, but for my mother? I'm just saying, obviously, she and my father reconciled at some point, and But if it's any solace, I heard she was a terrible dancer.
(laughs) She was awful.
- (laughing) - God rest her soul.
What about you? Hmm? My sweet Tía Teresa? MARTÍN: Tomás! Tomás?! Martín? Tomás? Martín! Tomás?! RAE: This way! He locked himself in there with Jacob.
- JACOB: Dad.
Don't do this.
- You don't think I fucking tried that?! - JACOB: Please! - All right.
RAE: Hold on, baby.
JACOB: Mom, help me! PAUL: Do what I can't.
You're the man now.
Do what I can't.
Free yourself.
- RAE: Paul! - Stop! Don't hurt him! - Dad! - PAUL: Kill me! Kill me! - Dad! - PAUL: Just kill me! - (crying): Rae - Stop it! No.
PAUL: Please, just kill me.
RAE (crying): Stop it.
(music playing faintly over speakers) Am I supposed to bag these myself? Oh, can you double bag, please? Excuse me.
You can't put food and chemicals together.
You can't put eggs at the bottom.
(laughing): What is this? Your first day? (people gasping) (screaming) (grunts) Have a nice fucking day! WOMAN: You can't do that.
(people murmuring) (laughs softly) - (engines revving) - (rock music playing) (engines revving) (whistling, cheering) (cheering continues) I appreciate you making it.
It's important that we're all here.
It's good to see you, huh.
We need to talk.
Banquero didn't deliver our last shipment.
Retaliation for that fuckup in the desert.
How long you think this embargo will last? He wasn't exactly in the talking mood last time I saw him.
Let's get through the night, and then we'll reassess.
To Night, we heal.
(indistinct chatter) - Hey, good to see you, EZ.
- Hey, what's up, bro? Look at this fuck.
Glad-handing all these motherfuckers.
What the fuck do you want? He's V.
Yeah, he's a fucking politician all right.
These Confederate fucks act like they won the war.
(indistinct chatter) Let's just get this fucking shit over with.
(indistinct chatter continues) You go see Jay-Jay today? Yeah.
Still can't get a read.
Better get a read, or else shit can get real bad.
(door opens) (door closes) (indistinct chatter) - Ew.
- Nah.
Not even a little bit.
For five bucks, I'll tell you where you got your shoes.
(music playing over earbuds) - What? - Five bucks, I'll tell you where you got those shoes.
I, uh I don't have five bucks.
She drives a hard bargain.
Uh, how about a cigarette? Okay.
So you want me to tell you where you got those shoes? Sure.
On your feet, dumbass! (laughs) SHADOW: Oh Hey, uh, that's your lucky cigarette.
It's okay.
So, you from around here? (quietly): No, I am, um, from up north.
What? - I'm from up north.
- Oh, shit.
- Damn! - Us, too.
Caught out in Portland.
Came down for this spot Meth Mountain.
Heard of it? ♪ Hey, where you going? Hermano - (insects chirring) - MARTÍN: Tomás! Tomás? Tomás! - Tomás? - MARTÍN: Tomás? Tomás? - WOMAN: Tomás? - WOMAN 2: Tomás? (Martín shouts in Spanish) (chatter in Spanish) (people gasping) No! No! No! No! (clamoring) (crying): No! No! Tomás! - Tomás! - (truck door closes) ♪ - (engine starts) - MARTÍN: No! ♪ ♪ Tonight, across the Mayan nation, every clubhouse will honor the brothers that have fallen.
Thank you to those who left their home charters to make the trip here.
To the site of our darkest day.
The day Mayans took up arms against Mayans.
Tonight, we put that ugly chapter behind us.
We, as a family, we, as a nation, we have come together to heal.
Now, let's send our fallen brothers through the gates of Xibalba.
Mama told me ♪ When I was young ♪ Come sit beside me ♪ My only son ♪ Listen closely ♪ To what I say ♪ And if you do this, it'll help you ♪ Some sunny day ♪ It's for Pavía.
- Oh, take your time ♪ - I'm sorry.
Don't live too fast ♪ (breath quivers) Troubles will come ♪ For Ramos.
They will pass ♪ Find a woman, yeah ♪ You'll find love ♪ - For Ibarra.
- Don't forget, son ♪ There's someone up above ♪ And be a simple kind of man ♪ For my brother, Crazy Bobby.
But be something ♪ You love and understand ♪ (inhales sharply) Baby, be a simple ♪ You don't get to say his name.
Kind of man ♪ Won't you do this for me ♪ Son, if you can? ♪ For our brother Riz.
Be a simple ♪ Kind of man ♪ And be something ♪ You love and understand ♪ For Steve.
Baby, be a simple kind of man ♪ (people murmuring) Won't you do this for me ♪ Son, if you can? ♪ (sniffles) For nuestro hermano Gaeta.
(bullet clicks on table) (quiet murmuring) (knocking) All set? Sally, shake.
Good girl.
Let's go.
Older we get, the more the past haunts.
These aren't our first dark days.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
When the Sons took our California patch they conquered by dividing us, north, south.
A divided nation can't stand.
And Santo Padre divides us.
I already had this conversation with Canche.
So now, have it with me, an actual peer, instead of that ambitious fuck, ey? Have it with someone who's actually stood by you the last four fucking decades.
If you came all this way to lobby, carnal, you should have stayed back in Oakland.
I came to help an old friend.
Help him see what this club has lost.
I gave this charter to my primo.
(laughing): Look what he did with it.
Huh? He took a Garden of Eden, and salted the fucking earth.
And now Santo Padre has fucked up our new pipeline with El Banquero? (scoffs) This charter needs to be ripped out, root and stem, like the fucking weed it is.
What, uh? What happened all those years ago? That was the right call.
It was for the good of the club.
That same call, carnal, might need to be made again.
Your boy was a good Mayan.
(rock music playing) Mm.
Yo, you a bitch? Yo, I'm fucking talking, man.
- (slaps bar) - Hey, you fucking deaf? He's talking to you, Prospect.
Nah, I ain't deaf.
Then answer the fucking question.
Prospect! Are you a bitch? No, I ain't a bitch.
He's not a bitch.
So you're not like that last Santo Padre prospect, huh? (stifled laughter) Hey, show some respect.
Respect? Today's a day for soldiers, for men.
Not for fat fucking cowards who can't handle this life.
Fuck him! CREEPER: Homie? Steve was a patch.
- He was our brother.
- DONDO: For what? A few hours? Gaeta was my brother for ten fucking years.
TEX: Rest of Santo Padre should follow his bitch-ass footsteps, do the whole club a favor.
- Fuck did you just say? - You heard me.
They know what's up.
- Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey! - What the fuck did you say? Everyone, relax.
We're all brothers, man.
Fucking chill.
Don't put your hands on me, motherfucker.
I don't feel fine ♪ Drag me out, drag me out, drag me out, drag me out ♪ Drag me out into the cold ♪ Bury me in the snow ♪ Never dig myself out ♪ Drag me out, drag me out, drag me out, drag me out ♪ Drag me out ♪ - (music playing faintly) - (distant grunting) (two gunshots) (music stops) It took 40 years to build this thing, and you want to destroy it all in one fucking night? Maybe you're right, carnal.
Maybe it's time to cut out the fucking cancer.
(phone buzzing) Mayans are good to meet Mr.
What we're doing tonight, we're doing it for Montez, and I would do it for every fucking one of you.
I love you boys.
(insects chirping) I met a dog.
That's great, baby.
Go get ready for bed.
Thank you.
Where is he? Sleeping.
How often does something like that? That was the worst it's been.
But he struggles.
That was fucking crazy, Rae.
- That was - Our problem.
I know I called you, but it's been a long day.
It's our shit.
I'm sorry I dragged you into it.
It really was good to see you again.
It's just Life.
- (door opens) - (sighs) (door closes) (softly cooing) ♪ (screaming) (motorcycle engine rumbling) Michael? Hmm? Christopher.
(chuckles softly) Okay.
(distant coyotes howling) (glass shatters) (Sally whimpering) (pounding on door) (crickets chirping) So, it-it turns out we're actually gonna need that leash back.
(Sally whimpering) There's my girl.
Come here.
(Sally panting) (Sally barking, panting) How'd you find us? Sally's paperwork.
Consider this a home check.
Do I pass? I'm not sure.
So, look, I'm a fucking mess.
And I don't really do the whole "I'm sorry" thing.
- But today, I - Nah, I-I I get it.
I shouldn't have just dropped by like ("The Last Man on Earth" by Wolf Alice playing) Who are you to ask ♪ For anything more? ♪ Do you wait for your dancing lessons ♪ To be sent from God? ♪ You'd like his light to shine on you ♪ You've really missed a trick ♪ When it comes to love ♪ Always seeking Like what you do ain't enough ♪ (phone buzzing) You'd like a light to shine on you ♪ (engine starts) And every book you take ♪ And you dust off from the shelf ♪ Has lines between lines ♪ Between lines ♪ That you read about yourself ♪ (fireworks whistling, exploding) But does a light shine on you? ♪ (cheering) And when your friends are talking ♪ You hardly hear a word ♪ You were the first person here ♪ And the last man on the Earth ♪ - Hey.
- COCO: Hey.
But does a light shine ♪ How's it going? I saw something beautiful.
It made me think of you.
(laughing): You're corny.
It's true.
Who are you to ask for anything else? ♪ The thing you should be asking is for help ♪ Say it again.
I said I saw something beautiful and it made me think of you.
Uh how's it going? Good.
Just right here with the brothers.
How was work, good? Yeah.
It was just a little busy.
Coco? I think I need help.
Like, real help.
I'm not doing good.
You're fine (stammers) I mean, as long as we got each other, we're straight.
You're good.
We got this, huh? Right.
Look, when I get back tomorrow, I'm-I'm gonna take you out.
Anywhere you want, okay? Hey.
Yeah? I love you, Hope.
(laughs) And when your friends are talking ♪ Say it again.
I love you, Hope.
You were the first person here ♪ I love you, Coco.
And the last man on the Earth ♪ Corny.
(laughs) (laughs) But the light.
♪ (phone beeps) (fireworks exploding) ♪ (gunfire) BOSTON TERRY: Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! (crying, clamoring) (tires screech) (woman sobbing) (distant sirens wailing)
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