Mayans M.C. (2018) s05e01 Episode Script

I Hear the Train A-Comin


[EZ] Sofía, right?
I wasn't sure if you needed this back.
It turns out we're actually
gonna need that leash back.
- Maggie, I want to see you tonight.
- It'll be on my playing field.
[BISHOP] Fuck, we're not
going to church, are we?
[LETICIA] You didn't
fucking deserve him.
None of you did.
Hope, get in the car.
You need to come with me.
Coco wouldn't want you out here,
and I don't want you out here.
We forgive each other's
trespasses. Move forward.
- Fuck your trespasses and fuck your king.

My boy. He needs a name.
There's a way out, Neron.
You go in, you give us information.
You walk. We don't want an individual,
- we want the club.
- [CREEPER] I shot and killed
nine people in Nuñez Park.
These are my crimes,
and I fully confess.
What's up?
Yuma, Stockton,
Oakland, they left here
to go meet without us.
- Oh, shit!
- Don't move.
- Get your fucking hands up.
Fuck you, motherfucker!
You get to be my little Judas Wolf.
A fire is coming.
[EZ] The fuck?
[SOLEDAD] Miguel will serve
as my appointed liaison
north of the border. I'm going
to need you to take three times
the original agreement with my brother.
You have this quantity?
[SOLEDAD] I trust you
two can work together
to facilitate this new arrangement.
I want Alvarez out.
I vote for "war."
Call for a kill switch.
Bishop, I want to make you my VP.
We will no longer
allow others to divide us.
We are now California,
and with that warehouse
full of heroin as our war chest,
a new chapter begins.

[MAN] We've only just begun ♪
[MAN] To live ♪
White lace and ♪
Promises ♪
And I know I shouldn't like it ♪
But I think I kind of like it ♪
All this fighting over me ♪
Oh, shit.
[WOMAN] Stop!
- Oh, shit.
- [WOMAN] No!
[WOMAN] Oh, my God.
God, stop.
[SOBBING] Stop! You're gonna kill him!
Kiss for luck ♪
And we're on our way ♪
[WOMAN] [SOBBING] Somebody help me.
Somebody help him!
[WOMAN] Oh, my God.
- Oh
- Ah
We've only ♪
Begun. ♪

Coming from the cold ♪
Buried under heat ♪
You got to save it.
For what?
For war.
[SOFÍA] It's your birthday.
And you're my present.
I was a ghost ♪
- Fuck.
Is someone awake? Come on. [GRUNTS]
- Kneeling ♪
- Mm.
- There of the heart ♪
How'd you sleep? You
slept pretty good? Yeah.
God undertow ♪
[ANGEL] Bye baby bunting ♪
Feeling ♪
[ANGEL] To get a little rabbit skin ♪
To wrap his Baby Bunting in ♪
"Get the dirty one off me, sir."
Bye baby bunting ♪
- Your daddy's gone a-hunting ♪
- [ADELITA] That's such an awful song.
Hello, sir. [KISSES]
Oh. That's what daddies do.
Provide. [KISSES]
- And mommies?
- They do, you know,
the other things.
Ah, thank you.
Let Daddy hunt for his own coffee then.
- Hmm?
- Coming from the cold ♪
- Buried under heat ♪
Lay you on the floor ♪
I was only falling in love ♪
Cut me like a rose ♪
Turn me like a beast ♪
- Hold you to the floor ♪
- Hey, Angel.
I was only falling in love ♪
I was only falling in love ♪
- I was only falling in love. ♪
Got something you want to tell me?
Good morning?
Yo, why you being so weird?
I was just wondering if
maybe there was something
you wanted to say to me,
today of all days.
Happy Wednesday?
It's Friday.
[ALL] Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday, man.
- Yeah, baby.
- Come on.
- My man.
- Yeah, brother.
Happy birthday, old man.
They're waiting for us.
[NESTOR] Hey, P.
Uh, I know you're
into reading and stuff.
Saw this.
Jess and Cielo wrapped it.
Thought the title was cool.
It's a classic.
You've read it?
[SIGHS] Not like I should have.
Not like I will now. Thank you.
And, uh,
thanks for remembering my birthday.
Out of my way, man.
With Tito and Mick out,
Orange County's gone.
What about the rest
of the fucking charter?
Handed their kuttes in.
War's taken its toll.
Mick's in a coma and,
well, Tito, it's early, but
he won't be the same.
[OTERO] You know they
pissed on him, right?
While Tito was having a
seizure from the brain trauma,
this fucker pulled out his dick
and pissed all over
his California patch.
Right in front of Tito's girl.
Fuck, I want to kill this motherfucker.
We will.
[SOLIS] We never should've
asked them to set up shop
in the middle of Sons' territory.
It was my call.
We had to battle their expansion.
- Inland Empire.
- We got it.
It's a solid bunch of
brothers. We'll hold it down.
You're the last stand
between us and them.
Inland Empire, Santo Padre,
we're the last of Southern California.
And up north?
- Oakland, Stockton?
- [EZ] No change.
Charming's keeping their
own treaty with Diaz.
Staying out of it for now.
Both sides are hoping it'll
just play out in the south.
If Charming gave a fuck about peace,
they wouldn't be having this
fucking psychopath run wild, man.
Isaac and SamDino attacking
us does not hurt Charming.
Treaty or not, we
will always be enemies.
[SCOFFS] So let's fucking hurt them.
You hit Charming, you
killed everybody up north.
Diaz has sent brother after
brother down here to help
with this, including me.
If anything goes off up there,
Oakland and Stockton are surrounded,
undermanned, and exposed.
Like we all fucking are down here.
- Fuck Diaz.
- Fuck Diaz?
- [BISHOP] Fuck Diaz.
- Is that what we're doing here? Fuck me?
You got a problem with that,
motherfucker, come at me.
We appreciate Diaz
sharing his resources.
We appreciate
the sacrifices that
you've all had to make.
So when do we see the
return on all the sacrifice?
We're bleeding money.
Bleeding men.
You chose this war to be able
to call yourselves California.
What about the rest of us?
[SOLIS] Alvarez had offered peace.
We followed you up this hill instead.
So when are you gonna make sure that we
don't fucking die on it?
We get the pipeline back.
[OTERO] How are you gonna do that?
That bitch blames us for
the fucking warehouse.
Whoever burned that heroin
effectively tried to murder
everyone in this room.
When we find them, no amount
of pain will be enough.
[ROOSTER] Yeah, but
what about right now?
What about the brothers locked up?
Without the pipeline keeping them safe,
they're dead men walking.
We're losing this fucking thing, man.
On all sides.
Let me figure out how to get
back in with El Banquero's sister.
In the meantime, we're gonna jam up
those other motherfuckers in a
big way today. We good for it?
Everything's in place.
Suicide mission.
You're not invited, so you
don't got to worry about it.
Santo Padre's gonna take this one alone.
Can't always take all the glory, homie.
Fuck glory.
Bullet comes after one of my brothers,
it's got to go through me first.
- Were you there?
- What?
When they pulled the
trigger? Were you there?
- What the fuck are you talking about?
- Huh?
- [ROOSTER] That's Ibarra's kid.
- Let's go, motherfucker. Were you there?
- Get out of my face, man.
- When they shot my father in the back of the head?
- Like pinchecowards!
- Hey, hey, not now, bro.
Hey, you better keep
your brother in check!
What the fuck you talking about, man?
You better get your affairs
in check, motherfucker!
- You're on fucking notice!
- Hey.
You're both on notice!
[ON RADIO] Let's go, let's
go, it's time to have some fun ♪
Let's go ♪
Where'd you think you
were gonna go, fucker?
- [CHILD] Fucker.
[SIGHS] No. No.
Mama said "trucker."
See. It's an RV. It's a big truck.
- I just want to have some fun ♪
- Fucker.
No, baby, that's not what Mama said.
Let's go, let's go,
play on the playground ♪
Let's go ♪
- Oh, shit.
- Where the fuck are they?
How many of them?
- [MAN] Stay down, stay down.
Oh, shit, oh, shit.
Fuck this.
- Fuck!
- Move. Move. Move.
- Where the fuck they come from?!
Behind you!
Hold fire. Hold fire!
Put it down. Put it down!
On the ground. On the ground now!
- Fuck.
- Go.
Get the fuck out of the truck.
- Hey, get out.
Go, go.
[MAN] We'll find you!
[MAN] Damn it!
[GROANS] We'll find you!
- Motherfucker.
you're giving me anxiety.
Here's half a bar on the house.
[HOPE] I just, I just
want what I came for.
- What?
- [HOPE] I said
I just want what I came for.
All right.
Forget my face, forget my voice ♪
[SIGHS] You got the cash?
I should [SIGHS]
let you know that I
offer a layaway program,
if you're, uh, down to barter.
Whoa, what are you doing?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What're you doing?
You trying to play games?
You like games, girl? Let's play.
- Here's a game, motherfucker.
- You good?
- Okay. Yeah, yeah.
Fucking bitch!
Call my friend a fucking
bitch one more time.
Yo, Hope, Hope! Yo, where are you going?
We need to go.
- What?
Dude, you're so fucking weird.
- [GUERO] Hold up your end, motherfucker.
What the fuck do you think I'm doing?
I think your fat ass is
going into cardiac distress,
and you're making me do all the work.
- And what the fuck are you doing?
- It's hot.
Those are heavy. My
partner's taking a break.
What the fuck, Your Majesty?
I think I pulled
something back there, dawg.
Yeah, me, too. I pulled something.
If anybody ever challenges us
to a footrace, this club is doomed.
You're fucking letting Pocahontas
and Mr. Magoo run circles around you.
Hey, they're prospects.
That's their fucking job.
go get me a beer.
[GUERO] Hey, prospect,
don't you dare get this
lazy piece of shit a beer.
Stay right where you are.
[DOWNER] Prospect,
I said, go get me a fucking beer.
[GUERO] So help me,
prospect, if you get
this fat fuck a beer,
I will smash you.
I don't know what to do.
Who are you more scared of?
Yo, Nestor, you want to
[LAUGHING] That's fucked up.
Move, move, move. Move, dawg! Fuck.
- Holy shit.
That ain't half of it.
Twice as much as we thought.
Leave three crates. Put
the rest back on the truck.
Shit, shit, shit.
- Come on.
[MUTTERING] Get this up there, come on.
All right, here we
go. Let's go. Oh, shit.
- Hey!
- Damn it.
Hey, what the fuck do
you think you're doing?
I've been warning you,
and now you've been served.
You're just gonna fucking
kick us out on the street?
You're a full year behind.
I told you that we would
come up with the money, okay?
I didn't know that Coco
wasn't paying for the rent.
Not my problem. My family has to eat.
Oh, it's not your fucking problem? Yeah?
Well, eat this, motherfucker.
You got a week. Then I'll
be back with the police.
Get the fuck off me!
Get the fuck off me!
[SIGHS] Fuck!
[MIGUEL] It may not
look like much now, but
with the right architect
and interior designer,
with these tall ceilings
Are full of bat shit.
But once we're running as a nonprofit,
one donation will be
indistinguishable from another.
Whether legitimate or more "creative."
And what will our nonprofit peddle?
Something useful to the community.
Think of it as a carbon offset.
Reparations for the darker
elements of our business.
- Launder your guilt if you want,
just make sure my money gets clean, too.
Looks like your charity
has already begun.
We bring you an offering.
I hope there are 40,000
kilos of heroin in there.
[EZ] I understand your frustration,
but whoever burned down your warehouse
stole just as much from the Mayans.
We banked our entire future
on being in business with you.
Our business resulted in the Mayans
murdering my accountant,
and then, within days,
a substantial portion
of our supply went up in flame.
That is two strikes.
I promise you,
you will not survive a third.
[EZ] My hope
is that, with this offering,
we can repair our relationship.
You said you had something of value.
- We gave you an arsenal.
- From the Cold War.
I did you a favor, and
you've embarrassed me.
Fuck your embarrassment.
Who's running your heroin pipeline?
Times are changing, Ezekiel.
And you're getting left behind.

[BISHOP] The fuck was that?
Fuck that motherfucker.
You see what that dude was carrying?
Some high-speed shit.
The military just ordered
those to replace the M4.
Takes a particular motherfucker
to get their hands on that.
[HANK] No wonder they
don't want what we got.
Where the fuck are they getting those?
Maybe the same person who's
supplying the heroin pipeline.
- What do we do?
- We fucking find them.
What do we do about all these?
Put them back on the truck.
- Fuck.
[LOUIE] So, uh
did he give you any problems?
- Yeah.
- Nah.
It was cake.
Here's your, uh, cut
from our last score.
- This is it?
- Yeah, that's 20%. That was our deal.
Fuck that! We need real money, now.
Hey, 300 bucks is nothing
to sneeze at, all right?
We need 13,000.
- Dollars?
- In the next week.
- They're gonna kick us out of our house
if we don't come up
with it by next Friday.
- I got it.
I'll get the video business
back up and running.
I'll book you on some shoots and
All right, all right. I
was just trying to help.
Help by getting us one big score.
Look at you, all
gangster all of a sudden.
"One big score." Come on, relax.
[LAUGHS] Fuck it. Fuck it.
Let's just go back to all
the people we've jacked
and let them know that this
fool's the one who set them up
to take out his competition.
I bet we could crowdsource at
least 13 grand for that information.
Come on, Letty. We're friends.
We're acquaintances.
At best.
That's cold.
All right. There is one thing.
We're in.
It's hella dangerous, though.
- We won't do it.
- Yes, we will.
I don't care what it is. We're doing it.
All right.
I'll make some calls.
- and actually do something.
- We got to say something.
- Do something. You have a VP patch
on your fucking kutte
and you do nothing.
[BOSTON TERRY] They hit our transport.
Stole what was gonna not
only feed our coffers,
but also keep all of California armed.
We lost three brothers. Good men.
[ISAAC] Hmm.
And the others?
How many brothers
were part of the transport?
Five others.
Thank you, Joker.
- And where are they?
- [WOOD] They're fucking
[SCOFFS] lucky to be alive, man.
That doesn't sound like luck.
Sounds like
a lot of effort on their part
went into still being
- They did what they had
- No!
They were almost free, man.
Only the dead
have seen the end of war.
And now
their suffering continues.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Come on, man.
Stop pouting.
Hey. Our enemy have
finally shown some life.
All the winning, it was, you know
It was starting to
get boring, but this
this this is exciting.
Tonight we celebrate.
No, I said Big Boss,
hold the Foster's sauce!
Onion rings and Krispy Chicken.
Double ex auce.
- With cheese?
- What?
Ex auce eese.
Big Boss. No sauce.
Okay. Double extra sauce,
- with cheese.
- Yo, what the fuck, man?
And a hot fudge parfait.
And a hot fudge parfait.
Hot fudge parfait.
[LOUIE] Look, sorry I
fucked up, man, all right?
I mean, Letty came to me and she said
she was in a bad way and
she forced me to hook her up
- with some money, and
- What the fuck are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
We want to know who's moving
product through the valley.
[LAUGHS] Oh. Oh, yeah, nah.
It's all pills, man.
That's what's hot right now.
We don't care about your pill bullshit.
Nah, man. For reals, I'm telling
you, pills it's where it's at.
Fuck your small-time
shit. Who's running chiva?
There's a crew out in the Salton Sea.
But they, uh, they
stay off the grid, man.
I hear they dabble in dope.
Broken Saints MC or some shit.
I [SCOFFS] I never dealt with them.
It's just rumors you hear.
Bunch of ghosts in the desert.
Never heard of 'em.
Hey, uh,
am I good to go or
Aw, come on, fellas, really?
You didn't leave me anything?
We're gonna ride out to the Salton Sea.
You go see Creeper.
See if he's heard anything about
this crew moving dope inside.
Copy that.
And you tell him to hold on.
We got his back.
We'll figure this out,
get back on top. I promise.
I'll let him know.

[GUERO] Hey, little buddy.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Hey, hey.
You shoot that fucking dog,
I'm fucking shooting you.
Come here. [KISSES] Hey, baby. Hi.
[GUERO] Hey.
Who's a handsome boy?
Fucking dogs.
Aah! Ow! Aah!
- Aah!
- Get off of me!
Oh, my fucking God.
[JOHNNY PANIC] You're trespassing.
We shoot trespassers.
- We come in peace.
- You'll leave in pieces, motherfucker,
if you don't drop that
condescending attitude.
You have to forgive us.
You're not exactly
what we were expecting.
But looks like you
were expecting someone.
You with them?
- Who?
- Iron War.
- [BISHOP] The LEO club?
- [ANGEL] Fuck Iron War.
Bunch of cops and COs
playing one-percenter.
Seems like everyone wants to
be one-percenter these days.
You think we're aping you, motherfucker?
Mayans, Sons.
You're fucking Walmart.
Limp-dick corporate shills
working out your mommy issues.
We mean no disrespect.
Wondering if maybe you and
I can have a conversation,
- in private?
[EZ] If it's not too much trouble,
maybe she could let my man go.
[JOHNNY PANIC] We are not
who you're looking for.
What we do
- is rescuing, um
- What, dogs and horses?
And people.
And, yeah, we sling a little.
Feed's expensive.
And if humans want to numb
themselves to their own sickness
we'll use that money to undo
some of the damage they've caused.
You got to do some bad
to do some good sometimes.
What'd Iron War want from you?
They say they control everything now
within a hundred miles of the border.
See, you and the Sons,
you're so busy measuring
dicks and murdering each other,
you don't realize how badly
you've fucked up the ecosystem.
Invasive species out there
now trying to fill that void.
None of my business, but you
paying taxes now to Iron War?
It's none of your business.
But fuck no.
They came around here.
Sister Anne made sure
they left grinning.
They'll be back, you know.
I know.
[EZ] And if someone really
wanted to do you some damage,
some dogs and old rifles
aren't gonna be enough.
Think I don't know that?
Listen, if you ever need help
Are you our white knight?
You're gonna come in here and save us?
Get the fuck off our
property before you all end up
dead and buried in a ditch.
- [FELIPE] Keep him still.
Pops. Man Use my phone.
[FELIPE] I only trust
things that do one thing.
They either take a picture
or they make a phone call.
The hell is he talking about?
- You need to be in it.
- Ah.
All the Reyes men together.
No, no, no, no. We need the mama,
the huntress, too.
There has to be a timer.
Okay. You guys ready?
Okay. Ready?
Wait, wait, don't-don't
hold him by the armpits.
Here, give him to me.
He likes to be supported by the bottom.
I think we're ready.
You need to be more careful.
You need to tell Angel the truth.
Secrets destroy anything good.
Trust me.
It won't be much longer.
What do you do over there?
[FELIPE] Sit down.
I tried to be ♪
- This was your mother's favorite song.
- All that I could never be ♪
I built myself up ♪
To reality ♪
You told me you loved me, baby ♪
But you told me a lie ♪
A lie ♪
- It's you I'm gonna ♪
- You know today is EZ's birthday?
I know the day my son was born.
I know the time.
Baby, there's cloudy days ahead ♪
- Baby ♪
- Baby, don't you know ♪
You know, now that
I'm a father
Ahead ♪
I can't ever imagine being
I stood and watched ♪
The days go past ♪
Yeah, I can't ever
- imagine feeling like that.
- Now I know ♪
As kids grow up,
things become complicated.
Seems like only yesterday
he was laying right here, curled up.
- Asleep.
- Struggling instead ♪
- Be careful. It goes by fast.
- Cloudy days ahead ♪
- Baby ♪
- Baby, don't you know ♪
Maverick's already getting so big.
Little man feeding himself.
- Baby ♪
- Baby, don't you know ♪
And he uses utensils.
He's been using it since
he was nine months old.
EZ didn't start using utensils
till he was over a year.
- When did I?
- If I'm not mistaken,
Luisa was cutting up
your meat for you tonight.
- You know I don't like the fatty parts.
- The days go past ♪
You see, now I know ♪
- EZ made his choice.
- At last ♪
You have to be a better
father than I was,
make sure that that little boy
has the right foundation
to make better ones.
Better than any of the
Reyes men have ever done.
There's cloudy days ahead ♪
- Baby ♪
- Baby, don't you know ♪
You sound like you've given up on EZ.
There's cloudy days ahead ♪
- You haven't?
- Without you, without you ♪
Baby, don't you know ♪
There's cloudy days ahead ♪
- Without you, without you ♪
- Baby, don't you know ♪
Without you ♪
There's cloudy days ahead ♪
Baby, don't you know ♪
There's cloudy, cloudy. ♪
[SOFÍA] Okay. Open your eyes.
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear Ezekiel ♪
Happy birthday to you. ♪
Fuck, that's a lot of candles.
You're old.
I'll never be as young as I am today.
That sounds like some shit
an old person would say.
Oh, yeah?
Okay, okay.
Make a wish.
Hey. You good?
You got this, baby.
The club.
All of it. You got this.
[SIGHS] I don't know.
I just
Stay down.
The fuck?
Whose car is this?
She's back?
- Hi. Hi.
You're getting out of
there. You're getting out.
- Dada.
- I know, I know.
You're an uncle.
Hey. Hey.
Happy birthday.
What's his name?
- Maverick.
- Bullshit.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah?
She let you name him that?
It was her idea. Kind of.
- Yo, this war
- No, no.
I can't handle you losing faith, too.
I ain't losing faith.
I just wanted you to meet your nephew.
To know that we got
family now to live for.
We ain't nothing without family.
You leaving?
Got someplace I got to be.
Me too.
Got a bunch of glasses to clean,
bunch of rude dicks asking for drinks.
Better get to it, then.
I better.
Don't break your neck watching me go.
Tonight ♪
I couldn't see ♪
Your type ♪
And the cold ♪
Will stay ♪
But it won't ♪
Mean nothing ♪
If you see ♪
All the lights ♪
Shine for you ♪
And each note ♪
Will ring ♪
Clear ♪
And true ♪
Can't you see? ♪
I could just stay.
If only it was up to me ♪
I've told you,
I'm too old to half step.
And the night you
stay, it'll be for good.
[BISHOP] It'll be for good, all right.
[MAGGIE] Don't promise
what you can't back up.
Let me prove it.
What we got here
could be something
[BISHOP] I agree.
[MAGGIE] Too special to fuck up.
And I think you and I have both
fucked up a few things in our lives.
Let's not fuck this up.
Take all the time ♪
You don't got to like it.
I don't like it.
But you have to respect it.
Good night, Obispo.
[PRISON GUARD] Five minute warning!
I couldn't get it out.
What the fuck are you talking about?
I couldn't
I couldn't get it out.
You need to get it the fuck out.
I got it. [SNIFFLES]
[GUARD] Okay, folks, that's it.
Tonight's visiting hours are over.
Let's go. Visitors to the left.
Convicts on the red line.
[CO] Prisoners, move out!
[GUARD] Step out, along the gate.
Up next, eyes on the deck. Line 'em up.
[SANDOVAL] Fucking Hank say?
[CREEPER] We hit them other
fools hard. Took down a shipment.
- Could be crippled.
- Fuck the war.
- What did they say about us?
- [GUARD] Wall!
What are they doing for us?
- [CREEPER] They're tracking something down
- [GUARD] Vargas,
you got something to
say to your boyfriend,
you can hold onto his pocket
when I do your cavity search.
Move out.
Fucking all alone in here.
If they don't start looking out for us,
we're gonna have to start
looking out for ourselves.
Man, EZ's got a plan.
He's gonna take care of it.
Fuck EZ. Fuck all those motherfuckers.
Leaving us out here to dry.
[GUARD] Wall!
Relax, is all I'm saying.
Tell that Mayan rat Smokey says hello.
- [PRISONER] Oh, shit, man.
- Hey, man, let's go!
[MAN ON PA] Code blue,
code blue, we have

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