Mayor of Kingstown (2021) s03e02 Episode Script


So who are we taking this fight to?
[MIKE] Aryans.
They got a lot of
reason to come after us.
So let's take the fight to them.
We were supposed to
bust 'em. Not roast 'em.
Get word to Rafael.
They're gonna want an equalizer.
First you were loyal to Milo,
then you were loyal to me.
Where are you gonna
put your loyalty next?
[BUNNY] I got ambitions now, though.
[MIKE] Outside of this
place, there's a line.
You chose to cross
it. I gave that to you.
- Okay?
- I hear you, Mayor Mike.

You been in my lockbox?
[SCOFFS] You're new.
So I'm-a save that pretty face.
We gotta go.
To Baby Mitch.
To Miriam.

[MIKE] A conviction puts
the whole family in prison.
Whether you're inside dreaming
about your people on the outside
or outside praying for your people in
nobody escapes.
The cops and the COs
are trapped in their own cages, too.
That cage gets comfortable.
And penned in long enough,
you adapt.
You adapt to anything.
You become capable of anything.
And you stop imagining what comes after.

But for the ones waiting,
the future is their only hope.
All they want is a release date,
because they think it brings resolution.
But incarceration is a business,
and the prisoners its product.
Once you are put through that machine,
you're part of it.
No parole or time served.
No exoneration.
Nothing lasers off that mark.
It's in you
What you've seen
what you've done.
There's no resolution.
[GUARD] Visitation's over.

Mostly, society's right.
- Sometimes being branded
Let's go.
put in a cage,
is the only way to save you.


[BIG HUSH] I don't know, Ton.
This shit ain't good, bro.
I got to throw this shit up.
- Never felt nothing like this.
- I got you, bro.
- Just keep walking. No stopping.
This way, this way, this way, this way.
I got you, I got you.
Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on.
- Go get Raph now. Go, go.
- Oh, fuck.
The fuck happened?
[TON] Hush. Hush.
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
- He's fucking dead, yo.
He was yelling and
twitching, and then nothing.
Uh, here, put this shit on.
All right, so you have somebody inside?
I have a son in the grave.
The person who killed him is inside.
He's in StoneBrook.
My son and his friend got in a fight.
It was bad.
He shot my
boy in the head and dumped
his body in the lake.
Greg, the friend, uh, he
helped us search for him.
Cried on my shoulder
and held my hand, and
Then the truth came out.
The parole board has
heard my victim statement
for the last five years,
and they've denied his release.
But something changed now.
Yeah, he did his time.
Yeah, so did my boy.
He's still doing it.
If the parole board has
already signed off on this,
there's really not much
that I can do for you.
If it's stamped, it's done.
Yeah, but
couldn't something happen?
I mean, something could,
that could make them reconsider, right?
Prisoners get in trouble,
they get more time.
It happens.
His name is Greg Stewart.
Stewart. You said StoneBrook, yeah?
- Yes.
- Okay, look.
I'll look into it.
- Mike.
- Hey, you still have
a sister that works over
at StoneBrook, right?
I'm good, how are you?
Fucking great. Who cares?
Do you?
Yeah, she, uh, teaches theater
to the drama club maggots.
Puts on plays with these assholes.
Yeah, look, I need to talk to her
about a thing.
All right, I'll text
you the witch's number.
Any day now.
I'm doing it.
[TEDDY] This is custodian Teddy. Hello?
I got a big problem
in storage number 2-2
west side 30.
- Rápido. Needing help.
Teddy, what the fuck are
you doing on our channel?
- Pull the emergency lever.
- Jesus Christ.
- It's red. I know you see it.
[TEDDY] Fucking guy dead over here.
Thirty West. There's blood everywhere!
[CARNEY] Shit. I need backup
in 30 West, storage room 22.
Repeat, I need backup
in 30 West, room 22. Now!
What the fuck are
you Are you running?

Mike, you still there?
You're not gonna believe this shit.
Jesus Christ.
[BUNNY] The balloon popped inside him.
It ain't no mystery, man.
Sucks for Big Hush, but
it happens.
You know who muled the package?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, she's a good girl, is one of mine.
Her name's Sharon.
Uh-huh. You talk to her?
[BUNNY] Not yet.
What, she's not picking up?
It's one of mine, Mike.
Look, uh, I'd fucking
press pause on this.
Anything that she touched.
Pause? What?
It's too late, Mike. That
shit already distro'd.
Junkies do not give a shit
if it was squeezed out
of Hush like toothpaste.
The fuck is wrong with you?
It's product, Mike.
Yeah, product that you got to dump.
It's a recall or a refund or whatever.
This ain't no "customer
always right" bullshit, Mike.
This caveat emptor.
Be smart, Bunny, that's all I'm saying.
Be smart.
Think about it.
I'm not selling cookies out here, Mike.
Be smart.
[MUFFLED] Gonna use my arms ♪
[SINGING ALONG] Gonna use my legs ♪
Gonna use my style ♪
Gonna use my sidestep ♪
Gonna use my fingers ♪
Imagination ♪
'Cause I gonna make you see ♪
There's nobody else here ♪
[HARPER] Hands on the
steering wheel, please.
You rolled right through
that stop sign, miss.
I know, I'm sorry.
Where you headed?
I'm just going home.
- Where's home?
- It's close by.
I'm staying at a friend's house.
May I see your driver's license, please?
I don't have one.
It's expired?
- Sure.
- Step out of the vehicle.
Please don't make a
fucking thing of this!
- Step out of the vehicle now!
- Fuck y fuck you!
- Turn the engine off.
Turn off the engine. Turn off
- the goddamn engine.
- Get off my fucking car, man!
- Turn the
- Fuck you!
What you got?
I can make it work.
No option not to, brother.
It's gonna be hard.
"Nothing in the world is worth doing
"unless it means effort, pain
and difficulty."
Stand back!

Lock it the fuck down.
Let me take that clear one, baby.
Sharon's good people.
Her brother, not so much,
- But she's true.
- Yeah, you said that.
Hey, watch that tone of voice with me.
Where she at then?
You think someone got to her?
I think the day nigga
drop inside's the day
Sharon don't pick up the
phone, that's what I think.
You're jaded.
Jaded got you your shop.
And I love you for that.
All right, come here.
What you doing? No, no, no.
Don't do that. Don't Mary Magdalene me.
- Get out here, come on.
- Christ did the washing.
Yeah, whatever. You got
people for that. Don't do that.
You know this, man, come
on. Quit playing around
Inside been calling.
This shit gonna upset me?
- Yeah.
- [BUNNY] Mike?
There's bodies dropping
left and right, man.
- Yeah, I know. I'm on my way.
- Bitch cut the heroin
with some foul shit, Mike.
She probably broke off
enough to set herself up.
Well, look, I'm not one
for I-told-you-so's, but
It's gonna bad for Raph, okay?
They gonna be all over his ass.
Look, I'll get to him, all right?
Want me to fix this?
I'll make it right,
you just can't bitch about it later.
Mike, I'm getting déjà vu right now.
Mike, I don't like it.
I'm gonna fix it.
You're welcome.
[KAREEM] It happens.
But not at this scale.
They're dying on the streets, too.
Some throne you've inherited.
Speak for yourself.
First prisoner went
down, swallowed balloons.
When he died, we thought it ruptured.
They cut it out of him, sold it anyway.
Jesus Christ.
- That's a new one.
- Yeah.
Wasn't O.D. killed him.
Whatever this poison is.
Who brought it in?
The mule was, uh, a Crip.
We think.
Bunny Washington.
Could be, could be not.
[CARNEY] His intestines must've
been, like, 20 feet long.
[MIKE] Carney, you got to fucking think
about something else, man, Christ.
Yeah, easy for you to say, Mike.
You didn't just play
fucking slip-and-slide
- on somebody's guts.
- Hey.
Maybe you should take
a mental health day.
- You know, honestly.
- Enjoy.
- I'll be right back.
Mr. Mayor.
All right.
You're gonna have to
fucking pivot here, okay?
You have to cut a
deal with the Mexicans.
Get some clean supply.
Is that Bunny talking or you?
It's me talking for Bunny.
Ain't your call to make.
Well, you are correct,
sir. This is your call.
You're the man now, right?
But Bunny's blessed
this, and he's tapped you.
Okay? So it's time to
rise to the occasion.
Mexicans ain't doing business with us.
Not after Luis got torched.
Okay, well, then you go to another sect.
'Cause they're not all
fucking Mexican, all right?
You got Guatemalans, you got
Colombians, El Salvadorans
I ain't rocking with no Salvadorans.
Well, fucking flip a
coin. Like I give a fuck.
Just make an alliance, okay?
Double the payout.
They'll deal.
I don't trust you the way Bunny do.
I ain't asking you to.
I'm asking you to do your job, okay?
All right. Get it done.

You think I'm someone
you can move around?
- No, Kareem, I
- Warden.
And I am not someone you move around.
I know that. What the
fuck are we talking about?
I just looked at the visitor log,
and I didn't see Mike McLusky on it.
And yet somehow he was inside!
Okay, look, Warden.
We got all these cons dying.
And all of this shit piling up on us.
- This is what Mike does.
He's a partner.
And we need backup.
Sir, you got all these new hires.
They're fucking babies, man.
They can't carry their own weight.
Meanwhile I'm tripping
on fucking entrails.
I know Mike McLusky.
I knew him when I walked
the tiers in Kingstown Pen.
And I know him now.
He is a criminal, Carney.
A criminal who abets other criminals.
That's his business.
He's trying to save lives.
And what lives are getting saved?!
Goddamn, man, you're so blind.
You don't even see he's
doing what you can't.
What I'm saying is you can trust him.
And you can fucking trust me.
Can I?
Hell yes.
After what happened,
what we went through.
What we went through? What ?
What the fuck did we go through, Carney?
Oh, I see.
I see. You
You've been through some shit,
and you need some peace, a little break.
- I'm good.
- No, no, no, no.
You need a respite.
I get that.
[CARNEY] So, wait. Are we good?
Yeah, yeah. I mean, after
what we've been through.
Hey, Anna.
What are you doing out in
the cold? Want to come up?
That's fine. I'm bundled.
I got the, uh, contact for StoneBrook.
I'm gonna go pay a visit later.
- Okay?
- Okay, thank you.
- Yeah.
- That's great.
Can I ask you something?
I just wondered,
did they ever catch the
guy who killed your brother?
You know my family?
I wondered about your mom.
What she did when her son was shot.
When I, um
When my son was killed, I, uh
I went to this support group.
Middle of winter, drove an
hour in the snow, black ice.
They tell you to bring a picture,
so I go inside this Elks lodge
with this, um, framed photo.
All the other parents are
inside clutching their photographs.
There's no mercy, I tell ya.
The cops, they-they
caught him right away.
Do you know where he is now?
He didn't make it.
That was a lucky break for you all.
I'm fucking freezing.
Um, why don't you come
up, have hot coffee?
- It'll warm you up. Come on.
- It's okay. I-I got to move.
I like to walk. Thank you.
Yeah? Fuck.
Have you talked to Iris?
Recently? No.
Well, she's not here.
Well, maybe she's running some errands.
Yeah, we sent her to the grocery store,
but she's been gone hours,
and she's got Mom's car.
All right, well, does Mom need the car?
Yeah. Nice.
How's, uh how's the kid?
Oh, yeah, I-I like
how you're deflecting
from this Iris situation
by talking about
my kid that you haven't met yet.
What the fuck you talk
There's no Iris situation, Kyle.
What the fuck?
You want to come meet your nephew?
- Um yeah,
I'll come by. I got to go.
[EVELYN] Hey, meet me
at the morgue, Mike.
I thought you'd never ask.
[SIGHS] Fuckin' I
don't know. Prison shit.
It's your jurisdiction.
I'm waiting.
You gonna say it?
I need your help.
It stings, doesn't it?
Fuck you. Stop smiling.
Come with me.
Are you refusing to be printed?
You resisted arrest,
assaulted an officer.
We'll get a court order.
Okay, well, get a fucking court order.
Let's go.

The fuck did you eat?
[MIKE] So, what's the dope laced with?
It's a narcotic Neapolitan.
It's a combination of drugs.
It's gonna take a minute,
but they're gonna isolate the compounds.
You know, they're talking
about molecular structure.
I don't know. I don't know.
What I do know
This guy's heart gave out, 30 years old.
No track marks, no
evidence of long-term use.
Twenty-two years old.
She was a goddamn mother of three.
- Yeah, is it meth?
- Yeah.
- Fentanyl, bleach?
- I don't I don't know.
We got to wait for the lab.
Yeah, well, that'll take a minute.
- Yeah.
- So what can I do for you?
There's bodies dropping in the prison.
- It's DOC.
- Yeah, in the streets.
- KPD.
- This is a goddamn death march.
They're breaking out in
sores like lepers, okay?
It's gonna hit the schools
next because it always does.
Yeah, well, I can only deal
with what's in front of me,
and what the fuck is
really in front of me here?

Car's not in her name.
Killed her in the front seat.
That's balls.
[SNIFFLES] Hey. Warden,
we get that footage?
I'll get it to you tomorrow.
What about now?
Staties need it for deaths
inside the prison, man. I mean,
- this is connected.
- Oh, geez.
There are no fucking Staties
here, Kareem. Come on.
- Yeah, I
- I get it.
The-the eye in the sky routes
to your server, your prison,
but this is the street,
this is Kingstown.
- My town, my murder.
- Yeah, hey,
you want to have a pissing
contest with the state,
that's fine with me, all right?
Enjoy your body. I'm going home.
- You're going home?
- Yeah.
Work banker's hours now?
Just pretend it's a shed.
This The video said
seven-minute assembly.
How long has it been?
Like six hours.
- [TRACY] Who's that?
- I don't know.
- Hey. How you doing, Patty?
- Hey.
- We're so happy to see you both.
- Thanks. Come in.
- What's up, brother?
- How you doing, man?
- Hey.
- Look who's a fucking dad, huh?
Congratulations, Mama.
And you put that in
the car, and that's
- [GASPS] Hey.
- You twist this shit, right?
Piece fits right back on
the fucking stroller, man.
- Hey, thanks.
- Right on, man. You're welcome.
Don't let her hog the baby, man.
They do that, the mothers.
- Okay.
- Yeah. Thanks.
You do that skin-to-skin
shit yet with your boy?
- No.
- Oh, man.
Yeah, and you look him in the eye
when you feed him, too, you know?
- Hmm.
- Yeah, you got to let him know
you're here. Boys need us, man.
- Yeah.
I've been thinking.
Yeah, well, Homicide,
you know, it's, uh
it's watching the clock.
- It's waiting for the aftermath.
- Yeah.
And even when that comes,
no one fucking talks to
you in this town anyway.
I mean, you know what my
closure rate was last year?
Yeah, for shit.
- Yeah, absolute shit.
And I'm a good goddamn cop.
It just shoots the nerves, man.
And I want to make a difference.
I'm thinking about transferring to SWAT.
I mean, look, man, I I hear you.
Man, uh, you're a good cop, no doubt.
But when you're in the shit,
you're either too angry or too afraid.
And that shit gets you
and your team killed.
So you stay where you are.
It's good, man.
You're good where you're at. [SNIFFLES]
You know we found that
fucking mule murdered
across the street from Anchor Bay.
Do you believe that shit?
What do you mean, "fuck"? You know her?
Bunny's crew.
And Typhoid Mary nearly
took out a whole cell block.
Car's registered to her brother, right?
I went by that fucking shithole.
Seemed abandoned.
Well, seemed or was?
Fucking, uh fucking seemed.
I don't know. Just fucking
boarded up and shit.
Well, look, 'cause Bunny's
drugs were fucked with.
- I Hold on.
- That-that Yeah.
- I don't know. Let me
You're a police
officer. You do your job.
- Hold on. Yeah.
- You figure it out.
Ferguson. Yes. Yes.
Tell him I'll be by next
couple of days. Yeah.
- Okay.
- Bullshit.
Nothing. Fucking serial
killer wants to fucking chat.
Bunny's drugs were fucked with. Go on.
Yeah. So, anybody new in town?
Russian out of Brighton Beach here
to clean up after Milo's shit.
Hmm. Detail I would
have liked to have known.
Mikey, there's so much fucking going on.
- I don't know
- Oh, is there? Is there really?
Yeah, his name's Konstantin Noskov.
This is a permanent move?
Fuck yeah. The Soviets fucking
control all that border traffic.
You know that. They are
not gonna give that shit up.
They're the ones took out Milo.
One hundred percent.
- Yeah.
- Sarah, this is excellent.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Eight sticks of butter
and a Crock-Pot, baby.
- Oh.
- [IAN] Carney.
You know what that asshole did?
What asshole? You got
to be specific, Carney.
Kareem. He moved me to def-watch.
- [MIKE] Uh-huh.
- I've been picking
through mounds and mounds of shit
Carney, I'm fucking eating
here. You see I'm fucking eating.
- All right?
[MIKE] Hey, let's go by
that house that seemed empty,
do something with our lives.
Fucking Christ.
- Come on!
- I'm coming!
[CARNEY] Kareem's the one
that's full of shit.
Uh, he's got fucking PTSD.
What do you want? Give him a break.
Huh? What do you think?
[CARNEY] I know that.
It's not my fault I wasn't
there when the riot went down.
Okay, it's not like
I scheduled around it.
So I'm not going to apologize
for not getting nailed in the ass
- like the rest of 'em.
- Come on. Get a grip, Carney.
- I'm just saying
- Come on.
That doesn't make him
a fucking saint, Mike.
Yeah, okay, okay.
And it's not like he
didn't even the score.

What does that mean?
It means nothing.

All right, where is it?
The fuck?
- What?
- I thought you said
- it was abandoned.
- I said "seemed abandoned."
Well, it doesn't sound abandoned.
- Fucking Christ.
Lucas Hayes, all you need to know.
- Yeah, you told me.
- Didn't think you were listening.
You police?
- Yeah.
- No. Look, Lucas,
your car has been found
abandoned at Anchor Bay.
Know anything about it?
I wasn't driving it.
- All right. Mind if we come in?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I mind. Hey. Man, what ?
Hey, man, what the fuck?
Hey, relax. Relax.
We're just here to talk.
All right?
Lucas, you squatting here?
- [LUCAS] Squat?
- [MIKE] Yeah.
Shit. I own this shit.
Seems abandoned, Lucas.
[LUCAS] It ain't.
What'd you do with the drugs
that your sister stole from Bunny?
The fuck you talking about?
Don't know shit what
Sharon's up to, a'ight?
Know she'd never skim off Bunny.
Yeah? Well, what's she into?
Besides borrowing my
ride without my say-so?
Don't know.
She gonna pay the
impound, that's for sure.
I'm keeping her dog, too. [SCOFFS]
Look, Lucas, um,
has your sister been
hanging around anybody new?
She get popped?
That's what's up? [SCOFFS]
Sharon just like our fucking mom.
[IAN] Lucas, your
your sister's dead, son. I'm sorry.
Hey. Hey. Come on, now. Come on.
Just relax. Hey.
Come on.
- [MIKE] Listen, okay? Listen to me.
- Come here, come here.
Somebody killed her, okay?
So you can tell me if she's been
hanging around anybody new. Anybody.
Any new people?
Just-just voices on the phone, man.
J-Just voices on the phone.
Just voices. Okay. Fuck. All right.
Come here. Come on, sit down. Come here.
call has been forwarded to
an automatic voice message system.
Oh, hey.
It's, uh, it's Mike.
Just want to check and, uh
see if you're doing all right.
Kyle's wondering if
you have my mom's car.
I'm wondering
mm, I mean, if
if you got it, you know,
or if you took off
it's okay.

I don't, I don't
fucking blame you, Iris.
[GUARD] Shut the fuck up!

So, the guy's a model prisoner.
[ANNA] Yeah.
He got out this morning.
I didn't know.
Well, for what it's worth,
my source inside said this
Greg did everything right.
I I just wanted to thank you for
trying to help.
No. No, no, no, no, please.
I want you to.
For your time.
I know you would've helped if you could.
You've got that kind of face.
Did your mom ever tell you that?
- not really.

Mike, it's about fucking time.
Yeah, you got a much bigger
problem than that one bad batch.
Yeah, no shit. Who is it, Mike?
- Who's fucking with my shit?
- Don't know.
But you're the target.
Why the fuck they bothering me?
Because you have the fucking puck, okay?
That's why.
You lied to me about being good.
- Jenny
- We've talked every day this week
and your face looks horrible.
What happened?
I'm okay, I'm good.
You gonna keep lying, Dad?
I told you, the lawyer
finally came through,
the bullshit charges are dropped.
I'm gonna be home next week.
Cross my heart.
- that's great.
- Tell you what,
we can argue about this when I get out.
Over a rib eye. How's that?
I get an employee discount
at the restaurant now.
That's good. You're moving up
Dad! No!
Stop! Stop!
Please! Help us!
Help us!
Please, help us!
Help us!
Help us!



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