McDonald & Dodds (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

We Need To Talk About Doreen

No wings.
No husbands.
Doreen? Where's my contact lenses?
I've got them right here,
Great, then, ladies -
the birthday weekend starts here!
Come on, Doreen.
MUSIC: 'Lush Life'
by Zara Larsson
I'm so excited!
Come on, Robbie, get on, boy.
Hey, c'est magnifique!
He's played remarkably well today,
you see?
He always does.
Angus? Angus. Watch him go now.
Follow him.
Watch him. Watch him. Watch him!
You're in, Dominique.
Yeah! Yeah, that's it.
Numero un, je suis!
Squeeze in
Everybody laugh.
MUSIC: 'Good As Hell'
by Lizzo
My wheelchair!
Guys, the motor's died.
- Oh, Angela, here, take this.
- No, I'll get it.
I'm the wheelchair pusher.
Dozy, get a picture of us!
That's it.
There you go.
Did you know that Bath is still
welcoming visitors after 200 years?
Are you out tonight, Dom?
Well done, boys. Well played.
Good session today, Dom.
MUSIC: '17' by MK
Happy birthday, Angela!
Where's everybody going?
Hi, I'm Angela.
Nice to meet you. These are
my friends, this is Robbie.
We're going to a party.
Oh, right. All of us?
Who lives here, then?
Jimmy Daly. He's the boss.
What're you doing?
There's a sundial!
I love sundials!
Hello, ladies. Hello!
Hiya! I'm Cath.
Got a wee silver fox here, girls!
She's a cheeky one, eh?
Oh! This is Deborah. My, er
Business associate.
Hmm. Right, who's for cocktails!
Come on, then,
let's have a little drink.
Thank you, Jimmy.
This is the exact landscape
around my home.
No way!
Hm. And here we are Up here.
- This is my house.
- Is it?
We are just inside there.
And this, that is Box Hill Tunnel.
Just a quick walk down the path
out there.
- Cool.
- And watch this
Off she goes.
Oh, wow! Did you build this, Jimmy?
Yeah, I did, yeah.
That is brilliant!
What's a wee man like you doing
in a big house like this, Jimmy?
Right, give me the tour.
Walk this way
I shouldn't I'm married.
Angela, change your lenses!
Yeah! I can't see a thing!
That's because you're steamin'.
Oh, I'm-I'm so sorry.
I left your lenses at the hotel.
Here, just put these on.
Aw, Dozy, no!
I look terrible in these.
Where's Dominique?
He must've gone home.
What? He can't!
Angela's blotto-ed again.
I'm dead!
Let's have a wee disco nap!
Luckily, British Transport Police
got to the body
before the first train from London
reached the tunnel.
But we need the crime scene
and that track reopened ASAP.
No pressure, Lauren, but
the entire public transport system
of South West England
is depending on you.
Yes, sir.
Oh, look at all this.
That's why we joined the force,
eh, Lauren?
Righto, Terry, let's take her down.
MAN: Yes, sir.
- All right?
- HE SHOUTS: Ma'am!
We have to get the crime scene
processed and cleared!
This is the main trunk line
between London and Western England!
The whole transport system
could be in chaos!
Chopper's gone.
Oh. Oh, yes. Sorry, ma'am.
Right. What do we know,
what do we think?
Oh, it's a very interesting
location, ma'am.
This is Isambard Kingdom Brunel's
famous Box Hill tunnel.
No. Today we focus on the body.
Dominique Aubert.
Aged 24.
French national,
been resident in Bath for six weeks
after he signed to Bath Eagles
from Racing Nantes
for 400 grand - club record.
Bristol City can't buy a corner flag
for that these days.
Press'll need controlling.
Get onto media relations.
Time of death?
After the last train
went through at 12:07 last night,
and before the emergency call
at 7:01am.
Who found him?
999 call came from a pay-as-you-go.
Caller didn't give a name.
Oh, and we found this cocktail glass
next to him.
It's been raining, ma'am.
Don't think we're gonna get prints.
OK, but I want that fast-tracked
for drug traces.
See the bluish grey discolouration
around the eyes?
I've seen that before.
Victims were young and female.
I could be wrong,
but that looks like alcohol
reacting with a date rape drug.
Rohypnol, GBH, Special K?
Whoever spiked the drink
phoned it in after he dropped dead?
Right, I want house-to-house
inquiries over a three-miles radius.
Find out where the victim was
last night and who was he with.
Ma'am? I
I don't want to cause
any unwanted kerfuffle, but
I think we might be dealing with a -
and I hesitate to use the term -
serial killer.
But on the other hand,
I hesitate to rule it out.
Go on.
Looks like it's been applied
using some kind of ink process.
This, ma'am,
is an inverted pentagram.
Now, I believe that an inverted
pentagram is used in Satanic rituals
to conjure up demons -
Beelzebub, Azazel,
that sort of thing.
The Pentagram of George Street.
Get this lot cleared and processed
- No cutting corners, all right?
- Ma'am.
Sorry, ma'am, I don't understand.
What's the
The victim went to a nightclub.
The Pentagram?
They stamp your wrist.
Outside your bandwidth.
Hi, honey!
Yeah. How's things?
Yeah. Oh, yeah, it was brilliant.
I've had worse hangovers.
How's my wee Rhuaridh?
Can you put him on the phone?
I'm not lying.
Why would I
Rhuaridh, please.
You said you would stop doing this.
- Ah. I was right.
- A-About what?
- Oh!
Sorry, I cannot inhale chip fat
before noon.
Right, look at this.
Forensics have confirmed
traces of cyclobenzaprine,
which is the active ingredient
in Rohypnol,
on the glass
found near Dominique's body.
So, the cocktail glass
is the murder weapon.
- OK, sir, thank you.
- Thanks.
Ma'am, the victim was here
last night, until 1.14am.
The nightclub's CCTV.
He didn't arrive with those women,
but he left with them.
The spiked cocktail glass could've
been meant for one of those women.
- We should trace them.
- Hotel Indigo, South Parade.
They're here
on a weekend city break.
I cross-referenced a time code
showing this girl, Doreen Warren,
at the bar, paying by card.
I then sourced her name
via the till receipt.
If it's OK with you, ma'am,
I'd like to go through the rest of
their CCTV footage in micro detail.
Yeah, do it.
Good job, Paciorkowski.
I believe you met this man
last night. Dominique Aubert?
Yeah, that's Dominique.
He's French.
- He's got a lovely smile,
hasn't he, Angela? - Mmm.
He had the hots for Angela.
Oh, don't get the wrong idea.
Angela was just enjoying herself at
the party. She's married, after all.
Whose party was it?
Some old guy out in the country
He kept giving us cocktails.
What's all this about?
Were any of you drinking
out of a glass like this?
We all were.
And we had a lot of cocktails.
Excuse me.
I've got plans later today.
Can you just tell me
what's going on?
Dominique was found dead
this morning.
- No.
- Oh, God!
We have reason to believe death was
due to ingestion a date rape drug.
From that glass?
That's right.
Oh, my God. Dominique?
Did you know him well?
I-I just met him last night.
She just met him last night.
Where did you find him?
One line of inquiry
that we're pursuing
is that the adulterated cocktail
was actually meant for one of you.
How long were you at this party?
A few hours? Four?
Five? I dunno.
What time did you leave?
BOTH: I dunno.
Well, was it light or dark?
BOTH: Dunno.
It was light.
And when did Dominique leave?
He disappeared! Remember?
Yeah. He just vanished.
Into the night.
Well, what time was this?
Six? Half six?
OK, girls, I'm gonna need you
to help me piece together
the last few hours.
So I'm going to get some officers
to come and take detailed statements
from you,
and I need you to try to remember
as much detail as you can for me.
- Can you do that?
- Mm-hm.
OK. I'll also need fingerprint
and DNA samples from all of you.
For elimination purposes.
Ah! Here it is!
I booked us an Uber home. Look!
There's the address of the party,
and that's the time
we got picked up at.
7.38. Hilary was right.
It WAS light when we left.
I, er I know this house, ma'am.
It's owned by a chap
called Jimmy Daly.
He's the chairman of
the Bath Eagles Rugby club.
Well, thank you for this,
Miss Warren.
You're so welcome, Sergeant Dodds.
Oh, Angela.
No. The thing about men
is they need to be led.
When I first met the boyfriend,
he was a trainee barista.
I mean, trainee.
And I said to him,
"Look, if you want to get with me,
"you're gonna have to get yourself
a trade."
Now, he's a Gas Safe
Registered Engineer
and he's never looked back.
He's happy.
I didn't know that gas fitting
was so lucrative.
What? Well, the boyfriend
gave up a career in the law
to become a gas fitter?
He wasn't a trainee barrister.
He was a trainee barista.
Barista. Like, serves coffee.
Come on.
Did you know that
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
lived in this house while he was
building the Box Hill tunnel.
- It's just over there.
- Really?
And the whole of the
Great Western Railway network,
it just spreads acro Oh.
Jimmy Daly?
Dominique? Are you sure? How?
Sorry, sir, but we're
going to have to ask you
about what happened last night.
Dominique's dead.
We found his body
down at the railway.
I'm DCI Lauren McDonald. You are?
I am Deborah Winwick.
I'm Dominique's agent.
He's dead. Are you sure?
- Do you live here as well?
- No. I live in London.
I'm here on business.
We're not together.
Dominique died from an overdose
of a date rape drug.
From this glass here.
It's possible
that the adulterated cocktail
was meant for one of the women
who were here last night.
No. No. No, no, no, no.
I'm not like that.
- I wouldn't do that to women. No.
- My goodness!
Look at that!
That's wonderful!
Well, if I'm not mistaken,
this is an exact replica
of the area outside this house.
So, Mr Aubert, he must have been
taking a short cut
down the railway, onto Bath.
- Who put this here?
- I dunno.
That's amazing, sir.
This must've been how
it all looked back in the 1950s.
I could never live
in a place like this.
- Why?
- Everyone's white.
Well, that's what England
must have been like back then.
We're gonna need a list
of everyone who was here last night.
And don't touch anything,
especially the cocktail glasses.
This room is now a crime scene.
Forensics are on their way.
- Did you take any photos last night?
- Yeah. Everybody did.
Great, email everything you've got
to my incident room.
Poor Dominique
He was a great lad.
One of the good ones.
You could tell.
I have a surprise for you.
A very special romantic surprise.
Someone at that party
slipped a date rape drug
into this cocktail glass.
The murder weapon.
Problem is all our eye-witnesses
were inebriated,
so I doubt their testimony's
are gonna stand up in court.
So, I need you to get every guests'
phone photos in chronological order.
Who slipped Dominique,
or one of the girls,
the spiked drink?
Witnesses memory might be fuzzy,
but phone memory doesn't lie.
Sergeant Dodds, I want you
to go back to those women,
and see if they have got
any photos on their phone,
and get them to send them in.
DC Pachiorkowski
Who I'm sure will pass her upcoming
medical with flying colours.
As will the rest of you.
No more fat on the bone.
We are a lean, agile,
highly flexible and responsive unit.
Hence, full, annual
compulsory medicals for all of you.
- Starting now.
- What?
Blood pressure. Cholesterol.
The lot.
A healthy detective
is a productive detective.
- Angela, coffee?
Oh, this is a nightmare.
You know, I've been looking
forward to this weekend for ages.
Listen Angela, whatever happens,
I'm here for you. OK?
What'd you mean?
Well, that Rohypnol stuff
was meant for you, wasn't it?
Do you remember giving
Dominique your cocktail?
I don't know
what glass I was drinking from.
It could have been meant
for any of us.
What is wrong with men?
Pass me my make-up bag, will you?
I can't believe
Dominique's dead.
You know, I don't remember anything
about last night.
Well, as my dad used to say,
if you don't remember,
it never happened.
Your dad was an alcoholic, Doreen.
Remember that time we turned
up at the parents' night hammered.
Then he exposed himself to
Miss McGeough the geography teacher.
Do you know what else
he used to say, Angela?
All hangovers are about guilt.
That's good. Keep it going.
Hi. DCI Lauren McDonald,
West of England Police,
Major Crimes Unit.
We need to talk
to a couple of your players.
You need to help us piece together
what happened to Dominque.
Get your phones out.
I want any and every picture
you took last night.
So, date rape drug?
Meant for one of the girls?
Anyone want to own up?
- What'd you mean?
- Come clean to the CPS and the judge,
and you only get done on
an accidental manslaughter charge.
- It's nothing to do with me.
- OK.
But I'm going through everything -
wives, girlfriends, boyfriends,
Detective Constable Pachiorkowski
specialises in forensic computing.
I will be very disappointed
if I find you are bad men.
if any of you saw anyone
spike someone's drink last night,
now's the time to speak up.
There you go Miss.
If you could just send them
to this email address there.
It's like being back at school.
All done, Sergeant Dodds! 55 photos!
Top of the class!
Oh. Well, ah, thank you,
Miss Warren.
Sort me out, will you, Dozy?
- Course, hon.
- Oh!
Well, ladies,
it's Friday night somewhere
- Yes, sis Go on.
- Why do we have to do this?
- All done, Angela!
- That was quick.
I see an email address once,
I never forget.
I've got a photogenic memory.
Oh, I look terrible in these,
Where's my contact lenses?
Are they in your bag?
Um, Sergeant Dodds, do you think
I'd make a good detective?
- Oh, Doreen!
- I'm fed up working in the bank.
They've changed our uniform,
and navy does NOT suit
my Spring complexion.
So, what do you think Sergeant?
Could I be a detective?
Well, I'm sure you could,
Miss Warren.
But I really must get on.
Sergeant Dodds!
I didn't want to say in there,
because Melissa,
that's our disabled friend,
is big Rhuaridh's wee sister.
- Big Rhuaridh?
- Angela's husband.
They've got a baby.
Wee Rhuaridh. He's nearly two.
But Melissa always been
a bit suspicious of Angela,
but Angela loves
big Rhuaridh to bits.
You should've seen their wedding.
I was the head bridesmaid.
And Cath's got issues with Angela,
even though she's Angela's sister,
but they love each other to bits.
The same way that
I love them both to bits,
and, well, Hilary's lovely
and I'm sure
she really does love Angela,
and their dad, Eddie.
Eddie's a very handsome older man
in a certain light,
but, well, Hilary's always
been a wee bit on the snooty side.
It's just cos she's English.
Oh, no offence!
I always thought my mum
carried a wee torch for Eddie.
They went to school together,
and how amazing would that have been
if my mum'd married Eddie,
then me and Angela and Cath
would be sisters,
but we're actually
like sisters anyway,
so it doesn't really matter,
does it?
I don't understand, Miss Warren.
The thing is, Sergeant Dodds,
I have got a photo on my phone
of Angela and Dominique
canoodling most passionately.
It was somewhat harmless.
But could you just
not show Melissa.
She's lovely,
but she was keeping a beady eye
on Angela last night
on behalf of her brother,
and I think that's why
Dominique left.
Where did he end up?
Where did you find him?
I can't talk about that,
Miss Warren.
OK. I was just trying to help.
Consorting with a significant
witness, Sergeant Dodds.
I might have to call in
professional standards. Ma'am, I
I can't make head nor tail
of that young woman.
Outside your bandwidth again.
Things've changed.
Full toxicology report.
So, the assailant
didn't intend sexual assault?
No. He, or she,
intended on murdering Dominique.
The victim
had a serious knee injury,
busted his cruciate ligament.
His career was over,
BEFORE he signed for Bath Eagles.
DEBORAH: It's not finished, Jimmy,
there was nothing between us
in the first place.
Come on, Deborah, we could at least
be business associates, or mates.
- Just mates.
- Christ, Jimmy. You're so
- sensitive.
- Deborah Winwick.
We've found a fatally high
concentration of amitriptyline
and cyclobenzaprine
in Dominique's blood-stream.
Death would have occurred
within minutes after ingestion.
So we're now investigating
the deliberate and pre-meditated
murder of Dominique Aubert.
He was the highest-paid player
at the club,
which brings the total
outlay on the transfer
to over a million pounds.
All funded by you,
Mr Daly,
and negotiated between you
and Ms Winwick here.
All signed and sealed
when Dominique passed his medical.
But how did a specialist
miss a career-ending
knee ligament injury?
A payment of 50,000 euros
was made to Dr Bassin
two days after Dominque's transfer
from the Racing Nantes was complete,
transferred from your account,
Ms Winwick.
- I have to get back to London.
- Dominique Aubert's career was over.
But you, Ms Winwick,
hid this from Mr Daly
and set up one last payday
for Dominique and for yourself.
I suppose the plan was for him
to break down in training
before the season started.
And then the real injury
would be revealed.
He was playing for time
when he got here.
Said he had to go into
a two-week isolation
because of a COVID outbreak.
That was bullshit, wasn't it?
Did you have and argument
with Dominique, Deborah?
He wanted a bigger cut of the money.
Or he was going to come clean?
- I don't have to say anything.
- You
The Fraud Unit at the Met
are preparing your arrest warrant,
Ms Winwick.
You're not going anywhere.
The Eagles Ruby Club, quite rightly,
is the pride and joy of Bath.
Unless we have physical evidence
to link this Deborah Winwick,
or anyone else,
to the lethal cocktail glass,
we should step gingerly.
Do we have such evidence?
No, sir.
What about your art exhibition?
Anything at all?
We're working on it, sir.
I've booked Sergeant Dodds' medical
for two o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
We've got a lot to process here,
a lot of unreliable statements.
I could really do with
Sergeant Dodds at the coal face.
You haven't become dependent on him,
have you, Lauren?
Or attached?
- No sir.
Postponement, not exemption.
Right, come on. Hard evidence?
Do we actually see
this cocktail glass get spiked?
No, ma'am, we don't.
But look at this.
This glass has a red stem.
Now, these pictures
I've marked with an asterisk -
all the girls are drinking cocktails
from similar glasses.
But see?
Each of the glasses
has a different-coloured stem.
Which means the red one is unique.
So that particular glass
is the murder weapon.
And it's Angela McGruder's.
I can't find anyone else
drinking from that glass.
She had it the whole night.
Deborah Winwick
goes on the back burner then.
Full backgrounds on Angela's mates.
Their status has just gone
from witnesses to suspects.
No. No way!
Oh, you seriously think
that one of us would
The whole point of Rohypnol
is for men to knock out girls
so they can
That glass had enough toxics
in it to kill instantly.
And Angela was the only one
using it.
Oh, my God!
You're talking to me
because you think it was me?
I tried to murder Angela?
The reason we're talking
to you first, Doreen,
is because you don't seem to have
drunk as much as everyone else.
And because you DO
look after Angela.
She's my best friend.
Seems more like you're her servant.
No. I mean, she gets a bit mad
with the drink sometimes,
so, I just look after her.
None of us would do anything
to hurt Angela.
We're just ordinary girls
from Glasgow.
We're not like you English.
We don't go around killing
each other cos people don't like us.
Doreen, think, did you see anyone
tamper with Angela's glass?
You were distracted
by Mr Daly's model railway.
What makes you say that?
Well, from the photos
that you all sent.
You spent 20 minutes
at that model railway.
I'm on a bun safari, Sergeant Dodds.
Do you know Bath is famous
for its buns?
And this, here,
is the famous Bath bun,
not to be confused
by the Sally Lunn bun,
- which I will be sampling later.
- Doreen
Would you like a bun,
Sergeant Dodds?
- I've got jam and caramel spread
- No. He would not like a bun, Doreen.
- Where's Melissa and Cath?
- They're at the hotel.
- They've got terrible hangovers.
OK. Well, I will leave
Sergeant Dodds here
- to do your full statement.
- OK.
Right. Now
Are you sure I can't tempt you
to a wee nibble, Sergeant Dodds?
If I didn't know any better,
Miss Warren,
I would think
that you're trying to distract me
from the fact
that you were distracted
by the model railway.
You're right.
I was distracted by the wee trains
when I should have been
looking after Angela.
I've let her down, Sergeant.
And I've let you down, too.
You've let ME down, Miss Warren?
- Yeah.
- In what way?
This is gonna take a wee while.
I know what you're gonna say -
female friendships
can get out of hand but
Well, you're her sister, Cath.
I'm the same with mine -
But maybe the hate got out of hand?
- Don't be daft.
- I'm not saying
that we haven't both got issues
with Angela.
But we wouldn't
We couldn't.
How would we know how
to buy those weirdo drugs?
If I had a brother,
and I saw his wife
acting inappropriately
with an attractive young man
I imagine I might get angry.
I WAS angry at her, but
what's new?
Angela likes to be the centre
of attention. She was just drunk.
- Honestly, Sergeant
- I wasn't thinking.
But when your lady boss,
when she said that Dominique
was murdered, as well as dead,
I forgot all about it.
Forgot all about what?
I took a video at the party.
Where's Dominique? Where is he?
I want my surprise!
- Where did he go?
- What surprise is she talking about?
I don't know.
Some big romantic surprise
Dominique had for her birthday.
It's Angela's birthday today.
Miss Warren, do you think
you can you send this to
- The incident room? No bother.
- The email address is
I'm on it, Sarge.
Photogenic memory.
Angela, have any of your
friends got anything against you?
My pals?
- You think one of my pals tried to
- It's one line of inquiry.
But they all love me.
Well, look, I mean, there's Doreen?
But she's my bestie.
Dozy couldn't kill a dead fly.
Cath's my sister.
And Melissa's
What's my husband doing here?
Melissa texted me.
- Melissa?
I jumped in the car and drove
straight down from Glasgow.
Where's your wedding ring, Angela?
I left it at the hotel.
Where's Wee
Wee Rhuaridh's at my mum's.
Mr McGruder,
can you think of any reason
why anyone would want to kill
your wife?
Were you hammered again last night?
Rhuaridh, I am having the nightmare
weekend from hell here.
Someone actually tried to kill me,
and you don't give a shit!
I don't give a
Angela and I haven't been getting on
too well.
Two weeks in isolation last month
had us at each other's throats.
Hilary's lovely,
dead classy and elegant.
I told you,
she's married to Angela's dad.
Now, here's where I would make
a good detective.
Did you notice that Hilary's
got one of those wee turquoise veins
- at the side of her napper?
- Napper?
Heed. Heed? Head.
Er No, I hadn't noticed.
Well, see, this is where
I'll be coming for your job.
It was her and my dad's
first anniversary last month.
He buys her a pair of diamond
earrings? Five grand's worth.
I thought oh, no, no.
Enough's enough.
So, I cyber stalked her, dug up
all of her old social media stuff.
- Her previous marriages.
- You know about that?
We run background checks
on all of you.
- Oh.
- What'd you mean, "Oh"?
Excuse me.
Go on.
Look, at the party
I think I had a fight with Hilary.
When Hilary came back
from her wee contretemps with Angela
upstairs in the toilet,
that wee vein was throbbing
Wee veins only throb
when the subject is angry.
I don't know what went on between
Angela and Hilary but
Angela knows something about Hilary.
Something bad.
Background on Hilary. It's all true.
Is there something wrong?
How come you're on your own,
Mrs O'Doyle?
I need a break from those girls.
They're just so
You like weddings, don't you?
I don't dislike them.
Cos your recent wedding
to Eddie O'Doyle
is your third in seven years.
"Hilary Green"
on your-your birth certificate,
er, then you're "Mrs Hilary Lewis",
and then "Mrs Hilary Lang",
then you changed your name
by deed poll to Hilary Clarke,
and, today,
you're Mrs Hilary O'Doyle.
- I don't see what my personal life
- Your previous two husbands
were at least 25 years older
than you - as is Eddie.
You're previous two husbands
were moderately wealthy widowers -
as is Eddie.
And your previous two marriages
ended in divorce within a year,
leaving you at the end
of a six-figure settlement.
My previous two husbands
were controlling and abusive.
Unlike Eddie.
So why change your name?
- Why keep your past a secret?
- What's all this got to do with?
Angela confronted you at the party,
didn't she?
She'd cyber-stalked you.
Dominique was found
with enough Rohypnol his system
to kill him instantly,
which he drank from Angela's glass.
Well, I didn't do any of that.
- Angela
stuck in self-isolation
with nothing better to do but
Yep. I was right.
Angela McGruder was contact-traced
as a result of a COVID outbreak
at The Pentagram nightclub
three months ago.
As was Dominique Aubert.
They didn't just happen to meet
last Friday night.
- They were having an affair.
- Mm.
Oh, try this.
- What is it?
- Margarine.
- Margarine?
- Just try it.
Don't like it.
Well you might want to look
at lowering your cholesterol.
Especially as I just got
your medical postponed.
Oh. Oh, thank you, ma'am.
It's just
I really don't like the stuff.
Well, I was just trying to help.
So, Angela's been lying.
- Mm. By omission, she might say.
- Look at it this way.
If you think of her glass
as the gun.
And the Rohypnol as the bullet.
Who had possession of the gun
all night?
Angela McGruder.
I can't believe this.
One of you sneaky bitches
tried to kill me.
- Calm down, Angela.
- Don't be silly.
You wouldn't try and kill your own
sister, would you, Cath?
Not like that. I'd make you suffer.
Oh, ha-ha, very funny (!)
You go too far sometimes, Cath.
And don't look at Melissa.
She couldn't have, cos
Being disabled doesn't
mean I'm not capable of murder.
- But you didn't did you?
- No.
I'm too lazy.
You know what, Melissa?
You've been watching me like
a hawk all weekend.
- You've been spying on me for Rhuaridh.
- That's not true.
Oh, really? Cos he's checking
himself into this hotel right now.
What? Big Rhuaridh's here?
- This is a girls' weekend.
- Not since his wee sister, here,
told him about all of this.
Drove straight down from Glasgow,
so he did. What did you do that for?
Because Rhuaridh
should be with Angela.
- Her life might still be in danger.
- What?
What'd you mean, Melissa?
Do you think the killer's
gonna try again?
This isn't funny. I'm a victim!
- Angela
You twisted little trollop!
That's really English.
You told the police it was me
who killed tried to kill you.
- Did you try to kill her?
- No.
That's our mum's money
you're spending
- on your fancy earrings.
- Oh, Angela.
And your holidays.
Mum left that money for us!
Oh, my God!
- What? What-What is it, Doe?
- Well
Maybe it was none of us?
Maybe it was Dominique?
What? Dominique spiked Angela's
drink then knocked it back himself?
Why would Dominique want to kill me?
He'd only known you a few hours.
That's all it takes.
Oh, Angela, don't worry.
- I'm here for you.
Right. Yeah, OK. Bye.
The police are downstairs.
They want to talk to me.
This is a nightmare.
You met Dominique
last year on Tinder.
We have your credit card activity.
Three trips to Nantes and a jaunt
to Bath three months ago.
Why didn't you tell us
you came here to meet Dominique
and that the girls'
birthday weekend was just a front?
What difference does that make?
Mrs McGruder,
after Dominique, um disappeared,
did you, at any point,
leave the party?
Did you go down to the railway
with him?
- No. No. Definitely not.
I mean, where would I find Rohypnol?
Did Rhuaridh know about
your affair with Dominique?
- Did Rhuaridh know?
- No.
I don't know.
Look, I don't know anything.
You can go for now.
You didn't drive down
from Glasgow this morning.
You've been in Bath
since yesterday morning.
Dominique Aubert.
So how'd it go?
Angela took up with
a gorgeous French Rugby player
- and you couldn't control yourself.
- I'm very controlling.
That came out wrong.
How does that come out right?
I'm binning Angela.
And when
the family court sees these,
I get custody of wee Rhuaridh.
Wait a minute.
You followed Dominique and Angela
to the party last night?
Some of these were
taken from outside the house?
Firstly, these do not mean
that Angela is an unfit mother.
And second - all the photos you
took on Friday night I want 'em.
And I'm still looking at you
for this.
Medical rep with a degree
in pharmacology
I didn't
How could I have spiked his drink?
Or Angela's?
Without been seen by them
or anyone else at the party.
This is odd.
Dominique's heading away
from the railway at 6:18am.
And here he is 20 minutes later
on the B3109, close to Corsham.
Which is even further away
from where he was found dead.
So he left the party at 6:18am
and we can now place him
two miles away at
- 6:39.
- But he was found dead here
at the western end
of the Box Hill tunnel.
This is BEFORE 7:01 when
the unidentified 999 call came in?
But that's just not possible.
Unless he covered
the four miles in 22 minutes?
And he'd been drinking all night.
And he was carrying
a glass of spiked alcohol?
- Did any cameras
pick him up after that? - No.
The next camera is half a mile
further along and nothing.
He just vanished?
Alien abduction?
That area round Corsham
more UFO sightings
than anywhere else in Britain.
Why would aliens
give him a date rape drug?
Answer that and you're
on a disciplinary procedure
- and do you have to be
eating all the time? - Sorry.
Dominique's parents
have been in touch.
We can't release the body to them
until we've
This isn't just a puzzle.
Come on.
You have got crisps on your tie.
The last time he was seen alive was
on that camera.
- So what happened?
- It's very odd, ma'am.
Where did he go from here?
And how did he get
to the Box Hill tunnel?
What's in there?
I believe
it's some sort of old MOD base.
Now, there you go.
That's from Dominique's shirt.
This is how he got to the tunnel.
Looks like he climbed over.
Come on. Get yourself over.
Sorry, ma'am. I'm getting old.
Footprints. They look recent.
I know what this is.
It's some sort of war bunker.
This medical's not gonna
go away y'know.
Blood pressure. Cholesterol levels.
- It's all gonna show up.
- I know.
So, apart from chips and butter,
what else do you eat?
Well, pies.
I like pies.
With beans.
Oh, and chips obviously.
Obviously What about greens?
Well, there is peas in with
the meat pies
The point is
if your blood pressure
or cholesterol
is as off the scale
as I think it might be,
Houseman'll have you off duty
and pushing retirement on you.
I know.
Well, it's a problem for me
cos you make me look good.
- Most of the time.
- Really?
Police. You'd better come out.
Who the bloody hell are you?
Owen Walker.
This is my wife, Pearl.
What exactly is this place?
It's been disused for years.
It was built in the '50s
as an emergency operations centre
for the Government and the military
in the event of a nuclear attack.
- We're urban explorers.
- Oh, I've heard of this, ma'am.
It's what
some of the youngsters are up to.
They access secret hidden areas
of cities. Fascinating.
It's our honeymoon.
We thought it would be romantic
to spend the weekend down here.
You were here in the early hours
of Saturday morning?
It was you that found him dead,
wasn't it?
We didn't
We were scared to identify
This is illegal.
Being down here.
He came through here, didn't he?
He went that way.
To the west end
of the Box Hill tunnel.
This is how he did it.
So, this was the secret route
and that's where you found his body.
we might have been able to help him
if we'd got here a bit earlier.
Yeah. What were you doing up here?
I thought you were supposed
to be hiding in there.
Our romantic moment.
Yesterday was Brunel's birthday
and he angled the tunnel
so there's only
one day of the year -
well, five minutes actually -
when the sun shines directly
through it.
At dawn.
On his birthday.
OK, these officers are going
to take you back to the station
for a formal interview.
I wouldn't make any plans for
the next eight hours if I were you.
I don't get how
he knew about this place
or why he went
such a roundabout route to get here.
But there's no way he carried
a cocktail glass full of alcohol
all the way through that
underground facility is there?
Or someone brought it to him.
Someone from the party.
MELISSA: Angela, let me in.
What now?
You were having an
actual affair with Dominique.
Who told you that?
- Doreen, she got it from the police.
- Look, Melissa
I know I haven't been
the best wife or mother,
but I promise you I am going to make
things work with Rhuaridh.
You know,
this whole trip was your idea.
We all wanted to go to Barcelona.
But you insisted on Bath,
and got your own way as usual.
Cos you
wanted to meet up with Dominique.
You used us as an excuse.
Me and Doreen and Cath
It's not like that.
It is like that.
Cos if you're so scheming,
maybe last night you weren't
as hammered as you were making out.
I think maybe it was you
who killed Dominique.
I hate these glasses
I'm sick of them!
I've been through
all their statements.
Every one of them insists they
didn't leave the house between 6:30
when Dominique "disappeared" and
7:38, when the girls got their taxi.
Well, one of them is lying.
All our suspects
are in and out of the house
on the photos taken
between 6:30 and 7:38.
These don't tell us anything.
Any one of them could have left
the house at any point
Come on. There has
got to be something. Evidence.
- The answer's in there somewhere,
isn't it? - Oh, Sarge.
Prints came through on this.
Match to Doreen Warren.
Doesn't prove anything.
There's something about
that young woman.
She has a very agile mind.
Dozy Doreen?
She knows more
than she's letting on.
Dominique Aubert's medical records.
After the operation
on his cruciate knee ligament,
he was treated at a private clinic.
But, look
Jimmy Daly
paid for information from them.
In the form of scan results
on Dominique's knee.
They're both hiding something.
Right, you take Doreen.
I'll do Jimmy.
So why've you been lying to me,
You knew Dominique's career
was over.
Before you signed him.
Turns out you checked all
of Dominique's medical records
Due diligence.
Before you buy a player,
you have to know everything.
So why didn't you call
the police in?
When you found out
what Deborah was up to?
She approached me with
the Dominique deal.
We had meetings.
And I liked her.
I really liked her.
I didn't want to spoil things.
I just played along.
To the tune of a million quid?
I don't know how to impress people,
except through money.
I take over the club,
say I'll lead them
to European victory,
and people notice me.
Women like Deborah.
Perhaps, after a couple of drinks,
you got angry.
With Deborah. With Dominique.
Did you leave the house
at any point, Jimmy?
No. And I don't think
you can prove otherwise.
Oh! Hiya, Sergeant Dodds.
What's goin' down?
Well, Miss Warren,
I wonder what you make of this.
Oh, my God.
That's where he was found, isn't it?
At that spot, in real life?
Is that what you're saying.
He was found at the end of the tunnel?
That is exactly what I'm saying,
Miss Warren.
We found your fingerprints on this.
Yeah, I know.
I put it there.
Oh, God, it's happened again.
I just can't control it.
I've got the gift, Sergeant.
I get it from my granny.
My mum didn't get it cos it skips
a generation.
Like baldness in men.
Oh! Sorry.
Miss Warren, now
did you at any point leave
or see anyone else leave the party
before 7:38
when your taxi arrived?
Dominique said that he was going
down to the tunnel.
Something about
a romantic surprise for Angela.
Did Angela go down to meet him?
I don't know. I don't think so.
But you placed this figure
in the exact place where he died.
Yeah. I know, that's the weird bit.
That's why my 20-20 foresight
is such a curse, Sergeant Dodds.
Unlike poor Angela who's
actually as blind as a pervert.
See, every time we go on holiday,
she loses her sunglasses
and they're prescription -
so I said to her,
"You should get yourself
a pair of light-sensitive specs."
- My sixth sense is a curse.
- No. No, wait.
So Angela
wears light-sensitive glasses?
Yeah. Why?
Are you OK, Sergeant Dodds?
You look a wee bit
- Please, Miss Warren
- Oh, I love that "Miss Warren" stuff.
It's like being in Jane Austen.
Oh, Miss Doreen Warren
and Sergeant Dodds
will take a turn about the room.
Oh, la mama!
Do you think that you could
just be silent for two minutes?
I need to think. Please?
So, you're saying Dominique had
a big romantic surprise for Angela.
What was it?
I don't know.
OK. Thank you, Miss Warren.
I have to go.
You all right?
You've not had an episode
with your blood pressure? No.
I have got something to tell you
Saturday was
Isambard Kingdom Brunel's birthday.
You keep saying that. It was also
Angela McGruder's birthday.
- OK, but listen
- Ma'am. Please.
No. You've got to listen to me.
I think I've got it.
OK. I'm listening.
Saturday was Brunel's birthday,
Saturday was Angela's birthday.
And Dominique had some kind
of romantic surprise for her. Ma'am.
I think that Dominique invited
Angela down to the tunnel.
Doreen Warren's video.
- Can you play it for me, please?
- Right here.
Where's Dominique?
- Where is he?
- Stop. Stop.
Look. Between Dominique Aubert
disappearing from the party
and the girls leaving in their taxi,
Angela McGruder claims
that she never left the house.
But, ma'am
look at her glasses.
They're dark.
So, she put her sunglasses on.
But they're not sunglasses.
They are light-sensitive
prescription glasses.
And they prove that Angela McGruder
murdered Dominique Aubert.
And I know what you're
going to say that it's incredible
and I'm letting my imagination
run away with me but
No. This makes sense. Total sense.
We just got this.
Chemical analysis of the Rohypnol
found in the victim's bloodstream.
It's NOT the standard benzodiazepine
that's purchased illegally online.
It is a new, commercial tranquiliser
called Dioxichlorine B12.
and sold by HST, Stuttgart.
Rhuaridh McGruder's employers.
But how did he get into the party
and how did
he get access to Angela's glass?
Angela's glass
is the murder weapon - the gun.
The Dioxichlorine B12
is the ammunition.
- Who had possession of the gun?
- Angela.
And who had access
to Rhuaridh's ammunition?
I mean, the drugs stuff
is circumstantial.
- But you've nailed the proof,
haven't you? - Yes, ma'am.
Good man.
The drug that killed Dominique
was a recently manufactured
sleeping pill
with the commercial name
Dioxichlorine B12.
Manufactured by HST Stuttgart.
That's your company, big Rhuaridh!
We've checked with your employers.
You were issued samples of the drug
two weeks ago.
And I keep them under lock and key.
Our colleagues at Police Scotland
have been to your house in Glasgow.
There's a batch missing.
You can't put this on me.
I-I didn't
- What?
- Did you?
Did I what?
I don't know what state your
relationship with Dominique was
Well, she refused
to leave Rhuaridh for him.
Come on.
Dominique was threatening
to tell him about their affair.
Yeah, but Angela wouldn't.
- She'd never leave Rhuaridh.
- Sergeant Dodds?
This very house,
in the early hours
of Saturday morning.
Where you were all revelling
Mrs McGruder.
And Dominique.
Now, you arranged to meet here
at the western end
of the Box Hill tunnel.
I don't remember that.
Doesn't mean it didn't happen,
Dominique had a surprise for you.
A special romantic surprise.
But your sister-in-law was watching.
So Dominique slipped out,
without her noticing.
He took the secret route
away from the house,
away from the railway,
which led him
to the rendezvous point here.
Now, this would have been
about 6:40.
At which point you, Mrs McGruder
took the direct route.
From the house down to the tunnel.
I don't remember that.
You spiked the cocktail,
you brought it down here
and you gave it to Dominique.
No. You can't PROVE
that Angela went down there.
Did anyone see her leave the house?
Cos I didn't.
Did any of you?
Oh, no. So you can't prove
that she left the house.
I'm sorry, Miss Warren, but we CAN.
You wear light-sensitive specs,
And here at 05:31am -
BEFORE Dominique was murdered -
your glasses are clear.
But here, at 6:55am -
after Dominique was murdered -
your light-sensitive glasses
are dark.
Because you'd been outside,
in the sunlight.
No. It's dark outside.
Look, everyone! It's dark.
Ha! You forgot about that,
didn't you?
Yeah. How could Angela
have been out in the sun?
It was only dark here in the house
because the sun
hadn't yet risen over Box Hill.
But it HAD risen
as high as the mouth of the eastern
end of the Box Hill Tunnel -
when Dominique was murdered.
What was the special surprise
Dominique had in store for you,
Mrs McGruder?
How do I know?
You share your birthday with
Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
Who's he?
Was he at the party?
No. No.
Isambard Kingdom Brunel was the man
who built this tunnel back in 1838.
And he angled his tunnel such that
there's only one point in the year
when the sun
shines directly through it.
And that point is
dawn on the morning of his birthday.
A birthday
that he shares with you
Mrs McGruder.
This is the birthday surprise
that Dominique wanted to show you.
And that's when you killed him,
Look, I don't
I don't remember anything.
I was drunk.
What's gonna happen to me?
Your poor dad.
What's gonna happen to him?
- I think I'll definitely
get wee Rhuaridh now. - What?
I'm divorcing you
and going for custody.
No! Rhuaridh!
Angela, he doesn't mean it.
Tell her that
you don't mean it, Rhuaridh.
I'll not have my son
brought up by a convicted murderer.
Piss off, Rhuaridh.
It was you!
You did this!
Look, I'm here for you.
I am always, always here for you.
Look, we'll get you a good lawyer,
you won't be in prison for long.
And we'll just we'll just tell
the judge that you are mental.
Do you remember I did that
when I had that parking ticket?
Oh, no, no, no, no, Dozy.
please just give me a minute!
You know,
you never just stop talking.
It's just nonsense.
I need to think.
Angela, please
Dozy, I I'm so sorry.
Look, I I didn't do this.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't kill Dominique.
That's not how it looks, Angela.
It was all down to Sergeant Dodds.
Sergeant Dodds was the one
who really, ultimately,
cracked the case, sir.
- I just wanted to make that clear.
- You have. Very.
CPS are happy with the evidence
well done, Sergeant Dodds.
And let's just hope
he passed his medical.
Down time between cases.
Thought I'd fast-track it.
Is there a problem, DCI McDonald?
Sergeant Dodds is
his brain
If he goes, I go.
You all right?
I, uh I don't know, ma'am.
What did they say?
Seems I
I have the blood pressure
and the cholesterol levels of
of a 25-year-old.
- What?
- A 25-year-old professional athlete.
What? You being serious?
I just
I can't believe I just
Er, ma'am.
Custody Suite just called up.
Angela McGruder
wants her contact lenses.
They need us to get them
from Doreen Warren.
Doreen Warren
keeps Angela's contact lenses.
Where's my contact lenses?
Sergeant Dodds, do you think
I'd make a good detective?
I said to her, you should get
yourself some light-sensitive specs.
I took a video at the party.
I want my surprise?
Ma'am, we need to talk about Doreen.
- We've banged up the wrong suspect?
- Yes, ma'am.
- I think so.
- You THINK so?
What do you mean you THINK so?
I can't prove it. I am sorry, ma'am.
Ahhh. And I've just told Houseman
Told him what, ma'am?
You might have the blood pressure
of a 25-year-old athlete,
but you have the brain
of an 85-year-old penguin.
- Penguin?
- Oh, never mind.
What CAN we prove?
Is there anything?
We just have to come clean.
I-I'll have to come clean,
take what comes.
Right. One last crack at it.
But whatever I do, you follow, OK?
Yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am.
Don't start ma'am-ing me.
- I'm doing it for myself.
- Yes, ma'am.
Thank you very much, Eduardo.
Oh! Hiya.
We need the room.
You know, I was wondering,
my mum's maiden name is McDonald.
Maybe you're Scottish.
Maybe we're related.
Bit more to it than that, Doreen.
Angela McGruder's contact lenses.
They've been in there all weekend,
haven't they?
Oh, maybe. I can't remember.
I don't know what's going on half
the time.
That's you, isn't it?
Daft as a brush.
Don't know if it's New Year
or New York.
Dozy Doreen.
Look at this.
How long did that take you?
Two? Three minutes? No mistakes.
- Not a hint of hesitation.
- I'm just good at it.
We've pulled background on you.
You applied for promotion
at the bank.
They made you do an IQ test.
You scored 138,
which puts you in the top
one percent of the population.
They offered you a job
on their trading floor in London.
But you refused.
My mum can't do without me.
Neither can Angela.
They need me.
Angela uses you.
Controls you,
constantly dragging you down,
and undermining you.
Her daft pal
that makes her look gorgeous.
It cuts every time, doesn't it?
Those barbs.
Year in, year out, all your life.
Just so Angela
can feel better about herself.
You don't know anything about me.
I know this, Doreen -
I know you're scared. Of life.
And Angela exploits that.
You knew
about her affair with Dominique.
So you decided to kill Dominique
and blame it all on Angela.
But you needed a weapon so you
stole the drugs from Rhuaridh.
Kill Dominique and Angela
suffers for the rest of her life.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
How could I have planned
all that stuff at the party.
I didn't even know
we were gonna go there. No.
You didn't.
But you arrived in Bath
planning to kill Dominique.
You just didn't know exactly
how you were going to do it.
Until you saw
Jimmy Daly's model railway.
And when he explained
that it was an exact replica
of the area around
Box Hill tunnel
And when you realised it was
Brunel's birthday that very day
Miss Warren
with the stars
and the planets aligned for you.
And you set in motion a complex
and ingeniously orchestrated
sequence of events.
First, when Angela said she needed
a fresh pair of contact lenses,
you said you'd forgotten
the replacement contact lenses
and gave her some
light-sensitive glasses instead.
You told Dominique
that the sun shone
through Box Hill Tunnel at dawn
on Angela's birthday.
And you suggested it would be
a lovely romantic surprise for her.
You offered to arrange everything.
You told Dominique
to leave the party on his own
and go to the tunnel
via the underground facility
taking the longer route
to avoid Melissa's prying eyes.
And you told him
you'd send Angela down later
via the direct route.
Then, once Dominique had left,
you got hold of Angela's glasses.
And it was you, not Angela
who took the cocktail
laced with a fatal dose of the drug
down to the tunnel.
Maybe you told Dominique
Angela was on her way.
But Dominique drank the cocktail.
And it killed him, Doreen.
And knowing
you didn't have much time
and with Angela's glasses
now darkening by the sunlight
you hurried back to the party.
And returned them to her.
Then you took a video on your phone.
Which you showed to me.
When the time was ripe.
Did I, Sergeant?
Did I really?
All weekend, you've laid
a trail of clues for me to follow.
A trail
which resulted in your best friend
being arrested
and charged with murder.
Brilliant, Miss Warren.
Quite, quite brilliant.
I'm just an ordinary, wee girl
from Glasgow.
Who's gonna believe you?
You can't prove
that I left the house
and went down to that tunnel,
can you?
- We can't.
Which is what's so brilliant
about it.
But a boy is dead.
An innocent young man.
All so you could destroy
Angela's life.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
I'm Dozy Doreen.
I left that wee figure
lying dead on the railway tracks.
Why would I do that
if I killed Dominique?
That's not very brilliant, is it?
Because you wanted us to know.
You wanted ME to know
that you'd done it
even if I couldn't prove it.
You wanted to be heard, Doreen.
This weekend, Miss Warren
this has been the happiest,
the most exciting time of your life.
You've fooled us all.
Me, DCI McDonald
Angela, all your friends.
The whole transport system
shut down,
the whole solar system
dancing to your tune.
That's incredible.
if you walk free
no-one, apart from us,
will ever know.
No-one will ever know
just how clever you've been.
Back to Glasgow.
Back to the bank.
And no-one, not your mum,
not Angela, not your friends
no-one hears you, do they, Doreen?
No-one hears me.
Sergeant Dodds heard you.
Because he's
You fooled Sergeant Dodds.
You've made him look stupid.
He could lose his job because of you
and he was born to do this job.
A job that means everything to him.
Because in this job, he is heard.
For the right reasons.
Give them to Angela.
Tell her I'm finished with her.
I got ex-communicated, you know.
Well, not by Pope Francis, I didn't.
But Father O'Donnell
banned me from confession.
I could be in there for four,
sometimes five hours at a time -
all for a couple of Hail Marys.
I'll give you what you want.
You can have your confession.
I'm Doreen.
There will be complications.
Angela McGruder's lawyer's
threatening a lawsuit
for wrongful arrest.
We got there in the end, sir.
Might've got there quicker
without Dodds.
- We got there in the end, sir.
- Hmm.
DC Pachiorkowski.
I'm expecting great things.
Cath's ordered us an Uber
to the station.
I am not saying
you're whiter than white,
but I'm sorry for accusing you.
Melissa, I broke my specs
and the police still haven't
given me back my contact lenses.
Come on.
What's happened to us all?
My best pal's gone.
And my marriage,
that's screwed now, isn't it?
Even I wouldn't go back
to Rhuaridh after this.
So what's left?
Dunno, the rest of your life?
Have you charged that wheelchair?
All night long.
You know, ma'am, I've been thinking.
Low-fat butter from now on.
You dodged a bullet today.
Thanks to me.
Thank you, ma'am. I appreciate it.
Pass the cocktail shaker.
Doreen Warren.
I knew there was more to her.
I knew it.
You know, every girls' night out
I've ever been on
this is where all the trouble
It's always the cocktails.
One for the road?
Set 'em up Joe.
Doreen's solicitor's got in touch.
- Already?
- Yep.
She's still confessing?
Oh, yeah.
On one condition.
You take her confession.
Oh, no, ma'am.
No. Please?
I've already agreed.
You're taking one for the team,
Hope you've got plenty of lead
in your pencil.
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