Mech-X4 (2016) s02e08 Episode Script

Versus Traeger

1 Harris: Now we can search the city for Traeger.
We'll just shoot him with trackers and hunt him down with Ryan and Mech-X4.
You experimented on me as a baby? I experimented on your birth parents.
Everyone involved was a volunteer.
It's me, Randall.
I know how to track Leo down.
Just go ahead with the plan.
Get Leo.
(boom) Grey: Why didn't you end them? They're mosquitoes.
I can swat them whenever I want.
(alarm blaring) (indistinct shouts) Freeze! -(alarm blaring) -Hm.
Flesh, and bone.
(yelling) (scream) (thud) (yelling) (theme music playing) So, this is what little red ooze we could salvage from when Gray was holding Harper.
Leo: We've been analyzing it to help us create a weapon to destroy it.
And bam! Gohh-- That looks explode-y.
Oh! Because it is explode-y.
Hey, hey, hey, hey-- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, tiger.
We figured if we could hit it with the right frequency, we could turn it from red ooze Do we j-- Do we need one of those? Nah, nah, you'll be fine, you're young.
From red ooze (coughing) Ahh.
To no ooze.
And Traeger's made of red ooze, so that means no more Traeger.
Nice job.
-I want one.
-We all need one.
-Oh really? Dang, son, that's too bad, because, uh, bah-bam! Since when did we have a wall that could spin? No-- Spyder, the impressive thing is-- Mmm-- I'm so just-- Yeah, okay.
Well, we did it, hey, it's, uh-- -S-- S-- Sci-- Uh-- Sci-- Oh, we'll both do it later.
-Yeah, science.
-What's important is you did a great job.
-Ow! Oh! Sorry.
I'm pretty sure he's still banged up from the airport fight.
-I'm fine.
Well, if that's the case, I'm outta here! We've been fighting way too many flying monsters lately, so I'm gonna go pick up the last few things we need to finish the robot's flight mode.
We didn't-- We didn't already fly? No, we sort of just, leap.
-Leap? I just-- I just thought we were flying.
No, that's why I Yeah.
Anyways, with Harper still out there, I'm gonna need to keep a very low profile.
So, if you need me, my secret name is Constantine Del Montevideo.
The Third.
Thank you.
Good luck.
Hello, my name is Constantine, nice to meet you.
Guys, I was just checking the sensors, and it looks like Traeger is just outside Bay City.
Why would he be there? It doesn't matter.
We have an opportunity.
He's looking for a giant robot, but with these babies, we have the element of surprise.
We can take him down.
You guys ready? -Ready.
-Yeah, give me one of those.
Leo: Well! Huh Hi, there, sir.
Like to sample a bogurt? Bogurt! Huh, you know I invented these things, right? -Oh, really? -Yeah, yeah, yeah, just before I was locked up.
Anyways, yogurt plus bagel equals bogurt! -It's genius.
-That's the idea.
Of course, I called it a yogel, and I think that's a far superior name.
-Yeah, well, we'll agree to disagree.
Anyways, I'll sample your wares, you only live once, huh? Mm.
Oh! This isn't even toasted.
This is y-- yogurt on a bagel.
Keep the yogel.
You never saw me.
Do I have anything on my face? Ahh Bogurt, sir? Hipsters.
See? Leaping! Just saying, if you read the message boards, it says we can fly.
We have message boards? Harris: Okay, we're getting closer to Traeger's location.
But if these readings are right it says that he's 20 feet underground? Which is why we have to go in on foot.
Are you sure you're okay to go into battle? -Because-- -Absolutely, son.
Even a one-armed Harris is still a dangerous man.
-(laughs) -Nerdo's got guts! Respect.
Ow! Mark: Where are we? Harris: Don't know.
I think this is some kind of secret government weapons facility.
I'm scanning high-tech smart weapons, weird energy signals.
This place is filled with dangerous stuff.
We can't let him leave with any of it.
Yeah, no.
But if we save the place, we can take stuff, right? Guys, let's take a couple few things.
(boom) Traeger! Let's move! (alarm buzzing) Spyder: Ooh.
Sorry, unconscious dude.
He's fine.
He's out.
But he'll live.
Ryan: They're all still alive.
Now where's Traeger? The tracker says that he's right-- -Haah! -Whoa! It's me.
Spyder? S-- Spyder? Huh? Looks like the tracking dart fell off when he was wiping the floor with these guys.
No-- No offense, beaten up guy.
All right.
Let's get hunting.
Oh! (grunts) Hey, man, why don't you just guard the entrance while we look for him? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You are not going to chair me.
I think the term is "bench.
" Oh.
Am I too busy solving problems to memorize sports terms? We don't have time for this.
You do your job, I'll do mine.
Easy, Tiny Justice.
I'm just tryin' to look out for you.
Don't "easy" me, Jocko! -Ow.
-Hey I can handle this.
We can cover more space if we split up.
I'll-- I'll go with him.
Go, but, stealthy and quiet.
Those two mean the exact same thing, but I gotcha.
Oh-ow-ooh! I'm sorry.
Stealthy and quiet! Ssh! Ssh! Spyder: I'm being stealthy.
(alarm continues blaring) -Harris.
Harris! -Shh! What are you doing running off without thinking? That's my thing! -You okay? -I'm fine.
No, you're not, you're acting crazy.
What's up with you? Look.
I need a win.
I'm the one that lost Grey when we freed Harper.
If we'd stopped her, Traeger never would've been born.
This is kinda all on me.
Nobody blames you.
I blame me.
Look, let's just focus on finding Traeger, okay? Okay.
Leo! Come on out.
Come on, I know you're in here.
I just wanna talk.
(shouts) (grunts) Ha-ha-ha! Woo! How do you like that? So you're one of Harper's thugs, huh? Well, I'm not goin' back to that underwater prison.
Do you hear me? Not that prison, not any prison.
You don't understand.
I don't have to.
All you need to understand, is once this baby recharges, you're going down for the long sleep.
Well, that-- that sounded-- sounded a lot worse than it actually is.
You're just going down for, like, a long nap, like, five hours, more of a moderate slumber.
But either way, I'll be long gone.
(coughs) Aah! Aah! Dang it! I was just gettin' used to sunlight.
Still in the air.
He was just here.
He still is.
Mark! Argh! (grunts) Interesting.
You are more than human.
I sense power in you.
Why don't you use it to rule? Why don't you go to a doctor? You know veins are supposed to be on the inside, right? You look like the back of my grandmother's knees.
Ha humor.
It doesn't mask your fear.
Yeah! How do you like me now? Aargh! Aah! What? How? Science! Ahh-- Ooh! Aah! Ryan: I think he went this way.
What's he doing in here? Spyder: Something bad? -Harris: You think? -Ryan: Shh! That must be what he's here for.
Then we can't let him leave with it.
It's over! You know our weapons can hurt you, and you're surrounded.
Just surrender.
You hurt me.
I respect that.
I will never underestimate you again, as you have underestimated me.
Ryan: He can turn into a monster? Run! Move! Get to the robot! (roaring) Ryan: Come on! Hugs, everybody! Ooh, this is nice.
A little alone time? Ah, we're good.
Guys, he just ripped out a weapon.
He damaged the whole system.
It's overloading.
If it explodes, it'll kill everybody in this facility.
All right, I can fix this.
There must be a way to shut down all the power in here.
All right, while you figure that out, we're gonna go fight this monster.
(sigh) Couldn't just be an off switch, could it? Come on! Is it me or does that look like the beast Harper was piloting? I don't know, I don't have long-term memory.
Yes, Spyder, it does! (roaring) Aah! The new shields? Re-routing power to where we need it.
That monster tore through our regular shield, but if I pinpoint all our energy where he's hitting it's strong enough to protect us.
Way to bring your "A" game.
That's a sports term? I know what an "A" is.
Mark, how's it going? Did you find a way to cut the power? When in doubt, rip it out.
(laughs) On my way! Spyder, let's tear this thing apart! On it.
Wait, it's protecting a weapon? -Spyder! -Break it? Break it! (explosions) (explosions) Ohh! Fire! Incoming! Shields! Come on! Come on! (roaring) I can't keep up! Aah Harris, what are you doing? Aah! Aah! Aah! We're completely vulnerable! I'm trying I can't move! Uhh! (roaring) (boom) (alarm ringing) Oh, man.
Dislocated shoulder.
Sprained wrist.
Ankle? Aah! Ankle! Ankle.
Aw, dude.
You gonna be okay? No.
We could've won this battle if I had two good arms.
I'm sorry.
-I let you guys down.
-No, man! You gave us a way to track the bad guy, you gave us weapons to stop him.
And I looted the armory.
Save that for later.
Harris, you gotta stop beating yourself up.
I get that.
But the stakes are too high for us to not be operating at a hundred percent.
So, we'll wait for you to get better.
Yeah, and in the meantime, we can see what that guy's gonna do with the weapon.
We can't wait, Ryan.
(sigh) But I know what we can do.
(grunts) What up, hairbear? Wow what kinda math have you been doing? Ha! Always hilarious.
Got a sec? Yeah, uh I'll be out in a bit.
Not gonna invite me in? Look this is hard for me.
You and I, we've been rivals since Kindergarten.
I know.
I still remember getting two more smiles and a rainbow that you did.
I specifically remember four unicorns and a star, but that's not why I'm here.
Oh, no.
This is you askin' me out, isn't it? -No! -Really? The nod to our past.
The big sighs.
The crutches, which is an excellent sympathy move, -by the way.
Doin' good-- -(groans) Oh, jeez.
Oh, you're really hurt.
I just have a dislocated shoulder, sprained wrist, twisted ankle, bruised-- Yeah, I'm still not going out with you.
-I'm not asking you out! -Mmm I knew I'd have to show you.
Do it.
Who are you talking to? (boom) Uh Wow.
Speechless, that's a first.
Hey, just, uh, do me a favor? Stand very still.
Why do I have to stand really still? (screams) Welcome to Mech-X4.
No way.
(chuckle) So what are you gonna do with me Underwater prison? Bunker underneath the corporate headquarters? Panama? You really don't recognize me, do you? Why would you? You used us and threw us away.
Aaron! What's goin' on here? Is this it? Is this the end? I never got to meet Michelle Obama, it's my greatest regret.
-You tied him up? -He's lucky that's all I did.
I'm sorry about this, Leo.
Randall? Is that you? Yes.
And we need your help.
A few of the people in your technopathy trial there were side effects.
Side effects? Just show him.
(groans) -(coughs) -He's allergic to technology.
(coughing) My experiments? They did this? W-- I didn't know-- I didn't mean to-- Nobody cares what you meant.
I'm sick.
We all are.
-Wait, what? -There are 30 more just like him, and if you can't cure them, they'll die.
And if that happens I promise so will you.