Medici: Masters of Florence (2016) s01e07 Episode Script


Heavenly Father your power brings us to earth.
It gives us life.
Your providence guides us and by your command we return to dust.
Those who die still live in your presence.
Their lives do not end.
In company with Christ those who died, live on.
May they rejoice in your kingdom.
Where sorrow is unknown and joy prevails.
Today we ask you to take pity on the souls of our departed brothers.
Rinaldo and Orlando Albizzi.
So cruelly torn from this world by the swords of sinners.
May you grant Orlando and Rinaldo mercy.
The Signoria must move to fill Rinaldo's seat.
Guadagni, his corpse is barely cold.
These things can't wait.
Forgive me.
The nobles are restless.
We must find a replacement as soon as possible.
- Very well.
- Someone who's sympathetic to the nobles, but also amenable to you and your family.
You should know Andrea Pazzi is petitioning for the seat.
Of course he is.
Well, there are many in the Signoria who view him as a fine candidate.
They may well, but not many of the Medici share their view.
Would he be such a bad choice? You have Florence in the palm of your hand.
The Pazzi are not threat to you.
There are always threats.
I--I choose to eat with my back to the wall.
Ah, Messer Medici.
May I count on your support? Are you sure you are up to such a challenge? Will you do it? How hard can it be? Let me take the seat in the Restricted council.
If I am to take over the bank one day, then it's time I got more practical experience in the Signoria.
On my own merit.
And not just as an observer at your elbow.
Piero, you know I think you're capable.
- Then say yes.
- I cannot.
If I was to put your name forward it would be too obvious.
People would know I was working from behind the scenes.
You can deliver the message to my chosen candidate.
What am I, a messenger? There are so few people I can trust, so do me this favor.
I promise you your time will come.
This is a chance for you to prove yourself but he wouldn't even give you that.
Father has his reasons.
He's giving Albizzi's seat to an idiot.
It's a chess move.
Nothing more.
Your father would rather have a puppet he can manipulate than a man who knows his own mind.
And still you value his judgment? Olive oil! Olive oil from the finest olives in Florence! Mastro Bredani.
Messer Medici.
- Madonna.
- My father wishes to know if we can count on your loyalty.
Well, of course.
I am his loyal servant.
What is it I can do for you? Me? A member of the Signoria? If you would do my father the honor.
Who would look amongst the market stalls for a candidate? Only Cosimo de' Medici a true man of the people.
Wait, wait! My humble gift to your father.
It's my best oil.
Take it.
Take it to Messer Medici.
Take it.
I'll let him know you are pleased to accept.
Thank you.
Now his body's buried you must put Rinaldo from your mind.
You should have seen his eyes.
No life left in them, yet pain of his death remained.
You must not torture yourself.
The only torture is uncertainty.
- forget Rinaldo's words.
- I have to know, Marco.
I have to know if he killed my father.
Maybe it is time to accept.
You will never have the answer you seek.
But it does not mean you cannot know peace.
How can I know peace with this dagger of uncertainty in my side? Every day, it twists a little deeper.
I must know for sure.
What if the truth only brought you pain? You know something.
Whatever it is you must tell me.
Tell me.
I command you! The dagger used to kill Tancredi the apothecary, it was here, in this house.
It still is.
It was won in a card game.
By whom? You're telling me my father's killer is here? In my home? I cannot say that.
I can only speak of what I know about the dagger.
Then speak! Who does it belong to? - This has already been settled.
- Brother.
Is this yours? Yes.
Where did you get it? What's this all about? God knows father could be a difficult man, but to do something as monstrous as this? What exactly is it that you accuse me of? Did you really love that Rosa girl more than your own father? You think that I killed him? Is it because he refused to let you marry her? Are you out of your mind? Tell him where you found this, Marco.
It was in the back of the man who sold the poison used to kill your father.
Cosimo! I have no idea how that dagger got there.
But you know that I could not do this.
You know! Ugo, talk some sense into my brother! Cosimo, your brother loved your father.
He would never do such a thing.
You have no idea what my brother is capable of.
Cosimo, I--I've stood by you.
Spoke up for you when no one else would.
Spent my whole life in your shadow, always second best in father's eyes.
And never once did I complain or blame you.
And yet now you accuse me of this? Come with us.
- Where? - Your rooms where you will remain under guard.
Are you serious? You gave him that dagger, didn't you? - Yes.
- With me out of the way, my brother will rely on you.
That's what you want.
Isn't it, Marco? That is what you've always wanted.
To take my place in Cosimo's affections.
What is it, uncle? Marco has manipulated events to make me look responsible for my own father's murder.
Murder? - This can't be true.
- Anyone could have taken that dagger from my saddles and killed Tancredi! Anyone, Cosimo! Someone who wanted to divert attention from their own guilt perhaps? - Someone like you! - No, please! Stop it.
- Guards! - stop it! Stop this! Remove his weapons.
My brother is to be confined to his chamber! No one is to see him.
This is ridiculous.
Lorenzo could not have murdered Giovanni.
Lucrezia, please.
This is difficult for all of us to believe.
Then why believe it? You have no idea of what my brother is capable of.
I know he's not capable of murder! All men are capable of murder! Given the right circumstances.
Now let me be clear: We do not speak of this again and this information does not leave this house.
You Holiness.
My apologies.
If we'd known you were joining us, we would have waited.
I stayed later than I intended at the Basilica.
Praying with Madonna Albizzi.
How is she? I cannot imagine the pain she must feel losing her husband and her beloved son.
This is a tragic day for all those involved.
But God will surely punish the unrepentant sinners responsible.
Ah, signor Pazzi.
Good to see you here today.
Likewise, signor Guadagni.
Though I wonder what the olive oil merchant is doing in the Signoria? Perhaps he's mistaken this for a marketplace.
What's he doing here? My father promised he would send you a candidate.
Has your father gone mad? I'm sure he knows what he's doing.
Gentlemen! Please! Please, take your seats.
While we are all still grieving the loss of Rinaldo Albizzi we can wait no longer.
It is time a new member of the Signoria is elected to take his seat.
The successful candidate is mastro Bredani! Yeah! Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you.
Thank you.
Who will join me for a drink to celebrate my new position? - They let you in? - No.
- I know where the keys are hidden.
- You shouldn't be here.
Neither should you.
If I could just get Cosimo to listen to reason.
You mustn't interfere, Lucrezia.
- Then I should do nothing? - Marco has become more Cosimo's brother than I am.
He believes every word that he says.
There is nothing that you can do.
We must find proof of Lorenzo's innocence.
I've spoken with Lorenzo and.
You went against my father's orders? You know Lorenzo.
You know he could never do this.
I trust my father's judgment.
Even when he has a common olive oil merchant elected to the Signoria? Your father's judgment is wrong! Do not disobey him again.
And I trust you will not disobey me.
That concludes the matter of the granary tax.
Now we move on to outstanding matters.
The Albizzi were declared traitors so the Signoria must seize their land and possession.
Their deaths make no difference.
Their deaths make no difference.
Their deaths make no difference.
You don't find that a little heartless? A mother has lost her husband and son.
Would you steal Madonna Albizzi's home from her? Take her money? The golden leaf from the frames of her family portraits? We must think of the good of Florence.
Surely not of the individual.
If her husband was a traitor then all that was his rightfully belongs to the republic.
And besides Messer Medici it is the law.
I am well aware of the law.
You would deprive this innocent woman of the home where she bore her son? Take away all that she has left to remind her of her loved ones? Have you no mercy? None of you? I suppose, Messer Medici, if you so wish it an exception could be made.
I do wish it.
And I wish all of you to share my compassion for this woman.
Do I have your votes gentlemen? Messer Medici? Madonna Albizzi.
Thank you.
You have no need to thank me.
I--I only did what any good Christian man would do.
I know you and Rinaldo were no longer close but I won't forget this.
May God bless you.
How magnanimous of you to show such kindness to the wife of your fiercest enemy.
Your Holiness, please.
I want to thank you for blessing the Duomo.
It may seem a small act, but it means a great deal to the people of Florence that the completion of the Dome will be a glory to God.
And to the Medici.
All our family's good deeds are in humble service to God.
Is that why the Medici seal graces to many edifices your family constructs in its humble service to God? God sees all.
He knows of the family's good work with or without the seal but we have many enemies.
The seals are not needed to remind God but to remind the people of Florence of the genuine piety of the Medici.
Genuine piety indeed.
God does see all.
All our good deeds and all our sins.
We are all sinners until we seek God's forgiveness.
Then let us pray together.
I'm a new member of the Signoria.
Questa fanciulla, Amor fallami pia.
Couldn't sleep? Perhaps I should run away.
Nobody would even notice if I was gone.
So what's keeping you awake? Worrying about a friend.
What's there to worry about? He has the whole of Florence at his command.
You sound bitter.
In Venice I was his only distraction.
Here he has.
Contessina the Signoria and a million other things more important than me.
And he's made it quite clear there's no room left for oh, whatever it was we had.
Perhaps he will move you into another Medici house.
You could still have a good life.
If Contessina will allow it? She'll probably just have me sold.
She's a merciful woman.
Hm, yes.
But I suspect that her mercy ends when it comes to her husband's whore.
You shouldn't talk that way about yourself.
You're so much more than that.
Cosimo? Is that you? Cosimo I beg you, can we just talk as brothers? I confess that, yes, I loved Rosa, just as you loved Bianca so many years ago, but but no quarrel could ever have provoked me to raise a hand against father.
These these troubles that that you are having they they are clouding your judgment but--but you must put them aside and see only what is staring you in the face.
That I'm innocent.
That Marco Bello has done this to me.
He's not worthy of your trust.
Cosimo? Cosimo? Messer? Help a drunken fool inside his home, please.
Please Have mercy.
Nooo! Cosimo! Cosimo, what is it? - I saw him.
- Who did you see? Rinaldo.
- I saw him.
- It was just a dream.
It's alright.
I'm here.
You blame yourself, don't you? But you must not.
It was not your fault that they were ambushed.
You cannot carry this blame.
I will stay with you.
In case your nightmares return.
I'll sleep better alone.
As you wish.
What's happened? I couldn't wake you before, but Bredani was murdered.
I tried to stop the voting, but it was impossible.
A slip with your mark was given to Guadagni this morning, but I told him it couldn't be from you but it was too late.
Madonna Albizzi.
I came to offer our sincere condolences for your loss.
And why would you do that? Rinaldo's death has hit Cosimo hard.
He blames himself for sending them into exile.
Well, perhaps he has other reasons to blame himself.
I'm sorry, I don't understand your meaning.
Do you really not know what your own husband did? It was Cosimo who ordered my family murdered.
Grief plays tricks with us all.
But you are mistaken if you think my husband had any part in this.
It isn't grief speaking.
Do you think I'm the only one who believes it was him? A woman of your intelligence should not delude herself.
It was a great show, sending Rinaldo and Ormanno into exile.
So all Florence could see how merciful the great Cosimo de' Medici is.
But there is no mercy in his heart.
It is made of stone.
You have lost your family.
I understand why you wish to lash out against mine.
You have no idea.
Ormanno was my life.
Without him.
I have no purpose, no reason to go on.
And it is Cosimo who did this! The only comfort I have is that you now know what sort of a monster you are married to.
Show Madonna Medici out.
How dare you say such filth! It's what all the servants are saying.
Cosimo would never do such a thing.
You think you know him better than I do? You're only saying that because he's tossed you aside.
Just as I told you he would.
Your position in this house is no longer safe.
Speak against Messer Cosimo again and you'll find yourself at the slave market in Genoa before you know it! What is the meaning of this? Madonna, I'm so sorry.
Tell me what has been said against my husband.
No, it's nothing.
It's just rumors.
Idle tongues.
Tell me! People are saying he ordered the Albizzi's deaths.
Do not repeat these lies again.
Of course not.
Your Holiness.
I have outstayed my welcome, but there is a room waiting for me at Santa Maria Novella.
Of course you haven't outstayed your welcome.
We are honored to have you as our guest.
But now it is time to go.
At least remain until Cosimo returns.
He will be so sad to have missed you.
I'm sure that your husband will understand.
Whatever you may have heard, you must believe me when I say that there are many people jealous of Cosimo's position.
People who would tell the most vicious lies if it meant that they might destabilize this family.
May I wish you congratulations on your appointment, signore.
No congratulations from you, Messer Medici? Of course.
I really hope our families can work together.
After all, we are both bankers.
Both committed to the modern world of commerce and trade.
It could be mutually beneficial.
I'd like that very much.
I always assumed the Medici disliked working with anyone and preferred people to work for them.
We all like to be our own masters, but I am sure we can find a way.
I only hope one day my family will achieve the success of the great Medici.
Do not underestimate what it takes to scale such heights.
I don't underestimate anyone.
His Holiness has gone.
Gone? Where? He claimed he'd be more comfortable at Santa Maria Novella than here.
But in truth, I suspect he did not wish to be tainted by scandal.
What scandal? There are rumors, Cosimo.
Rumors you ordered the Albizzi deaths.
Of course, I'm surprised anyone would believe such lies.
Cosimo, what are you doing here? I came to ensure your new home is comfortable enough.
It is sufficient.
I have no need for luxury.
You haven't forgotten what Matthew taught us about rich men entering the kingdom of heaven? The Medicis may enjoy some luxury.
But we enjoy God's favor too.
The family's relationship with the church has always been a strong one.
I hope that it will continue that way.
Have you come here out of concern for my wellbeing or for where the church banks? Or perhaps it is not the bank you fear for.
Perhaps it is your immortal soul? I know you have heard rumors.
I hear everything.
There is a conspiracy against me, led by the Pazzi.
My downfall would do great things for that family, I I implore you not to listen to their lies.
Is it possible that in the shadow of the Albizzi murders and your own father's death you have become a little sensitive? And now if you'll excuse me I have work to do.
I need twenty thousand florins.
What for? I'm leaving Florence.
Ugo, please, make him see sense.
Help me persuade him.
You must stay and defend yourself from these false accusations.
It's too late Lucrezia.
There is a change in Cosimo.
A coldness.
And he has locked me out of his heart.
Please have the bill of exchange drawn up while I prepare my escape.
Where were you? With Pope Eugenio.
Is everything well? Why wouldn't it be? Or did you really think he'd believe these vicious rumors? Perhaps you believe them? What is it they say? Before you embark on a journey of revenge - dig two graves.
- Do not presume to lecture me, woman.
As we sit here, conspirators are plotting our downfall.
Does that justify murder? Alessandra Albizzi believes it was you who ordered their deaths.
Perhaps she was right, after all.
Tell me, Cosimo.
Is your soul lost? Was it you who ordered the deaths of the Albizzi? Of course not.
We had our differences.
But to think that I could live with that man's death on my conscience.
Then you must not allow this situation to get out of your control.
The Pope cannot afford to be tainted by association with such lies.
You must ensure we have his undivided loyalty.
Contessina? Contessina, will you not eat? I've lost my appetite.
There are rumors, Cosimo.
Alessandra Albizzi believes it was you who ordered their deaths.
Perhaps it is your immortal soul.
What are you doing? How dare you disobey my orders! I had no choice.
I couldn't stand by and watch an innocent man be locked up.
You don't know he's innocent.
But I do believe he is.
I can't let you go.
You must let me leave, Contessina.
He won't listen to reason.
This family will break.
What is this? Who released him without my authority? You both need to hear what Ugo has just told me.
Ugo, what is this about? Something I should have told you, both of you - long ago.
- What? It's about Rosa.
I knew how much you loved that girl, Lorenzo.
Your father knew too.
What of it? After your father refused to allow Lorenzo to marry Rosa he ordered me to get rid of her.
Just as he got rid of Bianca all those years ago.
Get rid of her? How? You were in love with her, everyone could see that.
But you father deemed her an inappropriate match.
I offered her money, as your father instructed.
But she refused.
She said she had something more valuable.
Something that meant more to her than all the money in the world.
She was carrying your baby.
Rosa had my child? He insisted she leave.
To protect you.
Your father had me take her to a home for unmarried mothers near Arezzo.
But she was frightened.
But I told her it was for the best.
That she could rely on me.
Why, Ugo, did you not say anything? Your your father ordered me to keep her whereabouts secret.
The last time I went to see her was a few weeks before the baby was due.
The woman who ran the place tried to stop me.
She she said she'd left.
But I knew she was lying.
I found her in her room.
but she and the baby were dead.
This does nothing to relieve the burden of guilt on my brother.
But this does.
I found it in Marco Bello's saddlebag.
What is it? A bill of sale.
For hemlock.
Summon Marco Bello to my study.
What is it? Tancredi's bill of sale.
Who gave you this? The name of the buyer was torn off.
And it was found in your saddlebags.
You could have easily stolen my brother's dagger from his chambers.
You can't think I killed your father? You accuse me with evidence far less conclusive.
I was the one who demanded Tancredi surrender this.
- Remember? - So you said.
After you murdered the surgeon who conducted our father's autopsy.
What possible motive could I have? You didn't need a motive.
All you needed was to be paid.
Who was it, Albizzi? You know I have been a loyal friend - and servant to you, Cosimo.
- Loyal? Is it loyal to accuse my brother? Was it loyal to sleep with Maddalena? Did you think I wouldn't find out? There's no sum of money in the world large enough to make me raise a hand against this family.
Your money has given you enormous power, Cosimo.
But I wonder.
Do you understand the price you've paid? You expect us to just let you walk out of here? If you believe that I killed your father then kill me.
Go ahead.
Do it, Cosimo.
Do it.
I don't fear death.
Death is easy.
Do it.
Do it! I'll call the guards.
Let him go.
What? Let him go.