Medici: Masters of Florence (2016) s03e06 Episode Script

Un uomo senza importanza

Thank you.
It's beautiful, papa.
Well, it was the finest that I could find in Rome.
Now, they say that these were carved for a Spanish king.
I prefer to work than play these games, father.
Maybe in the bank Now you're still young.
Well, I wouldn't wish for responsibility too soon, Piero.
Can you teach me how to play? Of course I can.
It wasn't easy, but I've moved money between accounts.
If Carlo can persuade the Pope to repay his debts before the end of the month, then we'll survive this.
With hope.
There is a new Pope in Rome.
What are you whispering, Pietro? What time does the tavern open? Are you bored? Already? Yes.
Yes Rome is far from here.
So why does it matter to Pietro and I that the new Pope bought his office with gold coins, instead of prayer? Because it matters to Christ.
"My house shall be called a house of prayer but you are making it a den of thieves.
" Christ's words: "Don't worry, Pietro, I'm getting to the point then you can have your drink!" But Jesus Jesus saw something else.
That even the powerless can fight corruption.
Not with gold coins, but with another currency.
This is the currency of our Lord.
Christ gave everything for us.
So we might learn to give everything for each other.
Let the brave help the scared.
The healthy the sick.
The wealthy the poor.
For the poor.
God bless you, Madonna.
Spend your love on one another and your purity will spread upwards and cleanse the Church.
Go in peace brothers and sisters.
Bless you, Father.
Prior, may I speak to you? The people love you, Prior.
- God be with you.
- I speak to bring them closer to God.
Not to serve any man's interest.
You wanted the Pope to be chosen by God but Lorenzo de' Medici paid for him with gold.
- I know what happened in Rome.
- You speak of equality.
Help us get it by demanding the Priori be restored.
I'm a man of faith.
Not of politics, Messer Ardinghelli.
The Medici bank is weak.
I hear it everywhere.
If the Prior will not help us apply pressure on Lorenzo there is a way we can do it ourselves.
Demand a catasto.
Messers of the Council our people suffer under heavy taxes levied in time of war.
There has been discontent, it's true.
Well, we'll consider your warning.
There's been much consideration.
Now it's time to act.
The people demand a catasto.
It is our right to assess the city treasury and each man's wealth.
And it has been too long since the last catasto.
Very well, Messer Ardinghelli.
The catasto will be held at the end of the year after the harvest.
Why not now? I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say my accounts are in order.
I have nothing to hide.
None of us do.
Madonna? I hear you played your part in Rome.
I do not seek your approval, Bernardi.
Where's my husband? It's a disaster.
Ardinghelli has called upon the Ten to carry out a catasto.
His intention can only be to be to prove that we're bankrupt.
I'm sorry, I should have been there.
Well, you had other things to attend to.
We couldn't have seen this coming.
If the clerks discover the money missing from the city, you'll be tried for treason.
It-it must be delayed.
What, and prove that the bank is failing? No No, the money has to be replaced before the city clerks examine the ledgers.
And Carlo has to press the Pope to repay his debt.
Nobody, and I mean nobody, can see the city ledgers.
What is it? You can speak freely.
Your mother established a second set of ledgers.
She stole from the dowry fund then forged entries hiding proof of the money that was taken from the city.
Clever move.
Your mother was a fox amongst hares.
If the theft from the dowry fund is discovered, we are ruined.
Tommaso What is it? After what happened this morning, I thought you should know that Ardinghelli and Spinelli were at Savonarola's sermon today.
I believe that they seek to use his popularity - against you.
- Yes Yes, his preaching of equality fostering distrust of the Council amongst the people.
Look To reassure them, I think this catasto should be run openly and honestly.
I'd like you to take charge of it.
I'd be glad to.
You're a very good friend, Tommaso.
I appreciate your council He's not the man I would have chosen for this job.
You think I'd rather chosen you? Tommaso is honest.
And perception matters.
I must speak with Savonarola.
We cannot afford to have him used against us by our enemies.
What we did in Rome must have angered him.
Tommaso wants me to help with the catasto.
If you agree to it.
When I was sixteen I was eager to learn about the city.
It's Piero's decision.
I would like to.
Very well.
Matthew, Chapter three.
"The voice of one calling in the wilderness.
" You remember the word of God, but chose to act in his place in Rome.
If Riario's candidate would have won Florence would never have found peace.
Is it true? Ardinghelli is courting you? So that's why you're here? To see I'll not act against you? I told him I have no interest in politics.
Savonarola? He won't side with Ardinghelli.
And he's got very strong feelings, but he's a priest.
He won't be drawn into politics.
But the catasto We aren't out of danger.
Yes, but we will be.
We will be.
And we'll find a way to repay the city.
Fixing this it will be the last thing, I promise.
We can live now.
I asked Sandro to come dine with us.
Just like the old days.
The catasto was established when your great-grandfather was in the Priori.
Here, each citizen makes a declaration of their property and income.
It's our job to make sure that their ledgers are in order and that they are paying the taxes that are due.
By law, they must make a full accounting of all income or face penalties.
You know so much about the city.
My father taught me.
Lorenzo's a very busy man, Piero.
Maybe he doesn't yet see what I see in you.
You don't have to be him.
Make your own choices Find your own way.
Tommaso Messer Ardinghelli I see the Medici have a hand everywhere in Florence.
Piero wishes to learn about his city.
The Medici are citizens, just like your family and mine.
Aren't they? He has every right to be here.
I've searched the accounts.
Not the Pope's money, none of these debts are large enough to repay the city.
There is one debt.
No, it can't be recalled.
Our new Pope is from the region.
The city's under his protection.
Being from there, I thought you'd be aware of that.
You see, I did manage to find something out about you, Bruno.
Of course, the trail stops at the Sarzana gates.
No one seems to recall a Bruno Bernardi.
It's not a part of my life I wish to recall either.
Let alone revisit.
I see no other choice.
I must call on my brother.
Does he have influence there? He's Gonfaloniere.
Guido Battista? Bruno Battista.
Do you think you can persuade him to pay the money back? I can ask.
Chances are he will say no.
Well, we've got to find a way to turn that no into a yes.
We're done with the Roselli accounts.
Let's start on these next.
Come on, there's no time to lose.
Madonna Medici There.
The Medici accounts.
Since he was a child Piero has always struggled to find his place in the world.
these too He seems at home here.
The more successful the father, the harder it is for the son.
I felt it, too.
Well, it's good to see him happy.
Thank you, Tommaso.
The way back to God is simple! But that does not mean it is easy! Our sins are like a comforting blanket.
Perhaps for you drinking and gambling dulls your pain.
Perhaps you cheat your customers for the benefit of your family.
Perhaps you tell yourself it doesn't matter because they won't realize.
It's hard to turn our backs on the things that make our own lives bearable.
But it's harder still to live without God's love.
May his peace be with you.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Father? - Excuse me.
- Madonna.
I'm so glad to see you here.
My words struck a nerve? No, you speak well.
I hear you also preach against the new Pope.
You know what Lorenzo did in Rome was wrong.
What he did, he did not do alone.
Was that your choice? He's my husband.
But your soul is your own.
Together we might bring him back to God.
We each must find our own way.
It's the same this time every year.
A man could lose himself in it.
Last year we were visited by the plague this year we are visited by Lorenzo de' Medici's messenger boy? You hold yourself differently.
Florence must have put some iron in your soul.
I didn't think you'd have the guts to return.
I forgot how much you take after our father.
What he did, he did to us both The difference between you and I is that I learned from him.
You betrayed him.
Exile was a mercy.
He was a fool to leave.
You were a fool to follow, worse than a fool.
You brother, are always soft-hearted.
I should have let him choke to death here on the damp air.
You have no regrets at all? Before he died, he said nothing of me? I have no recollection.
I'm here to offer you a deal.
Repay the hundred thousand florins you owe the Medici you will have Florence's protection.
That's it? The reason you travelled so far? Really? Surely Lorenzo de' Medici's lackey has something more to offer than that.
Trade with Florence will enrich Sarzana.
Will it? The answer is no.
You see, unlike you, I don't have to bow and scrape to the Medici.
I have the support of the new Pope and I know the Medici have no desire to fight an ally they paid so much to secure.
Isn't that right? So, run along.
Tell your master that.
I think I might stay a while.
It's been a long time since I've been home, Guido.
Do as you wish.
You can have our father's room Bruno.
Guido is right.
You must go to the country.
We'll return when you're well again.
Sandro! Poliziano It's like the good old days in Careggi, huh? It's so good to see you.
Only this time I'm the dusty old poet and you're the famous artist returned from Rome.
- I like that.
- Thank you both for coming.
Good to see you.
You look your old self despite the years.
Your work at the Cappella Magna has been praised far and wide.
I noticed that you've had somebody else add Riario to the hanging men in the Loggia.
Yes Riario's death has closed the chapter.
We shall start a fresh one.
Lorenzo, look who's here! Leonardo.
Returned to Florence! We should talk of art and life as we used to.
Now, art should speak of beauty, truth and God.
But what of science? Or of nature? We must let our hands be guided by true inspiration, from the divine.
It is the gift of artists to show men God's grace.
These machines the ones that you have been working on in Milan Yes, well I am more an engineer than an artist but I do find that visual language helps us understand the theories of mechanics.
The striking the impetus, the rebound - inertia - And you've built them? Milan is littered with my experiments.
We digress.
Sandro, I've asked you here tonight, because I want to offer you a space in the gardens.
Your own academy.
Well, that's wonderful news.
You're a hero to your students, so please teach them the beauty of your vision.
It's certainly a generous offer.
But at least, promise us you'll consider it.
Of course.
What about you? Did you write anything new? Well, we're all friends now.
You haven't had a night like this in a while.
I wish Giuliano were there to see it.
I sent Bernardi to Sarzana, to recover the money the city owes us.
I have word that the Gonfaloniere there refuses to pay it.
- Lorenzo, if - No, don't worry.
It's what we expected.
Not content with putting pressure on the Pope now Lorenzo does the same to the Gonfaloniere of Sarzana.
Holy Father, all Lorenzo asks is for what is owed to be repaid.
This is no longer about money, father Carlo.
Lorenzo meddles in the affairs of a region I come from.
It's a direct challenge to my authority.
Tell him it must stop.
Where have you been? - To San Marco.
- Again? I didn't know you were so pious.
Well, perhaps I changed and you didn't notice.
You should listen to what Prior Girolamo says instead of thinking how you can use him to further your ambition.
Tommaso The clerks are finished with your declaration.
This catasto takes forever.
No doubt because it is overseen by a member of Lorenzo's council assisted by Lorenzo's son.
Tommaso advises my father on progress as he does you.
As a courtesy.
I serve Florence, not Lorenzo.
My loyalty is to the people.
It takes time to listen to their concerns.
In the name of Florence perhaps you could also remind Lorenzo that this used to be a republic and you you were once its strongest advocate.
I'm sorry.
I spoke out of turn.
Ardinghelli just reminded me of something that I'd allowed myself to forget.
Your father would be proud of you.
Get some rest.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Messer Medici? Forgive my intrusion.
Will you help me? The Pope is angry about your move on Sarzana.
He warns that if you spill even a single drop of blood there you will face the wrath of the Papal army.
After everything he's done to prevent war I must go to Milan.
Sorry, Milan? Lorenzo, what have you planned with Bernardi? Let there be no bloodshed, alright? - Not for this, for money - Trust me.
Trust me.
The future is within our grasp.
It's been a long ride.
I'm not as young as I once was.
Lorenzo de' Medici.
Duke Sforza.
Lord Regent.
I greatly valued my friendship with your father.
Florence still considers Milan her closest ally.
Milan values your friendship, too.
In the spirit of friendship I came to help you.
I know that France threatens Milan.
Bolstering our alliance will secure your position.
I see.
How would you bolster our alliance? By bringing Sarzana into it.
- Interesting - And to persuade Sarzana? I'll need to borrow your army.
The Duke would be seen as a very powerful man in the north of Italy.
France would dare not attack him.
You were my father's ally.
And I want to help you.
But you must be careful.
Sarzana is protected by the new Pope.
Duke, you should not risk Milanese lives unless you are absolutely sure.
It must be frustrating pretending to defer to a boy.
No more than it must be for you to pretend to defer to Florence's citizens.
When Gian Galeazzo comes of age, you'll lose your position as Regent.
And the army guarantees your future in Milan.
That's why you won't risk it.
We both signed a treaty at Bagnolo.
Yet now you want to declare war on the Pope? No, no, no, no.
There'll be no war.
Don't count on my army.
Then just a few men.
And something else.
Impressive, isn't it? A catapult.
The most lethal ever designed.
It uses a rotating drum to launch cannons at devastating speed.
Leonardo is a clever engineer.
But it doesn't work.
The drum jams.
It's useless.
You summoned me? Touched as I am by this pretence at a family reunion it's been days.
You're up to something.
Me? The weak one? You sweat like a pig that's caught the butcher's eye.
I still scare you, don't I, Bruno? Oh yes.
You should know I've written to the Pope.
That you'll never outsmart me.
Because you're the clever one.
Well, I'm the one that escaped that old bastard's shadow.
So, yes.
You know, you should be grateful to me.
And I'm the one who chose to let you live.
I'm the one who chose to let you go.
You should be grateful.
You tell me, brother, was that strength? Or weakness? I could have done it with these hands.
That's why I lead.
And you follow.
Here he is the weak one.
The idiot who let his brother trick him.
Useless, pathetic worm.
Guido will never let us return to Sarzana.
This is your fault! Bring your canvas over there.
Messer Botticelli.
We are honored.
Let me show you the space Messer Lorenzo has set aside for your new studio.
I'll see it later.
Tell me what you see.
I'd like to be able to see the Virgin Mary alone.
But every time I try I cannot help looking for the hand of the sculptor.
An artist cannot escape the self.
Whether he loves or hates it.
You know, I strive very hard to capture the beauty of God and every time I fail I think only of my talent and my own reputation.
So therefore I paint for myself, not for Him.
Lorenzo has offered me my own workshop in the gardens.
And if you accept who will you be painting for? You are a genius, Leonardo.
I thought you asked about my machines out of curiosity.
I should have known better.
You made mistakes in your calculations.
You've never intended these to work I may not believe in heaven or hell.
But that doesn't mean that I have no morality.
Ludovico can't be trusted to use such machines wisely.
And I have no wish to see men die by my design.
Forget Ludovico.
Do you trust me? This is your chance to see if these machines can work.
You really think I can be manipulated that easily? No man will die.
You have my word.
Tommaso, I need to speak with you urgently.
Can't this wait, Piero? What do you know of the dowry fund? The Monte delle Doti was established by the city to provide dowries for the poor.
Why? A man asked for my help.
His sister was due to marry but he was told payments from the fund had been suspended.
He must be mistaken.
You said the catasto was an opportunity for those without a voice to be heard His is one of these voices.
Tommaso Peruzzi.
Let me in.
I've orders not to let anyone in.
I'm one of the Ten.
I'm supervising the catasto on the orders of Lorenzo de' Medici.
I need to see the city's accounts.
Let me in.
Who told you to bar this chamber? Thank God you've returned.
To fetch Leonardo.
I ride to Sarzana within the hour.
Tommaso's here to see you.
It's urgent.
Lorenzo What is it, Tommaso? Bernardi's been stealing from the city.
What evidence do you have? The books of the Dowry Fund have been altered.
They show payments to men who have never received them.
The fund is almost empty.
Bernardi ordered the guard not to let anyone enter the vault.
I mean, surely there must be some mistake.
- I'll investigate further.
- No.
I'll deal with it personally on my return.
If this gets out people will just panic.
They'll jump to conclusions.
It can wait until I return.
Very well.
Thank you, Tommaso.
And I've been thinking.
It's a long time since we talked about restoring the Priori.
Yes, indeed.
When I return.
What will we do? When I return from Sarzana I'll have the money.
We'll put it in the vault.
Tommaso has no proof.
If the money's there, nothing else matters.
Lorenzo leaves Florence tonight.
The attack is imminent.
I want you to spread a rumor for me.
- You! What do you want? - Come with us! Where are you taking me? Bring me the ledgers for the Medici bank.
I need to see them in person.
This boy of yours has been spreading a rumor of plague, causing panic.
To what end? To-what-end? Hang them both.
At the very moment he faces the butcher's knife the pig doesn't sweat anymore.
Tell me.
Why is that, brother? Messer? Lorenzo de' Medici is outside the city walls.
You'll want to hear what he has to say brother.
You came alone? I came for the hundred thousand florins that Sarzana owes the Medici bank.
Ah, yes, of course.
I'm sorry, but I think you've had a wasted journey.
You'll do nothing.
Why? Because you are Lorenzo the peace-maker.
And you leave me no choice.
Halt! Turn! Turn! Turn! You spill blood here, and it will mean war with the Pope.
Right! Light! Ready, fire! I told you you should listen! The city's walls are breached! My army just has to walk in and it's ours! If you don't pay, Sarzana will be destroyed! You You You betray your brother and your city! For what? For what!? It was you who betrayed your father and your brother! I am the right hand of this man Lorenzo the Magnificent.
Ruler of Florence.
Prince among men.
Now give him your answer! You'll get nothing.
Freedom! The money is yours peace-maker! You should know that the Pope will not intervene.
Because no blood was spilt here.
The tower and its surrounds were all empty.
Rumors of plague spread by your boy.
I misjudged you, brother.
You are certainly not the same man that left Sarzana, are you? You asked if our father said anything before he died.
I recall it now.
And? He said nothing.
The money's all there.
Together we turned the no into a yes.
This is the ledger for the Medici bank? Yes, Messer Tommaso.
And the Dowry Fund? Tommaso, the line outside is growing.
You know what to do.
Tommaso, if there is more I can do to help you, tell me.
No, you cannot help me in this.
There's work to be done.
Everybody have your papers ready.
Rest assured we are moving as fast as we can.
Lorenzo Messer! Let me help you! I'm fine, I'm fine.
I fell, that's all.
Papa! - Are you alright? - We did it.
We did it.
Bernardi's returning the money to the city.
So we're safe? We're safe.
You see this, it goes where it must, and balance the accounts.
You? Who asked to see those? - You can close the door.
- Of course.
Make sure I am not disturbed.
I said We need to talk.
I looked up to him.
As a friend.
The Medici are corrupt.
And not only in Rome.
They have been stealing from this city.
His own people.
Now what should I do? "So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.
" You're a good man, Tommaso.
However hard it is, you know what you must do.
Thank you, Prior.
He tore out the incriminating pages.
Tommaso has proof that we took money from the city and that we covered it up.
I'll go to him.
I'll explain that we took the money for good reason You cannot.
It would admit your guilt.
Now I'll go to him instead and I will explain.
But my fear is Tommaso will not listen to reason.
He must.
And if he doesn't? - Messer, Messer - Good evening, Anna.
Bless you.
Stay safe.
God bless you, Messer.
Bless you.
You disappoint me, Tommaso.
Bernardi, what are you doing here? I came for what belongs to the Medici.
Lorenzo has betrayed everything that he once stood for.
I've summoned Ardinghelli.
And then I will tell the city what Lorenzo has done.
You haven't done it yet.
Ask yourself why.
Could it be that you are wiser than your anger? Your father, isn't it? He was an honest man.
Who's that you're looking at? You're piss weak.
You hear me? At least Guido had the courage to act and he earned all my respect for that.
I love him for that! And I hate you! I You know, a son can choose not to make the same mistakes as his father, Tommaso.
Honesty is a weakness of character.
Who's your opponent? I'm playing myself to practice strategy.
One day, I will have a place in the city.
Whether you want me to or not.
Yes, of course you will.
And I'll teach you.
There's no need.
I'll study with Tommaso.
I have word from Carlo.
Innocent has agreed to pay the money owed to us on the condition that Florence forswears any further intervention of Sarzana.
What is it? The bank is stable again.
It's exactly as you said.
We can look to the future.
The darkness is behind us now.
Lorenzo? What is it? There has been an accident.
Father Girolamo.
Tommaso Peruzzi is dead.