Medici: The Magnificant (2018) s02e08 Episode Script


1 There, you see? It's never too late for reconciliation.
Why don't you find Sandro make your peace with him/ He knows you weren't directly to blame for Simonetta's death.
But if you'd respected the sanctity of her marriage, then you could be--- Ah, Madonna Ardinghelli, how are you? I'm very well.
Thank you.
Sorry, you were saying something about the sanctity of marriage Just do it.
What's wrong? Nothing.
It's only just starting.
We've still got time.
No, let's let's stay-stay here.
Why is Francesco Pazzi over there? I don't know.
Take me to the Gonfaloniere.
I have an urgent message from His Holiness.
Your men can wait here while we speak in my office.
Take a seat, your grace.
What exactly is it that you want, your grace? Do you think I might slake my thirst, before we talk business? No!! No! No! Get out! Wait! Wait! That's mother! Bianca, Bianca! Please, come on! We need to go! Giuliano! No! No! My boy! Help him! Giuliano! Lorenzo, the sacristy! Get her in! My boy! No! My boy! No! Lorenzo! Lorenzo, come on in the sacristy! Lorenzo! Francesco Francesco Francesco Kill him! Giuliano! Giuliano! Giuliano! No! Hold on, Nori! Get in! Come on, get in! Get in! Get in! You left him? You left Giuliano? No, no, no, you get out! No, you get out, get out, get out! Get him! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Poliziano! Poliz.
J Poliziano! Poliziano! What's happened? What's happened? The Medici were murdered! Lorenzo and Giuliano are dead! Get out of my way! Get out of my way! Do you hear something? What you hear, is the birth of a new republic.
Why are they here? Help me break down the door.
You're bleeding! Nobody's coming to help you! I must go I must go and get Giuliano.
No, no, no, there are too many of them! How many? Five, six! The cathedral was full! There were hundreds of people, hundreds! They just stood and and watched and did did nothing! They were afraid! -Of five men? They panicked and ran! I should have done something I should have done something! Just stop everything, stop! A papal army will arrive shortly! But with the cooperation of Gonfaloniere Petrucci, there will be no need of any further bloodshed.
Jacopo, Salviati and an army of men led by Montesecco are now in control of the Priori! Another 600 men are on their way from Imola! Lorenzo! You might as well surrender! I cut Lorenzo's throat! He's mortally wounded! Make sure of it.
Then meet me at the government palace.
Come out! We could be hammering at that door for days and not break it down.
He's probably bleed to death.
If he's not, he soon will do.
We should go We should be at the Priori by now.
Declaring a new government with your uncle.
He told us to make sure.
Lorenzo! Lorenzo I should have known I should have listened to him.
If I'd listened to him he'd still be alive.
I'll go to him I'll go to him.
There's nothing you can do! No, it's too late.
-It's not too late.
Listen to her.
-He's dead.
Està muerto.
Listen to her.
It's done.
I need to get out of here.
Wait! I'm sorry I'm sorry.
This is my fault.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I was the son of peasants.
Son of people who didn't count.
But I could count So you took me into your bank and under your wing.
I'm happy to give my life for you.
No, no No, please.
No! No! No! Hello? Hello? You can come out now.
They've gone.
Who's-who's that? One of the choir boys.
It could be it could be a trap.
No, no, don't, Lorenzo.
No, Lorenzo, no! It could be a trap! No! I can't wait any longer! They-they've gone to the Priori.
Wake up, wake up You're good I should have listened to you.
Better late than never.
Together in heaven.
And Vespucci's going to hell for this.
No no, don't No, don't die, don't Don't die Please, don't die, don't die.
Don't die.
My boy! My boy! You cannot go out there alone! Come home! Gather your forces, marshal your strength.
The people need to know I'm alive.
You won't be for long! Your mother was right! They left us here! Come back and live to fight another day! Go after him! Please, protect him.
-Lorenzo? I bring greetings from the Curia! And a message of peace from His Holiness the Pope.
Jacopo Pazzi and the brave patriots who today have overthrown the tyrannical rule of the Medici, have his full support.
Almost 400 years ago, my ancestor, Pazzino de' Pazzi, led the liberation of Jerusalem, and now we do the same for Florence! The Priori will no longer be puppets of Lorenzo de1 Medici! There will be no more of the same old corrupt political elite! It is time for the people to take back control! It is time for liberty! Death to Medici tyranny! Liberty, freedom to the people! Long live Jacopo Pazzi! Jacopo! Jacopo! Jacopo! Jacopo! Jacopo! Jacopo! Jacopo! Jacopo! Jacopo! Come here.
The gonfaloniere, Cesare Petrucci, has agreed to hand over his position to Jacopo Pazzi! And will now make an announcement! Do you think we have no guards? Lorenzo sent for the Cavalcantis this morning.
Jacopo! Jacopo! Jacopo! Jacopo! Open up! I demand you open these doors! The men in the Priori? Locked in.
Go to the bell tower, ring the alarm, and fire on the rebels from above! Guard the door! I'm the new gonfaloniere with the new Priori! And I demand you open these gates! They locked us in! Move! Move! We need to requisition your cart as a battering ram! The despots are dead and we need to get into the government palace! Is that a ghost then? These men are murders.
These men these men are villains.
Your dictatorship is over, Medici! The people have spoken! They will no longer follow one elite family and their cronies! The people will rule! These men plotted to kill me! Plotted to kill me and my brother in the Duomo! On the Sabbath! In the middle of mass! These are not crimes against my family, these are crimes against God! My brother's my bro my brother my brother is dead.
We chose to spare you! But we will spare you no longer if you don't surrender.
Raise your weapons! And break down the doors! Break them down! You heard him! Let the horses loose! I'm just a stone cutter! I know nothing of politics! But when the Medici run things, my trade is good! My boy eats! And my trade, too.
If this is the people of Florence speaking, why are these soldiers outsiders? Long live Lorenzo de1 Medici! Long live Lorenzo de' Medici, who gave us work! And gave us work! And art! And philosophy! Long live Lorenzo de' Medici, who gave us poetry! A Papal army will soon be at the gates! If you resist the will of God, there will be slaughter! You've already lost, Medici.
We control the Priori.
Up there! The city's gates will be closed.
Your army will be repelled! Go! Go! Come on! Come on, run! Close the gates! Remember that letter? I opened it this morning.
It was from Francesco, inviting us to meet him at his villa to discuss urgent business.
Us? Both of us? I thought it was odd.
It would have meant missing mass, and if it was so pressing, why not mention it when he saw us at the banquet? Do you still have it? I threw it on the fire.
So you can't prove what it said? Do I have to? To my own wife? Why were we standing in the nave? We were late.
And as we came in, I saw Salviati slipping out at the back, and then I saw Francesco, not at our family villa in the hills, as he said he'd be, not in our family pew as he should have been.
He sat behind Giuliano.
And he had this look on his face.
By then it was too late.
No, it wasn't! Why didn't you shout? You could have saved his life.
I couldn't believe what I was thinking, that my brother- - He warned you.
Not exactly.
-He warned you and you did nothing! The Pazzi family have a long long history of treachery and murder, and previous crimes have gone unpunished because they could not be proven! But now Now I want the entire Pazzi family hunted down and wiped out.
I want their financial assets seized and given to the people! And I want their coat of arms removed from every building, every document, every coin and every surface in this city! I want the Pazzi name expunged from history! Come on! Open the door! Let me in! Open the door! Open the gates! I said open the gates! This is an emergency, I'm in control now, understood? Of course, signore.
Right, contact Milan and Venice, demand military support, according to the terms of our treaty.
Bring them in.
On your knees! You may confess before I pass sentence.
So we got no trial? Did my brother? Nothing I've done is a crime.
I've nothing to confess.
I confess to being a professional soldier.
I carried out the duties I was paid to perform.
Yes, my wife suspected you.
Carlo tried to warn us.
My brother even heard rumors of an army.
They'll be here any moment.
Will they? I should have done more.
I should have done more than How could I have predicted this? You have no right to judge us.
The Medici have killed countless times.
Your father made an orphan of me with a stroke of his quill! We were friends, Francesco.
There were times that Giuliano was jealous of you.
You are a Medici.
I am a Pazzi.
We could never be truly friends.
Hang these two so the whole city can see them.
He can die a soldier's death at the point of a sword.
If you kill me, Carlo will die in Rome.
Not while I have the Pope's nephew to bargain with.
Jacopo's been seen trying to get out at the North gate.
He won't get far.
Lorenzo, please, do not do anything you will later to regret.
Hang them.
Spread out.
Search every building.
Always looking for trouble, aren't you, boy? You kill me and I'll become a martyr.
A martyr? You'll be forgotten.
Surrender, Jacopo.
Repent your sins, and you can die with God's grace.
The arrogance.
It's you who's going to die, boy.
Lorenzo! Here! Do it.
No, not here.
Bring him to the Palazzo Vecchio.
Wait outside.
You must seek peace with the Pazzi.
No matter the cost.
But they hate us, Grandmother.
Why? Why do you keep on hating us? It's you who hate us.
Because you're just a bunch of jumped-up wool-peddlars.
You may own the richest bank in the world, and could build a thousand cathedrals, but you'll never be a noble family like us We, we're destined to rule, and you know that.
Their hatred is built upon our hatred.
But that's not true.
-But it is.
You must listen.
Hatred begets hatred.
Is that why you tried to kill my father? Why you murdered my brother? God is our judge.
We did what we believe to be right.
And we never acted alone.
Is Guglielmo involved? No.
But I would say that, wouldn't I? Your namesake, Lorenzo, died at the hands of the Pazzi, convinced they murdered your great-grandfather.
But they didn't.
Grandfather said the Albizzi killed him.
Hatred begets hatred.
I tried.
I tried to make peace with you.
You must be the one to end it.
Hatred begets hatred.
Be a better man than your father, your grandfather, and his father before him.
Do good.
Be good.
And lead us all to Christ.
It ends here.
You lose.
I lose what little is left of my life.
But you with your precious ideals, what have you lost? You've lost everything you've ever stood for.
You've lost your soul.
No! No! No! Get out! Get off me! Clarice! Is Giuliano here? They laid him out Your mother is sitting with him.
This order of yours It doesn't apply to Guglielmo, does it? No! Wait! Wait! -Did you know? Did you know? -No, Lorenzo.
I swear it before God and the lives of my family.
Your family are the Pazzi.
Not any more.
Why weren't you in the pews? We were in the nave I was late.
You know how I am.
Of course she didn't know.
You're just being paranoid now.
How can you think such a thing? Give me a dagger.
Lorenzo, no! -I should have known and I should have stopped them! If you kill him, you'll nave to kill me.
And the baby.
Lock them in their chambers.
We need to talk to you.
You said that Giuliano and Simonetta would be together forever in my painting, yet I have just watched it burned by a mob on a bonfire.
Corpses are being desecrated.
Jacopo has been cut down, beheaded, quartered, each piece of his body being paraded separately through the city! You have to do something.
-I'll do something.
I'll commission you to paint the traitors on the walls of the Bargello.
I want their shame recorded and remembered.
Do you know why the people supported you? It is because all your acts of kindness, all your virtue added up to more than the fear of the soldiers, and that's why you're alive now.
Look! Doesn't this fresco mean anything to you? Don't you see it is because of you and your family that we have been surrounded by love and peace and harmony for so long? Be a leader, Lorenzo.
Show mercy, stop the bloodshed.
The city gate's shut, the alarm sounding throughout Tuscany.
It seemed wiser to retreat.
Any news from Florence itself? Lorenzo has had Archibishop Salviati and your bankers, Francesco and Jacopo Pazzi, hanged from his government palace.
This should never had happened.
I couldn't I couldn't stop it.
And Cardinal Riario Riario? is hostage.
Bring me a messenger at once.
You may live.
Thank you.
But you'll be banished from Florence.
And never see my sister or your daughter again.
You understand? It's a generous and merciful compromise, Bianca.
If my husband is exiled, I go with him.
Our mother lost a son yesterday.
You'd force her to lose a daughter and a- No, you would! -If you insist on this, I'll have you both killed.
We live together or we die together.
No l'Ugo.
I accept your compromise I'll go! We live together or we die together.
Go then.
I want you both gone after the funeral.
What else is there to do but carry on? It isn't Venus and Mars A different kind of Venus and Mars Set in an orange grove, in amongst flowers and fruit and color.
I'm calling it aSpring°.
Cause after death comes life.