Medium s01e07 Episode Script

Jump Start

Previously on Medium: Allison Dubois? Yes? You're ordered to appear and give testimony in the matter of The State of Arizona v.
Nicholas Morgante.
What makes you so special, Mrs.
Dubois? What do you really do for the District Attorney? Who are you really, Mrs.
Dubois? Well, I'm not Adam Humphries.
- What did you just say? - Adam Humphries.
- He took your Bar exam for you.
- I can't hear them.
Can you hear them? after you cheated but still failed three times.
- Counselor - And I'm not Dean Gardner.
You bribed him to keep quiet in your last murder trial.
So now you know.
Do you really want to keep asking me who I am? - Mr.
Watt? - At the risk of everyone finding out who you are? I read the most amazing article in The New Yorker the other night.
This social scientist, this researcher went out and did this study where she interviewed everyone who had ever attempted to kill themselves by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.
And it turns out every single person she interviewed, every single one confessed that after they threw themselves off that bridge, about two-thirds of the way down, it suddenly occurred to them that all the seemingly insurmountable problems they've had in their lives were fixable-- every single one.
Save for the fact that they had just thrown themselves off the Golden Gate Bridge.
The girl you're looking at has just jumped off a 300-foot cliff.
Right now, she's two-thirds of the way down.
Ooh, Joe.
Hey, Joe? Could you give me a hand, darling? Hey a little help here? Thanks a lot.
Honey, I hate to do this to you.
Could you take the girls to school and drop me off at day care on your way to work? Al, what are you talking about? I don't have a car this morning.
It's in the shop, remember? You were gonna drop me off at work today.
Oh, shipwreck! Shipwreck.
Okay, guys, hey.
Go get your backpacks.
Hurry up.
Mommy's running late.
Take her and go find her shoe.
Come on, Bridg.
For those of us who tuned in late, what's the rush? I had a dream last night.
Of course you did.
In it, a girl committed suicide.
She threw herself off a cliff in the desert.
I don't think anybody knows she's there.
I think that's why I had the dream.
I see.
Actually, I don't.
Okay, I want to go to work so I can let law enforcement know so they can launch a search so they can find the body.
So let's me see if I got this right.
Some cosmic force is smart enough and all-knowing enough to know that you work for the D.
, so it shows you this dream, knowing that you can do something about it, but this same cosmic force isn't all-knowing enough to know that on this particular morning, you have to drive your husband to work, 'cause his car needs its 15,000-mile service.
Not funny.
I'm not trying to be.
What you looking for? Keys.
Girls, have you seen my keys? Keys? I would think even to get a psychic's learner's permit you'd have to be able to find a lost set of Keys? Girls, Mama's got some keys.
Okay, thanks for the ride.
And don't worry, you know.
If my car's not ready, I'll get a ride with someone else.
Don't do that.
I'll pick you up.
Hey, there.
Hey, Brett.
Carpooling? What are you, a Democrat? Allison, this is Brett.
You've heard me talk about Brett, right? - Hey.
- Hi.
I've heard a lot about you.
Clear! We've been working on that wind shear algorithm thing I've been telling you about.
Oh, that thing.
Oh, that thing.
I can tell you two have been talking each other's ears off about this.
I'll be upstairs in the Fortress of Solitude.
- It was nice to meet you, Allison.
- Nice to meet you, Brett.
- Seems like a nice guy.
- He is a nice guy.
What's with that look? Huh? I don't have a look.
I'm lookless.
I got to go.
Okay, all right.
Well, good luck with that, you know, that thing, you know.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
All part of the service.
I didn't mean to frighten you.
Didn't realize anyone was here.
Oh, it's okay.
I was just I was Sorry, I'll get out of your way.
Having a seance, Ms.
Dubois? Conjuring a demon, actually.
We just need a few minutes.
You got to give it to God.
Food, sex-- where'd he come up with this stuff, huh? Well, for what it's worth, I'm not coming up with anything.
We'll get there.
We've only been working on it seven months.
God, we're dumb.
Hey, did we ever run that logarithmic vector shift we were playing with last week? Something I said? You all right? Whoa! Now I am.
All right, enough fun and games.
Back to the coal mine.
You know, up to here I know.
It's pretty damn good, isn't it? We're not a bad team, Ollie.
Now, if we could only get from there to there, that'd be something.
Maybe we could get published.
Get ourselves a little piece of mathematical eternity.
Her parents are on the East Coast.
I think her boyfriend's gonna come and identify the body.
That's enough.
I came as soon as I could.
What are you doing here? I found the body.
Well, I'll just step outside.
I'm sure that you and your client would like some privacy.
I'd appreciate that, Ms.
Dubois, but he's not my client.
He's my son.
It was just weird.
The door opens and there he is.
You didn't have a clue, huh? Don't tell the other psychics, but no, I didn't have a clue.
Here's the funny thing.
I felt bad for the guy.
I mean, he tried to destroy my life in court last month and I actually felt bad for him.
It comes around.
Well, karma made a girl kill herself so that Larry Watt's son could grieve because his dad was mean to me on a witness stand? I don't think so.
That's the last cosmic theory you get out of me.
From now on, I stick to math.
Brett really liked you.
Really? He said he felt some kind of connection with you.
Hey, he's a single guy.
I might have to kill him.
That's not funny.
Honey, there's something I have to tell you.
I'm not sure I really want to know.
Well, it isn't about you.
Is it about you? No.
It's Brett.
The second I met him, the second I touched his hand, honey, his health is not good.
What are you talking about? His heart.
It's not healthy.
It's going to quit on him, and soon.
So what are you saying? You're saying the guy that I work with every day my friend, is going to die? I suppose so.
You suppose so? This has never happened to me before.
I mean, not with somebody we know.
I have been debating with myself all day whether or not to tell you.
Hmm, well, I'm sorry I missed that debate.
Now, what in the hell am I supposed to do with this information? I don't know.
Have him go to the doctor.
For what? His anti-premonition vaccine? I mean I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with this.
If you're right, then nothing that I can say is going to make a difference, and if you're wrong, then I'm just going to completely freak this guy out, not to mention how do I explain to him how I know that he's going to die? You know what? I don't know.
Maybe I'm wrong.
God, or maybe you're right.
Why are you angry with me? Because I don't know! I just I liked it so much better when I knew what I knew.
When you would say something like this and I just could ignore it.
Well, I'm sorry I complicated your life.
Hey, wait a second, wait a second.
Come back.
Just come back.
So you shook his hand.
And I saw it.
It was him-- in the back of the ambulance, wearing the company softball shirt.
He was gone.
What company softball shirt? Your company.
They have a softball team.
They wear shirts and stuff, and When have you ever heard me talk about a company softball team? Well, I don't know.
I just assumed.
Just tell me how this works.
If there's no team and then there's no shirt, then what does that say about the rest of your story? Hallelujah.
The patient lives.
'Night, darling.
Tire tracks? I think that's what she was trying to show me.
She came to me in my sleep last night.
She flew out of the ravine and led me to the tire of a car.
But why? If this is a suicide, what difference are tire tracks going to make? I don't know.
I just know what I saw.
Medical examiner put the time of death somewhere between noon and 3:00 p.
on Sunday.
Her cellular phone records show that the last call she made was to your house.
We spoke.
Must have been around 12:30.
We talked for maybe ten minutes.
And was she at the overlook when she called? I didn't know where she was.
She didn't say.
You told the officers that you were home all day watching TV.
Can anyone verify that? I had a bunch of friends over.
We were watching the game.
I can give you their names.
All right.
I think that'll probably end this.
We just want to find out what really happened, Greg, you understand? Me, too.
It's just so hard to even imagine Isabel taking her own life.
It's just so not who she is.
What's this? Those are the tire tracks I told you that we found.
Greg, in order to completely eliminate you as a suspect, I'd like your permission to take a look at your tires-- compare the treads, maybe get a soil sample off the rubber.
Absolutely not.
Wait a minute.
You still think I did this? We have to rule everybody out.
As soon as we can determine you absolutely weren't there, we can move on to finding out who was.
There is no way on God's green Earth that I'm going to let you examine my son's car without a search warrant.
Go ahead.
Do what you got to do.
Like I said, get a warrant.
Larry You know as well as I do no judge will sign one, because you have no reason whatsoever to suspect that my son had anything to do with the tragic death of this disturbed young woman.
No, we are not doing that.
Not here, not today.
We're not talking about her that way.
I know it's the lawyer in you, but No.
I loved her, and she is not she's not was not disturbed.
I'm sorry.
I apologize.
- But, Greg, as your attorney - But you're not just my attorney.
And I have nothing to hide.
You're back from lunch so soon? Surmising from the look on your face, you didn't get a Happy Meal.
What are you doing? I'm starting a terrorist cell.
What does it look like I'm doing? I'm organizing a company softball team.
What's the deal? You going to ask me out? I don't think it's going to work.
Breasts are sort of a non-negotiable item for me.
You know? All I'm trying to say is no boobs is a real deal breaker.
I need to tell you something, Brett.
This is something I've never told anyone.
It's about me.
It's about how I am.
I was just kidding about the breasts thing.
If you do have them, then feel free to keep them to yourself.
I have this thing where I can see the future.
Nobody knows about it.
I've never told anyone.
You're really starting to creep me out, man.
And I had this vision this dream, and you were in that shirt, and you were dying.
You were having a heart attack and you were dying.
I want you to do something for me.
I want you to go to a doctor right now.
I'll take you.
I'll pay for it.
You're kidding, right? Come on, I'll take you right now.
Get your hands off of me.
Come on, think about it for a second.
What's the harm? I mean, can you actually go to a doctor too much? - Come on, let me take you.
- No, Joe! And stop looking at me like that.
Don't take this the wrong way, but if there's anyone here who needs to see a doctor, I seriously suspect it's you.
- Please.
- No.
I can see you're serious about this, and I love that you're serious about this, but I'm not going anyplace but home.
He'll be here any minute.
You all right? To be honest, I'm confused.
Welcome to the club.
I know that that boy didn't push her off the cliff.
We had people at the house.
Greg is planning a memorial.
Well, I'm sorry to disturb you a second time, but I'm afraid there's been a little glitch in the mix.
Greg, we ran those tests we told you about on the car.
They came back positive.
Your tires matched the tire tracks at the scene.
That's not possible.
And forensics found traces of a soil embedded on your car that matches the soil samples taken from the overlook.
The tests are wrong.
- Run another test.
- Larry, you know as well as Look, for every underpaid forensic expert that you trot out of the State's crime lab, I'll get three expensive credible experts of my own.
Is this a case you really want to try? Greg do you understand the implications of what I just told you? You do not have permission to address my son.
Your son is well over the age of majority.
Don't need your permission.
Greg? But I was home.
Isabel called me there.
You know.
You said that you had the records.
But that only proves she talked to someone.
It doesn't prove she talked to you.
I was with my friends.
I will give you their names.
And I promise you we will interview each and every one, but that does not change the fact that your car was at that overlook.
I mean, unless you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the car was not in your possession, that you had loaned it to someone or perhaps it was stolen.
We're done here.
Come on, Greg.
Watt, don't you have something to add here? Did you not hear, young woman? This interview is over.
- Larry, there's - Mr.
District Attorney, my son has endured all the questioning that we are prepared to entertain this evening.
Now, if you truly consider him a suspect, I presume that you have a warrant for his arrest? Ah.
And since you don't, we're leaving.
Greg It wasn't your son I was questioning-- it was you.
You know who was in that car.
You both do.
You weren't in that car at all, were you? Well, he said his battery was dead.
You told me you were going to the office.
- Son - Dad? What's going on? If you give me a moment outside with my son, I'm prepared to make a statement, and to tell you what I know about the death of Isabel Galvan.
I met her one night.
Uh There's a bar near my practice.
I stop in there sometimes.
She approached me.
I bought her a drink, we started talking.
At the time, I had no idea that she was involved with my son.
We had sex in the back of my car.
A week later, she called me.
She told me that she knew who I was the whole time, that she had targeted me, even recorded our encounter together.
She said that unless I gave her $15,000, she would play the tape for Greg.
So when did this happen? The demand, I mean.
The night before-- Friday.
She very thoughtfully gave me a day to put the money together.
The point is, my son is an innocent in all this.
He doesn't know anything about what this woman was up to, or my indiscretion with her.
So now it's Saturday.
I agreed to meet Isabel at the overlook.
I just wanted her out of my life.
I wanted her out of my son's life.
I But when I tried to hand over the cash, she refused to give me the tape.
All of a sudden, she didn't want the money.
She said she had changed her mind.
She was going to tell Greg everything.
A shakedown? For more money? So I told her that was all she was going to get out of me.
We argued.
She, uh She came at me.
I urged her again to take the money, but she refused.
When I realized that we weren't getting anywhere, I left.
I swear to you she was still alive.
Hey, you.
I'm sorry I got in so late last night.
- You're not gonna believe what happened.
- I really don't want to hear it.
So So yesterday I told a doctor of mathematics-- a man I've worked side by side with since I can't remember when a man whose intellect I've always respected and who, I believe, up until yesterday, respected mine-- that I, Joseph Dubois, can see the future.
And that his days were numbered.
And did you suggest that he see a doctor? Yes, indeed, and he urged me to do the same, just before he fled the room with a look of abject terror on his face.
I see.
So initial here, here, here and here.
Sorry we're late, gentlemen.
Sorry to make you come to me, Manuel, but I've got trial in 20 minutes.
Hey, somebody apologize to me.
I'm the one who's surrendering.
It's merely a formality.
Your son and I both know you're innocent.
You're gonna be back home this afternoon.
Nevertheless, we appreciate your cooperation.
Duly noted.
Greg, sign here.
Okay, Greg, you've got power of attorney now.
I'm counting on you to take charge of everything until this mess is cleaned up.
But I don't know anything about this stuff, Dad.
It's money.
You'll figure it out.
Besides, it's only temporary.
It's not as if they actually have a case.
Let's just let the judge take a look at everything.
And I'll tell you what he'll see.
He'll see a man who exercised bad judgment, made a horrible mistake and was blackmailed for it.
Blackmailed by an unstable woman, who, according to my investigators, has been prescribed with antidepressants since her preteens, has a history of suicidal behavior.
She apparently called suicide hotlines the way other people call out for Chinese food.
Was that true? Well, it may be true, but that's not the girl that I know.
That's not the girl that I loved.
Do you think she jumped? I honestly have no idea.
The only thing I'm certain of at this point is, I know my father didn't push her.
Deputies are waiting outside.
Sorry I'm late.
My wife had an emergency at her job and the kids Kreskin.
I got to work-- you weren't there.
One of the guys said you were here.
I'm cleaning my place and I have this extraordinary moment of clarity.
So I rush back to the lab, and I'm working.
And I feel this twinge in my chest, and I was thinking about what you said, and so I was compelled to call 911.
They told me I was flatlining in the ambulance.
Quadruple bypass.
where she interviewed everyone who had ever attempted to kill themselves by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, and it turns out every single person she interviewed every single one, confessed that after they threw themselves off that bridge, about two-thirds of the way down, it suddenly occurred to them that all the seemingly insurmountable problems that they had in their lives were fixable, every single one save for the fact that they had just thrown themselves off the Golden Gate Bridge.
When we come back, more from Henry Salzman, Director of the Greater Phoenix Suicide Hotline.
Can I help you? Yes.
I work with the District Attorney's office.
We're doing an investigation on the death of a young woman named Isabel Galvan.
I was wondering if you could tell me if she ever called the hotline here? I'm sorry, but all calls to the hotline are confidential.
- Yes, I know, but - I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
- Sandra, line two.
- Excuse me.
Not the girl I know.
Not the girl I loved.
Bad dream? No, actually.
No dreams.
Just a nagging feeling that something isn't right.
Why are you smiling? This whole Brett thing.
I was just thinking how funny it all was.
Here I had myself all in a twist 'cause I thought I was delivering the guy his death sentence, but as it turned out, I probably, we probably, saved his life.
And I'm sorry I behaved like such an ass yesterday.
So what's not right? And what's keeping you awake? Finding that kid's picture at the suicide hotline? That doesn't prove anything.
Yeah, but Watt said that Isabel called hotlines all the time.
There has to be a connection.
Okay, well, it all began with that dream you had, right? So, let's start there and work forward from that.
Well, that's just it.
In my dream, she jumped.
There was no foul play.
She clearly committed suicide.
Girl walks to the edge of a cliff and jumps.
You're right.
Nothing much open to interpretation there.
Yeah, I know.
I see her-- she's upset.
Wait a second.
And why is it exactly that we're looking for her cell phone? Because that's what she keeps showing to me.
At least I think that's what she keeps showing to me.
I got it! I found it! Me, too.
I found it, too.
What's going on? You said I didn't need my attorney.
You said you had good news.
I believe I do.
Of a sort.
We went back to the scene this morning to retrieve Isabel's cell phone, which we did, along with this.
Get off me! Damn it, I think you drew blood.
- That's you.
- Just leave, okay? I'm not taking the money.
I'm telling him everything and you can't stop me.
And that's Isabel.
You're messing with the wrong man, young lady-- I'll bury you.
Those words were spoken in the heat of the moment.
I had no intention of And that's you driving away.
And that's Isabel dialing the phone.
When you left, Isabel was alive.
I've advised the court.
We're dropping all charges.
Thank God.
Thank you.
This is fabulous.
The recorder she used to blackmail me proves that I didn't kill her.
Pick up, pick up.
She's calling you, Greg.
Remember that call? Can we turn this off now? Sure thing.
Have a seat.
We're not through.
But what's left to talk about? Well, there's the truth.
I don't understand.
Did you know that your son volunteered at a suicide hotline? The same one that Isabel used to call? Greg has a very giving spirit.
Actually, what Greg had was a plan.
And in order for his plan to work, he needed someone.
Someone that he could control and manipulate.
So he volunteered, he started taking calls from the lonely and the desperate, and finally, one night, he got a call from someone who fit the profile of what he needed.
It was Isabel.
Greg saved her life that night.
He told her he liked the sound of her voice.
That it was against the rules, but couldn't they meet? Perhaps we could meet in person.
And she agreed.
Greg made her feel special.
For the first time in her life, she felt loved.
And after a few short months, he became her entire world.
So, when he told her to seduce his father to record it and use it to blackmail him, she did it.
So he had everything set up for the big day.
You invited friends over to give you an alibi, you made sure your father's car was out of commission so he'd have to borrow yours.
And just like you told her to, the dutiful Isabel refused the payoff money and provoked a fight.
And then, like a good girl, she called you to tell you about it.
Greg? Hey, baby, it's me.
Yeah, your dad just left.
Yeah, he went for it.
I taped the whole thing for you.
He was really mad, I thought he was going to kill me.
And that's when you turned on her.
You called her a whore.
What-what are you saying? You told me you needed me to You told her it was a test, a test to see if she loved you and she failed.
Stop! What are you saying? You knew every button to push.
You told her you wished you'd never met her.
You wished you hadn't picked up that call that night at the hotline.
You wished she was dead.
Greg, please, don't.
I love you.
You knew you could get her to jump.
And you were right.
All the time making it look like your father killed her so you could get Power of Attorney and control of his money.
I'm truly sorry, Larry.
Dad They're lying.
Dad, it was all Isabel's idea.
She told me that we could be together and I believed her.
- Dad - Young man.
I have a warrant for your arrest.
Yeah? Well, you're gonna have a tough time proving any of it, and even if you could, I didn't kill her, so the worst you could get me on is conspiracy to blackmail? Maybe you're right.
But even so, I'm going to tie up your life and make it a living hell.
You're going to spend so much time in court, the bailiffs are going to want to make you shop steward, and by the time I'm done with you, trust me, you're going to wish you threw yourself off a cliff.
Kids are asleep.
If they weren't heads would roll.
Are you all right? Piece of plaque.
Size of a tiny crumb.
In his blood.
Went to his heart.
I realized later on that you knew.
This morning in bed, you knew.
That's why you didn't say anything when I was going on and on about how well things worked out.
I just I didn't know where.
I didn't know when.
I just I didn't want to do it to you twice, that's all.
If we could only get from there to there That would be something, hmm? Son of a bitch.
Think they'll publish it? I hope so.
Maybe he'll get his little piece of eternity after all.