Medium s01e16 Episode Script

When Push Comes to Shove: Part 1

You holding up okay? Dying of boredom yet? Nuh-uh.
Just 15 more minutes.
Then we'll meet Mom and the girls by the shoe department, and then we'll go to the movie, okay? Okay, but what are you buying socks for? Don't you have plenty of socks at home? It's not like you're still growing.
Well, you know, over time, they wear out.
And sometimes the dryer eats them.
You mean we have a dryer that eats things? Huh? Uh, no, no, it's just sometimes things get lost in there.
Socks mostly.
It's not like it actually eats anything.
Stay here for just one second, baby.
I just want to ask this salesman something.
Excuse me, uh, I'm looking for these in the crew.
I'll be right over, sir.
Thank you.
Bridgette? Bridgette?! Bridgette.
Bridge? Bridge! Bridge! Bridgette Dubois?! Hey.
It's 4:00 in the morning.
What are you doing up? Hey.
It's 4:00 in the morning.
What are you doing out? What can I tell you.
People are terrified.
Every time a red-headed woman who lives alone hears the wind jangling a loose screen, she thinks she's got a close encounter with the Phoenix Phantom.
And? Not tonight.
Not the three women that I sat with, thankfully, although I did have the distinct honor of watching the coroner pull the body of the first victim out of a Dumpster behind a gentleman's club.
Ah well Okay, can you reset the alarm after you get up at 6:30 for me at noon? Absolutely.
Wouldn't want to be late making the kids breakfast, getting them dressed, taking them to school, making them dinner or helping them out with their homework.
I'm sorry.
I'm I know you are.
I-I'm sorry.
People are dying.
You're trying to help.
I get it.
I do.
It's just It's it's unfair.
I can fix this.
I swear.
Oh now let's just hope that between now and noon, I don't have any scary dreams that wake me up.
Well, I don't think you need to worry about that.
I already did that for you, too.
Ow! I'm sorry.
Mommy always puts her hand on the top of my head so the hair doesn't pull.
Yeah, I'm sure she does.
was discovered yesterday evening in a Dumpster outside the Fantasy Lounge.
Bridge hey, hey.
Bridge, Bridge turn that off, will you? apparent abduction three nights ago of Darlene Denise.
Another redhead She's eating cookies.
Nuh-uh! You know what? I don't care.
Everybody get their stuff together.
Let's get this show on the road.
Mommy's not taking us again today? Ariel, look around.
Do you see Mommy? Come on.
This isn't new.
Mommy worked late, so Mommy's sleeping in.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Must be the night shift.
He's waiting for you.
Have a nice evening.
Are you kidding? I'm going home and rinsing out the little bit of red I have left in my hair.
Knock, knock.
Tell me you had a dream.
I had a dream.
I was having dinner with my family.
Keep dreaming.
We had 11 calls last night from women convinced the Phantom was trying to break into their homes or apartments from virtually every precinct in the city.
We've still got guys out in the field running them down.
Allison and I interviewed three of them ourselves.
And? And two of them were genuinely frightened although without cause.
The other one, she just wanted some attention from her boyfriend.
All together, since the second disappearance, we've had over 1,400 calls, tips, supposed sightings, even six confessions.
What's the "want"? What's the "goal"? I mean, it can't just be about red hair.
Whoever did it, they know how to break and enter.
Places are clean as a whistle.
These abductions are planned and extremely well-thought-out.
They're not random.
Excuse me.
It's home.
Hello? Hi, baby.
Just a second.
It's my oldest.
Ariel, everything okay? Yeah.
I was just wondering if you knew yet.
Knew what? About tomorrow.
Horseback riding.
It would just be a lot more fun if you could go, too.
You know what? Let me talk to my boss.
See what I can do, okay? I'll call you back, baby.
I have a problem.
I mean, I don't mind working as a human lie detector, but it's been four nights in a row now, and, frankly, my family is starting to lose it.
Is there any way I could take a pass tonight? We just got a call.
Apparently he's struck again.
You're awfully quiet tonight.
Count your blessings.
Sounds like a dare.
Don't mind me.
I'm just frustrated, that's all.
What are you frustrated about? That I'm here, that everyone's frustrated with me.
There's nothing I can do about it.
I'm guessing we're talking about the home front, 'cause no around here is frustrated with you.
Look, I'll make you a deal.
Let's just check out this crime scene.
It'll take all of half an hour.
If nothing happens for you, then we'll call it a night.
No home visits, no interviews.
You'll be back at your car by 10:00.
Home by 11:00.
How does that sound? That sounds fantastic.
God, I'm nice.
That it is.
Who have we got here? The mother had been calling for two days, saying she was trying to reach her child.
We finally got over here.
Landlord let us in.
Seems to fit the pattern.
The victim appears to have been roused from sleep.
Haven't found any blood or DNA just yet.
No signs of a struggle.
Redhead? Of course.
Can I see the bedroom? This is Allison Dubois.
She's with the D.
Right through there.
Find anything? Well, then, it's unanimous.
The crime scene techs found some nothing in the kitchen.
That led them in here where they found a little more nothing.
Now they're checking the perimeter which, if everything goes according to pattern, will yield absolutely nothing.
Hey, honey.
Hang on a sec.
We'll be out of here in 15.
I'll be back.
Hey, eldest child, good news.
Mommy's leaving work shortly, which means I'll be going horseback riding with you! Yes.
Tell Daddy I should be home by 11:00.
Sure, put him on.
We're looking for Isaiah, men.
Find me Isaiah.
I think I might've found it.
I think it's on this mirror.
I'm sorry, sir but I just don't see it.
Allison? He did it with his finger.
Come here.
Allison? Joe, I gotta call you back.
You still don't see it, do you? Let me show you something.
There we go.
There it is.
Isaiah 14:21.
Damn it! I see him.
All right.
You still on the phone? Allison you ready to get out of here? I think he left us a message.
Who are you talking about? I didn't get anything in the bedroom because it didn't happen in the bedroom.
It happened in here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
There may be evidence in there.
You probably shouldn't Look at the mirror.
What is that? It's a message.
It's a piece of scripture.
I think he's trying to tell us something.
I am not a toy.
I'm not a thing.
You're hung up on me.
You can't just start kissing me and expect everything to be all right.
Boy, you give up easily.
Actually home before midnight.
You talking to me, toy? You talking to me, thing? Someone is very cocky.
Well, I cracked the case.
Caught the guy? Well, I nicked the case.
Turns out the killer left a message and nobody saw it but me.
I'm proud of you, baby.
Are you? Yeah.
I'm always proud of you.
Whatever else, I am always proud of you.
Want to hear something funny? You going to start, start calling me "toy" again, huh? You know who showed me the clue? Who? Captain Kenneth Push of the Texas Rangers.
I don't get it? What was he doing there? Well, that's the thing-- he wasn't there, it was a vision I had.
That's right.
You've haven't met the amazing Captain Kenneth Push.
Trust me, you have nothing to worry about.
- Oh, really? - Mm-hmm.
Are you prepared to prove that? Maybe.
On your mark.
Get set Go! Hey.
Mom? Can you still ride horses in a hurricane? Aren't there supposed to be two dice? What's the difference? We'll just play with one dice.
I don't think that's gonna work 'cause you have to move at least seven paces for the game to work.
Well, just double whatever you roll.
Well, then you're never gonna roll an odd number.
I'll just get a dice from another game.
You can't be everything.
Can, too.
Mommy said that I can be anything I want to be.
She wasn't talking about the game, stupid.
She was talking about life.
Games is a part of life.
Hey, admit it.
Isn't this so much more fun than horseback riding? Not if I can't be orange.
Girls, enough.
For the rest of today, everyone's going to be something they've never been before.
What do you mean? I mean Daddy is going to be green.
Mommy is going to be orange, and you girls can be something new.
You're going to be yellow.
Bridgette, you're blue.
Blue? Blue is a boy's color.
Here we go Hold on a second.
Hello? Captain Push, you got my message.
Since I saw you, I've been doing a lot of work for the local district attorney's office.
Some pretty interesting stuff, really, which is what I'm calling you about.
This is gonna sound kind of strange, but if I say to you, "Isaiah 14:21," does that ring any bells? Good news.
What's the good news? Hey, I thought we were gonna play a game? Yeah, that was an hour and 20 minutes ago.
I-I'm sorry.
I just, I It turns out there is a connection.
A killer with the same M.
made his way across South Texas a couple of years ago, so I called Devalos.
The three of us conferenced.
He's flying out to meet us tomorrow.
Sunday? Miss Dubois.
In April of 2002, the state comptroller called me up.
His sister's 19-year-old daughter was going to school in Austin and she hadn't called home in over a week.
So I went down there to take a look.
I was about half certain she was in Corpus or Cabo or Daytona, one of these spring break towns where they stop serving you beer if they find out you been calling your folks.
Three days later, we found her body behind a massage parlor off the I-10.
Over the next 11 days, there were two more kids reported missing-- a 20-year-old Galveston woman and an 18-year-old fellow from Houston.
Did you say one of your victims was male? Yes, sir.
Was he by any chance a redhead? None of them had red hair.
Well, now I'm starting to wonder if we're all talking about the same perpetrator.
Our profilers seem fairly sure that what we're dealing with here in Arizona is some kind of sex killer who is only interested in redheaded women.
You just have the one girl so far, right? One body? Either of you see her? Detective Scanlon and I did.
We watched the coroner fish the body out of a Dumpster the other night.
And? And it looked like she'd been stabbed, or worse.
She was covered with blood.
Any autopsy results yet? Due in first thing tomorrow.
Well, let me tell you what they're going to say.
The girl's going to be clean as a whistle.
No signs of sexual violation whatsoever.
She will, however, be missing her heart.
Excuse me? He takes their hearts.
Carves it right out of their chest.
Doesn't have anything to do with sex.
It's Biblical.
Isaiah, Chapter 14, Verse 12.
Prepare slaughter for their children, for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world.
Every time we'd find a body, there it'd be.
Every time we'd go to a residence or someone was reported missing.
Wait a second.
Let's not jump the gun here.
This Isaiah thing was on a mirror the other night.
That's the only time.
Excuse me.
When you found that body, did you look in the Dumpster? Well, look in the Dumpster again.
Look all around the Dumpster.
Look under the Dumpster.
I'm betting you, it's there.
It's the guy's M.
It's like writing in the mist on a mirror where you might not see it.
This guy wants you to have to look for it.
He wants you to have to work for it.
You're a philistine.
We're all philistines.
I still think it's possible we're talking about another guy, a copycat.
It's possible but I doubt it.
We never went public with the quotes.
Didn't want to encourage him.
Okay, so where does this leave us? A quotation from the Bible about children being killed for the sins of their fathers.
I'm not sure I get it.
Well, don't feel bad.
I didn't get it either.
Like a storm.
Just-- pff!-- gone.
I figured he's dead.
Apparently I figured wrong.
This is completely unnecessary, you know.
Takeout rotisserie chicken and sides served on dinner plates with three kids fighting over the wishbone? This is something you're willing to pass up? All right.
This one time.
So how's your heart? It's happy to be here.
Well, I finally met the amazing Captain Push.
And? I thought he'd be taller.
Someone's in a mood.
What are you talking about? It's 6:30 on Sunday night.
I've spent all day entertaining the kids and now I'm spending all night entertaining a surprise guest.
Why would I be in a mood? And I rode Whisper.
And I rode Lightning, and Daddy and Marie rode Old Glue.
Old Glue? He was very very gentle.
Mommy, it was so much fun.
I know.
Daddy said it was the most fun ever.
The only thing that would make it funner was if we had our own ponies.
Excuse me? Who gave you that idea? Danielle Moynihan.
She has her own pony.
We saw her riding it when we left the stable.
Ladies, we have a guest.
Now's not the time to be discussing I had a pony growing up.
You did? What was his name? Jacinto.
He was named after a great battle.
Why? Was he mean? No.
He sure did make a mess, though.
A mess? How? Well, you know how when you have a cat, you have to clean up his litter box? Well, you imagine doing that for something so big, he leaves behind six or seven shoe boxes full of manure every day.
Only it's not in shoe boxes.
You got to shovel it.
Every morning, every night.
Every morning and every night?! Plus you got to feed him twice a day.
You gotta pick up his hooves, check them for thrush.
You gotta stay with him when he's sick.
Do horses get sick a lot? Well, my horse got very sick at the end.
He had colic.
I had colic.
We had to take a tube and run it down his nose and pump oil through it to try to get his belly to loosen up.
Unfortunately it didn't do the trick.
He died.
Does anyone feel like dessert? Oh, yeah.
Okay, girls, come help me with dessert.
All right, he did get taller as the night went on.
You like him.
I know you do.
All right, I liked him.
I'm gonna tell him tomorrow when I take him to the airport.
I'm gonna tell him.
Okay, you do that.
And now that's out of the way, what do you say we call a moratorium on all things, topics and people work-related, just for the next nine hours or so, huh? Would that make you happy, toy? Would that make you happy, thing? Shut up.
Dubois? Ms.
Dubois, wake up.
As soon as it happened I had to tell you.
As soon as it happened I had to let you know.
You were right.
You were right all along.
What are you talking about? Oh, my God, what are you doing here? First thing that hits you is everything you know.
Your whole dang life.
It hits you like a wave.
Takes a second, but you see it all, feel it all, too-- the sadness, the exultation.
It's all in there, and it's not even a second.
And then, the second wave is everything you don't know.
Everything you ever wondered about.
Captain Push my husband, it-it's 3:30 in the morning.
You're just annihilated with extraordinary clarity.
I mean, I see it all from here.
I see everything.
Allison they're related.
What's related? The murders, the victims, the ones he chooses.
It's not random.
Okay And there's another girl.
She's next on his list.
Her name is I'll get the baby.
You wake the girls.
Good morning, ma'am.
I was wondering if you could ring up Kenneth Push's room and let him know that his ride's in the lobby? Certainly.
You haven't by chance spoken with Mr.
Push or any members of his family this morning, have you? What? I don't really have all the details.
All I know is that they called an ambulance for Mr.
Push sometime after 3:00 this morning.
They took him over to St.
Christopher's Hospital.
Now, look, Captain Push, I appreciate you're far from home but these temporary pacemakers are only designed to work three or four days at a time before a permanent unit can be placed inside the body.
It's a pretty straightforward procedure.
I wish you would reconsider and let me do it.
Doctor this is the first time you and I have met, right? No offense, but I'm not in the habit of letting a perfect stranger slice me up the middle and install miniature electronics in my chest.
Now, I have a wonderful doctor back home who knows me inside and out, and in a day and a half, when you let me out of this bed, I'm flying back to Texas, and I'll have him do whatever is necessary.
You causing trouble? Uh-huh.
You Mrs.
Dubois? Yup.
I'm the woman who fed him whatever it is that put him in here.
Well, maybe you can convince him to let me operate, put in that pacemaker so he can go back home.
I'm fine.
I got this outboard model right here.
Tells my heart when to beat, holds all my addresses and phone numbers.
I even get AM/FM radio.
Well, I'm gonna go ahead and call your doctor in Houston, see if he can't convince you.
He's gonna phone my doctor in Houston Oh, boy.
I let you out of my sight for 20 minutes.
I don't know what to tell you.
Woke up in the middle of the night.
Recognized the feeling.
Knew exactly what was happening.
Called downstairs to the desk and must have blacked out right after that.
Next thing I know, they're working on an ambulance.
I'm guessing this was around 3:30 in the morning.
I don't know.
You were wearing blue boxers and a white T-shirt.
You gonna guess my weight now? I think you came to see me last night.
Come again? You came to visit me, in my bedroom.
It was around 3:30 in the morning.
I thought that I was dreaming.
I didn't know what was happening.
But now I realize it was you.
You must have died for a minute or two.
I know you have a difficult time with this kind of thing.
I don't know what to say.
Showed up in my boxers, huh? Hope I didn't offend the other guests.
You said that where you were, you could see everything, that you had this enormous clarity.
Allison You were very excited-- you told me that all the murders were related.
That the victims weren't random.
Not random, huh? That hardly seems like a revelation worthy of a near-death experience.
And then you said you knew who the next victim would be.
And? And I guess that's when they brought you back to life.
You never said their name.
You just disappeared.
Or I fell asleep, or I know you well enough to know that you wouldn't be telling me these things if you didn't believe them with all your heart.
Captain Push I have no recollection of seeing anyone last night except a very frightened hotel manager and a couple very able EMS guys whose names I don't remember and who probably saved my life.
Allison I'm a lawman.
This maniac killed three Texans.
Don't you think I'd tell you if I knew what tied all these people together? Don't you think I'd tell you if I knew who he was fixin' to kill next? Of course.
Related? How? You're not giving me much to work with.
I don't know, they're just related.
And you came upon this startling revelation how? It's not important.
It's Detective Scanlon.
It's 2:40.
You'll wake the baby.
Just click it and hang up.
Allison All right, talk to him.
I'll get the baby.
Hello? No, it's okay, he understands.
What's going on? We found the bodies of Darlene Denise and, uh, Katie Fisher.
Okay, where did he leave them? A church.
Right in the middle of Metro district.
Wait a second, does that fit the pattern? Well, it's not a nudie bar and it's not an abortion clinic, but it's kind of a nontraditional church.
Female priest.
Gay choir.
I mean, if you're the kind of killer who likes fire with his brimstone, it's probably the kind of place that would tick you off.
What about Isaiah? He's here-- every prayerbook in every pew, there's a bookmark so you open right to it.
So, you want to come down? I can send a car for you.
It's up to you.
I just thought you might want to come down here and, uh commune.
You know what? Let's talk tomorrow.
I'll give you a call.
All right.
'Kay, thanks.
Is it anything important? Nah.
Shh sweetheart.
You're making the right decision.
Don't gloat.
I'm not making any decision.
You brain-washed my doctor back home.
Captain Push here.
Allison Dubois here.
Well, you're in an awfully good mood.
I'll bet that's 'cause you're not surrounded by people hell-bent on playing with your innards.
But I am staring at my little baby who has a bit of a fever-- which is why I'm calling.
I really wanted to stop by and see you today before you left, but I just don't know how I'm gonna do it.
Well, then I have some good news and I have some bad news.
The good news is, I'm not leaving quite so fast.
The bad news is, they're opening up my chest tomorrow morning, and I may not feel too much like entertaining after that.
Oh, no.
Well, maybe I could swing by and see you after my husband gets home.
Hell, I'll have them dress me in some fresh gauze if I know you're coming.
It's a deal.
Captain Push, forgive me, I'm getting another call.
Give me a second, I'll get rid of 'em.
Hello? Allison.
Good afternoon, sir.
I have somebody on the other line.
Let me just That's all right, this'll just take a moment.
Now that we have two bodies, and based on our conversation yesterday, I took a flier and ordered up some comparative DNA.
Now, I just received the first report about 20 minutes ago, and Allison, these two women are related.
Excuse me? I haven't figured out how quite yet, but according to their DNA markers, both women have the same father.
Allison? I-I'm sorry, I just, uh Just thought you'd want to know.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Hello? Are you still there? That is not the kind of thing you want to be asking a man in my condition.
Okay, I hear no laughter.
You all right? Yeah.
I just That was the office-- they ran some comparative DNA on our first two victims.
They don't understand how, but according to the lab, both of these women are actually related.
From a genetic standpoint, they have the same father.
Captain Push? My goodness.
Hey, everybody.
Hi, Daddy.
Wow, Daddy, who's that for? The balloon is for Marie, the wine's for Mommy and me.
Where's everyone? Marie's sleeping and Mom's getting dressed.
Thank God.
I was hoping you'd show up about 15 minutes ago.
I stopped to pick up a couple of things.
Are you going somewhere? Don't be mad.
The Phoenix Phantom snatched another girl.
Devalos called.
He asked me to stop by the crime scene.
I've been waiting for you to get home.
I have to stick my head in at the hospital.
Say hi to Captain Push.
Turns out they're operating on him tomorrow.
I feel badly-- he's in a strange city.
He doesn't know anybody.
Marie's fever broke hours ago.
She's out like a light.
There's meat loaf in the oven.
It'll be ready in 15 minutes.
There's coleslaw in the fridge.
So, if I leave right now I have a chance of getting back by 9:30.
You still proud of me? Look what Daddy brought.
Isn't Marie a little young for this? Get out of here.
We'll have this fight at 9:30.
You promise? I'm uncorking that at 9:15.
Shall we synchronize our watches? Just go.
How long you been sitting there? A bit.
They told me they gave you a little something to help take the edge off.
Is that what they call it, an edge? For what it's worth, apparently this is a fairly run-of-the-mill operation.
It's not about my heart.
I could have stopped this thing.
You don't know that.
Yeah, I do.
Called Texas right after you and I got off the phone.
Had them pull out the old lab work.
It was there all along.
Just never looked for it.
You told me.
You said, they're related-- and they were.
No, Captain Push.
You told me.
I can't remember the person's name.
I've been thinking I've been trying all day.
The next victim.
You told me I I tried to tell you.
What time is it? I lost all track of time.
It's 10:15.
He got her today.
I just came from the crime scene.
Her name was Sarah Duffy.
I'm sorry.
That God He is one perverse entity.
First you die then you see everything.
I'm sorry, visiting hours are over.
And you need your rest.
You have a big day tomorrow.
We're coming for you at 5:30.
Duly noted.
Oh, by the way could you bring me a comb and a pair of nail clippers? I want you to do something for me.
I want you to forget about all this.
I want you to concentrate on getting better.
I want to come by, check on you tomorrow.
You'd better.
Hey, it's me.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I would have called, but they don't allow cell phones in the cardio unit.
So how'd it go with the kids? Joe Are you really asleep? I'm sorry.
Allison Captain Push.
I just called to make sure you made it home.
That you're safe.
That you're in your bed.
I'm home.
I'm safe in my bed.
Okay, then.
Let's get some rest.
And I'll see you soon, okay? Not if I don't see you first.
Okay? Okay.