Medium s03e18 Episode Script


Do you know what she looks like? Of course I know what she looks like.
I wouldn't be much of a psychic if I didn't know what the girl of your dreams looks like.
She's blonde,athletic and very flexible.
Really? I'm not usually attract to the athletic type.
Well,I don't know what to tell you.
I'm just the conduit.
This is the universe talking and the universe has told me that you are going to meet a girl.
Oh,tough luck there,sport,your ten minutes are up.
Why don't you go see if you can borrow your mom's credit card and give me a call back,okay? Sure thing,Michael.
I'm on my break.
What are you talking about a break? You're not working at the mall,there is no break.
I'm on my break,man.
Listen,there are laws,okay? Well,it's one of your regulars.
You want me to put it through to someone else,I will.
Hit me,baby,one more time.
Hello,and thank you for calling PSYLINE.
Your personal phone psychic is on and ready to open the portals to the psychic universe.
Michael,is that you? Thank God.
It's Tanya King.
King!How was Paris? Oh,Michael Michael,Michael,Michael.
King,you can call me crazy but I'm sensing some bad energy here.
Has something happened? It's it's Gregory.
I've lost him.
You're kidding! Thought he was kind of big for that.
He's dead,Michael.
He's been murdered.
Well,that's not good.
Hey,it's me.
Sorry to wake you,but I got a problem.
Maybe you could walk me through it.
Well,I'll try.
What's going on? I'm here at a crime scene--robbery gone bad.
Man of the house surprised an intruder.
Got his head bashed in for his trouble.
Wife comes home from a trip to Paris and finds him dead in the living room.
Did you say Paris? Yeah,but that's not important.
Here's where I need your help.
She locked herself in her bedroom.
Apparently she's talking on the phone with her own personal psychic.
What do you think? I think I'm on my way over.
By the looks of it,then intruder encounters Mr.
King somewhere in this room.
They fought,worked their way towards the fireplace.
The intruder grabbed that poker and struck Mr.
King repeatedly.
Somewhere in all that,he hit his head on that marble ledge--broke his neck.
Grabbed Mr.
King's wallet,his five-carat ring and a gold watch with a diamond face.
Worth about 40 grand.
Detective Scanlon my mother's finally off the phone.
I think I've convinced her to talk to you.
-Okay,come on.
-Come on,come on,Bridge,go.
Come on,everyone pile in.
Come oncome on,Bridge.
Oh,man! Somebody broke into the car? Doesn't look like anything's missing.
I don't get it-- someone just broke your window for no reason at all? Why would they do that? I don't know,honey.
Sometimes people do strange things.
Can you pass me that blankie? I'm so sorry,Daddy.
It's not your fault.
If I hadn't taken up all that room in the garage with my art project It's okay.
But I don't understand,why would anyone ever be so mean? My husband was a wonderful man.
Loyal,devoted He was the center of my world.
I understand,on occasion that the police have been known to employ the services of psychics.
Mother Not withstanding what you might've seen on TV, that's not really a policy of the Phoenix Police Department,Mrs.
Be that as it may, I've been in touch with a very gifted and sensitive young man from Los Angeles.
As soon as you finish your work here, I intend to ask him to come here to offer his assistance.
Mom,please don't do this.
King,speaking as a representative of the District Attorney's Office, you don't want to do that.
We want to find whoever did this.
We want to put them away for life.
You walk into a court of law, and you say that a psychic was involved with the preparation of your case, and frankly,jurors will just start rolling their eyes.
I have spent months getting to know this young man--on the telephone.
He's a thoughtful,sensitive,sober gentleman, with a rare and valuable gift.
I'm certain that in person a jury would find him just as compelling as I do.
Thank you for calling PSYLINE.
Your personal phone psychic is on and ready to open up the portals of the psychic universe.
Hey,wait a minute.
I'm the psychic around here.
Who am I talking to? It's your sister.
It's Allison.
How cool is this? Who would've thunk--out of all the phone psychics in the world you had to get me.
I asked for you,Michael.
Hey,did you know that your cell phone's disconnected? Yeah,I know.
They do that now,after you don't pay the bill.
Don't get mad at me.
I blew out my knee and I couldn't work construction anymore.
Listen,I have to ask you something.
Do you have a client named Tanya King? Yeah,sure.
Talk to her every Tuesday.
It's pretty sad,though.
I guess she was away,and Her husband got beaten to death.
Yeah,I know.
They have you on her husband's case? Wow,you must be a mind reader.
Here's the thing--I have a feeling that she's going to want to get you involved.
-Involved in what? -In the case.
In the investigation.
The search for her husband's killer.
That's crazy.
What would I get involved in? I live in Los Angeles I'm a telephone psychic and I work in my underwear.
Well,I just left her, and apparently she thinks you are very gifted,and very sensitive.
Well,you've got nothing to worry about, because,as you and I both know, I'm neither gifted nor sensitive,just broke.
And just like the ad says, "This service is for entertainment purposes only.
" Daddy? Bridge,what are you doing up? It's late.
You're supposed to be asleep.
I know who broke the window of your car.
What are you talking about? Your window-- I saw who did it.
It was Mrs.
who? Mrs.
Uebershchaer--my math teacher.
Bridge,honey,how could you have seen that? It happened last night,when we were all asleep.
I saw it tonight when I went to bed.
I had a dream.
Um,and it turns out Bridgette has cracked the mystery of who smashed my car window.
You're kidding.
Who? Apparently it's her mean old math teacher-- Mrs -Mrs.
Uebershchaer? -Yeah.
She's the culprit,according to Bridgette.
She wants you to tell the people at work,have them arrest her.
She's recommending a life sentence.
Well,it sounds fair.
When I mentioned to her that that might interfere with her completing math class this year she indicated that that was a sacrifice she was willing to make.
That's laudable.
She's willing to give up a year of math homework to see that justice is served.
Like mother,like daughter.
Is that the doorbell? Is somebody at the door? Hello.
Can I help you? -Uncle Michael! -Uncle Michael! Oh,who are you guys? You could have called first.
I know,I know,I totally should have called.
But I didn't even know that I was going to come here till last night.
We talked about this.
What was I supposed to do? She flew me out here first class.
I had a fully reclining seat and everything.
Oh,boy,I know that look.
It's the look that I'd get from Mom,right before she threw a shoe at me.
You're lucky we're nowhere near a closet.
What's this about "I'm not a psychic,I'm an entertainer"? Well,as it turns out, being a psychic in this particular instance pays a whole lot better.
-How much better? -Tons.
Rental car and hotel room.
She sprung for a new telecommunications upgrade.
Al,come on,don't be like this.
I needed the money.
Besides,I can tell when I was talking to her on the phone that if I didn't come down here that she was just gonna hire some other swami to throw her gelt at.
Besides,wouldn't you rather deal with the devil that you know? Tell me exactly what Mrs.
King asked you to do.
I'm supposed to go over to her house, walk around the scene,touch some stuff,see if I get anything.
-And that's it? -That's it.
She doesn't know I'm a psychic.
And she can't know that we're related.
In fact,no one can.
-All right.
-No,this is serious.
I keep a low profile with the district attorney's office.
I don't advertise what I do.
People wouldn't understand.
It can't get out that the Kings' out-of-town psychic is my little brother.
No problem.
I just need you to do one little tiny favor for me.
And what's that? I sure could use a ride to and from Mrs.
King's this morning.
You just told me that she gave you money for a rental car.
Yeah,well,but if I don't spend it listen,this is not a mature business that I'm running here.
Every extra little penny helps give me that edge.
Okay,I'll tell you what--you call her, you tell her that you contacted the authorities when you landed this morning that they assigned me to be your liasion to the police department.
" I like that.
It'll impress her.
I'm going to get Joe up I'm going to let him know you're here.
See if maybe I can get him to drive the girls to school.
There's one other little tiny thing I needed to ask you.
If no one's using the couch,I'd sure like to pocket the hotel money,too.
Come on,kiddo.
Last stop.
Everyone off the bus.
Hey,there she is!That's her,Daddy! Aha,the famous Mrs.
Ueberschaer,I presume.
So,aren't you gonna go and talk to her? About what? About what she did to your window.
Bridgette,I explained that to you last night.
But she's right there.
I know,but,honey,I can't accuse someone just because you saw something in a dream.
But I saw her,Daddy.
She took a rock and smashed your window with it.
All right,maybe she did and maybe she didn't.
But I still can't accuse someone just because you saw it in a dream Now give me a kiss.
Come on.
We'll talk some more tonight.
Michael? You look exactly how I imagined.
Hard to watch,isn't it? I'm sorry? This charade.
Knowing that my mother is paying good money for it.
I swear if my dad were still alive, he'd have this guy out of the door so fast his head would spin.
Thank you.
Michael -Tea? -Uh,no.
In a minute.
I'm starting to feel something.
Tell me.
Tell me what you're feeling.
Um,it's,it's hard to put into words.
Um,different energies,different auras.
Uh,it's very delicate work.
Well,uhwhat about the killer? Are you sensing anything about Gregory's killer? I keep I keep seeing the color blue? Does that mean anything to you? Gee,maybe it was the mailman,Mom.
Maybe he got tired of Dad not tipping him at Christmas.
What else,Michael? You know what actually might help? Lunch.
Will you be joining us for lunch,Mrs.
Dubois? Actually,I think I prefer to step outside and get some fresh air.
Benoit,could I see you outside for a moment? Outside.
Uh,is there somewhere where I could scrub up? Different auras,different energies.
Shame on you.
Being a little tough on yourself,aren't you? Give yourself some credit.
You got my wife eating out of your hand.
That was quite a performance you gave in there,Karnak.
So tell me,what color is my aura now? I don't know.
But I think maybe we need to call the police.
What?What for? I know what the killer looks like.
Well,I have a fairly detailed description of him.
What? From who? I was just in the bathroom.
Henry Alonzo-- prior arrests include,uh,possession of narcotics, assault with a deadly weapon,and last but not least breaking and entering.
Are you sure? Are you certain this is the man that Gregory King described to you? No,I'm not sure.
It was a description,not a photograph.
But you got to admit it is kind of freaky that this guy he described has all the qualifications necessary for a career as a thief and a killer.
He makes a good point.
I think I'll see if Mr.
Alonzo's around, maybe invite him down for a little chat.
-Where's Mom? -She's working.
I thought you were walking home with Hannah today.
I am,I'm just here to deliver a message from the principal.
He wants to see you.
Something about Bridgette.
You understand,Mr.
Dubois, that she said it in front of the entire class.
And now she absolutely refuses to apologize.
Ueberschaer? I'd like for you to meet Bridgette's father.
Joe Dubois.
-Pleasure to make your acquaintance.
I'm very sorry if my daughter has said anything to upset you.
As I'm sure that you've noticed,she has a very vivid imagination.
In my experience,Mr.
Dubois, it is not a parent's job to apologize for their child, it is a parent's job to make sure their child can apologize for herself.
Bridgette,don't you have something that you want to say to Mrs.
Ueberschaer? Bridgette,we talked about this.
You don't know what actually happened.
Young lady,apologize.
Right now.
I'm sorry,Mrs.
I'm sorry that I said you broke my daddy's window.
I guess I don't know what really happened.
Thank you,Bridgette.
Thank you both.
Come on,sweetie.
I put some clean sheets and towels on the couch.
We don't have a spare toothbrush.
Looks like you're gonna have to go buy you one.
I'll just use the toothbrush God gave me.
I thought you said you were thirsty.
I was.
-I am.
-And? I was just thinking about how one of those always leads to another.
And another and another.
And I remember you said that it makes it harder to feel stuff see things.
It really shook you up seeing Gregory King.
Hello?It's Scanlon.
He's right here.
They picked up Henry Alonzo.
He was high as a kite.
He pawned a five carat diamond ring and a diamond face watch.
Both stolen from Gregory King the night he died.
Yeah,he's smiling.
How'd it go? She still mad at me? Well,she still thinks what she dreamt was the truth,so I guess so.
How about our fourth child? The big lumpy one on the couch.
He fell asleep watching TV.
Fell asleep or passed out? I'll have you know he didn't drink anything stronger than orange juice today.
Guy cracks one lousy murder case, and suddenly,he's the poster child for sobriety.
Hey,he did good.
I,for one,am proud.
Well,okay,you win.
Once he's out of our living room, I'll be proud of him,too.
Hold on a second.
I said stop it.
Hey,where you going? Get back here.
Oh,my God.
You're him.
You did this on purpose,didn't you? You knew who I was from the moment you walked in, before you even bought me that first drink.
Hey,I don't think we're finished here.
Good morning.
Dude,what is it with you and bathrooms? Well,where would you prefer we meet? Around the breakfast table with your sister and the kids? No,I get that.
So,did you hear we caught your killer? I certainly did and I couldn't be more grateful for all your help with that,truly.
There's just one more thing I need you to do.
Mike! Michael! They're bringing Henry Alonzo in to give a statement in a couple hours.
They want to know if Michael and I want to sit in.
You and Michael? That's nice.
That's thoughtful.
Yeah,well,he is the person who led them to him.
I mean,I think it would mean a lot to him,you know, seeing it though to the end.
Mike! Well,that's weird.
He's not here.
King,I'm sorry to drop by so early in the morning.
My mom isn't here.
She's at the funeral home.
No,that's okay.
I I came here to see you.
I have a message from your dad.
He asked me to Look, since my dad never had a whole lot to say to me when he was alive I find it kind of hard to believe he's so desperate to reach me now that he's dead.
Much less through a perfect stranger.
Well,you know,okay,that's funny because he was telling me this story about when you were five,maybe.
He said that you and he were in this dinghy on the way out to his sailboat.
You slipped on a railing,hit your head on a winch, started bleeding like a stuck pig.
You needed seven stitches.
You saw the scar on my head did some kind of Internet search to dig up my old hospital records or something.
I'm very impressed,okay? But like I said,my mom will be back later.
-Why don't you.
-Your father said that when he picked you up,saw your face covered in all that blood, he said,"Wesley,suck it up.
You need to taste blood if you want to be a man.
" And then he said,"What a stupid thing to say to a five-year-old.
One of my life's great regrets.
" "The kid needed a hug and I did a bad Hemingway impression.
" I always felt his glare on me.
It was like nothing I did was ever right: my work,my friends,women I dated.
Well,I mean, it's not like he feels that way now.
In fact,your father wanted me to tell you-- and he said that you would know what he was talking about-- that he would never let anyone tell him who he could or could not be with.
And you should do the same thing.
Does that make any sense to you? Well,good,'cause it was really important to your father.
And he told me that he wanted you you to know that whatever objections he had before are gone.
He said that you would know what that meant.
Your father's counting on you,Wesley.
He wants you to take control,secure his legacy.
He told me that he sees himself in you now in a way that he never did before.
Hey,what,no kiss today? -I love you.
-Love you,too.
He was like a totally different person.
Knowing that his dad felt that way, getting that message from beyond the grave, it looked like it transformed him.
It looks like it did you some good,too.
I'm sorry that I didn't tell you where I was going.
I was just you know But after seeing Mr.
King, helping him reconcile,make things right with his kid catching the killer.
It's been an amazing couple of days.
By the way,I'm not completely convinced about the whole finding-the-killer thing.
What are you talking about,Alison? We found him.
I found him.
He's found.
We're driving over there to hear his confession right now.
Don't Don't mess this up for me.
It's over.
This has happened.
It's past tense.
A trivia question.
Nostal Do you understand what I'm saying to you?! Yeah,I do.
It's just I had a dream.
and your friend Mr.
King was in it with a woman-- a very young woman.
Her name was Monica.
She was not his wife.
They were at his place and she seemed completely out of place there.
I mean,she had a tattoo of barbed wire around her harm.
They started arguing and then it got violent.
What's any of this got to do with the price of rice in China,Alison? I don't know.
Why am I seeing it? Why? I mean,if this case is really over, why am I still dreaming about it? What difference does it make?! What are you going to pay attention to,some dumb dream or your brother who's sitting right in front you telling you that he had a close encounter in the bathroom with forces from the other side? Yeah,rain on my parade.
I was passed out in an alley behind a warehouse on Pine Street.
I woke up when I heard a car blowing up.
And you saw some guy toss a $40,000 watch and a five-carat ring into a Dumpster.
I'm just telling you what I saw.
Can you tell me the make and model of the car? Can you describe the driver? Can you tell me anything that makes what you're saying sound even the slightest bit credible? I don't know.
I don't remember.
This is so the guy.
Oh,can you believe it? I swear,after this,after they close this case, I'm going to find this friend of mine from the army-- he's LAPD now.
I think that I can convince him to take me on as a consultant,just like you.
I can't believe you're doing this.
I'm sorry.
Doing what? You're jealous,aren't you? What are you talking about? I guess there can only be one official,secret police psychic in this family,huh? Official secret police psychic? You know what I'm talking about,Allison.
I didn't crack this case,I smashed it.
They found this guy red-handed with all the stuff from Mr.
King's house.
I've got him dead to rights and it's driving you crazy.
It's not making me crazy.
Nothing is making me crazy.
I look at this man I listen to the theory of his crime.
I'm not sure I believe it.
That's because you don't want to believe it because it means that your little brother Michael has got it all going on,just like you.
Just like you.
Just like you.
Where are you going? I'm going to spend some of that hotel money,that's where.
You're absolutely sure? That's not remotely possible.
Okay,well,thank you very much for the information,Doctor.
Hmm? Doctor? County medical examiner.
Apparently,Gregory King was definitely killed by a man.
They can tell that just from an autopsy? From the severity of the wounds and the location on the body.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Yeah,they're positive.
Gregory King was definitely killed by a man who was at least five-foot-eight.
So he couldn't have been killed by a petite 20-something named Monica? Apparently not.
So,have you called him yet? My brother? About 40 times.
He just doesn't answer his phone.
I'm gonna take a shower.
Hello? Yes,he is.
May I ask who's calling? It's Laurie Jameson from the Neighborhood Watch group.
Hello Hello,Laurie.
Thank you so much for stopping by on your way to the airport.
I wanted to be able to say thank you in person.
you don't need to thank me.
You know,you paid me to do a job.
I'm just happy that I was actually able to do it for you.
Come in.
Michael,you did so much more than I ever could have imagined.
Those messages that you brought us from my late husband Oh,you couldn't possibly know this, but they've changed everything.
Uh what are you talking about? Oh,please,come.
I want you to I want you to meet someone.
I want you to meet my son's fianc? Michael,this is Monica.
Nice to meet you.
Tell them you need to use the bathroom.
Do it.
You looked puzzled out there.
You knew her.
Monica? You knew that woman,didn't you? Run some water.
They can't hear me,but they can hear you.
She killed you,didn't she? You and her had a thing and she killed you.
You like that story? Me,personally-- I prefer the Henry Alonzo story.
Now that's a great story.
You got a sympathetic victim: me.
You have a villain we can all root against.
An unemployed drug addict with a criminal record.
Andwe have the added bonus of your involvement.
No small thing,as far as my wife is concerned.
I'm asking you a direct question.
Henry Alonzo killed me.
You closed the case.
Take the win and go home.
Okay,then I'm gonna go out there and tell them that Monica killed you.
I wish you wouldn't.
Why,'cause it's true? Because he loves her.
And because it isn't true.
You know,Mr.
Gregory,I'm gonna be honest with you.
The more time I spend with you,the less I seem to like you.
But,you are my first real, for profit,visitation from the other side, so,that counts for something.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
If it isn't Henry Alonzo,and it's not your son's fianc? then who? Did Wesley know about the two of you? There was no two of us.
I thought my son was weak,feckless.
I was trying to protect him.
By seducing his girlfriend.
I thought I had to prove something to him about his girlfriend's character.
InsteadI found something out about his.
She told him,didn't she? She told Wesley that you tried.
One of the real secrets of my success in business has always been my ability to sell anything-- almost anything--to almost anyone at any time.
but I could not convince that boy that the girl he's in love with was lying.
Oh,my God.
He did it.
Your own son.
I honestly can't even begin to describe to you the collision of emotions.
I mean you're staring at your own death.
And yet,I didn't think he had it in him.
I mean,the way he made it look like a robbery.
Taking my watch and ring and throwing them in that Dumpster.
I'm not sure I could have come up with that.
I'm gonna have to tell them-- you know that.
What? That's half the routing number of an account in the bank in Malacca.
You get the other half when you arrive in Spain.
There's exactly $349,000 in that account and I'm the only one who knows about it.
That's enough for you to start having a real life, to make something of yourself.
Just let her father give his son,in death, what he couldn't in life.
And let an innocent man go to jail.
The question here isn't about Henry Alonzo.
It's about Michael Benoit.
Is he going to walk away from this experience a rich man or is he going back to work at the 900 phone lines? Mrs.
Joe Dubois.
We met the other day.
Yes,of course.
Well,what can I do for you,Mr.
Dubois? Well,I was just wondering,how do you like your car? 'Cause I really love mine.
I love everything about it-- even the color is perfect.
You went for the metallic brown too,didn't you? Is there something I can help you with,Mr.
Dubois? Well,I'm guessing Ueberschaer isn't the most common of names.
Would it surprise you to learn that we got one living on our street? I,myself,didn't know till I checked with the Neighborhood Watch this morning.
Gladys Ueberschaer-- she moved in a few months ago, just a couple doors down from our house.
I went over and introduced myself this morning and,uh it turns out that she's got a sister-in-law who teaches at this school.
Yeah,the sister-in-law came over for dinner last Sunday night,the same night somebody smashed the window of my metallic brown '04 Jeep Cherokee.
You got them mixed up,right? You tried to put your key in my Jeep.
And then when the door wouldn't open, you broke the window to get inside.
You probably didn't even figure out your mistake until the key wouldn't work in the ignition either.
This is the bill.
What it cost me to fix the window that you smashed.
All the time,all the upset--that's on the house.
Y You actually expect me to pay that? A parent's job,Mrs.
Ueberschaer,is to listen to their child.
Now,Bridget is telling me that I ought to go to the police on this.
Maybe she's right about that,too.
Hey,official secret police psychic.
Can I ask you a question? How are we gonna get Henry Alonzo out of jail? Mr.
King,I was starting to worry you weren't gonna make it.
I was at a meeting with some of the partners at my dad's company.
I'm trying to figure out where I fit in the new hierarchy.
You said the district attorney had some questions for me.
He's just finishing up with someone in the conference room.
Right this way.
Monica? I'm so sorry,Wes.
They knew everything.
I couldn't lie.
I don't understand.
What are you talking about? Monica.
-I'm sorry.
-Monica! What did you tell them? Does someone please want to tell me what the hell is going on here? Your fianc was just telling us about the night your father tried to seduce her.
Said she came clean with you about it just hours before he was killed.
I guess she just decided she'd rather have a clear conscience than be an accessory to murder.
Now,if you wouldn't mind,Mr.
King, we have a lot we'd like to discuss with you.
What a waste.
You're still here.
I gave that boy everything.
I tried to make him a man,and here he is blubbering to the cops.
Well,if it's of any consolation, my sister says he'll probably get manslaughter.
Yeah,with good behavior-- five years.
Knowing him,he'll be a model prisoner.
And you-- you're no better.
I offered you a chance of a whole new life.
Hope you're happy.
Actually,I am.
Well,I gotta go.
I just spotted my ride to the airport.
I guess you've got some traveling of your own to do.
Pack for warm weather.