Medium s03e22 Episode Script

Everything Comes to a Head

Previously on "Medium".
there were 5 of us in that room.
only two of us made it out alive.
My name is Cooper Conroy, I'm an Attorney, Mr.
- Can you talk for a moment? - Talk about what? About millions of dollars i believed you're entitled to.
- What is this? - it's a Liability Wavier You're saying if I don't sign this, I can't come back to work.
Walter Paxton chopped his wife's head off and kept her head as a souvenir.
We find that the defendent guilty of murder in the first degree.
I thought you needed to see this.
Its Natalie Paxton's head.
on * Hensly's body.
Said he's already being indictated with People calling for the immediate release of Walter Paxton A woman who hit my car, she wants to have lunch.
What is it like working for the DA? I need to talk to you about a dream I just had.
You said there are 5 victims, and you say your friend is victim No.
I thought about you, in a hotel, by yourself.
Don't be concern, there's thousands of hotel in Phoenix and only one Recapitator.
The boss gets fired after the death of the 5th victim I like being the new D.
of Phoenix.
Don't let your friend get murdered, stop the murder, stop the murderer.
Cheryl Ann Potts , 24 years old.
Room maid found her in the hotel bath tub, previous victim's head with her as well It was her head that ends up on Debra's body, we can't allow it to happen.
This National reporter P.
McCall, has been writing some pretty nasty pieces about me.
talked about some of the work you do for us.
Where would something like that come from? Is it apparently came from you, Allison.
I don't even know a P.
- I think maybe you do.
- P.
D! You're not at all who you say you are, are you? Okay, but then if you were really the psychic you claimed to be, wouldn't you have known that? You cannot run this story.
I told you things in confidence.
Crazy things, Allison.
I told you those things to save your life! Hey.
Baby, honey.
Try not to wake your sister.
Daddy and I have to talk to you.
You know how we never really told anyone about Mommy's dreams? About how Mommy sees things, knows things sometimes? Well, now that this article's in the paper, people are going to know.
Some people,some people are going to think that mommy's lying.
And some people might even think that mommy's crazy.
And you two may hear some of that at school and when you're out.
You really think people are going to think that? Some.
So what do we do? I mean, if someone says something bad? Well, what I'd like you to try to do is to ignore it.
I mean, we know the truth, right? (Reporter #1) Excuse me, are you Allison Dubois? (Reporter #1) You just pulled into her parking space.
(Allison) - If you'll just (Reporter #2) - is this her? (Reporter #1) - I think so.
(Allison) - I need to get to work.
(Reporter #3) Can you talk about your relationship as a "Spiritual Advisor" to the District Attorney? (Reporter #4) Do you actually talk to dead people? (Reporter #4) Are there any dead people here now? (Reporter #4) - Could you point them out to us? (Allison) - I really have to get to work.
(All reporters) Mrs Duboiscan you answer.
Mrs Dubois, Mrs Dubois.
please by jenilim Medium Season 3 Episode 22 "Everything comes to a Head" The fourth victim's name was Pamela Franklin.
Does she even look like your reporter friend? She's not my friend.
Just curious.
- No, not even close.
- Speaking of which, we have removed all surveillance and protective manpower from Ms.
Livingston, that is to say Ms.
McCall and her hotel.
I mentioned it to the Deputy Mayor.
She's gonna make sure that the press is informed.
Gee, if I had known, I could have mentioned it to the welcoming committee of reporters who greeted me in the parking garage this morning.
I'm sorry, you were briefing us on Victim no.
Got an old friend of yours out here.
Mind if i bring him in? Tom.
I am so glad that you could make this work.
For you, Manny, anything.
I'm not going down like my Pre-decessor.
I like being the new D.
of Phoenix.
came straight from the airport.
I'd like you all to meet an old law school buddy of mine, Tom Van Dyke, Assistant District Attorney out of flagstaff and a good friend.
The governor suggested that I bring in a new face to help, um how'd he put it? Dissipate some of the heat we're feeling, and Tom was the first man I thought of.
You've already met Lynn.
This is Detective Lee Scanlon.
- Detective.
- Pleasure.
And over here is Allison Dubois from my office.
I think I read about you on the plane.
Well, don't believe everything you read.
actually, your timing is perfect.
Lee was just briefing us on the tragic killing last night, a young woman named Pamela Franklin.
Where was she from? That's one of the things that's throwing us for a bit of a loop.
She isn't from anywhere she's local.
Lived here all her life.
Local? I don't get it.
Then why was she staying in a hotel? We're still trying to figure that out.
Coroner got a time of death? Almost down to the minute.
Now, nobody knows this, but unlike our previous 3 victims Victim no.
4 was not completely beheaded.
What does that mean, not completely? He started the job, but a fire alarm went off at exactly 7:17 last night.
It apparently spooked him, sent him fleeing before he could finish.
He didn't happen to leave behind? Victim no.
3's head? Unfortunately not.
Joe dubois.
Dubois, this is Cooper Conroy.
We met several days ago.
Yes, Mr.
Conroy, I know i haven't gotten back to you.
Things have actually gotten a little more complicated with my employer.
They want me to sign some papers before they'll let me go back to work, and I need to meet you tomorrow.
Maybe at the same coffee shop, 10:00? Sure.
Is everything all right? I'll see you at 10:00, Mr.
I'm heading out.
You're the last one here.
You okay? I'm, uh I'm great, actually.
Really? What are you taking and where can I get some? Allison, I do believe I have survived the worst day of my career, and I can't explain it, really, except to say that people get it.
The Mayor gets it, the Governor gets it.
Everyone understands we make mistakes, and I find that gratifying, exhilarating.
Have you checked in at home? No, it's weird.
There are no reporters camped out on the front lawn.
The kids were fine at school.
I guess at the end of the day, Pamela Franklin's murder was a bigger story than you or your oddball sidekick.
oh, excuse me, I didn't know anyone was here.
How did you not hear the hair dryer? I'm sorry, I can you just pleaseget out? You want me to come back later? No, I don't want you to come back ever.
Do you see this? This means "Do Not Disturb", okay? I don't care about the stupid sheets or the towels.
I don't want anyone in my room.
Not with everything that's going on around here.
And when I checked in, I told you people that.
I understand.
Excuse me.
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It's a very generous, generous offer.
May I? - Yes.
- Thank you.
This has been cleared? And that is money you will actually see, not money you have to fight for in a court of law for six or sevenyears.
sorry, I, uh, didn't realize anyone was in here.
- Mr.
District attorney.
- Manuel.
Will you two just, uh, give me a moment? Sure.
I'm sorry to surprise you.
That meeting came together very quickly.
I apologize if anything looks untoward, Manny, but the Mayor, the Governor, everyone just felt that the most efficient path to a quick settlement out of court would be to put a new face A quick settlement?! What are you talking about? They're threatening to file a wrongful prosecution suit against the city $50 million.
And I've been told to take the lead on this.
"Get out in front of it" ,so that's what I'm doing.
Again, I apologize that you were out of the loop.
I No, I certainly see the wisdom in having a new face broker that sort of conversation.
I appreciate you understanding, Manny.
Well, I'd better get back inside.
We're sort of at a delicate spot.
Of course.
Good morning.
We'll see about that.
You have to listen to what I'm about to tell you.
I have no interest in anything you have to say.
You think the storm is over, you think the worst is past, but you're wrong.
It's only just begun.
Even as we speak, I have to believe that the people above him are doing everything they can to isolate your boss and completely distance themselves from you.
There's going to come a time when you're going to want to get your side of the story out.
And there's gonna be all kinds of people vying for that story.
I hope you'll think of me.
- You're insane! - Whatever you say.
After all you've done to me, after all you've done to my family, why would I ever speak to you again? Come on, Allison, I'm the Devil you know.
- Sorry, I'm late.
- Not to worry.
My employer, my boss gave me this to sign.
It came with a very generous check.
But the implication was pretty clear: "If you don't sign this,you can't come back to work.
" Well, then by all means, you should sign it.
I don't think you understand.
It's a liability waiver of some kind.
Um, I think that if I sign this, it's going to make it very difficult for you to take them to court.
You might want to take a look at it.
I don't need to look at it.
This woman who's helped the D.
Get in all this trouble, she's your wife,isn't she? Why? What does that have to do with anything? Well, according to these articles, she claims to talk to dead people.
Do you believe that? You believe she talks to dead people? Actually, I do.
But what does this have to? And you'd swear to that under Oath? Mr.
Dubois, for me to prevail in this case, I have to convince a jury to believe you, to believe in you.
If before I can do that, I have to convince them that dead people talk to your wife I would sign that paper.
Cash that check.
It was very nice meeting you, Sir.
First pitch to him testing test, one, two.
Testing test, one, two.
Get the hitter to chase that rising fastball, but the two-one pitch.
Swing at the ball, hit in the aiinto foul territory in shallow right.
The 1-oh pitch on the way.
- Mr.
Paxton, thank you for coming.
- Oh, how could I not? You've been my greatest supporter,my greatest defender.
Just trying to get to the truth, which is what I wanted to talk to you about.
I believe there's a book in all of this, in everything that's happened to you; an important onemy publisher does, too.
I was hoping I might persuade you to collaborate.
The two-one pitch.
There's a swing and a soft liner Arizona's down by 3.
Tough luck for Arizona.
And anyone who has a bet on them.
The short stop will make a nice throw over to first.
I know they've frozen your bank accounts while they hash out the details of your wife's estate.
My publisher is willing to extend their generous advance immediately.
I don't need money, Ms.
Oh, well, you'll need to live on something while you mount a suit against the city.
You know about that? I know a lot of things.
Litigation can take a long time, and my sense is that District Attorney Devalos is not inclined to settle quickly.
Well, I have reason to believe that that decision will soon be out of the District Attorney's hands.
I appreciate your offer,Ms McCall.
I'll look forward to reading your next article.
Struck him out and now he is just one out I don't appreciate your attitude, Ariel! I've had a horrible day, too.
Bridgette, can you get Marie a snack? Mommy wants to get out of her work clothes.
That must be nice.
it isn't.
Who was that? Some reporter from some paper.
They've been calling all afternoon, which I really don't appreciate because I'm waiting for a call from my boss.
Your boss? Why? Have you decided whether or not to sue? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, the lawyer made it real easy for me.
Really? What'd he say? He said he was dropping me as a client.
He seemed to think that in light of recent events, that, uh, I might have a bit of a credibility problem with the juries.
'Cause of me.
Did something else happen? That phone all of a sudden is ringing off the hook.
Yeah, something's happened.
The whole world's fallen off its axis.
- What does that mean? - I don't know.
I went to workno Devalos; he's just not there.
I can't get a straight answer from anybody.
I call his house, no answer.
Turns out that his friend they brought in to help is suddenly running the place.
He sends an Assistant over to me to tell me that my part-time consulting services probably won't be needed for the foreseeable future.
Ariel hates me because some kid at school found out that she got the highest grade on the algebra test, and they're convinced that I got the answers from that Morrissey kid who died in that swimming mishap last summer.
Come on.
I had a dream last night, the 4th victim has a spare head in her hotel fridge, which would either imply that she is the killer and killed herself or or? Or Debra is right,and I'm crazy, and this whole dreaming thing isn't all it's cracked up to be.
So we're not sueing? No? So there's no millions,no tens of millions.
Uh, no, I'm going back to my old job.
Thousands, tens of thousands.
Because of me.
No, 'cause that's the way it should be.
I never really felt right in profiting from all that death.
The truth is, I miss my work.
so I'm okay.
If my boss would only call me back.
And what about Devalos and your crazy dream and your angry daughter? What are we going to do about that? I just want to go to sleep and not wake up for 20 years.
I like that.
Deal with your problems head on.
I'll go look in on Ariel.
You get some rest.
Housekeeping! Can you step back please,so I can see you? Sorry about that.
I guess I'm a little paranoid with everything on the news.
You know what? Forget about the bathroom.
I'm just now running a bath.
Would you mind just leaving me towels and making up the bed? Thanks.
Excuse me.
I thought I told you to just do the bed no! Lynn Dinovi.
Lynn, hi.
This is Allison Dubois.
I'm sorry to bother you so late.
That's okay, Allison.
I'm just getting home from a task force meeting.
- What can I do for you? - I'm looking for Lee.
I can't seem to get a hold of him, you haven't seen him, have you? No.
I mean, he was at this meeting, but where he went after that? - You know Lee.
- Do me a favor.
If you see him, will you let him know that I need to speak with him? Will do.
I thought we were friends.
I thought I could count on youyou and Devalos.
I have things to tell you! I am still dreaming about this case! Look, I understand that Manny is in hot water.
I know you're on thin ice where you are, but we are friends, but it's really not smart for me to be seen talking to you.
Not here.
Not now.
- And as for Manny - yeah, okay, let's talk about him.
I get it.
Someone told him to stay home.
But neither of you takes my calls? Allison, Manny is on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico fishing.
He isn't taking anybody's calls! And when he comes back, if he comes back it'll be because the city of Phoenix gets Walter Paxton to sign a settlement agreement.
And, hopefully, for a lot less than $50 million! And as for you,what do you want me to say? You're toxic! You just are! So I'm sorry.
Given the way things are going, nobody wants to hear your dreams! Nobody wants to hear from Allison Dubois.
All right, I'm sorry.
Tell me.
I want to hear it.
Tell me your dream.
Pamela Franklin.
Victim 4.
I saw her put on a maid's uniform, talk her way into Cheryl Ann Potts' room.
She brought knives.
She brought victim no 2's head.
It doesn't make any sense.
I know it doesn't make complete sense, but it answers a lot of questions.
- Like? - Like how does he get into the room? - He impersonates a housekeeper.
- The victims let him in.
And why is it we can't figure out who he is? 'Cause he isn't a he at all.
That's very nice.
It'sit's it's very interesting.
But aren't you leaving something out? I don't know who killed Pamela Franklin.
Maybe it's someone outside this whole situation.
Maybe that's why he didn't finish chopping her head off.
Maybe that's why he didn't leave behind victim no.
3's head.
Or you're just wrong.
Like you've been on just about every aspect of this one.
Go home, Allison.
Let us figure this one out the old-fashioned way.
The way we used to do it.
You still interested in talking to me? 'Cause no one else is.
I need you to do something for me.
I need you to change hotels.
And I need you to do it now.
So what's going to happen to me this time? What? You know, I just realized that it seems like you're always expecting a call.
Trade secret.
It's also a digital recorder.
I like to make sure I have it out when I'm about to have a conversation that might be quote-worthy.
So why am I changing hotels? I had another dream last night.
- Of course you did.
- I saw the 3rd murder.
Really? You saw it? - So who did it? - Doesn't matter.
I beg to differ, Allison.
It's all that matters.
You don't understand.
I saw the 3rd murder.
I thought it was important.
I went to the police.
I tried telling them about my dream.
But of course, they won't listen to me anymore.
They can't listen to me anymore.
I was really upset.
I really started to believe that there was no one to tell, no one that mattered.
And then I realized there was still you.
And in a strange way, you're the only one who ever really mattered anyway.
Because, Debra, you're still NEXT.
You're like a dog with a bone.
Follow my reasoning.
Victim number 4's head was never completely severed from her body.
So the killer didn't leave Victim no.
3's head in its place.
Which means it's still out there.
Which means it could still be placed on your body after the killer kills you.
If you stay in this hotel Allison, you already made this prediction, and I'm happy to say it didn't come true.
I was right about everything except for the numbers.
It all still works if you're the 5th victim.
If you're next.
In my dream, he said there were five victims.
I saw victim number three's head on your body.
I just assumed it was a natural mistake, but now I have figured it out.
You're next.
Allison, you're not making any sense again.
If you were really concerned about me, if you did actually see the third killing, wouldn't it just be a whole lot easier to tell everyone who did it? Who the killer is? No.
Because it wouldn't clarify anything.
And actually, I'm beginning to believe that there must be 2 killers.
Two killers? In my dream the person that I saw kill Cheryl Ann Potts was Pamela Franklin.
Dead Pamela Franklin? The 4th victim? Which is the reason I believe there are two killers-- Pamela Franklin and the person who killed - Pamela franklin.
- Pamela franklin.
So come on.
Just just do it.
Just change hotels.
You really are crazier than I thought.
Truly certifiable.
And you know the craziest part? You know how I absolutely know you're out of your mind? After all I've done to you, you are still here trying to save my life.
Ooh!You're right.
You know what? I'm crazy.
Cuckoo!Cuckoo! Yeah, I'm crazy.
So just, you knowjust humor me.
Come on.
What will happen? Nothing.
You'll still be alive.
I'll still be crazy.
You can laugh about the delusional lady who talked you into changing hotel rooms in Phoenix.
You can even you can even write a chapter of your book about it.
Come on.
What's the downside? I'll even help you pack.
But what if I'm wrong? What if you're not delusional? No.
I'm going to be as good to you as you're being to me.
I think I'm going to stay here, and let the recapitator come and get me.
I mean, think about it.
If it's true, if you're right, then it would be a great vindication of you and everything you stand for.
I owe you that.
Now leave! Or I'll call the police.
And I'm reasonably sure they'll listen to everything I have to say.
Hi, Elizabeth.
Listen, I know that i don't have an appointment, but I was just wondering if i could get 2 minutes with him.
I have these papers that he asked me to sign.
I just wanted to find out about a couple of things.
Let me stick my head in there,see what I can do.
Well, this is embarrassing.
I don't know how I what? He's actually not in there, he's off-site today.
Dubois, please - hello, Joe.
- Hello, Marcus.
I brought your papers back.
They're signed.
That's all right.
I'm afraid the insurance company had a change of heart about you.
I know that they became nervous when you didn't sign at first.
Well, what can I do to calm them down? I'm not going to sue, Marcus, I promise you.
I just want to go back to work, I just want things to go back to the way they were a month ago.
Joe, if I can't insure you, I can't bring you back.
Of course you can, this is your company, I'm your employee, you know me.
Yes, Joe, it is my company, but if I violate my agreements with my insurers, I will have no company,no government contracts, no lines of credit.
I'm sorry.
You're backing me into a corner, Marcus.
You see that, don't you? I mean, if you don'tbring me back, I-I'm gonna have no choice, I have to sue you.
I know, but that we're covered for.
I like having sandwichesfor dinner.
I think we should always have sandwiches for dinner.
It's just funner than hot food.
Quiet, bridge.
Mom and dad are thinking.
$4,382 that's the minimum that we've got to come up with each month.
That's mortgage,car insurance, food.
$4,500 that's the magic number.
Honey, how much am I worth? Baby you're worth everything to me.
NoI mean, money.
Welllet's see.
My late wife was worth about $88 million, so as soon as you become Mrs.
Walter Paxton, you'll be worth $44m.
and when will that be? When will I get to be Mrs.
Walter Paxton? Well, it can't be too soon.
That would be unseemly.
Do you miss her? You miss your wife? Pamela, I slit her throat, then I cut off her head with an electric knife, and kept it in formaldehyde for six months.
If I did miss her, I'd have no one to blame but myself, wouldn't you think? I love you, pamela.
I think that's pretty clear.
I love you, too, Walter.
I know.
I knew it the second you said yes, the second you said you'd kill that woman for me, both of them.
How could I say no? It was such a great plan.
You kill your wife, give her head to me, and go to jail, but six months later, I kill a random woman and leave your wife's head behind, so they know it couldn't have been you, and two days later, I do it again, just so they're sure.
And then we live happily ever after get married.
Well, after tonight.
That's right, after tonight.
One more tonight.
Who's the lucky lady? That would be you.
ask me again how much you're worth.
Writer found headless in hotel room Tomorrow morning, I will be covering a meeting of every detective on the force.
There's going to be a lot of changes made in the way we do things around here.
And I just, I want to be clear.
I don't see a bright future for you here in Phoenix.
Well, look who's here.
Aren't you the lady who predicted P.
McCall's murder? Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm the guy who canceled her round-the-clock protection so that your prediction could come true.
I went to look for you at police headquarters.
They said they thought you were here.
Yeah, well this new substitute D.
Van Dyke's taken a special shine to me.
I'm heading out right now to key his car.
You want to come? - I had another dream.
- Fabulous.
Was I in it? More importantly, was I employed? We were right.
We were right the whole time; it was Paxton.
Walter Paxton killed his wife.
His lover was Pamela Franklin.
She killed all the others to convince the world that he was innocent, then he killed her.
And I'm figuring, last night, he killed P.
Really? Walter paxton? The man we already prosecuted and released? The man who's suing the city for $50 million? That Walter Paxton? Come on.
Come on, Lee.
You just admitted I was right about P.
McCall, and I'm telling you, I'm right about this, too.
Let's go tell that Van Dyke guy.
Van Dick? I don't think so.
You know how he's spinning this to the press? You didn't predict it, you inspired it.
By making this crazy prediction, you gave this lunatica fabulous new target.
And me, I'm the idiot who left her vulnerable to the attack.
I don't care what he thinks about me.
And you shouldn't care what anybody thinks about you.
We just have to get Paxton.
We're not going to get Paxton, no one is.
Walter Paxton's bulletproof.
At this point, nobody can accuse him of anything.
I'm telling you, if he got caught robbing a bank tomorrow, they'd have a parade for him.
He personally murdered three people, and he helped plan the murder of two others.
That's all well and good,Allison, but you don't have any evidence.
Your dreams are not evidence.
Would it be possible for you to get me into Debra's hotel room? It's 4:45 in the morning.
I need you out of here before the techies show up again at 8:00.
That shouldn't be a problem.
I'm sorry to leave you on your own, but I got to run home and shower.
My fellow incompetent detectives and I have been summoned to the conference room at 7:00 A.
For a what I know is gonna be a truly inspirational ball busting.
It'll be fine.
Come on, Debra.
Talk to me,show me something.
Hello? Is this the same case you were working on yesterday? I'm guessing you're a lawyer.
Oh, no.
I didn't actually finish law school.
I work for the District Attorney-- uh, Manuel Devalos.
Sounds impressive.
I feel so badly for you.
I feel so badly for your boss.
They're just destroying him on television.
I know.
I can't help but think a lot of that's my fault.
- How do you mean? - Before Paxton this is a surprise.
Is this a bad time? Absolutely not, no.
Come in.
Excuse the mess.
Forgive me; I'm expecting a call.
Can I get you a drink? A mini drink from my minibar? No, I'm good.
I was, uh thinking about our conversation the other day.
You called it.
I've only been out three days, and already I'm broke.
So I was wondering if we could have one more conversation about that book deal.
You did say something about an advance? Would $10,000 tide you over? I think if you were willing to sign some papers in the morning, I'm fairly sure my publisher could come up with at least that fairly quickly.
That would be a lifesaver.
So what do you hear? Are the police any closer to figuring out who's doing this? Well, I did hear one really nutty theory today.
But it's not going to make you feel any better.
It's pretty out there.
What's that? - Two killers.
- Two killers? are you sitting down? Obviously you are.
I can see that.
Pamela Franklin and whoever killed Pamela Franklin.
Pamela Franklin? Well, I don't get that.
Why would she kill all those people? And who's saying that? Is it the police? And who are they saying Pamela Franklin killed, everybody except herself? No, I don't get that.
I don't know if the person who told me this even knows.
And, no, it's not the police, not really.
Yeah, I think the thinking was that Pamela killed everyone and then someone killed her.
But nobody is saying who that someone might be? And why would that woman want to kill my wife? Well, you don't know.
This may have nothing to do with your wife.
It may only be about the second victim.
And all the other deaths were committed to throw people off the scent.
Or it could have been about the third victim.
But you know what? I haven't really given it much thought, but the truth is women don't really do these things, not on their own.
Go into a hotel room and cut off someone's head? No.
I'm betting when the smoke clears, if she was doing it,she was doing it for a man.
Not to sound sexist, but it's always a man.
She was in love with someone,someone she couldn't have and and? And nothing.
We have a problem.
- What's that? - I didn't bring my tools.
Don't go away.
Alrite, Ladies and Gentlemen, 5 women are dead now.
all brutally murdered by the same sociopath.
Are you embarrassed? Are you ashamed? I know I am.
Our local hotels and restaurants are losing millions in revenue.
Our convention center is empty.
Every day brings a new cancellation.
Well, I won't have it, not on my watch.
I'm not going down like my Predecessor.
I like being the new D.
of Phoenix.
Well, before you get too comfortable I would appreciate it if you would issue an arrest warrant for Walter Paxton in the death of P.
Here's the evidence, on this tape recorder.
You can thank me later.