Medium s04e07 Episode Script

Burn Baby Burn: Part 1

Well, it's not miniature golf, son.
There are no curbs surrounding the windmill to bounce the ball back into play.
There you go, nothing to it.
You can do it, huh? All it takes is practice.
Practice and a good teacher.
Yeah, you're dreaming, dad.
There's no way that I'm going to practice for a game that I honestly don't give a damn about.
Wrong again, son.
The only person who's dreaming here is little wifey.
Whatever you say.
I, uh, used to go to a pro for awhile.
I can give you his number.
He's in tampa.
He runs a week-long course.
Hey, make a vacation out of it.
Take the whole family down there.
And, and, and, hell, do it.
Do it as soon as you wake up.
It's not like there's anything standing in the way of your going, you know.
Dad, it's the middle of the school year.
And I know you think that I'm not doing anything, but I'm actually out there looking for work.
Besides, allison and I don't have any money right now to take a vacation.
All right, so don't go to florida.
But do yourself a favor.
I mean, take a little holiday.
You're as nervous as a whore in church.
How 'bout a car trip, huh? You can go to california.
Check out universal.
Huh, disneyland? Yeah, why this sudden urge to travel? What are you trying to pull? Well, I'm not actually trying to pull anything.
I am just suggesting as forcibly as possible that you and yours get out of town this week.
and, uh, while I'm suggesting, don't answer that phone.
Well, don't worry, I can'T.
I'm here on the driving range with you.
that's right.
That's right, just let it ring.
ah, damn.
What's the matter? You answered it.
Mom, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this.
I swear to you, you'll have every cent back the instant I get work.
Mom, you know you're welcome to visit us anytime you want.
This week? sure.
What? She's bringing the money that I asked to borrow.
Besides, it's not like we have anything else to do.
Well, I was thinking about maybe taking the kids to disneyland.
Mom? Um, I'm sure that it's fine.
But you know we're three hours earlier here.
Just, just let me just run it by allison when she gets up.
Yeah, I'll call you in a couple hours.
disneyland? It wasn't my idea.
Is grandma coming to visit? Um, yeah, it looks that way.
What are you doing up? I had a nightmare.
Couldn't sleep.
Are you okay? Fine, just weird.
Well, you don't have to be up for another hour.
Try to get some rest.
are you goingto answer that? It's the third timethey've called.
All gone.
What's her name? It's not a her.
Trust me, it's not a her.
she's back.
The fire department? You cheating on mewith a fireman? Knock it off.
It's too earlyfor your kind of comedy.
Then tell me what's going on?There's nothing going on.
The phone's ringing,I'm not answering it.
Oh, my god.
It's tuesday.
I heard a rumorabout this.
You're part of thistuesday thing.
It's none of yourbusiness, lynn.
What are you talking about? It's completely my business.
If this is what think it is, it's what my whole dayis going to be about.
why don't you just tellthem you're sick? That's the plan, isn't it? Isn't that howthe "blue flu" works? One day all the cops inphoenix are magically sick.
Angry taxpayerscall the mayor.
The next day thecontract negotiations with the city takea whole different turn.
Hey, look around.
I'd like a bigger place.
(Ringing stops) I'd like a nicer car.
Is that a crime? Where you going?It's barely 7:00.
Hey, girls! Three minutes! I'm taking you to school.
Mommy's got a meeting.
Hey, listen, um, after I drop the girls off, I'm going to stop bythe grocery store and pick up a couple things I knowthat my mom wants.
You're doing the cynthiameeting here, right? Yeah, I can't go to her office.
I'm her big secret.
Remember?She's bringing the check.
I told you she's bringingthe check, right? $10,000.
She had to sell a couple bonds to get it.
Joe, I'm not upsetyour mother's coming.
I'm just-- I'm nervous.
I mean, I haven't seen thiswoman since all this stuff came out about me.
Well, no, it's not okay.
If one of my children was married for almost 15 years and I thought I knewthis person, and then suddenly one day this thing comes out in the paper.
This thing that is central to who they are as a person? I don't know, I would feel hurt or or angry.
Well, I don't hear that.
Not on the phone.
She just sounds excited.
Sounds like she just really looking forwardto seeing us all.
I hope you're right.
Hey, somebody checkthe temperature in hell.
I think I see oneof phoenix's finest actually out doing his job.
Thanks for leavingyour sick bed, detective.
Nice to see you, too.
Scanlon:My god.
This is awful.
I still can't besure it's a crimE.
I mean how do weknow whoever this is didn't just fall asleepwith a cigarette? Or a joint or a crack pipe? We don'T.
Just seems highlyunlikely to me that somebody wouldcover themselves, the walls and the drapesin accelerant, and then go rollthemselves a doobie.
This fire was set,detective.
good morning.
Good morning.
I like phoenix.
But I'm goingto have to get busy or they'll put me on a planeto denver or albuquerque-- anywhere they can makemoney off me.
Which would, of course, be the end of our littlearrangement.
So I was wondering whether you could have a look at these.
These are unsolved cases from our ameritips officehere in phoenix.
Missing people,missing things okay.
Tell me whether you,you get a twinge.
A twinge? A twinge, an orgasm, a hot flash-- I don't care.
I'm just tryingto create some churn, some activity.
So, uh I want you to lookat this stuff, live with it for a bit, and, uh, let's seeif we can't drum up a little business for ourselveshere in phoenix, hmm? teacher:Owen? Principal reed needs to see you.
I just kept telling myselfit didn't mean anything.
Just a weird dream.
Do you want to tell me about it? The dream? No.
The point is that, today,when I was in world themes, the principal came and, and pulled the boy that I dreamtabout out of class.
I saw them in the hallway andhe was telling owen something and owen started crying.
And then I heardthat his mom had died.
Is that what happenedin your dream? I guess I just don't get it.
You don't get what,honey? Why? Why did I dreamthat dream? Was I supposed to dosomething or say something? Could I have stopped it? You're a 15-year-old girl.
I have to believe that if your dream couldhave saved a woman's life it would have been dreamtby somebody a little more a little older, a little more sureof themselves.
Mom! Dad! Mom, dad! Look what we made! Joe:Wow, look at that! That is quite a pieceof handiwork.
Girls, that is beautiful, but daddy and ialready decided that grandma's going to stayin ariel's room.
What? Ariel, I need you to go sleep in your sisters' roomon the air mattress.
Why do I have to give up my room? Bridgette and mariereally want grandma to stay with them in theirs.
No, becausegrandma is too old to share a room.
You don't know that.
She likes sharing.
She's always telling meto share.
Okay, girls I say we havea vote.
Everybody in favor of grandmasleeping in our room, raise your hand.
Sorry, girls, this is not upfor a vote.
But I thought we lived in a democracy.
Well, actually, here inthe dubois household, we live in what ilike to think of as a "benigndictatorship.
" What does that mean? That means thatmommy and mine are the onlyvotes that count.
But what about the sign? Now we have to redothe sign.
I know, I'm thelowest of the low-- a public servant whowon't serve the public.
What do you wantfrom me, lynn? The other 1,100people I work with don't feelthe same way.
Frankly, you and your friends at city halldon't make it easy.
You won't negotiate.
You won't giveus a raise.
When we go on strike, you tell us we'rebreaking the law.
don'T it's not aftermidnight yet.
I'm still not supposedto be answering calls.
Lee scanlon's phone.
No, I'm sorry.
He's sick.
Yeah, really sick.
Can't keep anythingdown.
I finally got him to bed.
I can give hima message.
Yeah, sure,I'll write it down.
Mary stacey? S-t-a-c-e-Y.
So it was her housethat burnt down.
Her and her husband'S.
And it was her remainsthis morning.
Got it.
Separated six weeks ago.
She filed for divorce.
Hubby moved out, okay.
Neighbor sawthe husband's car in front of the houselast night, heard a loud fightin the driveway.
Ten minutes laterthe fire started.
Got it.
Oh, absolutely.
I'll be sureand give him your best.
All right,thank you.
What are youso happy about? Case closed.
First thing in the morningI pick up the husband.
Who knows? I put thisthing to bed fast enough, maybe no one will evennotice I was in school when I was supposedto be playing hooky.
Need a date? Free for the restof the night? Do you mind if wewent to my office? There's no one there.
It's perfectly safe.
I just, I'd rather notlook for a hotel room.
So, what do you do here,sweetheart? Oh, my god.
I love this.
Are we going to do itin the chair? Actually, I'd really like that.
Hey, I hear that dentistshave really good drugs.
Any truth to that? I thoughtyou'd never ask.
That's kind of big.
Don't you got anythingI can swallow? Oh, don't worry.
We'll get around to thateventually.
Allison? What you doing? And what's inthat box that can't waittill morning? These.
Cynthia: This is good.
This is very, very good.
This little girl's beenmissing for about nine months, mommy and daddy are probablyjust coming to terms with the idea they're nevergoing to see her again, and, uh, they get a call from me sayingI've got a new lead.
Maybe I can evenrenegotiate our fee.
I told you, she wasworking as a prostitute.
Well, that sure beatsbeing dead.
I mean, there's no crimeto solve if she's dead.
There's no fee to collectif she's dead.
Um, I wonder if you would,uh, look after this stuff, while I go to the littlegirls' room.
You don't know me, but I hear this isthe number to call if you need cheap legal help.
Is this who I think it is? You'd be stunnedat how cheap you can get me.
'Cause i've actually got a case and I could usesome paralegal assistance.
A little paralegalor a little paranormal? Can you meet meat police headquarters, 1:00? You just try to keep me away.
Got a lot of stuff here, mom.
You sure you're onlystaying a couple days? Just a quick visit.
I promise.
Well, you didn't haveto buy the whole mall.
The girls just enjoyspending time with you.
Well, that's niceof you to say, but I'm agrandmother.
I'm supposed tospoil my grandkids.
Besides, it's my moneyand I'll spend it any way I want to.
You can't take itwith you, you know? At least that's what I hear.
Is that what you hear? she feels funny thatwe never told you.
I feel funny thatI never told you.
How could she have told me? How could you have told me? If the day isn't goingbad enough.
Our old friend manueldevalos has himself a case.
He asked me tomeet him here and give him a hand.
I could use a friendly facearound here.
So what have youbeen working on? A couple of things.
Got a murder case.
I'm about to interviewthe number one suspect.
Pretty openand shut though.
Guy didn't like his wifeso he set his house on fire.
With her in it.
Oh, nice.
You haven't had any good arson dreamslately, have you? Nope.
Hey, you wouldn't happento be looking for a horny dentist, would you?Nope.
Yeah, they love me.
What's that all about? I don't know.
There's something goingaround the precinct, I'm the only onewho didn't catch it.
I think they'reall jealous.
I don't see manny.
Anyway, I got me a scumbagto interrogate.
A mr.
Graham stacey.
A mr.
Graham stacey? Well, don't letme keep you.
Be sure and tellour old boss hello for me.
Will you? I'll definitelydo that.
Stacey, my nameis detective lee? Allison.
Graham stacey? Well, this is suregoing to be interesting.
TO ALISON: THE EAGLE HAS LANDED I thought we might as well get this outof the way right now.
You're going to getevery cent of this back.
Plus interest.
I'm your mother.
I don't chargeinterest.
Yeah, well, I'm your son,and I don't accept charity.
Stacey: My wife called me at my hotel roomaround 8:00.
We're in the processof getting a divorce.
Not my idea.
I haven't been living atthe house for a while now.
But you stillhave a key? Yes, I do.
It's still myhouse, too.
What wasthe conversation about? She said she wasrethinking some things.
She said she missedme, would I come over.
What happened? I went over.
Your neighborsreported hearing a loud argumentaround 9:00.
Would it be fair to assume thatthat was you and mrs.
Stacey? Yes, I'd say that'sa fair assumption.
I really don't knowhow to explain this, but I got to the house, and it was likea different woman had phoned me.
She wasn't happy to see you?No, she wasn'T.
I only got to the garagebefore we started fighting.
Then what happened? Nothing.
We arguedmaybe five minutes, and I left.
You left? Just like that? She was out ofcontrol.
I knew my attorney wouldn't have wanted me overthere in the first place, so when I saw how angryshe was, I got out of there.
(Sighs) back up.
So you're sayingyou never went in the house? I think my client's been fairlyclear on that point, detective.
Thank you, counselor.
you fought in the garage,and then you left.
That's your story.
That's what happened.
Not to belaborthe obvious, but, uh, to the bestof your recollection, your wife-- she was alivewhen you drove off? Of course.
So, yes? Yes.
You didn't smell any smoke,you didn't see any flames? I smelled no smoke,I saw no flames.
If I had, I wouldn't have left.
I mean, she was my wife.
I still loved her.
Is that all, lee? Uh, not quite, no.
Stacey, what wouldyou say if I told you that we obtained a warrantto retrieve the clothing that you sent downto the hotel laundry that night?On what grounds? And what ifI told you that we found tracesof an accelerant, one that matched the kindthat was used to start the fire in your house? What would you sayto that? Huh.
I'd say I believe that.
Like I said, wewere in the garage.
It got heated.
There was a glass jar.
It hit the wall and smashed.
I thought it was turpentine.
Is there anythingelse, detective? Because if not, I think my client would appreciatesome rest.
He's had an extraordinarilyharrowing day.
Not as tough as his wife'S.
Detective well, you know what? I think I'd liketo take a short break.
Dubois, can I talk to yououtside in the hall? Me? In the hall? what do you think?What do you see? What do you mean,"what do I see?" Hey, I'm not the new kidin school here.
I saw you staring at him.
I know how this works.
Is anythingthat he's saying matching up to what you're seeing? Somebody want to tell mewhat's going on? There's nothinggoing on just two old friendshaving a chat.
Well, that's fine, but let me just remindthe one old friend who's in my employ thatthere's this little thing called attorney-client privilege,and let me remind the other old friend who used to be in myemploy if you don't stop excuse me, counselor, butI think you'd be hard-pressed doing what you're doing,I'll have to report yoU to find a judgewho believes attorney-client privilegeextends to did you see something inthere? Did you have a dream? Excuse me.
I asked you first.
She works for me,detective.
Don't force me to bring you infor questioning! stacey:Uh, excuse? Are-are you folkscoming back in? I mean, am I supposedto just sit in here? You said this wouldn'ttake very long.
You said they had no groundsto charge me.
Just please give usa moment, mr.
We'll beright back in.
Thank you.
I don't know what to tell you,either one of you.
I saw what you saw,I heard what you heard.
And the only thingI'm dreaming about is a runaway girl sellingherself as a prostitute, and the fact thatmy mother-in-law is coming intown for a visit, and I really can't tell youwhich one scares me the most.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
hi, moM.
Grandma's teaching us how to singin french.
I see that.
Oh, it's wonderfulto see you.
It's wonderfulto be seen.
Did you getsome dinner? There's plenty left.
Grandma madefondue.
It's gooey! Well, I don't wantto miss that.
Well, it's official.
I must be on the fritz.
I'm sorry.
You must beon the what? The fritz.
You know, I wasat this meeting today.
One of devalos's clientswas being questioned, and we're all sitting there,and we're trying to figure out if this guy'stelling the truth.
And then I see nothing.
So that meansyou must be on the fritz? I mean, it's not likeyou always see something.
It's not like this hasnever happened before.
I know, but just,they were so counting on me.
And then tonight--your mother.
You know, I had a dream,a premonition that this visit was somethingthat should be avoided, something we shouldrun away from.
And then I get home, andshe's so great with the kids.
And she's lending usthat money.
And she seemed so serene.
No, I know.
WhenI picked her up from the airport, ihad prepared myself.
I mean, I think deep inside,I was dreading this visit, 'cause, I mean, here iam, I don't have a job, and you know, I'm borrowingmoney from my mother, and plus all thatstuff with you you know, she didn't mentionthat once today, not once.
I know.
She couldn't havebeen more understandinG.
She couldn't havebeen sweeter.
I don't know.
Maybe we're all on the fritz.
mom? Why do you have these? Uh, it's somethingI'm working on.
A case I'm helpingmr.
Devalos with.
Why? This is her.
This is the womanfrom my dream.
This is owen kearns's mother.
Ariel, letme see that.
Are you telling me this is thewoman you saw kill herself? She poured gasoline all overherself and lit a match.
Mom, I don't understand.
If this woman did thisto herself, why do all these articles sayit was murder? Joe:Ah, just curious, but when exactly wereyou going to tell me that our daughter sawa woman burn herself to deathin a dream? The woman in this picture's name is mary stacey.
Ariel just said thather last name is kearns.
Yeah, it was when she was marriedto her first husband.
Devalos is workingfor her second husband, graham.
The police believehe's the one who burned her.
But if ariel'sdream is right, if she did it herself okay.
For what it's worth, she didn't mentionyou'd be here, either.
Must be something good if she's willing to risk a replayof this afternoon.
Question is, goodfor you or good for me? Coffee.
My, my, my.
You are so eager to convictmy client, aren't you? Only 'causeI know he did it.
And I knowhe didn'T.
All I know is,back in the day, the only questionyou'd be asking yourself is whether or not to gofor the death penalty.
Well, all I knowis, back in the day, you were never so desperate toplease the man you worked for that you wouldn'tbe willing to look at all the evidence beforerushing to judgment.
Give me five minutesalone with your client, I'll show youa rush to judgment.
allison:Sorry I'm late.
No,that's okay.
Gave us a chanceto patch things up.
Suicide?Suicide? I'm just telling youwhat ariel told me.
I'm just telling youwhat ariel saw.
A broken marriage, a knock-down drag-outwith the man you once loved.
Maybe it all just gotto be too much for her.
You may wantto hold up there a second, dr.
Phil,'cause I talked to all her friendsand family members.
None of themsaid anything about her being depressedabout the divorce.
Well, some peopleare very good at covering uphow they really feel.
Yeah, well, I'mnot one of them, and I got to tell you-- this whole suicide theoryjust doesn't add up for me.
First off, nobody setsthemselves on fire.
Not when there are pillsin the medicine chest.
Not when there's a perfectly good gasoven in the kitchen.
Fire hurts.
You don't mess with it unless you're a monkwith a war to protest.
And what happenedto the container? What are you talking about?What container? The one she supposedly usedto douse herself with.
That one--what happened to that? 'Cause they couldn't find oneanywhere near the body.
Nice try, counselor.
man:Folks? we're-we're closing.
so? Don't ask.
Why did ariel dream that dream? Hmm? I don't know.
Maybe it's becauseyou were overbooked.
What are you talking about? Well, you know what with the dentistand that runaway.
I mean, if a dreamhas to be dreamt, and you're notthere to dream it you making fun of me? Not even alittle bit.
I think it's nice.
Daughter picking upthe slack for mom.
Dipping her toe inthe family business.
kind of like sanford and son,except with females.
I'm going to bed.
Who knows.
Could be the beginningof an american dynasty.
Shh! took a lot of work to get youup to speed, young lady.
Plaque tartar gingivitis.
You really put me throughmy paces.
Well, aren't wethe early bird? I don't understand.
You're telling me this manyou keep dreaming about picked up our runaway,offered her money for sex, drugged her, and then,once she was unconscious, performed dentalwork on her? Very extensive dental work.
I-I can't explain it;it was truly vicious.
It was like he was workingon her whole mouth.
And this man, this dentist, seemed to be very pleasedwith himself.
Okay what? and, uh, I thoughtI'd heard it all.
Feet, underarms.
But a dental fetish? I guess it takes allkinds to make a world.
That's it? That's your reaction? Well, I'm sorry, but what would you like myreaction to be, allison? This isn't a terriblyuseful piece of information.
We're alreadylooking for sally.
We're already canvassingthe area for, for dentists.
I mean, so someteeth were pulled, a few cavitieswere filled.
It's hardly agame changer.
Listen, I know youwant to impress me.
I know the money I giveyou is the only money that's coming into yourhousehold right now no, n-no.
I didn't come here at dawnto try and impress you.
I came herebecause I had a dream and I thoughtit was important.
Well, discoveringthat our victim is in fact a toothlesshooker hardly seems tohelp in that regard.
Does it, allison? Listen, I'm not paying youto dream about just anything.
I'm paying you todream things I can use.
Thanks for stopping by.
you wanted to see me,principal reed? Ariel, I wanted to ask you a favor.
I see you're in worldthemes with owen kearns.
We're puttingtogether a package of schoolwork tosend to his house and I was wonderingif I could ask you to grab his resource file whenyou go to class next period.
woman:"My darling owen.
"This is my favorite placein all the world.
"I only wish you were herewith me.
"Perhaps someday soon.
" you looking for me? I certainly am, detective.
Uh it's, uh,come to my attention that while othersin your precinct chose to stay home the other day in an illegal act of defianceagainst the city, you chose to come to work.
I'm impressed,detective.
Strikes me you're thinking like, uh, a manwho wants to get ahead, wants to make a namefor himself.
Honestly, I wasn't thinkingabout any of that.
Is that how you got involvedwith this, uh, stacey case, this thing where this manset his wife on fire? Yeah, that was the same morning.
I was the only guythey could find.
Lucky me.
And are you aware that our old friendmanuel devalos is representingthe number one suspect in this case? "Our old friend"? Yeah, I knew that.
Why? Because I'm not aboutto let the man I replaced get the best of mein this matter.
Now, why isn't this mr.
Staceybehind bars? Why isn't any given suspectbehind bars? We can't prove it.
To begin with,there's no motive.
Weren't they getting divorced? If the collapse of a marriagewas grounds for murder, half the men in the worldwould be behind bars.
Let me be clear, detective.
I want a reasonfor this man to be locked up.
I want this case closed.
I want the honorable mr.
Devalos on the losing sidein this matter.
Now, go find me some evidence.
Go find me a motive.
Animal rights activists have been pushing for the bill for nine years it's expected the bill will outline just what animals will be allowed to be used in labs.
Manuel devalos.
Graham, yes,I got your messages.
Frankly, I was hoping to havesomething concrete to report before I called you back.
trust me, mr.
Stacey, you are absolutely gettingmy undivided attention.
Frankly, at the moment, I don't have any other clientsto divide my attention among.
No, I don't think that's true.
The lead detectiveis an honest man.
He has no interest in sending someonewho's innocent to prison.
Stacey,I understand how you feel.
S graham, you have to trust me.
Of course I have a plan.
Of course I have a strategy.
okay, your wife, youryour late wife.
Did you ever know herto be despondent? Did she ever seek therapy, use any kindof prescription antidepressants? Did she ever mention suicide? Really.
An enormous passion for life,loved to travel, loved good food, good wine,you know.
Yes, graham, II will call you in the morning.
Hopefully I'll have better news.
Good night.
Dinovi: You asleep? Don't think so.
You know, it's easier todo with your eyes closed.
Thanks for the tip.
You want to tell meabout whatever it is? You want the good newsor the bad? I want you toget some sleep.
I'll start with the bad.
Our acting district attorneywants me to help him crush mannyin court, which is a problembecause I really like manny and I really hateour acting district attorney.
That leavesthe good news.
I think the guy devalosis representing is innocent.
Well, then there's nothingto lose sleep over, is there? I got you intothis, didn't I? You pointed metowards the diving board, but I'm the guywho decided to jump.
I got a confessionto make.
It felt good.
I liked being the only copwith balls big enough to go out there and do his jobwhen no one else wanted to.
Then why aren'tyou sleeping? I can't tell you why.
It's just in the air.
Everything's aboutto turn to crap.
I can feel it.
I think we ought to offer tohire your mom as our cook.
You ever tastefish like that? I've never tastedfish like that.
I've never seen our kids eatfish that didn't come as a stick or a cracker.
Hey, I think yourmom's still awake.
I haven't had a realconversation with her since she got here.
Well, I've donenothing but talk to her since she got here.
If you're not back in five,I'm gonna come get you.
Joe's dad:Uh, do yourself a favor.
Don't go in there.
what are you doing here? The same thing I was doinga couple of nights ago.
I am tryingto warn you.
Did you see herwith my children tonight? I'm dead, isee everything.
Which is why I would thinkyou would listen to me.
Marjorie:Hello? you're not actually hereto tuck me in, are you? No.
I just--I wanted to thank you for the money and, well,for the gifts and for just being here.
For showing up uninvitedon virtually no notice? No, don't be silly,you're always invited.
You're sweet.
Well, it must be nice beingable to go places on a whim.
Well, fromwhat I've read, it's not as ifmy showing up would have surprisedyou anyway.
we need to talk about that.
Um it really doesn't workthat way.
Because, frankly, if it did, I would have known we wouldhave this awkward moment and I would have told youyears ago.
And I am,I am really sorry I didn'T.
It's okay.
I'm not sure what iwould have made of it all those years ago.
I guess thingshappen for a reason.
I guess.
Well, if you need anything, you knowwe're right across the hall.
There is one thing.
Um, I'm not actuallyhere on, on a whim.
Could I take youinto my confidence? Joe can't know whatI'm about to tell you.
I'm prettysick, allison.
Oh, marjorie.
It's not hopeless.
There's treatment--an operation.
I'm flying to minneapoliswhen I leave here, to the mayo clinic.
My odds are 60%.
I know, I look pretty goodfor someone with 60% odds.
I feelpretty good for someonewith 60% odds.
Anyway, I, uh, whenI heard that number, I thought of you.
I mean, if, if I gointo the hospital knowing that imight not come out, then obviously I'd dosome things differently.
so I-I don't knowhow this works.
I wish so badlyI had something to tell you.
Who knows? Maybe before you go in.
Yeah, who,who knows? Um yeah.
Not a word to joe? Not a word to joe.
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