Medium s04e11 Episode Script

Lady Killer

They say 40 is t new 3 And I say they're right.
I look young,I feel young, and I act young, and frankly, most men my age can't begin to keep up.
So where does a girl go? Where does she go to find suitable playmates? Come on.
I'm gonna show you.
Amy and I were suppose||to get married right after graduation.
She'd already picked out the dress,reserved the hall.
Everybody says that it must have been her time but maybe it was the drunk who hit her's time.
It's been five months.
I still can't sleep.
Don't really eat.
Don't really want to be with anybody.
Other than this group, I mean.
Five months without anybody? This is actually too simple.
I hope that answers your question.
Fold-down rear seats-- I'm gonna get some.
I think I forgot how amazing that can be.
You want to do it again? Now,this is the tough part.
Remember,the goal here is to love 'em and leave 'em, not keep loving 'em.
I mean,how you going to move on to your next young lover if you're still with the last? So now that you got him where you want him, the trick is to move in for the kill.
See,that's what really separates the cougars from the pussycats.
You want to do it again? - How about that? - That's nice.
- Like this? - Oh,yeah.
- Like this? - That feels good.
- You like that? - Yeah,that's good.
That's nice.
Yeah,that's good.
Bad dream? It was weird.
Just weird dream.
This woman, she was behaving like well,I don't know what she was behaving like.
She kept trying to get these young guys into bed, and then when she was through with them Actually,she was behaving just like a man.
Sorry I asked.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season04 Episode11 Girls,let's go.
Breakfast time.
Ariel? Don't do that.
You do that too hard and it'll go right through to your brain.
My ear's itchy.
I need your credit card for gas.
I've got a meeting with Devalos this morning.
Police have not yet released the name of the young man, whose body was found early this morning in the back of his SUV, - which was in a downtown church parking lot.
- I'll be right back.
I got to make a call.
Coroner's figuring he died last night around 11:00.
You were right about his fiancée.
She was killed by a drunk driver six months ago.
In fact,he was attending some kind of a grief support meeting here at the church.
Well,did anyone see him leave with the woman I described: tall, very beautiful,early 40s? According to the others at the meeting, no one there really fits that description.
I saw her as plain as day.
That's the thing,Allison.
Whoever did this,there's nothing womanly about her.
It's pretty savage, kind of bordering on butchery, and it's hard to imagine a woman of any age with the anger, not to mention the strength, necessary to hack this fellow up the way he was.
Come in.
Oh,sorry I'm late.
Hey,come on in,Allison.
You remember Ben, my campaign manager? Ben Salzberg.
Allison Dubois.
- We've met.
- I remember.
"Manuel Devalos.
An Instinct for Justice.
" Well,you have my vote, Mr.
There's one.
Okay Here,I want to show you something.
District Attorney, polls show Manuel Devalos is closing the gap on yourseven - point lead.
Do you have any comment about what's being called the "Manuel Momentum"? The only person calling it the "Manuel Momentum" is former District Attorney Devalos.
Now,I'll admit his numbers look impressive, given his late entrance into the race, but the citizens of Phoenix have had enough of Manuel Devalos.
They know what baggage he brings with him.
They know that when it comes to the trying of fact in a court of law, you don't go to a witch doctor or a fortune-teller for legal counsel.
My intuition says the voters aren't buying it.
Thank you very much.
Excuse me.
Talk about "going negative.
" I didn't bring you here to upset you.
Well,I appreciate that,sir.
Mutual admiration aside,we've called you here,Mrs.
Dubois, because Manny has a very important fund-raiser tomorrow.
Say no more.
I'll book a bus ticket out of town if it'll help.
I thought you said she was a psychic.
You're misunderstanding, Allison.
I don't want you to stay away.
I want you there.
I don't understand.
Manny's biggest problem and Van Dyke's biggest asset is "the Allison question.
" Who is Allison Dubois? Where is she? If she's the real deal, why is Manny hiding her? We've come to the conclusion that the best answer for the Allison question is Allison herself.
It's time for you to come out of hiding,Mrs.
"The answer to the Allison question is Allison herself"? He actually said that? So what? So now we got to go to this thing? Well,what was I supposed to say? I don't know.
Tell him we got a sick kid.
What? What are kids for if not to be used as excuses to get out of things that you don't want to do? That's not funny.
That's not even a little funny.
If one of our girls gets sick now Oh,please,one of our kids is not going to get sick now.
And it is too funny.
Be quiet.
I'm not listening.
I'm asleep.
No,you're laughing.
You're laughing on the inside.
I can't hear you.
I'm in dreamland.
You want to keep your laughter down,please? I'm trying to sleep.
You going to want something else? It's last call.
I guess I've been stood up.
Happens to the best of us.
You know,he may still show.
You got 20 minutes till closing.
There's no one coming here to meet me.
Fundamental truth: Hardworking young men like the idea of seducing rich,older women.
They think it's easy.
They think we're desperate-- so desperate we'll do whatever it takes to keep them happy.
Little does he know I only want him for the night.
Glass ring,fake pearls.
He's a man.
He won't know the difference.
How's that treating you? Good.
It's my fault,you know, that he thinks he can treat me this way.
I should never have bought him that little sports car he wanted.
Now he thinks he can just leave me here sitting, waiting for him all night in a restaurant.
He sounds like a fool.
A blind fool.
You're right.
He is.
Look,I got to ask you something.
Well,go ahead.
Hurry up.
Only got 19 minutes before closing.
How does a guy get to be with a woman like you anyway? He asks.
You're pretty amazing.
Pretty and amazing, yeah.
God did okay by you,too.
Hey,I'm gonna,uh, pour myself a drink.
You want something? Whatever you're having,sure.
This one actually makes me a little sad.
He's so cute.
I could see myself spending more than just one night with him.
But that would never work.
He thinks I actually have money.
Don't look so surprised.
Any cougar worth her salt knows a thing or two about nails.
Hey,lover, you ever had your back scratched by a woman who really knows how? Oh,come on.
Don't be such a baby.
You'll love it.
She just fell asleep.
I don't want to wake her.
Don't blame me.
Blame Dr.
He's the one who's leaving town and told us we've got to get to his office in half an hour.
Hey,how many times you think we've made this trip? I don't know,what? The early morning ear infection/antibiotic run? I don't know.
Together or separate Hey,what street was that? Let me use your phone.
I've got to call Detective Scanlon.
Detective Lee Scanlon, Phoenix PD.
I,uh,I got an anonymous tip|| there might have been some trouble here in the restaurant last night.
Well,looks okay to me.
Okay,I give up.
Come on,Allison.
Hello? Lee,is that you?Hello? Uh,I'm gonna I'm gonna call you back,okay? What's going on? ********** Victim's name is Ryan Haas, 26 years old.
Been working at this restaurant for four years as a bartender.
The manager said,uh, Ryan offered to close up last night after his shift ended.
Didn't say anything about him,uh,having a date.
Anyone remember the woman at the bar? This place is kind of a pickup joint.
Ryan was a flirt.
The manager says there's always girls hanging around the bar till closing, but no one they noticed.
Well,that doesn't make sense.
This woman is beautiful.
She was,uh sexy.
She's not the kind of woman who would go unnoticed.
Well,she did last night, if she even exists.
What does that mean? Allison,this guy was killed with a nail gun.
So? So how many women you know have a nail gun? Much less the strength to overpower a 26-year-old man long enough to drive a couple hundred six-penny nails into his head, his neck,his chest This isn't about strength.
It's just like that guy that got lured into the back of his van and stabbed to death the other night.
She seduces them, she has sex with them, and then when their defenses are down and they're vulnerable, then she strikes.
I want to see that movie.
You know,I'm not even convinced these two murders are related.
Well,they are.
So you're telling me that there's a female serial killer out there, picking up men and then murdering them.
That's what I'm saying.
I guess I should be grateful I'm not out there on the prowl anymore.
You're about ten years too old for this black widow.
You look pretty.
So do you.
Mama has to go out.
I don't want to, but I promised someone I'd do something for them.
How do you feel? It still hurts.
You know Daddy and Ariel and Bridgette are all going to be here to take care of you, and I'll be back home before you know it,okay? "I" before "E," except after "C.
" Can't you just tell me how to spell it? Uh,Dad,I think you're in trouble, 'cause Mom's all dressed up and you're not.
Daddy's staying home with you.
It's okay.
You can take him if you want.
He's being kind of grouchy anyways.
You know,the whole point of "the kid is sick" excuse is to get us both out of going.
Yeah,I'll remember that next time.
Hey,don't forget to wake her up at Come on,grouchy.
It's so great you're here.
Don't be silly.
What a terrific turnout.
It's going very well, lots of press,lots of donors, a few big fish we still need to haul into the boa|| And here comes Shamu now.
How are you? Constance,I'm so pleased you could make it.
District Attorney.
I don't see Richard.
Oh,he's running late.
Some business thing.
Constance,have you met Mrs.
Dubois? Allison Dubois,this is Constance Madsen.
Nice to meet you.
Oh,my the famous Allison Dubois.
So tell me,what is my fortune? What's in my future? Oh,I feel strongly you and your husband are going to make a significant contribution to Mr.
Devalos' campaign.
Very clever,Mrs.
Allison, Constance's husband, Richard,owns a very successful construction firm here in Phoenix, and they have been very supportive over the years.
But then,I'm sure you knew that.
I know everything.
Well,tell me, do you happen to know when my husband is actually going to show up? But the truth is, I did not do it all myself.
I was privileged to work with a dedicated group of police detectives, and some of the most talented ADAs in the country.
And as most of you now know, I had a secret weapon.
Her name is Allison Dubois.
Allison worked for me as an investigator, as a jury consultant and as a paralegal.
And it was her dedicated service to the city of Phoenix that was invaluable in helping to convict and incarcerate a number of violent criminals.
So what does your crystal ball say? Is he going to win this election? I wish I knew.
I'm afraid I'm as much in the dark as anybody on this subject.
Really? That doesn't seem fair.
I think it's the universe's way of evening the score.
Connie! There you are.
Sorry I'm late.
What did I miss? The speeches,the food, the champagne but let me introduce you to the very best part of the evening.
Richard,this is Allison Dubois.
She's the psychic who was working with Manuel all those years.
A-ha,how do you do? Is this honestly the only way? It's the only way for you.
You don't look happy,Richard.
You should be happy.
I know I'm happy.
Go to your little party for Manuel Devalos and enjoy yourself.
And please write him a generous check.
She looked into the future and said that you are going to write a big check for this campaign.
Well we don't want to make a liar out her,now do we? Hey,stranger.
What time did you get in? A little before midnight.
You two were dead to the world.
Yeah,well,this little one was exhausted from screaming.
And me,I was exhausted from trying to calm her down.
Poor thing.
Oh,I'm okay.
So what did I miss? How was the fundraiser? Did we raise a lot of funds? Did we fund a lot of raises? It was fine.
Well,actually, it was a little strange.
I was introduced to this friend of Devalos',this big donor.
And the second I met him I knew something was wrong.
What do you mean "wrong"? Was he ill? Something going to happen to him? Not him,Devalos.
Something bad was going to happen to Devalos.
What do you mean "bad"? I don't know.
His friend was in cahoots with Van Dyke.
They were plotting against Devalos.
What do you mean? Plotting against him how? I don't know.
So you met this guy, and you got a bad feeling about him.
Then what happened? Well,then he wrote Devalos a big check.
Well,I'm no politico, but there must be a better way to crush a campaign than by funding it.
So did you say something to him? Well,say wh||? The night seemed to be going so well for him.
I didn't want to be the one to ruin it.
Especially since I don't know what, if anything,is going on.
All right,we have 45 minutes before the girls get up.
Oh,did you happen to see the note that I left for you in the kitchen last night? The message from Scanlon? You know,I don't get it.
I'm usually persona non grata around here.
You know,you're sneaking around to meet me, but today, you're waiting for me by the front door, escorting me up the elevator.
What can I tell you? If I had my way,we'd pick you up in a limo, offer you champagne and caviar for lunch.
You know,don't you worry if you lie like that, your nose is going to grow? Or God's going to smite you or something? Look,the honest to God truth is, I got two dead 20-something guys who were found exactly where you said they'd be, murdered exactly the way you said they'd be.
I need to get you with a sketch artist.
I know it sounds like a lot of nothing.
I just kind of felt funny keeping it to myself.
Well,I don't know what to tell you,Allison.
The man's check cleared.
Well,at the end of the day, I guess that's all that really matters.
I'm being summoned.
Oh,well,then don't let me keep you.
You know,it meant a lot to me that you were there last night, and for what it's worth, your name was mentioned in this morning's paper.
Well,then I guess it's mission accomplished.
Mission accomplished.
I'll talk to you soon.
You know,it just doesn't make much sense what she's saying, Mr.
It just doesn't.
Well,I grant you,it doesn't make much sense to us.
No,it doesn't make much sense,period.
Why would Richard Madsen be having secret meetings with District Attorney Van Dyke? The man just donated a truckload of money to you.
Well,then, you tell me.
What kind of deal could they have been making? Manny,listen to yourself.
You're becoming completely preoccupied because some woman told you Not some woman.
Allison Dubois.
Do me a favor.
Just keep your ear to the ground.
Got your message.
Dispatch said you think you may have spotted my suspect.
My partner and I got a call to break up a fight in the parking lot.
We were finishing up in here with the owner, and I saw someone that looked like your sketch.
She even has the coat.
- Hello? - Am I waking you? No.
It's okay.
I think I may have spotted your exterminating angel, that woman you keep dreaming about? She's here at a bar trolling for guys half her age.
You're kidding.
It's 11:45.
I never kid after 10:00 on a weeknight.
So here's what I'm calling to find out.
You had any more dreams? I mean,is this chick gonna pull a chainsaw out of her purse or a jackhammer out of her underwear? Is there anything I should be on the lookout for? I'm sorry.
I don't know.
I haven't had a dreamt about her in the last couple days.
Okay,well,I'm gonna take that as a good sign, maybe introduce myself to this little lady, see if I can get to the bottom of this thing.
- All right.
- Bye.
I no,uh, speaka da English so so good,yeah,no.
You speaka da English just fine.
Maybe,um, I-I teach you Italiano later,huh? Excuse me? Excuse me!Phoenix PD.
Ma'am,if I could ask you to please step away from the gentleman.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
What's this all abou|| What's going on? It's about her,sir.
It's not about you.
If you could stand still and stay calm.
I am not from here.
Are you policia? Yeah.
That's me.
Tell you what.
Why don't you hand me the purse? Hand me the purse.
Turn around.
Put your hands on the car.
Turn around.
Put your hands on the car.
Uh,scuzi? Scuzi? Says here,you're Michelle Todd of Tucson.
So,uh,is trying to impress a guy in a bar against the law,Officer? Maybe.
I think you're going to have to come with me,Ms.
What? I'm just a girl looking to have some fun.
- What's the crime? - Murder.
Well,wait a second.
- What are you talking about? - You ever had any contact with a Ryan Haas or Mr.
Sean Covey? Who? Maybe you never asked them their names.
A support group widower in need of a little comfort? A bartender I suspect you may have nailed? - You have the right to remain silent - Wait.
Wait a second.
Wait a second! A bartender? Support group widowers? It sounds like you're talking about my book.
I have a Ma'am,let's not make this difficult,okay? No,no,look,look! Open my trunk.
It sounds like my book! Open my trunk, and I'll show you! All right,all right,all right.
If you take her for a second? A Cougar's Guide to the Hunt: Bagging a Man in the Urban Jungle by Charisma Kennedy.
Be nice.
That's my pen name.
Look,flip it over.
Look,see?That's my picture.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
See,in therein there Under the chapter headings-- look,see? It's all there.
"Making the Connection at a Support Group.
" "Leaving More than a Tip for the Bartender.
" Nothing in here about cops,huh? No.
Why? Tonight's your lucky night.
I'm going to take you downtown.
I hate you.
It's barely Hey,early bird,I thought you wanted to catch this worm.
Well,where is she? I've been here since 6:00.
Hold your horses.
The show is about to begin.
Here comes your dream girl now.
What do you think? Well,that's her.
At least it looks like her.
What's the hesitation about? I don't know.
She looks so frightened.
Well,being charged with murder will do that to you.
Hey,when you get a chance, if you have some time, this is actually a pretty good read.
Every seduction you ever dreamed of is in here.
The support group, the bartender.
It's quite uncanny.
What is this, a how-to book for killing men? Not killing them, Allison.
Seducing them.
Oh,you mean, there's no chapter in here about the best way to nail-gun your man after he's flambéed you in the kitchen? Maybe she's saving that for the sequel.
Let's go have a little chat.
You both understand how absurd this is.
I Look at me!I-I I don't even know how to use a knife or a nail gun.
I like men.
In fact,I love them.
I've made a lot of money loving them.
How do you mean? Well, as Charisma Kennedy, I have the books.
I've written 12.
That one came out four months ago.
In fact,I'm still doing the book signings.
Then there's Charisma Kennedy, the column and blog.
Then as Michelle,I have The Single Girl's Guide to Financial Independence.
And then as John Todd,I have The Single Guy's Guide to Financial Independence.
I'm a busy little girl, but I am no murderer.
Then why don't you just tell us where you were on the nights in question? Look,I don't mind waiting for a couple hours until your lawyer gets into his office and we can get him down here.
I don't have anything to hide.
I It's just you're not going to believe my alibi.
What do you mean? Do you not remember what you were doing on the nights in question? I remember exactly what I was doing.
I was at home alone reading.
I don't know.
Based on what I saw last night, you don't strike me as the "home alone reading" type.
Well,I am.
For the most part.
Sure,yeah,sometimes I have to go out and see what's really going on.
Hear the latest lines.
Try a new technique.
Is there a law against a single girl looking to have some fun? You say that,but the fact remains two men are dead.
Well,I had nothing to do with it! I'm no killer.
Like I said,I love men! But the fact remains two men have been murdered using techniques eerily similar to not one, but two chapters in your book.
Yeah,well,then, maybe it means that your killer can read.
Look,I'm going to make this simple for you,Ms.
If you can't provide us with an alibi for the nights in question, then I'm gonna have to exercise my right to hold you for 24 hours while I obtain a warrant to search your apartment.
But that's not right! Yeah,well that's the law.
But don't worry.
I'll be sending a hot,young thing in here in a minute to,uh,show you to a cell.
Come in.
Come on in.
Take a seat.
I'll just leave and let you two catch up.
So,you want to tell me about it? What What are you talking about,Manny? I got a message to come see you, and here I am.
It's your meeting.
You want an answer?Ask a question.
Okay,here's a question.
Did you know when I was District Attorney, that some concerns surfaced about corruption in the construction sector? No.
II didn't know that.
Didn't get very far before I was asked to take a permanent vacation.
But as it turns out, I still have some friends in the District Attorney's office, and recently, they've brought some information to my attention.
Paying off city inspectors? Bribing council members? Van Dyke must have really put the screws to you.
I don't know what you're talking about, but this is a strange way to thank a major contributor to your campaign.
So,how is that supposed to work? I cash the check, and then Van Dyke announces that he's indicting you? And,oh,yes, isn't it funny that former DA Manuel Devalos is taking money from a city contractor under investigation for corruption and fraud? What did he promise you? A suspended sentence, some kind of fine? You're my friend,Manny.
Y-You've always been my friend.
I I had no choice.
I,uh I can't go to jail.
It was very strange.
On one hand I had these very vivid dreams, in which she was always the one.
And then sitting across from her today, my instincts told me I was wrong.
Well,for God's sake, listen to your instincts.
Don't listen to your instincts.
Well,she's in jail tonight.
So,I guess it's up to the police and the justice system now.
Why are you scratching your ear? I don't know.
I'm hoping it's just a case of the power of suggestion.
Hanging out with Marie all this time, watching her scratch her ear.
Well,I hope you're right.
I will be very upset if I have to wake up early in the morning and rush you to the pediatrician.
Right back at you.
Where you going? I told you.
I have a transport at 0800.
I'm shipping out to Germany for a satellite operations assignment.
So last night was it? You turn me out and then you just leave? Honey,we agreed.
No strings attached.
No seeing each other again.
Yeah,but that was before.
I mean,this is kind of new to me,but I don't want you to go.
I'll tell you what.
I'll give you something special before I leave.
Something to remember me by.
Come here.
What are you doing? You'll see.
Give me your hand.
There you go.
Now the other.
There you go.
Now close your eyes.
Lift your head.
They're bringing her up right now.
How is she? Relieved.
Thrilled that she's starting to look like she's not guilty.
Horrified that somebody's doing this.
I don't know what to tell you,Lee.
In my dreams,I saw her.
I saw her kill that man last night.
I saw her kill all those men.
Well,she definitely didn't kill the guy you called about last night.
She's been under lock and key for the past 24 hours.
Todd, I want to tell you that the Phoenix Police Department extends its sincerest apologies.
So,that's it? ************ ******** *********you are free to go.
You know, my book has sold upwards of 60,000 copies.
Well,it seems to me that means there are at least 60,000 people who could be doing this.
Who could be using my book, my techniques, the scenarios I've written to lure young men into bed.
Yeah,actually,I thought about that myself.
Except I couldn't find the setup for last night's killing anywhere in here.
- Really? - Really.
We know that the killer was dressed up as a naval officer.
And there isn't any, anything like that in the book.
A naval officer? Oh,they told me they hated that one.
I'm sorry.
Who told you they hated what? My publisher.
It was one of the scenarios that was cut from my book.
Uh,"Patriot Games" I think I called it.
Female naval officer.
It's her last night before shipping off and she is going to spend it sharing her bedroom secrets ******* Um,are there any others? Sure.
I remember they couldn't wait to get rid of "Naughty Nun with a Bad Habit.
" It was like,who has a nun's habit hanging around? Oh,and then there's "The Extra Ticket.
" Simple,but effective.
Very few men can resist the,the temptation of accepting that extra ticket to "tonight's big game.
" Of course,it's after the game that the fun really begins.
And these techniques, these chapters that were cut, who else might have seen them? Sandra Marshall, my publisher, and-and-and her staff.
******* Can I have the remote,please? Thank you.
I'm here to speak with you today on behalf of my client and friend,Richard Madsen.
Many of you know Richard.
- He built our new hospital downtown.
- What the hell is this? He's currently hard at work on our new arts complex.
His firm is also involved in the upkeep of our bridges and roadways.
Madsen is a major financial supporter of my run for District Attorney, which is why it saddened me earlier today to learn that for the past several months, Mr.
Madsen's firm has been involved in a series of payoffs to city officials in order to secure contracts and approvals his company might not otherwise have enjoyed.
Oh,my God.
My conscience it's been weighing on me.
So, I decided to talk to my friend Manuel here, who has advised me to throw myself on the mercy of the court.
No! No,no,no,no,no! Corruption in city government is an insidious problem.
It cannot happen if it is not allowed to happen.
Ladies,my name is Detective Lee Scanlon.
I'm sure you're all familiar with the recent series of killings here in Phoenix targeting young,single men.
Well,we have reason to believe that these killings may have been inspired by a book that you published here, a book that all of you women worked on.
It's called A Cougar's Guide to the Hunt: Bagging a Man in the Urban Jungle.
I'm sure you're all familiar with it.
Yeah? Well,as part of our investigation,uh, I'm going to need to know where each of you were on the nights that each of these killings took place.
Then put it right five times,Bridge, but Hello? Allison.
It's Lee.
I'm over here at Michelle's publishing company.
I gotta tell you, it's a complete strikeout.
Every single one of the women who worked on this book has a rock-solid alibi.
Allison? I don't know what to tell you,Lee.
I'm stumped,too.
Well,that's two of us.
Except I'm stumped and hungry.
Uh,I'm going to get out of here.
Call me if you need me.
You work here? No.
Just visiting.
Are you an author? Elliot Davis.
This is my company.
Nice to meet you.
Are you from out of town? You got that slightly dazed, "I'm from out of town" look in your eye.
Do I? You know what?If you're free, I've got a couple of tickets to the big game tonight.
I was supposed to go with a buddy of mine, but he just cancelled.
We could grab some dinner.
Catch the game.
Where should I pick you up? What? You've never been approached by a man before? At my age,I don't get approached much by anybody.
No,I don't believe that.
I mean,who doesn't appreciate the company of young people? But every now and then, it's nice to spend some time with somebody who can carry on a conversation.
Ah,you'd be amazed at the number of people, who otherwise would never yeah,they're at a vulnerable moment.
They're lonely.
They're bored.
In a strange city.
It's just a basketball game.
I've been told I'm terrific company.
I promise you, I'm discreet.
In fact,I think I can safely say that no one who's ever spent time with me has ever lived to regret it.
City detectives announced this afternoon that publisher Elliot Davis has been arrested and charged with three counts of murder.
The 49-year-old Davis reportedly confessed to luring three local men to their deaths, using a book his company published that advises older women how to seduce young men.
Michelle Todd,who goes by the name Charisma Kennedy, the author of A Cougar's Guide to the Hunt, was shocked to learn how her book played a role in the murder spree Okay,quit moving.
I can't get this medicine in your ear.
Naturally,I'm shocked and saddened that a book that I wrote with the intention of bringing pleasure and-and hope to women of a certain age would be used in such a perverse way.
I mean,it's obviously a very effective book maybe too effective.
And what's next for you? Well,ironically,this tragedy has brought a lot of attention to the Cougar books.
I've gotten a number of calls from cable networks about a Cougar reality show, and maybe a Cougar Web site or a social networking,uh,page like My Cougar.
And you know I'm open to anything.
What is she saying? I can't hear.
I can't hear anything with all this, this medicine in my ear.
Don't worry.
You didn't miss a thing.