Medium s05e01 Episode Script

Soul Survivor

Previously on Medium He's dying.
The mayor, the governer, they all want me to step in.
They gave him his job back.
That's amazing.
- That means that you get your job back? - As soon as I want.
- Who's that? - Terry Cavanaugh.
The John D.
Rockefeller of solar energy.
You know I bought your company, I bought your invention.
How'd you like to finish what you start? He said, "do it in Phoenix".
Find some space, hire some people.
Make me some money.
Tonight, on Ripley's Believe It or Not, you'll meet a hungry, young woman with an appetite for cold steel.
A music lover who has turned his very extremities into a sonorous instrument.
A contortionist who's perfected a method for examining his own spine.
But first, in 1848, Phineas Gage was part of a workgang, Blasting Rock were clearing the roadbed for a new railroad line.
On september 13th of that year, Phineas' life would be changed forever by one simple spark.
He was tamping down an explosive charge with an iron rod when the gunpowder ignited early and a three-foot iron rod was blown clear through Phineas' skull.
Miraculously, Phineas survived.
His body, it seemed, had made a complete recovery.
His spirit, on the other hand Those who knew Phineas' best said he was a changed man after his accident.
Once even-keeled and hardworking, he was now fitful, irreverent and grossly profane.
But would it surprise you to learn that Phineas, after a long night of drinking, once identified himself to a fellow inebriate as "Cyrus Ames"? Who, you ask, was Cyrus Ames? Cyrus Ames was a notorious gunfighter and card cheat.
For a time, he was employed by the railroads to shoot any Indians who attempted to interfere with the construction.
On the day of Phineas' accident, Cyrus Ames lay dying of syphilis in the very same doctor's office where Phineas was treated.
Some believe that an exchange of sorts took place that day.
That the soul of a dying gunfighter somehow slipped into the body of an injured railroad worker.
Coincidence? We may never know.
Unlikely? Yes.
Impossible? You be the judge.
A man by the name of Robert l.
Ripley, after all, would challenge you to believe it or not! Bad dream? Bad rerun.
It was weird, I dreamt about an old TV show.
You mean no one's in danger? You don't have to call anyone? We can just go back to sleep? I don't believe it.
Allison, you're here.
Once settled, join me and Lee for a meeting, please? With him? With them.
Lee, Allison, this is Joel Tiernan.
And sitting beside him is my old friend, his wife, Gabrielle.
Six months ago, Gabrielle's sister, Robin, was found murdered in a cottage she'd rented on Saguaro Lake.
There were no witnesses and as of now, no suspects.
This all took place when D.
Van Dyke was running this office.
His people worked the case but never solved it.
I believe it was August 16th when I first realized that the Phoenix police department had given up on trying to find my sister's killer.
I had called district attorney Van Dyke for an update, and he told me there were no new developments in the case.
When I asked him when I might expect any new developments, he was kind enough to explain to me that good police work depends on good leads.
And since there were no new leads in the case Six months ago, there was nothing I could do about that.
Now I can.
That's why I'm putting my two best people on it.
I'm going to tell her everything.
What did you just say? You heard me.
I'm going to tell her everything.
I think I saw his face.
- What are you talking about? - The killer, I think I saw his face.
Put me together with a sketch artist, we might have something for you to work with this afternoon.
Hey, kiddo.
How was school? Why the long face? I sort of got in trouble in art class.
Oh, yeah? What happened? I kind of drew a funny picture of my teacher, Mr.
Did you apologize? Well, yeah, but he wants you and mom to look at the picture anyways and sign it - so he knows you saw it.
- Okay.
Bridgette, you drew this? That man is naked.
He sure is.
This is the man you believe murdered Robin Aaronson? I think it's a pretty good likeness.
Tell me, is this the man you saw? Yes.
- You know this man? - I knew him.
Gabrielle's first husband, Nathan.
He was a very successful novelist, and when he died, he left Gabrielle a very wealthy woman.
He's dead? Killed in a car crash two years ago, driving home from a writers' retreat.
Struck head-on by another vehicle, a stolen vehicle.
By the time the accident site was discovered, the other driver, the car thief, had disappeared.
Skulked off into the night.
We never managed to identify him.
I'm sorry, Allison.
I don't know what you think you saw, Nathan's dead for two years, he couldn't have killed 6 months ago.
Look on the bright side.
At least this woman wasn't in the room when you accused her dead husband of murdering her sister.
Would you put that thing away already? I'm sorry.
It's just so Accurate? Yeah, I mean I know we've had the talk with Bridgette, And I know she's seen all this stuff in science class, but it's just But what? You're acting like you never drew a picture of a naked person before.
I'm sure that I scribbled the occasional "bazoom" in my notebook, but nothing like this.
What? A young boy's fascination with "bazooms" is okay? But a young girl's curiosity about that, isn't? I'm just going to turn off the light now.
Yeah, you do that.
So, you're telling me Joel Tiernan did this? Joel Tiernan, Gabrielle Tiernan's current husband, is the hit-and-run driver who killed her first husband, Nathan Cafferty? That is one very forgiving lady.
Obviously, I don't think she knows.
Look, I know how this sounds, Lee, but I dreamt about it last night.
Joel Tiernan was the other driver in that accident.
I think that's how he got that big scar on his forehead.
What?! I'm sorry, it's just Manny puts us on one cold case, and you start dreaming about another that's even colder.
You may see who took the Lindbergh baby.
What if i'm right? What if Joel Tiernan is responsible for this? If you're sure about what you saw, and when I say "sure," I'm talking in the neighborhood of 100 percent, then I'll bring the guy in for questioning, ask him to account for his whereabouts.
But if you're not Remember, these are Manny's friends.
At least the wife is.
If you're right about this Tiernan guy, Gabrielle sure can pick them.
- What do you mean? - I interviewed a few of the dead sister's friends yesterday.
One of them told me about a little accident Robin had in '06.
She claimed she'd fallen, but the friend spotted some bruising around her neck.
Got the feeling she may have been covering for someone.
An abusive boyfriend, maybe.
Turns out she was.
And his name was Nathan Cafferty.
She was having an affair with her sister's husband? For about a year until Nathan decided he was still in love with Gabrielle.
According to the friend, Robin didn't take it well.
Threatened to tell her sister.
Nathan got physical.
Grabbed Robin by the neck, threw her up against the wall.
It happened in the same cabin she died in.
I saw it, Lee.
I saw it yesterday.
I just didn't understand.
So, so, wait so, if Robin was having an affair with Nathan, shouldn't we bring in Gabrielle for questioning? She has the motive.
If she knew her sister was getting it on with her husband, sure.
But according to the friend, she never found out.
Besides, I did some checking.
There are photos of her at some charity event in Flagstaff till the wee hours on the night of the murder.
Plus, she's the one that came to us for help, remember? It wouldn't make much sense to reheat a case that'd gone cold if you were the killer, now, would it? Hey, it's me.
I got a call from Bridgette's school.
They want us to come in today at 3:00 to meet with her art teacher and a school counselor.
I teach art, Mr.
And Mrs.
I'm not a prudish man, and if I were teaching a life drawing class to a group of college students, I might be inclined to laugh this off, but the fact is, Bridgette is a ten-year-old in a fourth grade art class, and this is the second time in two days she's drawn a vivid portrait of me Her teacher.
I don't know what to say, Mr.
This obviously is inappropriate, and we're very sorry.
I appreciate that.
And please understand, she's one of the most imaginative students I've ever had the pleasure to teach.
I adore having her in the class, but I'd be lying if I said the last couple of days haven't been disturbing to me.
So, that's why I asked Mrs.
Tharp to sit in with us.
Enright and I thought that perhaps Bridgette could use the benefit of a few sessions with me.
You think that Bridgette needs to see a psychologist? - Because of this? - The drawings are rather graphic.
We just wanted to find out where Bridgette got the impulse to make them.
To see if she's been exposed to anything that could have caused this preoccupation with the naked form.
Wait a second.
She hasn't been exposed to anything, and this is not a preoccupation.
It's just a kid using her imagination.
Bridgette needs a lesson in what's appropriate and not.
She doesn't need to go to therapy.
With all due respect, you're not the subject of the drawings, Mr.
I am.
I'm not sure I agree with your assessment.
I'm not sure that you know my daughter as well as you think, Mr.
Tharp, we do appreciate your offer, I think we'll to speak with Bridgette ourselves before we take you up on that.
Enright, I am sorry for any kind of discomfort or embarrassment that our daughter may have caused you.
We'll make sure we speak with Bridgette and let her know that these kinds of drawings in school are not appropriate.
And I promise you this will never happen again.
Hi, kiddo.
How you doing? Okay.
I'm sorry.
Hey, it's okay, sweetie.
We're not mad at you.
But you need to stop drawing pictures of your teacher.
It's making him uncomfortable.
Well, I didn't want to draw another picture of Mr.
I just felt like I had to.
- What do you mean, you had to? - I don't know.
When I close my eyes, I see him in my head.
And I just know that I have to put it down on paper.
Maybe Vridgette's not the problem here.
Maybe it's that teacher we should be worried about.
What are you saying? This is Mr.
Enright's fault? I don't know.
All I know is that she goes in his class, and then she feels like she has to draw him without his clothes on.
Why? What's going on in this guy's head? What kind of, I don't know, energy is bridgette picking up on? What are you saying? Mr.
Enright's putting in some kind of "naked energy"? I don't know but we should talk to the school, and get her transferred to another class.
Okay, good luck with that conversation.
You'd better make sure that you have your facts straight.
If you're going to accuse somebody of putting out a "naked vibe," make sure you have all your ducks in a row.
How you can just dismiss this? I'm not.
It'll pass, Joe.
I asked Bridgette specifically, "did anything inappropriate happen?" "Anything at all that made you feel uncomfortable?" She said no.
It'll pass.
Whatever it is that's making her want to draw these pictures, It'll pass.
If we make a huge thing of this, we're just going to make Bridgette more confused than she already is.
All right, you got me thinking.
I just took a look at our files on Nathan Cafferty's accident.
Unfortunately, it turns out the city destroyed both cars about a year ago.
We won't find any DNA to help us figure out who was driving that other car, but I did find one interesting thing.
Turns out our friend Joel has a record.
Arrested in '02 for car theft, and again in '04 for check-kiting.
Although how that proves he killed Nathan Cafferty, I've no idea.
What about the papers? Maybe you should check the papers.
What papers? The papers from the accident scene.
They were everywhere.
There were hundreds of them.
I saw Joel touch one of them.
If they're in the evidence locker, we should check them for fingerprints.
I'm looking at the report right here, and there's no mention of any papers.
It's just two cars and one dead body.
I think you're focusing on the wrong case.
Our boss asked us to help solve the murder of his friend's sister, you're trying to prove her husband committed manslaughter.
You should just stick to the case at hand.
Just a suggestion.
Tell me about the first time we made love.
We were staying at your parents' house.
You snuck into the guest room to join me.
You were worried about getting caught.
But then you fell asleep in my arms.
Your mom woke us up in the morning but she didn't seem that mad.
How did we celebrate when you sold your first novel? We booked a presidential suite at a resort we couldn't afford, and we ordered room service all weekend.
I was I had a difficult year.
I was going through something.
The miscarriage.
You were almost three months along.
No one knew but us.
We were just about to share the good news with our parents.
We even had names picked out.
Courtney if it was a girl.
Peter if it was a boy.
When you called me, I just I just couldn't believe that anything you were saying could be true, that there was any chance you could be who you said you were, that there was any possibility that - we could be together again.
- It's me, Gabby.
It's Nathan.
I've come back to you, and I promise, I'm never going to leave you again.
Hi, I'm sorry.
I know it's early, I didn't call first.
No, no, it's fine.
What's on your mind? The night before I met you, I had a dream that, that I couldn't understand.
It was about a man who died a long time ago.
Only instead of his soul crossing over, it made its way into this other man.
Well, I guess that's why i'm here.
The more I come to learn about your family, the more sense this dream starts to make.
After Nathan's accident, there were days I didn't know how I'd carry on, or if I even could carry on.
But then, just when I was ready to give up Joel Tiernan appeared? Imagine losing the love of your life, but then before you'd even begun to start mourning the loss, getting him back.
Being spared the lifetime it would've taken to get over that loss.
It was it was a miracle.
Nothing short of a miracle, surely you, of all people, can appreciate that.
Did Nathan ever talk to you about what happened the night of the accident? He ever told you how exactly he might have crossed paths with Joel Tiernan? No, no.
All he remembers was the screeching of tires.
Nothing after that.
And in regards to Joel Tiernan, neither one of us remembered ever meeting him.
We tried to investigate his life after the switch, but as it turned out, there wasn't much of a life to investigate.
No family, no friends to notice Joel behaving differently.
I can only imagine what a comfort it must've been to have your husband, your real husband, by your side, when you got the news of Robin's death.
Actually, I was by myself when I got the news.
I'd gone to an event that night.
Joel couldn't go, and so we didn't see each other until much later but it was difficult for Joel, too.
I think he loved her as much as I did.
Bridge! I heard a rumor you weren't dressed yet.
Just leave me alone! Come on, come on.
It's getting late.
I'm sorry, daddy.
What are you sorry about, honey? What's the matter? I know I wasn't supposed to but I couldn't stop.
Joel Tiernan is Nathan Cafferty.
That's what you're telling me? I know how this sounds.
No, I don't think you do.
It sounds insane, Allison.
You are telling me that the essence of my friend's dead husband somehow found its way into the body of that man, Joel Tiernan, and that therefore, we should question Joel Tiernan for the murder of Gabrielle's sister? They were having an affair.
She threatened to tell.
With who? On whom was she threatening to tell? - They're one and the same.
- I think that's a tough sell to a jury.
Sir, I am telling you, Joel tiernan was driving the car that killed Nathan Cafferty that night.
Joel and Nathan were within yards of each other when Nathan's soul left his body, but instead of going wherever it was supposed to go It did what? It just made its way to the nearest warm body and took up residence.
- Is that really what you think? - I know that's what his wife thinks.
Can't we just bring him in here and ask him where he was the night his sister-in-law died? - You mean no one asked him that? - No one has asked him anything.
No one thought it mattered.
In the past 24 hours, a theory of evidence has emerged.
It's unconventional, to be sure, but I was just curious as to whether you might have a point of view about it.
Tiernan, Gabrielle, recently spoke with Mrs.
Dubois here and shared some very interesting things about the nature of you and your wife's mutual attraction.
My wife my wife is very spiritual.
She has some rather romantic ideas about life and death.
I'm not sure she's entirely over the loss of her first husband.
I suppose, inevitably, appearance aside, I have some things, some traits in common with Nathan, and I'm sure Gabrielle interprets those similarities, well, with a a romantic's heart, a romantic's sensibility.
I hope you don't think too badly of her.
It's one of the reasons i love her so.
- Anything else? - There is one more thing.
Do you happen to remember where you were the night that Robin was murdered? Of course.
At home.
In bed sick.
Gabrielle had this charity thing, really wanted me to go with her and meet some of her friends, but I just couldn't get out of bed.
Then she got that horrible news and we weren't even together, and, I mean, we're always together.
Was anyone else home that night? A cook, a maid? Would that be a "no"? Yes, that's a "no.
" Are you heading where I think you're heading? I barely knew Robin.
I just barely married her sister.
Why in the world would I want to do her any harm? On the morning after Robin was murdered, the police found a a spot of blood - At the crime scene that wasn't hers.
- Yes, I know.
It was in all the papers.
So? So we were wondering if you'd mind giving us a blood sample.
It would enable us to rule you out, Mr.
Actually, i'm embarrassed that this wasn't attended to earlier.
It's a simple request and I would infer nothing from it other than it would allow us to do our due diligence, and we could look your wife in the eye and tell her we have left no stone unturned.
So, Mr.
Tiernan, can detective Scanlon take you downstairs? Is that a "no"? Yes, that's a "no.
" I will not participate in this farce.
I will not have my privacy invaded so you people can grasp at straws, and most importantly, I will not put my wife through the embarrassment and the humiliation and the pain of knowing that her please for help in this matter have yielded nothing but the most cynical and simple-minded ideas about who might be responsible for her sister's death.
- Is that all? - You know, I can compel you to give us that blood.
Well, by all means, call the family lawyer.
Gabrielle will give you the number.
I'm leaving now.
I let go of the contractor that we hired to I'm home! Anyone want chinese? build the floor model for trade shows.
That sounds good.
We'll take new bids in next week.
See you in the morning.
You're back early.
Actually, I worked from home today.
You were in meetings and I needed to make an executive parental decision, after I made it, I didn't see the point of discussing it until you got home.
Discussing what? She was upset, embarrassed, I couldn't force her to go to school.
What, you couldn't bring yourself? You weren't here.
You didn't see her.
She said she couldn't help herself.
Now, I think we should just keep her away from school 'til this thing passes.
- You want her to miss more school? - As a matter of fact, I do.
I mean, people do it all the time.
Kids get sick, they stay home.
But she's not sick.
She's not sick, Joe.
This is happening for a reason.
She's drawing these pictures for a reason.
She can't just miss school 'cause we don't know what it is.
What if we never figure it out? - Wait a second.
What is this? - What's what? I don't know.
This spot.
On Mr.
Enright's chest.
I don't know.
It's his, you know, his nipple.
No, I don't think so.
Look, there's only one.
And look, it's on all these.
She drew it on every single picture.
Is it growing? It looks like it's just changing shape.
Look, this one's like a little circle, and then here it looks like an x.
Maybe she's not just drawing Mr.
Maybe she's diagnosing him.
The city of Phoenix mourned today as one of its favorite sons, renowned author Nathan Cafferty, was laid to rest.
Cafferty, whose net worth was estimated at somewhere between $15 and $20 million was killed last week when his car was struck head-on by another vehicle.
He is survived by his wife, Gabrielle, who insists that rumors that her husband was working on a new book at the time of his death were, to the best of her knowledge, untrue.
"Our friends often commented that we made an odd couple, "Gabrielle and I.
"She believed with all her heart that there was far more to this universe "than the so-called "scientists" would have us believe.
"I, of course, did not.
"To the casual observer, it may have appeared "we had little in common, but faith, "as it has often been said, is feminine.
"Even the cynic who believes in nothing "can find a girl who believes in him.
" I was wrong.
Tiernan isn't walking around with the soul of Cafferty inside of him.
He's walking around with Nathan Cafferty's autobiography.
- I beg your pardon? - Remember I told you that I saw pages raining down from the sky the night of the car wreck? I think that's what it was.
It was Nathan Cafferty's autobiography.
Joel stole it before anyone else could read it.
That's how he knew so much about him.
That's how he could convince Gabrielle that he was him.
He had a a virtual manual on how to be him.
I'm sorry.
I know I told you that Joel was Nathan.
I was wrong.
I fell for the same scam Gabrielle did.
The only thing I don't know is, if Joel Tiernan was always Joel Tiernan, Why would he kill Robin Aaronson? Maybe because he didn't kill her, Allison.
What? Lee brought this in a few minutes before you arrived.
- Wait a second.
Who's this? - Arthur Kolber.
Worked at the cottages where Robin Aaronson was beaten to death.
I was doing my due diligence on the hotel staff when I found out Kolber sexually assaulted a female friend two months ago.
I had the lab compare his blood with the drop that we found at the scene of Robin Aaronson's murder, and guess what.
A perfect match.
Kolber claims he cut his hand doing repairs at the cottage, but I don't buy it.
I'm pretty sure this is our guy.
Wait a second.
Even if he didn't kill Robin, what about everything he's done to Gabrielle.
Can't we get him on that? On what? Gabrielle is a full-grown woman.
If she wants to believe she's married to the ghost of her dead husband, well, there's no law against that.
On the other hand, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't think that Joel Tiernan was hiding something.
But here's the thing, I already owe the man an apology for accusing him of killing his sister-in-law.
I can't also accuse him of perpetrating one of the cruelest hoaxes I've ever heard of, especially without proof.
You don't have any proof, do you? Yeah, well.
Me neither.
I'm sorry.
I don't get it.
Your daughter has done maybe a dozen more explicit drawings of me, And you want to talk to me about this dot? I'm not so sure that it is just a dot.
I think that maybe it's a mole.
All right, a mole.
So? So do you? Do you have a mole on your chest? One that's, you know, in roughly the same spot as these? You know what? I don't really know.
I've got quite a few.
Most adults do.
I know, but I'm talking about this one.
You see how it's changing shape in the pictures? See, it's, like, growing? I don't mean to alarm you, but I think that you might want to see a doctor.
Dubois, with all due respect to your daughter, these are doodles.
Now, are you seriously suggesting that I have myself tested for skin cancer because of your daughter's doodles? Actually, I am.
Robin, you in there? The door's open.
I got here as fast as I could.
So why'd you make me drive all the way out here hust to talk to you? What is this place? This? This is our place.
It's so good to see you again, baby.
Robin, what are you doing? Why are you dressed like that? Stop! What's the matter? I can't do this with you.
I mean, I'm flattered, don't get me wrong.
But I could never betray Gabrielle like that.
That's funny.
You never had a problem with it before, Nathan.
What did you just call me? "Nathan.
" That's who you really are, isn't it? Gabrielle told you.
Yeah, she told me.
She told me all about you.
Of course, if you were really Nathan, you'd know about our little secret, wouldn't you? You'd know that you bought me this négligée, and you'd know that this place is where we used to meet to make love, to betray my sister.
But you don't remember anything about us, do you? Because you're not Nathan, you're a fraud.
A parasite.
- Wait a minute.
You have it wrong.
- Shut up! Stop lying.
I don't know how you tricked my sister, but i'll make sure she knows the truth.
I'm gonna tell her everything.
Your sister loves me, Robin.
She's happy.
You should have left us alone.
Tiernan? I was hoping I could speak with you.
I'm not sure we have much to talk about.
Not unless you're here to apologize for the way your office treated my husband.
No, that's not why I'm here.
Obviously, he didn't write about the affair in his autobiography.
That's why Joel didn't know about it.
So when Robin threatened to expose him, He didn't really have a choice but to kill her or he lose everything.
No, you're wrong.
They found another man's blood at the crime scene.
A man who worked at the hotel, he told the police he cut his hand.
I can't prove it, but it think he's being honest with us.
The truth is, I can't prove any of this.
But you came to us, you told us you wanted our help.
And I thought you deserved to hear the truth even if a jury never does.
Even if it hurts.
Gabrielle, he's gone.
The man you loved is gone.
And this man isn't him.
Gabby, I'm back.
Welcome home, Nathan.
It's okay.
You don't have to pretend in front of Mrs.
She knows who you really are.
What's she doing here? After all I've been through with the D.
's office, Why would you let that woman in our house? She came here to talk to me, to tell me some things about you.
Some theories she has about you.
What kind of theories? Why would you listen to her? We've been together nearly two years.
What could she possibly tell you that we don't already know? Well, that's a great question, Nathan.
You don't mind if I call you "Nathan," do you? You know what? I was just flipping through a couple of your books this morning.
They're beautifully written, Mr.
You really have a way with words and a very particular style.
You're a wonderful writer.
Thank you.
Anyway, I know this is gonna sound like a strange request, but we were wondering if maybe we could get you to sit here and write something, right here, right now.
Now, why would i want to do that? Well, why wouldn't you want to do it? You know, it's, it's funny.
In the two years since you first walked in that door, I haven't seen you do a single stitch of work.
I haven't seen you write anything.
And Nathan, I mean the original Nathan, he was forever writing things, reading things to me, showing me things.
So do it for me again, Nathan, like you used to.
Can you even type? I think I'd like you to leave my house now, Mrs.
Actually, this is my house and I'd like Allison to stay.
She's invited some of her colleagues over.
They should be here in a minute.
Dubois seems to think that if the police take a look around the the property, they may turn up that manuscript that she says you took from Nathan's car.
We turned the place upside down.
So far, we found nothing.
I'll give it more minutes, but I think it's just about time to pack it in.
So that's it? He gets away with everything? Everything except Gabrielle.
She asked if we'd escort her husband from the premises after we're done.
We might not be able to prove Joe Tiernan's a murderer, but at least we got him out of her life.
Are the girls down? Two out of three.
Bridgette's still buzzing about all the nice things that Mr.
Enright had to say about her after class today, how she should feel free to draw what she wants when she wants.
Call me crazy.
I think somebody got some good news from their dermatologist.
What is this? It's a little picture of us that Bridgette drew before she went to bed.
I looked very closely.
There's no lumps, growths or vestigial limbs on either of us, so I assume we're in the pink of health.
She even gave us clothes.
Did I tell you that I took a life-drawing class in college? - No, you didn't.
- Yes, I did.
You ever done any modeling? Get used to these boxers, babe, because they're never coming off.
You have something against art? I'm telling you.
You've got a little something.
I just need to get my crayons.