Medium s05e06 Episode Script

Apocalypse... Now?

Hello? Is there anyone out there? Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me? Hello? My name is Joe Dubois.
Is anyone receiving this message? I'm looking for Allison Dubois.
If anybody's seen her, this is her husband.
Allison Dubois.
Her name is Allison Dubois.
Still nothing? Oh, no, but that can mean a lot of things, sweetie.
We know your mom is out there.
We just got to sit tight.
Dad The food, it's all gone.
Wait, how's that possible? I thought we still had some energy bars left.
Bridgette and Marie just split the last one.
All right.
Listen, Ariel, I'm going to need you to watch your sisters.
Wait, where are you going? I got to go outside, sweetie.
I got to go find us some food.
Wait, Dad! - Please don't go! - Sweetie, I'm not going far.
I'm just going to check the houses on our block.
They got to have some food in there, all right.
Please, Dad?! Now you stay here, and watch the girls, make sure the house stays locked.
No matter what, don't let anyone inside.
Come here.
I love you.
I love you, Dad.
Joe, wake up.
Earthquake! Come on, get the girls.
- Mom?! - Ariel, get in the doorway! Get down! Quick, quick, quick, quick.
Hey, do we know that our gas line is okay? Mom and I checked everything.
We're fine.
You ladies eat or we're going to be late.
- Maybe school is cancelled.
- School is not cancelled.
Cell phones are back up.
Devalos just sent me a text.
He wants to meet him in Chandler.
Chandler? Well, you better get going.
I got everything covered here.
Do you know where the batteries are for this? - I think they're in the closet.
- The closet? Great.
What if there really was an emergency? What if it was in the middle of the night with no electricity? What if there really was a gas leak? Yeah, I hear you.
I'll tell you what, I'll battery-up everything.
Actually, I'll get new flashlights.
One for every room.
Flashlights? We get flashlights? We should get some of those packs, emergency supplies with all the the energy bars and the first aid kits.
All right, I'll pick up one of those, too.
One? We need like ten.
And we need water.
Those big gallons so we can store it up.
You know what? I'll pick everything up on my way back from Chandler.
Okay, give me a kiss.
Bye, guys.
Love you.
Love you.
Appreciate you coming all the way down here, especially after the morning we've had.
Your family is okay? They're shook up but they're okay.
The one good thing about that earthquake kept most of the press occupied.
I think this thing's going to turn into a circus.
Welcome to Amityville.
Matthew and Carolyn Donlin.
Their kids, Jeff and Sarah.
Signs of forced entry through the construction in the back.
Intruder enters this room from over there, stands here, shoots.
Police found the television on, glass of wine on the coffee table.
The father's watch and wallet are sitting on the table.
Jewelry box upstairs, out in the open, untouched.
Art's all here.
Cars are all here.
No signs of theft.
No signs of anything.
According to our preliminary background check on the family, it's hard to imagine a motive for this.
These are hardworking, churchgoing people.
Is that why I'm here to help you figure out a motive? That and one other thing.
There are two more rooms just like this one, filled with blood, just one thing missing.
No bodies.
Well, I can't say I'm entirely surprised.
This exercise was supposed to be an opportunity to boost your average before the midterm.
And while some of you did extremely well nice work, Ms.
Dubois there are still those of you who don't even bother to try.
So, let's review.
Open your books to page 45.
Volume of prism.
Who can tell me if the area of the base of a prism is A or B? Well, I have to get to class.
Okay, then.
I'll talk to you later, Ash! You know who I am, right? So, here's the thing.
I know you don't know me but I know you're really good at geometry, and you probably know that I'm really bad at it.
And I was wondering, there's the big test coming up and all, if maybe you could help me? You finding what you're looking for? Actually, no, I'm looking for those emergency backpacks that everybody has at the register.
Well, the individual packs have all been snatched up.
But if you're interested, we do have some of the larger family size kits left.
They're right over here.
Each one comes with enough rations to accommodate an average family for a solid month.
Well, I have a family of five.
Do you think one kit's enough? Think of it this way.
They're not really supplies.
In a way, they're kind of like insurance.
How do you mean? Murphy's Law, right? The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to ever have to use this stuff.
Excuse me.
You're kidding me.
The girls asleep? Ariel's still studying.
You okay? It's nothing.
The important thing is when the apocalypse hits, I may not be able to walk, but I'll have plenty to eat and drink.
Are you making fun of me? Not me.
Not ever.
Should I even ask how much all of that cost us? Well, no, you should not.
You should just think of it as an investment.
I don't know about that.
When I make an investment, I like to look forward to the day it pays off.
Personally, I hope I never see any of that stuff again.
I'm so glad you're back.
I was getting so worried.
It's been almost a week.
Geiger reading normal.
Oh, my God! Peaches?! Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I found a hospital.
Plenty to salvage.
I'll go back out tomorrow.
Did you see anything else? Was there anybody else out there? No, I'm sorry.
I got all the way to Tucson this time.
It's the same there as everywhere else.
Just like Phoenix, just like Tempe.
Everyone's dead.
It felt so real the hopelessness, the futility.
And it it felt soon, like it's a tomorrow that isn't all that far away.
So, what are we talking, natural disaster? I don't think so.
They were worried about radiation.
Maybe a suitcase bomb.
I don't know.
I saw two survivors, in a bunker somewhere, trying to stay alive.
You know, the weird thing.
I met one of them yesterday.
He was the owner of the store where I bought all those survival supplies.
You're not going to like this but and maybe it's because I'm just unwilling to think about everything coming to such a horrible and abrupt end but do you think this might have a link with the earthquake? I mean, I know it really got to you.
Is this maybe a way of dealing with your anxiety? No, I don't think so.
It felt different.
Okay, let's say that something terrible is going to happen.
What do we do? Did you see anything that might help us figure out what kind of precautions we should take? That's why I'm so scared.
But you saw this guy who survived it, right? So, I mean, he would know what to do.
Maybe you should talk to him.
Excuse me? I'm sorry to bother you, Mr? - Who's asking? - Oh, I'm Allison.
I'm Allison Dubois.
I was here yesterday, I bought a ton of those family survival packs.
Russell Burgess.
Something the matter? Those survival packs giving you a problem? Nothing to do with what I bought.
Everything's fine.
That's not why I'm here.
Okay, then.
You strike me as a man who knows a lot about survival.
So, I was wondering if if you wouldn't mind if maybe I could just pick your brain for a couple minutes.
You see, I grew up during the Cold War.
And when the Soviet Union collapsed, we all thought it was a reprieve.
But then you had 9/11.
Now we have terror attacks, suitcase nukes, anthrax in an envelope.
And that's just the evil that men do.
You factor in global warming, hurricanes, floods, drought, fires, any one of those is enough to snap the infrastructure.
We're going to wake up one morning living back in the Stone Age.
- Do you really think so? - Hey, I'm not the only one.
A lot of really smart people economists, historians they see the writing on the wall.
Population is growing just as fast as our resources are drying up.
One way or another, we're on the verge of some very bad times.
But we'll be okay, we've got our family survival packs.
See, and that's the thing.
Supplies are only one part of it.
Even if you're well stocked, what do you do when those who don't have enough find out that you have plenty? That's why the really well prepared home, Mrs.
Dubois, includes a gun.
You wanted to see me? I did indeed.
We may have caught a break on the Donlin case.
All that construction on their house? I spoke with the contractor, got a list of the names on his crew.
One of them didn't check out.
Turns out, the guy's real name is Lloyd Higgins.
He was working under an alias, probably because he has a history of violent offenses, including aggravated assault.
No alibi for the night of the murders.
I was just about to go in and grill him.
- Thought you might want to watch.
- Sure.
I think I know where they are, what he did with the Donlins' bodies.
I really appreciate you taking the time to walk me through all this.
- It's no big deal.
- No! It is, and I appreciate it.
So, would you mind doing a couple more? I have a practice sheet.
It's a test from a couple years ago.
I asked Mr.
Walsh for some extra help and he gave me this.
This is pretty straightforward.
"The Mudville Rockets are building a new stadium.
"Three times the width of the field is twice the length, "and four times the length is 20 more than the perimeter.
" So, to find the dimensions, you would What? Nothing, just I understand this stuff so much better when it comes from you.
I don't know if you have a lot going on or whatever, but if you're not crazy busy, do want to do something Friday? Honey? I need to talk to you about something.
Is this going to be a money conversation? I hate going to sleep after a money conversation.
I took your advice and I went back to the camping store, and I spoke to the man about being prepared for emergencies.
Oh, no.
You didn't buy any more survival kits, did you? He pretty much got me convinced we need to buy a gun.
Well, say something.
You hate guns.
All the violence that you see, you want to bring a gun into our house? Well, I don't want to, but I'm starting to think we have to! You're going to think this is extreme, but I'm starting to worry about the whole breakdown of the social order.
Excuse me? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Yes, you do.
What if there was no police? What if there was no public safety of any kind? Why? Where did they go? I don't know! If there was some kind of apocalyptic situation, like a natural disaster or a terrorist incident.
How would we protect ourselves from the people who haven't prepared the way we have? Who want what's ours? Our energy bars? Our chemical toilets? No, I'm not buying a gun.
What about our daughters? We have daughters.
Joe, what if somebody wanted our daughters? Okay.
Mark this moment.
It's historic you have officially left the planet.
- Where is this coming from? - It's not coming from anywhere.
I told you.
I went to speak with that man, the man from my dreams.
Hey, it was your idea.
I'm just I'm trying to be prepared in case of a catastrophe.
You want to know what a catastrophe is? A catastrophe is when a child finds a loaded gun and it goes off, that's a catastrophe.
We're not going to leave it loaded.
We wouldn't leave it loaded.
We would teach our girls, we would warn them.
No, about the danger of a weapon Allison, that doesn't work that way.
No, one time, one mistake and that's it.
I'm sorry, but there's no argument that's going to convince me to bring a gun into our house.
- Just think about it.
- I'm not thinking about it? Allison, do you know what the numbers are, the statistics? Do you know any more dozen times likely you are to shoot yourself or somebody you love than a home invader? Yeah, I don't care about statistics, Joe.
- All right, well - You don't know what I'm seeing.
You don't know how bad it's going to get.
No, I don't.
And nobody does, and neither do you.
I'm sorry, I'm not going to live my whole life in fear of the worst case scenario.
I won't do it, Al, I can't.
I can't do it.
I don't want to live like this anymore.
Come here.
I know it's hard, but you have to be strong.
What's the point? This isn't life.
We're stuck in this hole.
I haven't been outside in so long.
You can't go out there.
It's too dangerous.
You know that.
Look at me.
We're still alive.
We have each other.
I know you didn't choose this.
Neither did I, but here we are.
We're a team now, you and me.
But there's no one else.
What are we even doing? What's the point if we're the only ones left? We have to endure.
The world needs people in it.
Right now, there's you, and there's me.
That's for starters.
And together, we'll just make more.
I'll be Adam.
And you'll be my Eve.
You might want to join me.
Of course.
Lee just called.
He mentioned some smokestacks you told him about.
He sent a team out there, and, apparently, they've uncovered some human remains.
Now, the media's already heard about it, and the mayor is pressuring me to make a statement on the Donlin case.
The trouble is, the body we found out there doesn't belong to any of the Donlins.
Found her in a shallow grave wrapped in a tarp.
Nothing else.
Throat split from ear to ear.
We know she's not a Donlin.
Other than that, we haven't a clue.
I don't know what to think.
I've been dreaming about her certain that the things that I see take place in the future, but now, it makes no sense.
It turns out that she's been dead for almost a week.
Okay, and that's awful.
But there is an upside to this.
- You can't be serious.
- Now, hold on a second, look.
If she's dead now, there's no way that she's going to be around to survive some catastrophic event.
Which means that there may not be a catastrophic event in the future.
Right, right.
And maybe you're right.
Maybe none of this is going to happen.
Can you hold on a second, Joe? Sorry, but we need to take a drive.
Lee just found the Donlins.
Remember to show all your work in the space provided.
This is worth ten percent of your final grade, so please check all your answers.
"The Mudville Rockets are building a new stadium.
" I don't understand.
Why are you so mad if you think you aced the test? Because I didn't really ace it.
I cheated, and I didn't even know I was cheating.
Gavin tricked me.
I don't know.
On a list of awful things, this ranks pretty low to me.
I mean, you nailed your geometry midterm, and now you're, like, new best friends with Gavin Coley.
Place has been closed for a couple years.
Used to be a fairly nice restaurant.
A local noticed that foul smell coming out of the place, called it in.
I don't understand.
I thought you said you found some bodies.
Where's the forensic team? Remains, I said, remains.
I sent them away once I realized what I might be dealing with.
I wanted you to see this first.
Is that what I think it is? Those are human remains.
Partial human remains, anyway.
What happened here, Lee? Best guess? Someone brought bodies here, put 'em in the sink.
Pour in the right concentration of sulfuric acid, you can boil down just about anything.
Oh, my God.
How many people are we talking about? By the time I got here, forensics had recovered this half-dissolved bone.
Appears to have belonged to a young adult.
Also found what looks to be a gallstone.
I'm guessing that's from the father.
Some tooth fillings that look pretty old, the young girl's hairpin.
Are you saying that this sludge is the Donlins? I won't have proof positive for a couple hours, but - Who knows about this? - Does anybody else know about this? Wait, wait please.
He's white.
- What did you say? - It's them, it's the Donlins.
But the man who shot them, he's not the man you brought in.
The subcontractor.
The man who killed the Donlins is white.
And I've come all this way just to drink your blood.
What's going on in here? Nothing.
Bridgette, are you playing with one of our emergency flashlights? Well, Marie has one, too.
Come on, girls, those are not to play with.
Come on, give it here and get some sleep.
But we were just waiting for Mommy.
When is she coming to give us our kisses? You give me the flashlight.
Your kisses? You already got your kisses tonight.
Not from Mom.
She's been in her room since after dinner.
Mommy's sad.
Mommy's just extra tired tonight.
Come on, now, go to sleep so we can get a fresh start in the morning, all right? It's so hard to get it out of your head.
What happened to that family it was so it was so cruel, so inhumane, like someone just disposed of them.
How could someone do that to another person? To a family? To a child? Maybe you should give it a rest for tonight.
You know, it's enough to put you off people, make you wish someone would just wipe the slate clean once and for all.
You don't mean that.
Oh, damn it.
Hello? Hello, is anybody home? Zoey.
What? What is this? Those people are alive.
Everything's fine.
This is true.
I'm sorry, let let me make sure I'm following you correctly.
You're saying that this man you met somehow convinced this young woman that the apocalypse had come and gone? That's exactly what he did.
This girl's been coming in my dreams.
I misunderstood what she was showing me.
I thought I was seeing the future.
Actually, I was seeing this girl's past.
This girl's prints are in the system.
We should know who she is in about eight hours.
Once we do, we can try and connect her to Russell Burgess, start building a case against him.
I don't need to wait eight hours.
I know for a fact, right now, he killed her.
I'm sorry, the end of the world? That seems like a lot to fall for.
This girl, whoever she was, was no kid.
Well, she wasn't a kid when she died, but in my dreams, it seemed like she had been down in that bunker a long time.
Who knows how old she was when Burgess took her? Okay, explain to me why.
Why keep this girl alive all those years? Why would anyone go to all that trouble? He gets to be someone's entire world.
I don't know, maybe he thinks something terrible is going to happen, and he gets to add a girl to his stockpile of provisions.
I don't know.
Maybe we should ask him.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could help you, but she doesn't look at all familiar.
I mean, she might have come in the store, but When and if you do get her name, I'd be happy to look at the files, credit card receipts.
Anything else? Before she was murdered, we have reason to believe that this girl was held prisoner for quite some time.
We think she may have been held in some kind of an underground shelter.
Given your line of work, your interest in survival, I was wondering if you had an underground shelter or a bunker of some kind on your property.
I'm sorry.
Is that what I'm doing here? I came in because this lady, a customer of mine she called me up and said I might be able to help you with some kind of investigation, but now it seems like you're accusing me.
Just want to know if you have a bunker.
No, I don't have a bunker.
I have a bomb shelter.
It was there when I bought the place.
It's kind of a mess.
I used to store kerosene down there and we recently had a fire.
- You mind if we take a look? - Be my guest, but you're not going to find anything to do with any girl down there.
Who do you think you are? What's up? You lied to me.
Really? See, I kind of think I just told you what you needed to hear.
You and I both know that you would have never helped me with that exam if I admitted to you that I stole it.
You have no conscience, do you? What if I tell Mr.
Walsh? You're not going to do that.
That might get you in as much trouble as me.
I mean, we both know that you're one of those kids who has a great reputation.
Works hard, gets good grades.
Always has.
So no.
I don't see you risking all that just to set the record straight on me.
And besides might make it kind of awkward when we get together on Friday.
We're not getting together on Friday.
Whatever you say.
Tell me something.
A couple kids told me that you have that sixth sense thing like your mother.
I don't know, maybe I do, maybe I don't.
Didn't do you much good with me.
Did it? This one really doesn't taste like peanut butter.
How's the chocolate? - Where'd you get those? - Oh, hi, Mommy.
We found them in the garage.
There was a whole backpack full of 'em.
Thought Daddy talked to you about this.
They're supposed to be for emergencies.
How are we supposed to know if they're any good if we don't give 'em a test run first? Well, are they any good? I just spent an hour going through Burgess' bunker.
Think I've black lung.
What? Why? The place is burned through and through.
Smells like the inside of a smokestack.
For what it's worth, there were no signs of captives, recent or otherwise.
Yeah, but that fits.
I saw the bunker on fire.
That's how that girl got out.
I'm not saying I don't believe you.
I'm talking about evidence.
There just is none.
What, so that's it? We're just going to look the other way even though this monster killed a girl? Today we are, yeah.
Oh, by the way, I don't know if this is gonna make you feel better or worse, but we think we're finally able to ID our mystery girl.
We're 99% sure her name is Zoey Lehman.
Her parents live in Tempe.
They reported her as a runaway almost three years ago.
We're gonna need a DNA test to make it conclusive, but, other than that hey, if nothing else, at least we can give her family some closure.
I guess that's something.
Thanks, Lee.
You okay? I don't think the world's gonna end.
It's sad that's the best I can do for good news.
They finally did it.
All that weapons-grade plutonium out there, they were bound to get their hands on some.
I was friends with your dad since we were kids.
He knew I had this place.
He asked me he made me promise that I would protect you, and I gave him my word.
Easy easy You're groggy from the sedative.
Your mom gave you that.
She didn't want you to panic.
Knew there wasn't time for a good-bye.
I know you're sad.
I know you're scared.
But we're gonna be okay.
We have food, water, everything we need.
I need you to promise me.
No matter what, you cannot leave this room.
It's dangerous out there.
Crazies with guns.
You leave that to me.
I'll go and find whatever we need supplies, food, medicine.
And at night, I'll be back here with you.
And we'll get through this.
I may well be the last of my family alive.
And you may well be the last Donlin Sarah.
But we're gonna get through this.
We've searched every corner of the place.
No sign of Russell Burgess.
His home was empty, too.
My guess is he got spooked when we brought him in for questioning.
Odds are, he's long gone.
And if Sarah Donlin's still alive, he's probably got her with him.
So it's true he killed that whole family so he could take their daughter.
Well, he's smart.
I'll give him that.
No one was gonna be looking for the girl if they thought she was killed.
We'll keep sifting, but I'd be surprised if we find any sign of Burgess.
He's the kind of guy who knows how to fly below the radar.
- He could be anywhere by now.
- Do you feel that? It's an aftershock.
Everybody watch out for your heads.
Everyone good? Honey, dinner.
Honey, did you hear me? I said dinner.
I'm not hungry.
Everything okay? You really don't know, do you? Don't know what? What I'm thinking.
What I'm feeling.
Is this the part where I'm supposed to say, "I'm not a mind reader," and you're supposed to say, "Well, yeah, you are"? What's the point of being able to see things, know things, when you can't choose what you see and who you see them about? Did you misjudge somebody? Did I ever.
A boy, maybe? Seems like a cruel trick, doesn't it? This thing we have doesn't really help when it comes to people that we're close to, people we want to be close to.
Took me a while to figure out, but then I realized that whatever it is that's speaking to me, it speaks the clearest whenever I'm an innocent bystander.
What's that old saying? "A pool of water won't reflect unless it's absolutely still.
" Great.
Yeah, actually, I kind of think it is.
It means, usually, the people that we love most, who mean the most to us that they can pretty much count on the idea that whenever they're dealing with us, they're dealing with the real us.
We don't have any unfair advantage in the relationship.
And whatever happiness or heartache we've earned, we've earned it fair and square, just like they did.
God, you're smart.
No, I was just born first.
So, dinner? Just keep thinking about Russell Burges and the Donlin girl, or where they are, or where they went.
Well, something's got to give.
And they said on the news that every cop in the state's looking for this guy.
I wish that made me feel better.
He's been prepared his entire life for this.
He can live off the grid as long as he wants to, as long as he needs to.
And if she's alive, he's got a 14-year-old Eve by his side.
What's going on, Al? You okay? His footprints.
They were the same color as the paint.
What paint? This is Detective Scanlon.
I'm gonna need backup.
Local store owner, Russell Burgess, was taken into custody today following an investigation that revealed a hidden living space in his store.
Now, Burgess was apparently using the space to keep a 14-year-old girl, believed to be the lone survivor of the massacred Donlin family, prisoner.
That poor girl.
What do you think's gonna happen to her? She's got extended family, thank goodness.
I was at the hospital when they went to visit her, and she looked so happy.
She looked so relieved.
And then, there was something else, this look in her eye like at any moment it could all be taken away.
Wonder how long that will last.
For Sarah Donlin? I don't know.
You know, you can plan and prepare for when things go wrong up to a point, but then you just got to live as best you can in the moments you're given.
That was damned profound.
Thank you, would you like another? A stitch in time saves nine.
You don't say.
'Tis better to give than to receive.
I don't know about that.
A red sky at morning, sailors take warning.
Red sky at night, sailors take flight.
Okay, I'm over.