Medium s06e06 Episode Script

Bite Me

We can cast off the shackles of our daily lives.
We can go anywhere we want to go.
We can be any version of ourselves That we want to be.
I'm not saying that isn't true.
Who am I to contradict a college textbook? But any schoolkid can tell you That there is one thing you can't do in your dreams.
(alarm ringing) you can't die.
According to just about every schoolkid Who's ever lived-- If you actually die in your dream, You'll die in real life, too.
We laugh at that idea as we get older.
But I wonder sometimes: Can we ever be absolutely sure That those kids are wrong? I mean, if your dream does kill you, You're not around to talk about it, right? They'll call it a heart attack.
They'll say you died in your sleep.
They'll never know what actually happened Is that your worst nightmare finally caught up with you.
(sighs) You okay? You all right? (sighs) Actually, I'm dead.
(sighs) Well, get some more sleep.
You'll feel better.
(thunder rumbling) They're coming to get you, Barbara.
Stop it.
You're ignorant.
They're coming for you, barbara.
Look! There comes one of them now.
They really were coming for her.
Johnny: I'm getting out of here.
Barbara: Johnny! (barbara screaming) Johnny! Help me! Hey, where you goin'? You're not afraid, are you? Hey, what're you watching over there? It sounds pretty scary for a Sunday morning.
It's some old movie called night of the living dead.
It's part of a zombie movie marathon That's going to be on until Halloween.
They're not running the one Where everyone gets trapped in the mall, Are they? Ariel: Bridgette! I am going to kill you! Mom! Make her come and get this thing Out of here! Bridgette, I mean it! Get in here before I flush this thing! That thing has a name.
Miss scarlet.
I don't care what your stupid science class Decided to call their stupid pet.
Get it out of here.
Now! Bridgette, I thought you told me You were going to keep miss scarlet in your room.
I know, but miss colletto said tarantulas do better In humid environments Like a bathroom or a basement.
And it's not like I was going to keep her in here.
How do you think she'll feel at the bottom of the toilet? (phone rings) ariel, relax.
Bridgette, hey.
Bring miss scarlet back into your room.
You can bring her in here when it's your turn to take a bath.
He does know it's Sunday, right? Hey.
What's going on? Hey, I know it's the weekend, but I was wondering If there's any way you could give me a hand with something.
I got kind of a situation.
What kind of situation? You're damn right, I'm upset.
Something bad has happened to him, And you people don't seem to care.
This is a man who has given discounts To the policemen and firemen For as long as he's been in business.
He's even buried a few men for free When he realized that the families couldn't afford it.
And now that he needs you, All I hear is, it's too soon To file a missing persons report.
Ma'am, The person who answered your call obviously wasn't aware Of your father's special relationship With the department.
Which is why we're here to assure you That this is being taken seriously.
We're doing everything we can to find your father.
Now, do you think it's possible Th That he may have just slipped away without telling you? Maybe taken some time off? You haven't heard a word I've said, have you? He's not taking time off.
He doesn't take time off.
"time off" is not in my father's dna.
This is a man who lives to work.
He's been running this place for 40 years.
And as far as I know, The only time he's taken time off Was the morning that I was born.
And that was only because my mother Threatened to kill him if he didn't.
Okay, well Along those same lines, did he have any enemies? Anyone who may have wished him harm? Ten, twelve years ago, I would've said "no.
" He was always a very loved man.
He was the president of the chamber of commerce three times.
He always sponsored a little league team.
He loved this neighborhood.
(sighs) I think that's why he was so upset When he started to see it change with the drugs And the crime and the dealers The gangs.
You know, daddy's never been shy about his opinion With regard to the state of things around here.
And on more than one occasion, He's had words with The drug dealers.
Who knows? Maybe One of them, finally just, um Just got rid of him.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have two funerals this morning.
The dead don't like to be kept waiting.
(sighs): Yikes.
Okay, here's the plan.
I put miss scarlet on the tip of ariel's toothbrush And you take a picture.
And then, once ariel's done Brushing her teeth, we show her the picture.
Your spider looks funny when he's sleeping.
(laughing): Okay, First of all, it's not a spider, It's a tarantula.
Second of all, it's not a he, it's a she.
And third of all, tarantulas don't sleep.
Well, this one does.
What? (ominous soundtrack playing) What did miss colletto say? Was she mad? No, sweetie, she wasn't mad.
Nobody's mad.
Well, she was just sorry it took her so long to call us back.
She wanted to make sure that you don't worry about it.
She said there's no way of knowing how old miss scarlet was, And it was probably just her time.
That isn't your fault.
I think I'm just going to go to bed.
Hey, I thought we were going to finish this together.
Yeah, well, you can finish it without me.
I'm just not in the mood anymore.
Did miss colletto happen to mention What we were supposed to do with the spectacular spider remains? Apparently, miss scarlet is flushable.
Burial at sea.
What about the terrarium? Well, she said if we don't have any use for it, We can just throw it away.
Seems that she has more than she needs in her classroom.
Mmm, dead tarantulas, Flesh-eating zombies, And a missing funeral parlor director.
Halloween isn't exactly being subtle this year.
(thunder rumbling) Hey, come on, barb.
Church was this morning, huh? I'm sorry.
Was that you who just said something to me? And did you say it in black and white? Hey, I mean, praying's for church, huh? Come on.
Wait, back up.
Did you just call me "barb"? My name's allison.
And I'm not sure I like What this black and white is doing to my skin.
(thunder crashing) Do you remember one time, when we were small, We were out here? It was from right over there.
I jumped out at you from behind a tree, And grandpa got all excited and he shook his fist at me And he said, "boy, you'll be damned to hell.
" (chuckles) Well, you used to really be scared here.
This is really freaky.
Hey, you're still afraid.
(thunder rumbling) (à la vincent price): They're coming to get you, barbara.
You've got to stop calling me barbara! My name is allison! Even though this is a dream, my name is allison! They're coming for you, barbara.
Johnny: Look! There comes one of them now.
(barbara screaming) (thunder rumbling) (head thumps on headstone) (gasping) (gasping) (thunder rumbling) (softly groaning) (panting) Don't worry.
You're going to wake up soon.
(panting) Hey, is that your house? I need to get inside! We both really Need to get inside (screams) (panting) (screaming) (gasps, screams) Hey, what's going on? You all right? (sighs) Yeah, nothing.
It's a nightmare.
It's just a nightmare.
Sorry, honey.
Go back to sleep.
What? Allison? What did you do to your arm? Oh, my god.
I just don't understand how this happened.
I was having a dream, A weird, old zombie movie dream.
Well, I mean If you were dreaming, you weren't, like, in control.
I mean, you just, like, grabbed yourself-- You grabbed your arm, and you scratched yourself up.
Really ripped the skin.
But, you know, it's not that unusual.
Had a roommate in college Who used to throw punches in his sleep.
I sometimes grind my teeth.
I mean, it's not like you went in the garage And, like, started up the skill saw.
I mean, you scratched yourself.
You scratched the crap out of yourself, But still Okay.
(siren wailing) Scanlon: Groundskeeper found bobbi catalano's dad A little over an hour ago.
Forensics thinks he was killed out there by those graves, Then dragged in here and out of sight.
Wallet and watch are gone.
Car is still parked in the parking lot.
Do we have any idea what he was doing out here? Given his profession, you'd think It might have been work-related, But, uh, apparently, One of those headstones over there belongs to his wife.
Best guess is, he was visiting her When someone jumped him.
Smashed his head in with a stone and emptied his pockets.
It's kind of a strange place for a mugging, don't you think? Well, yes and no.
It's quiet, isolated.
If you yell for help, there's no one around to hear Except for a bunch of dead people.
(sighs) Feel free to take a look around And see if you get anything.
I'm going to go call ms.
Catalano And let her know we found her dad.
(static crackles, garbled radio chatter) (crow cawing) (man coughing) Allison: Sir? Sir.
Sir, are you all right? (screaming) Scanlon: Allison.
(coughing) What the hell is going on? (stammers) (coughing) Allison, go for help.
Get them to call an ambulance.
(school bell ringing) The mesozoic era is often called the age of the reptiles.
Reptiles were the dominant form of life on earth For the entire era, which lasted (girl clearing throat) Almost 200 million years.
The mesozoic era is divided into three distinct periods.
(screaming) Bridgette? (students laughing) Are you all right? Hi, kiddo.
No hello? Is everything okay? I think miss scarlet's mad at me.
Miss scarlet? The spider? I don't think that's possible, honey.
Uh, I was there when miss scarlet was fl Laid to rest, and I don't think she can be mad At anyone or anything at this point.
Yeah, well, I think she can.
And I think she is.
And I deserve it.
Why? Because I gave her some candy.
What? I fed her some candy.
I put some candy in her cage, Just to see if she'd like it.
I think that's why she died.
Woman (over p.
): Paging dr.
Scanlon: His name's edgar kripke.
According to social services, he's a drug addict And a paranoid schizophrenic.
When he couldn't get a bed at the local homeless shelter, He'd sleep in that cemetery.
Bobbi catalano told me that kripke Had actually had words with her father before.
I guess her dad wasn't too happy that this guy Was crashing a few hundred yards from his wife's grave.
Carl actually called the police on him once.
Had him arrested for vagrancy.
But that doesn't prove that he We searched the cardboard box that kripke calls home.
Found carl's wallet in there and his watch.
Well, what about the blood around his mouth? And the groaning? Drug overdose.
He must have just gotten high when you spotted him.
His doctor says it caused some serious brain damage.
What kind of drug does that? You ever heard of something called "wet"? Cigarettes soaked in methanol, formaldehyde and ethanol.
It's a hallucinogen.
Believe it or not, There's actually demand for this stuff.
The government's been trying to make it harder For the people who cook this stuff up To get their hands on the ingredients, But we just keep seeing more and more of it.
So, what, this guy just fried his brain? We're never going to get him to admit what he did.
It's okay.
I think we got enough to pin this murder on kripke, Whether he ever talks again or not.
I don't know exactly what it was That drew your attention to this deadbeat, but, uh, I'm glad it happened.
At least now we got some answers for carl's daughter.
So, bridgette thinks she's being haunted By that dead spider? Yes, indeedy.
So, what did you tell her? I suggested she talk to her teacher And tell her that she fed candy to the class pet.
Well, how is that going to help? Well, she's obviously got a guilty conscience, Not to mention an overactive imagination, So I just figured if she confessed, then Okay, I get that.
I mean, you've been at this for a while.
Have you ever communed with any dead insects? Well, now that you mention it, I'm going to have to add that to my to-do list.
Male reporter (over tv): Reports, incredible as they seem, Are not the results of mass hysteria.
A wave of murder, which is sweeping The eastern third of the nation, is being committed by creatures Who feast upon the flesh of their victims.
I think we have some late word just arriving.
This is the latest disclosure in a report From national civil defense headquarters in washington.
"it has been established that persons who have recently died Have been returning to life and committing acts of murder.
" (loud hammering) "widespread investigation of reports from funeral homes, "morgues and hospitals has concluded "that the unburied dead are coming back to life And seeking human victims.
" (hammering continues) Hello? (gasps, then sighs) Joe.
Oh, my god.
What are you doing here? I'm sorry.
My name's not joe.
It's dale.
It's dale cosgrove.
Don't you remember? I saved you from that creature Who was trying to get in here.
You fell down, and you hit your head.
We put you on the couch so you could sleep it off.
But now you're up, I could use your help.
I mean, if you're feeling up to it.
And that creature who attacked you-- He's got a lot of friends.
Pretty sure they're coming back.
I know what I'm talking about.
My family and I were on the interstate, And we saw a whole bunch of them.
I slowed down.
It was dark.
I didn't realize what they were at first.
And before I knew what was happening One of them got my wife's door open, And he He pulled her out of the truck, And they all began biting at her, Ripping at her flesh with their teeth.
That's horrible.
So, we found your house, And Hope you don't mind that we set up camp here.
It It's fine with me.
It's not my house.
I-I don't know whose house it is.
Daddy? My daughters.
That's abigail, mabel and bella.
I'm sorry-- I didn't catch your name.
(sighs) I'm allison.
I'm allison dubois.
Daddy, I know you told us to stay in the basement, But that man is getting worse.
There's a man? What man? Someone else is here? We found him on the way.
We saved him from a pack of those things.
They were They were biting him and clawing at him, So we brought him with us.
Girls, go to the kitchen.
Get him some water.
See if he'll take a drink.
We got to board this place up, Wait it out until the police Or the national guard can come get us.
I think, if we can make it till morning (grunts) We'll be okay.
Bridgette/bella: They're back, daddy! A whole bunch of them! You can see them through the window! Damn it.
We're going to need more wood.
And fast.
Look for old furniture.
Anything we can break into more boards.
Come on.
What are you staring at? We have work to do.
I-I'm sorry.
I I I know him.
We kind of come from the same place.
Oh, my god.
He's not breathing.
Dale: Hey, come on down there! We need some wood! Here.
Here, you take this.
I'll look for more.
(suspenseful horror movie music plays) (screaming) No, no.
(whimpers, screams) Ow! Yeah? Al, what is it? What's wrong? (groaning) Joe: Oh, my god.
Dubois? Hi Doctor.
How's my wife? Uh, she'll be fine.
Uh, we dressed her wound, But I'm not sure that's what we should call it.
What do you mean? Well, once we rinsed all the blood away You know, her skin is It's raw, it's inflamed.
Uh, there's clearly bruising.
And it certainly seems for all the world Like she's been bitten.
The only thing is, there's no broken skin, No teeth marks, no actual trauma.
How's that possible? Well, one possibility, And the only possibility I can think of is, There's a phenomenon known as psychosomatic bruising.
In very rare cases, A patient sometimes can injure themselves.
I don't think that's possible in this case 'cause the bite was on the back of her calf, so I Oh, the wounds wouldn't have been caused by physical trauma.
The belief is, they're generated by the patient's mind.
The injuries are a subconscious physiological response To extreme stress.
The theory is that your emotional state Can cause your blood vessels to engorge.
And if it's bad enough, You could actually bleed right through your pores.
Now, you know, your wife did say That she's, uh, been having nightmares, so I thought Maybe all she needs is a couple nights Of uninterrupted sleep.
So, here's a prescription for sleeping pills, And, uh, beyond that That doesn't make much sense.
She wants me to get more sleep? Hey, look, I don't know, you know? She seemed to think that, you know, A night of uninterrupted sleep was Wait.
I don't think she gets this.
I don't think I could survive a night of uninterrupted sleep.
I mean, think about it.
Even if she's right, even if I'm doing this to myself, I'm still getting hurt.
I dream that I get hurt, I wake up, and I'm hurt.
What if my next dream, I dream that I break my leg, Or what if I die in my dream? Die? You don't think that could happen, do you? Honey, this is crazy.
How do you not sleep? You-you have to sleep.
It's 6:15.
The girls are gonna be up in a minute.
I was hoping we'd get home before Okay, here's what we're going to do.
I'm going to stay awake tonight, okay? I'll watch you sleep.
If it looks like you're having a nightmare, Then I'll wake you up.
And if you make it till midnight, then we'll switch.
I'll sleep for a few hours, and-and you stay awake.
And we'll keep doing that until morning.
And that way, between the two of us, We'll share a good night's sleep.
How's that sound? (phone ringing) Mrs.
Dubois? Oh, hi.
Catalano, I didn't know you were coming by.
I didn't know I was coming by.
The district attorney called me late last night, Invited me to be part of a press conference That they're having this morning.
Anyway, I saw you sitting over here, and I wanted To come over and say thank you.
They told me that you were the one Who figured out who killed daddy.
Well, not-not me by myself, But you're very welcome.
Well, I am sure that you hear this all the time, But if there's anything that I can do for you Oh, thank you.
Um, I'm just glad they caught the guy.
Ooh, my.
I'd better get going.
Thank you.
Oh, my, what happened to your hand? Ow.
ItIt's really not that bad.
Um, actually, I did it to myself.
Really? When I got the call About dad, and they told me That he was really dead, I must have Just grabbed my hand and started squeezing it.
Anything to keep from screaming out loud, And I guess that I didn't even realize that I was doing that.
But, um Anyway, uh, I'd better get going.
Again, thank you.
(school bell ringing) I'm really sorry, miss colletto.
I shouldn't have given miss scarlet a piece of candy, And I should have told you what I did.
Thanks for coming in and telling me that, bridgette.
That must have been a hard thing to do.
Can you keep a secret? See mr.
Nibbles back there? No one else knows this, But he's really mr.
Nibbles two.
See, I took the first mr.
Nibbles home with me One weekend, and I forgot to shut the door To the room where I was keeping him.
Turns out, my cat was able to knock the top off his cage.
Long story short, I spent most of my Sunday Driving from pet store to pet store Looking for a mr.
Nibbles look-alike.
(coughs) These things happen, bridgette.
You probably shouldn't have given miss scarlet A piece of candy, but you can't even be sure That that's what made her die.
(coughing) (coughing loudly) (wheezes, then coughs) (quiet choking) Bridgette, what is it? Are you okay? (gasps) Joe (whispering): She's got her sweatshirt like that So the tarantula can't get into her mouth.
(sighs) You still sore? Yeah.
You know what's weird? Why don't we talk about what isn't weird, huh? That would be a much shorter conversation.
You know that man-- the one who owned the funeral home, The man who was killed? His daughter came into work today, And she had the exact same cuts I have.
What do you mean? I mean, exactly the same-- the same place, same everything.
Maybe she ran into the same zombie you did.
They were exactly the same.
That can't be a coincidence, can it? I don't know, al.
And I'm happy to keep talking about it For as long as you like, but keep in mind, You're cutting into your first sleep shift.
Remember, you got to be up to relieve me in three hours.
Hey, if I even snore weird, you're gonna wake me up, right? You go to sleep.
I got it covered.
I'm not going to let anything happen to you.
No! No! No! (screaming) No! (screams) (panting) (grunting) (sighs) Joe, if you can hear me, I'd really like to wake up now.
(debris clinking, thudding) (glass breaking) (screaming) Joe! (indistinct shouting) (allison screaming, joe grunting) (joe grunting) (panting) (frantic knocking) (indistinct shouting outside door) (woman screaming) Ariel: Let us in! Please! Dad's hurt.
You have to let us in.
Can you hear me? You have to help us! You promised! No, I can't! Joe: Please.
I'm out of bullets.
For the love of god, let us in! No! No.
I have to protect myself.
(woman screaming) If I let you in, you might kill me.
I can't let myself die in a dream! Ariel: Let us in, please? No, I can't.
(woman screaming) I'm sorry.
Oh, no, I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die! I don't want to die.
I don't to die.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to Die! Easy.
It's okay.
You're awake.
You're safe.
(crying) Hey, al, it was just a dream, that's all it was.
Okay? Nothing scratched you, nothing bit you.
You're fine.
I know, you're right.
It's your turn.
Man (on tv): This one is nice and fresh, But if this was all brown, you just simply want to Male announcer: And that's his first two.
Devon gray, and there's Man #2 (on tv): Harriet banks are the lucky winners Of this past weekend's super lottery draw.
The pair came forward to claim their $11 million prize (suspenseful horror movie music plays) Hello? Hello? (three gunshots) (rapid gunshots) (sporadic gunshots) (distant rapid gunfire) (panting) (distant rapid gunfire) (gunshot) (panting) Man: Careful.
That's hot.
(steam hisses) (shrieks) You already know that, don't you? Why are you pointing that thing at me? I'm not one of them.
We know exactly who you are, barbara.
My name is not barbara.
It's allison.
Scanlon: Don't bother lying.
We already found your lab over that hill.
We know all about the concoction You cooked up in your tanks, barbara.
What are you talking about? Scanlon: We know that everything that happened here Last night was your fault.
I've never seen these things before.
(exhales) look.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What lab, what concoction? You made all those people sick, barbara.
You poisoned them.
No, you're wrong.
You know what? I'm glad I was the one who found you.
No, where am I going?! The pentagon wants us to keep a few of the specimens alive.
Given their ravenous appetites, I was worried the creatures wouldn't make it All the way to washington.
(yells) I guess it's good we found them a snack.
No! Get that door.
No, please! (groaning) (banging on door) let me out! Please.
(screaming) Let me out! (screaming) (gasps) Oh.
Joe: Hey, you never woke me.
(sighs) I fell asleep.
And? It was horrible.
I guess I survived it, though.
Scanlon and devalos were there.
Really? Any sign of the tin man or the scarecrow? They kept calling me barbara, And they said I was responsible for all of it And then they threw me in the back of this truck, And you were there and the girls.
Wait a second, I thought you said that we were all dead.
You all ate me, all of you feasted on me.
Well, y-you don't look any worse for wear.
Seriously, um, wasn't this exactly the kind of dream That we were worried about? I mean, if we did actually, you know, Eat you in this dream, It's pretty safe to assume that you were dead If not when the meal started, Certainly by the time it ended.
You're not dreaming now and you look pretty lively to me.
I guess you're right.
Man (over tv): It's usually a series of four treatment sessions to reduce What is that? I guess I did sustain an injury in that dream.
When I touched something hot, it burned me.
Oh, god.
I guess if you dreamt about being eaten alive By the reanimated corpses of your dead family, And that's the only wound you got, I guess You could consider yourself lucky.
(knocking) Allison: I'm sorry.
No one was in front, so I just made my way around the back.
Oh, it's okay, mrs.
What can I do for you? I brought by your father's personal effects.
Uh, I read in the paper that The viewing was tomorrow, and I wanted to make sure That you had everything you needed-- his watch, His wedding band.
Well, you're very thoughtful.
Actually, our embalmer steven's On his way over with daddy's remains.
I was just getting The room ready.
You all right? Oh, I'm sorry, it's just Daddy always used to say, "death never takes the wise man by surprise; He is always ready to go or to let go.
" I guess I'm not feeling terribly wise right now.
Uh Shoot.
Do you happen to have a pen? If you wouldn't mind signing this receipt That you received your father's personal effects (bell dings, steam hisses) Could you just give me one moment to empty the autoclave? I was just cleaning some instruments For steven.
Excuse me, what are those? Those? They're the embalming tanks.
They hold the fluid the embalmer uses To replace the blood in the dead body.
Ethanol, methanol, Formaldehyde.
(sizzling) oh! Sorry.
Burned myself.
Bobbi? Huh? That wouldn't happen to be short For barbara, would it? As a matter of fact, it is.
How did you know? (dry chuckle) (door opens) Okay, if you have something to tell me, You're going to have to figure out a way to tell me.
Miss scarlet, I'm serious.
Oh, eggs.
Thank you again for coming in, ms.
I realize how busy you must be during this difficult time, So I'll get right to the point.
There have been some recent developments In the investigation into your father's murder.
We now have reason to believe that he bit his attacker Before he died.
Really? All right.
W-well, forgive me, mr.
Devalos, But I don't see how that really qualifies As a new development.
I-I don't want to hear all the gory details About the fight between my father and that man.
Well, that's the thing.
That man edgar kripke-- He doesn't have any bite marks anywhere on his person, And as a result, we're no longer convinced He's the one who murdered your father.
I don't understand.
He had my father's watch, he had my father's wallet.
They had argued several times.
Edgar kripke is an unmedicated paranoid schizophrenic.
He argued with many people many times.
He never hurt anyone.
Now, as for your father's possessions, If kripke was the first person to find the body, Maybe he stole them Or maybe they were planted.
Planted, really? Well, who would have wanted to do that, I mean, and why? We're not entirely sure, But now that kripke's guilt is in question And because there are no other suspects, We are going to reopen the investigation.
Well, if that's what you need to do Typically, We begin with the last person who saw the victim alive So we can rule them out as a suspect.
In this case that person is you.
So, if you don't mind, We'd like you to submit yourself To a brief physical examination.
If the female officer doesn't find any bite marks on you, Then we can refocus our energy elsewhere.
You're joking.
I beg your pardon? I loved my father.
I would never hurt him.
If he knew how you were treating A member of his family, After everything that he has done for this department Are you aware that your business has taken out No less than five separate loans From the bank over the past few years? Do you read the papers, mr.
Detective? The economy is not what it used to be.
And yes, people are still dying, But their survivors are not spending the money.
Now, what is your point? I also called a few of your suppliers.
If business is down, Maybe you could explain to me why, over the past year or so, You ordered three times more embalming fluid Than in previous years.
Are you aware that embalming fluid is a mixture Of ethanol, methanol, and formaldehyde-- The ingredients in the drug wet? I did not know that.
We've been curious how our local drug dealers Have been able to put so much out on the street.
You care to venture any theories? I wouldn't know where to begin.
Your father figured out what you were doing.
He confronted you.
There was a struggle.
He bit you On your right calf.
Devalos: I, for one, appreciate everything your father did To help the men and women that serve this city.
That's why, provided you enter a guilty plea And make a full confession, I'm prepared to discuss a deal With whoever you hire to represent you, Or if you insist on doing it the hard way, I'll simply have detective scanlon here arrest you, And once your calf has been examined for a bite mark, Well, then Then your fate will lie In the hands of the jury.
He asked me to meet him at my mother's grave.
And he told me that he knew everything.
(quavering): He said my mama Would have been ashamed of me.
Marie: Those are all eggs? Yep.
Did you know that a tarantula can lay Up to 2,000 eggs at a time? They're not going To hatch here, are they? No, probably not.
I called miss colletto as soon as I found them, And she says that she's going To take 'em to the pet store tomorrow And make sure they all get good homes.
It's what miss scarlet would have wanted.
(allison cackles) You two ready for a little trick-or-treating? Okay, you're a witch, I get that, but dad, What are you supposed to be? I'm a nerd.
Ariel, honey, we're going to see you later.
We're taking off.
Ariel: Hold on! (footsteps approaching) Wow.
(laughs) (laughs) Johnny (over television): It was from right over there.
Just promise me we won't go anywhere Where we might see someone I know.
Allison: We'll try not to.
Joe: Hey, are those my boots? Hmm, did anyone remember to turn off the tv? Johnny: You used to really get scared here.
Barbara: Johnny.
You're still afraid.
Barbara: Stop it now, I mean it.
Johnny: They're coming to get you, allison.
Barbara: Stop it, you're ig (rewinding) They're coming to get you, barbara.
(turns off tv) yeah, that's what I thought you said.