Medium s07e03 Episode Script

Means and Ends

Previously on Medium: These are still frames from a video.
The man wearing the mask is, uh is raping the girl.
I'm almost certain that's your brother.
You raped her, didn't you, you fat weasel? I didn't do it! Admit what you did, I will stand by you.
I'll get you help.
I don't need help.
I don't want help.
You deserve this.
You know that.
She's going after your brother.
I just saw it, Lee.
We got it covered, Allison.
If Kira goes after Paul, we'll pick her up.
I couldn't sleep.
Please just tell me everything's all right with you.
Paul's dead, Allison.
She got to him before we could stop her.
Dad's going to kill me.
Why? What'd you do now, Mr.
Good? I was in the garage playing with Dad's tools, just looking at them, you know.
And I picked up the new ball-peen hammer.
Well, it kind of hit the Buick and made a big scratch.
Where the hell'd this scratch come from?! You kids hear me?! I know it must have been one of ya! Who did this?! I did.
What are you doing? It was me.
I did it.
I was the one who ruined our car.
All right, get in here.
Take what's coming to you.
Why are you doing this? Why not? I'm better at taking a smack than you are.
Pauly Scanlon! When I say get your ass in here, I mean now! You don't listen! You don't listen, damn it! This is why he doesn't listen! Get up here.
I've had it with you, Eric! Nice dream, huh? Nice memory.
Understand?! Get up here! How you doing? You holding up okay? Get up here! Stand up! I know I haven't let you sleep much the past week or so.
- What can I tell you? - You know what I ought to do?! Sleep is for pansies.
Get out of the way! Huh? Hey, don't grab him! Don't grab him! Shut your mouth! Stay down! Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait wait a second, Mr.
You sure you want to go in there? You haven't had enough sleep.
Your judgment's not what it should be.
What do you want? Remember me? I was here last week.
Yeah, I know.
My wife called the cops.
But that was last week.
Some reason you're here tonight? I don't like you.
You guys okay? Hey! Nobody invited you in here.
This is America, man.
Cops can't just bust into your house for no reason.
I got a reason.
How about I know the second I turn my back, I know you're going to beat him and torture her?! How about that?! You okay? You all right? Yeah.
Just had a dream.
Just A crazy dream.
What are you doing now? Nothing.
It's crazy.
There, see? I'm done.
Hello, stranger.
Lee, you got a text.
It's Allison.
She wants to know if you're okay.
Uh Yeah, sure.
Text her I'm fine.
Is this Ariel Dubois? Oh, did I wake you? I'm sorry.
I knew I should have waited another hour before I called.
Who is this? - Guess who just called.
- You're still not dressed.
I thought I told you if you wanted to drive Daddy's car today, that you had to be up and ready to take Daddy and the girls at 7:45.
I just talked to my roommate.
My college roommate.
She just called me.
She's from Texas.
Her name is Melissa, and she sounds really nice.
Your college roommate? This is really happening, isn't it? Well, congratulations, honey.
I didn't even know that they'd already assigned rooms - and roommates.
- I know.
Me, neither.
But she got a letter yesterday with my name and phone number.
So I should be getting one today.
And she had this really great idea that maybe instead of us flying out to New Hampshire in two weeks, we could take the money and use it to buy a a car and and drive it out there.
I mean a used car.
This is my favorite part where you say something so dumb that no one knows what to say.
Gonna miss this.
A used car? Drive out there? What are you talking about? Why would we want to do that? This is your roommate's idea? She doesn't have a car, either, and Dartmouth is kind of in the middle of nowhere, so she thought if I had one, she could pay for insurance and we could split the gas.
That's very generous of her, letting you buy it and all.
We're not doing it.
But we already went online, started looking for used car deals around here.
I mean, they're actually quite reasonable.
Go on, go get dressed.
Or I'm taking the girls to school and myself to work.
This is America, man.
Cops can't just bust into your house for no reason.
We are going to follow the process.
Thank you very much for coming in.
And trust me Tell your boy he's done.
Done! Got it? Mind if I ask you what that was all about? An unhappy citizen, I'm afraid.
He's sworn out a complaint against our friend Detective Scanlon.
Seems there was some sort of domestic violence incident at his home a week ago.
Lee was the responding officer.
According to him, Lee showed up at his home again last night for no apparent reason, entered his house completely uninvited and proceeded to physically assault Mr Laurence Raymond in front of his wife and child.
And now he wants the good people of Phoenix to pay him for his pain and anguish.
And could they also please throw that nasty Detective Scanlon off the force and into jail? Wow.
So what happens now? Unfortunately, we have to go through the charade of holding a police trial board hearing.
What what do you mean, "charade?" Mr.
Raymond is no stranger to the justice system here in Phoenix.
He's got a rap sheet going back over two decades.
Now, I'm not saying that I don't believe him, but he wouldn't be the first criminal with a grudge to have someone beat him up and then claim a cop did it.
I just resent the hoops that we're all going to have to jump through to make this go away.
What do you mean? What kind of hoops? Well, I'm sure Lee's going to want me to defend him, friends like you to testify on his behalf.
It's it's a lot of work, a lot of time.
These trial boards are no cakewalk.
It's pretty much a given that they're going to bring up, uh, Lee's past substance abuse problems.
He's going to need every positive character witness he can get.
I'm assuming he we can count on you? Of course.
Um Yes? Uh Can I help you? I'm sorry.
Um I'm looking for Rebecca.
Is this a joke? Uh, no.
I'm here about this ad.
About her car.
When did you see this? When did you speak to her? I I didn't speak to her.
A friend and I saw it this morning online.
My daughter hasn't been home in three days.
She or the car.
You wouldn't happen to know where she is, would you? No.
Like I said, I, uh I just saw the ad online this morning.
This girl doesn't know Rebecca.
You don't need to grill her.
I got the police on the phone.
Why don't you go take over for me? Tell them what you know.
I'll deal with this.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Sorry about that.
Just really bad timing.
We don't know where Rebecca is at the moment, much less her car.
I'm so sorry.
I better get back in there.
No, I I understand.
I just hope she turns up soon.
Sorry, but I don't really see the problem here.
All they're going to ask you is whether you think Scanlon is a good cop.
And all you got to say is that you think Scanlon is a good cop.
No, I know.
But, what, I just ignore the rest of it? I mean, he's telling everybody that he never put a glove on that guy, and I saw him beat the hell out of him.
No, you didn't see him do anything.
And you can't be certain whose thoughts or impressions or imaginings you might have been channeling.
And that's an important distinction.
Nobody actually saw him do anything other than this guy and supposedly his wife and kid, who are by no means unbiased.
Mom? I need to talk to you about something.
Look, I know that you and Dad told me not to even go over there, but I went and I think that something bad happened to her.
Okay, I think that somebody took her.
I'll make some calls.
Been looking for an excuse to call Lee.
Maybe this is it.
Mmm - Hello.
- Oh, no.
Did I seriously wake you up twice in one day? Melissa? Is that you? It's, like, the middle of the night in Texas.
I'm just a night owl.
I figured, if you didn't want to answer the phone, you wouldn't leave it on.
And, besides, I wanted to hear about your day.
My day turned out pretty weird, actually.
But how about I call you back tomorrow and tell you all about it? Not now? I'm half asleep.
Um, uh, uh give me your number 'cause it doesn't come up when you call.
And I didn't, uh, get my roommate letter from Dartmouth today.
Melissa? Sorry.
I thought I heard something outside of my house.
I guess it was nothing.
What was that? Oh, my God! I think someone's trying to break into my house! - Go away! I told you - Melissa, - I don't want to see you! - can you see who it is? No, hang up with me and call the police.
Melissa? Are you still there? Can you hear me? Melissa! Melissa! But how are you supposed to find her? It's not like I have her address or anything.
Honey, Aurora is a small town.
The police will know where she lives.
Any luck? Do the police know who Melissa was? Are they going to send somebody by her house to look? Uh, absolutely.
The Aurora Police knew exactly who she was.
Honor roll student, getting ready to go off to Dartmouth.
Someone like that's pretty conspicuous in a small town.
But I don't think they're going to be sending somebody over to to her house to take a look.
What are you saying? Why not? Why wouldn't they? Because Melissa Drake's dead.
She has been for 11 years.
What? What are you doing? Are you waiting on a call from some deceased alumni from our old alma mater? Mmm.
Just checking to see if Lee called me back.
Lee? Yeah, I called him earlier about that girl that Ariel's worried about.
You know, the the first one.
The one that hasn't been dead for 11 years.
Thank you for that.
It's very hard to keep the dead women straight around here.
That's not funny.
He didn't call me back.
Never see him around the office anymore.
He doesn't return my texts.
I haven't even spoken with him since I had that awful dream about him.
Allison, it's the middle of the night.
Do you honestly expect him to call you in the middle of the night? No, I know.
I just thought I thought maybe I could at least write him an e-mail.
But I won't.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! What do you say?! If you're really sorry, then say it without that smirk on your face! YOUNG PAUL I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! But I'm not! Oh! What's the matter, Mr.
Good? Can't sleep? Honey, what are you doing up? I saw your light on.
It's 2:00 in the morning.
Can't sleep.
Reading about Melissa Drake.
What about you? What are you doing up? I don't know.
Something's on my mind, and I I went to the kitchen, wrote a e-mail.
She was about to start Dartmouth just like me.
And when they found her, she still had her phone in her hand.
The police thought that maybe she was trying to call for help.
I don't get it.
This happened 11 years ago.
So why was she calling me tonight? I don't know, sweetie.
# Beautiful girls # You realize what you're saying is crazy, right? I don't think so.
I don't think being honest with someone about how you feel is crazy.
I'm going to college in a week.
Okay? I'm packing my trunk.
I'm selling my car.
I love you, Rebecca.
You're twice my age.
And you're my uncle.
If you could just listen to me, just put off going to school.
Give us a chance! Us? There is no us.
I need to call my mom.
- Rebecca - # Hands down, there will never be # # Another one, I've been around # # And I never seen another one # # Look at your style, they ain't really got nothin' on # # And you out and you ain't got nothin' on, baby # Here he is.
- You wanted to see me? - Yeah.
Come on in, Lee.
So how are you? You look sleep-deprived.
What can I tell you? I guess not being allowed to do my job doesn't agree with me.
Listen, I'm well aware that pending the outcome of your trial review that the department has ordered you to refrain from any work that might put you in contact with the general public, but Nothing like a vote of confidence from your peers.
But Allison or rather Allison's daughter thinks she might know where that missing girl is or more accurately, who might be behind her disappearance.
She has an uncle Ariel is convinced abducted her.
He's a contractor by trade.
Made lots of money by taking abandoned and rundown buildings and fixing them up.
He owns properties under lots of names all over Phoenix.
Our best guess is that he's keeping this girl in one of them.
Why you telling me all this? I'm on administrative furlough.
I've asked the department to give me permission to get you to follow him.
Not to make any actual contact just keep tabs on him.
Uh, see if he leads us to her.
Why? I mean, why me? There's a lot of other detectives.
Lee, your trial starts next week.
As the man who's going to go out and plead your case, I'd like to be able to tell the board, "Hey, this detective's still out there.
"He's doing important work.
Solving difficult crimes.
" And, actually, it was Allison's idea.
Thank you for that in there.
Hey, I want to tell you something.
I had a dream about you.
It was about everything that happened the other night.
Really? It was a really weird dream.
How weird? Your brother Paul was in it.
You were behaving well, it was exactly like the man who brought charges against you was describing.
Okay, well, now I'm a little confused.
You tell Devalos to twist my boss's arm, put me on this case.
- -Then you tell me you had a dream where I assault a citizen in front of his wife and kid.
Yeah, with your dead brother watching, which makes it a pretty easy dream to dismiss.
Plus the fact that I've never seen you act like that in real life.
Come on.
Lee, this is the part you're supposed to say to me, "No, I never plowed my knee into that man's nose "with his little boy standing there just pleading for me to stop.
" I know how this sounds.
I don't honestly know what happened that night.
I don't really remember.
I was working on about 45 minutes sleep, and I still am.
And when I think about it, I don't really care.
Are you familiar with the expression, "The end justifies the means"? I needed that guy to stop beating on his wife and kid.
I sat in my car for a week and I watched him threaten and bully and brutalize them.
And when you thought about it as much as I have, you realize that whether I laid a glove on him or not, that's really kind of beside the point.
What matters is there's no way in hell that he could ever raise so much as a pinky to that lady or that little boy ever again, not without blowing his case.
Not without admitting to the world that he needs to be locked away.
Hey, what about you? I'm worried about you.
Don't worry about me.
I'm fine.
I just need a little sleep.
Thank you for this.
I won't let you down.
Hello, Allison's voice mail.
This is Lee Scanlon, roving detective.
Well, either our boy definitely has an unexpected female houseguest or else he has a weird propensity to load up on feminine drugstore products.
I'll call later.
Come on, you son of a bitch.
Make me a hero.
Take me home.
Show me where you're keeping her.
You're stopping at the dentist? It's almost 4:30.
Don't you know your houseguest needs her toothpaste? You're not crying, are you? Wasn't so bad.
Hi, Mr.
How you feeling? Nice and refreshed after your little nap? Oh, no.
What's the matter, you lose something? Damn! Phoenix Police Department.
Dispatch, this is Scanlon.
I need some help out there.
Tell me if anyone's got eyes on a gray Ford Focus.
License Anybody hear me? Is anybody out there.
Detective, I think I see the vehicle making its way west down Market.
Do you want me to pull him over? No, no.
We can't let him know he's being followed.
I need him to lead me to this girl.
Just keep eyes on him till I can get over there and catch up with him, okay? Sorry, Detective.
I didn't copy.
You want me to pull him over? No! Do not stop him! Damn it! What's the matter, bro? Forget to charge your phone? - Detective, I didn't hear - Used to happen to me - all the time.
- He's getting ready to enter the freeway.
I'm pulling him over.
No! Do not pull him over! - Do not pull him over! - Sir, I need you to step - out of the vehicle.
- No! - That's right.
Put your hands on the vehicle.
- Let him go! Sir, put your hands - on the vehicle, please.
- Let that man go! Detective, if you can hear me, suspect has been apprehended.
We'll be waiting for you here.
What's the matter, Mr.
Good? Having a bad day? Don't you worry.
I'm here for you, little brother.
Just like I always been.
I mean, how could Detective Scanlon do that? Doesn't he realize that he ruined everything? I don't know, sweetie.
I I don't have a good answer.
I mean, if that man knows the police are following him, he's never going to go to where he's keeping his niece.
I mean, he'll leave her there to rot.
I realize that.
I'm sure that Detective Scanlon realizes that, too.
So what now? I don't know.
Sleep, I guess.
You okay? Yeah.
Go back to sleep.
Come on, Mr.
It's going to make you feel so much better.
Come on, smoke it.
Oh, man.
What the hell is the matter with you? You sure we're even brothers? I spent the day today leading police detectives through all of my properties here in Phoenix, assuring them that I have absolutely no idea where she might be.
So, now, in order to get - the investigation back on track, - I am funding a $100,000 reward for any kind of information - Bad time? - that might lead - to her safe return.
- Is there any other kind? Come on in.
We just want our Rebecca Lynn's at work.
Baby's at day care.
So if anyone out there has any information, - please come forward.
- It's one of my many admirers.
Um, call the hot line.
Um, you can call anon I had another dream about you.
Was it a happy dream? Tell me it was a happy dream.
Well I liked the ending.
You were staring temptation in the eye and you told it to go home.
You put it back in the trunk of your car.
Back under the wheel well.
I know this dream.
Was your brother in your version? Excuse me? Your dead brother Paul.
In my dream, he was egging you on.
He was pushing you to fall off the wagon with all his might.
My brother was not present in my version of the dream, but then again, I don't really need any help falling off wagons.
I'm a a BYOG, "bring your own gravity" kind of a guy.
Be that as it may you know, he's haunting you.
If anyone deserves to be haunted You've done nothing to deserve this.
He's a bad guy, Lee.
Bad in life, bad in death.
Which is why I came here to tell you, he is working you hard.
So if you feel like like you're going to fall, if you feel like you're going to hurt yourself, call me.
You know, I I'll keep you steady.
I'll help you.
'Cause this isn't a fair fight.
I don't know.
Maybe it kind of is.
Why would you say that? Well, I always just kind of assumed you knew.
Knew what? You remember that night you dreamed that lady was going to kill my brother? You called me to warn me.
I told you that it was too late it already happened? I lied.
Hadn't happened yet, but it sure sounded like a good idea to me.
Oh, my God.
My God.
You let him die.
You-you let her kill him.
Like I said, the end justifies the means.
You still going to be there to help me? You still going to keep me steady? I don't know.
Give my best to Lynn and the baby.
I'm sorry, sir.
I don't know if I can go through with it.
I I mean, I know that there are plenty of people willing to testify on his behalf.
I think it will all be fine without me.
I'm sorry, sir.
Thank you.
Devalos? How'd he take it? He sounded, uh disappointed, puzzled.
Well, it is, you know, puzzling.
Excuse me? Tell me again why you're mad at the guy.
Because I called him.
I told him, "Your brother is going to die tonight.
" He did nothing.
He just let it happen.
So? So a man died unnecessarily.
A man who rapes and tortures women.
Young girls, actually.
Who knows what else? I I think that's beside the point.
I disagree.
That is the point.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I dreamt it for a reason.
I dreamt it so I I could warn him.
Says you.
I mean, it looks like it was his destiny to perish that night, Allison.
It sure looks like it was his fate.
Clearly it wasn't, or I wouldn't have had that dream.
I wouldn't have been able to warn him.
Okay, so let me get this straight.
So if for some reason we'd stayed up late that night, if we hadn't gone to bed, one of the kids was sick or something, you didn't have the dream, so you didn't call Scanlon, and his brother still died, then that would have been okay? But I I did get to bed.
I did have the dream, I did make the call.
Wow, so you're really important.
You're like an instrument of God or something.
Hey, I didn't say anything like that.
Well, you did, kind of.
You're saying that fate can have one plan, but that if you have a dream that contradicts it and people ignore it Th-this is a ridiculous conversation.
Yeah, you're right, but I didn't start it.
A friend of yours has a brother who deserves to die, dies, but because you had a dream about it and told him so and he did nothing to stop what seems like a pretty fortuitous thing, he's a bad guy? That's not all of it.
What? You mad because he didn't take drugs? He beat that guy up the other night.
He denied him his basic civil rights.
That's the bad guy's version.
Your friend doesn't remember what happened and he needs your help.
Fine, except I dreamt he did it.
I'm sorry, there were dead people in your dream that night, Allison.
Doesn't that at least give you pause? I'm going to sleep.
Rebecca, don't panic.
It's me.
I'm sorry I was gone so long.
I know I said I'd be back last night, and, believe me, I wanted to be.
I know you must be hungry.
I know, I know.
Shh, shh, shh.
Hey, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
I know.
I'll take your gag off in a minute.
I also I got you some pills.
To calm you down.
Went to a dentist and convinced him that I needed a root canal.
He kept saying he didn't see anything on the X-ray, but I didn't care, I just let him do it.
'Cause I want you to relax.
Let's talk for a second.
Tell you something that you don't know about your uncle.
doing some contracting work out of state, and there was this girl.
Did you ever hear that expression "love at first sight"? I approached her couple of times, in fact but she acted like she wasn't interested.
But I knew I knew what I knew.
And I knew what I felt.
So I just showed up at her house one night.
Kind of broke in.
Anyway, I made my case.
I told her that I thought that this was serious.
Now, she was getting ready to go off to college, kind of like you, and I asked her if she would put that off.
Well, she got kind of hysterical.
One thing led to another, and I sort of broke her neck.
You want one of those pills now? What I'm trying to tell you is that two really interesting things happened to me when I killed that girl.
One, obviously, I got away with it.
The other thing and I don't know what to tell you about this no guilt.
I don't want to kill you.
But I want you to listen.
There's got to be a way for you to convince me that if I let you go, you will never tell anyone about any of this.
I'm certainly not going to say anything.
I'm sorry.
Is this? Absolutely, Mr.
My name is District Attorney Manuel Devalos, and I've been waiting for you.
When they called, they said this had something to do with my niece, so I came right over.
Is this my garbage? DEVALOS I certainly hope so.
This garbage is really the reason I asked you to come down here this morning.
I was hoping to get you to sign an affidavit specifying that all this is indeed yours.
Or was yours.
Technically, it becomes city property once you put it - in the can.
- What's this about? DNA.
Uh, your DNA.
I'm still not following.
Look Mr.
Helling, if I can get you to admit that all this is yours and I think we both know that it is then I don't have to get a court order to swab your cheek.
Of course, you could volunteer to let me swab your cheek, but I'm guessing you might be reluctant to do so.
Why in the world would you want to swab my cheek? You don't still think that I had something to do with Rebecca's disappearance.
Actually, Mr.
Helling, this isn't about your niece's disappearance.
We're looking for evidence to connect you to a murder that took place in Aurora, Texas a little over a decade ago.
You remember Melissa Drake.
You did construction work for her parents.
How-how do you know? A little birdie called me.
Actually, it was a little birdie's mother.
I take it you remember Melissa.
I remember Melissa.
She was killed, by a burglar.
Maybe she was and maybe she wasn't.
But whoever entered that house ended up in a hell of a fight.
And we know this because the coroner found someone else's skin beneath her fingernails when he autopsied her.
Of course, back then, DNA was still a pretty exotic thing.
If you actually found some on the victim, there were no databases of DNA to compare it to.
You see where I'm going? You know, they're rather aggressive with the death penalty down there in Texas, Mr.
Over 125 sentences carried out in the last five years alone.
Tell me where Rebecca is, and I might be persuaded to talk to my counterpart in the Lone Star State, recommend some form of leniency.
She was very malnourished and obviously in a state of shock, but other than that Helling signed a full confession.
My only regret is that the district attorney in Aurora, Texas, is going to get first crack at him.
Thank you.
I honestly don't know how any of this would have happened without you.
Actually, I didn't do anything.
I just answered the phone and had a dream.
Be that as it may, you sure I can't persuade you to attend a school closer to home? Uh You hear that? Do you hear that? Okay.
I'm going to go pack now.
Well, I better get back to the office.
I still have a mountain of work to do before the trial board hearing for Lee tomorrow.
Listen, um, if you're still interested in me testifying, Joe and I have been talking about it, and it's like it's like when we spoke the other morning.
I mean, none of this sounds like the man I know.
And I am happy to testify to that.
And we'd be thrilled to have you do it.
Evening, Mrs.
You remember me, right? I'm the fellow who came between your husband's fist and your face.
My husband's due home any second.
If he sees you standing here Your husband's busy trying to boost hot flat-screens off the back of a semi on Route 60.
I do my homework, Mrs.
Why do you look so scared? You got no reason to be frightened of me.
If anything, I should inspire confidence in you.
Maybe it's because I've seen what you're capable of.
You know, I heard that that was your version of what happened that night.
Me? I honestly have no recollection.
I find that hard to believe.
No, it's true.
Memory is a funny thing, you know? One day, everyone's calling you Lisa Raymond.
You can barely remember when your name was Claudia Wallert.
Busted twice for possession, second time with intent to sell.
What do you get for that in Cleveland? Three years minimum if convicted.
But then, uh, you weren't convicted.
In fact, you never even showed up for your court date.
No wonder there's still a warrant out for your arrest.
That was a long time ago.
I was a different person then.
Oh, no.
Hey, I get it.
You were a desperate woman.
I'm a desperate guy.
Yeah memory is a funny thing.
Are you testifying at my trial board hearing tomorrow? Okay.
Don't answer.
I heard you were.
Uh, new subject.
So what do you think would happen if I were to call the Cleveland PD and let them know where you've been making your home lately? How long do you think it would take them to send someone here to collect you? How long do you think your little boy would last if you left him here with his father? Allison.
Wow, this is great.
This is fantastic.
You showed.
You made it.
You're here to help me.
You're here to keep me steady.
No, actually, I'm not.
I'm here to have Devalos take me off the witness list.
Hey, I know about your little visit with the wife of the man that you assaulted.
I know that you threatened to put her child in harm's way.
What? I never said anything of the kind.
No, no, you're right.
You know what? You didn't say it, but your meaning was clear.
I'm fighting for my life here, Allison.
For my job.
For my future.
I haven't slept in what year is it? I thought you understood.
Hell, you're the one who told me I'm being haunted, it's not a fair fight.
I'm just trying to even up the odds here.
Well, I think you're doing a great job of it.
And you know what, at the end of this thing, I think you'll get your job back.
And at the end of this thing, I think you'll get back everything you started with, except for my friendship.
And you want to know why? 'Cause I can't even recognize you now.