Medium s07e05 Episode Script

Talk to the Hand

And now it's time for another episode of Mr.
Bill's Safety Tips.
Oh, hey, everybody.
Today we're gonna show you some safety tips for around the kitchen.
Now, first, you should never leave sharp objects lying around.
You're right, Mr.
I'm going to put this away right now.
Good idea, Allison.
No, no, wait! No! Oh! Oh! You know, things don't have to be sharp to be unsafe.
Like plastic bags.
You can suffocate in one of these.
Say, Mr.
Bill, I couldn't finish lunch.
You should never be wasteful.
That's right, Allison.
It's never good to waste food, but, uh, hey, I'm in here, and No, wait! Don't do that! I can't breathe! No! And, finally, it's important to always turn the handles of your pots inward so you don't knock them over while cooking.
Oh, thank you, Mr.
I'll take care of that right now.
Let's just get you out of the way.
Oh, no, Allison, I'm catching on.
I think you just want to be mean to me.
Why, what do you mean, Mr.
Bill? So you just leave me alone right this minute.
Bill, quit giving me a hard time.
No, wait! Oh! Oh! Allison? Allison? You awake? The procedure went well.
I was explaining to your husband that, uh, your burns were a little more severe than we initially thought.
But the skin graft took without any complications.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Now, we've performed what's called an allograft.
That means we've grafted some, uh, healthy skin tissue we got from a donor onto your burns.
Now, the healthy skin tissue should promote healing.
You'll feel some itching, maybe some discomfort over the next few weeks.
But in about a month you'll be almost as good as new.
I'll be releasing you as soon as the effects of the anesthesia wear off.
Uh, tell me again how it happened.
Oh, it was so stupid.
I I was cooking dinner.
Then the phone rang, and I I ran to get it, and I bumped my arm into the handle of a pot of boiling water.
That's why you're supposed to turn - those pot handles in.
- Pot handles in.
Okay, so it's really late, so you just get into your bedclothes, okay? I'll take care of everything in the kitchen.
- You okay? - Yeah, babe, I'm okay.
Well, Marie already went to bed.
And I cleaned up the kitchen.
That's a lot of bandages.
All right, so Marie's got a playdate with, um, Emily in the morning, and Bridgette's got soccer practice at 9:30.
I just can't get over how they make - these team practices - You okay? so early on Sunday mornings.
Well, she's in middle school now, so it's time for everyone to start taking sports way too seriously.
She's the equipment manager, so if she doesn't bring the cones and the balls and whatever else is cluttering up our garage right now It's okay.
I'll take her.
It's hard to believe that these skin grafts aren't going to leave a scar.
I know.
It's pretty amazing how an allograft works.
They count on the, uh, body's immune system rejecting the donor skin.
That's why there's no scar.
Just has to stay on there long enough to help the body heal.
It's all very efficient.
Look at you.
You look like a little boy playing with a new train set.
Well, okay, I'll admit it.
I knocked over that pot on purpose.
I did it for you.
You're the best.
MAN Leave your name, your number and a brief message.
Thanks a lot.
Hey, sweetie, it's Monica.
I just want to tell you that I wore the necklace you gave me to the hospital today.
Got compliments all day long.
Everyone said the emerald's beautiful.
I love it, and I love you.
I can't wait to see you.
Kind of sounds like a woman named Monica Janeway.
She's a resident at Casa Valley Memorial Hospital.
According to the police report, she was believed to have been forcibly abducted from her apartment about a week ago.
Yeah, I saw the man who took her.
Well, you want to meet me over at headquarters, see if we can generate a sketch? Lee, it's Sunday.
You're supposed to be recuperating.
Am I starting something? I don't want to be starting anything.
If you're supposed to be resting Nah.
She just loves me, and that's her way of showing it.
I'm just all bandaged up, but I'm fine.
Yeah, yeah, well, me, too.
Okay, two hours.
I'll see you there.
And I'll try and take a look at the case file before you get there.
See you in two hours.
All right, guys, here's your snacks for your team.
Got to get ready.
Turn off the TV 'cause you got to be ready by the time Daddy comes out of the shower.
Hey - housing market is - No, sir, they're jam - The summer - You! All appli - 18-inch - and shine.
They've had more touch If you call in the next half - Three-car pile - For 50 So what do you think? - 39-point - Ain't nothin' my baby Leather seats, sunroof happened when a car hit the center divider.
Don't Okay, have fun.
We'll see you in a couple hours, okay? - All right.
Bye, Dad.
- Bye, sweetie.
- See you in a few hours.
- All right.
Excuse me.
Are you Bridgette's dad? Hi.
Yeah, I'm Joe Dubois.
- Hi.
- Josh Whitman.
- This is my daughter, Hailey.
- Hello, Hailey! This is my youngest, Marie.
So where have you been hiding that Bridgette? Excuse me? Bridgette.
She's quite the phenom.
- Oh, really? You think so? - Yeah.
Well, Hailey's my youngest youngest of three.
All my girls played soccer.
In all that time, Bridgette is the first seventh grader I've ever seen start for the team.
Oh, no, you must be mistaken.
Um, uh, Bridgette's the equipment manager; she's not a player.
Well, that was Bridgette Dubois that just walked away from your car, right? Yeah.
She's not just the equipment manager.
She's the starting goalie.
And probably the best player on the team.
Nice job, ladies! - Way to work together! - Hey, Bridge! Dad? Is is something wrong? Uh, no, uh, but are you are you one of the players? Yeah.
I guess.
You guess? Yeah.
Well, uh the girl who played before me as goalie, she, uh she hurt herself, so they put me out there for practice, and, uh I guess I was pretty good.
Wow! Yeah, well, don't you have to go drop Marie off at Emily's house? Yeah, in a minute.
Um, but, Bridge, why didn't you tell us that you were on the team? I don't understand.
Your mom and I would love to come watch you play.
Well, that's kind of the reason why I didn't tell you.
I mean, I'd get nervous.
There's really a lot of pressure out there already, and, well, some of the parents out there, they take it really, - really seriously.
- But your mom and I aren't like that.
Bridgette, on the field.
We're starting with penalty kicks today.
You're not mad, are you? No, no, I'm not mad.
I just I would just I'd love to to watch you play.
It's okay.
Uh, we can't stay today anyway.
So this is the guy you saw break into her house and Taser her? You sure? Positive.
I think he's already in the case file.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is him, Dr.
Heath Timlin.
Now, he's the chief surgeon at the Transplant Surgery Center at Casa Memorial the same hospital where Monica was a resident.
This is him.
This is the man I dreamt about.
Allison, this man, he-he he's one of the top guys in his field, you know? He's-he's not your, uh typical kidnapper.
Well, does he have an alibi? Where was he the night that she disappeared? At home.
Lives alone.
Okay, look, you saw what you saw.
I get it.
Maybe sometime this week, if I have a couple minutes, I'll personally take a second look at Timlin.
Okay? I'll track him down.
I'll ask him some questions myself.
But, for the meantime hey, it's Sunday.
What do you say you and I get out of here? Allison? Allison, can I have my arm back, please? I I I can't, I swear to God.
I'm not doing that.
I swear to God, I got two eyes.
I can feel it on my arm.
You absolutely are doing this.
Can you let go? I can't! It it's like it doesn't want you to leave.
What the hell was that? I don't know.
I I swear to you.
It's like I lost control of my hand.
And the point of this is? I don't know.
I'm not doing it.
Look, what if I said maybe I'll call the doctor today? Seem to have struck a nerve.
But I swear, I'm as bewildered as you are.
You might want to get that looked at.
Make a fist for me.
Then release.
I'm not sure what to say, Mrs.
Your hand looks just fine to me.
Better than fine, given your injury.
Fine? I I lost complete control of this hand this afternoon.
There are tests we can run for that, if you like EMG, nerve conduction but I'm certain that's not your problem.
There's no numbness, no sign of ulnar dysfunction.
You have full range of motion.
Even the graft is coming along nicely.
Are you, uh, superstitious? Excuse me? I hope you're not dwelling unduly on where the donated material for your graft might have come from.
What do you mean? Well, we talked about this the night of your procedure.
I know you were in a great deal of pain, but you and your husband both indicated that you understood.
You do recall that your graft came from a deceased person, don't you? No.
Actually, I don't.
But I mean, I guess I do now.
I called a cab.
I got here as fast as I could.
So what happened? Why didn't the doctor want you to drive yourself home? It's a long story.
S-skin graft came from a dead person.
So? So I'm me.
I see dead people.
- I I talk to dead people.
- Yeah.
I dream about dead people.
Okay, and? And this hand and arm are starting to do things of their own accord.
Picking up things, touching people, doing all kinds of hand things without me even knowing that they're doing it.
Are you saying your hand is possessed? It's not funny.
It is a little funny.
And what people did you touch? Detective Scanlon.
I grabbed his arm.
Okay, come on, wipe the smile off your face.
This is frightening.
I mean, it's like my hand has a mind of its own.
I can't drive anymore.
What if this skin came from some kind of suicidal person? What if it came from a great chef? What if it wants to steer me into a tree or something? As opposed to making you simply grab the arms of attractive men in law enforcement? Allison, I don't know how to participate in this conversation.
I I just don't.
I mean, look, the skin on your arm is dead.
Okay? Now, if you don't want to drive, then that's fine.
I can you know, I can do the driving for the next few days until the graft on your arm falls off, okay? We'll make it work.
Now, I need to talk to you about Bridgette.
Well, it's not going to happen.
She said she doesn't want us at the game.
She says it's too much pressure.
She doesn't want us there? Why doesn't she want us there? By the way, when did she get the right to decide? Well, I kind of understand it.
I mean, she's on a streak.
Her team's doing great.
She doesn't want anything to screw it up.
How are we going to screw it up? It's not like we're lunatics.
It's not like we're going to paint our faces and curse at the refs.
We just want to see our kid do something she's good at.
Well, of course, but if she doesn't want us there After I pick up Marie from school tomorrow, I'm going to the game.
- What? - There's two games left in the season.
If Bridgette's team wins them both, then they go to the playoffs.
Tomorrow's the first game.
I'm going to the game.
- Joe.
- I'm going to wait till the game starts, and then I'm going to sneak in.
She'll never even know I was there.
Weren't you the one who just said we're not lunatics? What the hell's going on, Heath? What's so important I had to meet you here in the middle of the night? We have a mutual problem.
Thought I'd make you part of the solution.
Who is this? This is our problem.
Morning, Dr.
Night, Dr.
# Put your hands # # Put your hands all over # What the? Night, Dr.
That doctor the one that I saw take Dr.
Janeway you spoke to him? Don't know what to tell you, Allison.
I questioned him for nearly an hour.
There's nothing at all to connect him to Monica Janeway's disappearance.
- He has an alibi? - Same as before.
At home, alone.
Listen, it's not a crime to live by yourself.
Look, he offered to let us search his home, his office.
He didn't act like he was hiding anything.
That's because he didn't take her to his house or his office.
I think the man that Dr.
Timlin met I think they were at his place of business.
Now, if we can find that place, - if we can find that man - WOMAN - As I already High-speed trains have been in use throughout the world three-alarm fire in the warehouse district No trans fat.
And my client - High-pressure system - Two teams will I never drink True love? - Smooth as - We're 98 miles of a big hole - 15 - Te amo.
Polar bears - All right! - Fore! - What is - I'm telling you Welcome to the Lundgren Funeral Home.
The Lundgren Funeral Home - is the largest and most modern - What is going on? - funeral home in the area.
- Why is it doing this? My staff and I pride ourselves on taking the time to create meaningful, appropriate and personalized funeral services at affordable prices.
My name You want to tell me what just happened here? I think it has to do with this skin graft.
I think whoever I got the skin from must have really loved TV remote controls.
And yes, I know how that sounds.
I'm just going to go back to my desk.
# Oh! # # You're unbelievable # Why can't we cheer again? Uh, because, sweetie, we don't want Bridgette to notice us.
- Why? - Because she said it would make her nervous.
- Why? - I Can we not do this right now, please? Oh! Did you see that? That was your sister she just did that.
Look, look, look, look.
Yes! Hey, Daddy, who's that man? What man? The one who's standing with Bridgette.
- The one telling her what to do.
- Huh? I don't see any man.
He's right there in the red jacket.
He's definitely telling her what to do.
I know I have to take a bath.
Hey, Marie, honey, why don't you come watch a little TV in the living room.
Hey, hey, hey.
Am I in trouble? No, not not in trouble.
We want to talk to you about your, uh, friend in the red jacket.
Your soccer friend? Marie and I went to your game today, and she saw him standing next to you telling you what to do.
What?! But I told you that I didn't want you to come! Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, don't be mad at Daddy.
You know what? He was just excited.
He was proud of you.
This is not about what I did; it's about what you did.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Now, is it true? Is there some dead guy helping you in goal? This is why I didn't want you guys coming.
Bridge, hold on, now.
This is serious.
I don't like the idea of you hanging out with adults that we don't know.
Even if they're dead.
And I certainly don't like the idea of you cheating.
I'm not cheating! I'm not sure if she's actually cheating.
What are you talking about? Look, if there's somebody there that-that nobody else can see but her, and he's telling her what to do, in my mind, that's playing with an unfair advantage.
It's cheating.
Honey, tell us about this man.
Who is this man? He's some old soccer coach, okay? I met him a few weeks ago, right after our goalie got hurt.
When tryouts came along, he started telling me what to do.
When I made the team, he kind of stuck around.
And he's kind of been coaching me ever since.
What coaching you how? Well he's been telling me where the ball's going and where I have to be to stop it.
All right, well, that sure sounds like cheating to me.
Why? Just because I'm the only person who can see him? Well, there's a lot of other girls on our team who are taller than me.
And they can kick a ball farther than I can.
And nobody calls that cheating.
And then there's girls that are faster than me.
But that's fine.
So why is it that the one thing that I can do, that maybe other people can't, that thing is called cheating? I know you want me to agree with you, but I don't think it's as simple as all that.
As all what? It's unfair.
It's cheating.
Well, no, she's just using what she's got, just like every other girl on that team.
What? And, you know, she is part of that team.
She's not just carrying equipment.
And she's got friends.
People like her.
I'm not sure you want to ruin all that.
Ow, that's too tight.
Okay, you know what, this is nuts.
Look, I I don't care what your hand did today.
I'm not restraining it while you've got grafts that are still healing.
What? So I'm supposed to just let my hand do whatever it wants? I don't know.
Well, fine.
You should've seen that doctor talking to Devalos today.
So smug.
I know that he kidnapped that woman.
I know he had a partner.
I just can't prove it.
I can't even prove this second man exists.
What, are we not speaking? No, we're speaking.
I just I just don't have anything to add.
Except, do you know how many sentences you begin with the words "I know"? "I know he had a partner.
"I know he kidnapped that woman.
"I know taking instructions from a dead soccer coach isn't cheating.
" What's it like knowing everything? # Put your hands all over # # Pt your hands all over me # Oh, what? What? What do you want? # Put your hands all over # # Put your hands all over me # # Put your hands all over # - You really like TV.
- MAN - No major storms coming through to help out with wildfires From the director of - Lift and - We only have So the unions approve - That's - Hey, kids! Last year, they came The Lundgren Funeral Home is the largest and most modern funeral home in the area.
My staff and I pride ourselves on taking the time to create meaningful Is this where you had your funeral or something? and personalized funeral services at affordable prices.
My name is Wayne Lundgren.
Who is this? Wayne Lundgren.
Wayne Lundgren.
Good work, hand.
No, I've never seen this girl before.
You say she's gone missing? That's terrible.
My condolences to her family.
But, uh, I still don't understand what brings you here.
Just following up on a lead.
Ever met a surgeon named Heath Timlin? Dr.
Timlin? Of course.
His mother died last year.
I arranged the funeral service for her.
Is he connected to that girl in some way? Well, they work together at Casa Valley Memorial Hospital.
Well, like I said, I've never met her.
Forgive me, I've got two different viewings going on right now.
Uh, you're more than welcome to take a look around, but please do remember there are people in mourning here.
He's lying.
He knows Dr.
Timlin's Allison, could you not? Hey, I'll bet you this is the building I saw Dr.
Timlin drive his car into in my dream.
I think this is where he brought Monica Janeway.
Okay, but stop pointing.
What? # Put your hands all over # # Put your hands all over me.
# Nobody home? Nobody with anything to say.
So who are you, now? Excuse me.
What in the name of God are you doing to my husband? I am so sorry.
Who are you? What are you doing here? Do you work here? Get your hand out of that casket.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm going to have to ask both of you to leave now.
I please - Now.
- I'm so sorry.
- My condolences.
- Mine, too.
# Put your hands all over me.
# Way to work together! That's okay, Bridgette.
Good effort.
Why don't you sub out, get yourself some water? We don't want to tire you out before the big game tomorrow.
Good job.
Let's hustle.
Go, go, go! Come off the line and stay square to the ball.
How many times do I have to say it? You think you're going to get this team into the playoffs tomorrow if you can't even remember the fundamentals? I'm sorry, Coach Swanson.
"Sorry" doesn't win championships, Bridgette.
Focus does.
And hard work.
And listening to the people who are here to help you succeed.
Like me.
I don't know.
I'm not so sure about that.
My dad thinks what we're doing is cheating.
What are you talking about? How can coaching be cheating? I'm just doing what I've done all my life: helping kids like you do your best.
Yeah, it's just, I know a lot of people like you, and I know that they can see a lot from where they are.
I guess I was just thinking that if, you know, you could see where all the shots are going to go Look, you don't want me here I will happily find some other athlete who needs my help.
But I want you to be clear about something, young lady.
I am not a cheater.
And you are not a cheater.
Now, I don't know where you're getting your information, but I cannot see where the ball is going to go.
What I can do is what I could always do: study the opposition, learn their habits, identify their weaknesses, and then share those things with my players.
Hmm? Now, if that's not something you're interested in, that's fine.
Just say the word, I'll be on my way.
You think about it.
Just keep in mind, I won't be the only one you'll be disappointing.
This is you, right? That's you doing that? Yes, this is me.
And so is this.
And this.
And this.
That's uncalled for.
I'm just trying to help.
You're the one who tried to take the pants off a corpse today.
Oh, thank you very much.
So you going to see him again? Why, you jealous? Touché.
I still have one good hand left.
Thank God for that.
Better to kiss you with.
Let's get her on the table.
What the hell is going on? - Who is this woman? - She's a resident at the hospital.
I'm afraid she's figured out what we've been up to.
What? How? Everyone in the surgical department knows I'm in charge of the tissue bank where the hospital gets most of its skin and bone.
She noticed that some of the bone they'd acquired from me had cancerous cells in it.
Now, there's no way someone with cancer is going to make it through the normal organ donation protocols.
She figured something was up.
She was going to report it.
She came to me as a courtesy.
Thought there'd been some kind of oversight.
You told me that this was all untraceable.
These people we're cutting up are not donors.
I faked the paperwork on all the tissue that comes out of this place.
How else am I going to sell it? So, yeah, Wayne, we're untraceable.
As long as nobody conducts a probe into my tissue bank.
As long as you don't sell me any more bone from a guy with stage three cancer.
What are you going to do to her? Get rid of her, of course.
We're going to get rid of her.
Go fire up your crematorium.
Soon as I'm done with Dr.
Janeway, we can burn up - what's left of her.
- "What's left of her"? Don't be so queasy.
This girl's tissue is going to bring us a lot of money.
If you were sick, wouldn't you want the bone of a healthy young woman? Wouldn't you love just a just a little bit of that flawless skin? Oh, my God.
Monica, is that you? I'm sorry.
You believe you've been walking around with a piece of Monica Janeway's skin? Yes.
That transplant surgeon, Dr.
Timlin, he owns a tissue bank.
He sells bone and skin to hospitals all over the Southwest.
He pays Wayne Lundgren to take tissue from the corpses at his funeral home from people who aren't even organ donors.
Then Timlin fakes the donation paperwork and sells the organs on the open market.
It's quite a story.
Well, it gets better than that.
When Monica Janeway figured out what he was doing, Timlin murdered her, then cut her up for parts.
I wound up with a piece of her skin on my arm.
Wait a second, Allison.
The guy's a transplant surgeon.
He's got to be making in the high six figures.
Why would he be sneaking around dissecting people? What, rich people don't want to be richer? Come on, the guy's been divorced three times.
That's a lot of alimony.
Look, I'm telling you, I have Dr.
Janeway's skin on my arm.
If we can prove that my skin graft matches her DNA, and we can get the hospital to verify that this skin came from Dr.
Timlin's tissue bank Then the doctor would have to explain how he came to sell the skin of a missing woman.
Got it.
I'll run the test right away.
In the meantime, make sure you have some officers following both the funeral home owner and Dr.
If the skin on Allison's arm matches Monica Janeway's DNA, I'll want them both picked up right away.
It'll match.
It's her skin.
So what do you think, Coach Swanson? How much are we going to win this one by? Open your eyes, Dubois.
This team you're playing today they are a formidable force.
Talk to me, Coach.
That ball going to make it here? Left side? Right side? Come on.
What's your instinct? Coach? Coach, a little help? Come on, Bridgette! Clear the ball out of there! "Coach D.
Swanson"? - That's the half! - It's okay, ladies.
It's just one half.
We have 30 more minutes to make a game of it.
Let's go! Let's hustle! Hey.
You okay, Bridge? You seem a little off today.
Yeah, it's just, I think I might have hurt my knee.
Maybe I should sit out the rest of the game.
Really? You're in that much pain? Why don't you try walking it off? See how you feel in ten minutes.
Hey, Dubois.
How you holding up? How am I holding up? Not so good.
I can't believe that you gave me that whole entire lecture yesterday about cheating.
You! The biggest cheater of all time.
Why you say that? Just 'cause I didn't help you for part of a game? Come on.
I saw the sign.
I get it now.
That's your team.
And this is your field.
And the only reason you helped me out in the first place is because you wanted to play a team that you knew you could beat so that you would be certain to go to the championships.
Well, wait a second.
And the reason you accepted my help? Wasn't it because you thought it would make you a winner? Wasn't it because you liked being popular? Liked having friends? How is that not cheating? Did you practice more than everyone else? Did you spend every moment after school honing your moves? Changing your diet? Exercising to improve your body? No, you did not.
You let someone else tell you what to do, and then you took the credit for it.
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
Bridgette Dubois, you are a lazy little girl who wants to be on a winning team, but has no interest in doing any of the work to make it happen.
You're as phony as that limp you used getting over here.
My old team is going to destroy you.
Or destroy whoever it is they end up putting in to take your place.
Now, limp on back to your bench.
And stop acting like you've been wronged.
You're going to get out of this thing exactly what you've put into it nothing.
Come on, let's take a look at that knee and figure out what we're doing for the second half.
I'll be right there.
Thanks for giving me the last word.
Bridgette Dubois, you are a lazy little girl who wants to be on a winning team, but has no interest in doing any of the work to make it happen.
You're as phony as that limp you used getting over here.
How's that knee? It's great.
I'm great.
I'm hungry! The pasta will be ready in a few minutes.
Hopefully, your sister will be here by then.
- Excuse me.
- Mmm.
- Hey.
Ask me how we did.
How did you do? They killed us eight to two.
Oh, no! Now ask me how I did.
How'd you do? Never played so hard in my life.
It was great.
It was awful, but it was great.
I made a ton of mistakes, but I put everything I had into it.
And I actually got something out of it.
Mistakes? I'm confused.
I didn't think your friend the ghost let you make mistakes.
Yeah, well, he decided not to show up today.
For me, anyways.
And I'm glad.
And by the way, next season, I'd love for you guys to come to my games.
You, too, Marie.
Hello? Allison, it's Manuel.
I thought you'd want to know that we have the preliminary results back from the DNA test we ran on your skin graft this morning.
I'm sorry, but we're not getting a match for Monica Janeway's DNA.
What? Apparently, ever since the graft was applied to your arm, it's been mingling with your own skin, and that's made it impossible to obtain any sort of usable DNA sample from the tissue.
I'm sorry, but I thought you'd want to know.
Allison? No, no.
It's okay.
Thanks for calling.
We're going to have to be careful with this one, Doc.
Of course.
Got a long life ahead of him, this one.
No, you don't understand.
We're not cremating this one.
The family wants an open casket, and the viewing is tomorrow, so if you take too much tissue from him, they'll notice.
Relax, Wayne.
I'm only going to take skin and bone from below the waist.
No one's going to be any the wiser.
We reached out to the family of the man you dreamt about.
His name was Norman Kent.
When we told his widow that we suspected her late husband had been a victim of Lundgren and Timlin's scheme, she gave us permission to exhume his corpse.
No sooner had the medical examiner removed Mr.
Kent's pants that she discovered a significant amount of skin tissue was missing.
In addition, the bones of his hips and legs had been replaced with common PVC piping.
We confronted Lundgren with the evidence, and he copped to the scam right away.
We're picking up Dr.
Timlin as we speak.
Well, good.
So they're both under arrest or they will be.
Well, they're both under arrest for conspiring to sell organs, but Lundgren didn't admit to killing Monica Janeway, and there's still nothing concrete tying her to either man.
I I don't understand.
They're just going to get away with chopping her to pieces? They'll each do jail time for their role in the organ scam.
But at this point, it's a very real possibility that they'll never be held accountable for the murder of Dr.
# Put your hands # Monica, what are you doing? Why don't you want me to leave? # Put your hands # # Put your hands all over me.
# What? Is something wrong? Why are you staring at me? I don't know.
I I work for the district attorney's office.
Um, ma'am, do mind me asking you what you're doing here? I'm waiting for my husband, Wayne Lundgren.
He said the police had a few questions for him.
What are you doing?! My husband gave me that necklace.
- Give that back to me! - I'm so sorry.
I don't know even know why I just did that.
Give me that back! My husband gave that to me.
Well, it wasn't your husband's to give.
Belongs to a woman named Monica Janeway.
A woman that your husband helped murder.
What are you talking about? My Wayne? Yes, your Wayne.
He took it off her neck right after he helped slit her throat.
I'm hoping that there's some microscopic specks of blood on it, blood that will help us put your husband and his partner on death row.
Right, Monica? # Put your hands all over # # Put your hands all over me # Do I know you? Well, no.
Actually, we've never met.
But I'm very close with Monica Janeway.
And she wanted me to tell you how very much she's looking forward to seeing you again.
# Put your hands all over # # Put your hands all over me # # Put your hands all over # - # Put your hands all over me # - # Put your hands all over me.