Medium s07e13 Episode Script

Me Without You

That is a scary stack of books.
Does Mommy have to read all those? Of course.
That's what you do when you go to law school.
Read books and argue with people.
Hey, what's going on? We suddenly having a bowl shortage? We're just trying to save our natural resources.
This way, we only have to wash the spoons.
(phone rings) Okay, girls, shut that off.
Grab your homework.
JOE: Yes, hi.
I'm looking for a young college coed.
A law student named Allison Dubois? Smooth, Joe College.
So, are you on the plane yet? Yes, we just boarded.
Hey, listen, I wanted to try one more time to convince you that you don't need to pick me up in the morning.
I think you should focus on your first day of school.
Well, that's awful thoughtful of you, Daddy, but it's been six days since I've laid eyes on you.
I can't wait to see that tan that you got in Hawaii.
Hawaii? Is that where I was? All I remember is the inside of a military base.
Hey, girls, it's Daddy.
You want to say good night? Night, Dad! See ya tomorrow! Love you, Daddy! Sweet dreams.
ALLISON: Did you get that? Loud and clear.
I'll see you in the morning.
I'll be the one who looks like a first-year law student.
(dog barks in distance) (phone rings) (clears throat) Hello.
Hey, it's me.
I'm sorry to call so early.
We picked up a tailwind, so we're landing at 5:00 instead of 6:00.
So I already called for the car service, (rumbling) so you just go back to sleep.
Honey? Honey, what? I just lost you for a second.
We just hit some turbulence or something.
Hold on, babe.
PILOT (on P.
) At this time I'm going to ask you to fasten your seatbelts.
Joe, what's going on? Is everything okay? (alarm blaring) Uh, everything's fine, sweetie.
Just a little bumpy.
(passengers screaming) Joe, what's going on? Talk to me! I love you, Allison! I love you very! (static on line) (sobbing) Joe! Joe, Joe?! Original Air Date on January 21, 201` Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: congratulations.
Today, the city of Phoenix is presenting you with an extraordinary opportunity, but it is also entrusting you with a grave responsibility.
Luis Amenabar has been the head of the Sola de Vega narcotics cartel for over a decade.
And during that time, he has ordered the execution of dozens of men and women, both here in Arizona and in Mexico.
And then we go into the list charges, and the witnesses That's all right.
I just wanted to hear the beginning.
That's great! That's really terrific.
I'm glad I got you, got you to take a pass at writing it.
Well, I tried to make it sound like you.
Oh, man, you did.
Hell, you know what? I'm half-tempted to just let you do it yourself.
You're the D.
I'm only the second chair.
Believe me, the jury wants to hear it from you.
We're really doing this, aren't we? We're gonna put that son of a bitch away.
I think we are.
(chuckles) Get a good night's sleep.
Court's in session at 1:00.
I asked the judge for a continuance.
Tomorrow's an important day.
I wanted you to have some time.
Well, thank you.
Marie?! Honey, I'm home.
Sorry I'm late.
I got hungry and I couldn't wait.
Your trial's all over the news.
I DVR'd the coverage if you wanted to watch it.
No, that's okay.
I'm living it.
It's about as much of that trial as I can take.
So, listen, honey, court doesn't start till 1:00 tomorrow, so I figured we'd drive out to Wood Lawn in the morning.
Seriously? Seriously.
It's the anniversary of your father's death.
We should get out to the cemetery.
I just don't get what the point is.
It's not like Dad is really at Wood Lawn.
Look, Mom, I'm just saying-- okay?-- Dad's plane went down in the Pacific.
We buried an empty coffin.
Doesn't it seem silly to you to go see him every year when he's not really there? Marie, it's your father.
His grave is his grave.
Mom, I'm not going this year.
What? I'm not going.
Dad died seven years ago, Mom.
I cried about it every night for how long? Six months? A year? And all that time, he never showed up.
Never said goodbye.
(sighs) Dad knows who we are.
He knows what we can do.
He didn't have to disappear from our lives just because he died.
He chose to.
Sweetness Sweetie Hey.
I'm sure he had his reasons.
(chuckles) Come on, Mom.
You're not even mad at him just a little bit? You never wondered why he died and just left us? Miss you.
These are from Ariel and Dave.
(sighs) I can't believe you never met Dave.
You know, I told Ariel not to get married until she graduated law school, but (chuckles) Of course, she ignored me.
Just like we ignored our parents.
From Bridgette.
Oh, she changed her major again.
It's Creative Writing this time.
From Marie.
She's a teenager now.
She's a good kid.
She'll be okay.
(sniffles) She just misses her dad.
I miss you, too.
Let's all do our best to keep this from turning into a circus.
Shall we? Be seated.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I'm required to remind you that the defendant is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.
Good luck.
I hear you're both quite good.
JUDGE: District Attorney Dennis Caruso will handle opening statements for the prosecution.
Caruso? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, congratulations.
Today, the city of Phoenix is presenting you with an extraordinary opportunity.
CARUSO: You want to hear something? Amenabar's attorney came to me right after we adjourned.
Put a plea on the table.
They want to make a deal? Why didn't you tell me? Not worth discussing.
They offered to have him plead guilty in Mexico.
We'd extradite him.
He'd serve a life sentence down there.
Problem is, is that you know and I know that he would just keep running the show from some white collar prison.
and maybe bribe his way out in a few years.
Like I said-- not worth discussing.
You should go home.
Have a drink.
Tomorrow morning, we'll keep nailing him to the wall.
Tomorrow morning! All right.
(car alarms blaring) (elevator bell dings) WOMAN: Mr.
Mayor, can we get a statement, please? WOMAN 2: Will your office be issuing a statement? Mr.
Mayor, any comment on the slaying of District Attorney Caruso? Yes.
I have a comment.
I do.
Dennis Caruso was a friend.
Deputy Mayor DiNovi and I respected him a great deal, and our deepest sympathies go out to his wife and daughters.
He said they wanted a deal.
That's That's the last thing he said to me.
(sighs) He said that Luis Amenabar's attorneys wanted him extradited to Mexico so that he could stand trial there, and Dennis said "no.
" (intercom beeps) Yeah, Maggie.
MAGGIE: I'm sorry to disturb you, Mr.
Mayor, but the Chief of Detectives just arrived.
All right.
Send him in.
Allison Do we know anything new? Security cameras in the garage got nothing.
No one near Caruso's car all day.
We're guessing the bomb must have been planted at some other location.
And no one's officially taken credit for what happened, but, uh, I think we all know who's responsible.
He wants us to know he's still in control.
Would you two excuse us for a moment, please? Yeah.
(door closes) Lynn's wrong.
Amenabar is not in control.
He wouldn't have done what he did tonight if he wasn't afraid.
I don't want him thinking for even one second that this is going to keep us from sending him to prison.
I don't want him to think for one second that we're not going to move forward with this trial.
(sighs) I'd like you to think about taking over for Dennis.
You built this case.
There's no one more equipped to move this forward than you.
If you tell me you'd rather not, I won't hold it against you-- I'll even tell the media it was my call-- but if you decide to see this thing through, then know that you, Marie, Bridgette and Ariel would have round-the-clock protection for the duration of this trial.
Amenabar's people wouldn't be able to get within 1,000 feet of any of you.
(sighs) The choice is yours.
(phone ringing) Hey.
Mom, you okay? I, uh I tried calling earlier, but all I got was your voice mail.
Listen, Ariel, I need to tell you about some things that are going on here.
I understand.
You have to take over first chair.
What what other choice is there? I don't know.
I could have said no.
I could have let Mr.
Devalos hand the case over to the interim district attorney.
But what kind of message do you think that would have sent to the Luis Amenabars of the world? I know.
I'm just not crazy about putting you and your sisters through all of this.
I just hate that I can't do my job without Mr.
Devalos having to put security details on all three of you.
Mom, it's okay.
Seriously, we get it.
You know, Marie was so mad at Daddy today.
She still can't forgive him for not coming back.
And you know what? She's right.
He could come back if he really wanted to.
He could tell me what to do.
Mom, what are you talking about? I mean, he doesn't have to.
You know why? Because we both already know exactly what he would have said.
Make us proud.
(seagulls squawking) (barking) The sign that I saw was in Spanish.
I'm almost positive it was Mexico.
And I know how this sounds-- Joe surviving this plane crash-- but it is not impossible.
At least not according to the FAA investigator who analyzed this crash seven years ago.
You see this? This is where the plane went down.
And with the wind and the strong water currents that day, Joe could have just drifted to one of these beach towns, like Rosarito or Ensenada.
If he survived the crash.
If he survived the crash.
Look, sir I know you have connections in Mexican law enforcement.
I was just hoping maybe you could reach out to them, see if maybe somebody remembers seeing someone matching Joe's description washing up on one of their beach towns seven years ago.
Allison after my daughter, Arianna, died, there were times I swore I saw her across a crowded room.
I heard her voice right behind me.
This is not that.
And you, of all people, should know.
I've been having these dreams my whole life, and they almost always lead me to something that matters.
I'll call my friends in Mexico.
I'll forward them whatever photographs of Joe you think would be most helpful.
(sighs) Thank you.
Ruiz, would you kindly identify the men in this photograph? Rico and Steban Treja.
And would you mind telling the court how you know these men? Because I killed them.
You killed them? Why? Because they were moving into my territory, trying to sell their merchandise where they shouldn't have.
And when you say your territory, don't you really mean the Sola de Vega territory? Sola de Vega, the same narcotics cartel that Luis Amenabar has been running for a little over a decade? The same cartel that hired you to execute their competitors here in Phoenix like the Treja brothers? Well? Your Honor.
Answer the question, Mr.
I killed the Treja brothers, okay? I went to prison for it.
What else do you want me to say? I want you to say what you said to the police the night you were arrested.
I want you to say that you were ordered to execute the Trejas by someone in Sola de Vega cartel.
And I want you to identify the man who gave you that order personally.
I was running off my mouth.
I didn't take orders from no one.
He's right here.
He's right behind that table.
Dubois? Would you care to finish your thought? I'm sorry, Your Honor.
I'm suddenly-- I'm not feeling very well.
I-I would like to request a short recess.
Let's call it lunch.
We'll resume at 2:00.
(bangs gavel) It's okay that you're nervous.
Pardon me? It's okay that you're nervous.
It's a big case.
Amenabar, I really don't think that your attorneys will appreciate us talking right now.
My lawyers do what I want.
I hear you're going to be a grandmother.
Your oldest one, right, the one that lives in Boston? Believe it or not, I have three little nietos myself.
They add years to your life, Mrs.
(phone rings) Hello.
DEVALOS: Allison, I'm sorry to bother you at home, but I just heard back from the last of my contacts in Mexico.
I'm afraid we've come up empty.
No one found any reports of an injured man washing up on a beach in the days after Joe's plane went down.
I even had 'em search the records for that whole year, just to be sure.
I-I'm sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear.
(gulls squawking) MAN: Your doctors called the station.
I just want to be sure we get the story right.
So, according to them, you just woke up on a beach two days ago.
You have no idea who you are, no idea where you're from, no clue how you wound up in Mexico? That's right.
I have a head injury.
My doctor I can't remember his name.
Right, Dr.
He says it may be permanent.
He doesn't know if I'll ever get my memory back.
Please, I just want to go home.
Okay, where is home? I don't know.
Can you help me? Of course.
Of course we can help you.
We're the police; that's what we do.
You just listen to your doctors for now, rest and I'll come see you soon.
(dog barking) (speaks Spanish) AMENABAR: English.
I don't want my driver chatting to anybody about this.
The story we heard is accurate.
He has no idea who he is, and the doctors think the brain damage is bad.
I appreciate your hard work.
(dog barking) (breathy laugh) (clears throat) Mr.
Amenabar, gentlemen, thank you for coming on such short notice.
Your office is bringing an additional charge against our client, Mrs.
I don't see as we had much choice.
Well, then I assume that you've explained to Mr.
Amenabar the reason for which he's being deposed this morning.
It's in respect to a new charge of kidnapping, unrelated to any of those for which you're already being prosecuted.
Amelia Cready.
Her father is Steven Cready of Cready Oil.
Two years ago Amelia was kidnapped and held for ransom.
Per her kidnapper's request, her father wired $2 million to an offshore account and awaited his daughter's safe return.
All he got for his money was the location of her body.
Now, last night I received an anonymous tip-- Ah, anonymous.
--that you were the one who ordered the kidnapping.
I am sorry, I've never heard of this girl or her father.
(scoffs) Well, Mr.
Amenabar, let's just pretend that you did.
So this person who contacted us also told us the name of the man who actually kidnapped Amelia.
We know what he looks like, we have a picture of him.
We just don't know where to find him.
Now if you are willing to identify him, tell us everything that you know about him, we might be willing to not add this to the list of charges against you.
Why don't you take a look? Gentleman, let me have a moment alone with Mrs.
Dubois, please.
Amenabar, I don't think that's a very good idea.
There's guards right outside the door.
You feel safe, don't you, Mrs.
Dubois? (clears throat) Lawyers.
(sighs) Do you play much poker? No.
That's a shame, because something tells me that you'd be very good at it if you did.
Amenabar, do you know the man in this picture or not? Ah.
You see what you just did, looking away? In poker, we call that a tell.
I know what a tell is.
And you did the same thing to me when you were telling me all about the crime that this man committed.
It was almost as if you didn't believe it yourself.
I wonder why that is.
Maybe it's just because I don't like looking at you.
It's not that.
I think it's something else.
I think, Mrs.
Dubois, that maybe you're the one who knows this man.
Can you tell me where to find him, or can't you? If I could, I don't think either of us really believe that you're looking to arrest this man for murder.
You know, now that I take another look he does seem familiar.
Get me my extradition to Mexico, and I'll tell you exactly what you want to know.
Excuse me.
Just yesterday, you sat there, and you told me this business with Joe would not interfere with your ability to prosecute the Amenabar case.
Now you're saying that we should take the deal his people are offering? I thought you understood.
I saw my husband in a Mexican hospital alive.
He has amnesia.
Amenabar paid a crooked cop to bring him Joe when he was released.
Okay, in the first place, you didn't see it.
You dreamt it.
And in the second place, why, Allison? Please explain to me why the head of a Mexican drug cartel would buy a man with amnesia? Any man, much less Joe? I don't know! I just know that he did it.
I could see it in his eyes when I saw him this morning.
This morning when you fabricated the story about us bringing an additional charge against him.
Do you realize you could have put our entire case in jeopardy? My husband is alive! And that is all that matters now! Listen to yourself, Allison.
It doesn't make any sense.
Joe survives a plane crash from seven years ago? He drifts to Mexico? He crosses paths with Luis Amenabar, the same man you're prosecuting today? I know how it sounds.
No, I don't think you do.
Did it ever occur to you that Amenabar is playing you? The man runs an organization larger than most Fortune 500 companies.
He's no fool.
You said that you could see in his eyes that he knew Joe.
What do you think he sees in your eyes? Don't you think that maybe, just maybe, that Amenabar knows that Joe means something to you? Don't you think that it's possible that he's just telling you what you want to hear? He's not telling me what I want to hear.
He's confirming what I know.
I saw Joe yesterday.
I saw him when I looked at Amenabar in court.
Because they're connected.
Because Amenabar can lead me to Joe.
No, he can't, and I won't make this deal.
(gasps) (gavel banging) ALLISON: Mr.
Knox, you kept the books for the Sola de Vega cartel, is that correct? Uh, that's right.
And during the time that you were acting as their accountant, you were frequently asked to enter expenses under the miscellaneous supplies category.
Is that right? Uh, yes.
And yet, you understood that those expenses were for something other than miscellaneous supplies, didn't you? You already answered this question when we deposed you in exchange for immunity.
If you prefer, I could read it into the record.
All of the book entries were in code.
They had to be that way.
The men I worked for they told me that miscellaneous supplies meant money they spent when they had someone murdered.
(gallery murmuring) I have no further questions, Your Honor.
My apologies.
Where did you get this? Get what? JUDGE: Counsel, what's going on? Where is he? Where's my husband? JUDGE: Counsel! - Where's Joe?! (gavel banging) JUDGE: Counsel, you will come to order, or you will be held in contempt.
I'm calling a recess.
I want to see counsel from both sides in my chambers immediately.
(doorbell rings) Allison, sorry to ring your bell so late, but there's something I need to discuss with you.
You're replacing me as lead counsel? Allison whatever you're going through, it's affecting our chances of convicting Amenabar.
We can't afford another day like you had today.
But, sir, Amenabar knows where Joe is.
He showed me a picture of him, a photograph.
I heard all about it, but it doesn't prove anything, Allison.
Amenabar knows you're vulnerable, and he's using it to fluster you.
I've told Judge Malone we're bringing in new counsel.
She's granted us a 48-hour stay.
(sighs) I'm sorry.
You've done exceptional work, but someone else is going to take it from here.
WOMAN (on radio): And a surprising turn of events in Phoenix today, as lead prosecutor in the Luis Amenabar trial, Allison Dubois, was asked to step down.
Asked for comment, Mayor Manuel Devalos would only say that the A.
was taking a leave for personal reasons.
(soft grunt) MAN: Danny Boy.
¿Qué tal? Hey, Eduardo.
You made some good time, amigo.
I brought you some tacos.
Oh, no, no.
In case you were hungry? No, no, it's okay.
I got something on the road, so I was just listening on the radio about Mr.
It sounds like things are going a little better for him.
Those people in Phoenix-- they don't know what they're talking about.
Amenabar is a good man.
If he wasn't, I would have put him in jail a long time ago, no? Yeah.
(chuckles) Are you okay? You look, uh you look tired.
I'm not tired.
I just I was just having a hard time sleeping last night.
I I kept having this dream.
This this blonde woman.
I had that dream, amigo.
(laughs) Yeah.
I know that woman.
(laughs) It wasn't like that.
What was it like? Ah, I don't know.
It was just nice.
We had a house.
I think we were married, because there were three daughters.
Three girls that we had.
And they looked like her.
Been having that dream a lot lately.
Kind of makes me wonder About what? I don't know.
About my accident, my memory loss.
(sighs) I'm trying to figure out if maybe she was someone that I knew before.
Look, I don't know what to tell you, Danny.
I'm the one who caught your case when you washed up on that shore that day.
And I'm the one who figured out that you worked for Mr.
Amenabar before you got hurt.
So, I probably know more about you than you do.
I'm going to tell you right now.
You ain't never been with no blonde.
You sure as hell don't have no family.
It's 6:30 in the morning.
What are you doing here? I I thought we both agreed you'd take a little time off.
We did.
And I am.
Joe's alive.
I met with Luis Amenabar.
He confirmed it.
You met with Amenabar? He's been using Joe as a drug mule for the last seven years.
A friendly American face that can go back and forth across the Mexican border without arousing suspicion.
Joe doesn't understand.
He thinks he's just been running errands for Amenabar.
He doesn't realize those cars are filled with compartments that hold narcotics.
I see.
Now, assuming all of this is true, why do you think Amenabar would suddenly be so forthcoming about Joe? Sir, I came here because I wanted to apologize for my behavior yesterday.
You have always been a good friend to me, and I'm very grateful, and I wanted you to know that.
You haven't answered my question.
Why would Amenabar tell you about Joe? Take care of yourself, sir.
(phone ringing) Allison! (engine starting) (phone continues ringing) Allison! Hello? How far away from City Hall are you? I'm right I'm right outside.
What's going on, Lynn? Well, apparently, Allison Dubois had a meeting with Amenabar and his attorneys late last night.
She agreed to the extradition deal.
Her only condition was that she get a five-minute meeting with Amenabar in private.
It's over, Manny.
They're flying him to Mexico this afternoon.
She torpedoed the case.
Are really going to do this? Are you really gonna not talk to me the whole way? Just don't, okay? Don't what? Don't act like this is just some road trip and everything is totally normal, because it's not.
You threw away your career this morning.
You threw away your life.
You threw away my life.
My friends.
My school.
Why would you do that? I did it to save our family.
You just keep telling yourself that.
(lock chirps) JOE: Excuse me? Can I help you? (laughs softly) You you recognize me, don't you? You see me in your dreams.
Our girls.
Our home.
Do we know each other? We do.
It's been It's been a long time, but we do.
Your name isn't Danny.
It's Joe.
It's Joe Dubois.
And I'm Allison.
I'm your wife.
We have three daughters.
Ariel, and Bridgette, and Marie.
(gasps, sobbing) (kissing) JOE: Allison.
Please, you have to stop this.
You have to wake up now.
I'm sorry.
You got confused.
(chuckles) That's not what I wanted to happen.
Oh (sighs) Joe.
Oh, my God.
You're back.
I just had the most horrible dream.
Please, don't.
(chuckling): Why? What's wrong? Why can't I give you a hug? You can't.
The plane, Allison, the one I was taking back from Hawaii, something went wrong with one of the engines.
No, no.
No, this is That's This isn't right.
This That can't be right.
It is.
I didn't make it, Allison.
None of us made it.
I'm so sorry.
Stop saying that.
Do you hear me? I-I want to wake up now.
I want to wake up and find you beside me.
I want to hold you.
I'd like that, too, but you're not going to wake up from this, Allison.
This isn't a dream.
The dream was everything you just went through.
(sobbing) No! I sent it to you.
I was trying to show you how things could be.
I was trying to show you that, in spite of this, you could still have an amazing life.
That you could be a lawyer.
That the girls could turn out great.
I wanted you to see how happy you could be, but something happened.
You took over somehow.
Even in a dream, you couldn't accept that I was gone, so you brought me back to life.
You, Allison.
You made it so that you'd find me in Mexico.
You made it so that we could be together again.
But we can't.
Because things like that only happen in dreams.
(sobbing) This is going to be hard.
This is going to be awful, and it's going to be awful for a long time, but you will get past it.
Everything we have built, our life, you'll keep it going without me.
I can't.
I can't.
I need you, Joe.
Who's gonna walk Ariel down the aisle when she gets married? Who's gonna get Bridgette and Marie through being teenagers? Who's going to Who's going to talk to me at night before I fall asleep? You and me we've been together for-for so long I don't even know if there is a "me" without you.
There is.
I'm not just saying that.
I've seen it.
(sobbing) I love you, Allison.
I'll always love you.
Never forget that.
(sobbing): Please, my love.
I love you.
Don't leave me.
Please! Please, please! Don't leave me.
Please stay.
GIRL (on recording): Hi, Great-Grandma.
It's me.
I haven't seen you since Christmas.
Do you remember what I look like? I worry you won't know it's me, 'cause I'm taller now.
How's the weather there? It's cold here.
Every time it snows, Mommy laughs.
She says when she was my age, she would dream about snow.
Did Mommy tell you I'm having a Sleeping Beauty birthday party? All my friends are going to sleep over, and we're going to have birthday cake for breakfast.
Do you think you'll be able to come? (spoon clatters) You can help me blow out (recording stops) (sighs) Oh, no.
JOE: Hi.
You waited.
Of course.
You ready? (chuckles) Do I get a kiss? From now until the end of time.