Melrose Place s06e15 Episode Script

Amanda's Back

1 Let's go get them.
Woman: All right, let's go.
All right.
Hey, I'm looking for information about the helicopter crash.
Hey, Kyle, there's no sign of any wreckage.
Billy, what're you doing here? Same as you.
I got a call that said Samantha went down with Amanda.
I just saw it on TV but the news didn't say much though.
Yeah, there isn't much.
They just know that the chopper left, hasn't come back, nobody's found a crash site.
So, we don't even know if Amanda's alive.
Sam either.
Who's in charge here? This guy over here.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I'm a good friend of Amanda Woodward's and I wonder if you could tell me what you're doing to find her.
Everything I can, son.
No, what? Exactly, what are you doing? I've had air and ground parties out all day covering their flight plan.
They apparently wandered off-course.
Afraid I'm gonna have to cancel operations for tonight, though.
Oh, no, you can't do that.
No, the temperature is dropping out there.
I'm quite aware of the weather conditions.
I've got one last chopper run going out now.
I'm gonna be on it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
Yeah? Watch me.
You want to ground that helicopter, son, just go ahead and sit in it.
There's a storm coming in.
It's too risky for anyone who isn't trained.
I don't care how risky it is.
I was a Marine in the Gulf War.
Well, whoop-dee-doo.
I was a grunt in Vietnam.
You've got some attitude, pal.
You're out of here, pal.
I'm too busy for this crap.
Wait, sir.
Hey, come on.
Let's just relax here.
My friend just showed up.
I'll brief him on what's what.
He's not gonna get in your way, all right.
I promise.
We'll find them.
Now, the good thing about an air search at night is if they lit a fire, we'll see it.
Samantha: Come on.
Come on, breathe! Yes, yeah! That's it.
Come on.
Good God.
What happened? You stopped breathing.
But you're okay.
You just have to hang on until help gets here, okay? I'll be fine.
Why don't you start walking? What're you talking about? I'm gonna stay right here unless you plan on walking out with me.
Oh, no, no.
My legs are numb.
I can't move.
I think, I think maybe my back is broken.
I feel like I'm falling.
Amanda, don't.
Stop it.
You're scaring me.
Don't be afraid.
I'm not.
Everything is so clear and so quiet.
No! Don't leave me alone! I'm right here.
I'm ready.
Amanda? Amanda! Don't give up.
Don't give up.
You're not going to die.
Kyle is out there looking for you.
Just like Billy's looking for me.
Don't worry.
You're gonna make it.
I'm just so sleepy.
Amanda, this isn't you.
You would be fighting for every breath.
You would be shouting at me to try harder.
Come on, you wouldn't take this lying down.
Like I have a choice.
Look, it's not so bad.
We have a little food.
We have a little water.
We have stuff to keep us warm.
Pretty soon, a search party is going to see our fire.
And they're gonna come rescue us.
They have to come rescue us.
You disappear in trouble don't you won't you The mist has come surrounding you You're not outside of danger Something out there takes you on a ride Without a stand and you're inside Something out there takes you alive I wish I didn't have to go to work today.
That's true.
What's wrong? I think you just make me so happy.
Mmm, bummer.
I mean, I just, it's like we've left Michael in the dust.
He must be feeling pretty alone right now.
You know I never slept with a saint before.
No? Hi.
I, uh, I didn't hear you come in last night.
Yeah, I kinda scurried by.
There was a lot going on under the sheets.
I didn't really wanna know what.
Or with whom.
Well, now you know with whom at least.
I'm sure you can guess the rest.
Yup, I guess I do and I guess I can.
I'll see you guys later.
You know, this woman deserves a man who's gonna work hard to treat her right and work hard to support her.
And if you don't, you'll answer to me.
Well Wait, where're you going? I gotta get to work or I'll never live up to your roommate's standards.
Oh, Michael, don't ' go in.
You'll just cause a scene.
Oh, he's in there, isn't he? Yes, and they're very happy together.
So, if you wanna save your ego just turn around and walk away.
I don't care about my ego, it's my life I'm trying to save here.
Michael, fine, suit yourself.
Just try listening to her for a change.
It's a very unique way to get to know someone.
Go away.
Megan, I'm not gonna beat around the bush.
I want you back.
You know what is really sad, Michael, is that I used to love you but I had to find somebody that I can depend on.
The only thing you can depend on Coop to do is to use you until you're used up.
All right.
How does the mantra go? He forced you out of the company and your Chief of Staff job and now, he's only sleeping with me to hurt you.
You know, you think everything is about you, okay? Coop is here for me.
His feelings are real.
Yeah, he's a real tender and caring guy.
Look, now that it's all out in the open about me and Megan, what do you say we try to be adults about this? I mean we do have to work together, Michael.
Oh, yeah.
Just a couple of working Joes.
And a working girl.
Hey! We're all professionals here.
You know, as long as you pay her bills, she'll warm your bed.
And then we can all smile at each other in the office.
Like none of it mattered.
Well, none of it does.
French toast.
It's my favorite power breakfast.
I can work all day on a charge like that.
Just what I need to go apartment hunting this morning.
You know, I don't know how I'm ever gonna thank you for all the help you've given me.
You know, just watching you get back on your feet, that's thanks enough.
That was Kyle.
Amanda's flight went down near Barstow.
Search and rescue is clueless.
It doesn't look good.
I'm sure she's fine.
Well, that a big help.
Who's Amanda? She's an old friend.
I'll be at the hospital.
If anybody calls about the accident, page me immediately.
What was that about? It's Peter's ex-wife.
He seems pretty worried.
Well, the way I understand it, if Amanda's missing, she's probably staged her own coup somewhere.
Then how come you seem so worried? What are you, my shrink? Just a friend, I hope.
You don't know anything about me.
I feel like I've known you for a long time.
I don't know.
Think we just ran into each other in the street.
Maybe you just recognize something a little familiar in me.
I used to have the same problem you did with alcohol, only mine was with pills.
And who saved your life? Peter.
Then I guess I owe him double.
Kyle: Amanda hates to be late.
This has got to be aggravating her.
You know, I guarantee you, the second she gets in, she is gonna start barking orders.
We spotted the crash.
Where is it? North face of big rock.
Couldn't put down for all the scrub pines.
Is everybody all right? There was no movement.
I would have to say no signs of life.
Virgil: We can send a team down there at first light.
First light, no way.
No way.
We go back right now.
We can't land anywhere near there in the dark.
They might not make it through another night.
Not in this weather.
You're going in there now and we're going with you.
Look, ground's pretty level about four miles downhill.
I can land you guys there.
You can hike up.
It's a two-hour trek.
You might still walk right past it in the dark.
No, have your man fly back to the site in two hours, shine his light down, show us where to go.
I don't think it's a good idea.
No, I don't care what you think.
If you don't fly us in, we're gonna rent a chopper, we're gonna fly in ourselves.
I don't respond to threats, son.
It's not threats, just good sense.
Hey, if we go in there and we find them before you do, you're gonna look like fools.
If we don't find them, big deal, what? Two more idiots lost in the woods.
Man's got a point there, Virgil.
All right.
Virgil: Fuel up and get going.
All of you.
All over it.
Hey, Michael.
Let me guess.
You and Megan never got back together.
Thanks in large part to you.
Excuse me, but if you recall, I told Megan that I drugged you into having sex with me.
I never would have tarnished my reputation with a lie that ridiculous.
Except as a huge favor to someone I happen to respect a great deal.
Yeah, whatever.
Anyway, Megan's with Coop now, so my life's in the toilet.
I hear you.
Here I was, I was in Vegas.
I had Kyle in the palm of my hand when suddenly he runs off to do some savior number on Amanda.
Who, I guarantee you, is off sleeping her way into someone else's gold mine.
Yeah, well, that knight in shining armor thing is vastly overrated if you ask me.
Hey, Michael.
We just got a huge hospital contract for the cauterizing glove.
Well, not really that huge.
Michael, don't do it.
It's beneath you.
Don't give them the satisfaction of seeing you out of control.
And how about my satisfaction of seeing Coop dismembered? Listen, calm superiority wins every time.
Trust me.
Sit down.
All right.
Send a bottle of your best champagne over to their table with my compliments.
Aww, that's my boy.
Don't worry.
We'll plot your vendetta another day.
Champagne, back table.
Waiter: Right away.
Hope you choke on it.
Billy: Sam? Sam, we're coming, baby.
We're coming, hey, Sam! Kyle: Amanda! Sam: Billy! Where are you? Billy, over here.
I think her back is broken.
Don't move her.
You okay? Oh! You'll be okay, Amanda.
I'm here now.
I love you so much.
Oh! I'm never gonna lose you again.
Vital signs are stable.
This patient has a possible subdural hematoma.
No movement in her legs.
No sensation at all below T10.
I can't feel anything.
You're gonna be fine, Amanda.
We got a neurosurgeon waiting in OR.
I won't let you down.
She's suffering from exposure, too.
They both are.
Don't forget about that.
Thank God you're all right.
I was so worried about you.
This is not the time or place for this.
I will see you at the club later.
Just wait for me there.
Of course I'll wait.
I'm just so glad you're not hurt.
How's Amanda? Looks like her back is broken.
All right, get her upstairs.
If she needs a transfusion or anything I'll make sure she has everything.
I swear to God, you better.
That day when your flight went down, I just kept trying to imagine what life would be like without you and it was blank, you know.
It was just like a big hole that nothing could fill, except for you.
Hey! You've been sleeping for hours.
I've been awake for minutes.
I just loved hearing you say those things.
I could keep talking if you want.
I'm a pretty good talker.
Billy, I have to ask you.
Before I left, Connie said that you made a pass at her.
A serious pass.
No, hold on here.
It wasn't like that.
I'm sure if you talk to Connie about it again she will tell you there was nothing going on.
Just a little misunderstanding? Honey, I promise nothing happened.
Except I fell in love with you all over again.
God, nobody's ever saved me before.
Now you've done it twice.
First from my messed-up parents, then from the crash.
I guess I married the right guy.
Spinal fusion was successful.
Bleeding stopped against her brain.
She's in post-op now.
She should be completely awake in a few hours.
So she's gonna pull through.
Well, Kyle, the spinal cord wasn't severed, it was contused, there's still a lot of swelling, we're trying to bring it down with medication.
And? And there's a possibility she may not walk again.
Oh, no.
It's one of the worst possible outcomes for somebody like Amanda.
Did you tell her yet? I will, when she's fully conscious.
Look, if anybody should deliver news like that it should be me.
Kyle, I'm her primary physician.
It's my place to tell her.
Besides, I thought you two had split up.
Look, yeah, our relationship has been a little rocky lately, but, she knows how much I love her now.
Well, I'm sure she'd love to talk to you about it later.
No, Peter, listen, look, I know I'm a tough guy to get along with, no doubt about it, and sometimes I can be a royal pain in the ass, but I'm asking you as a true friend to Amanda, let me break this to her.
Wait till she wakes up tonight.
Have them page me if you need some help.
Thanks, man.
How's Sam? She's gonna be okay.
She'll be home in a couple of days.
Thank God.
She'd like to see you.
She was kinda hoping you were gonna come by today.
Is there a problem? I didn't tell her anything about, you know, about you.
Meaning what? Like I've done something naughty? No.
I just thought you'd wanna tell her yourself.
I knew you were gonna want to go see her.
Well, I can't, okay? After she almost died? I thought you cared for her.
I love her, Billy.
But she loves you.
You won.
This isn't a contest.
What, are you mad because she wanted to see me first? Because she loves a man? Get off your high horse, Campbell, I don't make those kinds of distinctions.
Sam doesn't care that you're gay either.
Truth is, I always kept that from her because I was afraid it would come between us.
If I smiled at her too long.
Afraid of feeling her pull back when we hugged hello or goodbye.
That's why I can't go see her now.
Because I wanna hug her and I don't wanna lie to her anymore.
Look, if you decide you don't wanna tell her about any of this, if that's what you really want, then I'll respect that.
I won't say a word.
If you are the friend of Sam's that I know you are, then I think now is the time to go see her.
Well, aren't you the gracious host.
Hi, handsome.
Nice to have you home.
Hi, it's good to be here.
What a day.
I heard about Amanda.
Is she gonna be all right? It's too hard to say just yet.
Well, I had quite a little adventure myself today.
Hand me the shampoo, would you? But I guess I'll tell you when you get out and we get in bed.
Oh, that's not gonna happen tonight.
I gotta get back to the hospital.
The first 24 hours after surgery are the most critical.
But I thought we were gonna have I just came by for a shower and a change of clothes.
Hey, come here.
Listen, I'm sorry, I know I have been preoccupied but this is a unique situation.
I'll be home tomorrow night, late.
I'll be here for you, I promise.
See you tomorrow night, late.
You scared me.
What are you doing in here? I just came to say goodbye.
Well, excuse me, but my bedroom is off-limits.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I knocked first, didn't you hear me? No, I did not.
Why don't we talk about this going downstairs.
I'm moving to my new place now, that's all.
Aw, then you are starting a whole new chapter in your life.
Bob, I'm proud of you.
I really am.
Couldn't have done it without you.
Well, we could all use a helping hand once in a while.
Just like Peter helped me when I was having hard times.
Peter is an amazing guy.
Charming, compassionate, successful.
Yes, he's all those things.
What I admire the most in a man is loyalty.
It's a lost virtue.
I never lost it.
I better get going.
You won't forget to visit, will you? No, of course you won't.
You're loyal, too.
Hey, listen.
I'll tell you what.
I'm running around all day tomorrow.
But why don't we meet for some dinner? Say, around eight? Oh, I don't wanna intrude.
No, no, Peter's working late.
And besides, I could use the company.
Let's celebrate loyalty.
It's a deal.
Come here.
I must look so glamorous.
You are the most beautiful woman in the entire world.
I hear you saved my life.
Well, fair is fair.
You saved mine by surviving the crash.
See, if you hadn't, I would have had to jump off a very tall building.
No big deal for a super hero.
So, is it still too little too late? No.
Oh, Amanda, I'm so sorry for the way I acted.
They thought of you sleeping with Eric drove me crazy, and I know I was a fool to ever have believed him.
I know how it must have looked.
But I know you better than that.
And it doesn't matter anyway.
If you had slept with him I would understand and I wouldn't care because I love you.
If I had known the effect it would have I would have crashed that helicopter a lot sooner.
Speaking of which, I got some news, some hard news.
Does it have anything to do with the fact that I have no feeling below my waist? Yeah.
There's a chance you might not walk again.
Well, if you believe that, then you don't know me as well as you think.
I'm just taking a little rest here while everyone else tries to catch up.
I'll walk again.
I will run out of this damn hospital.
Just better hope to hell you can keep up.
I can keep up.
I can keep up.
Hey, what're you doing here this early in the morning? Oh, I was just waiting for you to come back from the hospital.
I guess I dozed off.
What did you do with that money we won in Vegas? I gotta get it to the bank.
Well, it's already taken care of.
I walked it over yesterday and I made the big balloon payment.
So, now, the club's ours again.
Ooh, nothing can stop us now, Kyle.
It's just like old times.
The old times are gone, Taylor.
They ended the day you chased out here after Peter Burns.
I love Amanda.
But her back is broken.
I mean, she's not gonna be much fun in bed.
Well, maybe she won't love you if she knows about our little viva Las Vegas.
You do that, you and I are over.
No restaurant, no club, no relationship whatsoever.
I'll never talk to you again.
I don't care, I'll tear it all down.
If I can't have you, the least I can do is ruin your life with her.
And you know I will.
Look, you're right.
You and I, we did, we had some great times.
All right? And we'll be close again in the future, just, you know, maybe not exactly the way you want.
Maybe just a little the way I want it? You and I will always be friends, as long as you don't tell Amanda about our little fling.
Well, that fling happens to be a very cherished moment for me.
Very private moment, between good friends, that is.
You know, Kyle, if you started to drift away from me, I could become very indiscreet.
Looking good.
Where have you been? Have you not gotten any of my messages? Yeah, I've just been packing up.
Oh, you got a place of your own? No, I'm moving back to New York, Sam.
Really? How come? This doesn't have anything to do with Billy, does it? No.
I'm moving away from you.
What? Just, don't say anything, okay? Just let me I'm kinda hung up on you.
I always have been.
My fantasy was that I would come here and break you and Billy up.
And then tell you how much I loved you and you would say you felt the same way.
That you'd wanted me always.
And we'd go off and live in a loft in Soho, happily ever after.
You're gay.
The thing is you really love Billy.
So, my plan was a bad plan.
Why didn't you tell me a long time ago? Didn't you trust me at all? How could you even think it would matter to me that you were gay? The issue is not that I love women.
The issue is I love you.
Too much.
I figured if you didn't know that, then you couldn't reject me.
I love you, too.
Just not like that.
I know, that's the problem.
Oh, but you know what? You got a really good thing with Billy.
He's a really special guy.
And now, all I need to do is find someone special for me.
So Bye.
No, listen.
I understand if you need to go now.
But you have to understand that you will never be out of my life.
That you will always be my best friend.
So you damn well better not try to back out right now.
Love you.
Hey, how's Amanda doing? Well, it's hard to say long term.
She still has a lot of spinal swelling, but I hope it's not a permanent problem.
And speaking of problems.
We need to talk about Michael.
What now? Look, look.
It's just you and I, we're uptown kinds of docs.
And Michael's a downtown kind of guy.
I mean, we bring in executive ulcers, he brings in gallstones.
I don't mind having a wide patient base.
No, it's more than that.
There's something off about Mancini and the patients know it.
Brett: It's time to get rid of him.
He's dead weight.
Peter: Those are bold words coming from a man who let Kimberly's mother run amuck with a scalpel.
Isn't this vendetta thing getting a little tiresome? I'm just looking out for the best interest of the practice.
Michael and I started this practice together.
So, back off, doctor.
He's out when I say he's out.
Suit yourself.
You know, from what I've seen, the guy's got a knack for shooting himself in the foot.
Brett: So, I guess I'll just grab a front row seat and watch.
Bob! You're here early.
It's only 7:30.
The roast isn't ready yet.
Couldn't wait.
Here, I brought you these.
Oh, these are lovely! I bought some new clothes with the advance you gave me on my salary.
Oh, you know, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to call you but I'm running a little bit late.
Oh, that's okay.
I'm not that hungry.
Well, Peter came home early so we just got a little sidetracked.
You know, I figured, if I get good at this job Peter got home here? Well, it is my home, Bob.
And I'm starving.
For food, anyway.
I, I gotta go.
Wait, you're not gonna stay for dinner? No, I just came by to give you the flowers and tell you my news.
Uh, you can't leave.
No, no, it's okay.
I just ran into an old friend and I got a date.
You two, go ahead.
I'll catch up with you some other time.
Hey, Bob, next time, call first.
I was on my way home when I saw the smoke, so pulled off the freeway.
Looks like the radiator.
Or a hose, maybe.
Yeah? Can you fix it? Probably.
This might take me a couple of hours.
Oh, terrific.
Listen, is there a place around here I can grab a bite to eat while I cool my heels? Yeah, they serve burgers up there, if you don't care what they taste like.
Thanks, I'll see you in a couple.
Something wrong? No, why? Well, it's just you seem a little distant, that's all.
I'm fine.
It's just, I don't know who you are anymore.
Oh, well, I would say that something is wrong.
Okay, yes.
Why do I feel like I'm a trophy in your war with Michael? I don't know.
Why? Well, maybe because of the conversation I heard between you and Peter earlier today, about getting rid of Michael? Listen, um, my strong feelings for you have got absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with my dislike of your ex-husband.
But, you know, I just kind of assumed that you despise the guy even more than I do.
Okay, he's not my favorite person, but No, I'm just trying to get him out of both of our lives.
You know what? I've had it with vengeance.
I mean, the guy's lost enough.
I mean, why take away his livelihood, why can't we just ignore the poor guy? All right, you're right, you're right.
He keeps falling on his face by himself.
I, uh, I don't need to push.
So, can we please start ignoring him right now? Mm-hmm.
Pushing my pedal to the floor I'm gonna run the bases my bat is big and bad I'll be the homerun honey that you never had Ooh ahh baby I'm crazy for you Ooh ahh baby I'm burning for you It's been too long since love's been right Announcer: Let's give it up for Amber, gentlemen.
And don't be stingy.
These girls work for your tips.
Give them some dough, they'll give you some show.
You deliver the greenery, they deliver the scenery.
And speaking of scenery, let's hear it for Tiffany.
Buy me a drink.
You're cute.
You're stunning.
You look stunned.
Maybe you could take a cab home.
Mm, maybe you could drive my car.
I never date customers.
Well, I'm not a customer.
I'm a doctor.
Michael Mancini.
Uh and I'd love to be your doctor.
No, thanks.
I'm a pretty healthy girl.
Oh, I can see that.
Waitress: Here you are, sir.
Well, wait a second, uh, what about your drink? My shift's over.
Besides, I don't handle alcohol very well.
The management just likes us to get the customers to buy liquor.
Well, I'll keep buying.
But I've got to get to bed.
I have to get up for school in the morning.
It looks like you could use the sleep too.
Well, my car is probably fixed by now anyway.
Come on, lady.
Give me the purse.
Hey, get off of her! Hey! You okay? Yeah.
Oh, I think so.
Well, you really saved my bacon.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, I'm a regular Prince Charming.
You know what the prince gets to do.
Come by the club around seven, tomorrow night.
I'll give you something really special.
Thank you.
Dr, Mancini, were you mugged? Uh, I'm fine, Mrs.
Huntington now just take a seat, huh.
Need I say more? Michael, over intercom: Megan, bring me a cup of coffee and three aspirin.
May want to have him slap a porterhouse on that eye.
Okay, what happened? Oh, you don't care.
You're right, I don't.
In that case, I don't want to talk about it.
Look, Michael, you better get your act together, okay, because you're on a slippery slope around here.
Oh, jeez.
What is that? A threat? No.
No threat.
Just a piece of advice, to someone who thinks he's hit bottom from someone who's been there.
You're still falling, Michael.
You better open your eyes.
I just think it's so romantic the way those guys slogged through the wilderness to the rescue.
Well, there's nothing romantic about wet socks.
But really, would you do that for me? Battle over rock slides, slay dragons, forge ahead until you saved me? That kind of thing is purely for show.
But they saved Sam and Amanda's lives.
Well, technically, it was a search and rescue team that took them up there.
Kyle and Billy just went to plant their flags.
Oh, of course, you're gonna dis it.
Kyle grabbed Amanda, not you.
Okay, granted, Kyle never saved me from a burning building, but we still always had the best sex.
And we're still two of the most connected people on the planet.
This, tramping around the woods, something he gets off on.
It's just a Marine thing.
Would you do that for me? Would it involve giving up a personal day? Why is our relationship still so casual? I mean, at least there's fire between Kyle and Taylor even if they hate each other.
I wouldn't say he hates me.
He might dislike me a little, but he doesn't hate me.
I am so tired of getting your emotional leftovers.
You are my emotional leftover.
You know, I hate to be the one to break this to you but I never really found you really appealing.
You were there and that's all.
It was too much trouble to throw you out of my bed and now I'm getting tired of wasting my feelings on a dead-end relationship.
You better close your mouth, Craig.
Wouldn't want any stray feelings to get loose.
You pig.
I was just on my way home and thought I'd stop by and see if you needed anything.
You know, I've been thinking about being paralyzed.
Amanda, now, the chance of total paralysis is pretty remote.
That's not the point.
The point is, it kind of puts your life in perspective you know, I almost died out there without ever realizing what I had here.
What I still have here.
Whether I can walk out of here or have to be wheeled out.
Friends and work and life.
How lucky is that? You're a lucky guy, Kyle.
Don't blow it.
Announcer: And now, gentlemen, direct to you from Have Mercy Hospital, Nurse Amber! Ooh, doctor, when can I get an appointment? I'm sure I can find an opening.
I'll fit you right in.
You can reach me there most afternoons.
I thought you didn't date customers.
I thought you might just give me a physical, Doctor.
Something wrong? I just got the creepiest feeling, like the night is coming too close.
Let's go upstairs, we'll get more comfortable.
No, no, no.
I'm fine.
In fact, I've never felt safer than right here, in your arms.
You hit me.
It was you.