Melrose Place s06e20 Episode Script

Last Train to Baghdad (2)

1 Christine? Go away, Kyle, please.
I came to see you.
No, don't, I look different now.
That's okay.
No, it's not, it's not even close to okay, just Why did you come here? You have changed.
I'm not the same person I was.
None of us are.
Please just go.
Listen, wait, you're alive.
How are you alive? I was nearly dead.
Multiple fractures, my face was a horror show.
They didn't think I'd ever speak or walk or I begged Nick to tell you I didn't make it.
Nobody expected me to, anyway.
And, and even if I did, it meant years of facial reconstruction and, and V.
hospitals and I loved you so much, Kyle.
I wanted you to go on with your life.
Why did you have to come back? I wanted to see you.
Okay, you've seen me.
Am I everything you expected and less? You're still so beautiful.
Well, I'm still dead inside, all right? I left a letter for your wife in Boston, and those were my last words.
Now get out, before I scream.
Can't we say goodbye better than this? We said it all seven years ago.
Just leave it alone now.
Leave me alone.
What happened? Are you okay? It's over, let's go.
Do you want to talk about it? No, I want to get a hotel room, and I want to take the first flight out tomorrow.
Fine with me, I just thought maybe Look, you know what? This was a stupid idea, so let's just let it go, okay? Okay.
Hello? Where have you been all night? Excuse me? I've been calling you every ten minutes since 11:00.
It's almost 1:00.
Well, I was having dinner with Jeff Baylor, who is our client, you might recall.
Flash Sporting Goods is our client, honey.
Jeff Baylor is, like, he's a sales gimmick.
Well, that's rude.
No, that's a fact.
What's rude is you being out until all hours without calling your husband.
I'm 100 miles away, and I'm on an assignment.
Which included becoming a golf groupie on national television? What is with you I was just doing what Jeff wanted.
Yeah, I bet.
I'm tired of being cross-examined by you.
I'm sorry, I'm Hi, is this a bad time, or, uh No hi, and, I just didn't expect you.
Yeah, I just wanted to come by and apologize for, you know, making that pass at you at dinner, and Not that you don't rate it.
I just didn't want you to think I was being disrespectful, or, you know, pressuring you or anything like that.
Wow, so, I guess, apology accepted.
Yeah, definitely.
Um, and, uh, thanks for dinner.
And And, uh And good night.
I'm so tired.
I'll bet I can wake you up.
Who could that be at this hour? Sorry to intrude.
Oh, Daddy, what a surprise.
Please, just come right in.
I just stopped by to pick up those power of attorney documents.
That's right, I've got them upstairs.
I'll go sign them right now.
Sterling, you look like you had a tough day.
Can I get you anything? You can knock off the sweet talk, son.
I guess you don't get it.
I want you away from my daughter.
Look, old man, I've been nice to you because you're Lexi's father.
But she's all grown up, so it's time to back off.
Trying to scare me? Not a chance.
I don't care how many times you've been arrested for murder.
Oh, so you've been digging into my past.
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I've told Lexi everything there is to know about me.
You know what? She still loves me.
Now, I wonder how you would fare in her affections if I started digging into your tawdry little secrets.
Don't play that game with me, Burns.
You can't possibly win.
Really? Then why is it you're the one who looks nervous? You know, when Coop was my son-in-law, he didn't have to act macho.
He's just a natural man with nothing to prove, and I loved him for it.
You, on the other hand Tell my daughter I'll talk to her in the morning.
And you can explain why I left.
Well, where where's Daddy? He had some business to take care of.
Peter, did did you say something to offend him? 'Cause, you know, it seems like ever since he's come here, you've done nothing but push his limits and try his patience.
What are you threatened by him? No.
Well, what then? Lexi, there are some things you don't know about your father.
The man is mean, he's vindictive, and he wants me out of your life.
Hey, hey, hey, hold it.
Well, you know, Coop and I were married for eight years, and he loved my father.
I love my father.
So you're telling me this is my problem? This is definitely your problem.
Fix it.
Nobody likes to drink alone In this dusty lonely hollow Where nobody raises up a toast And everybody hates and waits tomorrow Right now everybody leads And everybody follows And everybody sings and I'll just sing along Right now everybody rolls but I won't move a muscle Here's to life and here's to you Who's the guy in the banks and the broken homes Right now everybody leads And everybody follows And everybody sings And I'll just sing along Peter, I need you to give me 500 bucks, and I need it right now.
No, Michael, no.
Hey, hey, you owe me.
If it wasn't for your turncoat knife in my back, I'd still have a job at my own medical practice, for God's sake.
Oh, so now you think you can just guilt-trip me into supporting you? Hey, it isn't even for me, okay? It's for my mom.
Your mom? Yeah, my mother's visiting, and, uh, I needed to borrow some money from her.
I don't want to hear any of the details, Michael Seriously, Peter, I need I said I don't want to hear any of the details! Now, here.
You give this to your mother with my condolences about her son.
But this is it, Michael.
I mean it, now, you consider this severance pay.
No, fine, fine.
Um, also, if it hadn't occurred to you, uh, I do need to have some way to make a living.
Well, I'm sure you could have a thriving business in black market kidneys.
That that's very funny.
But I was thinking that, uh, since you are Chief of Staff, you could assign me some extra shifts down in the ER.
You know, kind of help me get through this transitional period.
And if I do that, will you go away now? Yes, yeah, thanks.
Thanks a lot, Peter.
Oh, and if you ever need a return favor, I I'm gonna go now.
Um, I'll be in my office transcribing, uh, medical records, Ashley.
I've got things covered out here.
Hey, let me help you with those, huh? No, I can handle it.
No, I know you can, but it really feels good to help people, and I I really need to feel good about something right now, so let me No, you know what? Feel good about something else, okay? Because I'm really busy right now.
Hasn't she changed her last name yet? You two have been divorced for months.
Well, I'm kind of a hard habit to break.
You know, I, I hope you're not making any side deals with him for old time's sake.
No, but when Michael was a partner here, he made it to meetings on time, where the hell have you been? I was having a business lunch with Lexi and her father.
Oh, well, how cozy.
Yeah, so I hear you're not faring too well with the old guy.
That's because he's been a meddling pain in the butt ever since he got off the plane from Cleveland.
I don't know how you dealt with this guy.
Pure strength of character.
Well, he was completely out of control when he came over to the condo last night.
That's funny because, you know, he said he was being a perfect gentleman, and that you were flying off the handle like a defensive schoolboy.
Well, he's a liar.
Yeah, well, one of you is.
Too bad no one was there to see who.
Is Kyle here? Uh, he's out for a jog.
You must be Christine.
Would you like to come in and wait? Thanks.
Are you, um a good friend of Kyle's? Fiancée, actually.
Amanda Woodward.
Oh, this must be really hard on you, too.
I'm I'm very sorry.
It's not your fault.
I was so shocked to see Kyle last night, I'm I'm afraid I didn't deal with it very well.
Well, he's not exactly in the best shape himself.
Seeing him reopened so many old wounds.
I mean, I thought it was all behind me, but now it's right here.
It's got me completely rattled.
I, I couldn't sleep all night I just kept rolling it around in my mind, and I've got to see him again.
God help me, I've got to put some kind of closure on this.
I sympathize with what you're going through, but I'm not sure he wants to see you.
He was pretty upset at the way you shut him out last night.
Well, maybe you could talk to him for me.
It's crazy to ask you, I know, but I think we all want to put this behind us, and if I could just meet with him, just to work it out.
I'll see what I can do.
Okay, I'm sorry, too.
God, I hate fighting on the phone, 'cause there's just no way to make up.
Well, we can think of some way tonight.
So, Jennifer told me about Craig.
That's awful, now I know why you were trying to call me all night long.
And then we got sidetracked.
Craig's dead.
That is awful.
Then you kept not being there, and I just flew off the handle; I was worried about you.
Well, I was working on our campaign.
How's it going? Oh, it's going great, I mean, Jeff, you know, he had some changes, just minor ones, though.
These aren't minor changes.
You threw out the whole concept.
I wouldn't say that.
Yeah, 'cause your ideas are still here It's just mine that are missing.
I thought we were gonna work on it together.
Well, I was the one down there.
I'm still the VP up here.
If you're gonna make any changes this radical, you got to call me first.
Okay, well, excuse me, I thought that the idea was to keep Jeff happy.
Yeah, well, next time maybe you should think about keeping your boss happy.
Huh? I'm so grateful to Amanda for arranging this lunch for us.
She must have a million things on her mind, what with running a company and getting ready for your wedding.
I can't get over how different you look.
It must be hard for you to put me together with your memory of me.
I've just had so many operations over the years, on my face, my throat Nothing will ever be the same.
You look good, though.
Yeah? Yeah.
How does this look? Pretty, isn't it? I'm so sorry.
Yeah, well, I shouldn't complain.
The doctors have done miracles on my face.
It's just It's been a long road, what can I say? God, I can't even imagine how tough it must've been for you.
There were times lying there in the burn center of the Glendale V.
Every Saturday night at 8:00, this big old freight train roared past my window, and I just had this fantasy of driving out there and just sitting on the tracks until the Santa Fe Railway blasted me to kingdom come.
Maybe that's why I moved to New Mexico Just a little nod to catching that train.
What about you? What have you been up to? Me? Yeah.
Yeah, well, um I got married and opened up a restaurant, moved out to Los Angeles, got divorced.
Busy boy.
Is that when you met Amanda? Yeah, yeah.
Uh, we opened up a jazz club together.
You always wanted to do that.
All those plans that we made.
I guess I somehow managed to put 'em all out of my mind for so long.
And now you're here.
Hey, move on, soldier.
I'll be okay.
How'd it go? Uh it went well.
I mean, Christine is a little bit lost, but that chapter of my life is now over.
I'm glad you made me do this.
And so am I.
Let's go home.
First morning flight.
Oh, I can't wait to get back.
Do you know our wedding is only five days away? We have to invite guests, rent a hall Schedule a honeymoon.
She's still in the room, isn't she? Hi, we need to talk about this Jeff Baylor campaign, 'cause it's gotten way out of hand.
Huh, it's gotten out of your hands, you mean.
Yeah, I'm the executive steering this ship, thank you.
That's a scary thought.
Quiet, both of you, before I call your parents.
Now, one at a time.
Okay, here's what happened.
Sam's the primary rep on this account.
Let's hear what she has to say first.
Well, it's really very simple.
Jeff had some specific ideas of how he did and did not want to be portrayed That's our call, it's not his.
And because of certain dynamics that developed between us, he trusted that I would respect his wishes Dynamics? You had dynamics between you and this meatball? Billy, why don't you get the spreadsheets on this account, while Sam shows me the graphics.
Fine, love to.
By the way, my wedding's this weekend, and since I wouldn't be around to enjoy it if you hadn't saved my life, I was wondering if you'd like to be my maid of honor.
I would be thrilled.
You know, you've got some nice ideas here, but Billy's right, they need a little massaging.
Listen, just because he said And don't get defensive, it's counterproductive.
Now, I want you to get together with Billy tonight and make use of his expertise.
He's gonna slam all of Jeff's ideas.
Well, then it's up to you to combine Jeff's ideas with Billy's advertising know-how.
Bring me some great results in the morning.
I know you won't let me down.
No problem.
Oh, and, Sam, whatever you do don't lose this account.
So, how did this happen? Talking when I should have been walking.
Oh, yeah? Well, what you got here is called a "boxer's fracture.
" You see, when you punch somebody out, you gotta put the weight here on these two knuckles.
Otherwise, you'll break the hand, which is what you did.
Hey, you're all right, Doc.
We could use a sawbones like you down in my neighborhood.
And where is that, just east of hell, right? We got lot of people need medical attention, that's for sure.
Some of the women I work with Especially the you know They get these, uh, rashes and lesions, you know? It puts me right off my lunch.
I gotta put 'em on a bus, send 'em all the way down to county.
Yeah, whatever, now listen, when the swelling goes down, you're gonna need a cast.
We had one of those urgent care facilities down in the hood, you know, on Fourth and Leason, but it closed.
Yeah, lack of insured patients, I'm sure.
I tell you what, a smart doc could make a fortune in cash patients if he had the right connections.
And, uh, that would be you, I suppose? Hey, yo, you fell into a gold mine, you met me, Doc.
You play your cards right, you might just stake a claim.
Is Kyle around? I don't know, how did it go with Christine? Fine.
No, no, no, no, no, no, I want all the gory details.
How did Kyle feel about her, how did she feel about him? Come on, Amanda, gossip is my lifeblood.
You want to know everything? Yes.
Here's everything: They had a wartime romance, it was very intense, but now the war is over and so is the romance.
Says Kyle.
You know, that's the difference between you and me.
I trust that he's gonna tell me the truth.
In fact, I am so not threatened by Christine, I invited her to our wedding.
Oh, Amanda, you did get too much sun out in the desert.
No, just being human to an old friend of Kyle's.
Something you wouldn't understand.
Well, then you're a better woman than me, because I couldn't live with having her at my wedding.
Well, actually she did turn down the invitation.
Aha! You knew she wouldn't come if you asked.
That way you got to look like a saint for inviting her.
How in the world would you know what a saint looks like? Yes, Mom, I'm getting off work early so I'll be on time for dinner.
Yeah, and Craig will be there.
I promise.
No, I'm not gonna let you down.
These mockups are too soft, that's all.
You know, it's a young company, they want edge.
All right, well, I can do that.
It's just that Jeff is a sensitive guy, and I think he wants that side of him to come through.
I know, uh, there's a photo shoot coming up in a couple of days, how about if he doesn't shave? That's kind of tough, kind of sensitive.
Kind of scummy.
Oh, Billy, thank God you're still here.
My mother is having a big family dinner at the beach house tonight, and I promised her Craig would be there.
Oh, no, you said that was gonna be the last time.
Billy, I am a desperate woman! There's no way I can do it, I gotta stay here with Sam and work on this campaign all night.
No, no, no, you go ahead, Jennifer needs you.
I can make these changes.
I can, really.
I know what you have in mind.
Great stuff, and I'm right on it.
I don't know.
Do I have to beg? Okay, Billy, this is really the last time, Billy.
My mom is leaving soon, and if I could just make it through this final obstacle, I will owe you big-time, and I wouldn't even ask, but I'm a total coward when it comes to facing my mother.
And besides, you are a far, far better Craig than the real Craig ever was.
So please? Okay.
Oh, thank you.
Mmm, thank you, thank you.
You better get this right, or Amanda's going to have both our heads.
Yeah, I'll get it, just a minute.
What are you doing here? I need to talk to you.
Would you just get out? Actually, no.
I think you should hear what I have to say.
I'm not even remotely interested.
After giving the matter much thought, I have decided that I love Lexi, and I'm never leaving her, period.
Let me make something clear.
My daughter had a good man in Coop.
And I'm not about to let her waste her life on a two-bit imitation like yourself.
She deserves better, she's gonna get it.
Oh, so you're going to buy it, huh? The way you've bought her everything else? I decide what's right for Lexi, 'cause I can see what's right for Lexi.
My vision isn't clouded by some ulterior motive, like trying to marry my way onto easy street.
Well, she loves me.
And there's nothing you can do about it.
The hell there isn't.
I can have the FBI reopen your murder case.
I'll have the IRS all over your books.
I'll have you kneecapped, by God.
You're losing your grip, Tom.
Be careful, you may fall and get hurt.
That your idea of a veiled threat, boy? Well, I've dealt with your kind before.
Swarming around my Lexi like a flying roach to a light? I squash you, that's what I do.
You're a lower life form, Burns.
You're the bottom of the food chain, and as long as I have Damn it.
911, I need an ambulance immediately to the Mira Mesa Hotel, Room 1720, immediately! Jennifer, why isn't your Craig here yet? I worry about a man who doesn't like to help prepare the food.
Not every husband can be a baker, Ma.
I broke my back to put you through medical school so that you could come up with a deep thought like, "No man is a baker"? I put myself through medical school.
Oh so maybe that's why you haven't paid me back my $500.
You think I owe you tuition.
Look, I got the money right here, okay? And I'm gonna give it to you.
But you know what? I'm not gonna give it to you yet, because I want you to consider an alternate proposal.
Such as? What now? Well, I mean, look.
You could take this dough, and you could blow it on tourist traps, or you could invest it wisely in the Mancini Medical Center, which is a limited partnership.
You know, in fact, I think the entire family should put capital into this venture.
Run, Ma, I'll throw myself on top of him! You know, that's very funny, Jennifer.
But you happen to be mocking a project that's very close to my heart.
All right, you got until this linguini hits the floor to convince me.
Mom, I, I checked out the place today, and it's perfect.
It's got a great location, and, and it was a clinic, so they've already got the oxygen lines, the X-ray shielding, the works.
It's ready to go, and I can get it for a song.
I'm telling you, Mom, the place is a gold mine.
Define "gold mine.
" Gold mine, I mean Anybody home? Craig! Craig, hello.
Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.
It's nice to see you again.
You, you too, Craig.
You look lovely, lovely as usual.
Ma, Ma, Craig's a guy who knows a great business opportunity when he sees one.
Now, Craig, you'd want to put 1,000 bucks into the Mancini Medical Center, wouldn't you? Oh, a project of yours, Michael, I'd invest twice that.
I think two grand.
You know, Uncle Vinnie is looking for a place to put his pension fund.
Craig, why don't you help Mom put the food on the table? Certainly.
I cannot believe you are running a scam on your own mother.
It isn't a scam, it's my destiny.
She bailed your destiny out of the slammer with that $500.
Now, can't you let the rest of us make an honest living? Do you want to talk "honest," huh? Do you want to talk "scam"? Let's talk about your fiancé Craig, over here.
Yeah, I rest my case.
All work and no play, you know oh! Oh, my God, you scared me.
So, this is the part where you rush into my arms, right? Uh, no, I was just so involved in what I was doing, I Right, so I guess that's why you haven't returned any of my calls.
Yeah, that's why.
Right, look I know things have gotten, uh, crazy between us, and I know you're married, and I don't want that kind of blood on my hands, so So, you want another rep to take on your account? Oh, no, no, I, I still want you in charge of the project.
I mean, I wouldn't trust anyone else, it's just I thought maybe that you'd be more comfortable dealing with my manager instead of me.
You're being a really good guy about all this.
I just want to do what's right.
Thank you.
Oh, Megan, what's going on, where's my father? Uh, Peter brought him in a little while ago.
He's doing everything he can to save him.
Save him from what? A stroke, they think.
Peter called Coop at my place and wanted to know about your father's medical history.
We just got here Coop's in there with them now.
My father doesn't have a medical history.
He's healthier than I am.
Well, apparently, Peter and your father were having a conversation.
What kind of conversation Oh, Peter, what's going on? I'm sorry, Lexi, I did everything I could.
What? It was very fast, there was no pain.
No just, wait, God, no! No! No! God! Oh, God! Excuse me.
Burns left his jacket in there.
I don't want him to walk off without it.
I'll take care of it, thank you.
You been up all night? I loved him so much.
I just I don't I don't know what to do.
There's nothing to do, except remember him and move on.
And make the funeral arrangements back in Cleveland, and notify the relatives and the board of trustees.
I'll fly back there with you and help you out with that.
That's okay.
Coop already offered.
Well, I assume you didn't take him up on his offer.
I did, as a matter of fact.
Coop was one of my father's dearest friends as you know, and he wants nothing more than to be there.
You, on the other hand Peter, tell me what was going on between you and my father before he died.
What what were you talking about? I went there to get to know him better.
To resolve some some issues we had.
He told me that he just wished that I could love you half as much as he did.
And I I told him that I adored you.
And I think that eased his mind.
Daddy always tested the men I was with.
I think you finally passed the test, huh? I just wish I got to know him better.
Get an EKG and a chest X-ray and we'll see him in the office tomorrow.
End of dictation.
Oh! Peter, I wish you were more organized.
Hey, everything under control here? Yeah, I'm just about finished um, transcribing your latest patient records.
Good, um I'm going to Cleveland for Mr.
Sterling's, uh, funeral.
With Lexi? He was her father, you know.
And my father-in-law.
Yeah, I'm aware of that.
I guess I just didn't realize how close you were to him.
Well, have a good time.
Megan, try and understand, all right? Anyway, um, I'll be back in a couple of days, uh Give me a call if you have any problems.
Okay, why would I have any problems? The IRS all over your books.
I'll have you kneecapped, by God.
You're losing your grip, Tom.
Be careful.
You may fall and get hurt.
Is that your idea of a veiled threat, boy? 'Cause I've dealt with What's going on? Uh, what do you mean? I mean, what's going on with my schedule this afternoon? Um, it's pretty light.
My jacket, I've been looking all over for that.
Where did you find it? Well, it was at the hospital.
You were involved, comforting Lexi, so, um, I thought you were gonna forget it, so I brought it back here.
Did you listen to the tape? No, I haven't had a chance, would you like me to? No, no, no, it's, uh, confidential patient information.
I'll take care of this one, thanks.
Mancini Medical Center, come one, come all.
Can you smell it? It just reeks of money.
Yeah, I smell something.
Well, you'll make a fortune in muggings alone.
I don't know, Michael.
I liked your offices in Beverly Hills better.
No, no, Ma.
Beverly Hills is It's old news.
There's more doctors than patients.
You know, there's no room for growth.
Besides, everybody up there is healthy, and I don't do liposuction.
But down here? Oh, down here, people are really sick.
Yeah, not only could I get rich, but I can do something for humanity.
What have you been smoking? Shh, Jennifer, maybe this could turn into something.
That's right.
Mancini! On behalf of myself and my staff, we'd like to extend to you our warmest welcome in your new endeavor.
You're gonna make a tremendous addition to the neighborhood.
This must be your lovely wife and daughter.
Who is this guy? Uh, one of my patients.
I want you to think of me like I was like I was the mayor of this precinct.
Would you excuse us for a minute? Listen, man, I appreciate the welcome wagon, but, uh, why are you here? I want everybody on the street to see us shake hands.
See, that's good for you, that's good for me.
It means we're in business.
Hey, what's the occasion? Well, Amanda loved my stuff on the Flash campaign, and so she said that I could go home early, and I wanted to make you a nice, romantic dinner.
'Cause we haven't had any time alone together.
And we've both been busy, and well I miss you.
We're gonna have to fight more often, if this is what I get at the end of it.
Oh, you're going to get more than that, big boy.
I got to tell you, his new office location makes me a little nervous.
Yeah, Jennifer, the men in our family, you got to give them enough rope.
Sometimes they swing to the rescue.
But you got to hold it tight, so they don't hang themselves.
You two-timing bastard! Oh, Mom, Mom, stop it! What are you doing? Didn't you see your so-called fiancé forcing himself on this woman? Unless it was your fault, you tramp.
Jennifer? Say something.
Okay, oh, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, here's the story.
This isn't Craig, this is Billy.
My real fiancé, Craig well, he killed himself, and I didn't want to upset you with the news, so my friend, Billy, who's married to my other friend, Sam They're gay? No, Mom, this is Sam.
How you doing, Mrs.
Mancini? The point is is that Billy graciously agreed to impersonate Craig, so that you wouldn't be distressed over my living situation.
You did all this just to spare me the pain of knowing that you lost your true love to a tragedy like that? What a daughter, aw Well, glad we could be of help.
Aren't you gonna say hello? Hello.
Uh, I thought you weren't coming to the wedding.
I wasn't, but when I thought about it, I realized what a big step this was for you, and I just felt like I needed to be here to give you all the support I could.
I appreciate it.
I thought, you know, whatever didn't work out between us because of fate or that stupid war, those things are all in the past.
It's a new life now.
We're friends, and nothing can get in the way of that.
Gee, I hope we're still friends, too.
Ah, the jealous wife from Boston.
Actually, jealous ex-wife now.
But I'm sure glad you showed up for Kyle's funeral I mean wedding.
I'd never want anything but the best for him.
Oh, well, then you'll want to wish Amanda the best, too.
Hello, you made it after all.
Like they say, careful what you ask for.
What do you say we sit down? I'm sorry, I can't 'cause I have a restaurant to run.
But you guys go have a special time.
So If you're coming to the wedding, I guess you're looking for total closure, not just some kind of partial so-so closure that just leaves you wanting more.
Amanda, if my being here upsets you in any way, just tell me and I'll walk out right now.
No, no, of course not.
Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to play a request.
This one's for Kyle and a walk down memory lane: "You Take My Breath Away.
" I haven't heard this since I don't know when.
No, I didn't, I did not ask them to play this.
It's just so amazing that Kyle finally got his jazz club.
It's all he talked about in the war.
Would it be too much to ask, and please tell me if it's not okay, but Could Kyle and I dance to this? Kyle probably couldn't care less but it would mean so much to me.
No, you know, we don't have to do that.
By all means, I think you should.
Like a child Sometimes gentle And sometimes wild Sometimes you just Take my breath away Oh don't you know you just Take my breath away Ah, sorry to bug you so early in the morning, Jennifer, but Billy just left to go on a corporate retreat with a client, and things are getting dicey again with the ball player.
Come on in, we'll have coffee, we'll talk.
Mmm I have all kinds of time.
Mom is taking a couple of days to go see Hearst Castle.
She said that when she was a kid, she used to have dreams about being Mrs.
Randolph Hearst.
Scary, huh? Uh-huh.
So, after your mom punched Billy in the stomach last night and ruined our romantic evening, uh, he gets into the shower, and I get a call from Amanda saying that Jeff Baylor's people have arranged for a photo shoot to kick off the campaign and Amanda wants me to be there.
Sort of a reasonable request, seeing how it is your job.
Yeah, but Amanda said that Jeff made it a point that it was very important that his rep was there.
And that's me.
And that's okay because like you said, it's my job, but oh, God, I could not wait for Billy to get out of the house this morning so I could get dressed and go see Jeff.
This is terrible! Then why are you smiling? Am I? God, I'm telling you, I'm as confused as hell.
I'm married to Billy, I love Billy, but I am so jazzed to see Jeff.
Oh, God, what am I gonna do? See him.
Get to work, he'll flirt like crazy, and if you have any sense, you'll jump right into it.
But I told you.
No, what you've told me A number of times is that this guy knocks you out and he's got your libido wrapped around his Well, it's wrapped.
So you might as well indulge your fantasy with a little harmless flirting.
Besides, once you get to know him, you'll probably find out that he chews tobacco or some other disgusting jock habit, the bubble will pop and you'll be happy with Billy again.
Yeah, it sounds screwy, but it kind of makes sense.
You might have a little fun in the process.
Yeah, I might at that.
Oh, God, I'm going to miss him, Coop! Of course you will, Lexi.
I will, too.
I am so sorry, hon.
I know, thank you.
Hey, you know maybe before I take you back to the hotel, it'd be, uh it'd be good to get a drink, or, uh maybe a bite to eat or something.
Actually, that sounds like a really good idea.
I think I know someplace you'll like.
I'm sorry, Kyle, I can't make this dinner tonight with Christine.
I've got to be at a photo shoot for the Flash Sporting Goods account.
Can you skip it? Look, Christine has got this idea about making me a home-cooked meal at my place, and I would feel much better if you were there.
I really do not want to visit the Gulf War with her again.
Well, you wouldn't have this problem if you hadn't invited her to stay at your apartment.
You were the one that invited her to the wedding.
Where else was she going to stay? She's a grown woman, how about a hotel? No, she's a grown, broke woman.
I'm not staying there anymore, I don't see the problem.
I'm not the one with the problem.
I I'll try and get out of the photo shoot as soon as I can, okay? Yeah.
You know what? Take your time, and, uh, I'm sorry.
I guess it's just pre-wedding jitters.
Well, enjoy your dinner.
I love you, Kyle.
Yeah, I love you, too.
I'll see you later.
Hey, hey, you ladies notice there's one doc in this dump who really knows what he's doing? I mean, one doc who not only goes through patients like cornmeal through a goose but also knows how to treat the support staff like gold.
No, we haven't, Doctor.
Okay, okay, hey, what would you say about making a huge step in your career, huh, by joining me in my new practice The Mancini Medical Center? I mean, this is not only an involved community outreach facility, but will also turn a tidy profit that you could share in.
Rather lie down in front of a bus.
You know, Doctor, they're cutting down on my hours here in the hospital.
I would love to find a new opportunity.
Huh? Oh, you mean what I was just talking about? Yeah.
Yeah, well, um, you know, anybody who comes aboard would have to put out some cash to be a participant.
I've put a little money aside.
What are we talking about here, five, $10,000? Ten, and, uh, that would make you a five-percent participant, uh, after expenses.
Sounds fine.
I've always liked the operator in you, Michael.
Uh, that's Dr.
Mancini to you, and I'm not an operator.
I'm a surgeon, and a damn good one.
Here you go, kids, good to see you again.
It's been a few years.
Yeah, we just wanted to touch base.
I remember when this green med student and his pretty young wife used to sit at this same table and get all moony with each other.
Nice to see the magic's still there.
Oh, thanks, Andy, good to see you, too.
This was a nice choice.
Mmm, you know, Andy was right.
We did make a good couple back then, huh? Well Uh, what happened with Kimberly, uh I never got to say I was sorry, and I am.
I destroyed you and your father's faith in me, and whatever else was going on, I never meant to hurt you that badly.
Our divorce sure knocked Daddy for a loop, that's for sure but that's all in our past.
Look, maybe we're not husband and wife anymore, but since I lost Daddy, I He was my best friend in the whole world, but I, I'd like to count on you.
I don't need a father figure, I just need a friend.
Of course, Lexi, always.
You know, I, I just don't understand how this could happen.
I mean, your dad always seemed like he was in pretty good shape for a guy his age.
It's he must have been under an incredible amount of stress.
Do you know what Peter was talking to him about? Uh, they must have had a huge argument or something.
No, no, Peter said actually that they were working things out, they were finally getting along.
No, things were good.
It just doesn't add up, that's all.
Look, Coop, I trust Peter.
He wouldn't lie about something like this, for God's sakes.
You're right, I'm sorry, I I was just thinking out loud.
So where's Kyle, the groom-to-be? Oh, he was dragged off to a dinner with his old war girlfriend.
There's a weird one.
She's up to something.
Full of secrets, you know what I mean? Yes, I do.
You know I saw this movie the other night, and there was this character who knew a secret that could destroy an innocent man's relationship.
But the problem, in the movie, was whether the character should tell the man's girlfriend about this terrible secret when the man was wrong, but not on purpose probably, and the character really didn't quite know the whole story.
So how did this movie turn out? That's just it, I don't know, I fell asleep.
How do you think it turned out? I think you should tell whatever secret you have to whoever you think you should tell it to, because obviously you're going to eventually anyway Unless it's about me, it's not about me, is it? No, no, it's not at all, it's, uh it's about right and wrong and what matters to me.
And there's no blackmail or advantage that you could gain personally from keeping the secret? No, it might, uh mess up things with Coop and I a little.
Hmm, mitigating factor.
I say dump it before it gives you an ulcer.
Because, believe me, I have been in this movie, and this is the only way you're going to get a happy ending.
Good, okay, Jeff, I need you to smile at me when you throw the shoes in the air, okay? Oh, there we go, that's the shot! Okay, well, we're all done.
Nice work, Jeff.
It's going to be a great campaign.
I've got to get going, but Sam can handle any problems with the wrap-up.
Yeah, I'm sure she can, thanks.
See you later.
Stay here, make sure everything's cool with Jeff and his people, and get a delivery date from the photographer.
I've got a fiancé to catch up with.
So, boss tells me you're going to solve all my problems.
Well, you seemed happy with the way things went, so if you need anything else, uh, if you have any input on the prints, you can have your agent call me or you could But you don't need to, okay, okay.
Listen, uh, it's getting so screwy between us, and I know I told you to just talk to my manager, but How about I take you out for a bite to eat? Nothing fancy, just a small, local place, huh? Get to know the real Jeff Baylor.
Come on, it might be good for the campaign.
I would love to, but I don't think so, I I'm sort of in a second thoughts situation.
Look, Sam.
I'm a neighborhood kind of guy, okay? I lived my whole life in one house.
Longest job I ever held before I started hitting fastballs was delivering pizza for this joint.
Now, come on, an hour at the most.
Thin crust, garlic Okay, one hour, but then I'm out of there.
You know, you really listen to me, Sam.
That's one of the things I love about you like.
Remember in the Gulf, I used to brag about my meat loaf and my mashed potatoes? Yes.
Well, I couldn't prove it to you then, but better late than never.
Do you like it? It's great, I love it.
You know, I don't recognize this tablecloth, though.
Special occasion, so I did a little shopping.
Spent the last couple bucks I had.
The music? I picked up a couple CDs while I was at it.
I know you're a jazz purist, but this Windham Hill stuff is, well a little warmer, don't you think? Yeah.
It's funny, you know, being here, having dinner with you.
I used to dream about seeing your face again and right now it's almost like we're back there like nothing's changed.
A lot has changed, Christine.
Oh, I know, of course it has.
I know I've changed.
Hell, I practically had my face blown off.
You haven't changed.
You're still as handsome as ever.
Then again in the biggest way you have, you're getting married to someone else.
Somehow that was never a part of my dream.
Anyway, a toast to you and Amanda.
At least one of us will be happily married.
Hmm, you know what? I got a great idea.
Why don't we take our wine out by the pool, hmm? Beautiful night.
It is getting a little close in here, isn't it? Why don't you take the wine out, and I'll meet you out there in a sec? Great.
Kyle? I just want you to know how grateful I am to you and Amanda for letting me spend this time with you.
It means the world to me.
No problem.
I have to say this is the best pizza I've ever had.
Though I'm going to smell like a garlic clove for weeks.
That's a good thing, Sam.
Hey, Jeff, how you doing? I couldn't be better, Johnnie, how's Alicia? Oh, she's better, thanks, I'll tell her you asked about her.
This guy's our hero around here, makes us very proud.
I can see that.
Did you tell her about the park? Come on, guys, lighten up, The lady's trying to eat.
See you.
See you later.
What park? It's nothing, really.
Come on.
It's just that there's this empty lot where we used to play ball, and, uh, when things got going good for me I, I bought it and I turned it into a place for the kids.
You know, Little League, girls' softball, stuff like that.
That's great.
Everybody around here sure seems to love you.
Yeah, almost everybody.
Listen, I gotta tell you something, um I've never been out with a married woman before.
I mean, it's just not my style.
And, uh I respect your marriage and your and your husband, everything.
But I just can't stop thinking about you.
I mean, I have these daydreams of us together, and, and it's not even in bed or anything.
Although, sometimes that, too.
But mostly just us walking around, you know, holding hands, going on picnics.
Whoa, whoa, Jeff.
Yeah, I know.
And I just I don't know what to do about it, but believe me, I know that this isn't right.
But Tell me I'm crazy.
You know, tell me that you don't have these feelings for me, too.
Am I just making this up out of thin air? Jeff, I'm married.
That's not what I asked you.
Okay, I do, but it doesn't make any difference.
We, We can't act on it.
I know, look, I know.
And I accept that.
Well, at least I know that there was something really there.
You know? Yeah.
So, I, I should probably get you home.
No, we can, we can finish the pizza and maybe have a little dessert.
Sure, that sounds great.
So, um do you, by any chance, chew tobacco? No, I stick to bubble gum.
It's the kid in me, I guess.
Hmm, yeah, I guess so.
One more thing I bought on my little spree.
I barely have anything left for your wedding present.
Christine, you are a still a beautiful woman.
Nothing that happened in the Gulf or since has changed that.
Why, thank you, sir.
How about you bring me my wine? What I am telling you is that there's no reason you can't meet a great guy.
You don't need to hide.
Maybe I'll do that.
Promise you won't get jealous? Promise.
Now why don't you go get some trunks on, Marine, before I pull you in like you are? Uh, uh, easy, I outrank you, soldier.
Okay, Gunny, why don't you give this grunt a helping hand? Well, it's nice to see that you two are having fun.
Christine, there's no glass allowed around the pool.
Someone could get hurt.
My fault.
Uh, we were just, um, reminiscing.
Sorry you missed dinner.
Yeah, me, too.
Well, you two enjoy yourselves.
I'm a little tired.
Don't stay out too late, Marine.
Do me a favor and get this wine out of here, all right? Talk to you tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
Nurse Osbourne to Admitting.
Nurse Osbourne to Admitting.
You really should get those locks changed, Peter.
Now Yeah.
Oh, this this is way too easy.
Doctors should really work on their penmanship.
Amy? Amy, would you put these requisitions through channels, please? It's a lot of equipment that Dr.
Burns is ordering to, uh, replace the equipment being donated.
Donated? Yes, uh, Dr.
Burns wants the equipment All this equipment here on the second page here That gets moved to Room 323 to replace the equipment being donated for charity.
Charity, what charity? A very worthy charity.
A new and struggling young medical facility that, uh, is just starting out and needs all the help it can get, okay? Okay, but if this blows up, it's on your head.
Fine, just do it.
Cook to ER One, Dr.
Cook to ER One.
Morning, Megan, who's first? Mr.
Benson, come on in.
Uh, have a seat, Mr.
What is with you? You know that tape you thought you destroyed? Well, you didn't.
It was a blank.
I have the real one, and I listened to it, and I think we should give it to Lexi and let the truth out.
Look, if you explain it to her, I'm sure she will understand.
No, she won't.
Now, I'm gonna try and forget the fact that you basically stole confidential information from me.
I'll get to that later.
Right now, I want you to give me the tape.
I don't have it here, and I'm not going to let you destroy it.
Oh, yes, you will, you know why? Because if Lexi finds out about this, she's gonna tell Coop, and then I'm gonna be the man that killed her father.
Then she's gonna run to Coop for all of her comfort, and they're gonna shut you out completely.
Now, do you really want that? You know, I'm willing to take that chance.
And you wanna know why? I can't imagine.
Because hiding this big and this damaging of a secret from somebody that Coop cares about could only destroy us when it comes out.
And you know one day, Peter, it will.
Well, that's why you should keep your mouth shut and give me the tape! Look, no, at this point in my life, I'm gonna do what's right, okay? But there is no right here, Megan.
I didn't want the man to die.
I just wanted Lexi to see who he really was.
Now, why should we hurt her with the truth now that the old man's dead? Just talk to her, I'm sure she will understand.
God, you know, you are the single most naive person in the world.
If she finds out about this, forget it, it's over, gone, finito! What's finished, sweetheart? Um the practice, the practice.
The practice is over, unless we start seeing more patients, Coop.
You know, I mean, Coop here and I We got to pick up the slack now that Michael's gone.
Well Ohh Does that mean that, uh, we can't have lunch together? I miss you.
Oh, what a great idea.
Hey, Coop, would you, uh, mind handling my patients, okay? No, I guess I can handle it.
Oh, thanks, pal, I owe you one.
Hey Everything okay? Yeah, it's, uh Yeah, everything's great, um you know what? I missed you, too, and, um, I got to get your patients into your office.
There's two whole cases of this chilled Chardonnay, so don't be shy, people.
This is a celebration for Amanda and Kyle, the power union of the century.
Listen, I'm sorry that Taylor's such a part of this.
I thought that she was gonna keep her distance.
Hey, it's her restaurant for now.
Besides, it's nice that she has to watch us be so happy together.
Oh, look at this.
Lady Marine sticking it out.
You know, if you're hoping to pull Kyle down memory lane, I'd give it up, sister, 'cause that blonde She just brought you here to stick your nose in it.
Leave her alone, Taylor.
I'm all right, really.
So it's great to be out together again.
No work, just a little fun.
Maybe we should ditch and go home and get into bed.
Mmm, yeah, that's nice, honey.
Bubble gum? He definitely sounds too good to be true.
I'm gonna go to the bar and get a real drink, you want one? I'm fine with my wine, thanks.
So what do you think was really going on at the office today? I can't get anything out of Megan.
I don't know, but if it has anything to do with my father's death, I'll find out.
Listen, uh, thanks for not blowing it for me earlier today.
Now, if you just give me the tape, all of this will be over with.
No, it won't.
Not until you tell Lexi the truth.
And I think it would be better coming from you than from me.
I think before the main course comes out that one of you should give a toast to the happy couple.
Now anyone will do, except for the wannabe war bride, Christine.
I don't think you'd have anything nice to say now would you? Damn it, Taylor, I said back off.
Hey, excuse me if I think it's inappropriate that you bring the girl that you've been dreaming about here for years.
This is none of your business, waitress.
Now go get us more food.
Actually I'd like to make a toast, if it's all right.
Of course.
I've, um, known Kyle for a long time.
As many of you know, we served together in the Gulf War.
Might not look like it now, but at one time I was a pretty tough Marine.
But all that toughness fell away when I met Kyle.
You've got a hell of a guy there, Amanda.
Anyway at one point in our lives, we were as close as two people could be.
But time goes on, and, um as a friend, I just want to say that I'm so happy for Kyle, that he's, um, found someone to share his life with, that he, uh he loves.
And, uh she, um Amanda, look, I know you must hate me, but really I just came by to apologize to you and Kyle for last night.
I know I made a horrible scene.
Well, uh, Kyle's still sleeping, so if it's all right, I won't wake him up for this.
Oh, right, um It's just that I really didn't mean to act like that.
I don't know what happened, but, but you have to understand that I know that Kyle is yours now.
He was only mine for a short while.
Fine, I'm glad we're clear on that.
There's no harm done.
I mean I know you've never been in a wartime situation, but the feelings are so deep and so intense that That they're burned into your soul, and they never really go away.
That was a long time ago, Christine.
I know, I know, but that's what came out last night.
And I know it can never be fulfilled and, and I accept your marriage.
Oh, that's wonderful and our marriage is tonight, so I'm kind of busy today, so we'll, we'll talk later, all right? All right.
Amanda? I think you're the luckiest woman on Earth, and I promise I would never do anything to hurt you.
That's good.
Hi, Megan.
Do you have a minute? Uh, sure.
Uh, what can I do for you? Uh, Peter and Coop aren't here yet, are they? No, not yet.
Um, well, you know the other day when I came in you and Peter were having quite a little argument.
And well, I thought I heard him mention my name.
Did he? I uh, I don't remember.
Did Peter talk to you about any of this, um, at the rehearsal dinner last night? No, no, actually, he's been very quiet ever since I came back from the funeral.
Look, Megan you've always seemed to me to be a really decent person, honest, you know? Uh-huh.
So you would tell me if you knew anything about Peter, me, or my father, wouldn't you? Um, you know, I think you should talk to Peter if you want to know anything about that.
About what? Your father, what happened.
What happened, Megan? Please, if you know anything about his death, you have to tell me.
You can't keep something like this from me.
Peter wanted you to hear the things that your father was saying to him.
He, uh, he recorded an argument they were having, um It just happened to be the night that your father Play it for me.
Look, maybe Peter can explain it to you when he comes in, and Play it, Megan.
Well, she loves me.
And there's nothing you can do about it.
The hell there isn't! I'll have the FBI re-open your case.
I'll have the IRS all over your books! I'll squash you, that's what I'll do.
You're a lower life form, Burns.
You're the bottom of the food chain, and as long as I have Tom! I didn't tell you about this because I wanted to protect you.
It wasn't me you were protecting.
And you know what? I can't stand the sight of you.
I, uh, I have an appointment.
Um, I warned you, Peter.
Three hours and not a single walk-in.
This has got to be my worst disaster yet.
Where are the sick and dying when you need them, huh? Maybe you'll get lucky and there'll be a terrible bus accident outside.
That's very funny.
Yo, say hey, Doc, you're all moved in.
You know, this is a great day for those of us who live around here.
Oh, yeah, looks like a disaster to me.
I've got no patients, no visitors, no lookie loos, nothing.
That's why you need me.
See, like I said last time, folks don't know you.
But once they see you working with someone they trust, like me, their attitude's gonna change.
You're gonna have more patients than you can handle.
And what does that mean "working with"? More of an arrangement, really.
See, I, I provide you with certain monthly cash base, say, a couple hundred bucks or so, and you see the more legally challenged friends of mine.
Well, Spider, that's, that's really not a lot of money.
You know, as a matter of fact, I'd call that a rip-off.
Yo, it's better than nothing, bro.
And then, like magic, your business will blossom.
We got a deal? Deal, but on a trial basis.
All right, you won't regret this, Doc.
We're going to be great partners.
Ladies, nice to see you again.
Michael, who is that punk anyway? He's a local guy, Ma.
Businessman, patient What difference does it make? Megan, what are you doing here? We're here to check out your open house.
Mom is so proud of you, starting out on your own like this.
And Megan is Curious.
Megan, it's, uh so great to see you.
I'm really glad you came.
Back off, Michael, she divorced you.
Now then, let's see how you dressed up the place.
Mom got Aunt Mary and Uncle Vinnie to sink half of their life savings into this place, and look at it.
It's worse from the inside than it is from the street.
This place is really a dump, Michael.
Oh, yeah? Well, everybody is going to make a lot of money in this dump, okay? You know that guy that was just here? A community representative.
Thinks very highly of the place, huh? Oh, and by the way, Megan, I am I'm helping the poorest of the poor here.
Hmm, that doesn't seem like you, Michael.
Oh, come on, sweetheart.
You know I've always been interested in public service.
Michael! If you don't get some paint and disinfectant back there, nobody will come in here for nothing, period.
Now you've got family money, Amy's money, from what I hear, but I don't see where it is, except for the equipment.
Yeah, Ma, that's where it is, it's in the medical stuff.
Amy said that was donated.
She thinks that you are living off our money.
Ma, I am not a crook.
Uh, Jennifer, I think we should get going.
Uh, Amanda's wedding's in a couple of hours.
Yeah, Ma, wouldn't want to miss the ceremony huh? You're not going to be there, Michael? Oh, no, I've got to put my nose to the old stethoscope.
But I was thinking, Megan, that maybe you could skip the ceremony and you know, hang around here with me for awhile.
Then maybe we can talk, and then later we can get a bite to eat.
'Cause it's not like Amanda's never been married before.
No thanks, Michael, I'm meeting Coop, and, uh, it'll be a beautiful ceremony.
Oh, okay.
Now listen to me, bambino, Jennifer told me about all the terrible things you did to that woman.
So leave her alone, at least until you get reestablished, capisce? Yeah, Ma.
Michael, I believe in you, but you have got to stop lying to me.
And you sure as hell better not blow your family's money or you're going to be very, very sorry.
Okay, Ma, don't Don't worry, okay? Don't worry.
So what do you think? The dress isn't too severe, is it? I just couldn't do that lace and train thing.
I mean, it worked for you, first wedding and everything, but I've already been through this twice, and I've got a couple of years on you.
You look so beautiful.
Kyle is going to drop dead when he sees you.
I hope not.
You know, this is corny, but I've never felt like this before.
I've finally found someone, after all we've been through, that I can trust.
It's a miracle, really.
That's wonderful.
Are you okay? Oh, yeah.
Just happy for you.
Amanda, I couldn't find anything blue, but I did find something old A picture of Kyle and me on our wedding day.
Oh, hell, you've already got the something borrowed covered, my husband.
Too bad he hasn't shown.
All the guests out there are wondering if maybe he's standing you up.
You know, I don't remember you being a guest so why don't you get out of here? Gladly.
Oh, by the way, your dress is hideous.
Oh, don't you even let that twisted girl get to you.
I'm sure that Kyle's on his way right now.
Christine, let's go! Don't want to be late to the wedding.
I'm pushing it myself.
Christine, you there?! Now what? Christine, I thought I told you I'd give you a ride, but I don't have time to mess around! Christine?! "Dear Kyle, I'm so sorry, but I couldn't face "seeing you marry someone else.
"I guess it's time for me to catch my train, "and end everybody's misery.
Love, forever, Christine.
" No, no.
Yeah, Sam, it's Kyle, let me talk to Amanda.
It's Kyle.
Kyle, where are you? I'm at my place, I just found a note from Christine.
She's not here, she's gonna kill herself, Amanda.
What? How do you know that? It's in the note, okay? I think that she's out by the Glendale V.
There's a train I've got to stop her.
Kyle, we are getting married, there are people here.
Call the police or something.
Yeah, I will, okay, but I've got to do what I can to stop her.
Just delay people, okay? I will be there as soon as I possibly can.
I love you.
Christine, get out of the car! Oh, Kyle.
It's okay.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
Well, after you called from the hospital, I accepted that you had to do what you felt you had to do.
So I, I stood there in the church and I told everyone to go home.
It was quite a moment.
Is Christine comfortable in her room? Yeah.
Yeah, she's gonna be in there for a couple of days.
And then what? I don't know, I guess she goes home.
Listen, I know how hard this was for you.
I don't think you do.
I have never postponed a wedding before, I have never heard of anyone postponing a wedding before, especially ten minutes before they're supposed to walk down the aisle.
So I'm thinking we should postpone ours indefinitely.
Will you stop talking like this? Come on, we can get married right away.
No, we can't, not until you straighten out this war romance with Christine and get her the hell out of our lives.
Do you think that's too much to ask? Okay, fine, but it wasn't a romance, you know that.
It's just one more lonely woman marching out of your past.
The parade never ends.
Will you stop it? That's your job.
And until you do, there's not a lot to talk about.
Coop, hi, it's me.
Hey, what's up? Nothing, really, I'm just, um I was cleaning up some of your paperwork, and, uh, I was thinking, heck, uh, it's the weekend, and maybe you'd wanna take me for a long lunch and a walk along the beach.
Oh, listen, I'd love to, Megan, but, um, Lexi, Lexi's still kind of a wreck, and I don't really feel right about leaving her alone.
I'm sorry, maybe tomorrow, okay? Yeah, sure, I understand, um I'll see you later.
Hey, Coop, sorry to bother you like this.
Lexi didn't come home.
I've been looking everywhere for her.
I'm just wondering if you haven't heard from her.
Yeah, as a matter of fact, she's here.
She's, uh, she's in the bedroom.
Is that right? Yeah, not that it's any of your business, but, uh, I bunked out here last night.
She just needed a sympathetic ear.
I'm not sure she's ready to see you yet, partner.
Well, I'm not interested in your opinions, partner.
I know how things look, but I did what I did because I love you.
Your father's death was completely accidental.
It was fate.
I shouldn't have kept the truth from you, but You didn't want me to hear the truth.
No! Not at all.
You know, Peter, there's a lot of things that I can forgive, but what you did to my father isn't one of them.
Lexi, we argued, but I didn't kill him.
Well, he's dead, okay? He's gone forever.
And you know what the sad part is, Peter, is that if you'd just trusted me and how I felt about you, then you would have known that nothing that my father could have said or done would have changed how I loved you! And then none of this would have happened! I wish it hadn't happened either.
But I still love you.
Well all I feel is sorry for you.
But not sorry enough to have anything to do with you.
So, please, leave me alone.
I mean it, Peter, go.
That was weird last night, wasn't it? I mean, Amanda telling everybody that she had to put off the wedding for a while? Kyle's nowhere around.
Because he was pulling his old girlfriend off the tracks before a train smushed her.
Really? Yeah, you didn't hear? The crazy bimbo tried to commit suicide, or so she says.
It has "ploy" written all over it if you ask me.
God, do you see, do you see? That's what I'm saying; This marriage thing, it makes everybody crazy.
And Billy and I we haven't made love in weeks.
I mean, the wedding and your mom, it's just anything is an excuse not to be in the mood.
And the weird thing is, it's mutual.
We just keep looking for excuses to not get close.
And all the while I'm thinking about Jeff Baylor.
Oh, we had this great dinner the other night.
Listen to me, it, it makes you crazy! I guess.
I just know that, for me, after what I've been through lately, when an opportunity presents itself, I'd take it.
Especially one as great as this Jeff guy.
Yeah, well, it's not really an option for me.
Oh, I'm sorry, Sam.
Of course it's not, what am I saying? You're happy with Billy, so just keep it to flirting with Jeff.
I mean it's boring, but it's a hell of a lot safer.
And for an old married lady like you, safe is definitely the way to go.
See ya later, Sam.
See ya.
You know, I'm not really bored with Billy, I'm not.
I'm sorry, Sam, of course you're not.
You're happy, and I'm happy for you.
All right, stay cool, stay cool, brother.
Oh, it hurts! Dawg, it hurts! It's the insurance Doc! Doc, my friend here is really hurt! Oh, God, they shot me! Okay, call the paramedics, and I'll stabilize him and get him to an ER, come on! Hey, no, you fix this, understand, that's part of our deal! Spider, no deal covers this, all right?! Gunshot wounds get reported and go to the hospital, let's go.
All right, take it easy.
Come on, right up here, hop up here.
Tell your nurse to stop that call right now.
Look Amy, uh, it wasn't a gunshot wound, after all! Um, don't call, okay? Are you sure, Doctor? Yeah, I'm, uh I'm dead sure.
Why don't you watch the front, and I'll finish up in here? Yeah, okay.
This is the last time, you got that? We have no deal, I don't want your trouble or your business.
What's your name, son? Paulie.
I'm sorry, Doc, we can't let you back out.
I need you around here.
Yeah, well, you're very lucky, Paulie.
The bullet passed right through.
You have some tissue damage, though.
I'm gonna sew and clean you up.
And if you're really lucky, you'll just be in a sling for a couple of weeks.
All right.
Hold that.
You hear what I said, Doc? Yeah, and I don't really care, okay? Now, look, I don't want to see you or your friends around here anymore.
As a matter of fact, why don't you wait outside? And when I'm done with Paulie, I'll send him out.
Amy! Come in here and fix me up a suture tray! We're friends, Dr.
Nothing's gonna change that.
Now, you will learn to appreciate my friendship, I promise you that.
"Go back out, come back in.
" You know, half the time, Doctor, I don't think you know what you want.
Yeah, I know.
Ow, that hurts.
I know.
Just like a little kid No, I mean I really stepped in it this time.
I mean, I am right on the edge of being happily married to the woman that I love, and I step backwards into some sad old memory, and everybody's the worse for it.
Especially me.
But then again, Christine didn't get turned into a new railroad tie out in Glendale.
You did the honorable thing, Kyle.
Just make sure nobody's guilting you around.
You are a little susceptible to that, you know.
Here you go, mister, first one's on the house.
Thank you very much.
Where's Samantha? Oh, she had to work again.
I'll be glad when this Baylor account's over, I'll tell you that.
Hey, girl's got to earn a living.
You're not feeling jealous, are you? No.
I mean, you know, it's been tough.
I've just never seen her so hyped up about a job before.
She and I, uh haven't been very close lately so I get a little suspicious of Baylor.
I get a little suspicious of Sam, and I feel terrible.
Why am I telling you this? Because we're friends.
And besides, all of that make-believe around my mom made us familiar.
Look, Billy, every new marriage has its ups and downs, you know, but believe me, you can trust Samantha.
Maybe you should just give her some space.
You know, sometimes people feel crowded in a relationship.
I mean, I'm not like that.
That's just me, always looking for the perfect guy.
But you should know this, Billy Campbell, if you ever need a friend or someone to talk to, I'll be there.
Oh I want to touch you Want sunshine Then springtime Michael.
Hey! Hey.
Megan, what a surprise.
Yeah, I was just thinking about what you said the other day, about us maybe going and getting a bite to eat and talking.
It's been a long time.
And I'm a little worried about you.
Yeah, well, what worries me, you driving around this neighborhood alone.
It's okay.
Listen, let's take my car.
I know a little coffee shop down the street.
Shut up and nobody gets hurt! Yo, what do you two worthless punks think you're doing, huh?! This was a really stupid move! Now get out of here before I decide to solve this problem permanently! Oh, my God, what's happened to this neighborhood? Dr.
Mancini, are you all right? And you, Miss, I'm very sorry.
You don't think I know you did this, huh? Don't you try to terrorize me! Michael, be careful.
Hey, I'm just trying to look out for you and your lady friend here, Doc, so don't go throwing any accusations around! I mean, you don't want me for an enemy, do you?! Listen, man, just, just leave me alone, all right? Sure, for now.
But I'd hurry on home if I were you.
Nick? Oh, my God, what are you doing here? I heard you almost got smacked by a train.
Yeah, it was a close call.
I still don't know why you're here.
I bet you know.
Why not? I don't no.
Oh, God, Nick I've missed this! Yeah, me, too, baby me, too.