Melrose Place s06e24 Episode Script

Too Romantic For Words

1 Oh, my God.
Good morning, handsome.
What did I do? I am married.
I am I know you are, but you were with me, and I care about you and we shared something that was it was magical.
And it changed things.
What happened last night meant a lot to me, too, but that doesn't change the fact that I've got this ring on my finger.
You know? And I don't feel magical, I don't feel warm, I don't feel anything but that I'm like a snake, like I'm I'm, like, the lowest thing on the planet.
And I wanna find Sam.
What do you mean? Billy, you're not gonna tell her, are you? Don't go crazy.
I don't know.
I just gotta be with her.
I have to go find her in San Diego 'cause that's where I belong.
Where's my shirt? I am wearing it, silly.
You said I could when I got cold last night.
I'll take it off if you want me to.
I need it back.
Take it off in the bathroom.
Hurry up.
Billy, I will handle this however you want me to, but as your friend, I think you should play this carefully.
We'll just go back and act like it never happened.
I just don't wanna look back on this as a bad thing.
That's all I ask.
It's our memory.
And a good one.
And a private one.
Okay? Okay, that'd probably be best.
I know it is.
Jeff: When you're a little more conscious there is scrambled eggs with cream cheese and chives, toasted baguettes, strawberries, and anything else your little heart desires right over there on that cart.
I have everything my heart desires right here.
I can't wait until you're Mrs.
Jeff Baylor.
I don't know.
Sam, what is it? Nothing, I'm just hungry is all.
I should call Billy and, and, and find out what happened at the awards dinner.
Look, Sam, look, I am sorry, okay? I didn't mean to spoil things, but I can't hide my feelings.
I love you.
You know that, right? More than anyone in my entire life.
Me, too.
Billy, on answering machine: Sorry we can't come to the phone right now, but Sam or Billy will call you back if you leave a message after the beep.
It's me, I was just wondering how it went last night.
I guess I'll catch up with you at work.
I tried to catch you at the apartment this morning, but you'd already left.
Getting to work awfully early, aren't you? What if I am? It's none of your business.
You can't avoid me forever, Amanda.
I don't see why not.
'Cause we're married? An unpleasant fact.
Especially for you.
I don't think so.
I know we belong together.
That's because you're too blind to see who I really am.
No, see, I see who you really are.
I see an intelligent, beautiful woman who blames herself for a death that wasn't her It was my fault.
You said so yourself.
And don't expect me to fall for this new line just because you're sentimental or you, you need to get laid all of a sudden.
For God sakes, Amanda, you know better than that.
Like hell I do.
You know, when I finally realized who I was, it made me see everyone else a whole lot clearer.
Please go.
Agree to see me again.
Do you want me to call security? No, what I want I want one night for the two of us together at the club.
So we can remember what we had and what we were to each other.
And if I say yes, will you leave me alone? Promise me.
Now, get the hell out of here.
It'll be a good time.
Couldn't sleep at all last night Thinking about that stupid fight You walked out and left me here Thinking to myself What would I do, where would I go? I know I'll never find another woman like you I've been a fool Thinking only of myself Without you Oh, what would I do, where would I go? I know I'll never find Good morning, Billy.
You look like you had quite a night.
Jennifer, are you just now getting home? Long story, Megan, and I really don't wanna talk about it.
All right.
What's going on? Okay, but, Megan, this is major mouth-shut time.
You understand? Mmm-hmm.
Well? It's it's complicated.
Everything is.
Okay, uh You saw Billy come in Yes.
And then me.
Uh, well last night, we, uh, we went to this thing, and, uh I slept with him.
Made love.
In a hotel, the two of us.
He's married to my friend.
Well, she might not be my friend anymore.
I, I mean, she still trusts me, but if Billy spills, big mess, but, but it's a big mess anyway, isn't it? You and Billy? God, yes, it is.
Just take it from me, okay? The last person you wanna be is the other woman in a marriage.
Just look at it like a train wreck and walk away and stay away.
But, Megan, I love him.
A hell of a lot more than Sam does, that's for sure.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
What are you talking about? It's just that I know how I feel about Billy, and Sam couldn't possibly feel the same way about him.
Hello? Samantha, on phone: Oh, hi, Jennifer, it's Sam.
I'm glad I caught you.
Hey, Sam.
Did everything work out? Yeah, yeah, it did.
I need to know what happened at the award ceremony last night.
What? Did we win? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, you did.
Oh, that's great.
That's really great.
All right, we need to throw Billy some kind of celebration.
He needs to feel appreciated.
Samantha: And you should come, too.
We'll throw him a thing downstairs from the office.
After all you, you took my place last night.
Yeah, I guess I really did take your place.
Samantha: All right, I'll see you soon.
Just know you may never take her place.
I don't know, Megan.
Things happen.
Oh, Taylor, Taylor, you know, I don't mind saving your life and all, but I really don't need a roommate right now.
So, I'd appreciate it if you'd pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and get the hell out of here.
Gee, Michael, I'd like to.
I mean, you've been a really lousy host.
But I'm still a little woozy from my head injury.
Oh, get real, I got home yesterday, you were running on the beach.
Okay, I was feeling a little bit better.
But I'm afraid that Nick is still out there.
And what is to stop him from trying to find me and kill me again? Hey, what the hell do you want me to do about it, huh? He's your murder plot buddy.
Besides, you know, I got problems of my own.
You know I've had more marriages than King Fahd.
And my clinic is falling apart around me.
If I don't get down there right now, the pathetic patients that do show up will slither back into the gutter, and then I'll really never get out of this hole.
Please, Michael, look, I know that most, Okay, all of what has happened is my fault, and I do deserve to suffer some for what I did, but you can't send me out there to be beaten to death by some lunatic who is a trained killer.
I'm gonna give you the number where Nick was staying, the motel.
I want you to go down there, check around for me, you know, the neighborhood, too.
And if Nick isn't around, I will be out of here in a flash, I promise.
All right? All right, all right.
I'm gonna have to find somebody to cover the clinic for me.
Oh, thank you, Michael.
Again, you're a lifesaver.
But, Taylor, I'm only doing this to get you out of here.
Burns-Cooper, good morning.
I'll never get used to hearing my practice called that.
Michael, what do you want? Look, Megan, I need a favor.
You have the wrong number.
Oh, come on, Megan, please, this is an emergency.
Don't hang up.
I wouldn't ask you otherwise.
Now, look I, I need you to go down to the clinic for me.
Michael, if you remember, I already did you a favor, I set up that meeting with Peter and you never showed.
Yeah, well, there were complications.
Look, Megan, this is different, okay? I mean, my clinic is the only one around for miles.
You know, the neighborhood needs it.
And I promise, I will not leave you stranded.
I'll be there before you know it.
Come on, Megan.
People in that neighborhood, they depend on me.
Michael, you better not leave me stranded.
Don't worry.
You can count on me this time.
Samantha: So, these awards, more than anything else, are a testament of Billy Campbell's leadership.
I mean, of course with Amanda's guidance.
But in the end it's Billy that we have to thank for the prestige that he's brought to our company Amanda, would you like to say a word? Not really.
Samantha: Okay.
Uh, well then, why don't we hear something from the man himself? The number two man in our company and the number one man in my life.
Okay, not in front of everybody.
Peter, I had a great time tonight.
Dinner was wonderful.
I'm really glad that you asked me out.
You feel like you're 17 again, huh? Yeah.
Listen, I meant what I said in Coop's office the other day.
I miss you.
I miss you like Come on, like what? I don't know, like like a drowning man in the ocean misses a 60 foot yacht with a big private statesroom and silk sheets.
Yes, and nice music, some tasteful wine.
Tasteful's good.
Welcome aboard.
Hey, babe.
Thanks for watching the place for me.
Michael, I am not your babe.
Okay? Oh, sorry.
You know what I mean.
Anyway, I got a little held up, but things look okay here.
That's because Megan was resourceful enough to call in a competent doctor to cover for your pathetic butt.
Coop, you don't work here.
This is my clinic.
I decide who's gonna Michael, we were swamped with patients, there was a flu scare, and return patients started showing up, thank goodness Coop was here to help.
Okay, but don't expect to get paid or anything.
I'm not responsible if you volunteered.
You know what? I don't understand why this great woman keeps saving your bacon.
That's one of the great mysteries of life to me because you've gotta be the lowest form of life I've come across since the last time I stepped on a slug.
Oh, really, then why don't you get the hell out of here, huh? Before I throw you out with the rest of the medical waste.
You know, fine.
All right, all right.
You know what? You know what? We're leaving.
All right? No, Megan, Megan, look.
Listen, let that stiff-necked geek split, but I thought I might take you out for a drink, you know, to thank you Michael, I really don't think that's appropriate.
Coop, please stop.
Michael: Come on Brett: The answer is no.
You got it? No now.
No for the rest of your useless life.
Megan, your boyfriend's a little unstable here.
You know, it's simple, Megan.
If you can't shake this piece of dirt loose, I don't know what's gonna happen between us.
Megan, Megan, how about that drink? You know, you are sick, Michael.
The word's "determined.
" Still no sign of Amanda? Not in the 2 minutes since the last time you asked.
Well, I don't get it.
She promised she'd be here.
All day long she doesn't take my calls.
For God sake's, Kyle, you should just forget about Amanda and start enjoying yourself.
We are having a great night.
Yeah, I'm gonna try to call her one more time.
Hello? Yeah, it's Kyle.
Can I talk to Amanda? Oh, hi, Kyle.
Yeah, she's right here.
We're burning the midnight oil Uh you know what? She just stepped out.
She's um with a rep.
She had a late meeting with a rep.
You're a crappy liar, Samantha.
She's sitting right there, isn't she? No, honest.
Well, tell her she doesn't have to go to all the trouble.
I knew she was lying the whole time.
I'm sorry, I didn't know you guys were having trouble.
Forget about it.
Let's get back to work.
So, he said he always knew you were lying.
He sounded kind of hurt.
What's happening? I've changed my mind.
You can go home.
Oh, come on, Amanda, we're friends.
I don't have any friends anymore, and I don't need you poking around my life.
I mean, aren't you busy with your affair and your own lies? If I were you, I'd pay attention to that.
'Cause it'd be a shame if it got out and blew up in your face.
Are you threatening me? Just some friendly advice.
This is more like it.
Mmm, it feels good waking up with you again.
Oh, my God.
What? Oh, man, I'm late.
I'm late.
Look at this suit.
Yeah, well, it was sure fun messing it up.
Oh, yeah, it was deep, earth-shaking, life-affirming, but the reality is I got a staff meeting, kid.
Hell, fun is good enough for me now.
I gotta get back up to Malibu, change and back to the hospital in light speed.
So, drive carefully, I want you in back in my bed in one piece.
See you later.
Oh, always nice to see true love blossoming in the morning.
Yeah, well, morning.
Hey, Coop, we gotta talk about some Sterling-Conway business this afternoon.
Yeah, I better go.
Call me at the office.
Well, isn't this a cozy group? I hope you're not planning on moving in.
We don't allow dogs on the property.
Real nice, Amanda.
I can have anybody I want in my apartment, Amanda.
Just keep him out of my sight.
Got some exercise, huh? That's a good sign.
No, just torturing myself.
You know, if your not coming to the club last night was to make a point, you made it, but I want you to understand something.
No matter what you do to hurt me or how much you try to hide from me, you and I are married forever, and nothing you do can change that.
Don't bet on it.
Madam office manager.
As your employer, as well as your physician, and not to mention your love interest, I would like to propose a toast.
To the most beautiful, compassionate and understanding woman in the world.
That's you.
Okay, it's not even lunchtime it's hardly time for cocktails.
What is going on? Well, as my dearly departed grandmother used to say, it's always past 5:00 somewhere in the world, darling, so, it's never too early for cocktails.
Anyway, it's our 6-month anniversary.
No, I think it's more like 4 and a half months.
So what's really going on here? You haven't said anything about my little, uh, explosion at Michael's clinic.
Oh, come on, he gets on my nerves, too.
Believe me, I understand.
No, no, but it's more than that, it's I love you, Megan, I do, and and I get nuts when I see him trying to pull you back in, and that is what he's trying to do.
But still, I, I shouldn't flip out like that, and then I feel you tense up this morning when we walked passed Lexi.
Oh, come on, it's a little knee-jerk jealousy.
Yeah, that's exactly my point.
We've got too many relationship ghosts around us.
There's not much we can do about that.
Well, actually, I'm working on something that might fix everything, but I don't wanna tell you about it until I know more.
What is this, some kind of murder plot or something? Well, it crossed my mind, but it's way too messy.
Anyway, right now, to you, to our future, and to my promise to quit being such a short-tempered jerk.
You are not a jerk.
You are gorgeous, inside and out.
I could see it in Megan's eyes, Jennifer, that old feeling for me still smolders in there.
There's nothing smoldering about you in Megan's eyes except maybe some leftover disgust.
When are you gonna leave that poor girl alone, Michael? Never, little sister.
Because she and I are tied by true love and experience.
Two things that you're just not old enough to appreciate yet.
In every aspect but years I am way older than you, Michael.
Hey, girlfriend.
Okay, feeling a little bit on edge, are we? Yeah, everything's just gotten way too thick and complicated, scary, all of a sudden.
What do you mean? I feel like dirt, all right? I'm cheating on my husband, and the man that I'm cheating with wants to be my husband, too.
He asked me to marry him, Jen.
Yup, I'm suicidal.
Was he serious? Oh, very.
Can barely wait to call me Mrs.
My own heart is tearing me to pieces.
I mean, I love Jeff, and I love Billy, and I'm so guilty, and I'm so screwed up.
I'm trying to run away from this marriage that at the same time I'm trying to save.
I just don't know what I'm gonna do.
What am I gonna do? Do you really wanna know what I think? Yeah, it's why I'm here.
Okay, I think it's time that you make a choice.
I mean, even though Billy doesn't know what's going on, he's gotta be feeling that something's wrong, and it's gotta be hurting him.
I don't wanna hurt him.
I don't wanna hurt Billy, I don't wanna hurt Jeff, I don't wanna hurt anybody.
Well, the only way to stop is to leave.
What are you saying? You wanna know what I think.
I think you should leave Billy.
I think it'd be best for both of you.
Kyle: Come on, Jen, you've got drink orders backing up.
Have you seen Taylor or even heard from her? No, not in a couple of days.
Well, I haven't either, and I've tried calling her, but she's disappeared.
Must make work life a little easier, huh? I don't think it's funny, I'm really worried, Kyle.
Don't worry, she's fine, okay? How do you know? I mean, she always is, right? I'm just saying she can take care of herself.
Look, uh I'll see you guys later.
I'll check around.
I'm sure she's fine.
What's going on? I thought we were going for dinner.
Don't worry, we'll get to dinner.
I got a little surprise for you.
You'll love it.
Trust me.
Peter: Lexi Sterling, welcome home.
What? Did some thinking today and I realized where our problems came from.
You did? Yeah, my old place had too many bad memories for both of us.
And that crappy little apartment you're living in now, that's just below you, so I bought this in both of our names.
It was a lease option, so the paperwork was quick and bingo.
Hmm? Here we are in a bigger, nicer place than before.
And a fresh start for both of us.
Look at this view out here, huh? I think those are the lights of Honolulu.
Pretty pleased with yourself, aren't you? Well, shouldn't I be? I mean, come on, you like it, don't you? You can redecorate if you want.
You know, this is so typical of you.
You make this huge decision without even consulting me first.
Well, it's a surprise.
And now you're pressuring me to move in with you again.
No, no, there's no, no pressure, it's a present.
Stop it.
You know, I was really happy the way things were.
I was happy living in that crappy little apartment, I was happy getting close to you again and finally getting to trust you again.
But you don't care about any of that, do you? No, you only care about what Peter wants.
And by God, Peter is gonna get it.
Well, not this time.
Oh, God.
I want you to drive me home.
Brett: Yeah, absolutely, I'll have all that for you, and I look forward to it.
And then, thanks again.
All right, bye.
What are you grinning about? You look like you just swallowed a dozen canaries.
Well, I guess I can tell you now.
I guess you better.
I am one of a dozen physicians in the country who will be interviewing for an opening at the Hutchins Research Hospital in Philadelphia.
Is that good news? It's great news, it's This is one of the most prestigious research institutions in the country.
Now, they're sending a rep out here for a face-to-face, so if I make the cut, then then we go to Philadelphia for the final interviews.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Philadelphia? We haven't even talked about that.
Well, we're talking about it now.
Don't you see, this is the solution to our relationship ghosts, our knee-jerk jealousies.
You and I, we get the hell out of Dodge and we leave the rest of these psychos behind to chew on each others' bones.
So, um you've been thinking about this for quite a while, haven't you? Yeah, I've um I've uh I've had a headhunter working for me for weeks.
And a research position? With you by my side thousands of miles from here, that's a dream come true.
Don't you think? What do you think? I think that you're an incredible salesman, and um what if I I don't wanna move? Would you go without me? No, never.
Good answer.
Can I, um, think about this? Of course, I mean, nothing's for sure, anyway.
This could be our chance, Megan, this could be it.
I just got a letter from Nick.
Listen to this.
It's crazy.
It's an apology.
"Kyle, I'm sorry Taylor's dead.
" I never meant for it to happen.
" That's nuts.
Even for a psycho like Nick.
That's a really sick joke.
My God.
I haven't seen Nick around anywhere.
Couldn't be.
You know what? I'm gonna take this to the cops.
Mario, I wanna do some light specials for the week.
Taylor you're okay.
Well, of course I am.
Kyle, what are you doing here? Maybe you can tell me.
Just got a letter from Nick.
Says that you're dead, and he's sorry about it.
Know anything about this? Uh well, I know that your friend Nick always wanted me dead.
Maybe this is just his drinking getting the better of his imagination.
I don't know.
Nothing more to it? I mean, you've been gone for two days.
Where you been? I was with a friend.
A very special friend, and we got a room at the beach.
I really don't think you wanna know any more than that.
So, if you'll excuse me, Mario and I have work to do.
I'll talk to you later.
Hello? Yeah, Sam, it's Jeff.
I have to see you.
I know I said the wrong thing, but it doesn't change the fact that I love you and we belong together.
Jeff, I don't think this is a good time.
I'm not taking no for an answer.
You understand? So, I'm concerned about Sam.
Oh, most of her work's fine, this one just slipped through the cracks.
But you're not talking about work, are you? It's just we got married and we almost immediately started drifting apart.
Now she's, she's like, all over me again.
It does not feel real at all.
We don't really even look at each other anymore.
I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Marriage is unnatural anyway.
You're born alone, you die alone.
Anything else is make-believe.
How can you say that? You just got married.
Because it's true.
At least for me.
Ah, listen, that was the local Glazed Out rep, and she needs to see me right away.
But I will redo that artwork and have it on your desk first thing in the morning, okay? If it's okay with Billy.
Sure, that's okay.
Great, thanks.
I'll see you later.
Sounds awfully excited to go see a porcelain company rep, wouldn't you say? Maybe she's lying, maybe she's not.
To tell you the truth, I don't care.
You know, I forgot, I have a lunch, too.
See you later.
Okay, so, forget about what I said about marriage and stuff for now, okay? But I was there in that bed in San Diego and I know how we feel about each other.
I mean, these are deep feelings, Sam, it's it's a big deal, you can't just brush it away.
Believe me, Jeff, I've missed you.
Everything about you, the way that you look at me, and your eyes.
I just don't know what to do.
I do.
Oh, come on, we have to be careful somebody might see us.
See, that's just it.
I am sick to death of being careful and I know you are, too.
So, come on.
Stop letting guilt run your life and kiss me right now like you mean it in front of God and everybody.
Oh, it's you.
Can I come in for a second? Yeah, uh, do you want a sandwich? Uh, I was just making lunch.
There's probably some extra turkey.
No, I'm not really hungry.
Just I wanted to see how you were doing.
I'm fine, I guess.
Yeah, I saw you over at the agency at, you know at that little party Sam threw me, and you seemed kind of uncomfortable, so, I just wanted to tell you that the other night, when you and I spent the night together at the hotel, that meant a lot to me, too.
You know, I would never do something like that lightly.
You know, I care for you very much and the last thing in the world I would ever want to do is hurt you.
I know.
But it's nice to hear you say it out loud.
So, that's it, I just wanted to tell you that.
I should be going.
Don't be.
I, uh We'll talk later.
We'll talk later.
What are you doing here? I need you to sign off on some orders.
Why are you going through Christine's stuff? None of your business.
Leave it on the desk.
I will get to it later.
No, it is my business, and you wanna know why? Because, believe it or not, I am still concerned about your happiness.
And the fact is that the more that you dwell on the past and Christine, the unhappier you are going to be.
You have caused me more unhappiness in my life than anybody else, so I would appreciate it if you would get the hell out of my office.
Kyle, I am sorry for the things that I did, I am, but I've turned over a new leaf.
I have, and I want you to believe me.
That's one thing I'll never do.
Kyle, lighten up, she's just trying to look out for you, you shouldn't be going through that stuff.
Finally, somebody who understands, now, come on, let's You know what, understand this, Okay? I talk to you about business, that's all.
Everything else is off limits.
I would appreciate it if you would get out of my office.
But I still love you, and you can't change that.
You okay? Yeah.
You know that letter from Nick, the one I told you about? Yeah, weird stuff.
Yeah, well, I'm going through this stuff trying to find something that will help me make sense of it because somehow I know it's connected to Christine being here, but so far all I got is a date book and a couple of bills.
Bills? Mmm-hmm.
Is her motel bill in there? Yeah.
Well, if she made any phone calls from her motel The numbers will be on it.
Uh, this jazz club.
That's my phone number.
What's this one? I don't know.
Let's find out.
Man: Front desk.
Yeah, hi.
Where are you located? Man: Oh, Sunset and Gower.
Hotel on Sunset.
Yeah do you have a guest staying there by the name of Nick Reardon? Man: Yeah, we did.
Oh, he checked out already? Man: Yeah.
Couple days ago.
Man: Mmm-hmm.
So, Nick was here.
I don't know what he had to do with everything, but he was here, and I am sure as hell going to find out why.
Hey, beautiful morning, isn't it? Michael, what are you doing out here? Well, what do you think? I'm reliving the early days of our relationship.
Where we met, jogging on the beach.
Yeah, well, in case you haven't noticed, this is not the beach, and I was enjoying being alone, so scram, all right? Well, I would, but I can't, not till you kill a vicious rumor I heard.
Sounds like Jennifer blabbed about Philadelphia.
Oh, come on, Megan, you can't to this, okay? I won't let you.
I'm from back east, okay? I've been there, I know you'll hate it.
Look, you're a warm-weather person, sunshine, blues skies and the warm, comforting hope that one day you'll be reunited with your ex-husband, somebody who really loves you.
Not like that creep you're shacked up with now, who's only using you.
Look, Michael, I told Jennifer I was thinking about it, okay? And whether I go or not, I will do it without thinking about you, or how it affects you, or what you think about it, okay? Because I finally realized that you spend enough time thinking about Michael Mancini that know one else has to.
Come on, you won't leave.
You love me.
No, Michael, I don't.
Now, tell me you didn't feel something.
Not a thing.
But thank you.
You just helped me make up my mind.
Morning, handsome.
It's your wake up call.
Don't you wish it was in person? Well, this is a surprise after the other night.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I've been up all night, and I don't know what to say except with all this mess with my dad and Amanda still lurking, in my head, anyway, I just I guess it's made me a little over-sensitive.
A little? You know, I was only trying to do something nice for you.
I know that.
But, Peter I wanna trust you again.
I do, I really do, and, well, I want to make everything up to you.
So let me make you dinner tonight at my place.
I really don't feel comfortable over there.
At my new place.
Let's say 7:00? Hmm? We can talk about our living arrangements over dessert.
Okay? Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
See you later.
Come on, Taylor, open up.
Come on in.
I'm watching Judge Judy, and she's about to take apart this guy who's scamming his own mother.
Come on.
No, thank you.
I think I'll stay out here in the fresh air.
You know, I've been doing a little snooping around.
You know what I turned up? I don't know.
A new way to break my heart? No, I spent the morning I a motel up on Sunset.
Turns out Nick's been staying there up until a couple days ago.
Also turns out that he's been there for quite a while, and he was in contact with Christine.
You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you? Um, gosh, no, I'm just as shocked as you are.
Shocked? Shocked how? Well, you know, stunned? Surprised? Come on, Kyle, I wish I could help you, but, um honestly, I don't know any more than you do.
I hope not.
For your sake.
Do you have a minute? Maybe.
What's it about? I need to talk to someone, and since we're old friends Friends? That dog comment was a little rough the other day, you know.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Do I look like a dog to you? No.
I, I know I lashed out at you.
I've been lashing out at everyone.
Kyle too.
Especially Kyle.
It's like, um, there's poison in me.
I've never felt like this before.
I look in the mirror and I feel sick.
It's like I can't stand to be alive, so I, um, I just thought maybe you could prescribe something for me or You don't need pills, Amanda, you need to deal with your problems head-on.
You ought to call Kyle, and have dinner and work it out with him.
I can't.
It's ruined.
I can't face him.
I know I've been difficult, but through it all underneath we're friends.
I I really need your help tonight.
Can you? Please? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Let me call.
Hello, is this you? Yeah, hi.
All right.
How far away are you? I'm still at the office, I'm afraid.
Listen, doesn't look like I'm gonna be able to make it for dinner.
Amanda showed up here at the office and she's in a real emotional jam.
Lexi? Um, yeah, okay.
I understand.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I we can do it tomorrow night, can't we? Maybe.
Listen, something's burning.
I gotta go.
Hi, Michael.
How you doing? Oh, great.
I'm going over all the money I don't have.
I'm getting a good look at things as my life goes down the sewer.
Sorry to hear that.
You're not looking for a place to hide out again, are you? No.
It's just that you're the only person that I can be honest with, and I just thought that I could talk to you, but sounds like you got more problems than I thought you did.
Your problems are more interesting.
Well, I'm scared.
Because Kyle found out that Nick was in town and he was talking to Christine.
And he's just a few steps of putting the whole thing together, and if he does, what am I gonna do? What do you think you're gonna do? Deny it.
He, uh, brings you proof, deny it.
He has 8x10s of you completely caught in the act? You deny it.
He brings in the Pope, who saw you do it, you deny it.
You really think it's that easy? No, it's not easy, Taylor, it's hard.
But you stick with it.
Deny, deny, deny.
It's the only defense that works.
Believe me.
I've tried everything else.
Half truths, partial admissions, explanations, it all blows up in your face.
I guess you're right.
'Course I am.
Want some burrito? I would love some.
There's some paper plates and some plastic forks right over there.
Thank you.
You ever notice that people like us always get the short end of the stick? Uh-huh.
That'll change.
One day.
Every dog has its day.
You're my inspiration, Michael, you know that? Amanda: I'm so grateful for this, Peter.
Remember, we used to come here when we were married? I mean, it's not like that anymore of course, but, um at least you're someone I can talk to.
I think I need that more than anything.
Someone I can talk to, someone I can trust.
Amanda, I I've always cared for you, and to be quite honest, I I sometimes put you above everybody else.
You don't need to do that.
I know, especially right now.
It's wrong.
Because I'm hurting someone that I love very much, and I just can't do it anymore.
No, wait.
Look, Amanda, I'm sorry.
This is not your fault, it's my fault, but I'll help you any way I can.
But not at Lexi's expense.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
And I realized that when you love someone they should come first.
Don't you think? Yeah, I do.
I do.
And I'm really hungry for that dinner.
Dinner's just gonna have to wait.
Oh, Peter.