Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Origin of Cryogenics

YEAR 1999
That's all I wanted to explain.
If I help you, Doctor,
are you sure you can make a better world
as you said?
Of course I am.
But how could you help me?
We'll pull off the experiment
and show the world.
JULY 28TH, 1999
2:17:42 A.M.
You're participating in the beginning
of the first human
cryogenic experiment in Korea,
or actually, in the whole world.
The glass of the cryogenic capsule you see
can withstand force
150 times better than tempered glass,
as it's made with polycarbonate.
The frame of the capsule's
made with terratanium,
a newly made special alloy.
As you can see, there are six capsules.
This cryogenic experiment is done
with full consent of the test subjects.
The identities
of four of the six test subjects
are classified information.
The actual test subjects
of this experiment
are in these two cryogenic capsules.
The experiment will take place
over exactly 24 hours.
One of the two test subjects
is none other
than the person behind this program,
director Ma Dong-chan.
And the other person is
I'll continue with a new battery.
Will it go well?
It will. In 23 hours and 31 minutes,
we'll become legends.
You're bringing this to me now?
Mi-ran waited for this for so long.
I'll have to give it to her
when she wakes up tomorrow.
It took a while
to get all four autographs.
Good job.
Shall we continue?
Will it be okay to show Mi-ran's face?
Yes. She gave consent.
Zoom in slowly. That's it.
Is that Ko Mi-ran's number?
This is Mario Electronics.
You came in for an interview.
Oh, right.
Thank you so much for applying.
Don't thank me. It was an obvious move.
Ms. Ko. We thank you
for your interest in our company,
but I must tell you that you didn't pass.
I'm really sorry.
That's okay.
It's not your fault I failed, Miss.
I'm no miss. I'm deputy manager of HR.
And I had a say, actually.
I won't forget the Chinese song you sang.
Why wouldn't you forget that?
Forget it.
And from now on, when giving such news,
you can just send a text.
It's not that pleasing
to take such a call,
-and I have no time to
-All right. Goodbye.
What the heck?
She made the call to show her authority.
How few people did they drop
that she has the time to call them all?
It's so annoying.
Are you saying you sang a Chinese song?
At a job interview?
You were out of your mind.
I'd applied to the foreign division.
Do you know how big the China market is?
So, you went and sang a Chinese song?
Why not a pop song?
Didn't I tell you to major in English?
She chose Chinese
because she went mad for Leslie Cheung.
Chinese will become huge. Wait and see.
"I will make it."
-That's what it means.
-Go on a blind date and get married.
That means, "I will never do that."
You're amazing.
-Aren't I?
-You brat.
Who could that be?
Eat up.
Mi-ran, it's the broadcasting station.
Come and take the call.
Are you going to the broadcasting station?
Can I come with you?
Not today. But next time I go,
I promise to take you with me.
When you go to the broadcasting station,
can you get FIN.K.L's autograph for me?
Okay. I promise to get it for you.
You will?
Yes, I will. Promise.
I want you to promise me something too.
If someone bullies you again,
you have to tell me, okay?
You have to.
Promise again.
By the way, what are you doing
at the broadcasting station?
Put that in the center.
Yes. That will do.
What? Up there?
I'm to film up there?
-I think so.
-My gosh.
Leave it! I'll go up!
Let's do this, people.
-You'll shoot yourself?
Come on, move it. Let's get to it.
We're shooting, everyone!
Go and man the slate.
-Go, now.
-One, two.
Cut. Okay.
Next up,
the Best Variety Show Director Award.
The presenter is Tony Ahn of H.O.T.
Hello, I'm Tony Ahn with H.O.T.
It's nice to see you all.
I feel so nervous right now.
I'll announce the winner right away.
The 1999 Korea Broadcasting Awards.
The Best Variety Show Director Award.
The winner is
Infinite Experiment Paradise's director
Ma Dong-chan. Congratulations.
Well done.
I'm so proud of you.
Infinite Experiment Paradise is a mix
of entertainment and documentary.
It's amusing, but it also provides
reality and information,
killing three birds with one stone.
It opened a new era for variety shows.
The highest viewer rating was
a record 41.3 percent,
and the show's truly one of a kind.
At Germany's Nacarno TV Festival,
he won the Best Award
for Non-dramatized Show.
The producer and director of the show,
Ma Dong-chan,
-is on stage receiving the award.
My gosh.
Well, he has a pretty face.
Thank you.
Since the viewers gave me this award,
I'll shamelessly but willingly accept it.
More than anything, I want to thank
the many test subjects
who did their best
in the tough experiments.
I'd also like to thank
my girlfriend who's always by my side.
Mr. Ma, before you walk off stage.
Your first project was a hit,
and so is this one, your second.
Are you working on something new?
I'm considering
something others won't do,
which means I must do it.
Is your girlfriend present tonight?
How should he
Announcer Na Ha-young
who does the narrations
for Infinite Experiment Paradise
is presenting him with flowers.
Thank you.
This is my girlfriend.
Hi, Ha-young.
Oh, well
Dong-chan just fell asleep.
You'll take part
in the experiment yourself?
You'll go into the capsule?
I've read the doctor's paper
for four days straight.
I watched videos of his experiments too.
It's a revolution.
Even if it's much more than that,
you can't do it.
Even the documentary team's against it.
It's reckless.
That's why I'll do it.
Because it's reckless.
I must do it because no one else will.
You're out of your mind.
Ha-young. This isn't simply
about making a program.
It's a historical calling.
Someone must do it.
Okay, fine.
why must that someone be you?
Find another test subject.
What director experiments on himself?
Freezing a human being?
I don't believe it.
Trust me.
I've never failed so far.
You don't think of me at all.
I'll show you something.
This was taken a month ago.
The dolphin's in much better health
than it was before it was frozen,
and better biorhythms.
That's a dolphin, not a human.
I'm a mammal too.
Ha-young. I'm really healthy,
so don't worry.
You can't stand the cold.
You never turn on the AC in the summer,
and hate taking cold showers.
Look at you now.
You want to be frozen
for 24 hours straight?
Does that even make sense?
It's just 24 hours.
Wait for me for just 24 hours. Please?
But Dong-chan,
the problem is,
we have no female test subject.
You're looking for another test subject?
If the director does it alone,
some might say it was faked.
And more than anything,
we need a female test subject
with a build different to mine
to improve credibility.
Who would volunteer?
No one in their right mind would.
Right. I wonder if there's anyone
among the girls from my year.
You can joke in this situation?
Wait, Hyun-ki. That girl.
How about the girl
who did the water rocket experiment?
You mean Mi-ran?
Her name's Mi-ran?
Seriously, Dong-chan?
She works as if she has ten lives,
and you still don't know her name?
She's practically the star of our show.
She did all the tough experiments.
Can you fly using just balloons?
How high can you stack food
on a buffet plate?
While pulling an eight-ton truck
with a tire,
she hurt an ankle,
which needed three weeks to heal,
but just three days later,
she did the huge fan experiment.
My gosh. She's a tough one.
So, Mr. Assistant Director.
You need me to get frozen, is that it?
Not like in freeze tag,
but to actually get frozen in a freezer.
Is that it?
My word.
Do you know why I took part
in all your stupid experiments?
Well, to help better
the entertainment industry?
Out of a divine
Why would I have that kind of mindset?
The will to challenge myself
and do things others don't?
Not at all.
I did it for money.
Experiments no one else would do,
I did because you paid a lot!
It's so sad that I could cry.
We all work for money. I do too.
I felt belittled
and violated so many times.
When I was a human rocket too.
Since that day, I keep dreaming
about plummeting to the ground
from the sky.
And last night, I broke through the ground
and ended up in the earth's mantle.
I got burned to a cinder.
Getting burned in a dream is a good sign.
You know,
I won't work on
Infinite Experiment Paradise ever again.
I worked hard,
and look at how I get treated.
I got asked to be frozen. My gosh.
You're mistaken. It's not like that.
I'm not a frozen pollack!
Hear me out, Mi-ran.
Don't be so angry or upset.
It's a really safe experiment.
I can prove it.
It's safe? You can prove it?
This is just unbelievable.
I can't believe the director.
That jerk pretty enough to be a girl.
If it's that safe, he can do it himself.
Tell him to do it himself!
He will.
He'll take part himself.
He'll be in a cryogenic capsule
for 24 hours.
I'd thought so, but he is a real nutcase.
Five million won.
Meet the doctor and let him explain.
Then you'll change your mind.
What doctor?
Well? Do you believe in it more now?
This is impossible.
It was faked, wasn't it?
My work will be published in Science soon.
It cannot be faked.
Do you know why
fish in the Antarctic don't freeze?
It's due to the protein they have inside
that prevents the freezing process.
The amount of protein
we can extract from a fish is
very limited.
So I took some
of the existing antifreeze protein
and developed a new antifreeze protein
that also prevents
fatty acid from changing.
This special protein minimizes
cell destruction
in the human defrosting process,
improving the survival rate,
and it's the core technology.
You developed that yourself?
Then no one but you can do the thawing?
As of right now,
the only person in the whole world
who can defrost a human being is me.
That's why Dong-chan came
up with this program.
And it's also why he'll take part himself.
Mi-ran. Can you consider it
with a more positive attitude?
-Thanks for showing me everything.
But still,
it's a no.
How brave.
-About Ko Mi-ran
-What did she say?
She says she won't do it,
but she'll consult an expert.
An expert?
I need to make a huge decision.
What should I do?
What decision is it?
You're the fortune-teller.
You should be able to tell.
Should I do it or not?
How much will you be paid?
-Five million won.
Then why hesitate? Do it right away.
Shall I do it?
That darn experi
I'm here to ask if it's okay to do it.
But you tell me to do it for the pay?
How can a fortune-teller say that?
Are you sure you're a real shaman?
Are you doubting me?
I mean, you used to sell insurance,
then suddenly opened this,
saying you were possessed by a spirit.
Is this even a registered business?
Don't doubt that.
My sister's possessed by a child spirit.
Hey! She's actually really good.
Last time,
she told me to beware of fire in May.
-On May 5th, Children's Day,
I almost got hit by a fire truck.
How is that a fire thing?
It's a car thing, you moron!
-It's a fire thing, moron!
You witches!
Date of birth.
2:35 a.m., February 14th, 1976.
Just so you know, she's an affairs expert.
Romance is her specialty.
I see something massive.
Great fortune enters your life.
It's extraordinary.
I've never seen the likes of it
in my career as a fortune-teller.
Are you saying I should do it?
Do it at all cost.
It'll change your life. Do it!
That's that, then.
When do you think
my life will start to work out?
Twenty years from now,
you meet the man of your destiny.
And your good fortune peaks.
Until then, you'll feel very cold.
Twenty years from now?
In 20 years, I'll be 44.
I'm stuck like this until then?
With no job and no money?
Does Ko Mi-ran have a boyfriend?
It looks like it.
He came with her to the set once.
Oh, really?
-Then it might not work out.
-Why not?
Her boyfriend will object.
What guy would let his girlfriend
-do an experiment like that?
-My gosh.
What? What's wrong?
I'm convinced the experiment will work,
but others must think that it's insane.
That's why I'm having
such a hard time convincing people.
So, you know it sounds insane, then?
I do.
That's why I'm doing it myself.
If everyone were convinced it would work,
I wouldn't have to do it, would I?
Are you that sure it'll work?
What? Do you think it's a bad idea too?
No, well, it's not that I'm not convinced,
but I'm not entirely sure about it either.
Since I studied Korean Literature,
I'm finding the whole notion
of the experiment a tad hard to grasp.
You don't deserve to be
the show's assistant director.
Read the material again
and reset your attitude.
And if you're still not convinced,
you're out.
No, Dong-chan!
I'm convinced.
-Are you?
Then join us. Get in a capsule.
That's a bit
Who will direct the show, then?
Besides, I can't handle the cold
and have a weak immune system.
I catch colds easily.
-What a joke.
Is Mi-ran done consulting her expert?
I texted but got no reply.
She's avoiding me so consistently.
Who is this expert anyway?
A fortune-teller.
Right, a fortune A what?
What's wrong with her?
If she's out, you're in.
Oh, come on. I can't
Anyway, one thing bothers me.
I found intel
that Hwang Gab-soo's academic advisor
from when he studied cryobiology
in the US was murdered.
The problem is that Doctor Hwang
won't touch on that matter.
Even though I asked him
about that professor many times.
He didn't mention that
during any of the interviews either.
Something's fishy.
We should look into it.
Hi, Ha-young.
Let's meet in front of the theater.
I'll be there after I'm done recording.
Okay, see you later.
That's disgusting.
Stop biting your nails.
Let's go inside.
What did the shaman say about your future?
I'll meet the man of my destiny
20 years from now.
Twenty years from now?
Are you saying
I should let you be for 20 years?
As a student of psychology, I say
fortune-telling is nothing but a trick
that preys on people's weak nature.
The weak nature of us humans created
the gods,
and the gods stood by as fortune-tellers
came about as the by-product.
You just trust in me.
Oh, right. Did you start tutoring
Professor Kim's daughter?
Yes. I met with her twice last weekend.
I see. Is she a decent kid?
She's a Homo sapiens who's more used
to using her body than her brain.
I think she'll require a lot of effort.
-Let's go inside.
How beautiful.
How beautiful.
Sigmund Freud said something like this.
"Emotions that aren't expressed
do not die and disappear.
When they are buried alive,
one day,
they reappear as something stranger."
Why does Freud always say things
in such confusing ways?
He'd sell more books
if he put things simply.
He means, you should
be honest to your feelings
and not keep them bottled up.
Hard enough that our front teeth shatter.
Nam-tae. What are you doing out here?
Were you waiting for me?
Okay. Let's go inside.
I want to ask you something.
Why do you make life
so difficult for yourself?
You could go the easy way.
Why do you always want to do
what others won't?
I do what my heart tells me.
Whatever that may be.
I listened to my heart more than my head.
I always did until now.
And I'll keep doing that.
Only then will I have no regrets
the moment I die.
That's also why I fell in love with you.
Be sure to come back alive.
From that experiment.
Okay. I will.
By the way, Hyun-ki, aren't you curious?
About what?
Those things.
Don't mind them.
Who knows?
Freddie Mercury could be in one of them.
Or maybe a former president.
Are you writing a script?
Come on. I'm dead curious.
Shall we take a peek?
A peek?
Oh, my gosh.
What do you think you're doing?
Oh, well
I'm pretty sure I warned you.
I got so curious.
Can't you tell just me?
I really won't tell anyone else.
Do you want to cancel the shoot?
No. I apologize.
Hey, Jin. The tapes. Let's sort them out.
Where's the Where are you?
Johnson. Doctor Johnson!
Freezing people?
That's a topic for the documentary guys.
It's not for a variety show.
Don't you know
there's a paradigm shift in TV?
The boundaries
between different genres are crumbling.
That means that one day,
a variety show director could shoot
a drama.
That's nonsense. Is that even possible?
What would the drama directors do, then?
Variety shows can no longer
just be amusing.
I have to do
this show on cryogenics.
Look. No TV show has ever covered this.
It'll be a world-first.
I get it, okay?
The purpose is all good, but
Yes, it's great.
But, Director Ma,
let's stick to what we're doing.
All the good fortune is centered
around you now.
Anything you touch is a hit.
The commercial slots for your show fill
up well in advance.
Let's work on something easy.
That's what the station wants
and what the public wants. Okay?
I believe that
at least one station should create shows
with a cause
and consider it their sense of duty.
The moment you have a sense of duty is
the moment you become a fool.
Someone must be a fool.
That one fool could waken
the numerous public.
Shouldn't there be one fool
who puts the value of broadcasting
over the logic of money?
Why should that fool be us?
Because no one else wants to be one.
Exactly. Why do you think that is?
Because this is our fate.
It's not that they didn't do it.
They couldn't.
Okay, fine.
Then what about the budget?
Would anyone want to fund this?
That's it.
That's the essence of this show.
What the doctor needs
is support from the public and government.
And our station will serve
as the catalyst.
Let's try to develop
the cryogenic technology ourselves,
without any foreign capital.
Okay. Since you brought up that doctor.
I heard he faces stiff opposition,
what with human rights and stuff.
What if it goes wrong
and we get on the government's bad side?
Screw it.
I knew that was it.
-Did you curse at me?
Ma Dong-chan! Are you insane?
Hong-seok. The media should be impartial.
If you cater to the government,
you're a hound bowing to power.
What? A hound? I'm a dog?
You're always so scared,
and that's why
you're forever behind a desk.
Can we please have
an independent identity?
Why tiptoe around others?
What did you just say?
If the show we make
can improve our world by a single speck,
it's our job to do it.
I think as many people as possible
should see our show
on cryogenics and learn.
Because it's a revolution
of Korean biotechnology.
For that to come about,
we need the public to be interested.
It'll become a legend.
It'll become history.
Let's leave a record of that history.
A legend?
My dear chief.
Let's show the power of broadcasting.
Trust in me and follow. Okay?
Follow me.
Dong-chan. You were awesomely cool.
The best.
Keep this in mind.
Directors don't just film stuff.
We can't forget our duty as creators.
Before money
and fame comes sincerity, okay?
Sincerity. I'll remember that.
Oh, right, Dong-chan.
About Mi-ran. Ko Mi-ran.
Ko Mi-ran?
The cryogenic experiment female test
No, anyway, her.
Oh, the water rocket girl.
She won't do it.
However hard you tried to convince her?
She said no so firmly.
Since she has to risk her life, she's
Convince her, whatever it takes.
That "whatever" doesn't work.
She won't do it even if the sky falls.
Hyun-ki, this is amazing enough
to make the sky fall.
Where is she now?
She's out with a friend
who's taking some profile pics.
Why is she like that?
Where's her friend taking
those profile pics?
I'll talk to her myself.
Looks great.
-Make it sexy.
One, two,
-This is just stupid.
You got to take a better picture.
I'm going to send it
to a matchmaking service.
Oh, right.
My arm aches.
Mi-ran, why don't you do it?
Just take a few snapshots.
Okay, fine.
I'll pay you 1,000 won an hour. Deal?
The minimum wage these days is
1,525 won per hour.
Okay. 2,000 won per hour,
plus fried chicken and beer afterwards.
Can you lose the flowers?
Keep the smile.
I like this spot.
Kyung-ja, stand over there.
Really? Where? Here?
Here goes.
One, two,
What is it?
Did you take the photo?
What the heck?
-Where is she?
Is this even the place?
She said she was here
when we talked 30 minutes ago.
-I'll kill you, Hwang Byung-shim!
-Hey, Mi-ran!
-Where are you going?
Hwang Byung-shim,
stay right where you are!
Oh, my gosh. Isn't that Byung-shim?
Who's the girl?
I'll kill him.
Where are you going?
Are you out of your mind?
-Step on it.
Step on it!
-Step on it!
-Step on it!
-Hwang Byung-shim!
Mi-ran! Oh, dear.
What the heck
-Hwang Byung-shim.
What are you doing here?
Hey. Start pedaling.
Why? What's wrong?
Just start pedaling!
Hurry up.
-Hey. Step on it!
Stop right there!
Hwang Byung-shim, stay right there!
-Pedal faster.
Freud said this.
-I'll kill you!
You scumbag!
-Stop right there.
-I'll kill you.
-Where are you going?
Keep going.
What are you going to do?
Have you lost your mind?
What if you fall in the water?
Don't stop me.
I'm a human rocket that soared ten meters.
One of us two will die today.
Get the raft up close!
-Darn it.
-Let's talk it out.
This isn't right. Let's talk.
What is she doing?
Oh, gosh.
Don't come over here.
Help! I can't swim!
Hello? Is that the police?
A crazy woman chased after us.
She kicked my tutor
and is trying to kill him!
Get here quick!
Mr. Hwang!
-The man Mi-ran just kicked.
Is that her boyfriend?
It looks like it.
-Is she usually like this?
-Do you see the fury filling her soul?
She needs to cool down in the cold.
She's the perfect candidate
for the experiment. Don't you think?
Don't you think?
Well, I guess, yes.
I'm drained.
Your name, sir.
Hwang Byung-shim.
What? "Byung-sin"?
No, darn it.
It's Byung-shim, not Byung-sin.
Okay, "shim."
As we thought, the boyfriend cheated.
So, this woman assaulted him one-sidedly?
Yes. That's right.
That lunatic beat up my tutor
as if she'd kill him.
Byung-shim, that idiot.
This is so annoying.
Why did you assault him?
You tell him.
What? Oh, okay.
Freud said this.
"When lust is suppressed,
it brings upon actions
your subconscious can't control"
Forget darn Freud
and tell him what you think.
I cheated on her.
-You nutcase.
You're in the wrong, then.
Mi-ran, will you hear me out?
I do love you.
There are so many identities inside of me.
The dark soul that's one of them
Did I hit you in the wrong place?
I'm losing it here too, okay?
I'm a hot-blooded young man in his 20s.
Life is short,
and there are many pretty women.
-You're so out of it. My gosh.
Don't insult Freud, and shut your mouth!
-Let's overcome this together.
Okay? You love me too.
Don't you feel happy when you're with me?
What about me, Mr. Hwang?
Let me talk to her first.
Then I'll come to you.
Why did I only just find out
you were like this?
-So, why did you have to come to the park?
Everything would be just fine
if you hadn't showed up.
What? Hey!
Why do you keep hitting him?
Aren't you studying to get into college?
Aren't you a minor?
It's my fifth try.
I bet I'm older than you.
That's enough!
What'll you do?
Will you settle?
Mr. Hwang.
Byung-shim. Don't settle.
She needs to be taught a lesson.
If you keep letting her off,
victims like you will continue to suffer.
How dare you cry?
Stop this instant.
Did Freud say
you should cry in this situation?
Can I go now?
Do I have to wait
until this idiot stops crying?
Ms. Ko.
I'm Director Ma Dong-chan. Shall we meet?
My assistant director told me.
You like this drink.
This is what the broadcasting station
always gives out.
I just drank what I was given.
I love freebies.
Just so you know, I don't like this drink.
I see. You don't like it.
Anyway, so,
I should've said hi and introduced myself,
but I took my time to do that. Sorry.
So, Ms. Ko, what's your dream?
To solemnly work and make a living.
To earn my keep without being ashamed
of myself and live happily.
How is it that we're on the same page?
You're here to persuade me
to do the cryogenic experiment.
Do you know that smile looks so fake?
Your cheek muscles might spasm.
You're right.
I asked to meet to persuade you. But
this smile is genuine.
I don't do fake smiles.
Ms. Ko.
If you're not up for it, don't do it.
I went to the park to see you
and saw you crush your boyfriend instead.
My gosh. Good for you.
It was the ideal punishment for a cheater.
That day, I saw the fury
and spirit of challenge
that's within your heart.
I was so impressed,
I dreamed of you that night.
You tend to fixate on weird stuff.
Or do you have a perversive fetish?
Do you want someone to abuse you?
All my life,
I did things others didn't.
And when I see someone like me,
I sense a dopamine surge.
That's why I got
into the cryogenic experiment.
If this experiment succeeds,
people with diseases
that can't be cured with meds
could end up getting healed.
That's my reasoning.
Of course, they can't be cured right now,
but one day, in the future,
they could be cured.
Isn't it amazing?
The fact that you could take part
in a chapter
of that historic revolution.
Do you really think they could be healed?
Excuse me.
Ko Nam-tae!
Where are you, Nam-tae?
Ko Nam-tae!
Ko Nam-tae!
Ko Nam-tae!
Why are you out here? I was so worried.
If someone tied your backpack to the pole,
you could just take it off and come home.
Ms. Ko.
Don't do it if you don't want to.
I can do it alone.
I have to go now.
I'll do it.
I'll take part in the experiment.
I'll do it on my own.
Why? I said I'd do it.
Get your parents' consent.
I can't accept you until you do.
I'm not a kid.
And what parent would give
consent to that?
I'll do it no matter what,
and that's that.
But I have a condition.
A condition?
Can you get me FIN.K.L's autographs?
My brother's a huge fan.
Also, I hear Leslie Cheung will visit
Korea next month.
Can you arrange a meeting with him?
But do you know what's funny?
Later on,
Dong-chan told her to forget about it,
and Mi-ran insisted on doing it.
They fought all over again.
For real?
They're both extreme weirdos.
They'll wake up at last
in 2 hours and 30 minutes.
How will they feel?
I think Dong-chan will want
to go to a sauna first.
-I need you to leave immediately.
You can't film anymore.
Please leave.
What are you talking about?
We're just 2 hours and 30 minutes away.
You can't film the thawing process.
Come back in two hours.
You can film from outside.
Get out. Now!
You can't film that? Are you kidding me?
I think filming and airing
the thawing process
would be like exposing top secrets.
Hyun-ki. You don't think
it's going wrong, do you?
Gosh, no. You needn't worry about that.
We just can't film
that part of the process.
Director Ma will come back.
You know how
famous restaurant owners don't even share
the special recipe
with their daughters-in-law, right?
It's something like that.
Are you sure?
If this goes wrong,
we'll all lose our jobs. Okay?
Yes, sir. Don't worry.
Send Director Ma to me
as soon as he wakes up.
Yes, sir. I'll do that.
Doctor. Are you going somewhere?
I need to go somewhere.
But the defrosting is
less than two hours away.
I'll be back before then.
I need you to stay with the capsules.
Don't let anyone in here.
"The world's first cryogenic human beings
have been born here, in Korea.
Do you believe it?
The birth of frozen humans
that we thought only happened
in movies.
It has become reality.
How does it feel
to wake up from a deep sleep?
What did you dream about
while you were asleep for 24 hours?"
Just wait until you get back.
What's all this?
What's this? What's going on?
Hey! We're ready to resume filming.
What's the alarm for?
Are the two people in there okay?
Ma Dong-chan's alive?
-Dong-chan's alive?
-It's 2019?
You woke up after 20 years
in the cryogenic capsule.
-Forty-four years old?
-My family vanished.
-When was the last time you saw them?
-My change, please.
-The bus fare went up ages ago.
Hello. This is Newsline.
-I'm Na Ha-young.
-I'm Na Ha-young.
You punk!
What's today's date?
It's me! Son Hyun-ki!
Do you know me?
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