Melting Me Softly (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

The Days We Lost

What the
You, I mean,
mister, you're Hyun-ki?
What about Ha-young?
Where is she now?
At the broadcasting station, of course.
Ha-young is
the Newsroom Chief now.
She's the chief of the newsroom?
What the heck is going on?
Excuse me.
What is today's date?
I mean, what year is it right now?
It's 2019.
It's 2019?
Is it really 2019?
Your attention, please.
Can Chinese Literature major Ko Mi-ran
please come to the broadcasting office?
Ko Mi-ran
I haven't heard that name in a while.
I will repeat.
Can Ko Mi-ran
please come to the broadcasting
Do you hear Mom's voice?
Where are you?
Mom's looking for you.
Nam-tae. If something happens,
be sure to blow this whistle.
Then I'll run to you.
-Oh, dear.
You're Nam-tae, aren't you?
Let me see you.
Yes, Mi-ran. I'm Nam-tae.
My dear Nam-tae.
You're all grown up.
Mi-ran. Get on my back.
If you don't want it, I'll stop growing.
Nam-tae can stop growing.
Don't say that.
You should grow taller and fast.
Why did you take so long to come back?
I missed you a lot.
My baby brother.
When did you grow so much?
Nam-tae grew taller.
I ate a lot to see you again.
So I grew tall.
Do you believe it now?
Twenty years ago,
Infinite Experiment Paradise episode 67.
We were filming to see
if we could fly using just balloons.
At the time,
there were no GoPros or drones.
I climbed a tree
with a 6mm camcorder, fell,
and hurt my thingy, which left the scar.
You treated the wound for me.
Twenty years?
Pick up your jaw from the floor.
Wait. Ko Mi-ran.
What happened to her
-Ko Mi-ran?
-Why are you asking me?
Don't you know that?
Wait She wasn't there when I woke up.
What happened? Is she okay?
-You'll pay for this.
-Don't, Mom.
-You TV people.
You didn't even look for my son.
-You ate and slept well, didn't you?
-Look at your chubby cheeks.
-Stop it, Mom.
-Mom, wait!
-Let go!
Wait somewhere else.
I need to talk to these people.
Take Mom somewhere for a bit, please.
Okay, bro.
-You lot
-Let's go.
-You might pass out.
-Why are you so strong, Mom?
-Darn them.
Come on.
For now,
I'll drop the honorifics.
Are you really Hyun-ki?
I am. You saw for yourself.
All right.
Get me Ko Mi-ran's address.
How would I know that?
That was 20 years ago.
Do you know how hard I tried to find you?
But I couldn't find a single thing.
We tried too, you know.
Hwang Gab-soo suddenly died, you see.
Doctor Hwang died?
It wasn't just him that died.
Michael Jackson died too,
and so did North Korea's Kim Jong Il.
Whitney Houston died too.
Who else died?
Production Team Three's Mo Soo-young
died of lung cancer.
My mother-in-law's dead too.
Anyway, that's the current situation.
During that time,
I became a father of two boys,
and the chief's now the CEO.
He got sued for adultery
20 days before that law was abolished,
and his wife divorced him.
Charge this for me.
What the
You think this would still work?
-Is that so?
Then give me yours.
Come on, quick.
What kind of phone doesn't have a keypad?
How does this work?
God Hey.
How does this phone
Say the number.
It's 017-349-1563.
You still got it.
You memorize any number you see.
You memorized Mi-ran's number?
Gosh, he remembers something
from 20 years ago.
That's so impressive.
To him, it was just yesterday.
The phone you called is turned off.
After the beep,
-you'll be directed
-Where's the
-Hey, yes.
-Shall we go home?
Bro. Let's go home.
Hang on. Your husband
Detective Baek. Can you call him?
We got divorced.
But we're still in touch.
We have asset and alimony issues.
He pays me every month.
You got divorced?
Yes, twice.
It has been 20 years.
I couldn't be with one man for that long.
Why is everyone divorced?
It's me.
It's me!
You can't hear me?
Clear out your ears.
Stay on the line.
Dong-chan. Tell me what you need.
Ko Mi-ran's current address.
Her resident registration number
starts with 760214.
Why is it so hot in here?
Get me some cold water.
Where'd they go?
Oh, yes, hi.
I was just about to bring him home.
Yes, ma'am.
Your sister Dong-ju
wants me to bring you home.
I have the key.
Here you go.
Our home's up there.
-Let's go.
-Come in.
Come on.
Let's go inside.
What happened?
Did you win the lottery or something?
Yes. It was just like winning the lottery.
It was all thanks to
the money you gave us.
The money?
The money you got
for doing the experiment.
With the money you sent us,
your dad and I started a business
and made a lot of money.
It was like money for your life.
The heavens must've pitied us.
They made us rich enough
to live a good life.
Doctor Cho.
Can you do me a favor?
I know you'll never let it happen,
but if something happens to me
Please pass this on to my family.
"Ko Nam-tae."
Mi-ran, your room's over there.
Take a look.
Thank you,
Mom, Dad,
and Nam-tae.
For doing so well.
Don't thank us. We should thank you.
For coming back to us alive.
What is this?
Come on. Let's go inside.
What on earth happened?
These two
slowly ate away at our savings.
Let's go inside.
-Come on.
-Let's go.
Come inside.
Come on.
That guy stepped on it!
Sorry. My bad.
Don't call him that.
He's Dad's older brother.
No way.
He's so young,
and he's your older brother?
Just call him Uncle.
Yes. This is my wife.
And my daughter.
Take your toy and go to your room.
I apologize, Dong-chan.
No, it's fine.
You can wear these for now.
Do you have anything else, sir?
I mean
All your stuff is in storage.
We can get it tomorrow.
Stay in Dong-ju's room for now.
What about me, then?
You can sleep with me
or with Seo-yoon.
Your brother doesn't have his own room.
Dong-chan. Sleep well.
Thanks, miss.
Where's Father?
Why isn't he around?
My gosh. I was going to call the police
if you weren't home by today.
So you were alive.
I was at a seminar.
You can quit with the lies, punk.
I went on a trip. Because life was tough.
How is your life tough?
Do you agonize?
Do you research? Or support your family?
If I could be born again,
I want to live like you.
I'm tired. I'm going to bed.
By the way
-Don't talk to me.
Is that the name of your current interest?
I mean Ko Mi-ran.
My first love
who moved to the US 20 years ago.
Ko Mi-ran?
The one we studied with?
Yes, Ko Mi-ran.
Have you heard from her since then?
But what about Mi-ran?
Nothing. I just wonder if she's happy
in the US with her kid.
How random.
You're bored enough to think
about your first love from 20 years ago?
My father can't protect you
from getting fired forever.
You should write papers,
attend seminars, and show some effort.
Stop living like a parasite.
So what if you changed your name?
You still act like a stupid nutcase.
A stupid nutcase?
How could you say "nutcase"?
Speak with more class.
Why should I do as you say? Why?
Where did my life start to go wrong?
It's all Mi-ran's fault.
If only you hadn't gotten drunk
and done that stupid thing
because of her that day
Why bother?
I miss Mi-ran.
The witch.
The moment the world finds out
our broadcasting station
covered up Dong-chan's disappearance,
you and I both will lose our heads.
Without mercy. You know that, right?
I do.
What should we do now?
We must feign ignorance to the end.
I silenced all the staff
related to that experiment,
and the doctor who was in charge
is long gone.
We just have to stop Dong-chan.
Do you think he'll be easy to keep quiet?
That's what I'm worried about.
That bastard's a nutjob.
He's a psycho.
By the way, where did Ko Mi-ran go?
What happened to her?
She's the real headache.
If you talk about psychos,
she's a level above average.
My gosh.
Do you think she's alive?
I don't know. What do we do?
My three years of misfortune
starts this year, and I'm going insane.
I really don't want to live like this.
Who on earth woke the two?
Where do you think they were?
How do you think he came back
looking exactly as he used to?
What do you think happened?
I don't get it.
Was he really older than my husband?
He looks like his son and I'm not kidding.
He seems strangely different.
How different?
The back of his head
looks different from my brother.
His nostrils are larger too.
And his gaze is cold as ice.
Doesn't he look mean and arrogant?
He never was sweet or nice.
Didn't he have a spot under his left eye?
-That's gone.
-Darn you.
You're talking such nonsense
you might as well bark.
Who is that
if it's not Dong-chan?
When you checked his phone records,
do you remember the text we read?
"This experiment will definitely succeed."
There were lots of texts
about experiments.
That's it.
Dong-chan did some kind of experiment.
What experiment are you saying he did?
What do you think it is?
Human cloning.
That's it.
until Dong-chan says something first,
don't ask anything.
I'm sorry, Father.
I couldn't take you
on the cruise as I promised.
We couldn't even say goodbye.
Dong-chan. What are you doing out here?
Go to bed.
Darn it. You startled me.
But he's
What are you looking at?
Dong-chan. Sleep well.
Babe, when are you coming back?
Why aren't you back?
I miss you so much.
Babe, I'm waiting for you.
I miss you.
Are you feeling okay?
Let's go see a doctor.
After breakfast.
No. I'm fine. I'm feeling perfect
after a good night's sleep.
Do you have to go back to school?
Why not take a break?
I had a 20-year break.
I should go back to everyday life.
In the hope that you'd come back one day,
I applied to your college
for an extension of leave every year.
I kept your phone number too.
But I came back so late, didn't I, Mom?
No. You're not too late.
Now I could die happy tomorrow.
Why would you say that, Mom?
The new semester just began,
and I don't have much time
to catch up on what I missed.
I must live to the fullest.
I must graduate soon
and get a job.
Yes, that's right.
My daughter should do all she wants.
Before I do all that,
I must take care of something.
Director Ma Dong-chan?
-I'm glad you're
-What on earth
happened to us?
Doctor Hwang got in an accident.
Two hours before the experiment ended.
how did we wake up after 20 years?
The person who woke us up,
was it Doctor Hwang?
Dissociative amnesia.
He woke from a coma after 20 years.
His subconscious determination
made him wake you,
and then he fainted again.
You could say
his body reacted when his brain couldn't.
The subconscious
that was dormant for 20 years
urged him into action.
I say it's similar
to a sleep-wake disorder.
Why does everyone think he's dead?
His car blew up.
Someone tried to kill him.
If they realized he'd survived,
they'd try to kill him again.
So we made it look like
he was dead officially.
Doctor Hwang and I
studied medicine together in college.
For some reason,
he was always anxious and on the run.
The day before the accident,
he pleaded with me
to take care of the rest
if something happened to him.
And the culprit?
You can't call the police because
the statute of limitations has expired.
It must be related
to the cryogenic project.
We won't know for sure until he wakes up.
For the past 20 years,
I was unable to tell anyone this.
Because I couldn't trust anyone.
Did you meet Ms. Ko?
No. Not yet.
Her mother knew
Mi-ran took part in the project.
I apologize.
I was unable to tell your parents
you'd taken part in the project.
I was afraid the exposure
would put Doctor Hwang in danger.
I'm really sorry.
Did you sleep well last
I want to see her.
-Thank you.
-Good job.
-Great job, guys.
-Thank you.
You're Na Ha-young, right?
Can I have an autograph?
Thank you.
Have you been well?
Twenty years have passed.
I came back quite late, didn't I?
If I'd known,
like you said, the experiment
I'd have skipped it.
It's in the past.
forgotten it all.
I'm sorry.
For not keeping my word.
What did I tell you?
I told you not to do it.
Why did you?
You said you wouldn't regret it.
But look what happened.
I'm sorry.
I'm so glad
you're alive.
I should go. I have another shoot.
I'll be in touch.
Is there no way to solve
the test subjects'
low body temperature issue?
Not at the moment.
After the first experiment,
we couldn't raise the body temp
and the dolphin eventually died.
Doctor Hwang researched for years
to find a solution.
And eventually,
he developed a drug to cure
the low body temp side effect.
Doctor Hwang is the only person
who can save
the two test subjects.
Then if he doesn't wake up,
their lives will be in danger.
Ko Ko Mi-ran.
It's Ma Dong-chan. I'm sure of it.
I looked for you everywhere.
How are you
What on earth
I want my 20 years back.
Make up for the life I lost, you scumbag!
Let's talk somewhere else.
Cut! Okay!
That was a rehearsal.
Get back to work, everyone. Get moving.
The camera guys can move now.
That woman.
She's the other test subject, right?
Tell me now.
How could this happen?
Twenty years
Did you say it was just a day
when it was a 20-year experiment?
What are you talking about?
I woke up when you did too.
This is absurd.
I'm sorry, Mi-ran.
I'm frustrated
that that's the only thing I can say.
But I'm a victim too.
That's your problem!
How will you make up
for the 20 years I lost?
My parents who waited for me
for two decades.
And my brother
What about their emotional pain?
I know, Mi-ran.
I feel the same. I'm
I'm losing my mind too!
What happened was
Doctor Hwang had an accident.
A couple of hours
before we were to wake up.
So the experiment meant to last a day
went on for 20 years.
How am I supposed to live now?
How can you live after being dropped
20 years into the future?
I wish this were a dream.
it's not a dream. It's reality.
I missed out on watching my brother grow.
I didn't get married,
and I never got a job.
I just slept for 20 years
in a cryogenic capsule!
That goes for me too.
I woke up
and realized I was 52.
Do you think I'm in my right mind?
I feel the same as you.
But listen.
We survived.
The experiment succeeded,
and we woke up after 20 years.
Don't you think that's impressive?
We left a mark in history.
We're humanity's first frozen humans.
Isn't that overwhelming?
Let's keep that glory in our hearts
and move on, satisfied that it worked.
Let's get through this together.
By the way, Director.
Why are you talking down to me?
Ma Dong-chan, a TBO director,
has been missing for 50 days.
There are no traces or leads on the case,
and the authorities are having trouble
with the investigation.
-The missing
I found her!
What is it?
What's up now?
It's bad. There's one more.
One more of what?
There's one more frozen human being.
Is it a buy one get one free deal or what?
Why do they keep surfacing?
I'm losing my mind over here.
Ko Mi-ran.
The other test subject
She appeared?
The female frozen human appeared.
And she's thawed too.
God, this is madness.
What do we do now?
What do you think?
Should we just hold each other's hands
and run off somewhere?
Why would we hold hands, you punk?
I'll call when I decide on
a follow-up plan.
Don't run away.
How could I run away?
I mean, Miss.
My passport probably expired.
You feel like joking?
I'm not joking.
I'm saying I'm not a flight risk.
You scumbag.
Wait. I
My gosh. This is insanity.
It's fortunate.
The experiment, I mean.
You're safe.
Shall we meet up?
At the restaurant we last went to.
Oh, that restaurant?
It closed down a long time ago.
It's been 15 years or so now.
I see.
I have a newsroom dinner tomorrow,
so I can't.
Got it.
What's wrong with me?
I'd like to apply to return to school.
Why not do it online at home?
Your major and student number?
Chinese Literature, Ko Mi-ran.
I enrolled in 1996.
Chinese Literature, 1996
What? In 1996?
Was your original name Hwang Byung-shim?
This is from
your high school alumni association,
and it says Hwang Byung-shim.
Ko Mi-ran?
Mi-ran. Why can't we reach you?
Did you really go to the US?
The number you called does not exist.
Mi-ran. I'm sorry.
I was bad.
Forgive me.
I heard you went to the US.
Was it because of me?
It's bad to ghost someone.
Don't do that again.
This moron.
Say that again.
Dong-chan, what's wrong with you?
How can you work in that body of yours?
What about my body?
It's nicer than yours.
You're not in the right mind.
You were frozen then thawed,
so you're not as fresh.
I'm fresher than you.
Listen, Dong-chan.
I'm looking for something you can do.
How about joining Scheduling
for a few slow months before returning?
I'll get right back to directing.
Do you think this is child's play?
Who do you think
knows better than me that it's not?
Do you know better than me?
Do you, Hyun-ki?
I almost died for a show.
How is that child's play?
Dong-chan. You need to rest.
I rested for 20 years. Must I rest more?
I must wrap up the program
I didn't get to 20 years ago.
I must finish what I started.
It has been 20 years.
The show Infinite Experiment Paradise
was canceled 20 years ago.
What do you mean it was canceled?
Who canceled it when I never agreed to it?
Hong-seok. Be honest.
Are you afraid?
Of what?
If people find out the director who
went missing 20 years ago reappeared
and that the TV station covered it up,
What do you mean we covered it up?
-If you won't take me back,
I'll join another station.
I'm Ma Dong-chan.
The other TV stations
will go crazy for me.
Where are you going?
Yes, where are you going?
Can you get out?
Go ahead. I'm your dad. It's fine.
Dad. Even family
must stick to certain rules.
Get out now.
I came in here first.
Good morning, Fath
Dong-chan. It's me, Dong-sik.
Yes. Hi.
I'm glad we met.
Help me dye my hair.
I have so much gray hair.
Honey. Come and eat.
Dong-chan, you too.
Let's eat. Come and sit down.
Grandma. Let's move to a place
with two bathrooms.
I can't stand this tiny place.
Since Uncle's back too.
Yes. Let's do that.
Starting today, I'll live a better life.
I'll work much harder too.
Since my son has come back alive.
To be honest, after you disappeared,
Mom practically gave up on life.
I lived only because I couldn't die.
I didn't live because I wanted to.
Let's eat.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Why would you apologize? Eat up.
By the way, Uncle,
where were you all this while?
Dad calls you his big brother,
but why are you so young?
Right. Well
Were you
cursed by a vampire?
I subscribed to a YouTube channel
that's called Vampire Love.
The male lead doesn't age.
He was cursed.
Were you too?
What? "YouTube"?
Yes. You should quit doing TV
and switch to that.
Kids my age don't watch TV.
Dong-chan. She's not at all like her dad.
She's a bit too straightforward.
I see you're flustered.
She's a huge fan of K-dramas.
We let her watch TV because we were busy,
and she learned all she knows from TV
and her brain's a bit overloaded.
Uncle. Get our pork rib restaurant on TV.
Then business will boom.
There are programs that help
restaurants that are not doing well.
How do you know that
if you don't watch TV?
You should know the trend
even if you don't watch TV.
All shows are rigged and scripted anyway.
Eat your food.
Did that Dong-ju brat
not come home again last night?
Dong-ju stayed out overnight?
She rarely comes home.
She dares to sleep elsewhere?
Shave her head
and ground her or something.
Oh, my gosh.
Dong-chan. Welcome.
I missed you.
I missed you, my brother.
You stink of alcohol.
Do you know how much I missed you?
I get it. Let go and talk
from a distance, please.
Because of you,
I couldn't go a day without drink.
Will you stop drinking, you brat?
The Alcoholics Anonymous Center called.
You missed three days in a row!
I went to a class there!
Then we had a group dinner.
Oh, my gosh.
-You're crazy.
-We shouldn't have sent her there, Mom.
One-hour classes and ten-hour dinners?
Good grief.
I'm sorry.
Let's take a selfie.
-One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
-Sit down.
-One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
One, two, three. That's pretty.
Let's take a look.
Excuse me.
Do you have
any Leslie Cheung's latest album?
How many are there in total?
That's the Leslie Cheung
commemoration album.
Leslie Cheung's dead.
He died 16 years ago.
My dear Leslie Cheung
is dead?
My darling!
My gosh
Now that I have a close look,
you look really old.
Did you waste away?
My skin's drooping
because I'm overdue for my Botox shots.
Just so you know, I'm a chief,
and I'm middle-aged.
I know that.
So what?
-Hello, chief.
-Hello, chief.
Yes, hello.
Get to work.
And remember,
sincerity comes before the ratings.
Directors don't just film stuff. Okay?
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
Okay. Go ahead.
What a joke.
Ratings come first. Teach them properly.
-My gosh.
And this isn't an army base.
Why are you so strict?
The nine o'clock news anchor
will be replaced.
Let's cover it up.
How can we do that?
We must see if he's alive.
If something goes wrong and he dies
It's too late for that!
I had no choice.
There was nothing I could've done.
Let's kiss.
Hard enough that our front teeth shatter.
free on Friday.
Shall we
meet up?
You seem new. Do you have experience?
What are you doing? Darn you.
Celebrities will stay on an island
and prepare three meals a day.
I think when your brain got frozen,
your ideas got frozen too.
Are you serious right now?
I'm Ko Mi-ran.
Ko Mi-ran wants to meet us.
I demand compensation.
Don't you feel cold, Dong-chan?
You haven't aged at all.
You're just the same.
I was kept in a freezer, okay?
Director. Can you get me a job?
A job?
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