Merlin: Secrets & Magic (2009) s01e10 Episode Script

Love Fool

Welcome to Secrets & Magic, the show that goes behind the scenes to reveal how Merlin's made.
Coming up, we speak to this clown.
I have a little bit of a cabaret floor show that I have to do to keep everybody a-laughing and a-grinning.
We go backstage to see some fooling around in the boudoir.
My love.
Always, forever.
I KNEW it! I don't believe it.
She falls madly in love with Arthur, whilst still being a spoilt brat, but becomes very excitable and joyous about life.
'Tis as if he's been sculpted by the gods themselves.
Plus, find out what fun the cast have when the film cameras stop rolling.
All this and more on Merlin: Secrets & Magic.
Once again, the cast and crew of Merlin are back in France to film another magical episode.
And today it's a busy time behind the scenes of Camelot as the heads of the kingdoms are on set to strike a peace deal.
Alined, you are most welcome on this momentous occasion.
Momentous? Let us hope so.
I play a character called King Alined and, uh, together with a few other kings, we're getting together to try and sign a peace treaty between ourselves.
So we will make preparations for the signing ceremony immediately.
I am pleased, friends.
Very pleased.
As are we all! 'I have a very underhand motivation,' I want there to be war, not peace at all.
So, together with my trusty jester Trickler - who's also a magician - we try to make things a little difficult for everybody.
So, who exactly is the tricky Trickler? Time to meet this joker.
I'm playing the romantic lead in this particular episode.
I come into the castle dressed like this and, obviously, all the beautiful women fall for me.
I'm in love! How wonderful! With me? Ha-ha-ha! Oh.
But, truthfully, I'm playing assistant/jester to one of the visiting kings.
Has anyone offended you, sire? Not yet.
Just say the word and I will singe his beard.
APPLAUSE The scene I'm filming today is, it's not long since I and my master have turned up here at this lovely castle, and there's just a little bit of downtime and there's a bit of a banquet, a few goose and partridge, and some fruits put on for vegetarians and I have a little bit of a cabaret floor show that I have to do with some magic tricks to keep everybody a-laughing and a-grinning.
Kevin's a tremendous guy to work with.
He's very, very inventive and I'm glad to say that he makes me laugh a lot, which is great when we're off the set.
On the set, it's a little more difficult because I'm not really meant to be finding him that funny on the set, so I have to keep control of myself.
APPLAUSE It is not enough just to please the gentlemen of the court.
Now, I have a spectacle for the ladies.
Through the magic of magic, they'll actually be producing images that are not actually present in the real physical world that I'm inhabiting now.
In the magic world of television, where everything is true, there'll be all kinds of fire and butterflies happening.
Probably in that order.
I hope they don't mix together.
Oh, disaster! The insect people will go mad.
But what is this? Lady Vivian.
It has mistaken you for a beautiful flower.
'This one I was looking forward to,' just from the point of view, it's quite technically complex.
And, with all his fooling around, it's the jester that later leads the young prince into some particularly funny scenes.
It was time to just shake it up a bit and let's have some fun in Camelot, and we wanted to do a sort of romantic comedy and we looked at lots of Shakespeare plays and there's those great Midsummer Night's Dream with the love potion, with people confusing, thinking somebody else is somebody else, so all of those great kind of romantic comedy plot devices, we thought, "Well, let's get some of those and have some fun with it "and see Arthur enchanted and falling in love "with completely the wrong person.
" 42, 31.
Take one.
Set and action! Who is it? It is destiny, my love.
Destiny and chicken.
What a beautiful combination, eh? The great thing about Bradley is that he has a great comedy timing.
He's a real comedy genius, even though I shouldn't say that cos he'll start getting bigheaded.
Beans are a little cold but the meat is very good.
Go away.
My love, what have I done to offend you? Your love? Not now, not ever.
Come, now.
My father will kill you if he finds you here.
Your father doesn't worry me.
You won't be saying that when he's running at you with a knife in his hand.
I've seen it before.
Really? Yes.
I play Lady Vivian who is a bit of a spoilt brat.
And she turns up and is sort of disinterested in everything.
Especially Arthur, not even on her radar.
And then she gets put under a spell, by Trickler, and she falls madly in love with Arthur, whilst still being a spoilt brat.
But become very excitable and joyous about life.
Arthur! There, I've said it, my heart belongs to Arthur.
Hee-hee! In fact, I'm going to tell him now! Oh, a brilliant idea! I've got quite a scary dad, quite overprotective.
Um, I imagine probably hasn't let her out much.
And given her everything she wants, and as a result, that's why she's spoilt.
Trickler here has told me that the Lady Vivian is in your chambers? If only that were true! If only that were true you would not look so foolish.
King Olaf, he's a very good king but he's very protective of his daughter.
We learn in this episode that he lost his wife and so Vivian, his daughter, lost her mother and so Olaf has become very over-protective of his daughter Vivian.
And action! My love! Always, forever.
I KNEW it! I don't believe it.
Father, we've got something to tell you.
Arthur! And it's not long before this overly-protective father is sticking it to the young prince.
In this episode he gets to do a lot of fighting with Arthur.
We have to do quarterstaff fighting and we have to do sword fighting and mace.
And so a lot of it was done with our friends, the stunt boys, but Bradley and I did quite a lot as well.
Yeah, it was great fun.
Yeah, probably the best thing about playing Arthur is being able to do the physical scenes, cos there's quite a few of them and they often involve either riding a horse or swinging a sword around or doing something else.
Andaction! And it wasn't only Olaf that was getting slap happy.
When Merlin mistakenly thinks Arthur's affections are for Gwen, he gets a royal right hook.
I understand your feelings, but other people may object.
Object? To what? Well, you're the future king of Camelot and she's just a serving girl.
Albeit a very nice serving girl.
Lady Vivian is of royal blood and a future queen.
I was wondering if we could do something other than a slap? I mean What would you? Oh, I love the slap.
All right.
LAUGHTER His latest love may have blinded him, but the Prince's feelings for Gwen have not been forgotten by the show's producers.
In series two we've absolutely played that story of these two people that care for each other deeply but everything else is against them in a Romeo and Juliet way, I guess.
The challenge for us, and what we're working on at the moment, is how we create a "will they? won't they?" and keep the audience wanting them to get together and wanting them to get married and I think that's a really exciting prospect that we're dealing with at the moment.
And this time, Merlin's magic is powerless.
So the spell is finally broken by a kiss.
Ah, you've finally come to wish me good luck.
I really don't think I need it any more.
No, Arthur, I have not come to wish you luck.
Well, obviously that's rather rude.
Then let me make amends.
And, if the script for this week's episode wasn't humorous enough, here's what the cast got up to in between takes.
Now come on, Colin, name that tune.
Someone out there, wants to do a montage of action scenes, two points if you can tell me who it's by.
I told you the other day.
The song's by? Yeah.
Um We're all someone's daughter.
Come on, '80s power ballad knowledge.
Come on, who is it? John Farnham.
Hooray! Down the barrel of a gun.
Three, two, one, go.
You're the voice Try and understand it Make a noise and make it clear Oohh-oooh Whoa-ohhhh We're not gonna sit in silence We're not gonna live with fear Ohhh-oohhh, woahhhh-oooh.
Bagpipe solo.
So, Colin, who is it who sang that song? Oooh, ah John Farnham.
Oh! God's sake! Sorry! IN SCOTTISH ACCENT: Take me to Glasgow.
You're the voice Try and understand it Make a noise and make it clear Oohhh Wa-ohhh We're not gonna sit in silence We're not gonna live with fear Oohh-oooh Whoa-ohhh.
Take three.
So, Colin Morgan Hello.
could you please tell me who sang that song? John Farmer.
Well, with so many spells to learn, I think Colin can be forgiven for forgetting the odd '80s power ballad.