Merlin: Secrets & Magic (2009) s01e13 Episode Script

That's A Wrap

Welcome to Secrets & Magic, the show that goes behind the scenes to reveal how Merlin's made.
Coming up, we'll take a look back at the greatest moments of Series Two.
How could he resist such beauty? We'll see some new faces on set.
And we'll be getting in on the picture as we go behind the scenes for the final day of filming.
Plus, we follow them as they meet Merlin's army of adoring fans.
We turned up and people were just SO excited.
All this and more on Merlin: Secrets & Magic.
It's been a big year for the boy wizard, and the fulfilling of his destiny has never been so dramatic.
The residents of the royal court of Camelot have loved and lost.
Alliances have been forged.
So you want Uther destroyed and his reign to end? More than anything.
And new enemies have reared their ugly heads.
But the best has certainly been saved for last because, after months of build up, the great dragon has been freed, and a fiery Camelot is under siege in the explosive series finale.
For the cast and crew, it's been an eight-month adventure, and now, with most of the hard work behind them, there's a chance to sit down and relax.
Hello, Merlin fans.
It is the final day of filming today in Cardiff and as a gift to you, all the crew and everyone who's worked very hard Rolling!.
we brought in a caricaturist to draw everybody.
Excellent! Thank you very much.
That's really funny.
Can you guess who that is? Clearly it's actually written next to his head, so we don't have to do much guessing but thenwho's that? Oh, my God! Katie! Hi! Goodness gracious, what are you doing here? UmI'm just looking at my picture.
OK, oh, right! I think it's a good representation.
He's been nice to you, hasn't he? I did tell him that if he wasn't, I'd hurt him.
Oh, right.
There are certain people who have hidden their pictures and they're refusing to show them.
I think a bit like Bette Midler.
It's good! I like it.
He's very talented.
He's very good.
So how do you feel about the last day? Sad.
Look at that, viewers, look at that face.
So sad.
And that's the end of Series Two.
It's a wrap.
So, that's it! Filming has finished but for the stars of the show, that's shortly followed by a few personal appearances to promote the show.
When you're filming, you are in this little bubble world, kind of protected from everything else and now that it's coming towards the end of filming the second series, the interviews and the publicity's starting to pick up again.
We went to our first convention a few months back, in London.
It's kind of a strange experience because when you're doing this job, you're just coming to work every day, you're just doing the job.
It's not like you're thinking, "Ooh, I'm famous!" It doesn't feel like that.
Um, and then when you go to something like a convention, and there's all the fans kind of congregated together, you see the success of the show in front of you.
I had no idea what to expect because I don't think I'd ever been to one.
And we turned up and people were just SO excited.
It's not just that they love the actors.
They love the whole thing and they had questions not just about, you know, "Is it fun to make? Are you guys good fun?" Really in-depth questions about the episodes that you know the answers to but you can't believe that somebody else is that interested.
Well, it's always, um, we always take ages choosing names.
It's like you said, we always try and choose a name that reflects the theme or something to do with the episode, so it's always a lively debate.
You're in a room of 250 people who all are just insane for the show.
There's people dressed up as you.
My mother made a bet.
She was like, "There'll be somebody dressed as Morgana".
I'm like, "No, there's not.
Are you kidding? Bet you £100.
" Phoned her up afterwards going, "Yeah, Mum, I owe you £100.
" Yeah, I'm meant to be Morgana when she's evil.
She's turned to the dark side.
It's bizarre to see the effect on people, um, and when it's done in such a physical way as somebody actually dressing up as you.
Nice! I think it's really great just to see that people love the show so much that they just really get into it, really embrace it, and I think that says a lot about what the show means to people.
Sci-fi and fantasy people enjoy each other's thoughts.
They enjoy grouping together.
So you get that very strong, hard-core kind of fanship, which is great.
I've Googled us on the internet and there's a lot of stuff about Merlin.
There's quite a lot of stuff on YouTube people have edited together.
Some, like, little music videos of me and Merlin looking at each other across the room.
The internet is such a strong instrument and it binds people together, people who would normally not be able to talk to each other.
Now they can talk to each other and share their favourite moments and share their concerns and share their excitement about something.
It gives it a completely different life.
Merlin certainly has a devoted fan base but what is it about the series that's captured their imaginations? Love Merlin, obviously.
And it's so great to have such likeable and strong female characters.
I think it's a really cool take on the legend.
It's a different and more interesting one than you normally get.
I love the way it's filmed, the settings they use and obviously I love the characters and how they've been portrayed.
I really like the story and the romance and The magic.
Merlin's hot.
No, Arthur is.
Arthur is, definitely.
Well, now that really is a wrap, Merlin fans, but there's just time for one last message.
Everyone, thank you for a great Season Two.
Thank you for watching.
Thank you for watching Secrets & Magic.
Thank you to the crew, to the cast, to behind the scenes, to production, blah, blah, blah.
Thank you to everyone and thank you to you guys for watching and stay tuned cos there's better stuff to come.