Mickey Mouse (2013) s05e12 Episode Script

Our Homespun Melody

1 (BANJO MUSIC PLAYING) Howdy ho Just a simple country boy am I Singin' me a simple country song Singin' it all day long Howdy hoo Everywhere I go my pig comes, too Everywhere he is That's where I'll be Just my little pig and me Piggy is a purdy little thang But just you wait till you have heard him sing Gather round me Young and old (SCATTING) Come hear little piggy with pipes of gold (SCATTING) Morning, afternoon and night (SCATTING) We sing our song till the early light (SCATTING) The song goes wee Diddly-dee My piggy and me Me, me Just livin' in harmony It's easy to see See, see How happy are we We, we Just singin our homespun melody News spreads wide Over every hill and countryside All about the pig who sings so high Sweeter than a cherry pie Pretty soon Folks are lining up to hear our tune Everywhere we go they shout Encore! Can you sing the song once more! Gather round me Young and old Oink, oink, oink (ALL GASP) Come hear little piggy with pipes of gold (NERVOUS LAUGHTER) Oink, oink (GASP) (GRUNTING) Oh, gosh.
What's wrong? You're sick! (HEATERS BUZZING) (SNIFFING) Hmm.
What do we do? Well (WHISPERING) Me, me Homespun melody (RECORD STUTTERING) (GROANING) (NERVOUS GIGGLE) (MELANCHOLY MUSIC PLAYING) (THUNDER RUMBLING) The song went wee Hi diddly dee How happy were we (HUMMING ALONG IN DEEP BARITONE VOICE) What's this I see? See, see My pig and me Me, me Still sing in harmony! Me, me, me, me me, me, me Come meet the pig with the baritone (VOCALIZING) He sounds better than a slide trombone (VOCALIZING) Layin' down a bass line Scat with ease (VOCALIZING) Smooth like butter in the summer breeze (SCATTING) I'm tellin' ya I was shaking in my shoes And just about to sing the blues When piggy darling took my frown And turned it upside down So, even though he's a hog of a generous size We two can happily harmonize They come from miles and miles around Just to hear that swingin' sound That's our homespun melody (SCATTING) (BANJO PLAYING) (WHISTLING TUNE)