Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Tan Men

When people finish their day
and hurry home,
my day starts.
My diner is open from midnight
to seven in the morning.
They call it "Midnight Diner."
That's all I have on my menu.
But I make whatever customers request
as long as I have ingredients for it.
That's my policy.
Do I even have customers?
More than you would expect.
I use instant dried noodles for ramen.
But for tan-men, I use fresh noodles.
They are better suited
for tan-men.
I feel guilty eating ramen at night.
Tan-men is good since
it comes with veggies.
Here you go again.
If you're going to make excuses,
just don't eat it at all.
It's like life. We can't make
rational choices all the time.
Be careful.
It's that extra bite that makes you fat.
Mr. Shimada is a radio announcer.
I guess his doctor had told him
to watch his weight.
Tan-men, no noodles.
Got it.
Here you go. Without noodles.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
I've never heard of such a dish.
I don't want to have carbohydrates
late at night.
noodles get soggy
while I eat the vegetables.
Well, that makes sense, but
Master, cancel my order of rice with tea.
I will have tan-men without noodles,
just like her.
Are you done for the night?
Not yet. I will work until morning.
I'm so impressed by you.
I have no sense of direction.
Do you use a navigation system?
I know every street in Tokyo.
Without noodles, huh?
Mr. Shimada was so impressed that
Hi Ms. Witch of Tabata,
I've also tried every method.
There's one called the Apple Diet.
Don't try it. It didn't fill me up at all.
So I switched to eating apple pies,
but then I got even fatter.
It all went straight to my gut.
Anyway, "without" at a noodle shop
means tempura soba without noodles.
If someone orders that with a drink,
I know he's a real connoisseur.
Recently I met someone
who ordered tan-men without noodles
at my favorite diner.
Tan-men without noodles
is basically hearty vegetable soup.
It would be a great meal
for someone who is watching their weight.
Really? What a strange dish to order.
You're right.
But I have not tried it yet.
Was it about this diner?
That's right.
It was Mr. Shimada's radio show.
He talked about tan-men without noodles.
That was about Ms. Harumi, right?
- That's right.
- Who is she?
Don't you remember?
The female taxi driver.
That good-looking woman
who is past her prime?
Past her prime? How old is she?
My guess is
- she is in her mid-forties.
- She is young enough for me then.
I wouldn't even call her mature.
I have a thing for women
with low metabolic rates.
I get a strong libido for such women.
You will live long.
Can I try tan-men without noodles?
- Me, too.
- Sure.
Can I? You look mellow.
- Here's one.
- Mellow?
- One more.
- Shut up.
Two weeks later
I knew it. It was about me, huh?
I'm sorry for using your story
without your permission.
The way you were eating
made the dish look so tasty.
It reminded me of this one time
I called into a show to request a song,
and my name was mentioned.
The late-night-radio generation!
Now you know how old I am.
So, why a radio jockey?
I looked up to late-night radio jockeys.
When I got sad or stressed out,
and didn't know what to do,
they helped me feel like I wasn't alone.
I know what you mean.
I'm nearby.
I will pick you up in five minutes.
See you at the same spot.
See you soon.
Is that a regular customer?
Regular customers are great.
It's not always easy finding customers
just by driving around.
Master, check please.
- Thank you for the meal.
- Thank you.
Why does she looks so familiar to me?
Don't you think they look alike?
I have no doubt.
Crimson Maple.
They do look alike.
What is this anyway?
She's Crimson Maple.
From the legendary TV show,
Super Ninja Squadron Koga.
Do you know it?
No. There were too many
ninja squadron shows.
Black Flying Squirrel,
Ultramarine Gale, Light-green Yonezo,
Orange Tasuke,
and Crimson Maple.
Five super ninjas kill evildoers,
leaving no trace!
When I was a kid, I sent her a fan letter.
Then she sent me this photo.
I wonder if she remembers me.
Mr. Middle-aged Rider,
there is no age limit for falling in love.
But don't be a stalker.
Please consider
how your love interest feels.
Speaking of love
I recently ran into my first love
at the most random place.
it was an unrequited love.
She doesn't even know who I am.
Some of you may remember a TV show
called Super Ninja Squadron Koga,
which was popular when I was a kid.
One of the show's characters,
Crimson Maple,
is my first love.
When I knew
that she was Crimson Maple,
this song started playing in my head.
It's the main theme song
from Super Ninja Squadron Koga.
That brings back so many memories.
Are you starting a fan club for that show?
That's right.
I announced it on my website
to see the listeners' reactions.
The feedback was amazing.
My favorite episode is when the leader
welcomed Maple,
a lone ninja, to their squadron.
- "If It Is Hidden, It Is The Flower."
- Yes!
Flying Squirrel says
"We got your back.
So don't run. Just fight."
Even as a kid, I was so moved.
I felt the same way.
And Flying Squirrel and
never grow up.
Here you go.
Extra large pork and veggie soup combo.
Bon appétit.
Hey, guys.
It's great to show your support,
but have you thought about
how she would feel?
Don't you agree, Master?
I'm sure many things have
led her to where she is now.
And that's what I want her to
talk about on my show.
She's diligent, and loyal to her job.
I felt it when I met her.
It's just a hunch, but
I think she could even talk about
her downs positively.
That's right.
She must have moved on by now.
She is a good taxi driver now.
I'm sure her past is just
a fond memory now.
It's a fond memory for you,
but it's not for me.
I didn't like the role to begin with.
No matter who I played,
I was always Maple of Koga.
That's the main reason why I quit acting.
I didn't know that.
I've been through a lot to be here now.
Don't expose my life
for your own interest.
That wasn't my
I understand your point.
I'm really sorry.
Master, another one.
What's the occasion?
You've never had a drink here.
Does Mr. Shimada still visit?
Speaking of he hasn't in a while.
can finally tell everyone with pride
how much I love my current job.
Mr. Shimada said the same thing.
"She's diligent, and loyal to her job."
Is that right?
Master, "without noodles" please.
Back then,
I was the worst actress in the group.
I didn't want to admit it.
So I put myself on a pedestal,
and took my stress out on others.
I was really awful.
But even then,
the leader always defended me.
What's the name of his character?
Flying Squirrel.
That's right.
Flying Squirrel was a good man, huh?
I loved with him.
But then
Good morning.
One day I went to the studio
earlier than usual.
This one is on me.
No, you really don't need to do that.
Please, let me.
He wished he had been born a girl.
He confided in me about it.
Thanks to that,
I couldn't be in love with him,
but I got an indispensable friendship.
Here you go.
We didn't have much money
so we always had a drink with this dish.
I was afraid that old fans
might scrutinize his current life
if the show renewed their interest.
Since he protected me back then,
it was my turn to protect him now.
But it turned out
that it was none of my concern.
Did Flying Squirrel tell you that?
"Your life is your business.
And my life is mine.
We are walking on separate paths.
Leave it that way."
So speaking of
How is he doing now?
I'm the one who bothered her.
So why?
She feels that she has said too much.
So she wants to apologize to you.
Good evening.
I was ignorant and insensitive.
I am really sorry. I shouldn't have
"We got your back.
don't run. Just fight."
I will tell him everything myself.
You got that?
Whatever you want.
I'm leaving after my meal.
- You are so unsociable.
- I stopped meddling in others' affairs.
Don't you recognize me?
Crimson Maple and
Crimson Maple and
Flying Squirrel?
You're Flying Squirrel.
Really? Really?
- Flying
- Want some water?
Flying Squirrel?
Get ready.
We're live,
so please watch your language.
The commercial break will end soon.
Shima, go.
This is "Midnight Shima-chan."
Believe it or not,
I have a special guest tonight.
Honestly, I didn't think
that he would come.
Long time no see.
I'm Black Flying Squirrel
from Super Ninja Squadron Koga.
I'm so happy to hear
that everyone remembers me.
I'm the only one here today,
but get ready for our usual callout.
"When the five super ninjas unite,
they kill evildoers, leaving no trace!
When five bells ring,
time's up for the evildoers.
Koga will go anywhere
beyond good and evil!"
Can you believe
today's show is almost over?
Flying Squirrel wants to send a message
to his dear friend.
I will send out a personal message
through the radio.
I love who I am, as well as who I was.
No matter what others say about me,
I don't care. This is who I am.
I may have a thicker skin now
than I had then
That said
I appreciate the fact
that you care about me.
I want to thank you sincerely.
Please come again, Flying Squirrel.
Until next week.
Good night, everyone.
I'm sorry. I didn't see you.
Where are you going?
Here you go.
I'm the sixth Super Ninja,
White Shima-chan.
My favorite item is "with noodles"
after all.
Hey rookie, no whispering.
Yes, ma'am.
Attention please, everyone.
Good night.
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